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tv   Action News at 430AM  ABC  February 26, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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sparks fly in houston, marco rubio and donald trump get heated in the latest republican debate. >> out of jail, but not out of trouble. this man allegedly exposes himself to a nine-year-old. >> latest troubles for low cost airline here in florida. >> good morning, thank you for joining us. >> >> we begin with breaking news on the shooting inside of a kansas factory. four people, including the gunman dead after a series of
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industry the country makes lawnmower products. 14 people were injured, overnight, we learned the shooter, cedric ford is from miami. he worked as a painter at the plant he had a lengthy record in south florida, going into the 90s. a police officer shot and killed him 30 minutes after the incident began. >> >> a opinion nell has county teen accused of trying to sexually assault an 11-year-old boy is now being charged as an adult. he will have his first court appearance at 1:30 this afternoon. he is accused of sexual battery and kidnapping, which could lead to 60 years in prison. this is not the first time he has been charged with something like this. >> >> want to checky with ivan for
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>> temperatures in the 50s. let windy. skies are clear, but i'm tracking a few clouds coming in. partly cloudy to mostly cloudy morning, but no worries about rainfall. 50s across the coast and across the interior, we dropped into the 40s. very chilly through the early morning hours and slightly warmer by the afternoon. there are the clouds that will be coming in, not much associated with it. it will reenforce our cool air that is already on top of us. temperatures in the 50s. your temperatures in the afternoon in the low 60s. let's check in on the traffic. >> >> a look at i275 and the sunshine sky way bridge over tampa bay. things look pretty good. winds are down. we'll get another check on the roads in 15 minutes. >> >> this morning, tampa police are still looking for the driver that slammed a stolen
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building, it occurred on chestnut street near blake high school and ron toured a gas line. officers were forced to evacuate the building. fortunately, there were no injuries. >> reporter: the two were loading groceries, when a man began to touch himself in front of them.
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drove i way. the two youngsters immediately called their mother and 9-1-1. the children's mother arrived just as police showed up to arrest carol. aching to deliver the suspect her own bit of justice. but she is thankful carol didn't go any further. and proud of are how her daughter kept her cool and took action. a valuable lesson for the future. an update on the tampa woman critically injured while on a trip in south america. earlier this week, we told you about an air ambulance that flu schuyler from columbia to miami after a boulder crushed her skull, and her legs when she
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she had surgery and doctors are encouraged for how it went a friend of hers woe got her back to the area calls her recovery so far miraculous. >> miracle child, miracle warrior, global angel, she's making it. she's doing her thing she's doing her dance, singing with them wherever she is and making it happen. >> >> in the next week, doctors will attempt to treat her severe injury injuries to her skull. a faybook called sky is the limb will follow her progress
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parents are learn agnew group is gentlemen going to be making sure children are safe in two schools there, zephyr hills police will no longer be walking the halls in the high school. parents don't need to worry, starting monday, pascual county deputies will assume resource activities. >> >> a circus over last night's debate. >> the last chance for the candidates to sway voters before super tuesday when 11 states hold primaries or caucuses. just how heated things got. >> >> reporter: donald trump took to the stage miles ahead of his rivals and trump quickly drew their fire.
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>> i'm the only one in the states had that has hired people. you haven't hired. >> we hired workers from poland. >> tension made for heated exchanges. >> this guy inherited $200 million. >> marco rubio and ted cruise are fighting for second place anded chance to become trump's main opponent. >> this is a man who for 40- years has given money to jimmy carter, joe biden. hillary clinton. >> mitt romney suggested there is a bombshell lurking in trump's tax returns >> i want to release my tax returns, but i can't while i'm under an audit. >> the former president of mexico used an obscenity to say his country would never pay for trump's wall >> the wall just got 10 feet
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>> for gop stragglers, super tuesday could be their last h, rrah. a strong showing could put trump in front for good. >> abc news, washington. >> >> john casick and ben carson appear to be lost between all of the bickering until the neurosurgeon gave the debate a little lefty. >> governor, you have the floor. >> you will have a response but i promised the governor >> can somebody attack me, please? abc action news is teaming up with a fact checking of statements that the candidates made. i attacks continued on front debate. senator cruz said he and trump
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should end, but for different reasons. >> for decades, donalded is said that the government should pay for everyone's health care. a couple of debates ago he said if you don't support socialized health care, you are -- trump has advanced the idea of more competition among prief insurers and said the government should take care of those that your insurance. we'll continue to fact check the debate all morning long. >> >> in iran, the vote is seen in part as a referendum on president there. iranian president is credited with making the deal. tv showed people waiting in long lines to cast their
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>> is there we have some very cold temperatures, upper 30s by later on this morning how cold will the weekend be? do we have to worry about rain? we'll talk about that in a few minutes. >> >> zika warning, coming up at 5:00, the troubling new birth defect now being blamed on the zika virus. >> >> tampa bay lightning, their
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the weekend, vandals broke into and damaged a church youth center. yesterday, while an abc action news crew was there covering the story, they caught more teens inside. a crew was walking in with the pastor to look at the damage and scared off three or four teens that broke in in the back door, tracked them down and called deputies. deputies say they can't prove these have the vandals, the pass for said he would rather minister to these teens, against them. >> i would love to be able to minister to these boys that are in our neighborhood. nobody is perfect. >> the vandals did about $600 >> >> last night, passengers arrived in kansas city, but not
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incident at -- allegiant needed a new plane to fly the passengers to their destination. their original plane suffered a mechanical problem. >> reporter: clear water airport, the pilot ready to lift off when he hears a loud boom. the plane comes to a stop, passengers not sure what to make of what just happened, some thinking they were about to head off the run way. a military pilot told us live on the air at 5:00 he was with his wife and kids. >> the left wing and heard a large report, a boom that shook the plane and it was obviously an engine malfunk. >> reporter: a problem our i team has been uncovering over the last year, uncovering safety concerns for the budget carrier, pilots locked in a bitter battle accusing the airlines of cutting corners and
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a claim that the airline continually denied. one of the best profit margins industry. >> >> it is literally one of the biggest surfing events in the world. it doesn't occur every year. 28 surfers competed in the big wave international in hawaii yesterday the event is only held when wave heights reach a minimum of 40 feet. that has only happened nine times in the past 31 years. yesterday, surfers road waves up to 60 feet high. the winner called it the highlight of his life. >> >> joining us with florida's most accurate forecast. not something we see on the west coast of florida. >> we are not going to get 40- foot waves any time soon. if are you hoping to surf, take a plane to hawaii. we are looking quieter as far as boating condition conditions, winds are not as
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look at the boundary, bringing us clouds, a few sprinkles associated with it. the air is so dry, it will evaporate before it hits the ground. the timing will work out as the clouds make it in, we'll make for a spectacular sunrise. get your phones out and share the pictures with us. 50s, right now, northwestly winds holding 5-10 at most, here, not as windy, doesn't feel as cold, but look at the temperatures, they are certainly that low 40s, zephyr hills. heading into crystal river, 47 in arcadia. 60 degrees. temperatures by the afternoon. low 60s, kicking off the weekend with plenty of sunshine, but only 62. that will set the stage for another chilly night. with less wind, even more so with clear skies, potential for patchy frost up to the north.
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again, low 60s. this is what i'm talking about. 30s, showing up. in fact, we may even get into mid-30s across the north here. that will make for a very cold saturday morning. sleep in weather here, by the afternoon, full sunshine. 62 for the afternoon high, today and that will be the case through tomorrow as well, and then a nice warmup, sunday, low 70s. and then back into the mid-to upper 70s heading into next week. >> is there we want to get a look at your morning commute, this is i275 at roosevelt boulevard. pretty quiet out there. there is one stretch of the area roadways, janelle is watching the traffic cameras an she will have a full look in 20 minutes. >> >> dallas police are confirming this morning they are taking their domestic violence case against cleveland browns quarterback money manziel to a
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claims they argued at a dallas hotel and he hit her. she said the blow was so hard she temporarily lost hearing in one ear. >> >> fifa governing body will elect a new president whoever wins is likely to introduce reforms to rid the organization of corruption. now, the rest of your morning sports. >> reporter: good morning, everyone, the entire nhl on trade alert with the deadline coming up monday. any anxiety folks might be feeling will come on an important road trip. the head coach with the accepting of a possible deal for jonathan duran. the roster they have now will likely be the roster they will have after the deadline. >> we like our group. i think our guys know that.
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they continue to get getter. we have had success with it in the past. we don't see why we can't do it, moving forward. >> >> port charlotte. if you are going down there, you might see a little change in the pitcher he showed up looking a little bigger, five or six pounds of all muscle. outside of the weight gain, he was blessed with an addition to the family. overall. just working on gaining muscle as opposed to weight. good overall. had a baby, so i had to work my shoulders a lot more toward the end of the off season. couldn't have asked for anything better. >> the rays will be on the field this morning at 9:15. that's your morning sports update. have yourself a great day
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hulk hogan returns to court today. >> >> finding a connection, up next, the perfect bond one girl
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>> good morning, everyone, finally friday a few morning clouds, temperatures holding in the 50s. another day you will bundle up. probably won't feel as cold
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in the 40s, because there will be less win. plenty of sunshine and we kick off a pretty decent weekend. i'll have the details on that. gourmet hamburger opening. they will give away 200 cheese >> > speaking of food, we know what the stars will be eating on the oscars. >> wolfgang puck announced his menu -- celebrity chef said there will be items for vegana and vegetarians, each guest gets to
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six week old puppy, shot 18 times with a bb gun is making a miraculous recovery. >> a little girl with her own story of tragedy is adopting him. the puppy was rushed to the hop sunday. some of the beverage b's were under his skin, but none hit his vital organs. >> >> kelly suffers from anxiety issues and her dog died. when she heard roady's story, she knew they were made for each other. >> i lost my buddy, woodrow, i thought i lost half of my heart. that half of my heart is back he brought is back to me. >> the animal hospital has gotten requests to adopt roady from as far away as australia, but they say it was an instant
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>> heading to florida, the economic progress president obama is citing for his visit
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breaking new developments
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the gunman that shot up a kansas factory has close ties to florida. what we are learning about the shooter this morning and his surprising conversation mow mens before he opened fire. >> this guy is a choke artist, this guy is a liar. factors. >> the insults get personal at the republican president candidates point fingers and >> >> good morning, thanks for waking up with us on this friday. >> never a dull moment. >> colder out there, but less windy. it will feel nicer going to your car or bus or wherever are headed to. it's cool cold, we have temperatures in some spots in the 40s. we are not done as far as drop in temperatures over the next


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