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tv   Action News at 5PM  ABC  November 29, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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after that the truck went smashing through this front window. the video shows it all. a large truck running straight into this storefront. as soon as it backs out a dozen these rush in. >> we tried to secure the place as best we can. >> reporter: richard smith is the owner here. he found out about the burglary just after it happened. the balls and display cases were stripped missing. >> reporter: none of the guns locked up in safes allowing it to be quick. >> less than a couple minutes. >> reporter: tonight the concerned is where those guns are going and what they will be used for and who has their hands on them now. >> we are very concerned. the guns are in the wrong hands
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and exhaust every lead we have. >> it is just unfortunate. we are going to regroup and hopefully opened back up. >> reporter: right now the atf is offering a $10,000 reward. you can take a look at the video with a face that pops up toward the end of the video. take a look and then contact the atf if you know anything about the break- clifton french, abc action news. right now tampa police are working to find the men who robbed a valet at the steakhouse. this is the third robbery at the steakhouse in the last seven months. it happened sunday night when the valet was walking down the alley. he was robbed. police are still traveling -- struggling to track down the suspect.
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hospital has resigned. james burkhart offering his letter of resignation today the chief financial officer will now be taking over effective immediately. the hospital did not give a specific reason. tonight we have new insight into what happened before a 14- year-old boy was shot and killed. brendaliss gonzalez is at the polk county sheriff's office. brendaliss ? >> reporter: investigators think it is most like in all a tragic accident. the sheriff is frustrated by what he calls a careless choice made by teenagers. >> it is something you never think would happen. >> reporter: it isn't just three families grieving.
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>> he is more than a guest. >> reporter: she knew kyler daughtry personally and was there moments after he had been shot. >> i found this kid on the floor and i started doing cpr. from what i could see. >> reporter: investigators say daughtry and two others were in a room when one to get a shotgun. look at the fire. and they did not know what they were doing. and now we have a 40-year-old child that is dead. >> reporter: the sheriff says right now they think the shooting was an accident although they are still considering whether to press any criminal charges. >> you never played a firearm whether loaded or not at anyone. >> reporter: back at the motel there is a warning.
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away from guns. >> reporter: the story of daughtry is not over. his family plans to donate his organs. >> his life is going to give somebody else in life. that is the bright spot. >> reporter: the principal at the middle school of daughtry released a statement describing him as a sweet, loving young man who always made sure to say good morning to everyone at the school. they have grief counselors will be there for students. but ms. gonzales, abc action news. a raging wildfire in tennesee turns deadly with three people tonight confirmed dead in the flames threaten thousands. they forced evacuations for residents and tourists. the focus for officials is going door-to-door to check on people. tonight abc's lauren lyster takes you there.
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at the destruction left in the unforgiving wake of the fire. more than 100 structures lost or damaged in this town. >> personally, i think i have lost my house. but things can be rebuilt. >> reporter: overnight these raging flames devouring the terrain with motorists into gatlinburg clean -- fleeing. wildfires great smoky mountains to popular areas. dollywood was turned into an orange armageddon with ripley's aquarium along with the 10,000 animals threatened but intact. the fires are found by strong winds up to 60 miles-per-hour. >> in a span of around 20
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an almost 20 structure fires. >> reporter: 2000 people are in shelters. fire officials believe the worst is over and it looks like the weather may cooperate. rain is first gusted tonight -- is forecasted tonight. lauren lyster, abc news, los angeles. now the most accurate weather team in florida. abc action >> just tragic pictures coming out of tennessee. you can see they are right in the middle of an exceptional drought that is worse than extreme. this is something they have not seen in a long time. all of the sudden you have a wildfire out of control. there is rain on the way and the same fronts will arrive on thursday.
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that is the way things seem to be rolling with temperatures very warm today and tonight partly cloudy overnight and down the road in the distant horizon we have another cold front on the way to bring us cooler temperatures. new developments tonight with investigators working to pin down a motive for the bali attack at united states -- ohio state university. isis says that abdul razak ali artan is one of their citizen soldiers. they say he used methods that extremists have suggested in the online magazine. tonight is not clear whether the student ever saw or even heard about those instructions. there is still 11 victims in the hospital. university will be holding a
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turning now to the latest in democracy 2016 tonight. if present elect donald trump has a way burning the american flag could become a crime. he challenged the first amendment to the constitution. mr. trump said at this tweet saying nobody should be allowed to burn the american flag without consequences and perhaps loss of citizenship or time in jail. it is not known what inspired his comments are whether he will call on congress to attempt this. something usf students should take advantage of tonight. a free online program and the opportunity to attend a coding boot camp. they are providing this service . students and alumni interested in coding can enroll in the course. completing the course gives
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to the boot camp in virginia and if selected the boot camp is free. that includes housing and an allowance. we are where the fight for 15 rally is just kicking off and what this could mean for your bottom line. the story is coming up. we want to remind you that today is giving tuesday. it focuses on keeping back to the community during the holidays. local fundraisers are one way you can help out. for more ideas go ahead and visit with an entire page dedicated to discuss. stay with us. we will be right back. >> download the new abc action news app for your mobile phone and tablet. just search abc action news in
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y26p3y yy6y welcome back, everyone. am here in the abc action news lobby to say we have teamed up with the salvation army angel tree program. these are children who really need presents on christmas morning. this child would really like
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go out and shop for the gift and bring it unwrapped and we will take care of the rest. there are lots of prizes here that you can register for including a christmas carol on december 18. , on by and register to win. rtv station is really easy to find. we are right across from the raymond james stadium in tampa. our abc action news lobby is open weekdays and in a different part of town you can find another angel tree near you. just had to our website at for all of the locations. new video out of colombia following a deadly plane crash with a sixth survivor pulled out of the wreckage. >> that plane was carrying a brazilian soccer team and 21 journalists all traveling to a tournament in columbia when the
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we do know that right now officials are combing through all of the debris to figure out what exactly went wrong. the charter jet had been declared an emergency because of bad weather. 71 died. that crash is evoking memories of other plane crashes in 1958 that killed eight players and in 1972 there was a plane crash in the andes mountains. the 1993 movie "alive" is based on that true story. workers walking off the job today in hopes of raising their minimum wage up to $15 per hour. healthcare establishments were
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disruptions. operations were running smoothly and right now the push for higher wages churches here to the bay area and you have heard about workers shouting fight for 15 today. >> the protests are part of the fight to double the florida minimum wage. carson chambers joins us tonight where another labor protest is going out and what it could mean for you. >> reporter: a people in centennial park tonight. these are healthcare workers and childcare workers and uber drivers and folks who work at mcdonald's. some of them have been protesting since this morning. a bit of wage increase isn't as simple as you might think. the drive-through at this mcdonald's is briefly blocked
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it is by folks who usually work here. >> i will be on the front line today. hopefully i do not get arrested. but am doing that for a reason. >> reporter: del rodgers says she earns $8.65 per hour. the fight for 15 is not new. the florida legislature killed two bills this year and raise the minimum wage of two $15. two state's already passed similar legislation. >> reporter: some economists say raising the sunshine state minimum wage may have negative consequences not just in the fast food industry but in other fields. >> i think the first concern is how companies are going to react. some of them might let people go and that will create an
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some people will cut benefit. >> reporter: more automation to replace workers a potential outcome. it will cost more to have services like childcare. >> we might see in the near future prices of everything going up and that is inflation. >> reporter: she would nearly double her pay in the short- term but the long term effect could be fewer full-time jobs at her fingertips. back here in centennial park we are told these folks will be marching to the mcdonald's with a number of officers here to make sure they get there safely. in california those gradual changes the put into place will not happen until 2022 when they will see a minimum wage of $15 per hour. carson chambers, abc action news . now the most accurate
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abc action weather. >> it is still feeling pretty warm. today here you say a cold front? >> two. the first one will cool us down with a week from friday a shot at a significant one. if you are into the cool air, it is something to look forward to. from the mainsail it is beautiful and definitely some clouds coming in at times today. we had warm weather today and wednesday. not what you would expect for the last day of november. we have a cold front commented on thursday bringing a couple showers. it will help with the rainfall and in parts of tennessee with the fire. then down the road sunday and monday is little bit better chance of a few showers. i would not change any plans for your weekend but late
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a few more showers out there. we saw some light rain and it is warm with temperatures in the viewing area in the low 80s. early this morning it was mid to upper 60s across most of the region. 65 in sarasota and 63 the morning low in lakela 67 at the airport in tampa and clearwater sunny as well as st. pete. as i said we kind of had a little bit of everything with cloudy periods and even a few showers that remained offshore. what we had today is exactly what we are going to have with mostly dry. you will just feel
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a week ago we had the refreshing air with temperatures back in the low to mid 80s. that fronts on thursday back behind it it is a little cooler and dry. i think you are going to notice the changes and there is a shower we talked about that could role in during the afternoon. at least it is a chance for some rain. there comes a front showers by friday afternoon and thursday afternoon with friday and saturday looking to be cool and dry. definitely lower humidity. overall rainfall through midnight on thursday night most folks less than 1/10 offering -- 1/10 of an inch of rain and then on thursday we begin to see some changes but one week
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hinting at a cold front bringing cooler air that this weekend that next weekend. here is a look at florida's most accurate seven-day forecast with a 30% chance of a shower on thursday and the best chance north of i-4. friday look at the highs back in the mid 70s. morning lows are a little cooler with rain chances returning sunday into monday extending it to a 10 day forecast. still to come tonight we have the technology to save -- send a human to mars but there is one major problem that could stop us from actually seeing it. >> you probably use a remote like this to get into your car every single day. there is a risk and i will
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the pelican has landed. this is the mascot right here of the 2017 event taking place in sarasota. you have until december 23 to offer your input. you can send your suggestions on facebook or email and postal addresses are on your screen. the point of space travel is to see what is out there. a new study find the more time spent in space the worse i said jets. astronauts who spend long periods in space suffered structural damage. astronauts on the international space station have seen it deteriorate in a manner of months. many times the damage is permanent.
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drove them batty coming up with the city of tampa is doing to make sure they get sleep. tempers flaring. coming up what happened with the notorious teacher sex case that led to this feisty exchange. >> download the new abc tion news app for your mobile phone and tablet. just search abc action news in
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live from the station taking action for you. this is abc action news. >> right now a $10,000 reward if you can identify those in this video. the suv crushing right through the tampa arms company gun shop
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dead because of a tragic accident involving a gun. three teenagers were playing with a shotgun at the motel where they lived but it went of killing kyler daughtry. we are talking about a fight over the price of progress. good evening and thank you for joining us. some people living on harbor island say they are paying the price after a clock around their homes. they called jackie callaway for help. >> reporter: the giant pump plays a critical role in the $3 million overhaul of the harbor island wastewater system. the job required the pump run 24/7 just feet away from the bedrooms of half a dozen families.


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