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tv   The Now Tampa Bay  ABC  November 28, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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and attack on the ohio state university campus. students being told to run hide and fight, local parents fearing for the worst. the next step for florida and cuban relations after the death of fidel castro. cyber monday deals you should click on and taking your improve -- information seriously keeping it safe. nine people hurt and the suspect shot dead in a knife attack at ohio state university. a prayer vigil is just getting underway for those who were hurt in the attack.
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just landed in ohio. what information have you learned? >> reporter: within the last few minutes the ap confirming the suspect's name is abdul razak ali artan he is 18 years old a somali refugee he was living illegally in the united states, look at the scene behind me very active as police try to piece this together, figure out what caused this man to go through with this attack, it first came in as a reported shooting as more details started coming and we learned no shots were fired by the suspect, but he drove his car up onto the curb running into a crowd of people and then jumped out started stabbing people. a terrifying scene all of this going down before 10:00 am this morning as students were coming back from thanksgiving break a terrifying situation, listen to
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went through.>> it is not real. you go numb. it is not supposed to happen. sorry. so, yeah. it is, it is scary. we barricaded ourselves in our rooms. >> reporter: a terrifying situation, take a look at this photo some students posted this inside of they made the barricades piling chairs up because really they were not quite sure what else to do. they did not know what they were up against. it was first reported as a shooting situation, there were reports another person was involved in this, of course those early details we are starting to piece together what happened, but we don't know why this man, 18 years old identified by multiple sources
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is important to bring up, he is a somali refugee who was living in the united states, columbus ohio has a huge somali refugee population. this state has the second largest population in the country so it is very important to note this refugee population has been a part of the community for a long time as we are already seeing that rhetoric starting up. we don't live from columbus ohio todd walker. for "the now tampa bay". also breaking news out of plant city a woman has been stabbed to death. action air 1 over the scene this is near a concrete plant on sammons road. police think whoever stabbed her new the women. police don't think the public
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are looking for the suspect. investigators are working to figure out what may have started a deadly mobile home fire, you can see from action air 1 earlier this morning, brendaliss gonzalez is live in odessa about the man who died in the fire and why it took firefighters extra time to put the fire out.>> reporter: it took firefighters a while to find the hydrants to get enough water to put out the fire. look at the home right now, there is this outer shell left standing, so much damage throughout the home, neighbors tell me the man who died had trouble getting around, his wife ran out of the home went to the neighbors for help, it took fire crews extra time here is cell phone video taken by a neighbor who after 5:00 this morning took this as the fire spread, the flames were so hot they melted the siding off of
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side, neighbors tried going back inside to save her husband but it was too late. >> flames went out of both sides of the house. >> reporter: crews are working to figure out where and how the fire started, in the meantime investigators tell us the woman who escaped is now recovering in the hospital. reporting live brendaliss gonzalez for "the now tampa bay". mourning ford's former leader fidel castro, a man who was loved and hated, in the last couple of hours we are finding out president obama and vice president biden will not attempt -- attend the funeral. a 21 gun salute this morning, the first of many public displays across cuba leading up to the funeral sunday. people waited in line in revolution square to pay their respects, castro was cremated
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remain there until wednesday, the former dictator died after a long battle with illness, he had not ruled cuba since 2008. the us severed ties to cuba in opposition of the castro regime but reestablished diplomatic relations last year. >> donald trump tweeting today if cuba is unwilling to make a better deal the cuban-american people and the us will terminate the deal. in the meantime the first daily direct fright -- flight from florida to cuba took flight but there are things you should know, it is still illegal so you have to fit in one of those 12 authorized travel categories to go. regulations are very specific. you will need a visa and travel insurance, there are flights from here in tampa to havana as
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looks cloudy, looks like we might get a little bit of rain. >> we could, we could see a few light sprinkles or showers, it is a lot of club cover we are seeing right now looking at the rivergate tower tampa camera we do have quite a bit of cloud cover across tampa, cloudy skies in clearwater and saint pete helping to keep temperatures lower are at in tampa, 77 degrees, through the rest of the evening we are not seeing the rain show up necessarily because if we do it would be rather light but we are seeing quite a bit of cloud cover to the evening and it will clear out overnight which means sunshine tomorrow morning. for more on the rain, i will show you where we could see a few of those showers this evening coming up in my next
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today we are hearing from the bishop of the diocese of saint peter berg bishop gregory parkes was introduced following his appointment life pope francis, he got his bachelor's degree in finance at fsu and worked in banking in tampa. now is the time to unite all people not just the catholic church.>> one of the opportunities is to promote and bring about healing, to for the new president-elect and our new collected -- political leaders. >> he succeeds retiring bishop lynch. he is filled with joy to be appointed. the suspect in the ohio state university attack may have been a student at the university, his name is in the student directory.
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the university are being told to run hide and fight during the attack this morning. they are not the only ones, university of south florida students have been taught to do the same thing in times of
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we are continuing to follow the latest from columbus, ohio after an attack on the campus of the ohio state university at least nine people taken to the hospital, one in critical condition the suspect is dead police believe the suspect intentionally ran into a group of people with his car, jumped the curb got out and started cutting people with a butcher's knife. a lot of people are talking about this tweet that came from the osu emergency management that reads active shooter on campus, run hide fight. a lot of people talking about
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recommends for any month in a situation like this. you can read them here. run, have an escape plan leave behind belongings keep your hands visible, hide in an area out of the view of the shooter and fight as a last resort and only when your life is in imminent danger don't try to be a hero but if you have to fight for your life to get the shooter where the person attacking you to stop. i want to show is the protocol they use at usf they offer active shooter preparedness training on campus. have you gotten your christmas tree yet? by one for a cause the church city plant of god is in its second year of purchase a tree and change a life. donating 85% of the money they raise to orphanages in cambodia. 15% to the kids in the plant
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last year the $26,000 they raised went to purchase backpacks full of school supplies and free haircuts for kids in the area. >> the idea folks will buy a tree anyway why not let the money be used throughout the year long after the tree is gone to help people in the plant city community and around the world. we are giving away 100% of the profits. >> 100%, have sold 112 trees. if you would like to check them out it is plant city church of god, 10:00 until 9:00 on weekends 11:00 until 9:00 on weekdays. a gesture so kind it is restoring a mother's faith in humanity, nicole grigg with what it is taking for her son is disabled to see a
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sharing one vision. >> deserve to have something nice. >> holly just met renie less than 24 hours ago. >> she was here at renie's house to give her a quote on how much it would cost to turn her home into the brightest christmas light display. >> lights on both gutters.>> during the visit renie's son brandon past seven years he has suffered from epilepsy. >> he kept trying to walk in the road and she was guarding him from getting in the street and then he had a seizure. >> since brandon got sick every christmas has been so dark and go. very alone. we have been hiding indoors for
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>> that is why renie was going to do whatever it took to have the best display for branded and his sister. >> it was a play on my name holly day spirits. >> after seeing brandon and finding out his father is deployed in iraq. >> it just took a toll on my soul. >> that phone call and offer to bring joy by doing an entire in humanity since my son was sick i feel like our focus has gone away from what truly matters and that is being good. that is being helpful. and that is giving to people.>> in two weeks this gift will be
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with us, is that green that i see? i feel like we haven't seen reigning forever, most of this won't reach the ground.>> quite a bit more cloud cover than what we have seen lately. still a beautiful day, definitely on the warm side and you can see bits of green coming from the south we have a southerly flow today and on the of green scattering through 8:00 tonight, what is the chance you will catch a noticeable shower? well, it is not very high, around 10%, we are only looking at this through 10:00 tonight and then we clear out and dry out completely overnight, tomorrow morning we wake up to 8:00 in
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we are looking at dry conditions at 4:00, lows overnight with extra clock cover and that southerly flow tapping into warmer air. 66 the overnight low in tampa, 68 in saint pete. inland around sebring and lake wells 64. tomorrow during the day, 83 degrees the high, well above average i will show you where that s is to record temperatures coming up, but a nice mix of sun and clouds tomorrow definitely on the warm and dry side as far as the beach forecast goes we have that coming up. i will show you what that is coming up. you know what i'm doing right now? president-elect donald trump is getting closer to picking his secretary of state you can see
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busy week. he and trump our meeting with a retired us general one of the possibilities for secretary of state. they are considering mitt romney and u.s. senate foreign relations committee chairman bob porker. right now i am checking my emails to see what cyber monday deals i can get but it may not be worth it if your identity gets stolen. keeping your identity safe, that is coming up next. this year may christmas show
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tonight on abc action news
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here are the sum -- cyber monday deals. amazon is offering deals every hour on the hour. we are following an attack at the ohio state university including a brand-new picture of the person believed to be the suspect who was shot dead, nine people hurt , the suspect shot and killed by police. could this be related to
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breaking news on "the now tampa bay", our first look at the suspect in the ohio state
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artan, an 18-year-old student at osu, multiple reports confirm he was born in somalia, the picture you are seeing is the officer credited for saving people's lives. he has been credited for saving lives because he shot and killed the suspect on site, abdul artan drove his car into a cut of people and then cut them with a butcher's knife. 11 people ar nearby area. kim hutcherson has the latest. >> monday morning at ohio state university in columbus the warning came active shooter on campus run, hide, fight. the campus went on lock down as police and swat teams rushed to the scene, students and employees sheltered indoors blocking the doors with
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they spoke to news stations from their hiding places. >> it is very frantic all of the swat teams are getting together. >> before noon the shelter alert was lifted witnesses recounting what they saw. >> it is not supposed to happen. sorry. we barricaded ourselves in our rooms like we were taught, turned off the lights, we hunk together details. >> a male suspect drove a vehicle exited the vehicle and used a butcher knife to start cutting pedestrians. officers were on scene in less than one minute. he engaged the suspect and eliminated the threat, suspect is doa. >> officials are trying to determine a motive.
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members using facebook safety check system during the emergency. this allows users to let people know they are safe without making noise and to check on others, facebook launched safety check to make years ago for crisis situations. so far it has mainly been used after natural disasters. a highly unusual move suspected shooter in the south carolina church massacre has been cleared by the judge to represent himself during his federal trial. the final phase began today as well. the 22-year-old dylann roof faces 33 charters -- charges including murder and hate crime. he faces the death penalty if convicted of federal charges, he also faces state charges,
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chattanooga, tennessee are going to complaints after that fateful schoolbus crash last week, parents complained about the driver and his erratic behavior, six children died in the accident, the school says the bus has been replaced and will be german by an experienced driver. they will also have a staff member right on all of the buses. walker is due in court tomorrow. election may not be finished yet, the knaus mike sacks is talking recount. >> three key states donald trump won are battlegrounds again wisconsin announced it will recount 3 million ballots starting thursday per the request of jill stein. >> there are some election issues she is trying to highlight possibility of
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she is hoping to highlight some of the issues. >> over the weekend the clinton campaign announced it would participate in the recount. although they found no evidence of hacking the team said it would join recount in michigan and pennsylvania. >> they have conceded they are not pushing the recount but they are watching the recount as it goes forward. >> the effort has put trump back in campaign mode making false clai voter fraud, this time to downplay the losing of the popular vote, in addition to winning the electoral vote he says he won the popular vote as well. >> that is not the case speaks >> today pennsylvania request deadline is today. federal law requires that recounts to be completed 35 days
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the last time wisconsin did a manual recount was for half the number of ballots as this year and it took over one month. i'm mike sacks. michigan certified its 16 electoral votes for trump ahead of a possible recount in that state, trump won bike .02%. the closest presidential race in the state i responding to a report of a united airlines flight with an engine on fire. we are waiting to find out if the plane was headed to tokyo. you are looking at a live picture of this plane we think this is going to land we are waiting to find out if this is the plane having the failure right now. officials say one of four engines has been shut down, the
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plane you see right there is the one that had the engine failure. we are following this story we will continue to follow this on- air and online. let's take a look outside, clouds are still lingering. >> a lot more cloud cover than what we typically have this time of year at clearwater beach with temperatures today in the low 70s a high of 82 degrees at clearwater beach a lot brighter and sunnier and quite a bit warmer as well. no rain in sight tomorrow the water temperature will be at 67 you will cool down getting into the waters, things are looking great if you are going to the beaches tomorrow, if you are wondering when will the next quote on be, more on that coming up in your forecast.
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may help pick out what you want to get this cyber monday and amazon is making a huge move
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tampa bay", you may see a lot of uber drivers out of their cars on the sidewalks tomorrow they are protesting for $15 per hour minimum wage. they will protest with fast food workers airport employees and home care aides being called the day of disruption. some fast food workers will walk off the job at 6:00
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it is not clear if uber drivers will participate in the bay area some drivers say they make $19 per hour but it is expenses that are reducing their profits. you are likely checking out online reviews while you shop right? but can you trust what you are reading? amazon is trying to crack down on fake or heavily influenced on online reviews under the new rules people can only write five per week for things they didn't buy in the online store, amazon will restrict reviews for things bought on the site if a person submits a lot of reviews in a short period of time, the new rules are supposed to make it harder for people to make money for selling fake reviews. the second move to clean up reviews they are also ending
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discounted products as long as they told you about it. amazon has started taking down old incentivized reviews. a website called fake spot has analyzed more than 1 million reviews says 40% of the reviews are fake. we are following the attack at ohio state university as one of the school football players is a tampa catholic high alumni, we sat
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and update on the attack at
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expected to survive. there is some good news, the suspect was shot dead by an officer on scene this started when the suspect drove up a curb heating people who were walking and then got out of the car and started stabbing them. a press conference just wrapping up at the university. much more coming from that as soon as we can get that sound, as this unfolded facebook posts started coming in. you see this showing them -- what they were doing with. you can see over here how they barricaded this door trying to make sure nobody could get in this is when there was word there could be an active shooter. the governor of ohio, john casey tweeting this ohio's thoughts and prayers go to the ohio state community, be safe
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posting this saying our thoughts and prayers are with the students and administration and congratulating the emergency management team on alerting students quickly. this was reported as an active shooter situation at first, even the michigan athletics department who the school beat on friday said stay safe buckeyes and one of those football players field saturday is from here in tampa bay. sarina fazan has been talking to his father all afternoon as his son was locked down in a classroom during the chaos.>> i'm okay. i don't have time to panic.>> malcolm comforting his wife and daughters and finally able to take a deep breath, we met with
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>> we feel better knowing police and authorities reacted quickly. >> he showed us the text he got he said i am locked in the classroom i was walking and heard them also telling his dad all the cast happening outside of his classroom. a man plowed a crowd and began attacking people with a butcher knife, nine people are hurt and the suspect is dead it to imagine it. >> we were just there for the michigan game it was a very festive environment you know a lot of celebration. to come back one day later and here this is very concerning. >> sadly not surprising their son had 25 offers to play at universities and colleges around the country, they knew he would be leaving home and reality told them to prepare
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>> just be safe be vigilant. >> he also no circumstances are out of people's controls they want him to follow his dreams and a text like this cannot hold him back. >> it is a microcosm of what is going on in society. >> for the now i'm sarina fazan.>> a press conference just wrapping up let's take a listen. >> with the officer who was the first responder and we were able to thank him for following his training. >> that was a press conference from the ohio state university, the suspect was shot and killed by a 28-year-old police officer, the suspect an 18-year- old student of somali descent, the officer is being called a
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officials are crediting the campus alert system for working the way it was supposed to. let's talk to meteorologist shay ryan, comfortable temperatures could we see some rain? >> we might see a light spring color shower but most areas will be perfectly dry and 77 degrees in tampa, 77 in brooksville and crystal river we are talking about warm temperatures even with the cloud cover take a look outside you can see some sunshine on the horizon on anna maria island, looking beautiful for the sunset tonight. the temperature near in bradenton 76 degrees, even with the cloud cover temperatures on the warm side and above average for the most part 75 on average, we will start at 53.
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are not likely to break any records but we will be warmer than average for the next couple of days that is until this cold front rolls through, thursday it gives a slight chance for a shower or two and the dry air moves in friday and it will be cooler, not dramatic changes that -- but noticeably cooler so we will have one shot at rainfall on thursday with the next front. again, tomorrow a high of 83 well above average but not record levels, same deal wednesday with 82 as the height and behind the front temp -- temperatures dip to the mid-70s friday, into the weekend and early next week we may see significant chances for rain and another cold front, denis
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seven-day forecast. updating you on the breaking news from san francisco united airlines flight 837 on the ground you can see it on the runway, the flight with 222 people on board, 15 crew members landing at san francisco international, they were going to tokyo when one of the engines caught on fire. we are working to find out if anyone was hurt during the but for an update at 5:00. surveillance video catching a car slamming into a bakersfield california store, the driver was going for that parking space and then goes through the store's front shattering the glass. her brakes got stuck, luckily no one was hurt. no word if she has been charged. what if the grade a
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scores and graduation rates, the department of education releasing rules for how schools can be judged. kumasi aaron has information on how it could impact your children or grandchildren. >> students will be required to take annual math and reading tests but under new rules a school won't be judged on those things alone, states can factor in things like school climate advanced coursework and chronic absenteeism measure the performance of all student, states will have to provide specific information about how schools performed in those measures in addition to an overall rating. the rules say states could rate schools in broad categories like those in need of comprehensive improvement or target support. under the new rules states will have to single out the lowest performing 5% of schools and
4:53 pm
when the department of education released a draft of the rules republicans and teachers unions complained they did not give the states enough time to assess schools in need of help, now they have an additional year under the new rules which one group says could present an issue. >> the challenge with the new regulations is some of the timelines have been extended, with the extension we see delayed action for kids, we really need support in the schools. >> this play out under a new administration? the education secretary said he cannot speculate on how the trump administration might handle the regulations but he said district leaders are eager to move forward with implementing the new law. i'm kumasi aaron. states are developing new systems and they will have to submit them to the education department for review by september of next year. a
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phobia. that is the pick today for its word of the year. it is defined as fear or hatred of foreigners people of different cultures or strangers. a spike in the word search this year during the time the uk voted to leave the european union, searches increased by 938% during that time. the site side big spike donald trump's campaign talk to xenophobia, the syrian refugee crisis police shootings and transsexual rights increased searches for xenophobia. the word choice reflects a common tone for 2016. oxford dictionary recently chose the word post truth as the word of the year often used describing politics a time when
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a unique performance with a unique instrument and the will to help and inspire others. richard sharp explained a kansas city man's pride and joy. >> i travel around. >> it is not glamorous. >> this is my fifth touring vehicle. a big huge experience letting go . >> his entire life into the back of a minivan and small trailer. only his guitars right shotgun. >> aj is building his career off of a guitar he built with his bare hands. >> it is this sound. struggle and hardship. this is the only way he had to play music.
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because it is a poor man's instrument, he has played this one so much he has worn a hole through it. >> something about it being homemade. >> unlike a normal six string, the cigar box guitar has only four. its sound is unique. >> it it can be a big gnarly sound that is raw. people try to play it distorted to chase this raw sound. this one distorts itself. you just have to play it hard. >> the design and sound of his guitar is so good a guitar
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his name on it. >> the profit off of that goes to gasoline in my tank and repairs for the van. >> besides entertaining people aj hopes his sound and guitar inspire others to play. >> if you take the time to build it you will want to play it that much more. >> the capitol christmas tree has arrived at the capitol building you see it pulling up today, 80 feet tall straight from idaho. the tree lighting will be one week from tomorrow. police officers are going above and beyond to show their community how much they care. molly hendrickson shows us the act from one officer that is having a big impact.>> the smallest acts of kindness with the biggest impact sometimes. >> he was just on the edge of the exit. >> such was the case for morgan
4:58 pm
a wheelchair dangerously close to traffic. fortunately compassionate wasn't far behind. >> you can see the officer stopping his bike getting off to go help this homeless man. >> the new mother so moved by what she saw, she snapped this picture. >> jefferson county sheriff department said nice job. >> now going viral on facebook. >> the fact that they do stop and help, it warms my heart. >> the officer says he was just doing his job.>> we do this kind of stuff all day sometimes it doesn't get noticed. >> small may be insignificant hardly, in the season of thanks people are taking notice of the good guys like this cop helping a woman with her yardwork. >> helping out building a better relationship with them.>>
4:59 pm
raised money for the department to show her thanks. >> when i see a police officer i smile and wave. >> in a year that hasn't been easy for law enforcement, a small thank you goes a long way. >> a big movement going around now is to make america kind again and to see ask of kindness portrayed is awesome. live from the station taking action abc action news. it seems like it is happening more and more often across the country. it is really heartbreaking. >> a college campus reeling as an attacker wielding a knife wounds 11 innocent people. details emerging on the suspect. another stabbing in the bay area, this one turning deadly the key witnesses who may have
5:00 pm
good evening and thanks for joining us. i'm wendy ryan. >> and i'm laura harris. authorities are revealing the attacker who put the campus on alert today he is 18 years old and osu student and somali descent, our first look at him, his name is abdul razak ali artan the motive still not clear tonight, investigators say they have not ruled out terrorism and the deliberate and may have been planned in advance. >> the suspect plowed a car into a group of people on the sidewalk he jumped out and started stabbing people. >> there were 11 victims taken to local hospitals including one person could agree injured. >> a scene on the campus of ohio state, a heroic lease officer by the name of alan horujko stop the person who


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