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tv   Action News at 430AM  ABC  February 23, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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that does change wig time -- big time tomorrow. continuous updates on abc action news. disturbing and eye-opening. parents stunned as a principal describes the sexting scandal envery well lopping -- in one middle school. >> two cats with severe burns. them. >> and marco rubio trying to win. first, breaking news. firefighters on the scene of a fire injuring at least one person at a home in tampa. scene. first responders tell us at least three people were inside the house on east citga street when flames broke out. within the last 10 minutes we learned one person was taken to the hospital with burn wounds.
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dierdorff is on the scene now working to get an update from firefighters. thank you for joining us on this tuesday, i'm deiah riley. >> i'm dan shaffer. in the last week we first told you about middle school students sexting in highlands county. 20 middle school girls sending nude photos and videos. >> abc action news reporter michael paluska was in lake placid last night as the principal called an emergency meeting for parents. >> reporter: hundreds of parents showed up here to talk about the dangers of sexting. the principal saying the issues with this are because of cell phones and using video and pictures. he says students need to know it can change lives. >> this is against the law. >> reporter: this is a meeting lake placid middle school principal chris dodi never wanted to hold but had to. >> one student says to me everyone does it. it's concerning to me. >> reporter: the sheriff's office started the
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month with one cell phone. the number jumped to 20 and full blown investigation for children ages 12 to 14. >> it turned into a video that was passed among other students and shared with other students. and social media was used to bully that student. >> reporter: for some parents the presentation was eye- opening. >> parents need to see what they are doing. >> it was disturbing, and i was hurt, to tell the treutd. >> we talked about it and she knows it's wrong and she's more sad about it than -- she feels sorry for the girl because she knows it will never go away. >> >> reporter: dodi says parents have an obligation to police their children. >> i think if we don't educate parents and kids we're going to have kids that are eventually going to get tried and convicted of child pornography, eventually. >> i don't have them on facebook on twitter. they don't have accounts.
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>> reporter: michael paluska, abc action newstion. >> in this case lake placid middle school students could face child porn charges. the investigation is ongoing. sexting. the national society of prevention of cruelty to children says you have to explain the risks of sexting to your child, it's dangerous and also illegal. they say reassure your son or daughter you will be supportive and understanding and to ask them to talk to you if they feel pressured into sexting. also make sure to set parental present controls on their phone. if they should receive a nude picture contact police immediately. here's your forecast on this tuesday. >> quiet now on titan doppler radar. rain rolled through overnight. i think we'll have cloudy periods today and another round of showers this afternoon. nothing too severe as everything quickly moves north and east.
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it's the rain you're beginning to see across portions of eastern texas, going to roll through tomorrow with the front that is going to bring us much cooler air but we have to get through the thunderstorms tomorrow. some could be strong. 65 from tampa, clearwater and st. pete. mid-70s by lunchtime. by then you'll need an umbrella. not, again, widespread, 20% to 30% coverage but keep one handy in case. by the evening commute, upper 70s. then tracking the storm coming in tomorrow. more on that in a few minutes. quick check of traffic at 4:34. live look at downtown tampa. the interstate, i-275 in the foreground, traffic moving well in all directions. we'll look at the roads again in 15 minutes. breaking overnight, we learned president obama is coming to florida this week to promote the economic progress he's made over the past seven years. friday mr. obama will tour saft america, a lithium ion battery plant in jacksonville. the company built that plant after getting a $59 million grant through the economic
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signed into law during his first weeks in office. in democracy 2016, all eyes on nevada today where republican voters will caucus. donald trump is the favorite to win the state but don't count out florida senator marco rubio who garnered two big endorsements yesterday from indiana senator inddan coates and minnesota governor tim pawlenty. >> he's electable. i think he has the total package. >> last night trump told supporters he plans to visit multiple caucus sites today and will get so angry if he doesn't see them there. on the democratic side bernie sanders and hillary clinton are now looking towards saturday's democratic primary in south carolina. with superdelegates included delegates 503-70. has some questioning if the vermont senator can still win the democratic nomination. is yes.
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presidential race and believes he can win massachusetts on march 1st. updating a story we first told you about saturday. the tampa woman critically injured while river rafting in south america is back in florida. scuyler arakawa landed last night in miami. doctors now evaluating her. she was crushed by a boulder on her trip in colombia. her family set up a gofundme page to pay for her injuries. to learn more search "boulder" on our web site. a group of thieves steal 10 bottom the -- bottle of high end vodka from a publix in largo. in this video from late january/early february you can see five people taking five bottles of gray goose without paying. if you know who they are, call crime stoppers. some florida polytechnic students are rallying for a bill which would allow them to carry guns on campus.
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with a concealed weapon permit could carry they could easily eliminate threats like an active shooter and save lives. guns are currently banned on state university campuses, lawmakers tried to lift the ban last year but the bill stalled in the senate. >> we're trying to inform and advocate the voice of the students who are left defenseless. >> polytechnic says it would rather focus on public safety. call buttons on campus exist and police say the response time is about three minutes. a sad update in hawaii. that 16-year-old boy critically injured in the helicopter crash now died. bystanders filmed as the tour helicopter went down near the uss arizona memorial thursday. five people were on board, right after the crash two bystanders found that 16-year- old underwater still strapped in his seat the federal
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continues to investigate. 4:37. new video overnight from california where firefighters battled this massive fire, consuming a 150-foot tall commercial warehouse near los angeles. flames burned through the building's roof, crews did manage to keep thane ferno from spreading to -- that inferno from spreading to adjacent structures. officials say in injuries were reported. a hillsborough county county who lost everything in a house fire is fighting to save two badly burned cats rescued from the flames. >> marisela burgos has more. >> reporter: sally buchanan visits lexy and andy as much as she can. they've been here at vet care harris animal hospital since tuesday. their faces were severely burned and they have some internal injuries. >> oh dang, my grandma's house is on fire. >> reporter: 11-year-old payton whitehead called 911. he lives next door and saw the smoke. ? i was thinking about the house.
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oh crap, the animals. >> reporter: firefighters rescued as many an malts as possible -- an malts as possible. four cats didn't survive. >> my babies, my cats, what they had to go through. >> reporter: sally left the house that morning, her husband wasn't home either. >> welcome to my home. >> reporter: hillsborough county firefighters believe it was an accident and the fire started at an electrical box. >> i wish i was here, honestly, i think i would have been able to save a lot of this. >> reporter: sally doesn't care about the material things. her family is helping her and her husband through this. she says they don't know how they will pay to rebuild 38 years gone in a few minutes and vet bills. >> they don't know what to do anymore. since the house is gone. >> reporter: her heart is at the hospital with the two cats that have a long recovery. >> i can't live with the idea i lost my -- my four-legged babies. >> reporter: marisela burgos, abc action news.
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house this weekend. veterinarians say it could take the two cats weeks or even months to fully recovery. covering polk county. we could learn today how close scientists are to finding a cure for citrus greening. it threatens 40% of the citrus crop and thousands of jobs. the u.s. department of agriculture will tour a food and sciences city in lake alford while researchers work on a citrus greening cure. heavy showers and even strong thunderstorms headed our way, with the storm you see in texas. i'll time that out in a few minutes. still ahead -- fighting for answers. coming up at 5:00, the group of people now urging apple to help the fbi hack the san bernardino shooters' i-phone. the lightning get a little help
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against the coyotes tonight at
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fiji's government is rushing emergency supplies to remote communities hardest hit by this weekend's massive cyclone. the death toll now 29. there are very few buildings left standing on the island which is home to 4,000 people. cyclone winston tore through
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sunday with winds of 177 miles an hour. back in the u.s. -- ice is causing big problems along the des moines river in iowa. an ice jam caused a 100-year- old bridge to suffer some major damage over the weekend. warming temperatures causing ice to break free and flowing, hitting a bridge that tilted some pylons. further downstream several miles of ice is backed up causing a lot of flooding. park rangers closed a state park so people there wouldn't be trapped by the floodwaters. water is also causing major problems in hawaii. giant waves are washing over roads, some carrying huge rocks with them. transportation officials closed a 12-mile stretch of a highway in hawaii, specifically, honolulu because of the walks. some people say the swells are the biggest they've seen in a decade, along the beach. indeed, those were big waves.
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is -- if you notice closely on the video, clear blue skies. it's this big low, look at this monster storm across the northern pacific. the as -- swells have been causing the big surf headed to the north and east. as far as our weather, titan doppler radar quiet now, the light overnight showers are done. by later this afternoon i think we wind up again with a few afternoon showers and then, watch this, this is the storm in texas now, already a severe thunderstorm watch. this is going to be a major weather. certainly damaging winds, possible violent tornadoes across in area and all is headed our way, but in a weakened state by tomorrow. thankfully the big low heads to the north. we deal with a cold front as it moves through. i think that will be enough to put us in a risk for damaging not today. here's futurecast this afternoon. you'll be able to see the showers popping up.
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a little sunshine, that is going to help. and notice humidity increased and then the main system moves in tomorrow, again this is the front associated with that storm. the low well to the north. in fact the further north you go to the southern gulf states, we're talking about the massive severe weather. this line has the potential for damaging winds as we head through 8:00 and noon tomorrow. that will be the time for the thunderstorms to move in. them clears out by the evening commute. and we get very chilly as we head to the latter part of the week compared to where we've been. this is the issue, again, they are going to deal with the severe weather, not for us today but that threat begins to move in tomorrow and we're still at a level 2, so we'll watch that closely. not for rotating thunderstorms. i really think the main threat tomorrow will be straight line winds, damaging winds as the thunderstorms move in with a squall line as it rolls through. so good time to remind you to get your stormshield app if you don't have it. it will set you up with alerts
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is going on in your zip code. available for ios and android there. upper 70s and low 80s. warm afternoon with the showers, by tomorrow that is when we're watching the big line of heavy showers and thunderstorms. clearing out, clearing thursday, breezy and cool, lingering into the weekend with highs in the 60s. this is i-4 at exit 1 in ybor city. no problems now. lots of freeway -- free freeway. but of course that will change as the morning goes on. janelle martinez will have a full look at the traffic cameras in a moment. they were among the hottest toys last christmas. however, hoverboards soon became a major problem. >> as abc action newstion reporter cameron polom shows us the consumer product safety commission now warns no hoverboards are safe. >> reporter: while the images
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this -- they quickly shifted to these. according to a letter from the consumer product safety commission, fires from the popular christmas gift have caused over $2 million in property damage in the last three months alone forcing them to deem all of them unsafe. >> you see hydrowheel on ours. we stand behind ours. >> reporter: jesse owns hyper wheel, and ships all over the nation. he received notice of the new safety standards. >> the word voluntary is used a lot in the letter. it's not forcing anyone to stop selling, it's not forcing anyone to do a recall. >> reporter: what it is doing is warning retail percent their products are not -- retailers if their products are not found in the new safety guidelines they will have to be turned over. some major retailers like target are already pulling hoverboards off the shelves completely. with more voluntary recalls sure to follow.
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boards should be certified safe by underwriters laboratory before they are sold. although this time may be fearful for some companies, with them is -- jesse is confident in his and thinks the new safety standards will only strengthen the industry. lot better. >> reporter: in tampa, cameron polom, abc action news. the tampa bay lightning play their 16th game of the season tonight. tom korun explains how big a win would be for the bolts. >> reporter: good morning. as good as the three-game win streak is for the bolts, four in a row would really help. coyotes in town, coming off a loss last night in washington. so the bolts are hitting them on a back-to-back night. we doubt cup of rough will be ready to -- kucherov will be ready to go today. yet with boston's loss last
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the second position, in the division, but it's still tight. jose fernandez bulls have been a staple all season long. the only thing lacking now is the signature victory. they have not beaten anybody ranked higher than they are. the latest loss coming to 10th ranked louisville last week on the road. fernandez is frustrated a bit but they have their chances still, all the way through the ncaa tournament. >> we do our part. we'll have three more in the conference tournaments. we're 18-7 now and then you have selection monday. like you said, we're taking care of our home floor and making sure we go on the road and do what we need to do against tulsa and connecticut. >> reporter: uconn game ends the regular season on the 29th. on the men's side, mcmurray named freshman of the week. this kid, i'm telling you, is a
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that's your morning sports update.
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a few showers this afternoon. tomorrow. the timing coming up at 5:00. to a story that will tug at any pet owner's heart. a loyal dog has been waiting patiently for his owner for more than two weeks now. not realizing his owner is never coming back. >> the owner was murdered
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when he's not waiting at the door the german shepherd has been seen roaming around the houston apartment complex. residents saw him at the front gates stopping cars. >> he often sat at this apartment door patiently waiting hoping his owner would he couldn't. food was left by neighbors but he still wouldn't go to anybody. >> of course he's confused because he doesn't know what is going on. he hasn't seen his owner in two weeks. >> it broke my heart to hear that the poor an pal lost his -- his owner, best friend. >> last night amanda perez used her own dog to gain the trust of the german sheriffs' deputiered finally getting a -- german shepherd finally getting a leash on them, and will hold on to him for a week before handing him over to the victim's brother. public bathrooms could put your family at risk. >> could guantanamo bay be closing? the planned pitch to congress
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what was already an alarming problem is now growing this morning. authorities are telling us just how big that sexting scandal is
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>> arrests made after a birthday party shooting at a st. petersburg hotel where authorities had to go to find their suspects. thank you for joining us on this tuesday. >> we're going to get to traffic and weather in a minute. first we want to head to breaking news, our corey dierdorff is in tampa now where a fire broke out at a home on citga street. >> is it out yet? >> reporter: yes. good morning. the fire is under control but firefighters still hard at work behind me in the 1,300 block of east citga street. it was just before 4:00 a.m., it was 50% involved. they took a defensive attack. that means the fire was so severe no one entered the home. a firefighter came across three possible victims in front of a fire truck and started to give aid. one was rushed to tampa general hospital with serious burn injuries. their condition right now is unknown. we were able to find out there are three people and two dogs inside the home when the fire broke out.


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