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tv   America This Morning  ABC  February 29, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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making news in america this morning, big winners at the academy awards. >> and the oscar goes to. >> leonardo dicaprio finally bringing home an oscar. >> i do not take tonight for granted. thank you so very. >> and host chris rock ripping into racism with humor. >> i'm here at the academy awards, otherwise known as the white people's choice awards. >> a night filled with a lot of laughs, surprise wins, snubs, glitz and glamour. we're live in hollywood. and "your voice, your vote," countdown to super tuesday. the candidates gearing up for the showdown. what a win for a front-runners
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himself in another controversy. well, good monday morning. it was a huge night in hollywood with somewhat of a surprise for best picture win at the 88th academy awards. >> among those celebrating leonardo dicaprio taking home his first oscar for his role in "the revenant." >> and 26-year-old brie larson who swept the ceremonies all awards season took home her own little goldman for "room." >> and then there was host chris rock, who immediately waded into the diversity controversy and we've got it all covered this morning but we'll get started right now in hollywood where our above the red carpet. lauren, good morning. >> reporter: i am. good morning, reena and kendis. you know, it was "mad max" that collected the most oscar gold and that first oscar for leo all on a night when taking center
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controversy over a lack of diversity in hollywood. >> "spotlight." >> reporter: a thoughtful film about a newspaper investigating sex abuse by boston's catholic priests took oscar's top prize last night winning best picture. >> if they nominated hosts i wouldn't even get this job. >> reporter: but it was oscar host chris rock who really owned the night addressing the academy's diversity controversy right out of the gate. >> i'm a danish girl. >> placing black actors in parodies of several nominated films. >> you should get me. >> don't worry, black astronaut, we will. >> reporter: even calling hollywood racist. >> hollywood is sorority racist, it's like we like you, rhonda, but you're not a kappa. >> leonardo dicaprio. >> reporter: after five nominations leonardo dicaprio's losing streak ended as a wounded front tearsman seeking
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his impassioned acceptance speech a dire warning. >> climate change is real. it is happening right now. it is the most urgent threat facing our entire species. >> reporter: best actress as predicted went to "room"'s brie larson. the biggest upset, the supporting actor to "bridge of spies" mark rylance in a category chock-full of heavy hitters and "the danish girl"'s alicia vikander took home best supporting actress. but the most awarded film of the night, not the sensitive serious films that dominated the awards but instead "mad max: fury road" with a six-win oscar haul. and as oscar scene winds down what moment stuck with viewers? on social media leonardo dicaprio's best actor win generated 440,000 tweets per minute. that was the most tweeted minute in oscar history. reena and kendis. >> it's only been 20 years in
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you know, i guess one of the other talked about moments was vice president joe biden introducing lady gaga, lauren. >> reporter: absolutely. you know, he came out to a standing ovation and delivered very passionate remarks. he was introducing lady gaga who was performing her oscar nominated song "till it happens to you" which is from the documentary "the hunting ground" which deals with sexual assault on campuses. she was joined on stage by abuse survivors holding their hands. they had kind of mantras, if you will, written on their arms and leading into that was vice president biden who encouraged viewers and the audience to take an anti-sexual assault pledge on a website dedicated to that. it's been a big cause for him. a big advocate against sexual assault. >> great to see men and women standing next to lady gaga in that moment. >> standing ovation out there.
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joining us there in hollywood. get to some of those parties hopefully. >> parties, big time right now. winners? earlier we talked to industry insider senior editor ron to rotten tomatoes, grae drake. >> were you surprised? >> i was delighted. "spotlight," "the revenant" and "the big short" have all taken different awards all awards season long so it was a toss-up and a very worthy movie to win. >> after five tries leo finally got his oscar. was he a lock. >> he was a lock. we were all expecting him to win. a long time coming and "the he. >> yeah, and brie larson, boy, i tell you, she was incredible to watch in "room." she's only 26 years old. what happens next for her? >> oh, what a sight to behold she is. we have so many great performances coming up from her. but i'm really excited about a
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to be in which is "kong: skull island." >> alejandro inarritu, the first repeat winner in 65 years. do you think he can make it three? >> right, what an amazing director and this is rarely achieved in oscars history. what i love about him is he's such an innovator in film. i mean, i'd love to see him win three times because this guy is really advancing film and making it exciting for viewers. >> what about this year? how does the oscars compare to previous years past? >> i got to tell you that even though this oscars was a very socially important one, the ceremony bored me to tears, you guys. >> i actually enjoyed every bit of the ceremony. >> i'm glad you did but i'll tell you we must have been watching different ones. >> thank you. >> grae drake out in l.a., thanks for joining us. >> absolutely.
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all the oscar coverage later in this half hour, a closer look at the fashion. chris rock's monologue and the after-parties. >> but, of course, we want to get to our other story, donald trump drawing fire in the battle over the white house. >> trump taking heat over a controversial kkk endorsement. but is it enough to slow his momentum with super tuesday a day away, "your voice, your vote," abc's stephanie ramos is live in virginia. good morning to you, steph. >> reporter: good morning to you, reena and kendis. this could be it, super tuesday where 595 delegates are up for grabs for the republicans. when it's all said and done the boxes are checked and ballots are closed, we could be looking at nominees for both parties or not. they don't call it super tuesday for nothing. on this one day, the fate of both parties could be decided and how we got here has been anything but typical. the gop front-runner donald
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>> he doesn't sweat, he doesn't sweat because his pores are clogged from the spray tan that he uses. >> if we nominate donald trump in all likelihood hillary wins and if that happens we lose this country. >> reporter: trump has racked up support from some of the loudest names in politics, an endorsement from new jersey governor chris christie and first senate endorsement from jeff sessions. trump leading in most states now said to have more big wins on super tuesday, but he spent the weekend answering questions about an endorsement he may not want from ku klux klan wizard david duke. >> i don't believe i ever met him. i don't know anything about him. >> reporter: on the democratic side hillary clinton has more delegates and more momentum than bernie sanders after her victory in this weekend's south carolina primary. and sanders knows it. telling george stephanopoulos on "this week" -- >> we got decimated, george. we got decimated. >> reporter: texas, georgia and right here in virginia stand as
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clinton to dominate among african-american voters and to test sanders' early strength among hispanics. no candidate can wrap up the nomination on super tuesday but this could be the end for some as front-runners are expected to separate themselves from their closest competitors. kendis and reena, back to you. >> stephanie ramos joining us from virginia where donald trump is leading in many polls. leap day freebies. >> more from hollywood. the oscars fashion and big mix-up overnight. oprah reacting to being taken -- mistaken for whoopi goldberg. breaking overnight, bowing, crying and apologizing, our very
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here's a quick look at the nation's weather on this leap year. snow and rain moving from the great lakes into the northeast and rain as well in the northwest. clear and dry most other places. breaking overnight an american college student detained in north korea for two months made his first public appearance. 21-year-old otto warmbier spoke at a news conference in pyongyang. the university of virginia undergrad apologized and begged for forgiveness for stealing a banner with the political slogan from the hotel. that's considered a crime against the state. warmbier said that a church offered to pay him for the sign. a north korean official claims the statement was voluntary. serious fragile cease-fire is holding but just barely. the government and its russian allies are accused of stepping up air strikes on opposition forces however the rebels say they are not as many attacks as before the cease-fire took effect two days ago.
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besieged syrians during the lull in that fighting. and there's a new call for the government to regulate the size of airline seats. back in this country new york senator charles schumer says passengers are being packed into planes like sardines and says he will add an amendment funding the federal aviation admission that would require the faa to set minimum seat requirements including the distance between seats. and there are deals out there for those celebrating a birthday on this leap day. you can get a free dessert sampler at olive garden. pizza hut a free personal pan pizza and all deals require a photo i.d. >> we say happy birthday to those folks, rare day for them. more from the oscars ahead plus trapped in the trees, a pilot rescued after his plane crashes. plus, the cruise ship recently battered in a storm returning to port for an entirely different reason this
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plains and the great lakes. wet roads also here in the northeast as well as in new england. a rookie virginia police officer will be remembered today at her hometown high school. >> woodbridge officer ashley guidon was killed answering a domestic call just one day before being sworn in. the man suspected of killing her is an army sergeant assigned to the pentagon. randall hamilton is also accused of killing his wife before police arrived. well, erin andrews may take the stand as early as today in her lawsuit against a nashville hotel. the "dancing with the stars" host claims the hotel was negligent in allowing a stalker to film her naked through a peephole. the convicted stalker will testify by video today. so will andrews' mother who will talk about the toll it had on her daughter. more trouble for the cruise ship "anthem of the seas." the ship battered by waves earlier this month, not only is it heading back to new jersey
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weather but there is an outbreak of norovirus. the decision to turn around was because of the storm, the company says. an 87-year-old pilot from pennsylvania has quite a survival story to tell after crashing into a tree near gettysburg he huck dose down for four hours while rescuers figured out to get him down. first responders said the man was alert. never in any danger so they weren't in a hurry to bring him down but looks like mechanical failure was to blame for the crash. he's been riding this plane since the '70s apparently. up next in "the pulse," all about the oscars, the must see moments plus chris rock's monologue. the big hits and misses on the red carpet. mouthwash. but she's a dentist so...i kind of have to listen. she said "jen, go pro with crest pro-health advanced." advance to healthier gums... ...and stronger teeth from day one. using crest toothpaste and mouthwash makes my... ...whole mouth feel awesome. and my teeth are stronger too. crest-pro health advanced... superior to colgate
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people are talking about the beginning of the ceremony >> and the moment chris rock took the stage the world really waiting to see what he would say about the lack of diverse ity among the nominees and as expected rock had plenty to say. >> this is the wildest, craziest oscars to ever host because we got all this controversies, no black nominees, you know, and people are like, chris, you should boycott. you should quit. you know, how come there's only unemployed people to tell you to quit something. i'm sure there were no black nominees some of those years say '62 or '63 and black people did not protest. why? because we have real things to protest at the time. too busy being raped and lynched to care about who won best cinematographer. jada is going to boycott the oscars. jada boycotting the oscars is
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i wasn't invited. if you want black people every year at the oscars just have black categories like best black friend, hollywood is sorority racist. it's like we like you, rhonda, but you're not a kappa. because "rocky" takes place in a world where white athletes are as good as black athletes. "rocky" is a science fiction movie. >> he did take on race. well, "rocky" is getting mostly rave reviews for the way he handled what is an explosive subject. >> he handled it well. and one of the lighter moments on the show was when rock did a massive favor for the girl scouts. >> he sent out a number of them into the audience with plenty of girl scout cookies to sell. the audience members and they dug deep buying boxes and
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help out. >> tina fey, get that money, girls, make that money. tina fey, charlize theron. yes, matt -- yes, okay, you get him. leo, you made 30 million. come on. come on. oh, michael b. jordan is here. you know what, no, no, you got enough girls. well, jordan was left empty-handed no girl scout cookies for him but they did well. >> he does all right with the ladies. okay, when all the buying was done by the way there was more than $65,000 for rock's daughter's girl scout troop. >> you know they were hungry squeezing into those dresses trying to look at skinny as possible. good call. now to a slightly awkward moment playing out on the red carpet and to the internet. >> there was a beauty company that tweeted out this image,
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no idea was oprah was tatted. it's whoopi goldberg and later tweeted an apology 0 oprah, whoop woman whoopi and she had a confused oprah. we all love whoopi but we all don't look alike. red carpet fashion. let's start with cate blanchett in a seafoam gown with floral embellishments from armani. >> charlize theron showing no fear with that show-stopper of a dress from dior plugging neckline is really a big thing. >> yes, shgs , jadore. brie larson had a gucci gown with columns of loose ruffles.
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7-day forecast will take you through wednesday with the weak front that comes in, i showed you on futurecast. some showers with it, 20% coverage. we clear out thursday, another little front comes through
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we clear out, looks good for next weekend, highs in the 70s, abc action news starts now. a pizza delivery driver is killed during his first night on the job. why deputies say the woman who crashed into him should not have been driving. >> you saw the 88th annual academy awards show on your abc action news station. we're running down the big winners from that show. >> good morning. happy leap day, on this monday, i'm dan shaffer. >> i'm deiah riley. >> the 88th annual academy awards in hollywood last night. of course actor chris rock hosted for the second time. >> as brandi hitt reports from hollywood brie larson won best actress and leonardo for his performance in "the revenant."


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