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tv   Action News at 5AM  ABC  November 29, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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abc action news starts right now with breaking news. now at 5 we want to start with breaking news, a burglary reported at the tampa arms company. >> the call came in just before 3:00 this morning. abc action news reporter rodney dunigan live on the scene right now with more details. rodney. >> reporter: well, dan, it was the security company that alerted deputies to exactly what was going on here. i'm going to step out of the way. investigators inside right now trying exactly what happened here. if you can see the entire storefront here has been ripped out. at this point it appears that maybe a vehicle drove in there and pulled out basically shattering this entire store front here to the store, but at this point investigators cannot confirm that. they're in the back if you can see right now trying to look at surveillance video of exactly what happened here. if you can see right to your right, the shelf here is completely empty and investigators aren't sure at
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been stolen, what if anything has been stolen because they have not been able to locate the owner of this property, definitely concerned about that this morning. they've been out here for two hours trying to piece together what happened here. you can see a lot of denial to the storefront -- damage to the storefront. they don't have any surveillance video from the outside and it appears no witnesses here, so this is a very active, ongoing investigation. i just spoke with a deputy here on the scene, and he says major concern here is that if weapons were stolen from this store, not only is this a safety hazard for the general public but also these deputies who work the streets every day. of course we'll continue to be out here throughout the morning gathering more evidence. you can see investigators inside right now looking at that surveillance video trying to piece together any sort of suspect information they can. we'll be back live at 6:30 with updated information. for now reporting live in tampa, rodney dunigan abc action news.
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breaking stories we're following this tuesday morning. >> i'm dan shaffer. >> and good morning, i'm deiah riley. lets check in first with ivan. >> it's going to be warm, it's going to be humid. we're checking in this morning at this hour 5:00 right in the mid and upper 60s, well above average for this time of the year. 5 to 10 degrees warmer than this time yesterday. the dew points are up. that's the humidity and how it feels, and it will feel muggy and almost oppressive by the afternoon. in the low, mid-80s across the interior as well. front does come in, cools us off. i'll talk about when that happens in just a few minutes. good morning everybody on this tuesday, a couple of crashes from overnight have already cleared or are in the clearing stages so no delays to tell you about there. your drive across the water this morning looking great. here's a live look at the howard franklin. this is in north side of the howard franklin heading into tampa. a stalled car on the courtney
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through hillsborough looking great, the veterans, 275, i-75 all in the green this morning. back to you. 5:03, breaking overnight, fiver people survive a plane crash in columbia and we're just learning everyone else on board was killed. that plane crashed while on its way to the city of metayine. the crash site is in a mountainous area near the city. the plane was carrying 81 people including members of a brazilian soccer team. the south american federation has canceled all activities until further notice. the car ran into him and then plowed into a crowd of students that were standing outside. . >> that's just one of the stunning 9-1-1 calls from people on ohio state university's campus during yesterday's knife attack that injured eleven people. that caller calling for help while running for safety. you can hear him out of breath. investigators are trying to
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terror. students are heading back to class later this morning at ohio state. we watched first many of the vigils, the first vigils held last night. st. stevens episcopal church trying to comfort students, staff and community members. ohio state university abdul razak ali artan plowed his car into a crowd of students. he got out and started people with a knife. >> we had a dynamic, well- trained professional today save the lives of many of our residents and students. >> officers spent the rest of the day searching that student's apartment. we know that he is of somali descent. usf police were closely monitoring the attack at osu. a campus officer says they
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scenarios and review incidents on other campuses to determine whether they need to make adjustments to their own plan. similar to osu, students are told to run, hide, and fight is what the department of homeland security wants people to do if there is an active shooter situation near them. >> thought about your plan of action, which is what we want people to do. then you're more likely to respond quickly to the incident and take action that may save your >> their officers constantly receive training. they want to assure students and staff there are a number of safety protocol asks protocols and place. police are trying to get to the bottom of a deadly stabbing in plant city. authorities pronounced her dead at the scene. so far police do not have a suspect or a motive, but police think the victim did know her attacker. anyone with information should call plant city police.
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suspect still on the loose right now after an officer- involved shooting in fort lauderdale. police say an officer was hit by a car after pulling over a stolen vehicle at a mcdonald's. the officer shot at the car to try to stop the driver. doctors say the officer will recover. a fort myers couple is in jail on child abuse charges. deputies found a 9-month-old baby in the backseat of an suv at a gas station. the parents you see here passed out from taking prescription drugs. it hadn't been changed in hours. that baby is now with dcf. schools and government offices are closed in cuba marking the second day of mourning fidel castro. the city and tourists are required to mourn for nine days meaning they can't play music or drink alcohol. the first commercial flight from miami to havana is in the books. the american airlines flight leaving yesterday with 147 passengers and six crew members on board. today united airlines will
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cuba. delta will start on thursday. fidel castro's death may have cubans worried about their future. in a tweet by president-elect donald trump isn't helping matters via facebook video we spoke to an american business owner in cuba about trump's tweet. she says the changes made under president obama have given many cubans hope. she learned that president- elect trump threatened to reverse that progress if the cuban government doesn't make changes she was shocked. >> it the cuban people. i think anyone who cares at all about the cuban people would be really working to find a diplomatic solution and you know, maybe really working to find a business solution because you know that's sort of where the two worlds can meet. >> she owns a restaurant which is now required to observe that nine days of mourning for castro, and again, she won't be able to play music or serve alcohol. vice president-elect mike pence is telling reporters to be ready saying today is going to be a benchmark day for the
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going to be announced toe, only saying he have been busy. president-elect trump is causing a stir following his meeting with retired general david petraeus yesterday. petraeus is being considered for secretary of state. petraeus was forced to resign in 2012 as director of the cia after sharing classified information with his mistress. in the past, mr. trump has said punishment for petraeus went too far. petraeus spoke to reporters as he was leaving trump yesterday. >> it went very well. i was with him for about an hour. he basically walked us around the world, showed a great grasp of a variety of the challenges that are out there and some of the opportunities as well. >> president-elect trump also tweeted that the meeting went well. it is not a done deal, however, with mitt romney. romney is scheduled to meet with trump again today. it appears trump is turning
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congressman tom price of georgia. price has been a leading critic of obamacare calling it a threat to quality and affordable health care. trump has made repealing and replacing obamacare one of his goals. over here right now i want to show you how you can participate in giving tuesday. it is the single biggest day for giving to charities. 34,000 charities across the country are participating including 1900 here in florida. if you want to help surpass last million in donations, just go over to giving once you're there, you can see this screen here, search for happening near me, and then you can donate to a charity right here in the bay area. want to check in now with ivan for a look at our forecast. >> it will be warm and humid for today and the next couple of days, but we do have a front coming in. we'll talk about the cooldown behind it in a few minutes. also coming up, evacuations still underway in gatlinburg,
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video. several wildfires are threatening homes and popular tourist destinations. just ahead a look at some of the damage already done. >> obviously very cold for a long period of time, i was shaking just uncontrollably. >> and stuck 12 feet down for hours, how a team of first reresponders managed to get a m
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now. take a look at this video. that's a raging wildfire in tennessee. it's sending hundreds of people racing for safety. a family in gatlinburg shot this video of flames just behind a building here. >> the video all over social media just amazing. evacuations were ordered overnight. we know now 30 homes very burned. a 16 story hotel on the edge of dollywood theme park is destroyed. tennessee emergency management officials going door to door throughout the night issuing those mandatory evacuations in strong afternoon winds fanned the wildfire in the great smoky mountains national park quickly moving on in to private property. >> i'd like to start off by saying that if you are a person that prays, we could use your prayers. there's probably at least 14 active fires going on as we speak inside the city of gatlinburg and just outside the corporate limits. >> officials also say falling trees and embers are causing the fire to spread quickly.
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and some parts of the park are now closed. workers at an aquarium also evacuated but had to leave behind the more than 10,000 animals living there. this morning investigators plan to review that interview defense did with a california mom who was kidnapped and released on the side of the road. they conducted their first lengthy interview with sherri papini last night. the local sheriff says he still has no reason to doubt story. investigators are searching for the two women who released papini. she was found beaten and chained to a heavy object. at 5:15, the new judge in former university of cincinnati officer ray tensing's murder retrial may recuse himself. tensing is accused of killing sam debose during a traffic stop. the new judge may recuse
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court. an orlando soccer club is paying tribute to the victims of the pulse nightclub shooting. 49 seats to honor each victim of that deadly attack. that stadium is set to open next year. good morning, we're in the mid and upper 60s right now, very warm for this time of the year. low 60s up to the north, across the nature we've been in the 20s and 30s so far this season. quite a ways away from that and nowhere where we're going to be with a bit of a cool down later this week. that's the humidity, we've got the south, southeast wind which will turn breezy around 11, 12:00, we're going to stay in this pocket of warm and humid air. friday is nearby right, relatively so. it's going to take a while to get here, slow moving feature
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humid, partly sunny. we're going to get the wind picking up through the afternoon, and then we are going to follow this moving in with drier and cooler times, not cold. we're just going to go from the 80s back to the 70s, which is where we should be this time of the year. once again above average this afternoon, and of course with the humidity that 83 will feel a little less comfortable out there. we'll continue to see that tomorrow, even more so as we get that -- 68 the water temperature will cool you off. southeast winds for boaters next 12 hours and sunrise and sunset. seven-day forecast with your front on thursday, showers by then. we'll bump up those rain chances to 30%, don't expect much as far as accumulation, and then we clear out, cool off friday and into saturday. good morning everybody, we're going to start off with a virtual drive along i-4 heading into downtown tampa. let's get you going here. all the traffic indicators in the green. traffic looking great out there. it's early.
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interstates. a live look here i-275 right at the junction with i-4. if you're continuing to the howard franklin bridge, that drive is going to take you just 5 minutes and 6 minutes to get from the howard franklin bridge up to downtown tampa. back to you guys. time now 5:18. a durham north carolina man is lucky to be alive after getting trapped at the bottom of this large sinkhole that opened up last month. a fisherman heard 1. >> it had obviously been very cold for a long period of time, i was shaking just uncontrollably, and, you know, couldn't really verbal other than he kept saying he was okay and he wasn't hurt. >> the man's expected to make a full recovery. it's not clear how he fell into that sinkhole which isn't located near any homes or businesses. that home opened up after hurricane matthew swept through the area in october.
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teenagers rushing inside stealing from store shelves, why police say they're worried that social media is behind this. >> do you ever get home from a day of shopping and you think to yourself why did i buy that? >> all the time. >> it may not be your fault. it turns out that places where shopping may be influencing what we buy. we'll explain this shopping psychology just ahead. >> i feel so much better now. >> first this morning, several retail sites crashed in the final hours of cyber monday. >> kendis bankert have the details. >> in today's tech bytes, cyber monday overloading the internet. >> nordstrom was among several websites that couldn't keep up with the traffic. there were reports of banana republic, the gap and old navy also going down. the sites were back up within a few minutes. and a new report about the next generation iphone and the possibility of a curved screen. >> according to the wall street journal, apple could release a smartphone with a curved screen
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the report says apple is testing several prototypes. >> it's about to become safer to post a negative review on sites like yelp and trip advisor. >> a bipartisan bill protecting the rights of unhappy customers awaits president obama's signature. the law is needed to protect freedom of speech so that customers don't get sued by companies that received a bad review. >> those are your tech bytes.
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welcome back, it's coming up on 5:24. take a look at this surveillance video. dozens of teenagers rushing into a store stealing items from shelves causing $4000 worth of damage. police in hartford connecticut are now looking for the estimated 30 to 40 teens. they stole mostly candy and snacks, ransacked the store. officers call these flash mob thefts and say they're gaining popularity on social media. certain items. there may be a real reason behind it. stores are using psychology and research to their advantage and get you to spend your money. for instance, if items are on the middle of the shelf at and a price ends in 9 people are more likely to buy. also the way store clerks treat customers may also influence shoppers, but surprisingly and unfortunately rude salespeople are the most productive. rude salespeople in luxury
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lower self-es esteem to spend more. the right tunes can make shoppers happier and lose track of time. >> coming up, a florida man attacked by an alligator and lives to tell about it. how he survived. >> eating out today, i'm erik waxler with why fast food restaurants like this one are just one of many places you might see a major disruption today.
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live from the station taking action for you, this is abc action news. fearing for their lives for the first time this morning, we're hearing 9-1-1 calls from people at ohio state during yesterday's knife attack. >> new video this morning of a restaurant robbery on thanksgiving day, the car south lead them to the suspects. >> and pole workers in virginia and other states are speaking out after president-elect donald trump claims voter fraud there, why they say there's no evidence to back him up. >> good morning, and happy tuesday to you. thank you for joining us. i'm deiah riley. >> welcome back, i'm dan shaffer. we start with a check on your forecast. ivan cabrera joins us with florida's most accurate forecast. >> yeah, the forecast changes big time here the next couple of days. in fact, we're going to get
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not concerned about wet weather but my goodness, it's going to be well above average, a good 10 degrees. late thursday and into friday to get cooler temps back into the forecast. that will get us back to average. look at this, mid and upper 60s early this morning. that will be our low this morning, and then by the afternoon about 83 with more humidity. we'll talk about that and the cooler times ahead in a few minutes. and if you're heading out the door right now, nothing out there to slow you down. i've been everything looking normal out there. this is what it looks like i- 275 and fowler, taking about 7 minutes for these cars to make their way into downtown tampa and your drive tonight toll road starting off at the veteran's expressway, 17 minutes from 54 down to 275. and then the selmon expressway looking good, 6 minutes from 75 into downtown. deiah. thanks janelle. this morning students are heading back to class at ohio state university after a


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