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tv   Action News at 530PM  ABC  November 28, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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area turns deadly police say they were called to the seven -- 2700 block of sammons road this afternoon they found a dead woman on the side of the road. please do not know why she was attacked there is no danger to the public. >> a developing story in tampa bay we are learning about in early morning mobile home fire that killed a retired new york city police offir. was taken by a neighbor showing flames completely out of control. brendaliss gonzalez is live at the silver dollar rv park where you talked to a neighbor who saw someone trying to save the man.>> he tells me the wife living here got out of the house but tried getting back in but no one could get back in. the flames spread quickly they were so hot they melted the
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fire proved to be a challenge at the firefighters. this is cell phone video of fire crews working to stop the flames engulfing this mobile home with a man trapped inside. >> it was really brutal. really fast and hot. you know, hard to watch. >> hours later it is light enough to see men inside did not make it out. >> neighbors living at the silver dollar resort say the man ran out this home but neither could get back inside. >> i try to find out where he was so we could get to him. >> neighbors describe the couple living here as kind. adding that the husband was a
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couple years ago, at the home crews worked to figure out how the fire started. as neighbors were gone there was one word to describe it. >> tragic. >> reporter: once again a live look at the house it is this outer shell structure standing not much left standing inside, we are told the wife is recovery at the hospital. brendaliss gonzalez abc action news. tonight a community is mourning the loss of a popular musician, robert cartwright was known for his fiddle playing skills. he died in a motorcycle crash in pasco county over the weekend. he was driving down us 19 when an suv turned in front of him. here at the digital dashboard
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thoughts and prayers on the facebook page for the band we are learning to see if the other driver will face criminal charges. a pasco county woman in jail for throwing a knife at her husband piercing him in the chest during thanksgiving dinner, officials say vicki millsap admitted to throwing the knife. her husband tried covering for his wife saying that he felt on an ele steak knife after continuing their investigation. he will recover. now, abc action weather. >> still tracking some showers across the area look at the viewing area a couple of sprinkles anywhere from plant city northwestern poke. go down to the south over toward center bell island and
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to the northwest, if you live in southern sarasota county, there is an outside chance you will pick up some showers over the next few hours, otherwise partly cloudy skies temperatures are mild in the low to mid 70s, today we hit 80 in a tampa, 79 lakeland and it gets warmer tomorrow, forecasted highs in the middle 80s after waking up in the mid- 60s skies were clear by tuesday it wil forecast outside of showers this evening a better chance this week maybe into the weekend a closer look at that in a couple of minutes. a miami man facing drug smuggling charges after officials found cocaine inside a bag of hard candy. the man got off of a flight from jamaica when agents became suspicious. and x-ray revealed the bag of
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sheriff's office has advised, there are a number of steps to take to keep personal information safe, shop with others as a group, don't carry large amounts of cash, use credit cards instead of your debit card. put purchased items in the trunk of your car. if you have items delivered request restricted delivery so your item can be donated when you are there the sheriff office has more tips you can find on their facebook page. if you are determined to burn off that turkey and stuffing you may turn to fitness trackers to help. there is a new study that suggests some trackers won't help you lose weight. we explain what fitness trackers are actually good for.>> this trainer used a fitness tracker to help her
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stopped looking at it. >> what if you don't need to lose weight? a 2016 study tracked 800 adults for one year most wearing fitbit's logging between 50,000 and 70,000 steps per week after six months none showed improvement with weight or blood pressure, after a year 90% of them stop using the fitbit altogether. >> taking steps alone isn't enough. you have also with a healthy diet. >> she ate a proper diet hits the gym and used her fitness tracker. consumer reports tests them for fitness -- various categories. consumer reports top rated trackers the fitbit surge $250 and the tom-tom smart cardio
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the government smart hr $150. amanda doesn't use hers because she is a maintenance. >> i feel like it is a short- term tool. >> consumer reports reached out to the makers of fitbit who say fitbit continues to invest in the development of new devices and motivational tools and features to enhance user engagement and help individuals achieve their goals. alerts projects getting underway on or around the veterans expressway, janelle martinez breaks down the streets to avoid. >> a lot of work happening around the veterans expressway, let's start right here, ehrlich road will be closed we also have a closure starting
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expressway, overnight but this will last through december 9, through the end of next week. if you drive the veterans expressway overnight road work happening between memorial and waters, double lane closures in both directions again overnight but expect people working out their. and roadblocks as well. in hillsborough, we have some road work happening during the day on falkenberg road, northbound lane closures around around noon time expect delays, also would work continuing stable 52 under i-75 in the overnight. for more on these projects follow me on twitter at tampa bay traffic. that is the boat. >> i'm carson chambers, how one
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the incredible way a baby managed to escape serious injuries after being tossed within 20 feet from a serious crash. a middle school teacher charged with molesting a young child, how deputies
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new developments in the man accused of killing nine people at a church in charleston, south carolina, he will be acting as his own attorney a judge decided dylann roof will represent himself. he started shooting inside trial was supposed to begin a limber seventh but was delayed so roof could undergo a competency trial. he faces 33 federal charges and prosecutors are seeking the death penalty. a story of survival and infant thrown from a car during a crash found a life in this storm drain with a mere scratch on her forehead it happened in
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the car causing it to flip, rescuers eventually heard the child inside the storm drain nearly 2 dozen feet from the road. they believe she rolled down a hill to the drain officials confirmed she was not properly restrained in a car seat. a child was taken to the hospital along with four others all have been released except for the driver. and electric razor thief behind bars police arrest posted his surveillance video of him stealing hundreds of dollars worth of electric razors this month from walgreens. on saturday he attempted to steal more than $500 worth of merchandise from a target store, someone recognized him and called police. volunteer pilots who flew dangerous missions off of the florida
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carson chambers talked to one pilot who was relieved to hear fidel castro is dead.>> this memorial honors brothers to the rescue, a group that saved hundreds of rafters who were fleeing cuba and some of the pilots were from tampa. >> when you meet ray martine he will tell you he is >> i'm a volunteer a humanitarian. >> 235 people risking their lives to flee castro's cuba, martine was a godsend. >> that is a cuban raft. >> cuban born he came to the us as a kid martine volunteered to fly 135 missions with brothers to the rescue into international waters pick
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games with cuban gunships alerting the us coast guard to scoop up the lucky ones. >> that have got a bus they cut the top flipped it and put a russian motorcycle engine on it.>> a city council member in 1995 bob buckhorn flew with him. >> the aircraft was on the side. >> martine piloted dozens down to spend time with his family killed four brothers. cubans shot down their planes. >> i was supposed to fly that day. >> goosebumps that he still gets when he brings out these photos and when he learned of fidel castro's death. >> i am happy. i wish it would have happened 10 years ago. >> in tampa carson chambers abc action news.
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with you, this local couple will get to have the wedding of their dreams. they don't have to pay a dime thanks to the blue i do give away, rewarding active law enforcement with free weddings, today megan and gabe were the winners. the couple had to submit a video explaining why they deserved the wedding. they had a child with medical issues and they had to spend all of their money on that instead of the wedding, they receive their surprise earlier today. >> the winners. >> police do so much for the community and so much for us we wanted to give back. >> blue i do will provide everything they need. every detail and service for the perfect wedding day donated by tampa bay area vendors to say thank you.
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little overcast and muggy today, december is coming. >> it should be in the 60s or close to it but we are getting some sunshine trying to return there is some showers down south a little bit of everything, clouds and muddiness, some breezy conditions, sunshine returning the warm and muggy weather will continue for the next a couple of cold fronts. they won't bring cooler air but they might bring a little bit of rain thursday with the front and a better chance of some rain this weekend by no means set in stone don't change your plans but keep in the back of your mind you could be looking at a better chance for rain maybe sunday and into monday it is all over rain chances the second half of the weekend, titan doppler radar a few
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around fort myers a few showers popping up, interestingly enough they are moving in the general direction anywhere from santa bell island to the north eventually down across areas may be from venice northport you might pick up an isolated shower, a little bit of moderate rain if you are lucky it will hug the coast make it to the southern counties, we have been unseasonably dry, inches have felt in november mid 70s across the area, winds have been testing a little bit anywhere from 10 to 15 miles per hour throughout the afternoon, tampa partly cloudy 76 degrees the dewpoint 63. we hit 80 today that is 5 degrees above normal, the record 86 from 1990, saint pete partly cloudy 72, breezy
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hour. these winds are coming from the south afternoon temperatures will warm up as opposed to the northerly winds cooling cost down. there is the cloud cover from the south as we said a few isolated showers a couple of sprinkles and i reached down south to the southern counties a better chance maybe 20% chance of a sarasota shower otherwise all is quite and clearing by tuesday morning partly to mostly sunny warm in the low to mid 80s tuesday. notice the heat and humidity as well. on thursday a front coming in wednesday afternoon it is not here. approaching from the panhandle a 20% chance of an isolated shower, strong storms in the panhandle northward looking at the overall rainfall the european model, there is your rain chance maybe .05 inches of
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these numbers might bump up come sunday and monday, keep it around this week, look for updates on facebook, we will be giving a tweak to the forecast as we get closer to sunday and monday could be an interesting forecast setting up. forecast highs, low to mid 80s, 86 zephyrhills and dade city, 84 bartow, 82 venice, a lot of warmth degrees southerly winds bringing in warmer air from the south 10 to 15 knots, on tuesday partly sunny and warm, 83 downtown southerly winds at 10 to 15 miles per hour. not expecting any showers for the next couple of days, thursday rain chances bump to 20% the front comes through cools us off friday mid 70s and the weekend up in the air depending on if the front roles
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sinkhole we told you about earlier this month. this giant sinkhole opened up in japan swallowing five lanes of traffic 90 feet wide. >> it took crews just two days to repair it but apparently they didn't do the best job. thus sinkhole has started to sink once again. officials closed the road yesterday more inches. the mayor of the city apologized on facebook saying that he is sorry for not warning it could sink again. still to come, dementia dropping in the us, the factors that scientists credit for the following rates. making the holidays brighter
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one local mother is receiving a gesture so kind she says it is restoring her faith in humanity. a local company offering to decorate her entire house this season all for free. reni called duffy tree repair to get an estimate on how much it would cost to put up christmas lights, while at the house the employee learned her son suffers from epilepsy and her husband is in iraq. after learning that they decided to donate the lights and labor to make this season brighter for reni and her children.>> lost faith in humanity since my son got sick.
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away from what truly matters. and that is being good and that is being helpful and that is giving to people. >> the company will assemble the display for the family in two weeks. a look at what is happening at 6:00. >> another tow truck driver killed, next authorities say a suspected drunk driver killed danny hand work. the court decision turning their grief into anger. he molested a child and then got a job at this middle school, straightahead the reason this teacher was hired and why he was just now put in jail. you can sort it by discount. >> it is easier than ever to earn cash while you shop a list of the best moneymaking sites
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live from the station taking action for you, this is abc action news. >> out of the classroom and under arrest the disturbing charges a hillsborough county teacher is facing and the reason he was allowed in the classroom in the first place.>> get over, that is the law. have respect for people.>> pain
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over a tow truck driver's death and the timing that makes the case more tragic. good evening i'm wendy ryan. >> and i'm laura harris. ryan raiche reveals the death of danny hand came just before the end of his final day at work. >> it was supposed to be his last day on the job set to turn in his keys when he clocked out sunday, but tow truck driver danny hand never made it. >> he was he would give you the shirt off his back. >> his family still coming to grips with their new reality. life without danny. investigators say danny pulled his truck behind a driver needing help on 275. to spread his caution lights fhp says a drunken person came barreling down the highway into


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