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tv   Action News at 9AM  ABC  February 26, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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muzzleloading everybody. everybody started running. recluse uncovering momentum behind the deathly series of shootings and kansas. i don't know anything about bankrupting. >> donald spiraling him on marco rubio antidepressant donald trump getting heated in the latest republican debate. in addition to temples were barack will be welcomed in
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how you can get on board. we continue to follow news out of kansas where new details are emerging after yesterday's shooting spree. a protection order from abuse supplemental opened fire inside a factory. for the 90 minutes before you turn in south-central kansas town firing off shots at the storming the excel industry factory you worked with the sheriff says the resolution usurped because there is violence in a relationship. we did not specify the nature of the relationship with the paperwork with an new ford say they are shocked. >> never came off to be a bad guy. salmon i could talk to about speculum is a nice guy. i wouldn't think he would've done that. is a good guy from what i know.
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that plant and injured a dozen others. we had a lengthy criminal record in south florida. police officer shot and killed him 20 minutes after the shootings. new information about the uber drivers behavior in the days leading up to the shooting spree in michigan has family revealing that jason dalton i told him he had been acting depressed and down recently. when she asked him about adults responded saying is just tired. thompson killed six people and injured two others including a teenage girl. we visited a gun store and uber passengers around and between shootings. is facing six counts of murder. st. pete police to anthony holloway were announced initiatives in hopes of reducing gun violence. kenny irby, the intervention director, will be introduced.
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attorney and. circus atmosphere for the last night republican debate. donald trump sparred with marco rubio and us senator ted cruz.>> it was the last chance to sway voters. isaac and 90 shows you how to keep things got. 's primary donald trump to the stage and the fire. >> on the only person on the stage has ever been fine for working on new projects illegally. >> i'm not the only one in the state of higher people. >> hired workers from poland. >> heated exchanges. >> marco rubio antidepressant fighting for second place and
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opponent. >> this is a man who for years has given money to jimmy carter and hillary clinton.>> the presidential nominee mitt romney has suggested there is a bombshell looking intense tax returns. >> i want to lose my tax returns but i can release them while i'm under an audit. >> vicente fox is an obscenity test of this country would never different terms law. >> the world got to determine. believe me. >> for the gop stragglers super tuesday could be the last hurrah. strong showing on super tuesday could jump in front for good. >> this guy is a liar. other than that i rest my case. >> by zika 90. we're teaming up with facts the fact check statements that the candidates made last night.
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the agreed that obama commissioned and but for opposite reasons. >> donald has been advocating socialized medicine. the government should pay for everyone's healthcare and in fact is that if you don't support social healthcare your heartless. >> artifacts team finds that" his boss and his pants are on fire. trump did not say those words. trip has advanced competition among private insurers.-time supporters comes close to kohl's statements. we were back check the debate on voting. good morning everyone. today's friday. had another boundary moves with a mini" that will reinforce the call their on top of this. temperatures now in the mid and upper 50s. went out of the north at 10 to
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yesterday. mid and upper 50s now in sarasota checking in at 60. so much higher than that. 60 later this afternoon. could barely see the cloud cover . it is a gorgeous sunrise. temperatures in the low 60s by the time we get into lunchtime., 62. that will set the stage for chilly readings across the southeastern us. 20s and 30s, we're doing better than that these temperatures are coming our way. how coulter neighborhood will debt in a few minutes dashboard debt in a few minutes. for most of us and tampa bay problems on the field. here is a live look in branson. i-75, looking i-75, further south i am temptingly south on
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northbound extending back to n. toledo blade blvd. had a clash involving a semi-a lot of debris. if you know anyone who is leading up to a sarasota area northbound you might want to tell them to get off the interstate and take 41. i-75 northbound we backed up right now. follow me on the. hernando county. a man accused of exposing himself a teenage girl and her nine-year-old brother is now out of jail. caleb carroll started touching himself in a walmart parking lot index fell in broad daylight. alexis lopez noticed she and her brother tried to get away. carroll follow them. >> i learned to the unfair of
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you never know when there is a quick there. >> euro posted a $5000 bond and got out of jail. tagalong with police on a mission to save them skimmers. offices will inspect gas pumps across arizona to check with a small devices that could steal your personal information with a swipe of your car. a skimmer was found in sarasota two weeks ago here are three easy ways to make sure is skimming device doesn't target. check the security tape on the outside of the gas pump to make with. newscast comes closer to the storefront. could also play inside the gas station so you don't have to use a credit card or debit card at the pump. allegiant airlines is working to make things right for passengers out of tampa bay came to a stop thursday. they aborted a flight at st.
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the hood april. it shook the plane. some said they thought they were going off the runway. on the left wing and heard a large budget the plane and it was obviously an engine malfunction. >> plaza just put on a different plane and no one was hurt. i team has been the lesser investigating issues at allegiant. uncovering maintenance problems that led to emergency landing/semi-. pilot secures the airline of cutting corners. something the airline has always denied. allegiant airlines is appalling to bush apologizing to a family because a little bit ahead an allergic reaction to a talk on the plane. alvarado and his parents
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giovanni broke out in hives because of a dog on top of the flight was delayed for 90 minutes as the is consulted with a doctor. the family was asked to get off the plane. as they walked out as a started clapping which with the family's feelings. the family was rebooked on another flight and made it back home two days later. allegiant released a statement apologizing for the inconvenience. pirates are getting ready to take you around the bay area. taxi service will launch this we can. this is a look at the tampa convention center. >> reporter: good morning. check it out behind me. signage on the dock before tonight's christening of's newest downtown attraction. if we start tomorrow morning at the downtown tampa location.
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the votes will have 40 to 50 people. the taxis operate seven days a week. the cost is $50 per adult and eight dollars for a child. tickets will be sold on board and will give you unlimited rides all day. private taxi concept that the project taxi on the works. this is the high-speed downtown tampa and downtown st. pete. if you want to join in the front come down here outside the convention center for the tampa mayor should be here tonight at five ppm percent. still ahead, the gas leak that caused thousands of people from their homes is being called the largest release of climate change methane in history.
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the air. format the jingle and this weekend pictures of the styles only a penny. hoping to bring shoppers back
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new information about the environmental damage caused by the massive natural gas leak that for thousands from their homes near los angeles. scientists say that we spewed 100,000 tons of climate changing methane gas in 16 weeks. methane is a greenhouse gas
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scientists say that the leak spewed the equivalent of gas emissions from 572,000 cars in a year. the gas company blamed for the leak is paying for temporary housing for people forced to evacuate it. it gave locals headaches, asthma and bloody noses. police in dallas say they are preferring a domestic violence case against england browns quarterback jenny manzella to a jury. they were arguing at a dallas hotel and he hit her as they drove back to home. she lost hearing in one ear. socks and dutch soccer's governing body reforming the power of the president to protect against corruption. the justice department indicted multiple executives for bribery. delegates from 207 nations are voting to elect a new be fun -- fifa president. the current president is banned from soccer for financial
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it is hurting the bottom line does it lost $160 million last year. wisconsin couple has their cats back after it mysteriously ended up 1000 miles away in southwest florida. russian blue named nadia loose on christmas eve when she slipped out the back door. this whole time her owners thought she could not have possibly survived the wisconsin winter. she went south of the season. although no one knows how she got there. the owners received a call from an animal shelter in naples. a woman down nadia and turned her in. they scanned her microchip. flight attendants reunited nadia. the car seat company evenflo is recalling 56,000 child safety seats. a company says children can listen to harness and increase the risk of injury during a crash. they are recalling the transitions three in one combination booster seats.
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seats when used as a forward facing harnessed boosters. injuries have not been reported. contact the company. dissipate the is launching a new campaign to release some items for one penny.>> private brand available for just a penny. the first items to be sold will be from the arizona line of clothing. promotions it will be by one get one. >> some items will be one penny. retailer says it hasn't offer good in stores and online. free, the cost of cheeseburger during drama burgers grand opening today. the burger chain is giving away 200 cheeseburger starting at 3:00 this afternoon. if you want to try something different you may enjoy their
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have good news. >> we will be able to get our fix anytime of day for those who like cupcakes. vending machine coming to the bay area. this is in hyde park village. next hopefully everywhere. sprinkles cupcakes will open a bakery and vending machine the spot on south dakota avenue. the prices start at $3.75 each or $42 for a dozen. prices start at $4.25 in the evenings. ice cream and cupcakes for dogs. cupcakes were out. maybe it was a red velvet men. we had a pet today. dan should do this every friday. >> cupcake friday. here are your photos. look at the sunrise.
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that is spectacular. thanks for sending this big -- you can submit your pictures and we will put them on especially if they look like this. we have high clouds rolling in as a result of a frontal boundary. it is clear and south at this point. crystal blue skies. boulder temperatures in the 50s. upper 50s and tampa 56. 57 st. pete. you really have to look closely but you can see cloud cover there that will then and that is another cold front that moves through. so much dry air on top of this it hasn't been able to reduce clouds or rainfall. thereafter we had this big area that will be in charge. that is sinking air and it will be nice as far as the skies are concerned.
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temperatures will be colder over the next few days as winds are called tonight. low 60s to mid-60s to today. low humidity and full sunshine but it is a cold air mass so despite the sun we will warm-up to the 60s. this is what you will wake up to tomorrow. this is fantastic for saturday. if you have outdoor plans before 11:00 bundle up because this is what you will deal with. there won't be went so it will be called but it will feel like the actual temperature with the wind chill in 20s and 30s. northwesterly winds today for boaters, 10 to 15 kn. choppy out there. the rip current, that continues to be quite a threat so if you are going to be swimming do it near a lifeguard or be careful. the rip currents will be out there once again. 70 forecast, -- seven day
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trend. next week back into the mid and upper 70s. nice good stretcher dry weather in the next front. the truth may be clearing up a big lie but this investigation is not over. who is now looking into the clearwater couple accused left -- of falsely reporting their child missing. this cutie waiting for her chance to shine. say hello to bonnie and the pet
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welcome back. time now 920 5a and. vickie enters joins us now with a beautiful dog. this is bonnie. >> very friendly and loves to give kisses. she is such a good girl and so friendly. she is a hound mix. she is two years old and she came into the shelter with a broken pelvis. she is doing all right now. she is one of those because she would've been euthanized if she hadn't come to the shelter because of too many medical
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she is ready to be someone's best friend.>> a good size yard. >> she is full-grown. >> she is wonderful. the great thing about a two- year-old is they are over that puppy stage but still a puppy. just enough happy to be able to be trainable. get her to do anything.>> give her a kiss. >> thank you. if you want to adopt bonnie visit the pet pal animal shelter. it is in st. pete. pet pal
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heading to florida.
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barack obama is siding. accusations against an assistant fire chief in clearwater. embarrassing charges for one of the department's highest- ranking officials and the questions the department is facing. the finding that could make the zika virus more dangerous. good morning and thanks for joining us for abc action news at 9:00. we have a lot to get to. presents big visit to jacksonville and the new investigation into a clearwater fire chief. we can weather, what everyone wants to know about. do you have firewood at home? it will be very chilly, 30s and 40s. two things. it is the last week of february. we warm-up significantly but the latter part of the weekend means sunday. we will warm things up a little bit here and we will hit about
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we have to get through this cold weather first. 50s now. we will manage the lower 60s this afternoon and by the way if you are heading into town later this evening watch what happens. 62 to 56 and by 8:00, we will start getting into the upper 40s. quite chilly and 30s tonight with patchy frost. and when the real warm-up begins in a few minutes. the florida lottery confirming a 90- year-old blogger woman is now $43 million richer. officials say she bought that february 17 lottery drawing ticket at a winn-dixie and seminal. ruby sora chose her winnings any lump sum payment. the winn-dixie will receive $100,000. clearwater. firefighters rushed to help to people out of a burning mobile home after it caught fire while
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both people made it out safety. two cats were inside but sadly only one of them survived. the cause of the fire was accidental. abc action news is trying to get answers from the clearwater fire department about its hiring procedures. the question is did they do a background check on an assistant chief who is facing charges. police charged ronald to jim shine with shoplifting and energy drink from a convenience store. some stores offer free fountain drinks to first responders and jim shine was carrying two of those. the officer says the assistant chief is claiming it was an accident and he forgot to pay.>> it is an unfortunate incident. embarrassing for the department. we're not pleased to have to discuss this. >> we're learning that jim shine was charged twice in virginia for concealing were
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merchandise. we are waiting for officials to tell us how he passed background checks. we will let you know what they tell us. breaking story from yesterday morning. the child protection branch of the pinellas county sheriff is looking into the parents who claim their three-year-old son was missing. angelica marrero walked out of jail yesterday after she and her boyfriend, like the descent was inside a car stolen from outside their house. the man who detectives say ticket is under arrest. the mother admitted she lied because the car had been stolen once before and she thought telling them a child was in the car would make offices react right away. >> the first time i vehicle was stolen it took them two days to find it. the second time, i wasn't going to let it get away. >> more than 50 officers worked to find the missing boy who turns out was at a daycare with his sister the entire time.
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tampa police looking for the driver chris lavan be slow this apartment building. it ruptured a gas line. officers evacuated the reported. president barack obama will arrive in florida for a trip he hopes will ensure part of his package. the white house says the plant created hundreds of jobs and exemplifies that progress the country has made since the great recession. storm preparations on a high- profile legal smack down for days before hulk hogan takes the website gawker to trial for the wrestler wants $100 million because he says gawker invaded his privacy by releasing part of a sex tape. today is the final hearing in that case. opening statements scheduled to begin march 7. zika virus may be causing
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that is concerning in florida where three pregnant women just tested positive for the virus. a case study in brazil found an infected woman's unborn baby died seven months into her pregnancy. more troubling, an autopsy revealed the fetus had no brain and the woman reported no symptoms before her baby died. scientists at tight zika virus to microcephaly. i had the honor of emceeing the united [ null ] college fund mayers luncheonette . it is at the tampa marriott was short today. proceeds from the luncheon help students attend the college of their choice. tampa bay hits newsstands today. >> interesting story today, the city of st. pete is doing long- range planning. there making sure they are covered just in
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>> tropicana field, the city around. they are doing good planning. that property. there have been plants in the books by people who wanted to redevelop that site but given forward. they are trying to figure out if the rays go elsewhere what happens. there is contingency planning and it is smart. you are trying to attract developers who would have ideas to put a mixed use project there. it could attract millennials like a city within a city. it is exciting to see the potential future there may be the timing out if they got a chance for redevelopment, we could see something interesting. >> a lot of what if's. >> that is the beauty of business news. you have news about a new
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area that is different from the others.>> drama burger. we have so many burger concepts. this is a name that sticks. from the kennedy, an old chinese restaurant and they picked drawings and the owners have been in tampa for a year from lithuania and their specialty is pastrami. old lithuanian recipe. it's interesting to see these concepts. on that stretch of kennedy boulevard which for many years struggled in places. >> in florida we grow big alligators in tampa but gators grow big companies. >> second year of the gator 100. this is a list that the university of florida puts out of alumni and the passes grow his business -- fastest growing businesses. two of them are in tampa bay. one is environmental pet services which is an interesting company.
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in a 104. interested to see how the business community connects and they are doing well. >> great stories. good to see you. read more about the stories, and a lot more, check out the money section on a mobile app. worst thing i've ever been through. >> a search for a man who try to take a girl from her own bedroom. how he got in and why they think he is targeting other children. out of the wreckage comes hope. what when deputy pulled out of a destroyed home in pensacola after tornadoes riripped through
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parents in a city near cleveland are on edge after hearing that a man is targeting little girls. the trifling a 10-year-old girl out of her bedroom window early yesterday morning but she broke free and ran to her father's bedroom screaming. police believe it is a same man who approach three girls on their way to school hours later. the parents of the girl who was nearly kidnapped from her
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until he is caught. >> it is important he is caught. so no other kids get taken advantage of. >> make sure your kids are aware that there is danger. >> police are working with the fbi to find the suspect and asking for surveillance video from businesses and homeowners. police are increasing patrols to keep kids safe. google is stepping up saying it will back apple in its court battle with the fbi over the security of its iphone. it comes after a court ordered apple to help the fbi hack into a locked iphone used by one of the san bernardino killers. google will now file a friend of the court brief on apple's behalf within the next week. apple filed its formal objection in that case yesterday. we are hearing from the deputy who pulled an american flag from the wreckage of a home destroyed by a tornado. >> e f-3 tornado hit pensacola.
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a news crew caught stephen shaft pulling the flag from the debris and hanging it. shaft served in the air force more than 30 years and served a six tour overseas. >> it is what he fought for. it is what covers the coffins of those killed fighting for our country. >> it is strength. we need strength. you get strength by a symbol by over the years has given so much hope. >> you served as in a scam surety -- escambia county sheriff for 20 years. he hopes it will inspire people to rebuild. our thoughts are all with the families in the area. >> damage is amazing up there.>> obviously we had our own tornado come through port charlotte. 97 mile-per-hour winds. this week is severe weather awareness week and there is a tornado drill at at 10:10 am so
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radio may go off. don't worry, just a drill. just want to keep things going as far as letting you know when severe weather rolls through. look at that, no weather today except for sunshine and we may not even be able to get clouds out there with full sun and high-pressure building in with temperatures in the 50s. this is the issue with that. if you are going in the water the problem is we have a strong swell coming in from the west and when we are talking about a westerly wind that pushes the water towards the beaches and breaks through the sandbars. the water has to go back out and goes back out in the form of rip currents which is the sea were channel. be very careful. do not recommend swimming today. do it with a lifeguard and be safe out there. otherwise boating conditions 50s out there and you may now want to get in the water with
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yesterday but still breezy. temperatures in the 50s. we had a secondary boundary that moved through many cold front with limited moisture look at this. a lot of clear error across the southeastern us. after the big storm that hit the northeast the high will eventually migrate further to the east. the skies will remain clear but for tonight the winds will grow cold and that will allow for the heat to escape. we are in for some patchy frost and 30s and 40s. get ready for that. temperatures this afternoon into the lower 60s. pockets of patchy frost. colder spots, you will see that to the morning as temperatures in tampa, 43. st. pete 46. no went so it will feel like the actual temperature which will be cold enough.
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ties coming out for the rest of today. seven-day forecast, we will warm things up on sunday. low 70s by then that overlaid -- overnight lows in the 70s and mild next week in the mid and upper 70s. this morning the final preparations are underway to get the glitz and glamour ready for hollywood's biggest night. crews have rolled out the red carpet ahead of sunday's oscars this year they're doing things a little differently. they put a new red carpet on a raised deck because it got damaged. the carpet had to be thrown out. join us sunday for the oscars. live in red carpet coverage starts at 7:00 here on your abc action news station. that is followed by the 88th annual academy awards at 8:30 pm. wake up with us bright and early monday morning to the winners and the stuff you missed.
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dc is sharing a treasured exhibitions next on positively tampa bay.
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good morning. local museums and organizations have two weeks left to request the way we worked exhibition by the smithsonian institute. the exhibition documents the enormous changes in the workforce since the mid-19th century when 50% of americans were farmers. it has been making its way to florida, tennessee, colorado and alabama. the exhibit is available to museums and libraries and the florida humanities council is fielding requests now and we are joined in the studio by alex buhl from the florida humanities council
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information on how you at home can apply to have this come to your neighborhood. thank you for coming and. tell us about the way we work exhibit. >> it is a freestanding exhibit that is designed to travel around. 800 ft.2. it is designed for small town museums. three or four people can assemble it. >> i was looking at the pictures and we assembled an album for the viewers to see. to see them slide them in the crate, it is interesting. they have this process down pat. how does the museum on main street program work. this is one of many exhibitions. >> 25 years ago the smithsonian realized that the us is a huge country and people may never be able to go to dc. they put together the museum on main street program to bring the mess -- smithsonian to small towns.
9:52 am
smithsonian and state councils all over the country and local museums. we help bring it to florida communities by selecting six communities each year to host a revolving exhibit that the smithsonian puts together. we are currently in apalachicola . in 2017 we will look for sites.>> who is eligible? >> libraries, museums, historical societies, churches. anyone that is organized as a nonprofit. >> whoever is elected received a $5000 community grant. >> in addition to receiving the smithsonian exhibit for six weeks you get a $5000 award to implement programming. >> thank you for coming in and it is a fascinating to hear about this. if you would like to put in your request you have until march 11.
9:53 am
2000 one. go to the florida website and click on the museums on main street program or you can email alex directly, bu el l at fla h
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coming up today, a mistake happening at an animal shelter that could be costing dogs their lives. a walk on the wild side. today. oh my gosh. we are talking about gray here today and why it is considered a new trend. the stories and more coming up.
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>> i will try to recover from that. it will be in the low 60s and nice and cool through the weekend. we warm up into next week. we are learning when slide the city is coming back to tampa. it is a water slide back may 14 on north boulevard in w. palm avenue. tickets are $10. >> the day of the event are $20 tickets. five years old and 26 inches tall is the cutoff. we have all of the day's top stories right now on abc action have a great rest of the
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>> today on "fablife"... "fablife's" red carpet awards special! >> i wasn't expecting this. i didn't have anything prepared. >> with giuliana rancic. have you had awkward celebrity moments on the carpet? (laughing) >> you guys are giving my secrets away. >> the biggest fashion misses and giving them our own red-carpet re-do. plus, the legend himself, wolfgang puck. >> you get all these recipes i cook for the oscars. look at that. >> oh... >> oh, boy. >> it's our oscars show, so i'm taking you guys behind the scenes for all of the academy awards hustle. come on, let's go. donatella! i'm rushing back right now. how's the mood? how's she doing? i didn't-- did you know we had no gas? >> it said 35 miles, and then it went down to-- it's gone down to 10.


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