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tv   Action News at 11PM  ABC  November 22, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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sa sue deadly bus crash. >> the fix they are demanding
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at 11 is next. live from the station taking action from you. this is ab c action news. >> we want to talk about all of these lawsuits that you are filing. why not? >> some say this man is taking advantage of a law meant to help the disabled. paving the way for himself to cash in. >> good evening. >> thanks for joining us, we will have that story. first we are following breaking news in detroit. police there just telling us that they have a person of interest in custody in the shooting of a wayne state university police officer. investigators saying that officer stopped a man on a bicycle. that man pulled out a gun and shot the officer once in the
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in his 20s in grave condition. the 5th officer shot since sunday. >> learning new information about the man that killed the san antonio officer. he got married before shooting the officer and being captured. being walked out of the police department. mccain apologized to the family and said he was upset about custody battles and lashed out at someone that didn't deserve. >> it americans tr europe to be on high alert. this advisory pointing to threats from isis and al qaeda advising citizens to avoid crowds and be vigilant. >> abc learning that the bus driver involved in the crash in tennessee was involved in a crash in december. the 24-year-old sideswiping another driver after crossing into oncoming traffic. no kids were hurt in that accident. investigators say the driver was speeding yesterday when he crashed into a tree.
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in intensive care. >> that crash bringing back painful memories. last year a hillsborough bus crashed into a pond with 20 elementary school students on board. michael paluska talking to parents on the fence about seat belts in buses. >> they forget about it. they did nothing. >> romero is revereis sent letters to the school saying the buses will have seat belts. >> i am interested in justice and having a new bus. >> this video from imia a company that tests features shows how scary a rollover school bus crash can be in the odessa crash there was video inside the bus before impact into the pond. >> i make sure they are clipped
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with no seat belts on. >> shantel gassery's 11 year- old son was thrown from his seat and wound up under water. >> it was best that at the didn't have the seat belts on because they got out from under the water easier and quicker and better. >> parent we spoke to that watched the video out of chattanooga are extremely grateful that the school bus they were riding on went past the tree and missing it by a few feet and missing another tree closer to the water. >> however, if it would have been a couple to those trees we could have been in the same situation. >> the first thing i saw when i saw that bus into that big tree was i immediately remembered the accident that we had. >> we emailed school officials but they are on thanksgiving break and we have not heard back in odessa. ab c action news. former nba star steve francis is bonded out of jail on dui charges. he has 30 days to surrender in manatee county.
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deputies say that francis broke into a woman's car and stole $7000 worth of jewelry and valuables. 11 women in a legal battle with a strip club saying that they used their photos to advertise adult events. the problem is that they have never worked there. the plaintiffs include playboy center follows and jamie ed monson, the wife of evan longano. police in south florida searching for these two crooks. surveillance pictures catching the pair to short circuit an atm emptying the crash. so far the pair has hit 9 atms across the state. triple ais predicting 50 million americans will be traveling for thanksgiving and cheap area gas may be a reason. nationwide the average price of regular gas is around 2.13 a gallon. here in the bay it is cheaper
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it is the busiest period with a record 27 million flyers. >> a big blanket of snow is making it hard to get around this season. all day the people in the area worked to scrape the area clean and clean themselves out of the parking spaces. a major storm that begin over the weekend dropped over 18- inches of snow in new york. dennis will tell us what things are speaking looking us here in florida. dennis. >> you know i want to mention the pictures out of new were not in the major hubs and the boston and the hartford and new york. to all upstate new york syracuse a big part traveling northern sciences from minneapolis to green bay. if you are going south of there towards chicago, it is just going to be rain. you have nothing to worry about. there is the potential for heavier storms from dallas right on through the heart land although i don't think it will
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forecast you go from tomorrow, no delays expected. and a few delays around new york and at least from chicago and seattle rain we are not looking at snow at least not for the time being on the way up. the way back it might be another story. closer to home partly cloudy to clear. warming up big time. i will tell you about it and tracking the second cold front coming up in a couple of minutes. new tonight. a burn band the state florida service saying wildfire danger levels are rising. hillsborough county fire rescue putting out a brushfire that started monday night. you can see it there. crews have been working around the clock fighting the flames. luckily no homes are affected. hillsborough county deputies saying that they have arrested teenagers stealing cars in south hillsborough county.
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from deputies. >> detectives believe these car burglars were car hopping basically flipping handles and what i just did and getting in the cars and taking off with them. deputies have arrested 14 people. these are pictures of some of the adults arrested but most of the suspects are young. on average their ages are between 15 and 20. over the past 60 days investigators say the suspects stole 46 unlocked cars and in most case keys inside. typically this happened at night. deputies say the thefts all happened in southern hillsborough county. the thieves stole the cars from neighborhoods and also businesses around bloomingdale avenue. >> in total the suspects face more than 15 felony charges. there were three minors facing misdemeanor charges and i can also tell you that in this case, 41 cars that were stolen were actually recovered.
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news. thank you, marisela burgos. florida are looking for answers after a deputy is killed in jacksonville. officials say that deputy eric oliver was chasing a man that ran while being questioned by u.s. border patrol. deputy oliver was hit by an suv during the chase. it is tragic. very sad but we told him that he died doing what he loved to do and a good police officer. >> deputy oliver was veteran and leaves behind a 6 year-old daughter. he was 32. >> this woman is in jail for shooting two house guests over staying their welcome. she said they wouldn't leave her florida home and getting too loud so she went to get her gun. it was her boyfriend that said to shoot at the ground if her guests didn't leave. >> president-elect donald trump has a lot to be thankful for as
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florida. his plane touched down in palm beach county. this is video of his airplane. he is spending time at his home and while he is there there is boating restrictions in place. a law designed to give the disabled access. this man that you see right there is paving the way for himself after filing one thousand lawsuits against florida businesses for allegedly violating the americans with disabilities act. katie latrone tracks him down and what he is not saying has lawmakers talking. this beach front hotel near st. pete. >> i didn't think it was real. >> that art supply store in west palm. >> we weren't expecting that. >> a pizza joint. >> i can't believe they are letting it go. >> florida businesses sued for violating the americans with disabilities act. >> have you ever met them? >> no. >> the same man.
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>> never tracked down by the media. >> why not talk about it howard. >> until now. >> you filed all of these lawsuits. >> yes. i was surprised. >> michael marsha met howard cohan. >> marsha's readington beach resort was sued for violating the ada with inadequate parking with no access to the pool. >> it doesn't feel altruistic. why wouldn't you give me a call. >> it is a problem that many florida businesses crippled them for years. so-called ad atesters that drive by businesses only to drive out costly lawsuits alleging noncompliance from the obvious to the trivial. >> we have no record of him coming in the stores. >> last month howard c ohan sued for a toilet dispenser that he says is not the right height. >> it is frivolous. >> the first word out of their
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consultant hired by businesses sued by people like cohan. >> i was asked once in an interview don't i think they do good. >> for berry the ada is personal. >> i ended up gettings multiple sclerosis in the military. >> and so was the mission he says serial sewers like cohan are taking advantage of. >> it gives me a bad name and it gives disabilities a bad rap. >> of the lawsuits filed, one in five came from howard cohan making him florida's most prolific plaintiff. the former doctor that has filed bankruptcy describes himself as someone with numerous disabilities including spinal stenosis and narrowing the spine. we are not disputing his disability. you can imagine our surprise
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million dollar boca raton rental sweeping and sweeping some more. that's him reaching high above his head to get the corner crevices. we want to talk about the lawsuits that you are filing. why not? >> you have filed over 1200. >> cohan was not interested in talking on camera. >> the businesses are thinking that your mission is not generous. >> told us over the phone he doesn't make any money off of these suits and doesn't sue any with. still this lawmakers says ... >> i think it is despicable. >> it is time that florida makes it tougher to sue over the ada. california gives businesses a 120 day grace period to comply. there is talk in arizona and colorado to do the same. >> i think 120 days is reasonable. >> so that's your lift? >> that's your lift. >> any reform comes too late for small business owner michael marsh.
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>> on top of a chair yet to be used. he is still sitting on a costly lawsuit. >> $20,000. so it is a lot for a small business. >> a lot for a lawsuit filed by a man that he doesn't know and never met and has yet to be a customer. >> what would you like to tell them now. >> welcome enjoy the property. >> i'm it investigator katie lagone taking action for you. katie tells us majority of cohan lawsuits are settled out of court. he said he would report a grace period. wendy. a consumer alert for families. toyota recalling minivans because the door could slide open while you are driving. the japanese automaker recalling 750,000 siennas from model years 2011 to 2016. the company now working on a fix of this problem. toyota will start to recall the
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watch where you dip your veggies. a second hummus recall. taylor farms is recalling two products. they include the veggie and the snack trays. they include sabre hummus. striking workers that carry packages for dnl. the strike could have a major impact on your deliveries. pilots say that they are underattached and forced to work without pay or time off. a bay area salon is stepping up for those fighting cancer. cameron polen reports that salon is giving away hundreds of wigs but the women receiving
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>> i would like it pulled back. >> family dinner is around the corner. >> i like red and i like the pearl. >> and michelle wants to look her best. >> i like it. >> even when life becomes a challenge. >> you kind of lose your identity a little bit. and you are sick and don't feel good. it can be devastating. >> perrelo is on her second bought with uterine cancer. toll on her hair. >> and now it is covered with red or blond or whatever else she desires thanks to the salon in clear water. offering wigs to women like her and there is no charge. >> i see women going through cancer and losing their hair and losing their beauty and
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>> andrew ashton is changing that. sculpting and breading locks and restoring confidence every step of the way and rewarding work for ashton and for perella one more victory in a battles she is determined to win. >> it means the world. it has changed my life. >> i'm cameron polen, abc act news. animals at the lowry zoo are enjoying thanksgiving. the southern white munching on alfalfa and zoo keepers fed the elephants carrots and apple. >> did you see this? two north port police cruiser catching this on their dashcam. the meteorite lighting up the
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small but they just happened to pack a punch. >> that looks impressive. >> it is dry. >> it is and you look outside. another fire ball and one we have been used to over the past couple of weeks. hardly any clouds and a beautiful sunset across the area in pinellas county. thanks to andrew. i think we will see a lot of those over the upcoming days with veriling cloud cover and extremely low chances of rain. the cold air. taking a break by tomorrow we are back in the upper 70s. we hit 78 in tampa and 80 in sarasota. thanksgiving we will be back in the 80s and the 80s nevertheless. i know the folks like to get the fireplace going on thanksgiving. you will have to crank up the ac in the winter months even when it is 80s. it is nice to have the fire going for the holidays and the rain chances picking up by next tuesday and wednesday. typically this time of the year you need a cold front and i think we may see one.
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but for the time being we are dry and going to stay that way at least until the early part of next week. mid-50s citrus and hernando dropped down to 32 and back in the 50s, not nearly as cold but for us below normal. tampa 63 and zephyrhills 58 and plant city 59 and low to mid 60s on the coast and waking up to the 50s in all in all a clear and pleasant morning but not close to what we had over the last couple of days. tampa and clearwater and st. pete clear skies with temperatures in the low 60s. satellite, it is just not much to show you there. is there? you were hard pressed to find any cloud cover across the area. i do think we will see a few clouds rolling from the east
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the rain chances pretty much nonexistent. maybe a sprinkle to the east but most of our viewing area, we will have a mixture of clouds and sunshine. not sunny all day but nice. now one thing i'm to remind you, if your thinking about taking a boat out on thanksgiving or on black friday, there is a decent chance we will see sea foam. the water is cooled off and the air is so warm that is the setup for sea fog. maybe along the coastline and definitely offshore and this is a friday and saturday. if you are taking a boat out. upper 70s for the forecast highs to low 80s on wednesday. and it doesn't matter if you live up north, sumpter, pasco and hernando and citrus you will be warm like down south although maybe 81 in sarasota like today. so the pattern shows pretty quiet weather. warmer and higher humidity for the rest of the week. there is a cold front that will come through on saturday. very week, maybe a little bit
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and the best chance of rain and granted it is not huge but that will be probably tuesday and wednesday. hurricane season ends in a week. go figure. we have got a hurricane out there. hurricane otto. winds of 75 miles per hour. and this one is approaching either nicaraqua or costa rica over the next 24 hours that is unusual. dating back in history. hard pressed to find any hurricanes making land fall in and around closer to home. look for winds out of the east at five to ten knots and water temperatures 64 and there is your sunrise and sunset. the forecast on wednesday, sunny and warmer in the 80s and looking at the next three days for thanksgiving. high of 81 degrees. black friday, high of 79. and for the weekend, 76 and extend that forecast for the next 7 days, florida's most
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one thing is for sure we will stay warm. mid to upper 70s in the afternoon and morning lows in the low to mid 60s. thank you, dennis. positive vibes running through. one buck until today. what happened, tk has that next
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hello. this is not what the buccaneers needed. one player suspended for four games for performance-enhancing drugs. the big mistake coming at a time that buccaneers could be jude's suspension begins immediately that takes him out of the seahawks game and they will be without another player that is put on ir. with the bucks defense faces is a hot quarterback in the name of russell wilson that has really come on the past couple of weeks. >> he is hard to sack. i mean this guy is hard to sack and then when he does scramble, he still keeps his eyes down the field and makes big plays to run the ball down the field
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especially and our fans are familiar with graham from his time in new orleans and even though you haven't heard as much about him he has been healthy in the last couple of weeks and a huge threat. >> the biggest thing is just seattle is not running the ball as good this year as they have in past years. but wilson now that he has gotten healthy the last two weeks has shown that he is still one of the best players in the leagu the new college football playoff rankings coming down. the crimson tide sitting in the driver's seat and ohio state is second. michigan is third and the buckeyes and wolverines will meet at high noon right here on abc. the first of the triple header on abc. ending in primetime.
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hosting 15th ranked florida in tallahassee. the alabama will get their shot and they would like to notch another "w" against the knolls. one big hurtle stopping the locomotive in the back field melvin cook. >> you look at his plays, both running and catching, and he is -- this guy is a special, special player that is going to play a long time at the next level. just as talking is enjoys watching good things on film, this guy is awful fun to watch. all right. it is going to be empty for the bulls if they don't play in the aac championship game. hard to believe with a nine-win season and a chance to make program history winning an elusive ten they won't be conference champions but they can make history and it can
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and for our bull nation but for me it will be big for our seniors. these young men decide to come here when we first got here and they chose usf. one college hoop to pass along losing to florida atlantic, 78-62 and we are back in a minute. and change. cl
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one more look at this beautiful seven days. a lot of folks visiting up. upper 70s and low 80s. we had chilly air and a thing of the past. the only thing if you are
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it is not going to happen. sunny and warm and can you complain about that? i don't think so. 81 degrees and a cool front next week to give us much- needed rain. >> i don't think you can complain with 81. a good forecast. we have continuing coverage on our website. head over to >> have a good night. we will see you back here
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