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tv   Action News at 430AM  ABC  February 22, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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60s, with highs in the upper 70s tomorrow. 7-day forecast coming up on abc action news. bullets fly in a tampa liquor store. a clerk fires back at would be robbers. >> a youth football league targeted, for the fourth time this year. the blame now on hillsborough county for failing to protect the league. >> and uber driver police say was behind the deadly rampage and what he was accused of doing in the hours between the shootings. >> i'm deiah riley on this monday. >> i'm dan shaffer. we start with two breaking stories. first a liquor store clerk wouldn't let two gunmen get away, police say, when the duo entered the cut rate liquor store on north 15th in tampa last night the clerk exchanged
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the clerk wasn't injured but one of the robbers died outside the store. the other gunman remains at large. in trinity a driver died after getting out of his car after side swiping an suv on east lake road. troopers say the driver hit the suv, pulled into the median, crossed the road and yelled at the people in the suv and even threw beer bottles at them. he was struck. troopers are not planning on filing charges. let's check with ivan for a look at florida's most accurate 7-day forecast on this monday. >> it was gorgeous over the weekend. today we'll be a little different in that, still warm but more cloud cover later on. temperature in the low to mid- 60s. we'll bottom out at upper 50s. not as cool as we've had. temperatures across the rest of the tampa bay area upper 50s through polk county, heading into winter haven, a little
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st. pete with the influence of the water, temperatures holding in the mid-60s. by lunchtime 75. the evening commute will be in the upper 70s for high temperatures. a couple of minutes ago we were talking about the potential for strong thunderstorms through the middle part of the week. the timing on that coming up. 4:32. we're look at i-275 near ashley, downtown tampa, no problems to report there. another look at the roads in 15 minutes. a traffic alert in downtown tampa. cast street is going from one way to two ways starting today. the change affects cass between ashley drive and franklin street including the bridge. updating a story we told but saturday. a tampa woman is making progress after she was crushed by a boulder while river rafting in south america. skyler arekawa's family posting on facebook she's in stable condition and hoping to fly her back from colombia to miami today. the 22-year-old graduate from
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america helping to construct homes and buildings in small villages and teaching. her family set up a gofundme account to pay for an air ambulance to fly her home. there's a link on our app. in south florida, a 6-year- old boy shot and killed outside his home just north of miami. this morning his family is pleading for anyone who knows who pulled the trigger to come forward. king carter was playing outside with friends when someone opened fire. the family is no stranger to gun violence. his uncle, father's brother, died in an accidental shooting when he was just 14. >> you saw what happened. please say something. a 6-year-old, just think about your life at 6, it can easily be your family next. >> police are looking for three men, the two shooters and the
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67 kids have died in miami-dade county since 2015. police say a group of people got into an argument in the parking lot of a holiday inn express on 54th street north and someone pulled out a gun. at last check 19-year-old octavius brown was in critical condition. and 17-year-old dmitriious crawford was shot in the hand and expected to make a full recovery. police are still searching for the gunman. a youth county football league fed up after being hit once again by vandals. you can see the damage left behind this week. >> the valrico rams say it's at least the fourth time criminals struck in the past 12 months. abc action news reporter karen mashek explains the two things they he want to be addressed. >> shattered glass, a smashed up cash register and giant hole in the fence. it's the mess left behind at the home field of the valrico
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after vandals hit. >> it always seems we get hit. >> reporter: about a month ago a welder was stolen from inside this morning. last year a $5,000 ice machine stolen and before that nearly a dozen cars broke noon, in the parking lot -- broken into, in the parking lot. the leaders are frustrated because they think there are easy fixes to keep criminals out. >> it would be nice to have the help we deserve. >> reporter: hillsborough county owns this field and neighboring park. the valrico rams say they begged for better lighting here especially in the parking area. >> we tried to install some cameras to -- that we put in for security purposes but we can't even get the phone lines and proper wiring out here by
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>> reporter: as an all- volunteer led organization the rams want every penny to go toward equipment and fixing the broken scoreboard. despite the troubles the team has a message for the vandals. >> these kids are trying to do something positive and playing an organized sport to. have people taken from them, it upsets us and, we're not going to let it stop us. the uber driver accused of shooting eight people in michigan saturday night killing six is set to be formally charged with murder today. detectives arrested jason dalton for the shooting rampage of 14-year-old that is still in critical condition this morning. deputies say the first shooting was 6:00 saturday night four hours later two people shot at a car dealership and five shot at a cracker barrel restaurant. dalton drove for uber, the company said he passed a background check but a man in his car saturday night tried to
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his terrifying experience. >> he started driving erratically. we were running stop signs. kind of driving through medians, driving through the lawn, speeding along and finally once he came to a stop i jumped out of the car and ran away. >> investigators believe dalton picked up passengers between the shootings. so far police don't have a motive for the attacks. in democracy 2016 -- hillary clinton and donald trump expand their delegate lead over the weekend winning nevada and south carolina respectively. they and five other presidential candidates still in the race are moving on now to new states. republicans will vote in nevada tomorrow. and this morning there's a new controversy surrounding donald trump who retweeted a message suggesting his rivals ted cruz and marco rubio are not eligible to run for president. rubio who finished second in south carolina calls the attack a game trump plays and believes he'll gain more support following jeb bush's withdrawal
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florida. especially now that the race is narrowed and i have a lot of admiration and respect for governor bush. >> the democrats, hillary clinton hone be in on texas after winning in nevada. polls show clinton with a commanding lead. not bad this morning, a little cool, may need a jacket, upper 50s to 60. warm and dry, mid-70 this afternoon. we'll let you know when the next cold front gets here after the break. handling zika. coming up, the way orlando international airport is now reducing the virus risk for travel they were morning -- travelers this morning. >> a photo finish with a historic outcome in daytona. and the lightning come out on top.
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4:42. just six days away from hollywood's biggest night. the oscars. for the third year in a row we're asking you to choose the dress sarecenta fazad will be wearing at the event.
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later donated to a young girl in need. here's serina with a look at the three choices. >> reporter: a huge night. full of glitz and glamour, everyone dress today the nines in the dolby theater in hollywood. not just for the statue but also who is considered the red carpet queen. >> this dress is timeless. >> we turned to sarah john pereca, the woman behind lending luxury to find a dress for me. her dress shop rents out designer gowns for a fraction of the retail cost. >> we have over 4,000 dresses in stock now. >> reporter: my dress will be worn to the watch party and donated to a deserving teen for prom. we narrowed it down to three gowns for oscar night. we start with this halter gown, in the store it would cost $435. >> jennifer lawrence, charlize theron, i could see this on her. >> reporter: next timeless glamour.
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>> reporter: an italian- inspired ball gown look, price tag $385. >> i would say someone like jennifer garner. >> reporter: vintage designs from the 1940s like this turkish gown with unique he will bluishments. >> the -- embellishments. >> the bow makes the dress. >> reporter: this one worth over $1,000. >> you look super glamorous from the back as well. >> reporter: perfect for winslet. a surprising new must, pockets. >> it is coming out this year. if you think about it the celebrities need somewhere to put their i-phones. three. how do you pick just one? halter gown? ball gown or vintage look? >> remember, once she's done
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donated to a young girl in need to wear to prom. go to our facebook page and vote for your favorite dress. >> i'm going to do it now -- well, in the next commercial break. let's check with ivan for a look at the florida's most accurate 7-day forecast. which one do you like? >> do you that during weather? that's all right. we have the whole few hours to get through this. i would pick all three and have her do wardrobe changes between commercial breaks. that's just me. >> good idea. 50s and 60s. we are looking for showers and thunderstorms by mid-week. i think we're good now. titan is scanning the tampa bay area. not going to find much. a few more clouds than over the weekend. saturday and sunday, both with full sunshine and temperatures in the mid and upper 70s. low humidity, at this point things are changing. we are going to be looking for this system that is continuing to develop the next few days. we'll track it as it develops into the gulf and pushes in across the east. it will be a potent cold front with a area of low pressure
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for even severe weather. so on wednesday -- tuesday, a few showers, wednesday is when we're looking for the system with this low to barrel through here. the potential again for strong thunderstorms, that would be through the midday hour of tuesday. timing is still iffy. we'll fine-tune that for you but generally wednesday will be the day we pay attention for the strong severe -- strong storms and the worst of the weather looks well to the north. the further north you go the closer to the low the more severe the weather will get. we're in a slight risk wimp is a level 2. the rest of us in level 1. this will likely change from the storm prediction center. so just a heads up, on wednesday we're going to look for showers and storms to roll through and some could be on the stronger to severe side. we'll watch that. temperatures out ahead of it though in the upper 70s. by the way, enjoy this, because it's a cold front and it will bring us very chilly temperatures after we get through the storms on
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77, partly sunny today. southwesterly winds at 5 knots. your extended forecast takes knew wednesday with the showers and storms. then watch what happens afterwards, turning breezy and cooler thursday into next weekend. let's look now at your morning commute. this is i-275 at the howard frankland bridge. the hump on the bridge there. it seems to be no problems to report. janelle is watching the traffic cameras and will have a full look at the morning commute coming up this morning the man pinellas deputies say provoked a vicious attack between a pit bull and raccoon is defending the disturbing video. that went viral leading deputies to arrest two men over the weekend. abc action news spoke with one of the men, leo perry at the largo home where the fight happened in march. investigators say perry and his cousin's son damian hanes tortured that raccoon and posted this three-minute video on facebook.
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bit pulse to hunt the -- pitbulls to hunt the right way. >> you train them that way. they don't hurt each other, you stop it. you get him where he -- gets used to that. you catch him. that's how you train hunting dogs. >> perry and hants are now facing animal fighting charges. deputies removed all 10 of the dogs at perry's home. 4:48. tampa bay lightning continue to fight for a playoff spot in the eastern conference. john sable explains where the bolts sit now. >> reporter: good morning. a night after beating pittsburgh to move up two points over the penguins pittsburgh turned around and won yesterday afternoon. the lightning needed to beat carolina last night to keep pace in the ever so crowded eastern conference playoff standings. second period we're tied, ryan callahan shoots where grandma hides the cookies, top shelf.
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five minutes later carolina responds. mccall jordan gets behind ben bishop with the goal, carolina ties it at 2-2. late third period, 5:43 on the clock, that means stammer time. stamkos lights the lamp, 25 of the year. lightning move in with a tie with boston now for a fourth place in the conference. to the track, what a better way to start the 2016 nascar season than with the closist finish in daytona 500 history. hamlin and jr. provided a photo finish yesterday at the newly enovated daytona international speedway. gorgeous day yesterday. perfect for racing. green flag waved by ken griffey jr. this year's pole sitter, chase elliot, youngest to start in first. he gets bumped in the middle of traffic, sales in the grass.
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car is to towed to the garage. 30 laps to go, dale earn hart jr. with the risky move. runs into the barrier, his day was done. matt conditionsth kenseth went 40 laps. he drops to 14, comes hamlin and trueex, the last moment, hamlin takes the checkered flag in a photo finish, hamlin wins the first daytona 500 in his career by four inches. after driving 500 miles, 50- pound trophy probably feels a little heavier -- maybe not. he almost drops it, catches it though. that trophy is in one piece. the tampa native amarilloa
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enjoy your monday. coming up at 5:00 -- a judge is now forcing bill cosby's wife to answer questions about how much she he knew about his alleged sexual assaults. >> up next, dream wedding. pasco county farm giving back
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wednesday we'll watch showers and thunderstorms. temperatures in the upper 50s to lower 60s. it's mild. it could be much colder this time of year. by the way it will be later in the week. that is the front that is coming through. as far as today's temperatures, we'll be back in the mid-70s for 4:00. wednesday the big storm rolls through. details coming up in the next hour of abc action news. 4:54. starting today you're invited to sail on an historic ship dating back to the 1800s. it's in st. petersburg. a replica of the schooner used in the war of 1812.
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morning before sailing back to fort myers beach. a hero veteran and his bride got the wedding of their dreams in pasco county yesterday. >> the best part, the ceremony was a bit. christopher and samantha tide the not in old mich -- tied the knot in old mickey's farm. an ied caused her brother to lose both legs but because chris saved his life her brother was able to serve as his best man. >> he's one of the reasons why i'm standing here. and experiencing my baby sister getting married today. >> everything was beautiful. everyone, the staff, did amazing job. >> this is the third straight year that the farm has given away a dream wedding to a military couple. the crackdown now underway against people who try to pass
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>> cancer risk. flooring sold at lumber liquidators that you could have
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breaking news as we come on the air at 5:00. two gunmen storm into a tampa liquor store.
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who stepped down and fired back? >> a man accused of hit-and-run winds up dead himself. what troopers say he did after the apparent crash that led to >> gorgeous weekend weather going to hold? good morning, thank you for >> i think it would hold today as far as the temperatures and then storms are on the way for together. the middle part of the week. it will get interesting for us. in fact looking at the temperatures. right now though we're good, 60 -- look at that, 63 st. pete. it's a mild start. certainly we can call it that, as temperatures will begin to climb for later on today. in fact i think we're back in the 70s, just unlike the weekend we'll have a few more clouds today but i don't think we're going to rain today. that will change as we head into tomorrow. as we look at temperatures now into the 50s, but low 60s by 8:00. 70s degrees by the time we get to lunchtime, 73. then we'll hold into the mid and upper 70s. we'll do that again with a little more cloud cover today. then tomorrow i think we have about 30% chance of showers. the big storms don't roll in here until about wednesday.


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