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tv   Action News Weekend Edition at 8AM  ABC  February 28, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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birds bred for fighting found in hillsborough county. the ring busted up this morning. democratic candidate clinton victorious in south carolina. bernie sanders is vowing to fight. the biggest night in hollywood a few hours away. you will see it live here tonight on abc. we are tracking the continuing controversy surrounding the award show. good morning. i am ashley yore. >> we would get to all of the
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has the accurate forecast. >> it will be a nice day. warmer than yesterday and one more advisory for you, don't forget the saint-sakns. -- son sauce. it was nice and plant city yesterday but it didn't feel warm on your skin until the sun took effect. we have high clouds out there now but nothing that is bringing us precipitation. look at the satellite radar composite, clouds streaming in from the west but they won't bring us any rain today. they are starting to bring as warmth. 29 tampa. 46 spring hill. wesley chapel 46. myakka city 47. pushing to the 40s towards 50 degrees. we will be moving through the
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rapidly warming temperatures as we get the warmth of the morning. looking for a top out temperature around 75 especially inland hillsborough county. workweek? we will be pushing 80. coming up in less than 15 minutes. breaking from overnight. hillsborough county. more information about the man killed after his boat capsized in the plant city upon. he and another man were in a small boat near turkey creek water. one man swam to safety but the other did not make it. divers found his body. investigators have not identified them. fwc investigating. video in the tragic shooting . virginia police officer the job. first responders from around
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the following officer. authorities in prince william happened during a domestic disturbance incident. officer was shot and killed. two other officers wounded. she was just sworn in on friday. investigators found the woman killed in connection. one person in custody. hillsborough county deputies bust up a cockfighting ring thanks to it intent. deputies seized birds from a property in libya. some alive another step. deputies found weights and a scoreboard and trophies. authorities believe if i was about to happen as deputies closed in. >> i didn't expect this. it seemed like a good neighborhood. it was crazy. >> the crowd gathered at the cockfighting ring and they
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no arrestee so far. look a screen right now. deputies acted quickly to arrest this man, joshua thomas, in an attempted armed robbery. he held up a quick pick chevron and plant city. he demanded money but ended up running off empty-handed. deputies tracked thomas down thanks to security footage. is suspected of robbing a circle k hours earlier. tragic update to a story we have been following. stephen will iron a worker hit by a car passed away. the accident happened five weeks ago. milliron was crossing a street at 2nd avenue, north dentistry north. the 62-year-old lost his battle friday night in hospice. we are waiting to find out if the driver will face charges. update on the kidnapping of
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lauderdale. the search came to an end near orlando. taraji kemp safe. authorities caught up to this moment, stefanie augustine, in fort pierce yesterday. 100 miles and an hour later. baby taraji was found at an apartment in orange county alive. she is a person of interest and she is cooperating. racist ideals and opposition came to a head in southern california. ku klux klan rally turned violent. cameras captured it all.
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anaheim and anti-klan protesters showed up first. when the [ null ] arrived tempers flared. police are still searching for some of the people involved. offices say the video shows anti-klan protesters attacked first forcing members to defend themselves. three people were stabbed and 13 people arrested. police say one victim was stabbed with a flagstaff and is in critical condition. salt lake city rocked overnight after a 16-year-old boy was shot. police called in three of the department is people roxette officers and yelled obscenities. a 16-year-old shot by police saturday sparked the unrest. detectives say that teenager and a man got into an argument and the teenager refused to put a broomstick down when ordered by officers. the sheet -- the teenager was shot twice and is in the hospital. democracy 2016 coverage. democrats made their choice in
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what is next in the race for the white house. >> reporter: good morning. victory yesterday. this is her first in front of she crushed bernie sanders with just over 73%. clinton was anything but modest while accepting her win. >> today you sent a message in when we stand together there is no barrier. >> white house hopefuls are tuesday. 11 states will hold caucuses and primaries and many are campaigning today in alabama. donald trump had some help from former rival turned supporter chris christie.
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they are focusing on marco rubio. the senator is getting boisterous in his attacks. >> he put out a picture of me having make a put on me at the debate. which is amazing to me that a guy with the worst spray tan in america is attacking me. >> early polling starts at hillsboro and polk county and de soto county tomorrow. posted a list of early locations and dates for other counties as well. still to come, a debt collector sets aside of a local pastor. >> the mistake they made that can now leave this woman a
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another great movie up for an academy award. it is crunch time for hollywood prepping for the biggest award show of the year. >> there is a lot of buzz about the first time. also controversy over who wasn't nominated. some choosing to set the show out. lauren lister in hollywood. >> reporter: a cgi their. a martian. post-apocalyptic warriors. and wall street traders. just a fewof the characters facing off in tonight's academy awards. nominated films this year taking audiences from a single room to the newsroom. back in time to past and to hollywood's biggest night. the scene at the ceremony has
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days. the red carpet rolled out. the governors ball after party getting decked out. later this evening to find out which of the films were deemed the best. >> nobody has any idea who will when best picture. this is a muddled unpredictable year. >> it is leo's year. there is no way he doesn't pick up the award for his role in the revenant. >> leonardo dicaprio has been nominated five times but has yet to snag a statue. best actress includes past winners but first-time nominee brie larson snagged the guild and golden globe awards. hot topic , who wasn't nominated. a lack of diversity generating boycotts of new and
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mention it and will joke about it. >> presenters go beyond hollywood stars including vp joe biden awaiting gas. 1500 bottles of champaign and 16 and 16,000 feet of red carpet. >> chris rock will have some jokes. >> i have a problem with that piece from abc. nobody knows who will when the best picture. we had deep in the studio. he knows. >> we will get it before hand. >> we will get into that. will get into the weather right now. look at the beautiful scene out front. the mainsail beach and down to 66. on anna maria island. you folks walking on the beach getting the merit -- morning constitutional and. a beautiful day today.
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again. a chill in the air temperatures in the 40s. saw a couple in the 30s earlier but it is warming up. it will be warming this afternoon and more warmth into the workweek as promised. pushing up near 80. doppler radar, clear. post coast-to-coast doppler scans from melbourne and at the rest can radar site. things showing a few clouds as we later in the satellite composite. these clouds coming in from the west bringing in a milky sky. including tampa where it is 49. winds from the east north waste 3 miles per hour. calm winds in clearwater. 46 degrees currently and 85 in the east northeast at 13. 37 northern part of the state. 36 jacksonville in tallahassee.
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miami and key west 63. take a look at the national map now and you will notice one thing. it is not really bitterly cold anywhere. look at the one from dallas and 56 up to st. louis, 52. minneapolis 38. today we will keep 38 with clouds around the denver will hit 63. up to 68 in st. louis and warm moving into the northeast. temperatures into the 50s for boston and new york city. high pressure off to our north and that is giving us a nice benign weather pattern. we will see the winds coming in out of the northeast but they will ship later on with the sea we get a nice warm up. will see the sea breeze. we have showers that will push
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along the coast, 69 the seminal. 67 palm harbor. tampa tops out at 73. 73 hernando. 65 palm beach. 65 arcadia. tampa, near-normal, high at 73. we will start to see the warm kick in by 11:00 p.m. as we push through the 60s and into the 70s. gulf water temperature, 62. uv index high said despite the fact it is cool you will get the sunburn. next high tide comes before 5:00 this afternoon and the sun sets at 631. 74 by monday. 78 by tuesday. the front post through on wednesday was a soft. nice
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number but this time the robo callers picked on a pastor who number. >> jackie callaway shows us a surprising way the collar got her number and why the case may make her a millionaire. >> reporter: i have created the smith who blows the cold. >> pastor mayra believe the student of the bible. service of the lord. >> which never required her to take out student loans. >> some days i might have 11 calls in one day. >> her trouble started in 2014 when her phone started ringing morning, noon and night. >> 7:58 pm and i am sleeping. waking me up. for foolishness. >> her attorney billy howard
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>> they pulled her telephone in the 1990s. >> they were looking for the pastor's daughter. >> they want to harass the mom so the daughter will pay. it is the oldest collection trick in the book. >> mayra said she doesn't owe now beyond a time. >> i don't know anything to anybody. >> she is suing the company for $1 million. >> minimum $500,000 violation and up to $1500 violation. >> they were violating the consumer protection act which protects consumers from robo calls on cell phones call. >> no one has to be harassed.
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>> the trial is set for may. if you have a case or concerned you would like to share write me on facebook, action news jax and leave a comment. i am jackie callaway. taking action for you. storming still to come, making sure stray dogs don't guess misled.>> a shelter found a good way that dogs will not get mislabeled. an interesting mix of dogs we have ever seen on action
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welcome to the sundays rescues in action. we have jackie from the suncoast profit rescue. one of the most interesting mix breed that i have ever seen. hit this is keyed up. >> she is a labrador and a
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purpose. she is a special kind of dog. she is also very quiet and shy. >> but a sweet girl. look at those soulful eyes. >> how old is she? >> she is 2. she is available at the basset rescue on the website. she is going to the waddle on saturday. >> it is time for your close- up. come on.>> you have been fostering this dog so how is she with other pets and family members? >> once she gets to know you she is awesome. she has a hard time meeting people whether out in public or even in the house. but she has a lot of fun with the other dogs but just met to little kittens and a great. most people once she knows you.
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great companion. if you have your home she would love to see you. the best way to do it. a new study in florida could end up saving the lives of thousands of shelter dogs. >> they are often mislabeled as 48% of the time. that is according to a university of florida study that dna tested over 100 dogs. mislabeling a dog as applicable increases its chance of staying in a shelter longer. increasing the chances of that. getting euthanized. >> hillsborough county pet services center did an experiment. they dna tested dogs and some were found to be something else . >> did it make a huge difference with them being adopted?
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did the test and then after they were adopted. >> based on that success that pet services center is thinking of continuing dna testing on the docks. >> i'm happy to hear that. >> coming up, they are marketed as healthier alternatives to smoking. the warning about exploding e cigarettes. two things you have to do to make these devices safer. but one family is urging you to do after a hoverboard caused
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welcome back. the time now is 8:30 am. deputies are looking for people connected to a cockfighting ring . deputies seized dozens of birds and some alive and some debt. investigators seized weights,
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a crowd gathered at that cockfighting ring as a deputies arrived. we are waiting to learn more about who shot and killed a virginia police officer on a first -- day on the job. it all happened during a domestic related incident. the officer ashley gwenden was shot and killed. two other officers were wounded. quentin was just sworn in on friday. investigators found the woman killed in connection with that incident. one person is in custody but that person has not been named. a spacex rocket set to blast off at 6:46 pm tonight carrying a communications satellite into orbit. the company hopes to land the rocket on adrone ship in the atlantic ocean. it is a feat that has ended in explosive failures four times before. the company has been trying to pull this mission off since wednesday.
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time. bill logan, we got a lesson yesterday about the lack of sunscreen. >> we got together. we are a pair. >> be careful. the sun is very bright. even though it feels cooler the sun is definitely going to take effect. snake hunt took effect. they just wrap this up and congratulation to to this guy. bill captured the biggest python in this year's hunt. here is the snake. the python measured 15 feet long and weighed 125 pounds. he also captured the most snakes 33. the python challenge ended a few weeks ago. the totals came in yesterday. 106 snakes were caught which is
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big news. as we go into next year's hunt. right now we are hunting for sunshine and finding plenty. look at this beautiful seen across tampa bay into downtown tampa from the south tampa location in apollo beach. we're seeing clouds streaming across the gulf into our area but nothing that will bring us any kind of rain. current temperatures around 50 degrees give or take. 48 plant city. 49 tampa. apollo beach 49. largo 54. still seeing a bit of an outlier in brooksville with the temperature is in the 30s. we will warm-up today rapidly into the 70s and most locations. baby cooler along the coast although st. pete tops out at 70.
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tampa hits a high of 73. more details including a warm- up into the week and rain coming by midweek, coming up in 12 minutes. we are closely watching super tuesday. following what is next on the campaign trail and is clinton dashes that a sign of things to come? >> that is what analysts are saying. clinton will do very well this week but bernie sanders says he is vowing to fight. not just a win, a decisive win in south carolina. >> we have now gone through early states and i want to congratulate sanders on running a great race. and tomorrow this campaign goes national.
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indicator of how she may fair across the southern contest into -- tuesday. they hope sarah carolina. african-american voters accounted for more than six in 10 voters in south carolina. there will be key in super tuesday like in georgia and alabama. clinton has wins and three of the forest contests. >> and never -- america never stopped being great that we do need to make america will again. >> sanders not yielding yet. he spent time in texas and minnesota. part of his super tuesday strategy. >> i congratulate clinton on a victory. tuesday over 800 delegates and we intend to when many of them. >> clinton with the big win and
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contest before super tuesday. notorious mexican drug lord l chappell said he is ready to plead guilty. only under one condition. el chapo wants to be transferred to the us. he has escaped price from maximum-security prisons in mexico. his attorney claims bars at his current prison won't let him sleep. florida. three middle schoolers facing felonypoisoning charges accused of peppering their teachers soda. volusia county deputies say one of the girls was upset about a discipline she received and hatched a revenge plot. one student distracted the teacher and another grabbed the soda and a third dumped red pepper flakes in the drink. deputies say the teacher began to choke and experienced shortness of breath. the girls were arrested friday.
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county to save the life of the racecar driver in their community. billy boyd in the hospital fighting leukemia and needs another bone marrow transplant. his family is turning to the community for help holding a drive to find a bone marrow match. his friends did not hesitate to help saying billy would have done the same thing. >> even if someone is not a match for billy they can still help. the bone marrow test is a mouth swab and a bit of paperwork. go to our website, abc action little leaguers hitting home runs for the homeless. the tampa bay legends spend their weekends giving out 200 care kits. their bags went topeople living in tampa salvation army shelters. kits included needs like to place, socks and blankets.
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money to pay for the care kits. we are taking a different look at the oscars coming up. >> from how much the movies cost to make how short the speeches will be tonight. do you think you can guess the winners for tonight? movie critics will unveil their
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welcome back. if you haven't seen all of the best picture nominees for the oscars yet like rodney then you better get on it. >> the awards are tonight but let's break down the show by the numbers. wallet have did the math finding the best picture category the martian has been the most profitable making $161 million at the box office. the revenant lost the most of the best picture nominees. they lost $11 million it cost a lot of money to get the movie considered. it is $300,000 available at the end. it pays off if you win. best picture winner makes $7
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you won't believe how much that red carpet costs. it is more than 60,000 feet long and $30,000. do you wish you could get one of those oscars flag bags. i certainly do. they are each worth $220,000 this year. crazy. that is up 30% from last year. do you hate this long acceptance speeches? >> i do. >> i watch for the fashion. the longest whenever was career garson at 5 1/2 minutes. your lucky share. the speeches will only be 45 seconds. all of the individual shout outs that take the longest will be scrolling on the screen. >> think the wife and the director and call it a day. >> watch the oscars tonight right here. >> live coverage at 7:00.
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the game of tennis. the pro tournament that you can
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the time has come to take a look a whether for today. if you high clouds of their as we look at the circle scam from apollo beach. nice-looking day for voting and a nice-looking day for oscars coverage. i am sending out here on the red carpet awaiting the stars. they won't be here for a while. you know, it comes up tonight on most of this abc action news station. i want to get an early start to see what it is like to be in
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as well. things are right now warming up. 49 in tampa and lutes. 39 brooksville. apollo beach 49. 50s on the coast. palm harbor 54. 53 osprey. taking a look a doppler radar now, we are clear across the state and across most of the southeast and we remain warm through the southeast. the temperature change from yesterday is about right at the reading to about 3 to 4 degrees warmer. five degrees warmer now in spring hill. when set of the east northeast 45 lakeland with the winds are calm. we're looking at 50 degree readings with sunshine inverness.
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we do see 36 in tallahassee and jacksonville. 46 daytona beach. pretty warm all across the southeast. even warmer through texas and louisiana and kansas city. 54 degrees there right now. with this high-pressure we will continue to see benign weather patterns with light winds. a nice warm-up today and we may see some sea breeze affect winds as the land areas heat up faster and we get northwesterly push from the gulf of mexico. florida's most accurate planner for today, we will go after the looking for a top out temperature in tampa of 73. plenty of sunshine and no real rain expected today, tomorrow or into tuesday. could be a good day for grilling along the barbecue briquettes. seared goodness.
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truck and the stakes, around 7:00 around 64 degrees. a nice night for dining alfresco before you head inside to check out the outskirts. 62 on the gulf waters. expect the winds going from northeast where they are now at 10 not down to 5 kn this afternoon. 2 to 4 foot seas with a light chop. don't forget the sunscreen. high tide this afternoon, eight minutes before 5:00. the sun will set at 6:30 pm. florida's most accurate 70, 73 the high today and looking for a high warmer on monday. into the inland locations. the front comes through wednesday with breeze and we will pull off towards the
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temperatures back above normal, i will keep updating the forecast, abc action and also on our app and put her. just twitter. new warnings about e cigarettes after explosions. including one right here in florida. >> take a look at this. it shows a car swallowed by flames. it was sparked by an elected cigarette. a woman was using the device when it exploded in her face. she has missing teeth and burns. kentucky, a man's pants went up in flames because the e- cigarette was in his pocket. an apartment fire in new hampshire started by a cigarette that was charging. if you do they, 90% of e- cigarette fires happen when they are charging. they say you should only use usb devices provided by the manufacturer because the other
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lock the power buttons so it doesn't turn on your pocket. video caught on camera. the moment a hoverboard shorted showing a fireball at a chicago house. the boards were sitting in a room at the time. the battery simply blew up. the family is urging anything does anyone with a hoverboard to return it right away. safety commission. the safety of a local color run. investigators first told you about the risk of those chemicals used in the color packets. >> a second bay area bent increased safety measures for runners.
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powered used can have concert count -- cancer-causing chemicals. they stepped up safety measures for saturday's race. there are limits on smoking and where the packets can be used and what was in the color. this is the second color race to change it measures. who says that you can't teach an old dog new tricks. the brazil opentennis tournament enlisted shelter dogs to work fetching the balls. they were great at getting the balls. the dogs will take part in the awards ceremony. hopefully they pass out those awards. time to roll out the red carpet. the oscars are tonight on abc action news. it can be hard to predict who
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and get the goodie bags but to help us predict who is going to win we brought along with the critic steve purcell from the tampa bay times. you come by every year and you have some ideas. rather than make people what to the end of the show let's start off with this movie. >> best picture of the year is a horse race between big short and the revenant and spotlight. spotlight picked up a spirit award last night. i am going with the revenant. it was my top 10. it does happen momentum. the british academy gave it high claim. it is that kind of movie that today's world. huge. this movie does with 3-d and
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really does immerse you into the store and makes the screen look bigger. the revenant is my pick. >> as we segue into the best actor category -- >> i don't think this is lien -- leo dicaprio's best performance. he is overdue. he is the closest we have to a legitimate hollywood star. and old-school scalar whose life is an out there. he keeps a mystique like a nicholson or nimble of old-style stars. >> best actress. >> brie larson. for room. terrific movie.
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it is a tough movie that -- it isn't as harsh as it sounds with the plot. what you have here is a mother protecting her child from the horrors they find. in doing so she brings the audience in. this is the best portrait of motherhood i have seen in several years. terrific movie. >> supporting actor. . where the sentiment will rule the evening. sylvester stallone playing rocky balboa playing 39 years after the first time he played it. he has that kind of career going . he is like the john wayne of this year. somebody who has this long perhaps not extraordinary in and the mass of what he has done.
8:55 am
that will be the biggest one. just like rocky up the steps. >> supporting actress. >> alisha profounder for the danish girl. it is a leading role and that helps in the supporting categories. if you -- she is on screen as much as any one else. she could easily fit to delete category. that gives her an advantage. it does assume -- same thing with rooney mira. >> let's go something like. animated short. >> inside out. absolutely. you are talking about disney pixar, they have dominated this category since it was created. it is a terrific movie also up for an original screenplay award. it has been recognized in something for other than just
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>> we will see how you do. it is tonight on most of this abc action news station.
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a beautiful red carpet forecast. 73 today. up to near 80 by tuesday. nice again next weekend. the big news start that 7:00 on the station. we will see if steve is right with the oscars.
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starting right now on "this stephanopoulos. trump takes command. tuesday. the billionaire front-runner rewriting the campaign playbook. >> we have a really good chance of winning. >> a former foe now joining his side. >> i'm proud and happy to be part of this team. >> while his rivals hit back harder than ever. >> worst spray tan in america. this is a scam. donald trump will never be the republican nominee. >> we're covering all the week's stunning surprises. and looking ahead to super tuesday. here live. victory.


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