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tv   Action News at 6PM  ABC  February 27, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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live from the station taking action for you, this is abc action news. now, at 6, a desperate search for me -- for a florida baby snatched from her bed coming to an end. just minutes ago, rakes in the case. colorado area getting major safety changes. homeowners have adapted to the rules. good evening and thank you
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on the safety of local events. >> another bay area been increased safety measures for runners. >> a lot of these are coded in color from head to toe and this raises concerns about what they are breathing in. these colors can be flammable and sometimes have potential cancer-causing chemicals in them and that is why officials have stepped up safety measures for today's race including the color packets. the city says they are glad they have stepped in to help. . how to be safe, the pay to where to be safe, and safe people said throughout so if you need a ride or some water, i was very pleased with both runs. >> this is the second color race to change its safety measures after our reports. breaking news.
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there has been a frantic search . authorities say someone snatched her after a home invasion in for lauderdale -- in fort lauderdale. the baby is now in a hospital. her mother tells detective she was sleeping when two armed men broke and kidnapping the infant . details are continuing to come in. we will continue to monitor this story very closely. making news out of hillsboro. deputies announced moments ago they have busted a cockfighting ring. the sheriff's office and he is this photo from olympia. we have a clip -- we have more coming up after the break. an employee hit by a car has now died from his injuries. still, steve was struck by car crossing the street more than five weeks ago. he was at a crosswalk. police
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battle last night in hospice. we're waiting to find out if the driver will face charges. now, -- now, the most accurate weather team in florida. abc action weather. good evening, everybody. a bright and beautiful saturday. in fact, so bright that your trusty weatherman got a little bit of sunburn. don't forget the sun sauce if you're heading out. the uv index is very high. even though we have some clouds streaming in from the west. not enough to get in the way of those bright rays of sunshine warming us up. it's nice out right now. 60 in tampa. 57 for clearwater. sunny skies and 63 in paints -- st. petersburg. 64 in lakeland. not as warm as we can get this time of year but not as cold as tonight. 45 degrees overnight tonight
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but we will warm up to the mid- 70s by tomorrow afternoon and even warmer into the workweek and i will show you how hot is going to get -- how hot it is going to get. a new effort tonight for a bay area racecar driver in the life -- the race for his life. >> check heaters and shows us how it could save more than one life. >> reporter: billy boyd thrives off winning. >> he is very competitive. [ laughter ]doesn't like to finish second. >> reporter: but the battle he is and now is the biggest challenge of his life in the clock keeps ticking. >> he started getting sick back in december 2014. >> reporter: he went through chemo and a bone marrow transplant but his body rejected the first attempt. >> it's critical and he will have to have a second
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was unsuccessful. >> reporter: his support base is doing whatever they can to find that perfect merrill -- merrill match -- bone marrow match. if somebody here is a match, he could be saved. >> only one in 900 people will ever be a potential match. >> reporter: it is a numbers game. he says all of the samples collected will be put into a database. if they don't match billy, they could match someone else. >> that is why it's so important to have community drives like this because we can save the lives of other patients. >> reporter: i found out it only takes a couple of minutes and anybody can do it. >> if we do not find an exact match, it's very critical for him to survive.
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peterson, abc action news . you can still send in your sample. just send in this story and we will give you instructions. all eyes on south carolina for the democratic primary as hillary clinton and bernie sanders battle for the african- american vote. voters are lining up in hanging in the balance. it would be everything went for clinton after losing in 2008. it would also give her momentum heading into super tuesday. the vermont senator hopes to at least narrow the margin. lastly, donald trump won the republican primary. his third in a row. all these people volunteering to get back to the pinellas county community and help the very same program that is helping them. take a look at the big piles of trash that they picked up today.
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home is -- homeless shelter and part of a project called "tech bytes -- take a bite out of crime.">> that is what we are asking, to get back to the community.>> take a bite out of crime is now in its third year. a traffic alert tonight out of the dallas county for anyone driving -- pinellas county. detour signs will be posted to help you around. but leave extra time to get where you're going. still ahead on abc action news at 6, setting the stage for hollywood's biggest night we are counting down to the oscars. the added excitement you can watch for tomorrow. out of the views and into the community.
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happening tomorrow, the biggest night in hollywood and hundreds are expected to watch. >> crews are making the finishing touches. starting off with an epic animated open from a list -- from the legend, denim. coming with the biggest names. even the vice president will speak. red carpet is covered in plastic but that will soon change. there are also 1500 bottles of
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popped. you can also expect some surprises as producers shook up the format this year. >> you have heard of those select bags, this year, the top nominees will get items worth up to $200,000. 300 -- 300,000 personalized m&ms and an all expense paid trip to israel. you can watch the oscars right here on your nbc action news station with complete coverage starting at 6. joining us after the awards as i break down the best. in the county voted for. still to come, a perfect day for barbecue. the secret behind the secret sauce. the bolts were dominant
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but they lost. possibly viktor with an injury.
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hundreds of people took part in a whole different type of bible study.>> the first baptist church in palmetto posted operation and this much. some 400 members took part in 18 different projects throughout the county from collecting thousands of pounds of food for meals on wheels. even landscaping at some area nonprofits. the coordinator says people are grateful for the help and there is a special meaning behind it all. >> they are ecstatic. so grateful and it's very rewarding. we want the corey to go to our lord, jesus christ. >> operation in as much is a national movement that all carolina. grilles were fired up today.
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that was many to wash it down. the beer, bourbon and barbecue festival returns to the part. unlimited samples of brews and booze with dozens of samples on. -- on tap. also, whole roasted hogs. now, the most accurate weather team in florida. abc action weather. >> bryants wine. a beautiful day to be out there. i was out there with planes, trains and automobiles and a row of folks out there to say hi. and it was kind of sunny out. more than i had anticipated. we will show you the uv index and why you will need the sun sauce again tomorrow. right now, from our main sell beach camera, this is looking out and and maury island as the
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sinking down over the horizon. we do have some beautiful sites around right now as the sunset is getting ready to happen. a bright and beautiful day. plenty of sunshine and despite the sun, temperatures were not really that warm. we have another chilly night tonight but we will be warming up tomorrow. back to your normal and certainly warming into the work week, as well. we are 4 degrees cooler overnight. 13 degrees cooler overnight than our normal and we are about 8 degrees shy of our normal high of 74. we topped out today at 76 in tampa. currently, 60 degrees in tampa. 61 four valrico -- for valrico. 60 -- 65 in clearwater. the keys, 59. still warm across the state. we have high pressure centered right over the northern part of our state.
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and while we will be clear tonight, light winds will allow the temperatures to tumble once again. as we go through the overnight hours, we will see things clear out. maybe if you clouds approaching by later in the morning but we are only going to hit that low of about 45. mid-40s throughout most of the area. lower 40s in the lower neighborhoods as we start a warm set up into the work week. take a look at how your evening is going to shake up -- shape up. kicking back the covers first thing, sunrise at 47. the index is at an eight right now. i put in! and put it in red if you don't remember the sun sauce. winds will be coming out of the north and the east and we will
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days at the beginning of the work week. 78 by tuesday. we get a front through on wednesday and it will close off into the latter part of the work week but next weekend looks well, as well. the forecast. i am tweeting stuff out. bill logan at wfts. good news and bad news at last night's lightning games. three points. the bad news, the defenseman had appeared to injure his left hand in the third period. he took a puck off the arm area. maybe his wrist. he probably dropped his stick and skated to the bench. he did say afterwards that he is not over concerned about the injury. he -- playing in boston sometime tomorrow.
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scored a goal. lightning plays better when stammer scores, obviously. when he scores, it counts. right in the middle of a playoff push. >> he has gone through spurts where a nine out of 10 games, he does not have a goal. and he can go through spurts games. hard. and it's confidence when they start going in for you, you kind of get into that mojo and that's where he's at right now.>> the wilfs-based the bruins tomorrow. the d-backs have the day off. they will get back soon and get ready for the spring training opener when the nationals come to work on it -- charlotte. the front office added a few back to help.
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they also traded for steve pierce, nicholson, connor and morrison. in theory, these guys should get a raise and a much-needed boost to the offense. he tells me he is intrigued with the mixture of experience that -- experienced that's. >> we have fallen short in past years so i think we have brought in a couple of guys that have a ton of potential and i think we can start to rely on. whether they are playing a role or playing every day.>> a big agency showdown in south beach. the shot clock winding down. james palmer gets it to follow hurricanes lead. the cardinals up to -- you better make it 5. the hurricanes
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minute left. levan reid varies this triple going on to beat the cardinals 73-65. merit -- miami controls carolina by half again. funding itself against them in internment -- tournament. before the half, duane bacon with a pull-up, step back triple and the bacon is sizzling. seminoles go on to win 77-56 two of set notre dame. florida now needs the tournament to help the resume. in the big games continue tonight when the gators host kentucky at 7 o'clock. stay tuned.
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this just in. the sunset one minute away as a lookout to the west at anna maria island. that is a beautiful site. folks are checking that out here i am tweeting stuff out all weekend. i just tweeted this. i want to show you the latest. 70 degrees. in the meantime in canada, they are out there shirtless playing in the snow. we would not have to wait long for a nicer warm up. it's going to be down into the 50s overnight but we will be looking forward to just a little bit warmer stuff coming work week. temperatures pushing up to near 80 degrees as we work toward tuesday before that front comes through on wednesday.
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even more beautiful.
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welcome to "world news tonight." the showdown in the south. south carolina up for grabs as democrats cast their votes. hillary clinton looking for a big win over bernie sanders, while her husband goes on offensive against a heckler. >> if you'll shut up and listen to my answer, i'll answer you. >> so, what set him off? a new republican tag team hits the trail. chris christie and donald trump together. the frenemies now doubling down on marco rubio. >> rubio stole from the republican party. >> the schoolyard taunts. and tonight, the new comeback line. >> we can't nominate a con artist to become the head of the party. the factory worker coming face-to-face with the gunman, a man he thought was his friend.


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