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tv   Action News at 530AM  ABC  November 29, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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not concerned about wet weather but my goodness, it's going to be well above average, a good 10 degrees. late thursday and into friday to get cooler temps back into the forecast. that will get us back to average. look at this, mid and upper 60s early this morning. that will be our low this morning, and then by the afternoon about 83 with more humidity. we'll talk about that and the cooler times ahead in a few minutes. and if you're heading out the door right now, nothing out there to slow you down. i've been everything looking normal out there. this is what it looks like i- 275 and fowler, taking about 7 minutes for these cars to make their way into downtown tampa and your drive tonight toll road starting off at the veteran's expressway, 17 minutes from 54 down to 275. and then the selmon expressway looking good, 6 minutes from 75 into downtown. deiah. thanks janelle. this morning students are heading back to class at ohio state university after a
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campus police officer after he stabbed multiple people with a butcher knife. james tully is live in the studio. investigators are trying to figure out what motivated this man to do this. >> reporter: and they're not ruling out a possible act of terror. eleven people were transported to local hospitals yesterday, and as of this morning at least one is in critical condition. police identified the suspect as this man, abdul razak ali artan. a student at ohio state, originally froso legal permanent resident of the united states. artan plowed his honda civic into a crowd of pedestrian and then began stabbing and cutting people with a butcher knife before campus police officers shot him. this is initially reported as an active shooter situation. now this morning we're hearing 9-1-1 calls made during that attack. >> it happened right in front of me, this guy, we were all sitting outside because the
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out, ran through the crowd, jumped out of his car with a knife. oh, my god. >> as investigators are still trying to determine a motive here, they are looking closely at a facebook post on artan's page that stated he had grown sick and tired of seeing fellow muslims killed and tortured. locally usf police are closely monitoring the situation in ohio. officers say they train for active shooter sc in columbus to determine if they need to make any adjustments to their own plan. like at ohio state, students at usf are told to run, hide, and fight. police also want to show students and staff on college campuses there are a number of safety protocols in place. a man charged for two robberies in clear water will be in court this morning. 23-year-old amer tayeh is
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he's accused of robbing a seven eleven. he is being held in the pinellas county jail. it's called a day of disruption and strikes are planned all over the country involving fast food workers, uber drivers and a whole lot more all in an effort to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. abc action news reporter erik waxler is live at a mcdonald's on hillsborough avenue where a walkout is planned in less an good morning, erik. >> reporter: good morning, workers a this the mcdonald's on east hillsborough avenue are expected to walk off the job at 6 a.m. there could be similar walkouts at many other businesses all over the country. this is part of the fight for 15 movement that we've seen going back now. we've seen walkouts at fast
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workers are going to wage their most disruptive protest yet, although we'll see exactly what that entails. they say workers are willing to risk being arrested as part of this protest. the union-backed efforts are to raise the minimum wage from 7.25 to $15 an hour. there are also protests planned at nearly 20 airports around the country and by uber drivers, also child care workers. meanwhile, mcdonald's released a statement saying we offer mcdonald's employees the opportunity to develop the valuable skill beyond our restaurants. now, after the walkouts around tampa bay this morning, there is going to be a rally at city hall in st. petersburg. that's at noon, and then tonight at 5, workers are going to meet at centennial park in ybor city for a march. live in tampa, erik waxler abc action news. 5:34, former green party presidential candidate jill stein is less than $600,000
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wisconsin, pennsylvania, and michigan. she may need more money, though. stein is suing pennsylvania to force a recount after she missed that state's filing deadline. and president-elect donald trump is coming under fire right now from elections officials for alleging widespread voter fraud allowed hillary clinton to beat him in the popular vote. he made the allegation on twitter sunday night claiming voter fraud in virginia, new hampshire, and california without offering any evidence to back claims are simply flat out false. >> it is kind of frustrating because we feel that we ran a clean, fair election. >> to say that it's not being fair or that people are counting illegal votes, from my vantage point is an insult for the people that run our elections. >> the clinton campaign says there's no evidence of any massive election fraud but say they do still plan to support
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south florida are looking for two men who broke into a restaurant and stole several cash registers on thanksgiving tampa bay. you see the video here, two men used a rock to break the glass on the front door to get inside. this happened at world famous restaurant. the these stole three cash registers, got away with about $2000. owner chris brown says the crooks didn't ruin his holiday spirit. he is still delivering food to the poor for the holidays. >> going back, giving back, you know, isn't what you can take, it's what you can give. that's what really counts and makes things special. >> surveillance cameras caught the getaway car in the parking lot. police looking for the owner of that vehicle. the former polk county teacher sentenced to 22 years in prison for having sex with three of her students is scheduled to appear before a judge in bartow this morning. jennifer if i fitch tore
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willing participants. she's also citing mental health issues and the lack of treatment options in state prison. a hillsborough county middle school teacher is off the job and facing serious charges after allegations he molested an 8-year-old girl he was baby-sitting. according to deputies 26-year- old amet santiago admitted to molesting the child in 2014 telling a witness recently that he touched the sleeping victim but, quote, did not go all the way with her. neighbors are shocked by the students in his class and parents are going through and thinking. >> with no criminal record, hillsborough county schools hired santiago last year and assigned him to eisenhower middle school. he resigned from his position yesterday. new hope this morning for failing public schools. the obama administration now giving states more time to identify those troubled schools. the rules just released provide
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systems and narrow achievement gaps. it's a key part of a bipartisan education law that replaces the no child left behind act. states now have until the 2018/19 school year to identify schools that need support and improvement. right now a south florida man is recovering from an alligator attack. the gator bit him while he was out duck hunting in the ever grades. he and a friend went hunting the day after thanksgiving. they were walking in waist deep water with their them when he thought he saw a log in the water and tried to kick it. that log turned out to be an alligator and it bit his leg. >> saw his mouth coming towards me again. my buddy shoves the kayak in between the alligator and me. i think if he hadn't have done that, he would have bit me again. >> two off-duty firefighters just happened to be hunting nearby. they applied a tourniquet to
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how you and your children can enjoy downtown clear water's waterfront. the city wants to revitalize the area by expanding coachman park and adding views of the intercoastal waterway. the master plan will be unveil to the public during a presentation before the city council at 9:00 this morning. it's like tiffany's. >> you mean the jewelry store? >> that's right. i'm crazy about tiffany's. >> this make plans to see breakfast at tiffany's tomorrow night at the bay area. they are rereleasing the oscar- winning movie. it will be playing at several local theaters tomorrow. we have those locations listed on >> did you get tickets? you're a big fan. they may sell out. be careful. temps this morning in the upper 60s. good morning, the kids don't need jackets at all. this is shorts weather all the way through 3 p.m.
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cool front's on the way. we'll talk about that in just a couple of minutes. it is 5:39. also still to come, three people in california die after eating thanksgiving dinner. the investigation now into what made those people sick. >> and a man living with a terminal lung disease completes one of his biggest goals, finishing a marathon. why he says he had to walk all
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welcome back, a consumer alert this morning, in case you're still hungry for turkey, a michigan turkey producer is recalling more than 54,000 pound of turkey. the turkey breast products packaged under the messen brand unidentified black material. the turkey was shipped to a florida distribution center and food services businesses in florida and puerto rico, made it easy to find those product codes. head to our website. a tainted thanksgiving dinner is suspected of killing three people in california and making five others sick. they all ate thanksgiving dinner at an american legion hall near san francisco. some of the food was donated by local restaurants and prepared by volunteers.
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same food. local health officials are investigating right now to see if more people got sick. >> we're interviewing people that we know are ill, and we're also trying to find people who may have been -- had some symptoms and maybe didn't seek any health care. >> one person is still in the hospital right now. four others were treated ask released. texas is now the second state in the continental united states to confirm a transmitted case of zika. lab results confirm a woman who lives in southern texas does have the zika virus want she is not pregnant and has not traveled to an area where the virus is circulating. the cdc says zika is transmitted primarily through the bite of an infected mosquito, and also can be passed through blood transfusions and sexual contact. mandatory evacuations underway in tennessee because
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that wildfire has burned more than 30 structures including a 1-story hotel. so far there are no reports of any deaths but the fire is threatening the dollywood theme park. the national park service's strong winds are making that wildfire grow. we check in now with ivan. seems like it's very dry there, not any chance for any rain. >> there actually is a little bit of rain moving through, not enough. it's going to take a while. lets take a look at one of the problems here is that the fires have been area at this point here i've been watching all summer and all fall expanding from severe and eventually to exceptional drought here, just a terrific situation going on across not just georgia but you can see there eastern tennessee, gatlinburg, that's where the fire is. that's right at the smoky mountain national park. you're dealing with terrain there as well. it makes the fire more difficult to fight. look at that edging further to the east. the heaviest rain has fallen to the west where we do have dry
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that's going to be good there. the front is kind of fizzling out a little bit. anytime we get weather through here, that is great news. this front is going to make it through our neck of the woods, but just like the last few fronts, this one has a little more moisture to the north of us. by the time it gets here on thursday, it's just a line of showers. that's been the story throughout the fall, which is witherer dealing with the drought expanding across the southeast. look at this, we're out ahead of it now. we're looking at temperatures this morning plus degrees above average for this time of year. that's going to continue to happen so long as the front stays to our north and west, and that southeast wind continues to dominate, which it will today. front does get here. watch the showers kind of falling apart as they have done so over the last few fronts. we're going to go from mid-80s and high humidity to mid-70s
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thursday. the front, a slow mover here and that is going to play a big role in the heat that will continue to expand for us. southeast winds, south, southeast right at 15 knots for voters out there. nice and cool if you like it that way. it will feel refreshing compared to these air temperatures you're dealing with. low to mid-80s. front comes in thursday as i mentioned with those showers, not a huge deal as far as accumulation. that will clear us out. tracking another system on sunday. if you're planning for the weekend, saturday looks better of the two weekend days. if you're planning for your morning drive, we are looking great out there. i've been checking cameras across the interstate. this is what it looks like on 275 through st. pete. this is our f dot camera around roosevelt. you can see we're up to speed from the sunshine skyway down to the howard franklin. lets talk about some construction. this is going to be on the
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urlick road closed overnight again tonight and starting tomorrow, starting on wednesday we have gun highway closed in the overnight hours right underneath the veterans expressway. this closure lasts all the way through next week until december 9th. keep that in mind. detour signs posted if you drive that area again in the overnight hours. right now the veterans looking great, 17 minutes from 54 down to 275. 5:49. 11 minutes until 6. a football fan's dream imagine super bowl tickets for life. that's what bud light is offering one lucky fan. here's how you enter to win. find one of the 37,000 golden bud light cans being distributed around the country and then take a picture with the can and post it on social media with the hashtag sbticsforlife. sixwinners will be chosen per
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big winner will be picked during the week of january 16th. a washington state man is proving that a terminal lung disease cannot stop him from pursuing his dreams. 63-year-old evans wilson finished his first marathon over the weekend. pulmonary fibro row sis and hypers -- his wife walked with him and brought an oxygen tank to help congratulations evans. this is so amazing. >> feels good. >> the best part is being done. >> wilson took part in the mare ton to raise money for pulmonary fibrosis. his goal is to help develop more treatments to help reverse the devastating effects of this disease. >> disruptive protests planned for today could affect your morning routine. we'll also tell you why you may have trouble getting a ride
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friday or cyber monday deals, no worries, some of the best deals may actually come later
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z26pjz zy6z y26pjy yy6y we are getting ready for temperatures here in the 80s once again as we head through later this afternoon. we'll be looking at the numbers that are going to be a good 10 degrees above average, and we're going to do the mid-80s
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get ready for that. we'll talk more about the cooling trend towards the end of the week in just a few minutes, and my computer will work by then. i promise you. aaa is giving away booster seats today in hopes of saving lives. it's happening from 9 this morning until 11:30 at their location on west shore boulevard. they're asking for $10 donation in return for every seat. the seats are worth $37. you have to have your child with you to get one. if you make a $2 donation to the dave thomas for adoption you'll not only be helping others you'll also get a free frosty junior with every purchase for a year. you have to donate through the website. you'll get a special key tag. you can also give by adopting an angel from our salvation army angel tree set up in our studio lobby. our tree is decorated with the names of local children and also their wish list. we really need people like you
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wishes come true. hurry though, you have to bring your unwrapped gifts back by december 9th. large crowds wanting better wages could impact your morning routine. tampa fast food workers plan to participate today in a nationwide strike organized by unions. in just a few minutes, bay area mcdonald's workers say they'll walk off their jobs and gather on hillsborough avenue to protest the minimum wage. they're demanding what they call a living wage of hour. janitors, home care, child care workers plan to join the strike at a noon rally at st. pete city hall, and at a rally and march in tampa's centennial park at 5 this afternoon. hundreds of uber drivers are expected to join the fight for 15 protests. they're pushing for $15 an hour minimum wage. uber claims its drivers in the top 20 u.s. markets make an average of $19 an hour.
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expenses like gas, repairs and insurance. airport workers and fast food workers are also expected to go on strike today. we'll show you where they're holding rallies in the tampa area and how those rallies could affect you. a big warning from online shoppers. the fbi says scam artists are out to get you. the fbi says that florida, in fact, has the second highest number of scam victims in the country, consumers here losing over $94 million. if a deal looks too good to true, it probably is. the fbi also says be sure to check bank statements often, especially after a major purchase. good news if you didn't score any deals on black friday and cyber monday, old navy and target are holding big sales later this week. retail experts say once stores take inventory on coats, boots and toys in stock they will slash prices more. they say toys are traditionally cheapest two weeks from now. the only toy that won't be
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it is the hot item this year. >> gun store break-in, we're staying on top of this breaking news in tampa, trying it figure out how exactly the burglars got in and the weapons they may have taken. >> a plane crash kills dozens. miraculous survivors and the professional impacted by this
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live from the station taking action for you, this is abc action news. now at 6, dramatic calls for help from a campus rampage. the steps the campus community is now taking this morning to try to move past this horrifying attack. >> plus a raging wildfire right now tearing through businesses in tennessee and threatening popular tourist attractions. the fears the morning for the
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animals at a nearby aquarium. >> first this morning, breaking news, deputies are on the scene of a smash and grab break-in at the tampa arms company. this happened at the store on waters avenue just before 3 this morning. deputies on the scene are trying to figure out exactly what was stolen. we've got a crew set up. we'll have a live report from the scene at 6:30. good morning and thank you for joining us on this tuesday. i'm deiah riley. >> and i'm dan shaffer. >> warm and humid is the story here the next temperatures this morning in the mid and upper 60s. we're running 5 to 10 degrees warmer than this time yesterday. the dew points are also up, right, into the 60s so we're not getting into the muggies here and beyond, so a combination of warm temperatures this afternoon and the humidity are going to make you feel uncomfortable until a front comes in. it won't come in until the latter part of the woke.


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