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tv   Action News at 11PM  ABC  November 28, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> a vicious attack at ohio state. a student runs down classmates and slashes them with a knife.
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>> live from the station taking action for you. >> all new at 11:00, investigators looking into whether terrorism is what motivated a steent at the ohio state university -- student at the ohio state university to run his car campus and then stab them. that man killed by police but not before injuring 11 people. one critically. a report from the scene of the rampage. >> the crime scene tape is down, but the active investigation continues here at ohio state university. local and federal authorities believe the suspect acted alone, but they are work to figure out if his motive was terror-related. confusion and chaos on the
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osu. we have a vehicle that struck several pedestrians. >> investigators say monday morning a driver jumped a curb and plowed into several people near the school's engineering building. he got out armed with a butcher knife and started slashing. >> people were like don't go on campus. there's an active shooter. >> a heroic campus cop two years on the force opened fire killing the suspect. >> he was yelling and the guy wouldn't stop and the guy charged the cop and the co but the terrifying soon -- scene and the officer's shots panicked students. they tweeted active shooter, run, hide, fight. >> i ran into a bathroom. luckily, i was able to lock myself in there. >> the attacker identified as 18-year-old abdul razak ali artan. the school newspaper says this is the photo of the smally immigrant and legal u.s.
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treatment of muslims posting on facebook minutes before the attack "i can't take it anymore." >> to me, authorities need to treat this as a potential terrorist attack. >> police and fbi are searching the suspect's home for more clues on his motive. leaders in the muslim community spoke out urging people not to jump to conclusions and falsely link this tragic incident to the face of islam. them. we're live in tampa with how they are keeping safety a priority. >> >> safety is always number one and they tell students and staff to follow what the u.s. department of homeland security says to run, hide and fight. just before 10:00 a.m., an alert from osu read "active
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away, he watched it unfolding. >> we are always aware there's a potential for these kind of incidents to take place. it's one reason why we train so consistently and frequently. >> students here are told to do the same thing, run, hide, fight. tammy freedman's son is a senior at osu and did just that. he ran back into a building and hid with other students. >> i was on the phone with him the whole time that he was in there. >> when it was over, this mom stayed >> i just wanted to be able to hear his voice and it's an awful feeling. i wish it on no one. >> now her thoughts are about the people who were injured and about the authorities quick response. >> he felt secure where he was and we got e-mails and so it feels to me like it was handled very well.
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have -- constantly training and they have a ton of safety programs in place. reporting live, abc action news. >> thank you. >> today, the first commercial flight from miami flying to havana. the time coming days after rule cass -- roaul castro. nine days of mourning that includes no music and no alcohol. we are more on why fiddle's death and more about -- fedel's death and more about how our president-elect will treat the island nation. >> in may when we traveled to could you bia, the -- cuba, the streets were filled with music. >> there is not supposed to be alcohol consumption or mchugh for the next nine days. -- music for the next nine days. >> we talked to the cafe owner
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cruise ship arrived in more than 50 years. >> we are seeing lots of americans at our cafe and lots of dollars that are helping the cuban people. >> this tweet by president- elect donald trump threatsening to terminate president obama's policies have cubans on edge. >> it would be disastrous for the cuban people. anybody who cares about the cuban people woul and maybe working to find a solution because that's where the two worlds can meet. >> her business opened two years ago. she has lawyers and engineers working at bartenders, waiters and cooks because they are restaurant is the best work they can get. even with more flights, more tourism, more money, she says cubans aren't any closer to living the lives they want to lead. >> there's nothing intangible that's changed.
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so, it kind of i think is slowly putting a damper on a lot of people's feelings about things in. >> tampa, abc action news. >> news tonight a fort myers couple in jail on child abuse charges. the parents passed out from taking prescription drugs. the baby's diaper also looked like it hadn't been changed for hours. that baby now with dcf. >> two suspects in jail and a third on the ru fort lauderdale that started when an officer tried to pull over a stolen vehicle. the driver stopped at a mcdonald's and then hit one of the officers. he opened fire. police say that officer is expected to be ok. >> now the breaking news in tennessee. right now a wildfire prompting major evacuations in the smoky mountains. people in mike guilliattenburg and -- glatenburg and pigeon
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escape a wall of flames. >> amazing pictures. unfortunately, their lack of rain has been one of the big issues. it's been a serious drought from tennessee to the deep south. we're not in a drought, but it's been very dry. scattered showers popped up this evening. moved into southern counties along the coast. temperatures in the upper 60s to low 70s. a taste of late tomorrow morning, only waking into the 60s, even mid-60s across the metro area under partly cloudy skies. rain we had earlier on pretty much out of here. we'll wake up to a few more clouds than sun, but it will be dry and then we warm up. maybe talking some record- breaking highs across part of the state and we'll talk about that in detail in a couple of minutes. >> thanks. >> tomorrow, traffic could be a problem. tampa workers will be taking part in a nationwide strike
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mcdonald workers are expected to walk off their job demanding $15 and other low wage workers will participate in demonstrations all over the country. local workers will rally at st. pete city hall and the day will end with a big rally and march in centennial park. the fbi tonight warning on-line shoppers scam artists are out to get you. the bureau is saying florida has the second highest number of scam victims in the million. agents say if a deal looks too good to be true, it probably is. the fbi saying be sure to check bank statements often especially after a major purchase. >> an orlando soccer club paying tribute to victims of the pulse nightclub victims installing rainbow seats. the stadium is set to open next year. >> much more all news still ahead including the surprising
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feast. >> baby! >> a donald trump supporter getting riled up on a plane. how the airline responded that probably has everyone on that plane happy tonight. plus, how does free frosties for a year sound? we'll tell you how to get some and help kids in need at the
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>> take a look at this video surveillance. dozens of teens filing into a store and looting it and causing $400,000 in damage. officers are looking for teenagers who stole mostly candy and snacks while ransacking that store. right now former green party presidential candidate jill
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to reach her goal of $7 million trying to raise money for recounts in pennsylvania, wisconsin and michigan. president-elect donald trump lark out at the green -- lashing out at the green party effort calling it a scam. latest on mr. trump's latest twitter tirade. >> the wisconsin recount, the state is now in the process of recounting nearly three million votes in the presidential race. >> every candidate who is on the ballot as candidate has a right to request a recount. >> the effort started by jill stein enjoined by hillary clinton's campaign. donald trump for months railed against what he called a rigged system blasted the move that could call for recounts in pennsylvania and michigan. in a tweet twist, the president- elect posted he would have won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who vote
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fraud in virginia, new hampshire and california why. isn't the media reporting on this? serious bias, big problem? trump treated no proof to back up his claims. secretary of state called the allegations of voter fraud absurd. it comes as there's more attention on his global business interests. >> what are all these business interests? >> possible secretary of contender mitt romney. >> he went out of his way to hurt donald trump. >> trump's transition team will now have a second meeting with romney tomorrow. he'll also meet with former cia director david pe trayous. abc news, washington. >> a republican member of th
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not biblicically qualified to be president. >> dedmon trump is your position, -- donald trump is your position [beep]. if you don't like it, too bad. >> a rude passenger on a delta flight banned. you heard the man yelling his support of donald trump and insulting hillary clinton supporters. in addition to banning him, the airline is now refunding ticket costs for all passengers on board that to allentown, pennsylvania. >> michigan turkey producer now recalling more than 54,000 pounds of turkey that could make you sick. the u.s. department of agriculture says the turkey breast products packaged under the brand are now contaminated with an unidentified black material. the turkey was shipped to a florida distribution center and food services in florida and puerto rico. we've made it easy to find patriot duct codes of this -- product codes of this recalled turkey.
11:16 pm new tonight, the family involved in a serious car accident where a baby miraculously escaped injury is speaking out. the 8-month-old girl was thrown 25 feet and found at the bottom of a storm drain. >> i heard no baby crying, no baby screaming, nothing. i panicked. i thought she was gone. i know it was a miracle. nobody -- she's my baby. >> firefighters also calling it a miracle. she only had a scratch on her forehead. officials saying the car seat she was riding in was not properly installed. >> tomorrow is a day for donated giving. you can donate gifts, money or just your time. if you make a $2 donation to the dave thomas foundation for adoption, you will not only help others, you will receive
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we've got more information on this including a link on how to get that deal on our abc action news app. you can also give by selecting a salvation army angel from our angel tree we have in our lobby. between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m., the tree decorated with local children and their wish lists and they need help to make their holiday wishes come true. hurry, you have to bring the gifts back by december 2. check out our action news the info there. a brother and sister in orlando making a dream come true for their 1-year-old pup. the favorite toy is a stuffed santa claus. they decided to take their animal to see the real deal. take a look. they say the dog got extremely excited when she saw santa and it shows in the picture there. her owners say it was great to see her so happy and the internet seems to love it too. his tweet is now going viral. everybody is happier when you
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a little warm for santa. >> yeah, doesn't feel like christmas just yet. >> mid-80s tomorrow. what we like to do as we get closer to christmas, a lot of folks share shas christmas -- christmas pictures. you have to have those in a matter of days. december 2 is around the corner. try to spread a little holiday cheer and we literally got hundreds of pictures that just came in the last couple hours. this is adrian paredes tree. 12 feet high, 10 feet wide. that is a doozy. so, we are going to be sharing these pictures right on through the holiday season whether it's old school family pictures, your holiday lights, christmas trees, whatever the case, enjoy because we've got a lot coming. if tonight is any care of what we have -- indicator of what we've got going, literally hundreds in the last couple of hours. the weather doesn't feel very
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with temperatures in the mid- 80s. we saw a little rain. the two days will be the warm -- next two days will be warmth and humidity. as we go through the overnighthours, they'll cool after a high of 80. i think these will be low tomorrow. i think we'll go 83, 84 and maybe a few 85s out there. we'll be flirting with record- breaking highs. i don't think we'll get there, but we'll be pretty close see temperatures unusually warm after a week, 10 days ago. we had temperatures about 15 degrees below normal. that is florida from a nut shell this time of year. we can go very chilly and very warm just like that. very often, it takes a cold front to bring us the change. we're tracking two cold fronts over the next seven days and they are going to have an impact on your workweek and maybe your weekend. today, we started off with sunshine. clouds came in the afternoon
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across our southern counties. they are long gone, but i think the moisture is going to be sticking around. overnight, mostly cloudy. you'll be making up to more clouds than sun. one thing you'll notice it will be warm. it will be muggy. i hate to use that word, but that's the way it's going to be the next couple of days. through the day, sunny, warm, mid-80s. overnight, same thing. partly cloudy to cloudy. waking up to more sunshine on wednesday. by wednesday night, we are going to turn our attention up north. there's a cold front coming in. up until wednesday night, we don't have a drop the forecast. warm and humid ahead of this front. what often happens in november into early december, the fronts don't have enough push to make it into our neck of the woods. watch what happens. had there comes a strong front by wednesday morning. by wednesday night, it starts to fizzle out. by the time it makes it here thursday, a few scattered showers. a little cooler behind it come friday and saturday. there's something to look forward to. then, maybe, the chance of some rain sunday and monday. it's all over our rain chances.
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on. check us out on facebook and the next few days. there is that rain chance. up until thursday, a lot of this right back in the low to mid-80s. maybe even a couple of upper 80s in our viewing area. long range, you see a lot of red over florida. that means warm temperatures even through the second week in december. not a big change either way. i tell you this. probably around december 7, 8 or 9, it could be a whale of a storm in the northeast. models are regularly now. if you have any plans going up into that area, maybe in about 10 days, keep your eyes out for the potential for a pretty big storm and it could be a snowstorm at that. closer to home, 83-85, partly you sunny skies on tuesday. most accurate seven-day forecast. there you see rain chances only 20% on thursday. maybe a little bit better chance by the weekend though. highs well above normal. upper 70s to low 80s. action news at 11:00 continues
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>> hello, folks. another week in the nfl be without an update buccaneer
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an eye on. safety chris cotti left yesterday's game in an injury and gerald mccoy injured his foot and ankle. we believe sometime during the first half. he was testing it here on the sidelines and he left wearing a boot again. coach said they are going to run more tests on his injury and we'll have more on wednesday. i think whether the buccaneers are contenders or pretenders was answered on sunday. seattle was no fluke. nor was the city or any other five in the past seven games. they are staring down the barrel at atlanta up top the south division. it would be quite a ride and will be quite a ride the rest of the way. >> ooh, you guys win! >> we've been hearing that postgame phrase more and more from head coach. the past two weeks, they blew the nfl away with wins in kc and wins in seattle.
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written down. they are becoming believers now. what they didn't know is the team was way ahead of them. >> we've been believing. now it's starting to show. now we are starting to be believers and get fans. we have to stay true ourselves and get stay true to the things that got us here. >> you can get the sense of philadelphia eagle that the -- sense of more that they have been here before. >> we have to keep we have more football left to play and try to finish this thing out strong. >> no one also a a crystal ball to see what will happen in the final five weeks or what wins over kc and seattle will do to the psyche of this team. >> whoo, well, that's a good question. >> you're certainly not going to hear from gerald mccoy whether to take this team seriously. >> everybody is going to decide what they are going to do. we know who we are. we nowhere we're going to be.
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every day and taking it one meeting at a time, one practice at time, one game at a time. >> i can remember a season when gerald mccoy had no answers. times have changed, haven't they? i remember head coach joe cutter earlier this season saying he was looking for a culture shift. that's something that good teams carry with them, he was asked about that after yesterday's win but declined to answer saying that's for you to judge. good news for the buccaneers on the playoff front. green bay leading the eagles late in the fourth quarter. that green bay win knocks philly to 5-6 on the season. that's one full game behind the buccaneers in the wield card race, -- wild card race. they get a little help tonight. set to make a return this week after almost a year off and losing his foursome, two tampa guys, derek jeter and tito
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hero welcome challenge that benefits the tiger woods foundation. in college hoops, the men's team now in the top 25. the usf women did not make the top 25 which is rather surprising sitting 26th.
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>> there's a look at your forecast. partly cloudy overnight. it will be a mild start to your day. we'll start in the upper 60s and end up in the mid-and even a few upper 80s. i want to mention the angel
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2nd. good news. they extended it to the 9th. that gives you a little longer. makes sense. christmas still four weeks away. there's a little more time to bring your presents in for the kids need in our area. >> especially if you're out shopping. please pickup an extra gift. we have coverage including age angel -- angel tree.
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