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tv   Action News at 9AM  ABC  November 29, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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live from the station taking action for you this is abc action news. a brazen smash and grab overnight at a tampa gun the clues investigators are using this morning to track down the suspects. >> as wildfires rage overnight, thousands are forced to evacuate eastern tennessee. coming up, we're taking a closer look at the devastation. >> new developments in breaking international news, another survivor found after a plane crash kills dozens including members of a brazilian football team, what may have caused this flight to go down. >> right now hillsborough
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and grab early this morning. >> we just got some surveillance video moments ago. watch this video. it shows a vehicle ramming the front of a store creating a gaping hole. hang on, we're still trying to get that video. i can tell you that after that -- okay, we don't have the video. we'll try to get it reracked so that you can see it. it shows nearly a dozen people get out of that vehicle. they rush inside and then all of them snatch several times of guns >> abc action news reporter rodney dunigan is live outside that business right now. rodney, investigators believe, again, more than a dozen people could be involved. >> reporter: you are right about that, dan. you know, this was a very brazen crime, all of this happening around 3:00 this morning. just spoke with the owner who's actually been watching that surveillance video that you mentioned with investigators this morning. if you take a look behind me, you can see the damage this left, these criminals, possibly up to a dozen.
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entrance of the store here, and they ran in possibly stealing 40, maybe even more weapons. >> as far as we know, a large truck ran through the glass. they seemed pretty well prepared. >> richard smith still can't believe it, the owner of tampa arms company shocked by the early morning robbery. >> fortunately we did have state of the art security. we did have bars on the window. of course it's not going to stop a 6,000 pound truck. >> all of it happening within minutes. surveillance video shows the crooks driving through the front entry, then possibly a dozen or more people ran in taking up to 40 weapons, long guns and pistols. deputies are hopeful surveillance cams inside the business caught something they can use. >> there's also cameras on the building on the back. we're waiting for the maintenance guy who maintains those to pull something off of that in case they were hanging out in the back of the building. >> reporter: and as you guys
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count up those weapons and to help out in this investigation. and the owner tells me something else to note here. there are a number of employees who will be without a job now during the holiday season because he is not sure when they will reopen this business. that video just released to the media about 5 minutes ago. hopefully we can get that on, but if not we'll have it on our website, and help in this investigation as well. we're live in tampa, rodney dunigan abc action news. now to breaking news in eastern tennessee, raging wildfires are causing major devastation. thousands have been forced to evacuate. >> we are getting incredible video from people trying to escape the flames. anchor james tully is live in the studio. a lot of people have lost their homes. >> reporter: reporting out of the town of gatlinburg tell us between 75 and 100 homes have burned to the ground and many
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morning. you see the flames behind the building. workers had to evacuate and leave behind more than 10,000 animals and creatures. good news here in the last 90 minutes is rain has started to fall. a rep from the aquarium thinks everything's going to be okay. >> please lord let us get off this road. >> what you just heard there. this is the most stunning video found from someone desperately trying to evacuate. at points yo driver narrowly avoids hitting trees. we are happy to report they made it out safely and they're doing okay this morning. >> this is an aerial view from last night, these fires burned all night long amidst a serious drought during the day monday, this area of eastern tennessee was hit with gusts of wind exceeding 80 miles an hour. 40 miles an hour sustained winds. that's going on for half the day. it fueled these flames, and to
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ignited more fires within the city of gatlinburg. more images to show you here at the aeromont craft school campus overlooking downtown gatlinburg. buildings more than 100 years old completely engulf of engulfed in flames. it's a camera on a porch showing embers flying into view and fire approaching the home. this is recorded yesterday, and just take a look. you get an idea of those winds they're saying these fires are now 90% contained. unfortunately, though, between the droughts, the wind, this is the perfect combination for these wildfires. let's talk to meteorologist ivan cabrera. >> we're going to get above 90% for today as we get the rain beginning to move in. it's going to continue for quite some time. as you showed the pictures there and the images coming out of the ground. the radar was able to pick up
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you see that plume of green there, that's not rain. that is smoke and fire coming up from the ground and getting blown a good distance to the north. there comes the rain. it moved in overnight, and it is going to continue helping firefighting efforts over the next couple of days. it's a front that is a very slow moving front that will eventually make it to our area and will cool us off from the heat we're about to experience. dry as well. gusty winds out of the south will continue through the afternoon. we're already in the 70s, which is where we should be for highs. look at this, 80s coming up later this afternoon, and i think we'll be warmer tomorrow before that same front hitting tennessee with those beneficial rains gets in here on thursday. we'll talk more about that in just a few minutes. we have a lot going on in pinellas county. you might want to avoid the pinellas park area.
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this involved a motorcyclist. we're also hearing that there are serious injuries reported with this crash, and take a look at the backup we're seeing on u.s. 19. now, you might think that 49th street would be your alternate. we also have a crash there, 49th right at park and another crash at park and. one option, you can always take 275 through st. pete. that's looking good right now, instead of u.s. 19. up to speed right here in both directions. dan. thanks, janelle. 9:07. breaking news on that deadly plane crash in columbia. that plane carried members of a brazilian first division soccer club. unfortunately one of the six survivors pulled out alive, a goalkeeper has died. othersinclude an aircraft mechanic, and a female flight attendant who claim the plane
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fuel. right now the state fire marshal is in plant city investigating a suspicious fire that damaged a home on johnson street. the inflammation broke out around 3:30 this morning. antitrump graffiti was spray painted on the side of a house which flies military and p. o. w. flags. there's no word on the amount of damage that fire caused. as students head back to class at ohio state university, authorities are investigating whether yesterday's attack on say abdul razak ali artan crashed his car into a group of students and got out and started stabbing people with a butcher knife. he was shot to death by a police officer. eleven people were hurt, one critically. usf police were closely monitoring the attack at osu to keep students here at home safe. lieutenant charlotte domingo said they train for active shooter scenarios.
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that's what the department of homeland security says people should do. it's the same alert osu students got yesterday morning. >> you're thought about your plan of action, which is what we want people to do, then you're more likely to respond quickly to the incident and take action that may save your life. >> lieutenant domingo said their officers train constantly. they want to assure students and staff there are a on campus. new at 9, a man in lake wales is accused of stealing a truck so that he could sleep in it. officers say 18-year-old dasmel moore took that vehicle sunday night. they tracked him down but he ran. after a quick search they found moore and arrested him. officers told them he stole the vehicle because he was homeless and he wanted to sleep in it for the night. moore charged with grand theft and resisting without violence. the former polk county
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three of her students is set to appear before a judge in bartow this morning. jennifer fichter pleaded guilty to 37 child sex charges last year, but now she wants her sentence reduced for several reasons she says, among them her victims were willing participants. she's also citing mental health issues and a lack of treatment options in state prison. we're waiting on big announcements from president- elect donald trump. >> vice president-elect mike pence says today is going to be a benchmark day for the trump administration. he says that going to plan to nominate georgia representative tom price to head the department of health and human services. price has been a vocal critic of obamacare calling it a threat to quality and affordable health care. mr. trump has made repealing and replacing obamacare one of his goals. meanwhile president-elect trump is causing a stir following his meeting with retired general david petraeus yesterday. trump is considering petraeus for secretary of state.
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director of the cia after he shared classified information with his mistress. mr. trump is also having a second meeting with mitt romney today. >> coming up this morning, if you missed cyber monday and black friday, don't worry more deals are still coming. we'll tell you when you can snag extra bargains straight ahead. >> the driver in that deadly school bus crash in tennessee going before a judge today. the charges he's facing as we get an update on the recovery of
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we're partnering with the salvation army to help with angel tree. the front lobby will be available for angel tree until december 9th. in hillsborough and manatee county the angels must be adopted and brought back by december 2nd. the last day for angels in pinellas county is december 9th and polk county the deadline is december 12th. community calendar is brought to you 14 minutes after 9 right now, we want to get back to that new surveillance video, that brazen smash and grab at a tampa gun show. the video shows a truck smashing through the front of tampa guns and ammo. after the truck backs out, there are nearly a dozen people that rush inside that grab as many weapons as they can carry before they run out. authorities say they were in and out in just minutes. we spoke with the owner who says he's doing inventory right
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what was stolen. you can watch the entire video right now, just go to our abc action news facebook page. the driver in last week's deadly school bus crash in chattanooga is scheduled to be in court today. >> johnthony walker is facing numerous charges including vehicular homicide. questions are being raised about his driving and a second job he reportedly had. six elementary school students were killed in that crash while walker was behind the wheel. five students are still in the hospital. yesterday elementary school returned to classes for the first time following that crash. a tainted thanksgiving dinner is suspected of killing three people in california and making five others sick. they all ate thanksgiving dinner at an american legion hall near san francisco. some of the food was donated by local restaurants and prepared by volunteers. more than 800 people ate the same food, and now local health officials are investigating to see if other people got sick. >> we're interviewing people that we know are ill, and we're
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may have been -- had symptoms but maybe didn't seek health care. >> one person is still in the hospital. four others were treated and released. the new judge in former university of cincinnati officer ray tensing's murder retrial may recuse himself. he's accused of killing sam dubose during a traffic stop last year. the new judge may recuse himself because he one of dubose's children in probate court. a mistrial was declared earlier this month after jurors were unable to reach a decision. a bizarre security scare at a houston airport. a woman on board a plane opened an emergency exit door just after her flight lands and jumps out. passengers snapped photos of the chaotic aftermath at bush intercontinental airport yesterday. the woman opened the emergency door after the flight from new orleans landed, and while the plane was still taxi'g to the
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and made a run for it. police officers arrested her on the tarmac. she's now undergoing a mental health evaluation, and as of right now it does not look like she's going to face any charges. jury qualification in the charleston church shooting continues today with the defendant now in charge of his own defense. the judge yesterday ruled that dylann roof could represent himself during the trial, which is expected to last into next year. roof is accused of fatally shooting nine black parishioners at a south carolina church. so far seven people have been qualified to possibly serve on the jury. this morning investigators are going over an interview they conducted with a california mom who was kidnapped and released on the side of a road last week. the local sheriff says he still has no reason to doubt sherri papini's harrowing abduction tale. she was found beaten and chained to a heavy object. her long hair had been cut. papini disappeared while jogging three weeks ago.
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deals on black friday and on cyber monday, don't worry, you can grab better deals later this week, john matarese explains. >> so you didn't go out on thanksgiving night, you didn't want to deal with the black friday crowds and you didn't have time for cyber monday, not to worry. you still have plenty of time to save money on holiday shopping. i watched the cyber monday deals all day and have several take aways from it. black friday is not the cheapest day of the year to shop, despite old navy had lower prices on cyber monday than black friday, 50 personality off all orders -- 50% off all orders. and everyone had xbox 1s and play stations for $249, the same price as black friday. many items will be even cheaper later this cyber week and closer to christmas once retailers took inventory, and coats, boots and xboxs, they'll
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toys are traditionally cheapest two weeks from now. the only toy that won't be cheaper is hatchimals. that's the toy you can't find anywhere at tampa bay stores. otherwise keep checking prices so you don't waste your money, i'm john matarese abc action news. lets get an update on your action weather forecast. >> slipped up on my hatchimals again. >> yeah? >> 20,000 is the top -- >> what? serious? >> and actually a completed bid, which means someone for it. >> in the car lines last week at my kid's school there was a man that said i've got three of them. >> kids didn't like them. >> that was his kid's college fund. >> what we want is maybe some cooler air, that's coming, but it will take a while here. apollo beach cam looking nice, it also is time for you to share what it looks like in your home this time of year.
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couldn't believe this pic. that is professionally done. you could go to macy's with that. bring them in, that looks fantastic. might get a tree up this year. look at these lows though, doesn't feel like the holidays at all. low 60s. this is the first time in the morning in quite some time we have not had temperatures in the 50s. so you didn't even go below 60 degrees. the rest of us almost didn't go below 70. we're and that's going to continue so long as the cold front stays to our north and west. we're going to stay warm and humid right through thursday, and then turn more seasonal. we're not looking for a big punch of cold air here, don't see it in the cards for us. at least that front will get us back to where we should be. we'll be a little more comfortable by late thursday and into friday. for now, south, southeast wind will be gusty at times. if you're boating keep that in mind. it a's slow mover. it looks like it's going to
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it's going to hang out north of us, and that will be the case through wednesday and thursday. look at all the clear air, a few clouds, cumulus clouds, but not quite enough to make some rain. that's good news. we need a little lift to the atmosphere. we'll get that with the front. it won't be much. limited moisture with it again, so as it passes through on thursday a couple of light showers. we're not looking for any big rains anytime soon, and we kind of need it at this point. it's going to be one of the driest novembers we've had, although we had that nice surplus for mid-80s. it will feel warmer with the humidity, haven't been able to say that in quite some time. you see the front coming in finally on thursday. the cloud cover will keep us south of 80 degrees. then the dry air will allow temperatures to fall back in the 50s. that will keep us in the 70s for daytime highs and then, another disturbance tries to sneak in here at the tail end of the weekend with a few showers by then. >> still ahead this morning, a major recall alert, homeopathic products for kids are being pulled from store shelves
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the medicine that could be dangerous for your children. that's coming up next. >> good morning, i'm lisa campos with your positively tampa bay, and the salvation army angel tree program, we're visiting with folks trying to
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consumer alert, kids homeopathic ear relief liquid and teething tablets are being pulled from shelves. they're recalling products that contain varying levels of beladona extract, it can be dangerous or deadly when consumed in large doses. the products include cvs homeopathic infant teething pockets, and cdv homeopathic ear relief liquid. the fda found small but varying amounts of beladona. nobody has been hurt. texas is now the second state in the continental united states to confirm a locally transmitted case of zika. lab results confirm a woman who lives in southern texas near the mexico border does have the virus. she is not pregnant and has not traveled to an area where the virus is circulating. the only other state where the virus is circulating is here in florida. it is transmitted primarily through the bite of an infected
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through blood transfusions and sexual contact. it started as a normal parole shift for one kentucky officer. >> but quickly turned into her most memorable day on the job. she had to stop and help someone bring a new life into the world. monday afternoon alicia thompson was on the road when a driver flagged her down. a passenger was in desperate need. she says there was no time to think, only to react. >> i pulled to the side of the road, opened the car door and there's a partial head sticking out, and we just went from there, you know, push and there came the joy of life. >> she says she call for the ems but the baby girl was born before help arrived. once other officers arrived, they wrapped the baby in a sheet from thompson's car and rushed baby and mom to the hospital. apparently doing all right. >> still ahead, why the u.s. needs to step it up when it comes to math and science. how american students compare to kids in other countries when it comes to academics.
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their futures following fidel
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live from the station taking action for you, this is abc action news. >> it's being called a day of disruption, but are the planned protests to raise the minimum wage living up to that name, i'm erik waxler, we'll tell you coming up. >> we'll also tell you why newly released statistics are revealing about crime trends in florida this year. but first. >> the alligator came out from under the water, grabbed my leg. >> a hunter describes a moment he was attacked by an alligator in the everglades, the mistake he made that almost got him killed. good morning, thanks for joining us, i'm deiah riley. >> and i'm dan shaffer. first a check on the forecast, ivan cabrera has another warm day on tap. >> i'll tell you what, we're
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the point where we're going to be a good 10 degrees above average. we'll do that with humidity as well. it's going to feel very different out there, temperatures already in the mid- 70s. 9:30 in the morning, we're in the mid-70s. those should be our daytime highs, so, yeah, we're going to be 10 degrees above. look at this, the other story here our dew point. there's the scale, we're now beyond muggy and getting closer and closer to oppressive. 85-degree temperature, and it is going to feel like a different season out there with temps we'll fix that for you, got a front coming in. that will move in on thursday. we'll talk about the cooler air behind it in just a few minutes. thanks ivan. we are still trying to track some breaking news right now, dan, you got the latest on this. >> this morning police are trying to get to the bottom of a deadly stabbing in plant city, police say a hispanic woman was found dead near woodrow wilson street and sammonds road. authorities pronounced her dead at the scene. police do not have a suspect or a motive but they do think the
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anyone with information should call plant city police. florida's overall crime rate is dropping, but reports of murders, rapes, and car thefts increased during the first half of this year. the florida department of law enforcement released those statistics yesterday. the overall crime rate dropped 3.4% over a six-month period this year, but there were 561 murders in the first half of the year. that is up 15.2% from the first half of 2015. of course, that number does include the worst mass in u.s. history at the pulse nightclub in orlando. the crimes that went down last year include robberies, burglaries, and aggravated assault. schools and government officers are closed in -- offices are closed in cuba marking the second day of mourning former president fidel castro. the city and all tourists required to mourn for nine days meaning they cannot play music or drink alcohol. the first commercial flight from miami to havana is now in the books. the american airlines flight
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passengers and six crew members on board. today united airlines will begin commercial flights to cuba. delta will start flying there on thursday. and castro's death has many cubans worried about tase future right now. in a tweet by president-elect trump, he's threatening to reverse relations between the u.s. and cuba if the cuban government doesn't make a good deal with the u.s. we spoke to an american business owner in cuba about trp' the president obama have given many cubans hope. she says trump's comments shocked her. >> it would be disastrous for the cuban people. i think anyone who cares at all about the cuban people would be really working to find a diplomatic solution and really working to find a business solution because, you know, that's sort of where the two worlds can meet. >> her restaurant right now is observing the nine days of mourning for castro. she can't play music or serve
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failing public schools. the obama administration now giving states more time to identify those troubled schools. the rules just released provide a broad framework for states as they design new accountability systems and narrow achievement gaps. it's a key part of a bipartisan education law that replaces the no child left behind act. states now have until the 2018, 19 school year to identify schools that need support and improvement. american students have some catching up to do when it comes to math lagging behind their peers in east asia and russia. 8th graders in the u.s. improved their scores in math over the last four years on the global exam. however, scores for science in that grade were flat. results also shows scores were unchanged for 4th graders in math and science, singapore topped the rankings in both grades for math and science on the test. global stock markets mixed today. here is a live look at the dow right now.
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points, 19100. the post-election rally fizzled monday. a big warning for online shoppers from the fbi. they say scam artists are out to get you so be aware. florida has the second highest number of scam victims in the country. consumers here losing over $94 million. agents say if a deal looks too good to be true, it probably is. the fbi says be sure to check bank statements often, especially after a major purchase. this morning the government's trying to protect your right to give a restaurant a bad president obama to protect people who post their opinions on websites like yelp or trip advisor. it protects them from legal repercussions if they write negative things about the business. supporters say it's needed to ensure freedom of speech. this comes after a dallas pet sitting company sued one couple for a million dollars over a 1 star review. the case was dismissed this past summer. you could win free super
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bud light cans being districted around the country -- distributed around the country. then take a picture with the can and post it on social media. leading up to the super bowl, six winners will be chosen per week to get a pair of season tickets to their favorite team's games and then from that group the big winner will be picked during the week of january 16th. we've got all the details on a south florida man who survived a gator attack says he thought it was a log and he tried to kick it. in waist deep water after going duck hunting in the everglades the day after thanksgiving. that's when krit krutchaiyan thought he saw that log in the water, and he tried to kick it. when that log turned out to be an alligator and bit his leg. >> i saw his mouth coming towards me again. my buddy shoves the kayak in between the alligator and me. i think if he hadn't have done that, he would have bit me
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firefighters happened to be hunting nearby. >> they applied a tourniquet to his leg, and drove him to a rescue helicopter. he's expected to make a full recovery. >> and a 12-foot sinkhole how a man was finally rescued after being stuck inside for hours. >> a mad rush of teening running into a store making off with candy and trashing the place. details on these flash mob
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20 minutes until 10. we're still tracking breaking news in tennessee where these massive wildfires are forcing thousands to evacuate near gatl including many homes and entire neighborhoods and also three resorts. more than a dozen wildfires are burning in and around gatlinburg. national guard troops are being sent in to help transport. first responders are also there, they're also removing debris in the area. today is being called a day of disruption, a full day of protests planned around tampa in an effort to get the minimum
9:41 am
workers outside a tampa mcdonald's, and that's where erik waxler joins us live. >> reporter: hey, dan, this is the fourth year for the fight for 15 movement, and here we did have a vocal group of protestors outside this mcdonald's on east hillsborough avenue. they were out here for about an hour, and they made the most of their time, very loud, very vocal carrying signs up and down the street wanting that minimum wage to go from 7.25 an hour to $15 force to keep the peace. now, not only are fast food workers across the country protesting today, but also airport workers, child care, even uber drivers are joining in. organizers said this year's protest will be their most destructive yet. we only saw a little of that when the group blocked the drive through and marched through the parking lot, but that was very brief.
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>> i'm struggling to survive working at the amount that i'm making and the hours that i'm putting in, it don't pay the cost of my living. i'm in poverty right now, and we're all in poverty right now, and we have 64 million people out, you know, fighting for their rights, and i'm not going to back up. i'm going to continue to go on. >> reporter: yeah, next up coming up at noon at st. petersburg city hall, there is a rally planned, evening at centennial park in ybor city we'll have a march that will go from the park to the mcdonald's there. we are told by organizers that that's where maybe some of the protestors will come out and be more disruptive, but we'll wait and see about that. live in tampa, erik waxler abc action news. thanks erik. caught on camera, look at those people rushing in there. dozens of teenagers rushing into a store. by once they get inside they grab items off the shelves.
9:43 am
officers call these flash mob thefts and they say they're growing on social media, gaining in popularity on social media sites. police in hartford connecticut are looking for 30 to 40 teenagers in this surveillance video alone. they stole mostly candy and snacks while they ransacked that store. a durham, north carolina man is lucky to be alive after getting trapped at the bottom of this large sinkhole that opened last month. a fisherman nearby heard the man's cries for help and called 9-1-1. >> he had was shaking just uncontrollably, and you know, couldn't really verbal other than he kept saying he was okay and he wasn't hurt. >> the man is expected to fully recover. it's not clear how he fell into that sinkhole. it's located nowhere near any homes or businesses. the first hole -- the hole first opened up after hurricane matthew swept through in october. a happy ending in the case of a couple who went missing
9:44 am
snow. susan and rory holliter shortly after telling their son they were stuck in the snow. the two were found alive on monday. their family is grateful for everyone who worked to help find them. >> thank you very much for all the hard work. you guys do not know how much goes on behind the scenes and how many people are involved that are volunteers, everybody, and they just are awesome. >> authorities say the couple's in good condition. searchers found them in stranded truck. their children joke they're leaving that truck buried and not letting them go 4 wheeling in the snow ever again. it's not snow, it's mud or something else. >> of course with the snow you got cold air. that's the problem. you've got to have that kit. we got hurricane hits down here, but they need those snow kits. you really can't go more than a day without the help getting
9:45 am
the water temperature if you're going to head to the beach, the current air temperature in st. pete, so 68. we'll do better than that this afternoon. the rest of us we're going to warm up big time, low to mid- 70s right now. we're going to go for low to mid-80s for afternoon high temperatures. looks like this front is about to move in, but it's not going to hang out for a while, which is excellent news for our good friends in the carolinas, tennessee as they're picking up pretty good rain out of this, i think 1 to 3 inches right ov going to be very helpful, of course to have a severe to exceptional drought in many areas here that has expanded over the summer and fall. there's that rain continuing to push in. that's the front that will eventually cool us off and get us back to where we should be this time of the year. lower humidity and lower temps beginning late thursday and heading into friday, especially, but we're going to be warm and humid out ahead of this front. not going to worry about any rainfall here.
9:46 am
has come in here, very little moisture with it, just a line of showers early on in the day on thursday. notice on the become side of the front clearing out nicely across the southeast. we're going to get into that piece of drier air and cooler temperatures by late week. right now we are in the heat. temperatures in the mid-80s, lower 80s, a little bit cooler. in fact, it's so warm the difference in water temperature and air temperature is enough to get a bit of a sea breeze pushing in, which typically you don't see th we'll get that in the next couple of days. if you want the coolest temperatures you're going to have to head to the beach where the water temperature is nice and comfortable as well for some us of us upper 60s is a little too cool. 30% light showers that will clear out for friday and saturday. both friday and saturday look great, mid-70s, low humidity. another system comes in, tries to sneak in here at the tail end of our weekend bringing us
9:47 am
days looks right now to be saturday. the need is greater than ever but the time to help is shorter. we're talking about the angel tree program. we've got an update on the effort in polk county that's coming up on positively tampa
9:48 am
now through december 9th come into our front lobby the tree to shop for. participants are eligible for prizes if you participate in the angel tree in our lobby. there are shopping malls if businesses that you can pick a tree from as well, and december 1st we are thanking you in person, meet us in tampa. >> this community calendar is
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good morning everybody, i'm lisa campos with your positively continues here at abc action news. it's the tradition of hosting an angel tree in our front lobby for almost 20 years. the angel tree is there waiting for you open to the public. folks have been coming in since thanksgiving week. they come in from 8:30 in the morning to 5:30 in the evening. they select an angel from the tree, go shopping and then they come back with all the items. the deadlines we've been pointing out are earlier this year and that of course has many folks concerned, wanting
9:51 am
the toys in time. we're visiting with each of the salvation army units in the tampa bay area, and this morning we're talking to lieutenant katie bernabie of the winter haven unit in east polk county. thank you for coming in. tell us how many kids you all are hoping to bring christmas to this year, and i see that you've brought some of the angels with you. that means they're not adopted yet. >> i did bring them, last year remember i came with a terrifyingly huge stack. and our goal is to get all the angels adopted by the end of november. we're already almost there. we had such a great response last year. we have 25 kids left, they're ages, they're 3 months to 9. >> 9 years old, awesome. >> we are very excited that we don't have as many left this year, but we do want to get these kids a special christmas. >> so you started with 835
9:52 am
this year, registered through the salvation army: 25 left. >> 25. >> give us an example. we talked about charlie. >> charlie would like a 24-inch bike and a robot, and so we were very excited to see robot. who doesn't love a good robot, and melanie, we have melanie who would love an art kit. i love when the kids -- that's one of my favorite parts is to see what they want and what they like. i'm excited to get these kids a special christmas. >> one of the the reasons viewers love the angel tree program so much is when they look at the need that's listed on the angel, it reminds them of how important it is for these children to get the help of the community. >> yes. >> you said that a lot of these folks are asking for winter clothing. >> we did, especially this year over last year. i don't know if it's because it got cooler earlier maybe, but we have had lots of requests for winter jackets and coats
9:53 am
you're driving around east polk county, you'll see we are in need of that. we see people who are maybe not appropriately dressed for the season, and so i just want to throw coats to everyone i see but obviously i can't do that. so this gives us a wonderful opportunity to provide warmth for people. >> thank you so much for coming. we've got great viewers. if you're listening at home, you can help. please consider contacting the salvation army in winter haven directly. the last day to help them is december the 12th. you can 7493 to help get these last 25 angels adopted or you can go in to their offices located in winter haven.
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dan's already confessed he's headed to the beach. >> i suggested the pool. the beach is a little cool. there you go, 80s. >> pretty though. >> an american bald eagle hit by a car last month is going to be released back into the wild. police officers and firefighters corralling the eagle on countryside boulevard on october 5th. a vet at busch gardens surgically repaired the bird's injured right wing and after seven weeks of rehab that eagle is ready to be set >> that's so cool. cool video. >> we've got continuing coverage of the tampa bay's top stories right now on >> tampa bay's morning blend is next. have a great rest of your
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. well, good tuesday morning. i'm carly. >> and i'm natalie taylor. thank you so much us this tuesday. we're definitely in the christmas spirit. >> we are. >> and thanks to last night's cma country christmas. that helped me get in the mood. if you were not in the mood yet, maybe the clips. it was another fantastic show and full of great country music christmas music. >> i will say christmas music is how you do it. another way to break into the christmas spirit? >> uh-huh. >> and christmas characters like ebenezer scream or the


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