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tv   Action News at 11PM  ABC  November 29, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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what started as a peaceful rally ends with people arrested. >> next how a demonstration got out of hand. >> and what more than 20 protesters did landing them in
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. >> announcer: live from the station taking action for you. this is abc action news. new at 11:00, tensions boil over tonight in ybor city, more than 20 people arrested, the confrontation with cops all over a protest about raising minimum wage. good evening, everyone, i'm paul lagrone. >> and i'm wendy ryan. marisela burgos live in ybor city with why people wouldn't move. >> reporter: this was a peaceful protest. their wasn't any via lens when they were arrest -- violence when they were arrested. they sat behind me a few feet and they said they did it because they wanted to stand up for what they believe in. [ chanting ].
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spanish, yes, we can. a group of protestors sat on north 21st street in ybor city. >> it was a long history in the civil disobedience. >> reporter: officers let them demonstrate and made them move. officers eventually arrested 23 people who refused get up. >> why move, why? >> reporter: one of them was demarcus mobley. >> we deserve more, >> mobley hopes what he did tonight helps increase the minimum wage. >> could you live off $8.05? could you live off of it? i can't, so that's why i'm fighting for $15 right now. >> would bey standing demanding this country -- we are standing, demanding this country pay attention, especially the powers that be, that masses are suffering under the poverty wages. >> reporter: officers handcuffed jason james, as well, and she'd do it again. >> it's worth it to show people
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business. >> reporter: the 23 people who were arrested for fighting for 15 were given a notice to appear in court next month. reporting live, marisela burgos, abc action news. >> marisela, thank you. tonight, hillsborough deputies searching for a gang of thieves who used an suv to smash their way into a gun store. i want you to take a look at the security camera video, the crooks grabbing every weapon, not locked down, stealing 40 guns in all. the atf says gangs like this now behind a 28% spike in gun store burglaries. more than 12,000 weapons, like assault rifles stoner, that's more than one burglary per day. >> less than 30 seconds they were in, got the guns and were out. >> reporter: in and out in 30 seconds? >> 30 seconds. >> investigators saying the majority of those guns end up being used in violent crimes in cities across the country.
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in gatlinburg, tennessee, now leading to a curfew. firefighters there concerned about the forecast tonight for 60-miles-per-hour winds. already, the fire has killed three people, destroyed more than 150 homes, and tonight a small army of firefighters is trying to keep the flames away from the town. those winds are definitely going to be an issue but the reason they're having the windy weather is because of a strong cold front. this is probably going to bring one to gatlinburg area over the next 24 hours so that is great news. i would expect that would pretty much cause those fires to fizzle out. they're still very rough weather with this so you can so tornado watches and tornado warnings across part of the deep south. there it is extending all the way down into louisiana, and that's the front that's coming this way. right now, all's quiet, but by thursday, we're going to feel the effects of that front in the form of some showers.
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60s in paul county. some clouds building overnight, but it stays warm. you're going to wake up to temperatures in the upper 60s to lower 70s under partly cloudy to clear skies, but that front comes in on thursday and then a stronger front bringing some colder air, that's in the forecast, as well. i'll tell when you it arrives coming up. more speculation over who donald trump will choose to be secretary of state. the president-elect dining with former faux mitt romney this evening, and incin stance, reince priebus. kellyanne conway publicly addressed concerns about romney because of his criticism of the president-elect on the campaign trail. racial slurs and hate speech filling the walls of a veterans home and the state fire marshal investigating as a possible arson. martin . we got an inside look why this
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>> reporter: pretty unbelievable to see the damage inside his daughter's room, where his 8-year-old daughter sleeps. look what they did to her bed. above it, it's a curse word, but to the right it leads from f and it says yo kids, this veteran trying to figure out who would do something like this. >> heart kind of just sinks in your chest. >> reporter: matthew smith lives at this plant city home with his wife and children. >> the place was ransacked. >> reporter: he got a call from his neighbor around 3:00 a.m. his home was on fire, the fam thankfully was at their grandparent's. the fire was bad enough, then he saw the graffiti. >> f trump, there's crackers written on the back of the door, there's cracker written in the living room wall. >> reporter: the state fire marshal is investigating the fire as suspicious and a possible arson. smith voted for donald trump and he believes whoever did this were copying other anti-trump
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now, where there's protestors breaking the law, damaging property, destroying cities and oh, just let them do it and that's not how it should have gone down. if you're breaking the law, you go to jail. that's it. >> reporter: the house appears to be a total loss, but smith is trying to save whatever he can. claims adjusters will be here tomorrow to see if the house can be saved and if anything else can be saved, as well. we're in plant city in hillsborough county tonight, news. muslim leaders in south florida are notifying police about a hate letter sent to a local mosque, says, quote, trump will do to muslims what hitler did to jews, end quote. mosques nationwide got this same letter last week and the written is anonymous. take a look at this video on our web site. a woman's racist rant caught on camera at a michael's in chicago. there's good coming from this
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the cashier who was on the receiving end of the woman's tirade. >> "and i voted for trump, so there. do you want to kick me out because of that? and look who won. and look who won. and look who won." >> the woman called two african-american employees animals and suggested that they discriminated against her because she is white and voted for trump. now, the customer who recorded this whole thing started a go people have donated more than $27,000 right now, ocala police are looking for a man who tried luring a 13-year-old girl into his car. it happened monday afternoon. officials say the girl was waiting for her mom when the guy offered her a ride. after she refused he demanded she get in his vehicle and then chased her. she got away and was not hurt.
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apopka residents saying their mail is being handled violently, and one mail carrier shoved his mail so hard it went to the back of his mailbox and on the ground. and just last month a security camera caught a mailman throwing mail on to someone's porch. and the two families of the two disappeared last seen in july of 2015, now cohen's dad wants access to the teen's social media accounts. pamela cohen, who is divorced from the father opposes this looking for information for a potential wrongful death lawsuit. all new tonight a dangerous intersection risking local lives, what our cameras caught drivers doing and the call for action tonight. >> plus record spending on cyber monday means many people will be expecting package deliveries. the unusual way one police department is making sure those gifts are not stolen by any grinches.
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hundreds of dollars on cable tv. . >> announcer: download the new abc action news app. just seven abc action news in
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right now the fbi is piecing together the motive behind the attack at ohio state university including the possibility of terrorism. agents have now recovered at least two devices belonging to the suspect. they're also looking at his onlinect responsibility for that attack saying the 18-year-old was one of their soldiers but there's no evidence that that claim is in fact true. 11 people were hurt after the attacker plowed his car into a crowd and slashed victims with a knife. tonight, authorities analyzing the black boxes from the plane crash that killed 71 of 77 people on board. that plane was carrying a brazilian soccer team on its way
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journalist and crew members. the facebook page showed them at the airport about to board that plane. caught on camera, a parking lot brawl between two women in south los angeles quickly escalating. the women throwing punches all over a parking space, and one of them takes it up a notch, getting into a white suv ramming the other person's car, nearly taking off the passenger door. the vehicles ramming into each other there, several lot before the white suv takes out a fire height rant, sending a geyser of our into the air. and investigators investigating what causing this house to explode. a woman trapped inside, somehow managed to free herself and get her dog out safely before that house was destroyed. look at those flames.
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a man getting a hefty pay out after getting accidentally locked in a chicago jail for more than 30 hours. this man visiting his son when he was locked in the visiting room. he he's been awarded $600,000. and fighting to fix a stretch of dangerous highway, our abc action news reporter showing us why so many drivers are risking their lives get down the road. >> reporter: it didn't take long. >> i hear the sirens constantly. >> reporter: to see what has these people so upset. car, after car, 40 of them in under an hour, ignoring three no u-turn signs and turning any way. >> this needs to be done. >> all day long. >> there goes another one. >> reporter: and it's happening just across the street from this
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killing the local musician, who was riding his motorcycle. >> this is another person who lost his life and we want to seeing some done. >> everybody comes out, turns in here and makes a u-turn just to go south on 19. >> reporter: according to fdot, there have been 29 crashes since 2010, two of them fatalities. they say the problem stems from walmart, cars entering the shopping center from beacon woods are forced to get in the southbound when a car is coming around. >> reporter: fdot says the intersection does not qualify for a stoplight but they're asking the count tow work with walmart -- county to work with walmart to add a two-way exit. >> it's very sad and frustrating ton this is always happening. >> reporter: abc action news. taking action for you tonight, one police department using technology to fight porch
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steal their packages in campbell, california, because they will be tracking them. it's all part of a bait program to catch these crooks. here's how it works. police have the delivery company deliver the gps inside. if it moves, they'll make an arrest. >> don't come to campbell and don't steal packages and you don't know if it's ours. residents are victims every single day. there's way to protect your holiday packages, too. first think about installing a security camera, next, try an amazon looker. there's several locations in the -- locker, there's several low cases in the bay area, and pick them up at a ups store. a las vegas man teaching crooks teaching them a lesson.
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bait. guess what. it just happened to be filled with bags of dog pop. starting tomorrow there will be a new option for streaming cable at a lower cost. directv now launches and it promises 60 to more than 120 channels based on which options you choose with monthly rates starting as low as $35. the service will not have contracts and will be available on amazon fire tvs, apple tvs, and of the year. a homeless man making the best out of a bad situation, this is in los angeles. his living space is now going viral. he has a living room, a bathroom, even a -- he even made a jakoozie, and he has two he rents out for $25 a week. he says he's making a living through donations and hopes to
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band -- adopting two tiger cubs born at a german zoo. the zoo keeper took them home to her dog. he seems pretty happy to play with these guys. so cute. they helped raise him, too. he previously helped raise a white lion back in 2012, but when the cubs get bigger of course they'll be too dangerous to play with the dog and will return to the zoo. so i haven't put up the christmas lights yet because i haven't felt like it's cool enough. >> it's kind summer. >> at that rate you can do it in february. >> when christmas is over. >> luckily some folks have not taken your lead, paul and they are putting them out. we've got about 300 or 400 people have sent in pictures in the last 24 hours. this is luke barrette inside his house. beautiful setting there. the fireplace you haven't really needed that with the exception of one or two days last week where we actually cooled off. if you hang on, nine or ten days, i think we've got another
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week from this friday. one more warm and muggy day on wednesday with temperatures right back in the mid-80s. we've got a cold front coming in thursday. it's the same one that's bringing the rain to gatlinburg and it's also bringing the severe weather across the deep south. for us it will weaken but still bring us some rain, especially north of i-4 and some showers possible late sunday into monday and i think those bigger changes are going to hold off until the end of next week. temperatures right now still very warm, very muggy, upper 60s to the middl points have been well into the 60s up near 70. you start seeing that word "muggy " pop up again. one more thursday, first of two, maybe three. not going to bring us a huge change, but definitely a little cooler, dryer come thursday night, friday, and into saturday. right now upper 60s to partly cloudy skies. we had sunny skies, we had cloudy skies, and even some rain
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think we stay dry tomorrow and then that begins to change by thursday morning. waking up to another warm and muggy start to your day. the last day of november it will feel, well, more like october, maybe september with temperatures around 70 degrees. a lot of sunshine, just unusually warm, not a bad day. first day of december, that's going to bring a cold front or what's last of a cold front. by thursday morning, there it is. best chance of showers will be sunrise thursday morning until late afternoon and it fizzles out completely. if you live south of i-4 your chances of rain pretty slim on thursday and then friday, everything clears out nicely. so there it comes, warm and humid out ahead of the front. tomorrow, and then the front swings through on thursday afternoon. a few isolated showers that fizzle out as they come on through and a little dryer, a little cooler come friday and saturday. highs back in the 70s on friday and again on saturday, and then
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bump up again by the latter half. it will be light. check out the end of next week. come friday and saturday, that's that stronger front i'm talking about, that's the one that's going to bring us at least based on the current thinking, some much colder weather that friday night and saturday. in other words not this weekend but next weekend. so we've got one more day of this right bacin mid-80s across the entire viewing area you're in citrus, orlando, everybody will be in the low to mid-80s and that long range pattern we stay warm for a while, but like i said towards the end of next week we start to cool off. there's big storm could create some major snow from the great lakes to new england sometime that following weekend. closer to home for the boaters,
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rain chances about 20, maybe 30% on thursday, north of i-4. friday and saturday look good. now rain, sunday night late into monday, should not be a big deal. definitely don't change your weekend plans. we're in the 70s until the cool down returns by the end of next week. one bad game is okay. two in a row you go, hmm. tk examines sports. on the next morning blend we check in with mossy and see how they help you celebrate the holidays. >> plus we take you to a d.i.y. paradise, we'll show you around a one of a kind store, a
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y26pby yy6y hello, folks. i think it's pretty evident what's killing the lightning, their defensive core is in a front and i'm talking victor headman on down. in fact, it was headman that got ca bolts turnover in the neutral zone against columbus. he sets up a three on one four. the columbus blue jackets, it's 1-0. lightning this a delayed penalty, and the jackets get the sixth man on the ice. nobody home there for the bolts. the lightning lose 5-1. they face a road trip sweep if
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thursday night. all right. no change in the college football rankings that claim out tonight. alabama remains number one, ohio state second, clemson third, washington moving into the four hole this week after michigan's double overtime to ohio state. wolf vereens are fifth, wisconsin is sixth. and of course the gators have a crack at number one 'bama this saturday in the s.e.c. championship game. gators are being given a little chance to pull country, folks for a reason. >> that commitment to team excellence is something that coaches really been able to define and i mean it's pretty fascinating. take a look when you watch -- go back and watch the games and see all the communication that goes on whenever there's shift or emotion and everybody's on the same page and that's impressive to see. >> all right.
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year, and to me i'm most excited with the emergence of mike evans. it's all the season numbers that have set him up for a pro bowl year. >> there was a time when mike evans would run his mouth on the field. now he's more inclined to be running up numbers in the bucks record book. it's all a sign of maturing. >> i've made effort. i have to stop hurting my team. i put that into effect. from a preparations standpoint and from keeping his composure standpoint. mike's playing so much more under control and he's just letting his talent do it. >> i got married so i think that helped mature me a little bit and it's working out for me. >> with his emotions in check, evans is setting himself up for his best season yet, a pro-bowl like season. he already has over 1,000 yards
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hawked by one of the best defensive backs in the game last sunday in richard sherman. evans won the battle convincingly. >> that's an all right accomplishment. >> he's an elite. i say that every week. hart work pays off. he in particular works -- hard work pays off. he in particular works very hard. it's paying off. you see how great he really is. >> chris conti's injury may last a while, and tk's bucks pick will come on twitter friday. tkoren @wffts.
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partly cloudy overnight, going to be a mild start to your day. mild finish, too. we're going to end up about 84, 85, in that ballpark and going into school tomorrow morning, top out about 82 in tampa. got to give it an a. partly sunny and warm. better chance of showers on thursday. >> you can get more coverage at abc action
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>> dicky: from >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, benedict cumberbatch, isla fisher, "this week in unnecessary censorship" and music from flatbush zombies. and now, moving right along -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and a [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: than >> jimmy: thank you. thank you. very nice of you. hi, everybody. thank you. i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thanks to all of you for coming.


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