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tv   Action News Weekend Edition at 9AM  ABC  February 27, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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a woman was thrown to the ground by a deputy, and the share says we are not getting the whole story. an eight- month tragedy it's over for the loved ones of a florida doctor that was married -- murdered in her own home. let's change things up a bit this morning. we are live here just before the fan fest starts in two hours, and how you and your
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up. good morning, i am ashley yore. and police are looking for kemp, last seen in fort lauderdale, wearing a pink 1b as a birthmark on her chest, and possibly in the company of two men, and if you have any information that could help, contact the broward county sheriff's office. time for look at your weather for this weekend, and it is a beautiful view, showing how nice and clear things are right now with blue skies and plenty of sunshine looking across the water into downtown tampa. no clouds's guide to
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nothing here on the titan doppler radar. 51 in tampa, 50 and a few high clouds, wins at 8 to 13 miles per hour. and speaking of fan fest, it will be a great day. it begins at 10 am, the season- ticket holders in, 11 am is general admission for everybody else, and the event is free. 72 inside, temperatures outside will be about 10 degrees cooler, and we will have your details, including a gradual warm-up in the work week, your full forecast coming up. right now, i want you to take a look at the screen, h dramatic and bloody
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deputies body camera and the share says his deputy did nothing wrong, and authorities have rested tiffany tebo for petty theft and the share just released the full footage, showing that the shorter video recorded by the witnesses did not show the full and accurate story. >> the citizen tried to put that out there to retaliate, but when you see the entire video on the body cameras it shows and protects our deputies and defends his actions.>> the victim's family has refused to comment. we tried to reach out to the person that recorded the witness video and we have not received a comment from them. a bill is ready for a full boat in the state senate, requiring law enforcement agencies to use body cameras,
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standards, and require agencies to store the videos for public records, and we have been looking into how these controversial cameras may or may not divert the cost, more on our website . deputies tell us the driver called 911 thursday night, and saw a vehicle drifting out of the lane, and the elementary teacher smelled of alcohol, but refused the field sobriety test. they also found hydrocodone pills in her vehicle, and she is being charged with dui drug possession. doctor tresa cyphers -- teresa sivers, was bludgeoned to death, and investigators say
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evidence across multiple states, and finally getting enough to arrest sievers on second-degree murder charges. >> we were after mark sievers, we got our man in we are happy about that. >> in exchange for testifying against mark, a grand jury is mulling over to up the charges of his accomplice to first degree murder. we now know at least three people are dead in california, killed in a fiery crash on los angeles freeway. authorities say that several others are hurt, and the truck caught fire after the crash, and all of the southbound lanes of the major interstate are
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a tampa man's six-month run from the police is finally over, even after he tried to chew off his fingertips to avoid arrest. kelly lied about his name when he was arrested. after they discovered his identity, they found out he is wanted on drug and gun charges, and stole guns that are possibly linked to 15 murders and the tampa bay area. this is a mug shot, this man accused of opening fire on three people, claiming that the road they were on belonged to him, and this was on ottawa avenue. the victim tells us his father and brother arrived to help hall his broken motorcycle with the trailer when jeffery estrada started yelling and pulled a gun on them. the victim said that estrada fired two shots as they drove
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injured, and estrada is facing assault with a deadly weapon charges. back in kanellis county jail, zac remarks very was ordered just zac remarks very -- zachery marksbury was ordered to stay away from minors, and he is back in the jail again. this is a few days sooner than expected, after the roadwork, and the great news is this road project is responsible for causing the long backups last weekend, and the roads back open, and some drivers said they waited more
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the traffic. the westbound lanes from mlk the 16th street north will be closed tomorrow, in pinellas county, and detour signs all posted around but you will need extra time to get where you're going. all new this morning, we are hearing from a victim from his hospital bed, investigators are still trying to pin down the motive, and the local sheriff believes that the restraining order led to the cedric ford rampage. he went on to shoot people into areas of town before returning back to the workplace to open fire, and listen as one victim recounts exactly what happened.>> i saw him come around the corner, and he looked confused, and so i told
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was a a shooter, and i told him again, and he said he knows, and he shot me. >> three people died, and felony records banned him from owning a fire arm, and a woman is being accused of giving them the guns that he used in the shooting spree. baxter parties, not the usual campaign event, but that is where hillary clinton found her self at a charleston baker yesterday. the groom and his best friends just happened to be there. bernie sanders swept through the state after stop in minnesota, both lighting for the key support of the black voters. clinton has nearly a 30 point lead over sanders in the polls, and for clinton, this could mean that she will have a sweet
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fan fest is about to get underway, and from the auto glass to discounts, we have it all, up next. scientist, bullying robots. that is not exactly what is going on, but that is white -- but that is what the internet seems to be reacting to, coming up. a great way to get outside and enjoy the unique festival, trains, trains and automobiles, aircrafts, all sorts of railroad memorabilia, and exotic cars. and you can see me after we get done with this broadcast, a great day to get out under the
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we have your details on this weekend coming up straight
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welcome back, your time now is 7:14 am. the rays fan fest, and totally free for the family to attend.>> we have jake peterson live there right now, how is it going? >> reporter: put me in coach, i'm warmed up and ready to play. this a be a great day for anybody that is a based off fan, -- baseball fan, and we will
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here. a lot of fun to be had here, right? >> yes, and it is all free, free parking and free admission. we will have all of the players here, our coaches, our manager, all of them will be available, and accessible here today. one of the things we got away from, is signing the autographs, and we will have some of that. what is cool about this event, it is a lot of interactive opportunity with the players, and you can play wiffle ball, or they will run the bases with you, all kinds of stuff. it's about making a memory for the young kids, and that is a much greater opportunity than just getting an autograph.
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admission, but we have to guard cell going on behind us, and we have him lot of the -- we have a lot of the used stuff, for this yard sale. >> i've been warming up. i played baseball up until my freshman year in high school. >> that is impressive. i made it through college, and to pay for college, but it did not go any farther than that. >> reporter: let's do a friendly competition, i've been warming up. not bad. >> let the record show that i have not been warming up.
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showing me up today. if you are season-ticket holder it starts in about an hour, and for the rest of us, it will start at 11 am.>> i think you may have been shown up. >> it looks like jake hit the batter. >> that was not bad for someone that retired at the age of 12. spring training is going on across the region, and it is a great time to be here in the bay area. apollo beach is a great place to be right now as well. there are blue skies, plenty of sunshine, and some both smack still -- both smack -- boats that are still in the harbor, but a good time to stay close
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chilly start to the morning, socal aesthetics as you get warmed up -- so, how aesthetics , upper 60s today, low 70s by tomorrow, and in the upper 70s through the work week. we are clear right now on the doppler radar, and you can see, clouds over the atlantic, but all in all, a great-looking day. as we take a look at the 7-day forecast, you will notice a warm up on tuesday, and things will change and temperatures coming down again. for right now, warming up, 51 in tampa, 52 in clearwater, 50 in inverness, sarasota with 53
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46 in tallahassee, and they were down to about 31 degrees earlier. still chilly across the southeast, but not bitter cold. we have some high pressure giving all of the southeast nice clear day today, and we will see these temperatures increase by tomorrow. it's a gradual warming sunshine and light wind. nothing to report on the future cast, hardly any cloud cover and certainly no rain over the next 48 hours. we will not see the rain until mid-work week next week. looking for high of 65 per tampa, 63 in loops, 63 in brooksville, and mid 60s for lake to up -- 57 will be the reading at the beach. your digital dayplanner,
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a high of 65 with clouds increasing, that no real chance for rain. the water stands at 62 degrees in the gulf, and a little bit choppy, moderate. 2 to 4 foot,, down from 15 knots, 10 knots this afternoon. sunsetting at 6:29 pm. you got a preview of the forecast, and we will see a warm up through tuesday, and possible 80 degrees readings inland. we will get a front wednesday cooling is off on thursday into friday, and next weekend is shaping up to be fantastic as well, and should be as nice as
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to bully a robot, especially a new version of like this one that is getting rave reviews for its ability a lease. >> and it had to get poked, shoved and cheese -- teased to show off its ability. >> reporter: it's a wild moment, the atlas robot is unveiled, and what steals the limelight? robot abuse. >> it is interesting that america is building robots that people can bully. in 600 years, that will be in the robot version of route -- " roots." and after doing such a nice job
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and shove it, i am out of year. the atlas fans are visualizing robot revenge scenarios. this is not the first time boston dynamics, has mistreated one of its creations. >> it's a robot. >> reporter: actually, there is a good reason for this robot abuse. when most robots fall down, they cannot get back up, and often had to be carried off for repairs, and the new atlas was forced to face this. and watch it get back on its feet. and though it stumbles through the snow like bigfoot, it never loses his balance on this uneven terrain, a very big deal.
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like kim coming from the bar. this was the last year christmas greeting from the boston dynamics, even if the robots are not laughing all the way, new york. >> it is a 2-for-1 saturday addition of rescues in action.
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welcome back to your rescues in action. your heart is going to melt. this is the possum village rescue, and tell us about these kittens.>> they were rescued at only six days old, abandoned in a warehouse by their mom. garrett had an infected wound, but that unsealed, and they are available for adoption.>> only four weeks old right now, but they are so tiny. >> we think they were premature. they are only have to wait that
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weight that they should be at this age. >> they are so sweet and adorable, and what does someone have to do to bring them home? >> we would like to get them adopted together, and you can email us if you would like to adopt them. >> he can also get the information on our website, . a gun range attached to a bar, and now open for the
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welcome back to your abc action news, your time now is 9:30 am. the paschal county sheriff's office is standing by the deputy that took down a would-be thief, some claiming excessive force, but the sheriff released more than 25 minutes of footage on the deputies body camera, showing the suspect resisting arrest. the body cameras between his agency, the deputy and the suspect. a local sheriff thinks that a restraining order led to the deadly mass shooting, they serve cedric board papers that were, and he left very upset.
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investigators are still searching for the motive, and 11 remain in the hospital, three people dead. this woman on your screen is charged with giving him the guns that he used for his shooting spree. and bernie sanders and in south carolina with the polls, but clinton has a 30 point lead on bernie sanders in south carolina. anything to warm you up before you head outside, some coffee or hot chocolate. >> and add another layer, because it is chilly to start off. it will get warm today and even warmer tomorrow. we see some folks taking a walk along anna maria island, and they are bundled up as you see the waves coming in with the winds out of the north and northwest along the coast.
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beautiful morning. as you can see very clear, and clear on our satellite radar. clear through the weekend. temperatures are rising just a little bit, 51 in tampa, and 52 is a property popular number. we will see those temperatures up through the 60s later on today. it looks like 63 is a popular number through pasco, hillsboro and out through polk county with temperatures topping out at 65. if you are thinking about chasing the ball around the pastor, starting off chilly, but warming up to 65 by later on. taken extra sleeve of balls, it is breezy. but that is just for
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are looking for the person that ran over a child in central florida, and then took off, and sadly it gets more disturbing. >> i went flying off of my bicycle. and then a guy came, smiled and >> that eight-year-old was riding his bike in titusville thursday when a car and hit him. the force of the crash ripped the front tire off of the bicycle, and the driver came back and smiled and winked at him before he took off for good. amazingly he was only in the hospital for 24 hours with a few scrapes. the victim of the polk county crime spree, justin had his temporary tags stolen off of his truck while he was at the movies last weekend, and the crook stole the tag and was responsible for stealing
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county. he was arrested on monday after carjacking a lakeland man at gunpoint. and for his part, he treated -- tweeted it was not him. an owner of the movie theater using something called i detect, a custer -- a customer has to scan the drivers license at the restaurant and bar, and if the same customer comes into the shooting range, they have to scan their id again. >> there will be no drinking and shooting because i can control that because i will know whether you have been in the restaurant drinking. >> the owner says that if they bring their own gun, they must lock them in their car before they return and no guns are allowed in the bar. the effects of the zika
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women from going to the summer olympics in reseal. two women had miscarriages, and two chose abortions, and one child was born with a severe brain abnormality, and two of the babies were born healthy. two other women are still pregnant now, and the cdc says that pregnant women should not be going to the olympic games in rio, and if their partner goes, they should not have sex throughout the entire pregnancy. yoko ono is in a new york city hospital, the widow of the beatles singer john lennon, suffered a stroke, and she is experiencing extreme flulike systems. her son tweeted that the only stroke that she had was a stroke of genius, and that she will be fine. her publicist said she will likely go home today.
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about the chris christie surprise endorsement of donald trump. >> there is no question that this is the person that will go to washington dc, and be able to absolutely turned the place around. we don't need any more washington politicians. >> the new jersey governor publicly backing donald trump yesterday, and this announcement could be a pivotal moment a few days ahead of super tuesday. speaking of hillary clinton and bernie sanders, they are trying to rally last-minute support ahead of the democratic primary today. bees, butterflies and beatles among the growing list of pollinators species in jeopardy of extinction. >> the warming trend could threaten the world's food supply, and at risk are the species of pollinators that play a significant role in the
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three quarters of the world's food crops depend on pollination from insects and other animals, and the decline in habitat, agricultural pesticides in climate change are the cause. a disease that can be deadly but does not have to be.>> still ahead, what one doctor here in the bay area is doing to save the newborns. try your hand at eating one out of the park, all of the family fun you can have, coming
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it is in the 60s right now, but it's always in the 70s at the trop . have a little bit of fun, and brian with the rays is here.>> this is a great event for families the entire day, i was driving in, 61 degrees, and this is the best to do in tampa
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free admission, free parking, and we will take care of the rest, a great day for the fans.>> you can win some prizes and an autographed. >> the specials we have today are for those that purchase the 22 game special, and today they will get a limited edition photo with their purchase. that is exciting when you make the plans for what the season will look like, and a great opportunity to purchase tickets today can be a part of this.>> reporter: and you guys have season opener, right? >> yes, the season opener will be magical. there are only three games on
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can get your tickets right here. >> reporter: again, a free event for the family.
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there is hope for parents with babies diagnosed with a potentially deadly birth effect. at st. pete's hospital, they have a record of saving more lives than anyone else, sharing the challenging journey of two babies that are survivors. >> reporter: all smiles in place of tears. >> i was asked to terminate my pregnancy. we were told he would not make it.>> reporter: but here he is, 10 months old and diagnosed at 13 weeks with a hole in his diaphragm, and he went into major surgery. >> they took out his organs, and put them back where they should be. his intestines, stomach and he
9:46 am
chest cavity. >> reporter: they only trusted this man, doctor david case who specializes in this condition.'s understand how good survival can be, and that is part of our mission is to let people know, that a lot of the mothers that are diagnosed with this condition, and they often terminate very early. >> reporter: the doctor says that nationally net -- less than half survive, but in his case, 90% survived. >> we do not give up on anybody. >> reporter: he did not give up on nine-month-old jackson that had 95% of his diaphragm missing, seven surgeries. >> you are right there fighting with them because you know they are fighting is well. he gave us hope that my son
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he is a miracle, 100%. >> i would not change it for anything. >> such an inspirational story, and we have posted this on our facebook page you can share this with any of the expectant mothers you know. the doctor wants to let everyone know that any child diagnosed with this potentially deadly birth effect has a fighting chance. how much would it cost to buy one of everything on the answer is nearly $12.86 billion, according to the computer scientist in z\rich that says he does brain related research. he determined there were 479 million items available on the website in 2015, and then he determined the average price was $26.86. so far no public opinion on
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the money or not.>> why you would want to do that, i have no idea. >> but you get free shipping, so that is a bonus. and we are shipping sunshine your way, lots of folks out there enjoying a walk early on. and a little bit bundled up this morning, it's a little bit clear. we have lots of sunshine, and you can see that on the radar. we will be looking at this same scenario all weekend, 51 right now what i clouds around tampa. north-northeast winds at 8 miles an hour, clearwater sunny and 54, st. petersburg is 55. it will feel just a little bit
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is in tallahassee, 46 degrees but they warmed up from 31. not a lot warmer there than it is in billings, montana, or denver, or minneapolis. warm weather across much of the continental united states, and it will stay warm today with a high of 68 in denver, 80 in phoenix, 61 in st. louis, new york up to 41. it is still chilly in new england, 39 in boston for the high today, and nice and calm across the country as this high pressure drapes over the eastern two thirds of the u. s., including right here. we have the winds coming in, but they will die down and we will get gradual warming with the sunshine. taking a look at the forecast for today, starting off chilly, but warming up midday to around 60, 65 by the afternoon, and we
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again, lots of sunshine, and your most accurate forecast. as we go into the work week, temperatures rising through the mid to upper 70s, and a front coming through on wednesday with a 20% chance of showers. a little bit of a cool off into next weekend. for this weekend, it's going to be fantastic, mostly sunny and beautiful for today. a little bit on the cool side with a high of 65, but sunny and warmer tomorrow with a high of 73. you will notice we have a 45 degree start in tampa tomorrow morning, so like this morning, you will need to bundle up as you head out to church or to do some of your errands. it looks like we will be warming up, into monday morning 54
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77 degrees high or tuesday in gradually warming up through the work week. i will let you know about the timing on that front on wednesday, and as we head through the weekend, you can follow me on my twitter page. an assignment that comes around once every four years, an internship with the candidates that are running for president. and we have the science professor and 23 students that spent 10 intense days on the road in new hampshire, leading up to the primary on the gray knight, and the students have been blogging about their experience. here's a group photo taken of the professor with her students, each choosing whether they want to follow senator ted cruz, donald trump, and the list goes on, and we have some of them joining us in the studio, and we have the professor, judith mclaughlin with us, and thank you for coming in.
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>> it was an experience, and being able to be involved in the primary was definitely exciting to see. >> what was it like when you are in the room with the volunteers for ted cruz and everything you were saying? >> it was refreshing to be around a group of people that are so passionate about the candidate as i am. >> you say passionate, and randy, you said you had a long hours. >> it was nonstop, and we knocked on doors until the last possible second. we called until the last possible second. >> was it the same for you? >> yes, pretty much. >> some long days. there are lots of ways to teach clinical science, but this is an assignment of a lifetime.
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mark >> it is really extraordinary. the road to the white house is about these caucuses and primaries, and then i can talk about this, but there is nothing like being up there, in the snow, and meeting the candidates. and being a part of this process firsthand, it is extraordinary. year? >> we had a lot of surprises. we do a lot of activities in class, and we go on field trips, and so the whole class wanted to be in the first row to see donald trump. and marco rubio, jeb bush, hillary clinton, former president bill clinton. to see all of these candidates, going to the statehouse in learning more about the government and politics.
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there he would be intent. we left the hotel before 6 am, and we were getting back -- well we put a lot into this time. >> my biggest surprise was on the bite -- on the way back to florida, i added connecting flight in new york, and i was sitting at the gateway, and i saw megyn kelly, and i watch her show, and i had to get a picture with her. >> the conversation will continue on facebook, and thank you so much for coming in and share with us. if you would like to read their blog, you can read what the students are writing on
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we take a quick look at the 7-day forecast, and we have gradual warming. morning as well, and then warming to 73 and even warmer for the work week. enjoy your bright and sunny weekend. have a great day and thank you for waking up
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