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tv   Action News at 6AM  ABC  February 25, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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degrees colder than it was this time yesterday. obviously, a cold front moved through yesterday bringing us severe weather and left us with chilly temperatures. anywhere from 25 to 30 miles an hour. that continues throughout the day today. low 50s and low 60s and i will let you know how cold it gets over the next couple of days. let's check in with janel and see how the roads are going. great news. we were talking earlier on 275 in panella's county, that has cleared. the southbound exit. however, they are doing the same project overnight tonight. and the detour is very important. so if you are driving the overnight hours between 7 pm and 6 pm, you want to make sure you get off at 22nd avenue and make it down to 74th. if you forget, you will have to
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that will be fun if you are trying to get to work. keep in mind, an important detour from 7 am to into back -- [ indiscernible ] sadly, we are getting word that the death toll has risen to 4. the youngest victim, a two-year-old boy. that storm leaving people trapped inside a church. one woman describes being rescued from her truck after high winds lifted over trapping her and her son inside. >> he said hold on![ laughter ] and i didn't hold on because i didn't know what he was talking about. and i looked and saw the are flying through the air. >> all told, that storm system released more than a dozen
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drone video of the damage in pensacola. we will have that for you a little later. strong storms destroyed several homes but no one died. some 50 million people are in the path. some of them may be your friends or family. drivers in indiana were stranded for hours during a blizzard. two fire trucks ended up stuck in 6 feet of snow. firefighters got out and started walking stranded drivers to safety. in democracy 2016, donald trump will be center stage tonight for the final republican debate before super tuesday in announcing the billionaire will have the podium on the houston stage. on either side of him, marco rubio and ted cruz returning home to the lone star state. one of 14 states to go to the polls next tuesday. as tramp rides high from his third straight primary win, we are seeing cyclicals -- signals from the washington
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starting to warm up to the billionaire saying they will support trumps bid for the white house saying he is a leader with unique qualifications to make america great again. democratic candidate, hillary clinton, is getting a critical endorsement ahead of saturday's primary in south carolina. harry reid says it's time for the democratic party to get behind clinton and he says the middle class would be better served by clinton than bernie sanders. read is the highest ranking democrat to back clinton. 6:03. new this morning, you could earn a $3000 reward if you recognize this accused killer now on the run for three weeks. mario molina's arrest. is accused of stabbing a man to death earlier this month after they got into a fight at the mobile home park. you can call in that reward at the crime stoppers number on your screen right now.
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new efforts underway to resolve a dark chapter in history. dozens of young boys buried at a closed reform school in florida are one step closer to receiving a proper burial. a measure would play -- would pay for those burials and a memorial for the boys. for years, we have been updating you on the efforts to resume and identify the boys remains. they suffered physical and sexual abuse at the dozier school for boys. we are working to find out if any bay area criminals were involved in a drug trafficking conspiracy. we will keep you posted on what they find. the family of the slain
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making sure no one will forget his name. they will donate $10,000 to the paula memorial. -- to the fallen soldiers memorial. kyle williams is currently serving life in prison . volunteers are preparing to hit the streets to fight homelessness and getting ready for an annual to see how many people are homeless in hillsboro county. united methodist church where volunteers are heading into the community this morning. explain how this fights the problem of homelessness.>> good morning. >> reporter: one, how many people are on the streets and number two, how can we help them. about a half-hour ago, volunteers showing up at the church. they are heading out to hit the streets. interviewing the homeless just to see how many's -- how many people are on the streets of
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a homeless snapshot for a single 24-hour period. in years past, counsel has shown numbers under 2000. this year, they're working to reduce the length of homelessness in the number of people reduced -- experiencing it. working for rapidly housing, temporary shelters and it takes a couple of weeks to get those numbers together. in a couple weeks, they should be able to show the trends on homelessness and whether it's growing. 6:06. why him and delivered authorities -- why a man could soon go free again. our dirty dining list and we will show you how a woman's milk could translate into money.
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nine minutes after six on this thursday morning. a man who escaped from an ohio prison in 1959 was caught last year. he is going to have april hearing later today. frank freshwater is not expected in court but at 80 -- but a ohio board will grant a hearing at 1 o'clock this afternoon. he was found living at a them are county trailer park last year.
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pedestrian with his car. he escaped a prison work farm. spacex will try again to land a rocket on a floating platform in the atlantic ocean this evening. spectacularly. they are set to launch a falcon nine rocket carrying a satellite or cape canaveral. an important milestone for spacex. the company is trying to reuse rockets to say costs. when i worked over in orlando, we had so many scrubs because of weather. now, we are dealing with spacex but the weather plays a part. gusty winds coming out of the west. yesterday, we had thunderstorms but they make it close to violating the wind criteria we will have to watch that closely. temperatures are really not going to matter. upper 50s and clear but it's going to be breezy and that
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at 6:46 this evening and we are hoping for a go. your chillier temperatures ahead in a few minutes. still ahead this morning, we told you before about selfie stick dan's and being parked around the country that now, an entire community is forbidding anyone from taking photos of themselves that all. the recent park officials are giving. they say they hope to save lives. we are staked out outside the pinellas county jail. parents claiming the boy was stolen with the car.
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take a look at this. hurricane force winds have been whipping up across portions of the northeast. that obviously attracted -- that trailer. parts of the bridge were closed because of high winds which continue. this is part of a large system and the cold front that brought us the severe weather yesterday. everything connected there. by the way, it's not quite over so if you are going to be traveling, check with your
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>> even near -- even here at home. >> and you combine the wind with the temperatures, it's cold. this is the big low yesterday morning. 70 mile an hour winds in boston. that's going to be a problem for logan airport. on the backside of it, all the snow. this is one giant low pressure system in the front associated with it connects all the way down across the florida straits. this time yesterday, it was barreling through our area. we showed you the damage and will continue to do that. we have gusty winds also bringing in low clouds. i don't think we will be talking rainfall but by later today, the dry air flow from the west will clear us out. despite the sunshine this
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on to temperatures in the 60s. right now, 50s and it will feel colder because of the wind. temperatures holding in the low to mid 60s running a good 8 to 10 degrees below normal and we are running 20 to 25 degrees colder this morning than we did yesterday. problems for the beaches and boating conditions because of the wind. northwesterly winds at 20. seas at 6 to 10 feet. choppy conditions and a high surf advisory in effect along with the rip currents. you don't want to be swimming today. a much better boating day coming up and into the weekend. i think we will have some 40s and 30s on saturday morning with high temperatures in the
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it will take a while. you definitely want to keep both hands on the will today. use caution and stay alert. i have been checking the dot cameras. you are looking good. let's check some of those drive times. from tampa road to east bay, 11 minutes. 17 minutes still in the green. in just four minutes from fletcher to waters. 6:17. most of the time, you don't want to find something you are expecting in your dinner. a woman made a rare discovery inside a clam.
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worth six dollars -- $600. >> first, she thought it was an ear ring but she took it to a gemologist to confirm it was in fact a rare pearl. she says she will keep it and have it made into a necklace. they have had a lot of people coming in to order exactly what they got so that they might find april as well. -- a perl -- pearl, as well. the zika virus. how would you feel? tech bytes apple said to be working on ways to make it impossible for government to hack into
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>> said to me -- such a move could set the stage for legal battles in the future.>> online reports claim apple will reveal the next software update. >> theory has already been rolled out including the iphone and apple watch. uber has just launched a new motorcycle service. uber moto gives customers a chance to select a two wheel vehicle to ride on. >> likely never available in the us but we hope so, at some point. those are your tech lights.
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6:23. gusty winds maple year-round a little bit out there. wins over 20 miles an hour -- up to 20 degrees cooler than yesterday. new information this morning about the uber driver accused of a deadly shooting spree in kalamazoo, michigan. they have seized 15 guns from his home. investigators are doing ballistics testing.
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people and injuring two more on saturday night. he is being held without bond in jail. march 10. this month, we are learning that a colorado man who shot three deputies, killing one of them, had sued state officials over his home foreclosure. he has sued the colorado governor and other officials claiming state laws are unconstitutional. three deputies served an eviction notice on him yesterday but he opened fire killing one of them and we did to others. deputies returned fire killing him. progress is being made to punish north korea for its nuclear tests and rocket launch. yesterday, the un in china reached an agreement imposing tougher sanctions. apparently, china is willing to sanction north korea. diplomats hope the agreement can be
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days. a cool start. no question about it. much chillier this afternoon with temperatures in the 60s. the winds will make it feel even colder tonight. i will let you know the temperatures coming up in the next half hour. we are continuing to follow breaking news right now. the father of a little boy falsely reported missing bonded out of jail a little more than an hour ago. we are still waiting for the child's mother to be released. coming up, hear what the father says and why he says he did not do anything wrong. good morning, everybody. are looking live at start to 75. no crashes -- i-275. we will take your drive times
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channel 11 -- live from the
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this is abc action news. breaking news now. a father walking out of jail after unleashing a wave of panic over the safety of his son. and the nile -- the denial he may to our reporter. we are checking in with lindsay logue. first, we will talk about that windy conditions this morning. obviously affecting traffic. i don't think i was bundled up enough. i had to run to the car and if you are not either, you will have to do the same thing. guess what, today is a different day because the cold front has moved through. even in the afternoon, we are talking chilly and is -- those are sustained winds. what this says is the 24-hour temperature change.
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has moved through. that puts temperatures in the low 50s. we will continue the next few days to drop. these winds will be an issue. especially for high profile vehicles. so your lunchtime, breezy and temperatures in the low 60s. your evening commute will be fine as far as the weather. temperatures in the mid-60s. and then would begin to drop again. >> i thought it was over. >> the roads are dry. we do have high winds so be careful when you cross the bridges. i wind advisory for the sunshine skyway.
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less than 10 minutes to get across all three bridges. if you're in the lakeland area heading into i-4, 24 minutes as your drive. 50 minutes from county line road 275. and a check of the veteran starting to slow up a little bit in places. 18 minutes. from 54 down to 275. 13 minutes from vandyke to 275. right now, the captain is flying over. how does it look out there? >> reporter: it is actually very pretty out here on this thursday. right across busch boulevard. most of that comes down from fletcher alone. everything else comes from the apex southbound and joins up. no delays. we have not seen any accidents or break downs in the entire stretch.
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time of morning. be safe out there. back to the desk. at 6:30, we are still tracking breaking news. the clearwater father accused of lying to police claiming his son was kidnapped when his car was stolen. he bonded out about an hour ago. we are expecting the child's mother to be released in the next hour or two. >> both faced felony charges. someone stole the couple's car and the couple claimed that three-year-old was in the backseat. lindsay logue is live in the dallas county this morning. went to, he tried talking to the dead as he was walking out of jail. what did he have to say to you?>> reporter: he walked out of the pinellas county jail about an hour ago. and he is more upset about his car being stolen than the felony charges against him. yesterday, someone stole the car right out of their driveway and they claimed that their son
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when police caught up with the car in that these, there was no sign of the child and police figured out the boy had never been kidnapped. the boys father claims he did not know what was going on. >> reporter: how did your children get involved in this? >> i'm not sure, sir, i was at work from seven in the morning . >> that is the same thing he told us last night when we first branches at the jail. you can here her screaming at him to keep quiet. listen. >> stop talking! stop talking!>> reporter: did you turned of report on the children? >> stop talking! >> reporter: they are facing
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we do expect the mother to walk out of the pinellas county jail this morning within the next one or two hours. also, i plan to get my hands on the arrest affidavit and there will be more details about the case. who specifically called 911 and what was said to dispatch and to police while the two of them were being questioned overnight . as it is we get that information, we will bring it to you. live in the dallas county, lindsay logue, abc action news . >> we have an alarming update on the zika virus to tell you about after three pregnant women test positive for that virus right here in florida. health officials believe all three of those women got the virus while traveling to latin america. they are not seeing exactly which florida counties they live in. this is a concern because the virus leads to birth defects. typically, this virus is spread when infected mosquitoes bite victims. it also through sexual intercourse. >> there is a potential for transmission through unprotected secs even after the
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symptoms. >> right now, we have a total of 32 cases here in florida. miami has the most with 11. the number here in tampa bay has held steady. new this morning, backyard gun ranges in neighborhoods with more than one residential unit per acre are now illegal in the sunshine state work a bill just signed into law by the governor comes about a year after a st. petersburg man caused a lot of controversy for setting up this home backyard gun range. gunowners are still allowed to own guns to protect themselves no matter where they live. the attorney general says our state is a safer place to live thanks to a new effort of testing rape kits. unanimously passed measure would speed up testing of dna evidence including sexual assault rape kits. there were more than 13,000
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florida. here's something to watch for today. we're planning to follow up with deputies to see if a woman is going to face charges anytime soon after her longtime boyfriend was found murdered work while authorities are calling start the prime suspect in the murder, as of this morning, she is only charged with lying to officers. investigators say someone shot clock in the head at the couple's winterhaven home on thursday. the daughter discovered marks body and later, she apparently showed her brother the corpse and asked for help to get rid of it work he refused and is not facing charges. there's a crime alert in hillsborough county. deputies are looking for this man who stole more than $500 of merchandise. and the blower and two sets of tools last week. them and put them in the bed of all white truck with an unknown man in the passenger seat. -- in the driver seat. man got into the passenger seat and they took off. teachers who need a job or
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schools, hundreds of positions are available today in pascoe county and the best part, if you don't even need teaching experience. there is a job fair happening at sun lake starting at 4 o'clock. it's at the gym in land o lakes. all you have to do is have a college degree or be graduating very soon. the pascoe school district is also looking for counselors and social workers. if you want the details, we have them posted on our website right now. we want to check in with ivan. >> we have gone from a spring tease back to winter weather. tom cole the temperatures get in just a minute. traffic up to speed on the howard franklin. bridge. less than 10 across the other three. still ahead, terror threats. reason isis is taking aim at
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the selfie band that -- band
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6:39. this morning, scientists are confirming why those infamous exploding airbags are so dangerous in states like florida. group hired by the auto industry has found moisture and high humidity can cause some
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deadly force throwing shrapnel at passengers. the first to find humidity working together with those chemicals to cause explosions. instituting no selfie zones as authorities worked to warn about the risks of being distracted. last month, a teenager drowned while taking a selfie and falling into a river. charges dismissed -- working to dismiss charges against five teenage boys. the woman has recanted her allegations of rape your cable multiple inconsistent accounts about what happened.
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police she was raped but the boys claimed it was consensual. we will take you inside the
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17 minutes until seven. new this morning, as you
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an alarming study. doing things on the road. putting your family at risk. doing things that cause risky behavior. aaa reports 87% of drivers engage in at least one risky behavior over the past month. that is almost 9 out of 10 drivers. seven in 10 talk on the phone. even more dangerous, or than half admit to reading a text while driving and 8% say they often text while driving. aaa says paying attention more while you drive might help save lives including their own. we do have a couple of crashes on us 19 up in pascoe. a couple of fender benders but the only question right now causing a roadblock is on manatee at us 301. we are seeing some red indicators in the westbound direction of whitfield. just be aware of that.
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depending on where you're coming from and going. open up the cameras and we will take a look outside. i-75 to the brandon area. 15 minutes from apollo beach. that drive is only going to take you seven minutes. captain al is flying up in the air. how is it looking up their? >> reporter: we are over the apex right now. i 275 and 75. we did see an emergency activity . it does not appear to become anything. there is also a fire station there that may have been testing lights. 56, very busy. what happens when it gets on i- 75. state route 54 coming south to 56, coming to the apex, it is getting busier but certainly no delays.
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it is much cooler out there today. temperatures in the 60s. a gorgeous shot out there. of things. the wind in the temperatures. that combination will make it very chilly today. into the low 50s and it feels like the 40s. 25 to 30 miles per hour wind gusts . the seven day forecast. we're going in the wrong direction. breezy temperatures. upper 50s through 9 am. and we will get into the low to mid 60s by the time we get to this afternoon. colder weather on the way. we continue into the 40s. we will have some frost and temperatures will be dipping
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now that we are getting into the last weekend of february. temperatures recovering nicely into the low to mid 70s. by the way, i am tracking the next storm system. late next week we are monitoring temperatures by next week. following breaking news. life pictures. a coast guard vessel trying to rescue a fishing boat that ran aground and capsized. five coast guard members were able to make it back to shore unharmed after the boat they were in flipped. in democracy 2016, it is debate night for republicans.
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heading to the polls on super tuesday. >> donald trump has momentum after his dominant win in nevada. he has now launched a new battle. suggesting there was a bombshell hiding in donald trump's tax reform -- tax forms. all three will release their tax returns this week after romney asked them to do so. >> when people decide they don't want to give you the taxes because there is something they don't want you to said. >> trump wasted no time in shot back saying he totally blew an election that showed up in one. -- won. bernie sanders is hitting hillary clinton hard as he struggles with the black vote. he just claimed a welfare program lot that britain
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lady. clinton has a commanding lead, a 3 to 1 lead over sanders when it comes to african-american voters in south carolina. with florida's primary just three weeks away, we will get a better sense of where voters stand in the polls coming out later this morning. we will break down the results in our evening newscast and tune in tomorrow to see how the republicans bear on the old truth meter. a creepy crawley discovery at a top china restaurant on east hillsboro avenue in our 30 dining list this morning. shut down after inspectors found 65 live roaches crawling around the kitchen. even worse, when inspectors went back, they found more live roaches and chicken being prepared in the same sink where dishes are being washed. we spoke to a manager who says they cleaned up the kitchen thoroughly and reopened after
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we also tried reaching out to the honor but we have not had our phone calls returned yet. we have a posted right now on our mobile app. this morning, tune -- 2 teenagers charged in the fatal shooting of a six-year-old boy. king carter. both suspects were shooting at each other when carter was hit by stray bullet. he was killed while playing outside his family home. authorities are looking for other people who may have been involved. now to an abc action news exclusive. we are hearing the first public interview with tim cook. he is addressing the company's resistance to comply with an fbi order to unlock the san bernardino shooters iphone. the fbi wants apple to develop software to hack into the phone but the software could fall into the wrong hands. in an exclusive interview with abc news, cook says apple is
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hundreds of millions of iphones for that one phone. >> the only way would be to write a piece of software that we view is sort of the software equivalent of cancer. that is what is at stake here. the shooter shot and killed 14 people and injured 20 more of last december. you will hear that exclusive morning america. targeting to top executives this morning at silicon valley. the facebook ceo, mark zuckerberg and twitter ceo over terrorism. facebook and twitter are suspending accounts that incite violence and promote terrorism. isis has used social media as a
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obama may decide to fill the vacancy by nominating a republican. senate republicans have vowed to block the president's pick. reports say the nevada governor , brian sandoval, is among the names. harry reid submitted yesterday. he is seen as a moderate republican who supports abortion rights. he was the first hispanic federal judge and also served as the state attorney general. it is 6:52. abc action news is counting down to the oscars. you can see we have our countdown clock up on the website. we are three days away from hollywood's biggest night and we will be looking ahead to chris rock's opening monologue as we learned he completely rewrote to include the oscars diversity controversy. as we told you, some are vowing to boycott the oscars. meanwhile, rock has already
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he told a hollywood reporter, i am only here because ellen degenerates said no. you can watch the oscars here on your abc action news station sunday night. 6:53. we are tracking breaking news. i father walking out of jail after clearwater police say he and his girlfriend lied about their son being kidnapped. they are expecting the mother of that boy to be released very soon. within the next hour or two, we did have a chance to question her last night. we asked her what happened yesterday in her answers were not very clear. this morning, we will get another chance to see her side of the story. according to clearwater police, the couple made up an elaborate light claiming that the car had been stolen and that their three-year-old son was in the backseat. that story is only partially true.
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i did speak with the boys father two hours ago and he said he had no idea what was going on yesterday saying he was at work all day yesterday's. we found out overnight that a former manager at a bradenton animal shelter is going to be in court this morning facing accusations that she embezzled money from the organization. deputies say she stole $66,000 over a seven-year period from the bishop animal shelter by donations and pocketing the difference. the volunteers are hitting snapshot of the homeless interviewing the homeless to see how many are on the streets of tampa bay. the data will fund housing to homelessness. forget french or spanish. the florida high school students could soon be able to
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signed into law yesterday, grades for coding could go into year. if you want to get rid of any old electronics you have lying around, old cell phones, music players or kitchen appliances at the temple terrace facility today. all of the electronics will be recycled at the recycling rally running from 7:30 this morning until two this afternoon. good morning, everybody. following. one of them in newport. eastbound state 154 at the boulevard. it was very much in the red although we just switch to yellow which makes me think they may have moved the crash off to the side and things are looking better as well down in manatee where we have a crash at whitfield avenue and us 301. this crash also in the clearing stages. and as we open up our cameras and take a look outside, 275 through downtown tampa, six
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howard frankland bridge. how're things where you are, captain?>> reporter: that is a critical design they have down here at i-75 and i-for. -- 4. i-75 not as busy as it could be. continuing onto ybor city. everything moving sleuth -- smoothly. have a good thursday. look at the temperatures. bundle up this morning. it will be gusty and colder tonight.>> at the thick like it's out. stay tuned. "good morning america" is coming up next. we are staying on top of that news in the dallas county, waiting for the mother to walk out of jail.
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case. we will be back in 25 minutes with another update on traffic and weather.
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good morning, america. state of emergency. 53 tornadoes touch down from texas to virginia. at least eight dead as the outbreak rips apart homes. winds hit 83 miles an hour and a coast guard ship overturns trying to rescue a fishing boat. last chance, marco rubio and ted cruz fighting to stop donald trump's momentum ahead of tonight's big debate. >> if the donald wins the general election, who the heck knows what he'd do as president. >> as mitt romney goes after trump hinting a bombshell may be coming. abc news exclusive, david muir one-on-one with tim cook, the apple ceo answers questions for the first time about why he won't help the fbi break into the san bernardino shooter's


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