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tv   Action News at 530AM  ABC  November 30, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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a woman comes to florida fleeing hear abusive husband and now she is missing. and where the police put out and warrant for her husband's arrest. your going up. more on the florida electric hike. just the kind of news that you want to start your day. >> especially with the acs working right now. this is a little heatwave. this is unbelievable. look at this we have not gone under 70 degrees this morning through the overnight in tampa.
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and the upper 60s and we're getting the sticky feel. and this continues into the afternoon. so by then, with the dew points in the upper 60s to 70, the mid- 80s today will feel like summer all over again. and we will not have the cooling thunderstorms. and we have plenty of thunderstorms lined up with severe weather that will continue through the morning. and this is the front and this the one that will cool us off and it will not get here till tomorrow and we have one more day of humid conditions. there it is by this afternoon and low 80s. we'll talk more about what happens behind the front in a few minutes. good morning. i'm checking your drive across the water right now. this is a live look at the howard frankland bridge. looking good in both directions on the sunshine key okay. the drive on -- skyway. 9 minutes to get across the
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down tampa and 275, six minutes to get there. and we have a lot of construction starting today in downtown tampa i'll tell you about that and how to get around in 15 minutes. this morning a polk county community is remembering a problem already 14-year-old shot and killed in what appears to be a tragic accident. and we're live at lake alfred middle school where the young man is being remembered today. the principal heartbreaking. >> reporter: he also said that the community is still stunned by the tragic news today and the grief counselors will be on hand to speak with the students and staff that may need it. and the investigation into this case is far from over at this point. and investigators at the polk county sheriff's office said that 14-year-old tyler daughtry and two other tens were playing with a gun where it went off.
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minutes after the shooting. >> >> i go in the room and find the kid on the floor, started doing cpr. but from what i could seei knew it wasn't good. >> reporter: a horrible story. the family said they will donate his organs. and the sheriff's office said this case should serve as a stern warning from kids to stay away from other teenagers trying to gather more information in this case it appears to simply be a tragic accident but the sheriff's office said that criminal charges are not out of the question. venezuelan develop lieu
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woman's husband. she left to go jogging. and rachel was hiding at her aunt's house to escape her estranged husband. he may be driving a 2011 honda pilot. if you see the suv or rachel or her husband, call 911. attorneys will release new details that disappeared while the families of the teens agreed to have a company examine and iphone belongs to one of the teen on the vessel. and the company is still waiting on a court order to turn the phone over. three robberies in 7 months at burn's steakhouse. and the police are still
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a man threatened him with a gun and robbed the valley and took off down the valley. and the victims in the first two robberies are refusing to help in the investigation. a technician for popular cirque du soleil is dead after an accident at a rehearsal. it is the second serious incident in the past three days. and it happened during the rehear sal in he was hit in the head by a lift and later died. and fans were distraught what happened. >> i'm in shock. i can't believe this happened that somebody in this show was injured. >> osha is investigating to see if cirque du soleil is at fault. last year a former gymnist fractured a vertebrae in a fall
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deciding who he wants to be his secretary of state. last night he met with mitt romney for a second meeting, dining at an exclusive restaurant in new york. the former massachusetts governor is considered one of the finalists. romney said that he had a wonderful evening discussing affairs through the world with the president elect. mr. trump is rapidly choosing his cabinet. at air-condition carrier has reached a deal with president-elect donald trump to keep 1,000 jobs in indiana. he spent much of his chain to keep jobs from moving outside the u.s. carrier said it would close the indianapolis plant
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trump and mike pence will go to the company and talk about the agreement with the officials. your power bill is going up. and $811 million rate hike was approved last night to allow florida light to increase rates for the customers. and we're crunching the numbers how much more you'll have to pay and when. >> reporter: the fdl customers will see the higher bills. and it will be phased year period and the first bump will come in january. the average bill is expected to go up by $7 a month. team will increase each year till 2020 when the customers will see a total bill increase between 11 and $12 a movement and the florida public service commission voted unanimously on the increase at a meeting last night. and they said they need the none improvement power grid and build new solar energy and gas
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on your usage at home, good to it is right there on the home page. there's a link. enter your usage in kill yowatts and you'll see your new monthly bill. and now the government wants to put instructions on sun file safety complaints. it will be on the passenger visor and tell people that complaints could bring an investigation or possible recall. there will be a new option of streaming cable at a lower cost. direct tv is launching 30 to 60 channels. and the monthly rates are as
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the tampa bay lightning played one of the worst games of the season last mite in columbus. >> for the second time in five days they lost to the blue jackets. the man that led the light tong a cup win in 2004 coaches columbus. and the jackets looked like a playoff team last night. the bolts will try to end the three game losing streak tomorrow night no st. louis. there is a new team in the top four of football playeroff rankings. -- playoff rankings. the top four team make the playoffs. the final rankings will be released sunday. and tampa hosts the college football championship game coming up on january 9th. it will be a dazzling night in new york city. the rockefeller christmas tree
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45,000led lights will illuminate the tree. but they may need umbrellas because heavy rain may be col being through at 7:00. -- may be coming through at 7:00. >> you can barely walk across there. so give yourself a little time if you're heading up. people are coming and i think we have one more dave that. and that will set the stage with this early warmth to get us back into the low and mid- 80s and we'll do that with the high humidity. this is temperature and the front is coming and we'll talk about the cooler times ahead in a few minutes. and we'll recap hurricane season ending today. 5:40. popular spring break destination shaking up the
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year. >> reporter: name live here say this intersection is a death trap. too many drivers make illegal
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a cry for help regarding a dangerous intersection in hudson. people that live in the area are concerned that the
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constantly disobeying signs. >> and we're live with what is happening there now. >> reporter: good morning what is happening starts in this wal- mart parking lot. people leaving here have to turn right and when they did so, they cannot just u-turn over here, but they're doing it anyway. how many people are doing it? we had a crew here last night under an hour and a famous local musician michael cartwright was killed when his motorcycle was struck by a driver making an illegal turn. there was been 29 crashes since 2010 and two of them fatal. and they stay stems from the wal-mart exit. and people want something
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>> i would like to see a traffic light go up here. i think that would be perfect. wal-mart has absolutely made this intersection right here just unbearable. >> reporter: here's the issue, fdot said that the intersection does not qualify for a stoplight. so a possible solution, county officials, they could work with wall near the add a two way exit to the direction that you can go. it has to good through the county. live this morning in hudson, james eventually, abc action news. we have an update on the thanksgiving dinner in california blamed for the deaths of three people. health officials are reporting eight more illnesses that is double the number of cases initially reported. health officials are urging people to throw out any leftover from that dinner. the church sponsored meal was
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last thursday. take a look at these incredible pictures. new york city officials are investigating what caused this house to explode leveling t a woman was trapped in it but she managed to get her and her dog out safely. no booze on the beach in gulf shores last year after being ov being proactive. >> everybody likes their own liberties. in this situation when there's such a problematic event occurring that puts people in harm's way like patron and law enforcement and fire rescue and other first responder that's not right. -- responders, that is not right.
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entire spring break season march 4th to april 16th. if you would like to help nasa what to do with human waste, they want to hear from you. the there's a prize of $30,000 for a good idea. it must work in micro gravity and hands free six days and bonus points if you can use the ac acronym crap. >> of course you had that. let kids come up with something they like all that talk.
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let's check in. we're done with this. 2016, hurricane season. done. and was is a big one for us. we'll talk about it. 12 average storms in a season, named storms. six of those half become hurricanes and half of those become cat 3 and higher. we were a what a season t normally starts in june. but it didn't. it started january with that offseason storm alex. that is just unheard of. but it happened. and we had bonnie and
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matthew, a monster hurricane. we had some damage, but we could have had a lot worse. and we ended with auto. so a prolonged season. and i looked at the records. 1951 was the only year since we've been keeping records that we had a longer season. so let's hope december does not throw any surprises at us right now and it is pretty the books. upper 60s to low 70s this morning. and very warm and very humid out there. and you can feel it by the time we get into the afternoon. we'll have the heat index values or feel like close to 90 and warm and humid ahead of the front and it will get here thursday, tomorrow, a few showers and nothing severe and the energy will go to the north and a couple clouds and sprinkles and cooler and dryer air that is for friday. we'll wake up friday morning
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developing. not the patchy fog that we could be dealing with in the morning. you see the little plume there and the conditions could be just right for that heading into tonight. and we'll watch that for you. and tomorrow showers done and then we clear out for the weekend. and the week looks better. we talked about a couple of showers and we'll hold off till late sunday. so the weekend right now looks by sunday. good morning. we're checking the drive all across the interstates. i've been checking traffic cameras. here's a live look outside i275 in ashley in downtown tampa you're looking at smooth ride there. we have some closures in downtown tampa, a portion of cat street will be closed and i have more on that on my twitter
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lanes in both directions will be closed starting at midnight all the way through tomorrow because of the tampa auto show. they will be unloading cars at the convention center. is they're close something lane there's and all day tomorrow and again on sunday. more information on that on my twitter page. 8 minutes till 6:00. we're learning that we can -- we're learning when we can hang out with mario areas in orlando in disney. the idea is to make you feel as if you've stepped inside some of your favorite video games. and there will be characters and interactive attractions, shops and restaurants. star wars breaking records before it even hits theaters.
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for the first time ever, barbara streisand will be performing at amelie i can't arena. tickets are still available in would you like to go. captain sullenberger will be speaking and ticks will be going on sale today. and the force is strong with rouge one, the new star wars office record before reaching the theaters. rouge one, a star wars story, bosts the highest number of ticket presales for 2016 from fans and the event takes place friday, december
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16th. 'tis the season to scammers. and they are targeting your smart phone. if you get a text that says congratulations you've won, you have not. be suspicious. and it prompts to you good to a website. and ipads up to 90% off that are links to penny websites. 'tis the season to be careful on line. coming up, a moment before a rampage. and the investigation into the deadly plane crash in brazil. moving forward, the next step that may bring answers today in
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protesters led away in handcuffs. but that is not stopping the cause this morning. wild fish -- recovery. and what is next for tourist attractions like dollywood? good morning. we want to start this morning with a quick look at weather and traffic together. break out the shorts. it will be a shot one. >> shorts and flip-flops. and we've gone backward. and look at the low 70s. the highs this time of year about 75. so we're almost there and we don't have sunrise yet.


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