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tv   Action News at 6PM  ABC  November 29, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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burglary even easier to pull off. thanks for joining us. all day long we have been showing you these images smashing a truck right into the tampa arms company. >> it is really just the latest of a continuing trend of burglaries across the country. abc action news reporter clifton french is outside and the numbers he has uncovered. >> reporter: this is the 17th area since 2014. driving a truck into the store may seem creative but it is something done across the country. >> a large truck ran through the class. they seem pretty well prepared to enter the building and grab whatever they could. >> reporter: the owner is still assessing the damage.
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stripped bare. at least 35 guns now in the hands of criminals. it is just the latest organized that from a gun shop. earlier this year thieves smashed it on the wall and 25 guns were stolen. in october they did the same thing in tampa with 42 guns taken. in all three cases none of the businesses locked weapons in saves after closing -- in safes after closing. similar reports happened in south carolina. >> we are just seeking any help we can get from the public. >> reporter: it is not a law for gun shops to lock inventory when they are closed though some do it anyway.
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where they could be going. they could be sold for more money in new york city or taking to south america where it can be sold for up to $3000 in columbia. -- colombia. clifton french, abc action news. >> incredible. you can see that video again on our website right now. dozens and you can help get them off the street tonight by sharing this video from our free abc action news mobile app. we have some breaking developments across the bay area beginning in plant city where police are still searching for the person who murdered a woman in broad daylight. since we first told you about this yesterday we have now learned her name.
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sammonds road. police believe her attacker stole her minivan right after killing her. officers are now looking for the gray nissan quest. in polk county deputies are painting a clear picture of what happened before a teenager was shot to death inside a motel room. kyler daughtry was with two other teenagers were they all lived when one to get a shotgun and shot hatchery -- daughtry. at this point it seems to be a tragic accident. >> new numbers tonight show that while some violent crimes are hope, the tampa bay area seems to be doing better. the three reasons authorities believe we have seen a decline
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after we showed him the new crime numbers released. >> it is great news for a homeowner. >> reporter: over the summer his home was burglarized. burglaries are among the highest crimes in the state that in the bay area they are down. we saw 94 fewer cases and the pinellas county 50 less. hillsborough reported six fewer murders and pinellas one. >> we are working together and i think it is having an effect. >> reporter: the drop does not surprise steve with tampa police. >> it was very effective. >> reporter: he also points to advantages in technology and police quickly uploaded this video and we helped to get the word out. >> i think people are more
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maybe they are just more comfortable in the different ways they can contact us. >> reporter: community policing is a priority. >> when you get to know the community, you know when things are wrong and you can help. >> reporter: backing up their message. he knows first hands the methods have worked. >> you're supposed to feel safe at home. >> reporter: he hope to see crime continuing to fall. serene fagade, abc action news. tampa police tells us carbo agrees are up -- car burglaries are up. we have a county by county breakdown of the crime numbers on our free mobile app and our website. now the most accurate weather team in florida. abc action weather.
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with mid-80s and high humidity. we are dry today with a cold front bringing our northern counties some scattered showers on thursday morning. but for most of us it will be warm and muggy and one more day until those changes are right. tonight partly cloudy and clear waking up to temperatures mostly in the tomorrow right back to the low 80s and then we cool off by the weekend with a bigger cool down down the road. just within the last few hours the president of brazil declaring mourning after this horrific plane crash. six people
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we will see in a moment with a out on a stretcher. officials say survival is remarkable considering it went down in a madness area -- mountainous area. it was an electrical failure. pat of butter might have also played a part -- bad weather might have also played a part. a knife was brought to a haskell this is the weapon the teenager used. he tried a stun gun but eventually the assistant principal wrestled the teenager to the ground. tonight the teenager is a mental health facility in fort pierce. thankfully no one was hurt. more of your money might have to soon go toward your
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go up in january. it will be coming over four years starting early 2017. the average bill will go up by 7 dollars a month. the trump transition to the white house has a familiar face appearing to capitol hill. mr. trump appointed elaine chao as his transportation secretary. she was george w. bush's secretary. he also pointed tom price to head up the health and human services department. he will be key in fulfilling a promise to repeal and replace obamacare. meanwhile secretary of state is still up for grabs and mr. trump preparing for a private dinner with mitt romney. and just within the last hour we have learned the recount effort in
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planned. our station in milwaukee reporting jill stein came up with $3.5 million to fund the recount. that means starting thursday wisconsin election officials will go over the result of the election to confirm mr. trump beat hillary clinton in that state. a same-sex couple is now seeing the good in people someone send them a letter filled are with hateful language. john and his partner recently got an anonymous letter in the mail filled with hateful language. since then people from all over the country are reaching out in support and in response they decided to invite neighbors to thanksgiving dinner. more than one dozen families went to show support.
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only got one letter. so the positive outweighs by far. >> today they received a special package in the mail. a pride flag from a group in california. they plan to start a neighborhood watch group to help keep neighbors that are connected. our first look at what the waterfront could look like. these are new park area that would be three times the size of the current park. it would call for a shared garden and naturally elevated walkways. you have two chances to weigh in on these ideas. there is a meeting tonight at the countryside library and tomorrow night at the main library downtown.
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>> this may look normal but the car does not belong to this women holding the key pod. what you can do right now to make sure nobody gets into your car. plus gibberish on a woman's car for no reason and how strangers trashed an innocent
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happening right now we have pictures to show you of a man accused of holding up a circle k on black friday. hillsborough county deputies could really use your help tracking this guy down. this man used a kitchen knife to rob the convenience store. he took cash and cigarettes and he has a beard and was wearing black gloves at the time of the robbery.
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spanish. the intense call a south florida rancher made yesterday as an out-of-control bull attacked him. >> he pushed you all over the place? >> he is still pushing me. >> the ferocious bull kept stomping on his head as he pleaded for help on 911. eventually it deputy arrived and shot and killed that bull. the man is really lucky he had his phone with him. the rancher is still in serious condition in the hospital. you probably use a keyless entry remote for your car. they can actually be used to open more than your car. kera mashek explains what you can do to stop it from
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>> reporter: jamie opens her car with the push of a button before driving off. on a trip to walmart she noticed something strange. >> watch that black car in the parking lot. am unlocking derek carr. >> reporter: jamie is a single mom and the idea someone could open her car with their remote and steal her stuff or he is unnerving. >> i don't want anything that i capturing holidays -- that i get during the holidays to be taken . >> they work off of radiofrequency much like the garage door openers in your home. >> reporter: michael says automakers are constantly trying to stay ahead of the
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few years ago making this pretty hard to do. >> it is very unusual for it to happen, but it does happen from time to time. it is definitely an issue that can be dealt with by the local dealership. >> reporter: jamie is planning to get that done right away. back am an honest person. >> reporter: kera mashek, abc now the most accurate weather team in florida. abc action weather. >> a beautiful night across part of the area although the main cell in to not keep the temperatures down at all with low to mid 80s today and one more warm day in store until a cold front arrives on thursday. it will bring us some showers
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south in sarasota or the highlands the rain chances are slim. showers are possible again early next week with a stronger front breaking pass cooler air. the front coming on thursday is bringing tornado watches across mississippi and the good news is it will bring much-needed rain to those areas around galveston and unfortunately the threat hours with tornado warnings in effect. by the time it makes it here, it will be more week -- weak with scattered showers. temperatures right now upper 70s right near 80 degrees. this is the end of november with 74 in tampa and there is a satellite picture with a
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you could feel this in the afternoon tomorrow morning just as warm with dropping to the upper 60s to around 70 degrees. overnight we have clear skies at times and a few more tomorrow and that is about the way to play it. rain should not be an issue tomorrow but by thursday morning there is the front bringing in some showers. you live in the northern counties maybe northern pinellas you have a little but better chance of rain. by the time it rolls into the southern counties, there will not be much left. it is in the conversation maybe 3 degrees below the record highs for a good portion of the area. by the end up next week strong indications of a cold front
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air. if you are really looking forward to cooler air, it is one week from friday. southerly winds at 15 knots in the gulf temperature upper 60s with the uv index at six. supper wednesday it is partly sunny and warm with 83 in tampa and a look at florida's most accurate seven-day forecast has rain chances 20% on thursday with the highs mid-70 as opposed to mid 80s tomorrow. saturday another nice day with a chance of showers into early monday. it should not be a problem for any outdoor plans. brand-new video of a los angeles woman caught on camera vandalizing a car. police say she had no reason to do this.
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words to be stuck in that black paint. the suspect is now under a site hold. the bucs are starting to get some love from the critics. tk has the story next in support. -- sports.
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rketplace plan visit or call (877) 753-8816 hello, folks. it will be interesting to see how the lining plate tonight against columbus. it was not a pretty sight last friday. tonight they put jt brown returning for the lineup and hopefully it will strengthen the net and regain some
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the nfl power rankings now 14th and have a trip coming up to san diego this weekend. coming off a 1.5 sack day against russell williams the buccaneers' now spends of for the nfl rookie of the week. it was nothing short of dominating. along with a bump up the nfl power rankings the bucc national game on december 11 against the saints. the 1 p.m. start has been changed so the networks are beginning to give the buccaneers some love too. life does not get easier for the florida gators going right from fsu to alabama. they favored by 24 and the number one in the country for a reason.
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their dominance. >> the commitment to team excellent is something that coaches -- coach has really been able to define. it is pretty fascinating. take a look and just see all of the communication that goes on. everybody is on the same page. that is impressive to see. >> i hope it is a half decent game. guys are starting to care. it is about time. >> continuing coverage on and we will see you back here at
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tonight, tonight, breaking news. the state of emergency right now. several major fires out of control in tennessee. thousands of families and tourists racing to escape. this hotel engulfed in flames. even dolly the path. some cabins catching fire. also breaking, the deadly plane crash. what we have just learned. what happened just before the crash. and the team onboard, the video of them celebrating before the fateful flight. and the six found outside the plane, alive. the attack at ohio state. the student on a rampage with a butcher's knife. what's now been discovered tonight. donald trump about to go to dinner at this hour with mitt romney and his wife. will romney get the job as


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