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tv   Action News at 430AM  ABC  November 30, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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and boating looks good heading into friday. mid-70s and a nice weekend setting up. abc action news starts now. a dangerous intersection claims two lives and why wal- mart is being blamed and what they are doing to try to get it fixed. good morning. thank you for joining us on this monday. 23 people were arrested during a peaceful fight for 15 demonstration. tampa police officers handcuffed them after they refused to remove off north 21st street. and the police told them that they needed to move. and the group protested tuesday night in support of increasing
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>> we are demanding this country pays attention that the masses are suffering under this poverty wages. >> there were dozens of arrests of fight for 15 protesters in cities not just here but all over the country. and those opposed to raising the minimum wage believe it will result in lost jobs and business closures. a veteran he looked if he was targeted because he supported donald trump. and we told you about this fire yesterday morning and they vote f trump and not my president. matthew smith and his wife and two children were not in their home. and smith believes who did this was trying to copy other destructive i have anti- protesters around the country.
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now where the protesters breaking the law and damaging property and destroying cities and, just let them do it. and that is not how this should have gone down. if you're breaking the law, you go to jail. that's it. >> and the state fire marshal is investigating as suspicious and a possible arson. manatee county deputies is looking for a ran they threatened to harm herself in the past and does not have her prescription medication with her. if you know where she is, contact the manatee sheriff's office. if you're a florida power and light customer, your bill could jump come january. regulators just approved a 5 and a half million dollars rate
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month and they need the extra month to complete improvements likeup grades and turbine and tower product plants. there's a problem about this highway and explain which two organizations have to get on board to fix it there were didn't take long. >> >> i hear the sirens constantly. >> reporter: to see what has these car after car 40 of them in under an hour ignoring no u- turn signs and doing it anyway. and it happened right here. a man was riding a local musician riding a motorcycle. >> another person lost his life and we want to see something done. >> everybody comes out and
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turn just to go south on 19. >> reporter: and fdot there have been 29 crashes since 2010 and two of them fatalities. they are forced to make a u- turn to get back home to use the southbound lanes of u.s. 19. >> you cannot slow down when a car is coming around. >> reporter: and they stay does not qualify for a asking for wal-mart to put in a two way exit. >> this is always happening. good morning t is wednesday and is it is warm and humid outside. and look at this tampa, 71. we have not got below 70 here and up are 60s in the rest of
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little fog out there. and we'll watch for that on the roadways. and a front comes in by thursday and a few showers tomorrow and we clear out and cool off by friday. ahead of the front, severe weather has broken here across the deep south. and that will take you to alabama where the weather system has turned deadly as a result of violent tornados that rolled through after midnight with multiple fatalities reported. widespread damage in the region and they'll be under the gun again today and i think the threat will be less so. and the worst time to get that severe weather, tornadoes, severe winds, the middle of the night. folks sometimes go to bed and not aware of what is happening and all the sudden your world has changed. and we'll try to get the word out there. but sometimes is doesn't work. take a look at us for this severe whether that is one last check here. i want you to see how much we
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we've had in quite some time after a nice lull here. 8 # for us as we -- 81 for us as we enter this afternoon and the temperatures falling to the mid-70s by 7:00. 4:36. a man ran away with two diamond rings at zales and he runs off with the he was spotted jumping into the passenger seat of a sky blue ford taurus. the florida department corrections is going to pay $800,000 to end a lawsuit for whistleblowers. three inspectors said they suffered retaliation when they came forward that a prison guard gassed an inmate to death. the fdc have not admited that
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true. the police are looking for a that man tried to lure a 13- year-old girl in his car and then chased her when she refused. this happened monday afternoon by a middle school she was waiting for her mom when that guy offered her a ride. and then he demanded her to get in the car. she did get away and not hurt. a over botched breast implants. three father justified new lawsuit against the father and son team. nearly 200 of the doctor's patients has sought legal
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surgeries. plaintiffs in the lawsuit said that the surgeries left them in pain. >> i'm angry. i'm never not in pain. i'm never not wearing two bras for five years. for five years i wore surgical because. my breasts are hard. i feel like a >> neither the doctor or his son have commented on the new allegations. the postal service is investigating after a central florida man claims that the mailman mistreated the mail. he said that he shove it had all the way through the mailbox and out the back door and on to the ground. several apopka residents have
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register for the draft after all. the house and senate reached a bill that abandons plans to enter women in the draft. the internet archive started working on the new archive after donald trump won the presidential election. and they say it will make it harder for people to take down certain content and the effort is costing millions. and it keeps pi at its locations in california and sudan and egypt. to a racist rant caught on camera in chicago. a white woman claimed that black employees in a ross store discriminated against her. >> and the woman called two african-american employees
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discriminated against her because she is white and voted for trump. people have donated $27,000 to the cashier who was on the receiving end of that woman's tirade. there's a new option for getting streaming cable at a lower cost. 60 to 120 channels. monthly rates start as low as $35. but they could rise later. and the service will contracts and it will be amazon fire tvs and rue could. and you cannot pause it and there is no dvr. coming up, authorities in california upset with the woman that was kidnapped while jogging. the one thing that he is saying that he really wished he would
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a fight in a parking lot between two women gets a lot worse when one woman gets in
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take a look at this lightning and high winds could fuel deadly wildfires in tennessee and right now the area under gatlanberg is under a curfew and the fire has been
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thousands of tourists and residents have been evacuated. donald trump's cabinet is taking shape and he has filled three new positions. >> reporter: yet another meeting with former mitt romney. to the dismay of some supporters, trump and the former presidential hopeful having dinner last night as president elect continuing weighing when will be the secretary of the state. and the latest choices, republican tom price of georgia for health of human services and price fierce critic of obamacare. and trump picking former labor secretary chow to the leader of department transportation. she was the only member of
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the full eight years. overnight word of a done deal on one of his big chain promise. >> if i were in president right now, carrier will leaving for mexico right now. and nobody should be allowed to burn the american flag. in they do, there there must be consequences, perhaps loss of citizenship and a year in jail. flag buck is protected under d burning is pro -- flag burning
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amendment. take a look at this video over any shoulder. a parking lot brawl between two women in south los angeles quickly escalates. one of them takes it up a notch and gets in her suv and rams the other woman's car. and she keeps hitting the car and then both vehicles keep of the women hit the fire hydrant and sent a geisinger up in the air. a los angeles homeless man is making the best of a bad situation. he has a living room, a bedroom room. and he made a jacuzzi out of a prig frig tonight and he has
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and he hopes to find a real home soon. is it beyond shorts weather today. maybe the pool is still working. some people empty it out during the season. upper 60s and low 70s. and is not just warm, but it and we're not that humid, that oppressive, but it is still much more humid than we're used to for this time of year. this is the 30th of november. december starts tomorrow. and a few showers as the front comes in. and so back to normal where we should be and overnight lows in the 50s. and that will feel nice as you
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without feeling all the sticky air around you. this is going to look nothing like it looks right now by the time it gets to us. it is a thin band of showers and it is spot pentagon the incredible -- spotting the incredible weather. and the tail end of the front moves in and a couple of showers and we get into the cooler and dryer air. and what that looks like on the 7-day from the 80s upper 70s tomorrow with mid-70s, cool start in the 50s out there. and that continues heading into the weekend slightly warmer by sunday. if you want to prevent a stroke, you may want to have a glass of wine with dinner. they are providing further evidence that an occasional glass of wine prevent a certain type of stroke.
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lower risk of the stroke. but moderation is key. heavy linking is to an increased risk of all types of strokes. and we see the highlights in the cracks in the bolts game. >> reporter: good morning. i think it is evident now what is killing the lightning. the defensive core is funk. and this guy was going the wrong way and he ran into -- and they got 3-1 for columbus. second period, lightning in a delayed penalty situation. blue jackets get the sixth man on the ice and nobody really home there are for the bolts and the lightning go on to lose this one, 5-1. and they face a
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st. louis thursday night. chris contry's injury may last a little while. you can find his update on that is your morning sports update. enjoy your day. coming up on abc action news at 5:00, you can help nasa explore deep space and earn $30,000 in the process. problem. and oregon school district is trying to protect all of its students. but parents think that a ban on christmas decorations should
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a santa ban is rubbing parents the wrong way in an oregon school district. the district said it wants to
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>> they're going to put a giant cross on the window is one thing. but santa claus is more focal and american history opposed to a religion school district. 4:55. this is not what you want to see in your backyard this is a herd of cattle rubbing a sacramento neighborhood. they trample air-conditioning, fences, highway control officers finally cornered them and called in some cowboys to help round in the cattle. >> you go ahead. >> wow! >> a man accused of hurting a police dog in manatee county. and the fight for 15 leads to arrest across the country.
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minimum wage led to some demonstrators being taken away in handcuffs. a home covered in graffiti and set on fire in brandt city and why he thinks he was targeted. gatlanberg, tennessee is waking up empty and damaged. and they are getting some much need rain thanks to the same cold front but it is also spawning d three people have died as the tornadoes hit northern alabama. they were inside the mobile home when the storm hit. there are reports of other people injured. some people were rescued and lucky to be alive because the storm only left behind the front porch. let's see what kind of


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