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tv   Action News at 530PM  ABC  November 29, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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dead because of a tragic accident involving a gun. three teenagers were playing with a shotgun at the motel where they lived but it went of killing kyler daughtry. we are talking about a fight over the price of progress. good evening and thank you for joining us. some people living on harbor island say they are paying the price after a clock around their homes. they called jackie callaway for help. >> reporter: the giant pump plays a critical role in the $3 million overhaul of the harbor island wastewater system. the job required the pump run 24/7 just feet away from the bedrooms of half a dozen families.
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>> reporter: the resident contacted the city and moved into their spare bedroom to escape. >> she traveled -- struggled everyday. >> reporter: city construction manager mike showed me the measures they took to muffle the noise. >> we put a topping on here. >> reporter: still be vibration kept them awake at night. >> as you their best. it just wasn't enough. >> reporter: i contacted the mayor's office and they quickly took more step -- steps. and they helped relocate a handful of residents while finishing up the first leg of the job. the city says construction crews will remain during the day until the work wraps up next
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for you. it was a big day in court for a teacher sex assault case in lakeland. look at this. the real battle was outside the courtroom with both sides getting into an exchange after the judge decided he would not ease up on the sentence of jennifer fichter. ryan raiche was right there in the middle of it all. >> reporter: toda outside the courtroom tempers flared between the mother of jennifer fichter and the victim 's parents. >> is your son alive? my daughter is not. you took her life away. >> reporter: they had to be separated with an emotional day in court. the former lakeland teacher who had sex with three students found out the judge will not
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the teenagers pushed for a harsh sentence and that angered the family of jennifer fichter. these fireworks appeared to mark the end of a story that has gripped the headlines for years. to finally a minute she did have sex with students she expressed remorse but few expected the 22 year punishment. decision they do not second- guess themselves. >> reporter: the attorney pushed hard for relief same studies that show women who behave this way are doing it for emotional reasons and are not predators. they brought up several cases. >> i've been doing this over 35 years. you try to compare case to case and drive yourself crazy.
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the emotions several families impacted one way or another. ryan raiche, abc action news. now the most accurate weather team in florida. abc action weather. >> good afternoon, everybody. we are looking at cloudy skies but we are still dry with a few showers south in sarasota. today temperatures even warmer with mid-80s today and still in the uppe at 81 and apollo beach 77. palm harbor over to clearwater in the mid 70s. the dew points are back in the upper 60s. these wars we usually don't think of at the end of november but we still had the low 80s today with the satellite picture showing a lot of clouds for the time being.
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in a few minutes. tonight plant city fire officials are working to figure out what started a suspicious fire on north judson street. firefighters think someone may have started it because they found anti-trump graffiti on the house. a man and two children were inside but they managed to get up safely. a hillsborough county family is homeless after a massive fire the day before tonight they are facing even more heartache. the money from the red cross has run out and now they are having to pay out-of-pocket. they say it has been hardest on the 4-year-old who has autism. he has been stressed. now this family is hoping for a christmas miracle. they have set up a gofundme page in tonight they are asking for
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to do what you have to do. >> you can find a link to their gofundme page on our website at a teenager is facing charges accused of stealing a truck for a surprising reason. he stole it sunday from a gas station and police tracked it down but they say he got out and ran. him down. moore said he was homeless. he is now facing several charges. tonight governor rick scott has to choose the new applicants for the state court before coming up with three finalists. he recommended panel starting from the left with charles lawson the chief judge for the
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and attorney daniel gerber. the spot is coming open because james perry is stepping down december 30 reaching retirement age. we are dealing with the worst conditions imaginable. >> an entire town up in flames. the relief in sight after the break. in tampa today cars that talk to each other. >> this going to change how we interact with the world. the latest burglary of a tampa gun shop straight ahead the startling number of burglaries like this one across
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three people have died in the wildfires in gatlinburg, tennessee. officials are going door to
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with 400 working the fire right now. you can see the flames ripping through the smokies last night. no word yet on a cause but these fires are spreading across a high forest area. this is what is called the chalet village. it is just reduced to rubble in that area. further this way it is completely looking like charred rubble. this mysterious mansion is up in flames. it is a well-known tourist attraction destroyed in the fire. you can barely see what is going. look at that. this is where people vacation all the time with the popular resorts. officials say it is not destroyed but some of them are
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in gatlinburg before you can see the chapel of love and this is all that is left of it. tonight many people in the area are hoping for some rain and hope it might help out. thank you. a zika alert with a texas health official confirming the first locally transmitted case from a mosquito with local transmissions. so far we have had 230 documented cases. meanwhile the japanese government has ordered the killing of chickens and ducks because of bird flu. south korea has also dealt with this as well.
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shelby will stand trial in the death of terence crutcher. he was unarmed when she shot him. this is the chopper video and despite the video showing the hands of crutcher in the air, shelby claims he tried to reach inside his car window. record after record being broken between black friday and cyber monday money into the economy. shoppers fit $3.5 billion between the record spent black friday. sales were up more than 12% from last year. sales were up 16% from last year. one number lower than expected was thanksgiving day sales. after a heated election,
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most americans are feeling good about the economy right now. it is reaching its highest number since july 2007. this number is important because spending drives growth. we had a look into the future today in tampa. it is hard to believe that we might one day have less traffic. adam winer tonight showing us what is coming to our local roadan >> reporter: it took a ride in a car that talk -- talks. >> this is basically broadcasting out what is this cartooning and anybody with a radio can listen in and make the assessment. >> reporter: the company things smarter cars means less
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traffic going from left to right. >> reporter: bob joined me. he is getting our roads ready for a time when cars will do the same as this one. he thinks that will be another 10 years or so. other companies like tesla and uber showing off new technology today. >> here is another thing we are excited about. >> reporter: as was a company ca >> for the first time in history, i actually gets rewarded for using my turn signal. >> 95% of all accidents are caused by human error. >> reporter: more automation means less crashes. >> we are moving into this amazing time. it is like when
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encourage companies to bring that technology to florida first. adam winer, abc action news. a south florida couple is jumping on the latest wedding bandwagon. >> they are treating flowers for puppies to raise awareness for rescue miss. they took a trip down the aisle and the puppies found their way to louisiana. >> her ears were cut off, one was shorter than the other. she still has the ring around her neck. >> the puppies and the mother will be available around christmas time.
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one lucky fan super bowl tickets for life. >> all you have to do is find a special golden but light can -- bud light can. if you find one, take a picture then post it on social media with the hashtag #sbtixforlife. six winners will be tickets to their favorite team and then the big winner will be chosen with super bowl li said for february 5 -- said for february 5. i hope one of my friends finds it and they invite me to go to at least one. >> not this one.
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day of november. you would think we would get some cooler air. you have to wait but it is on the way. it will probably last for six hours. but it is on the way with two strong cold fronts in gatlinburg and outside you can see a lot of clouds mixed in with sun. this is the front moving into tennessee. warnings in the area. -- tornado warnings in the area. when you see severe weather then you know there is a blast of cold air behind it. for us we will not see this but down the road they will be another one of that arrives in a week from friday. that is the way it looks right
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temperatures in the upper 70s and lower 80s. 80 in winter haven and 77 in ellington. wesley chapel 78 and clearwater 73. this morning so much for the refreshing cool air. it was warm with dew points well into the 60s. one more day on that and on thursday a cold front comes in. wi they were earlier on. outside right now tampa is partly cloudy with 77 degrees and hitting 83 today. 86 was the record and 8 degrees above normal. the morning low was 10 degrees above what we typically see.
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few clouds at times but they still warmed up and said dry. we will stay dry overnight tonight and again tomorrow. by late tomorrow afternoon we start looking up to the northwest and that is when the fronts will be rolling in on thursday. the same one i just showed you. by thursday morning the clouds showers across the area. citrus hernando and pasco and sumter county are the best chances. north of i-4 your chances are better. overall rainfall notice through friday it is light. a week from friday all of the sudden there is the chance of rain and colder air so up until
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a front giving a taste of cool air. here is a look at florida's most accurate seven-day forecast with another warm one on wednesday and 30% on thursday. a little cooler friday and saturday and late sunday into monday better chance of rain. i would not change any of your weekend plans. still to come tonight on abc action coming for clearwater. we have the first look at the unveiled plans. spring break will have a tough time finding a beach this year.
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we are super excited about this one. tonight we have learned universal parks and resorts announcing today what many were hoping for. a nintendo themed park to open in orlando. universal says it will be interactive environments. sold! >> nintendo land could replace the woody woodpecker's kid his own which is rumored -- kid zone which is rumored to be closed. the city council in alabama just approving a ban for the spring break season.
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panama city beach officials decided to prohibit booze from beaches and said a curfew during spring break. the police -- police chief said it made a difference. >> the ban a place to everyone -- applies to everyone from march through the middle of april. here is wendy ryan. >> a rampaging bull man in the 911 call that helped save his life and what authorities say made a difference. in and out in a couple of minutes. how a dozen the utes broke into this -- thieves broke into this gun shop. >> reporter: there is good news. the strategies paying off in
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the risk of keyless entry for your car. coming up i will explain what
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live from the station taking action for you. this is abc action news. >> this heart pounding video of thieves swarming a tampa got in store.
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burglary even easier to pull off. thanks for joining us. all day long we have been showing you these images smashing a truck right into the tampa arms company. >> it is really just the latest of a continuing trend of burglaries across the country. abc action news reporter clifton french is outside and the numbers he has uncovered. >> reporter: this is the 17th area since 2014. driving a truck into the store may seem creative but it is something done across the country. >> a large truck ran through the class. they seem pretty well prepared to enter the building and grab whatever they could. >> reporter: the owner is still assessing the damage.


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