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tv   Action News at 5AM  ABC  November 30, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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minimum wage led to some demonstrators being taken away in handcuffs. a home covered in graffiti and set on fire in brandt city and why he thinks he was targeted. gatlanberg, tennessee is waking up empty and damaged. and they are getting some much need rain thanks to the same cold front but it is also spawning d three people have died as the tornadoes hit northern alabama. they were inside the mobile home when the storm hit. there are reports of other people injured. some people were rescued and lucky to be alive because the storm only left behind the front porch. let's see what kind of
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severe weather. i think people tend to let their guard down thinking that we cannot get tornadoes now. but that is not true. these are all super cells and all capable of tornadoic weather. and what is happening with radar right now, it is becoming more linear right now. this threat will continue to diminish as the system pushes south and east. and this is not the best news for people in gat lynn because we have embers go on the hotspots there and the gusty winds should be an issue for them despite the fact there's
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we have right now. that is very warm and upper 60s and low 70s. and dew points in the same range here and that will have us dealing with fog. the afternoon temperatures, well into the 80s and higher heat indexes or feels-like temperatures. we'll talk about the cool front in a couple minutes. we have a crash on i275 the report of some debris in the roadway from the crash in the northbound lanes. but traffic moving good right through there. just a reminder to slow down and move over when you see the emergency vehicles out there on the roadways. and the drive on the other interstates, looking great right now. we're in the green and looking great. and 275 in pinella county, 68 the average speed from the
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frankland. a bradenton man facing several charges after they say that he attacked a sheriff k-9 when he tried escape. a k-9 was released and when the dog bit him, he started punching it and he eventually surrendered and arrested. protesters are facing charges this morning afte ybor city in the culmination of the fight for 15 event. abc action news reporter -- is live with more and what the protesters did that got them arrested. >> reporter: this with a planned out. and no surprises. what happened last night was exactly what they wanted to
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is where the march ended last night. protesters said they were going to cause a description and they were willing to go to jail for it. tampa police sat back in the demonstration and they were told to move and those that didn't went to jail. and 23 in all. it is part of an effort to bring more attention to the cause and raising minimum wage to around the country in some of the nation's busiest airports, including o'hare and lax, uber drivers and hospital workers also protested. 40 protesters arrested at a rally at mcdonald's detroit. efforts to raise the minimum wage in past years in florida have fallen short in tallahasse. and economists said if it did go up to $15 an hour there
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and more auto fast-food restaurants. a veteran's home is torched. and now the investigators are looking if he was targeted because he voted for donald trump. the arson lift left racial slurs and pro panty on the home. matthew smith and his wife and two small they were with family for the holidays. and he thinks whoever did this is trying to copy other anti- trump protests across the country. they are damaging appropriate and destroying cities and let them do it. and that is not how it should have gone down. if you're breaking the law, you go to jail. that's it. >> the state fire marshal is investigating the fire as
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are notifying the police that was sent to a local mosque this week. we told you about the threatening letter in california and now the same letter is popping up in florida and georgia. it is filled with insults and it says trump will do to muslim what's hitler did to jews. a tennessee hub wildfires burned buildings to the ground. national park service saying that one of the fires was human caused and is under investigation. two people are under arrest. thousands evacuated and some drove straight through the flames. and the tennessee governor said this is the worst fire that the state has seen in more than a hundred years. the mayor of gatlanberg lost
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and that many people impacted, making it anybody wants to reach out to help, we're more than willing to accept it. >> tourist attractions like pigeon forth and dolly wood shut down right now. the park will reopen friday open. authorities in colombia money to analyze the boxes from the crash. the plane had some sort of electrical failure before crashing. the plane was carrying a brazilian soccer team on the way to match. only 6 out of 77 people survived. before boarding the flight, it shows them at the airport getting ready to board the plane. the man shouldn't over for one of the two inmates that
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the seckman. leann campbell was captured last night. and the other is still on the run. they cut through their cell bars thanksgiving day and repelled down the side of the jail using tied bed sheets. they are facing life sentences if they are convicted for the charges that near that tyler daughtry was killed at the motel where he lived on lynchberg road. he and two other teens all lived at that hotel and were in the room when one pulled out the gun.
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grabbing every weapon not locked down. they stole 40 guns in total. and that kind of crime is not just happening in tampa gangs like this one are behind a 28% burglaries around the country. investigators said that the majority of the guns end up being used in violent crimes. collect how this video from lauderdale. this man appears to be shopping for rings and he snatches the two rings and runs off. he was last seen jumping into the passenger seat of a blue ford taurus. temperatures in up are 620s low 70s. and it feels warmer because of
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and we'll have heat evaluates more reminiscent of summer. it will be cooling down. a movie theater evacuated late last night in california after a man pulls out a gun. how the situation ended with everyone safe. a new push this morning to make sure that we're all prepared in the recent of an attack. what kind of training that we could all undergo in
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a man is arrested after the police recovered a handgun inside a movie theater. it is unclear if shots were ever fired. and one witness said that the theater was dark and he sawed the gun barrel when the man wave it had around. the police are determine what prompted the attack at ohio state university. and the police have cover the two devices belonging to the man. the 18-year-old was one of the soldiers from isis. and there's no evidence that the claim is true. abdul razak ali artan drove his car into a crowd and then started slashing people with a
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people on how to treat gunshot wounds and other injuries. it is offer assistance during the time that the injured or hostages are waiting for first responders to get to them. the 11 people wounded in monday's tack had to hide in the campus building for 90 minutes before getting the all clear. california officials are trying to figure out what caused a car to fly off a freeway camp. it went 20 feet down the embankment and then into the camp. the husband appeared on "good morning america" revealing details about what
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officials working the case say they were blindsided by his statement and that they were disappointed that he went into so much detail about releasing key pieces of information. for example, the fact that sherry was branded. >> there is unique information in there that was put in his press release today that we're hoping to keep tight reign on as far as were going to release to the public. >> the sheriff said that she was interviewed by the interinvestigaters yesterday -- investigators yesterday afternoon. and they hope to release more details about the two hispanic women that held sherry captive later today. we're waking up to temperatures that were normal a month ago not december, which
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the upper 60s and low 70s and we're doing that with the high humidity as well. and the dew points, almost measuring the temperatures. there's the dew point scale. 70 at times and that is going to feel quite remarkable later on this afternoon and we'll continue with that. so that means as the temperatures climb today, we'll be in the mid-80s. we'll go from upper 60s around 70. look at this. that will be a refreshing mass coming in. by the time you and i wake up on friday it will be much cooler and widespread temperatures in the 50s and we'll get rid of this warm conditions. and part of that is the severe outbreak across the mississippi valley. but we don't have to worry about severe weather. and by the time it does, it will do so with a couple of showers. and on the backside of it, thursday night into friday. and we'll tap into the cooler and dryer air.
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partly cloudy skies, a couple of sprinkles here and there. but not a huge deal. this will be the issue. they are right on the water. you see the sea fog and that might be a problem as you see it hugging the curve there a and it develops and it will be around 10:00, 11:00 and dennis will take you no that you tonight. we have another warm day on tap with mid-80s and slightly cooler along the but all of us humid and breezy today and then the front, friday, saturday, nice. 70s with cooled overnight lows. the only issue that we're watching on the roads is a crash on 275 northbound just after bears. and you can see it off in the distance that we have the flashing lights. and there might be debris left over from the crash in the road 2008. is not really -- roadway.
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delay at the moment. i-4 and 75, both interstates looking great and check the drive time on i-4, if you're heading out the door to lakeland and downtown tampa, the drive will take you 22 minutes and down to the bottom from 75 to 275. 19 minutes after 5:00 right now. caught on camera this is a parking lot demolition derby. two people duke it out over a parking space in south angeles. they threw punches and pulled hair and one woman gets in her car and rams the other woman's car and they keep crashing into each other over and over again and eventually one of them hits the fire hydrant sending a geisinger in the air. this started over a parking space.
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two bras. >> two florida plastic surgeons being sued over botched implants. and why they say that the company making the implants was in on the whole thing. there's now a glue gun for cheese. >> reporter: in today's tech bytes, let the games facebook added instant games to messenger. you can challenge your friends and show off your scores. and google has a time lapse for several cities and landmarks and new data going back to 1984. fascinating. you can see how antarctica has changed as well as london and new york. and high tech and low tech
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gun for cheese. you can load it with cheese and squirt the liquid cheese on crackers. a low tech device. >> think how much better
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a father and son team dr. claimman conspired in a fraud warranty scheme to make millions of dollars. they made 55 warranty climbs over 14 years to breast implant maker to faulty products. one woman that filed the suit gave an emotional message. >> i'm angry and i'm never not in two pain. i'm never not in pain and i'm never not wearing two bras. for five years a we're southern call because and my breasts are hard. i feel like a freak. >> lawsuit alleges that they benefited from the deflated implants making money on necessary revisions.
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women's complaints will not hold up and ask the judge to dismiss them. the latest one deadly for cirque du soleil. and ballet to tampa's steakhouse was held up and who the police are looking for right now.
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a woman comes to florida fleeing hear abusive husband and now she is missing. and where the police put out and warrant for her husband's arrest. your going up. more on the florida electric hike. just the kind of news that you want to start your day. >> especially with the acs working right now. this is a little heatwave. this is unbelievable. look at this we have not gone under 70 degrees this morning through the overnight in tampa.


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