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tv   The Now Tampa Bay  ABC  November 29, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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today on the now tampa bay looks to be a dozen people seized during a smash-and-grab at a gun store in the bigger group wildfires. >> personally, i think i have lost my house. things could be rebuilt. >> even the mayor's home was burning. the popular attractions spared and what is being done to protect the rest of the town. a woman jumping right out of the plane. how did she get
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of those doors. it is 4:00 and time for the now tampa bay . >> we begin with breaking news. >> those wildfires are happening right now in tennessee. a press conference getting ready to start any moment now. you can see some of the devastating fire with 100 homes and buildings damaged or destroyed. one area called black bear falls has middle of the note -- night with many on vacation running to shelters. low humidity was the biggest tool to build the fire. it has hit dollywood and also the replete aquarium still standing -- ripley's aquarium still standing. the mayor and several crews
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in the area and we will get to him in just a moment. >> new developments in a robbery caught on video and the video completely wild. not only did the the utes trait do the the utes -- the thieves drive-throughs but it looks like at least a dozen people. the atf things this might be an organized group look at the glass where the truck smashed into. you can see how it is all boarded up happening at the tampa arms company. it is a shopping plaza on waters avenue right by the walmart supercenter off of north . if this all seems familiar, it is because it is. this wesley chapel gun store got hit twice this year with
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now to a story about what can happen when guns and up in the wrong hands. >> a 14-year-old killed by an update and men who deputies are calling an accidental shooting. a press conference is just wrapping up in polk county. >> deputies say three teenagers were inside one of the rooms at lake marmol tell yesterday -- hotel yesterday afternoon. it was fired just feet away from the 14-year-old you see right here who is kyle rudolph treat. -- kyle daughtry. they are still considered whether to press any criminal charges. a teacher having sex with students in lakeland. jennifer richer was asking to have her sentence reduced but
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courtroom. watch this. >> is your son alive? my daughter is not. you have taken her life away. >> that was the mother of jennifer fichter and the parents of one of the victims. that is the lakeland teacher who had sex with three teenage students. a judge sheds -- sentenced her to prison but today her lawyers murderers have received a lighter sentence. the judge kept the original sentence. the popular tourist spot on fire in gatlinburg and it is the mountain city that many people vacation at 35 miles southeast of knoxville. this is that mop there. this is what it looks like right now with thousands
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last few seconds that at least three people have died. the press conference is happening right now. let's listen in. >> we were not able to get into last night because of the speed of the fire and how quickly it spread and our emergency responders tried to get intel's areas but the trees were down and there was electrical lines down so we are now house by house in the cities and counties to make sure that everyone is out and there are no more losses. that effort is continuing as we speak. we are focused on clearing roads
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and check on anybody in distress. we are deeply burdened by the thought of additional loss. we are going to make every effort to access all of the homes that we can. progress is slow. due to the fire activity and the heavy smoke and the down trees it will take some time to do this. we want our crews as they work in these conditions and our main priority continues to be suppressing multiple structural fires across gatlinburg and any that remain in the county. also our priority right now is the citizens and their safety.
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the safety of our citizens and visitors. that will continue to be our priority until this situation is under control. i would like to thank the incredible support that has been offered to the county and the cities by our state and federal leaders as they continue to open doors for assistance. we have our state representatives here with representative palmer and senator overby. we also have representing the governor's office commissioner of safety and the commissioner of agriculture. we appreciate all of these folks and the support that they have shown to the citizens of sevier
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happening in gatlinburg, tennessee. 14,000 people have been evacuated already. we just heard at least three people have died. we are also listening to these rescue efforts. they do not know if there are still people trapped in these wildfires. earlier today they did say the fire is now under control at least in those areas where it is concentrated but at least three people are dead at this time. much more coming up live from gatlinburg tennessee at 430. great smoky mountain was spared and it is now closed. all of its facilities nearby. dollywood will be closed tomorrow and right now there is no damage to the dollywood park itself but more than one dozen cabins have been damaged or destroyed. dolly parton put this statement
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is going on and is praying for all of the families and the firefighters working so hard. dolly was just at a concert here in tampa over the weekend. she said her blessings have been spared. >> meanwhile the staff at ripley's aquarium was forced to evacuate yesterday but today a team of marine biologist checked on the admirals there. they said they are safe. also over gatlinburg there is an amusement park in it is closed today and tomorrow. you can see that new radio we are getting today. they say the property is okay and the animals are also safe. we are taking a look outside in our area right now and it is just dry conditions everywhere, shay .
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any rain tonight. the apollo beach camera has beautiful skies and plenty of sunshine. it is unlikely you will catch any showers tonight. if you are planning on barbecuing, you do not have to worry about any rain. the temperatures are as mild as 83 degrees in tampa. by 8:00 tonight we are still in the 70s. we do have some interesting weather if you are planning on a round of golf you will want to take a look at this forecast because there is something that could mess up your game and have more on that coming up in just a bit. she jumped out of the plane and started running toward the terminal. >> what we learned about how that woman was able to get the
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still moving. you are watching the now tampa
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welcome back to the now tampa bay . a woman opens an emergency exit door on board an airplane that just landed and then she jumps. >> this was on a united airlines flight yesterday. passengers taking this cell phone video from a different plane of what happened. >> the lady just and jumped off of the plane. >> she just jumped out. we are running toward the terminal. >> officials did not realize that it was not a threat but a medical case. the woman got a psychiatric evaluation and she was hospitalized overnight. >> if you see something like this and you are worried, they cannot open it midflight. there is just too much pressure
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we have breaking news right now at ohio state university attack. isis has just claimed responsibility and call the attacker a soldier. the fbi is going to the suspect 's electronic devices to see if he was self radicalized. he recently posted on facebook he was tired of seeing muslims killed and tortured they wanted the united states to stop interfering with other countries. he was from somalia but attended osu. he hit a group of people on the sidewalk with his car yesterday, and then he started randomly stabbing people. >> et al. happened -- it all happened so fast. it seems to me literally within 15 or 30 seconds i heard the shots and it was over. >> the breaking headline we are
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responsibility for that attack. the police officer who killed the suspect is pictured here. all of the victims are expected to be okay. we are learning more about the officer who shot and killed the suspect. at just 28 years old alan haruko has only been on the force for two years. of who was a student he worked a lot with campus security but that he was very involved his high school which was outside of cincinnati. who is in the school band and even the model rocket club. >> it does not surprise me that he joined the force. he has a big heart. >> horujko had been working at a nearby gas leak and within two minutes he shot the suspect dead. >> if you know someone two or
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let me hear you. >> there is. a big crowd marching in st. petersburg today in the fight for 15. here in florida they are not just pushing for higher wages but also they are talking about issues like immigration and racism. this map shows what minimum wage looks like around the rest of the country. >> there is a lot of grain which means the minimum wage is higher than the federal minimum. it is $8.05 in florida going up to $8.10 in january. >> today the now's kumasi aaron taking a look at the protest of $15 an hour. >> reporter: at fast food restaurants across the country protest and arrest all a part of the fight for 15 date of disruption. a demand for workers to receive
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>> we have faith. >> reporter: luis castillo took part in the protest because the mission hits close to home. the is an airline security worker. he worked his second job with the airline for 17 years and still struggles to care for his son and brother. >> i need something between $48,000 and $55,000. unfortunately i am doing 20,000. >> reporter: he says it is not enough but it is about more than the money. >> to have medical expenses for my kid we actually have no family time because i have to work as much as i can. >> reporter: for many years he worked with no raise forcing him to work seven days a week at two different jobs.
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many workers and one of the main reasons why he is fighting to see them rise. >> we are not asking for higher wages of $150,000 a year. we are asking for something that is dignified for the families so that they can survive. >> reporter: they are fighting not only for better pay but for a better way of life. or they now i am kumasi aaron. am standing with meteorologist shay ryan right now and it feels a little bit like april on the end of november. >> certainly. temperatures have been in the low to mid 80s today and take a look at all of that sunshine with the mainsail beach inn looking gorgeous on anna maria island and the temperature has come down to 79 in tampa with 83 still in brandon and separate hills. 82 in brooke
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this time of the year and the average high would be 75 and the average low around 58. the record for today would be 86 degrees in 2010 but we are certainly closer to the record then we are the averages for this time of the year. something that could mess with your golf game is these winds. 20 belpre wins -- 20 miles-per- hour the warm side. last of sunshine and highs in the low 80s looking like a beautiful day to head out side in general. those winds from time to time could mess with you a bit. we have seen how they have been affecting the forest fires in tennessee and i have more on the forecast coming up. a rescue puppy overload. what is being done with these
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more exposure and a new chance at becoming adopted. the now tampa bay is back in
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welcome back. today the two lockboxes were found in the plane carrying the brazilian soccer team have initial supports -- reports suggesting electrical problems on the plane. investigators are looking into an account from one of the survivors that the plane run out of fuel. today the colombia air force is recovering the bodies of those killed in the crash. there were six survivors
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they say the soccer team shot this video before they took off. they were on their way to play in the south american cup finals. right now three people are dead and five others sick after eating a free thanksgiving meal hosted by a san francisco church that hundreds attended. health officials say it looks like it was some sort of foodborne illness, not clear where the people got sick. all the people were living in a nearby nursing home as well. keep in mind how long you are leaving food out and always make sure it is cooked thoroughly. this is happening right here in florida and it is involving rescue dogs.
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you can see a lot of bridesmaids with puppies and it looks for a great photo but also spreads the word these dogs need forever homes. the mom was on her way to being put down at a shelter in louisiana. so the rescue in tampa picked her up. >> her ears were cut off. they were all chopped up. she still has the ring around the neck from the chain she wore all of the time. >> right now they are accepting pre-adoption applications for these puppies. they should be ready for adoption by christmas. >> until i scanned that taking yesterday and he showed $420 million on the screen. >> my goodness. a huge powerball winning in tennessee but this money came right in the nick of time for
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we have some breaking news and you just learned about the wildfires in gatlinburg. we now know that three have died because of these fires and hundreds of homes and businesses were destroyed. this is now considered the largest fire in the state of tennessee in the past 100 years. 400 firefighters are working and they are doing a lot of search and rescue operations going door to door to make sure everybody is out including areas they could not get to last night because of how bad the fire was.
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of the heavy smoke and the downed trees. the governor of tennessee just wrapping up a press conference. here is a little of what he had to say that is happening right now. >> realize this is a special part of the world and it will remain that but for now a lot of us have heavy heart at what has happened here. this is the largest fire in the last 100 years in the state of tennessee. there are approximately 100 different from different departments around the area with 400 personnel working in different departments and as governor am grateful for the way folks have worked together across the state and local federal national park workers or counties and cities and states with forestry and fema. i could go on and on. the corporation has been
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already spoken with donald trump and mike pence and they both pledge today they will help out. the higher risk of wildfires goes through the month of december almost like hurricane season. >> you can see all of this red area. these are the predictions coming from the national fire center and that is the support center for the u.s. wildland firefighting association. the chance is above normal an area but definitely parts of the panhandle and moving up to the north because the area has been so dry. also portions of california are seeing the same thing. right now there are at least 15 wildfires burning across six southeastern states. we are talking south carolina, tennessee, and virginia. more than 95,000 acres combined.
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60,000 wildfires across the us. the fires this year have burned a lot fewer acres than last year and in gatlinburg the largest things they are up against his mother nature. i was listening earlier and they said they had 20 calls in 15 minutes. shay, the last thing they need is wind. >> right. right now they are up to 16 miles-per-hour. you can see how this is all shaded in around gatlinburg. that is because they are under high wind advisories and warnings. what they are looking at is another front approaching kicking up the wind speeds up to 30 or 60 miles-per-hour in the higher elevations. and why you see the yellows and oranges to the west is because there is a threat of severe
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this means some pretty strong storms headed their way and fortunately there is at least a potential for summer rainfall to go along with it to dampen down some of those buyers and decrease the intensity but 30 and 60 miles-per-hour winds into the day tomorrow. fortunately there is a higher rain chances along with a storm chance with the lightning in a dry scenario could end up sparking more fires. it is not really a perfect situation, but there are some aspects that could be helpful. as far as our weather is concerned, the fronts that will roll through is going to bring us our next cool down. more on that and when we will feel that coming up in my next forecast. a little more information about the woman who was stabbed
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it was 31-year-old rosiro hosera . they are looking for a minivan that look like this. it has the former license plate 338tzw. police are hoping to receive a phone call. to remember this fire? today abc action news reporter isabel rosales caught up with the family to see how they are doing. 30 years of memories burned into ash. >> what is there to be thankful for right now? i just lost everything. >> reporter: instead of a
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>> this is just a disaster. >> reporter: the insurance company told them it will be six months before they will see any money. >> there is no light at the end of this tunnel because we do not know where we are going. >> reporter: the family thought they would spend the rest of their life in this home and now the day-to-day is in hotel rooms and even this roof is not guaranteed anymore. the red cross paid for hotels out-of-pocket since then. >> it is so scary you have one week. >> reporter: one of the hardest hit by this disaster was her 4- year-old son with autism. with his routine disrupted, he often has crying fits like this one. >> we just want a place to call home. >> reporter: for that reason
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to ask the community for help. now they are hoping for a christmas miracle. >> we asked him what he wants for christmas and he said he wants a christmas tree. there is a fire risk in homes many have forgotten about. >> the new warning about
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right now there could be a dangerous device in your house. >> the consumer product safety
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for a dehumidifier which can catch on fire while you are sleeping. take a look at what can happen when they overheat. it was 2.5 million of them sold in the united states. the concern is they are still out there. they are being linked to 450 fires like this sold under many names including kenmore. >> so it wasn't us. but 20 people are splitting it in tennessee as the winners of the $421 million powerball matching all six numbers. >> they are each getting $12.7 million before taxes. so after taxes it is like 20 bucs . the woman who actually
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lift the weight off of shoulders. >> they wanted to remodel their kitchen. he was going to have a bank, so he could get for many. -- more money. they couldn't even get any because of termites. kim do not even want to put up a chrima richard finally wanted to start on a new truck and that he had buyers remorse. he said i cannot pay for this. i called him sunday morning. >> now they can get whatever they would like. the employees are very close to each other. they will joke and even frank each other so when the woman told her colleagues she had won,
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having with what to do with people who burned american flags and the reality of what legally can happen.
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welcome back to the now tampa bay . trump says what he thinks and sometimes his comments come via twitter. >> his latest about what should happen if people burn the american flag are now themselves a firestorm of debate. here is mike sacks. >> reporter: two unconstitutional proposals.
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burn the american flag without consequences. perhaps loss of citizenship or you are in jail. it is an odd assertion. >> burning the flag is a form of expression. speech doesn't just mean written words. >> reporter: that was justice scalia in 2012 defending flagburning. were 5-4 decisions but it gave the legitimacy that still holds today. >> i do not think we want to make this a legal issue. >> reporter: do not just take it from one of his former to the stars in the capital. mitch mcconnell also opposes. no active speech is so
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wanted to override the supreme court decisions. as for the proposal to revoke citizenship the supreme court ruled it to be a constitutional right the government cannot take away. that holds true especially as a consequence for those exercising free speech. for the now am mike sacks. >> the aclu calls the idea fundamentally un-american. remember one vice president- elect mike pence was booed at a show? president-elect tweeted the cast of "hamilton" harassed mike pence and needed to apologize and if it wasn't already popular it would appear the show is now breaking the
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shows. it surpasses "wicked." today donald trump may be the person who we wants to lead the repeal and replace would issue to overhaul obamacare. tom price nominated to serve as the human services secretary and trump calls a tireless problem solver on health care policy. price has been a lead critic of the affordable care act. he is a member of congress and shares the house budget committee and is also an orthopedic surgeon. trump has chosen elaine chao to be the next transportation secretary. she was the first asian- american women to serve in a cabinet level position.
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eight years and was the secretary before that. chao was married to mitch mcconnell. her with meteorologist i spent the thanksgiving holiday in miami and i can tell the difference between south florida in tampa bay. >> my mom came up here and she was wearing three layers. it was so much warmer down there. we were in the low to mid 80s across tampa bay. you can see it is looking pretty nice with a few extra clouds at the moment but temperatures are still in the upper 70s with lots of sunshine to be found. take a look at the futurecast. you can see a couple spots of green showing up. tomorrow afternoon at 4:00 we
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across the east coast of florida. our next chance for rain will come thursday throughout the day as the system rolls through and by friday we are back to the dry side and we will not see a lot of rain on thursday but there is a chance for a few showers with the cooler, dry air settling in. you can see tomorrow we are still in the low 80s with thursday having the shower will be down to 79. the cooler air brings the low into the 60s and the highs to the mid-70s. there is a better chance possibly for some widespread rain and that is ahead in the seven-day forecast with denis coming up on abc action news at 5:00. it is giving tuesday and like the wildfires in tennesee
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donate money to the red cross. our sister station has partnered setting up an emergency response fund. they will give the money donated to nonprofits in tennessee. we have the link set up for you right now at if you would like to donate, last year nonprofits across the giving tuesday. >> maybe it will help boost the status of florida when it comes to be chargeable. check out this map. we are nearly lost with florida ranking 44th in the country when it comes to donating and volunteering. if you don't have extra money to donate, volunteering is absolutely free. utah is in first place followed
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the u.s. as a whole ranks number second in countries. last year the u.s. donated billions of dollars to charity and between 2014 and 2015 63 million people volunteered at least one time. if you are donating today, it is always a good idea to check the legitimacy of the charity. here it is right here. it really breaks down what those charities are actually spending versus what they are giving. take meals on wheels in tampa bay. they used more than 85% of what they take in for its programs and just 7% goes to those who are running it. we checked out some other ones that have low overhead costs as well including the metropolitan
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repair giving away free oil changes and tire rotations or $20 off every repair if you bring a 20 for the toys for tots -- a toy for the toys for tots fundraiser. they have multiple locations doing this until december 10. patagonia is donating all of its black friday sales to charity. that is $10 million and it is five times more than what they thought they would earn. some of the stuff is sold in local dick's sporting goods stores. the money is going to nearly 800 environmental groups around the world.
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>> the now's nicole grigg shows us the support from strangers and how it is helping them to feel loved. >> reporter: it was just days after the election. >> it goes down a whole list of what the victories were for the election. >> reporter: when john and his husband got this anonymous letter. >> for hi describes how the writer knows when the porch light is on and when holiday lights go up. >> i take it as a threat of i am watching you. >> reporter: but since those hurtful words he took to social media and people from around the world are reaching out in support. a local lgbt group in san
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. john has found the good opening up his home to neighbors he has never met. >> if two people show up, we have only got one letter. so the positive outweighs by far. >> reporter: a dozen families came by with plans to start a watch group to help look out for one an $3.4 billion is how much was just spent cyber monday with more traffic leading to more online threat. >> matthew smith reporting many gifts you are thinking of giving this year are easily packable. >> reporter: it is ironic am using a mobile device because
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data in a system or a computer and that is scary because anybody could be watching. it could be anyone. >> the more devices we use, the more likely we will provide information that could lead to a compromise. >> reporter: gary davis says in a growing digital age anything could be at risk. even the media devices >> they find the default password and they inject the malware. so if you have no default password the bad guy will not spend a lot of time figuring out what it is. >> reporter: if you see that term smart it means it is a hot couple device. even things like fridges. it is devices like this that
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>> reporter: the draw of free wi-fi is a big security risk. >> how often do you use public wi-fi? >> i use it every week if not daily. >> reporter: do you worry about getting hacked? >> i just try not to use my credit cards applications i am sharing with other people. >> reporter: about every connection is worth it. security costs could help keep you safe. i am matthew smith. you want to keep in mind while the gifts themselves can be hacked some scammers will be taking advantage of the emails you receive. experts say make sure you recognize the sale or the sender. i am laura harris and that is
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live from the station taking action for you. this is abc action news. >> here we go right now at 5:00 a gun heist caught on camera with walls stripped bare. the reason they were able to get in and get out in no time at all. >> he was a really good kid. a polk county teenager life cut short after he discharged a gun. we are from a woman who made the attempt to save his life. check out this amazing video of a smash and grab burglary at a tampa gunshot earlier this morning. is the tampa arms company. >> we have clifton french outside of the gun shop right now. the atf still trying to figure out how many guns were stolen. >> reporter: the atf tells us at least 35 guns were stolen
5:00 pm
after that the truck went smashing through this front window. the video shows it all. a large truck running straight into this storefront. as soon as it backs out a dozen these rush in. >> we tried to secure the place as best we can. >> reporter: richard smith is the owner here. he found out about the burglary just after it happened. the balls and display cases were stripped missing. >> reporter: none of the guns locked up in safes allowing it to be quick. >> less than a couple minutes. >> reporter: tonight the concerned is where those guns are going and what they will be used for and who has their hands on them now. >> we are very concerned. the guns are in the wrong hands


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