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tv   Action News at 6AM  ABC  November 30, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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protesters led away in handcuffs. but that is not stopping the cause this morning. wild fish -- recovery. and what is next for tourist attractions like dollywood? good morning. we want to start this morning with a quick look at weather and traffic together. break out the shorts. it will be a shot one. >> shorts and flip-flops. and we've gone backward. and look at the low 70s. the highs this time of year about 75. so we're almost there and we don't have sunrise yet.
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the upper 60s to 70 and that will make the 80s later this afternoon feel like mid-to upper 80s. there's the around the in tampa. 82 and partly cloudy skies and one more day and another potential tomorrow with a few showers and cool air behind it and more in the forecast in a few minutes. good morning. good news, we started after with a crash on 275. the crash is all clear and all the emergency vehicles are gone. so we're back item speed 275. heading north and southbound on 275. checking the drive on the toll road, the veteran's president is way in the green. and the leroy summit expressway looking good. and six minutes from i57 into downtown. a bradenton man is facing multiple charges.
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breaking windows on houses under construction and then the officer released the dog that bit him and he punched the dog and then he was eventually arrested. protesters were arrested in ybor city in the fight for 15 here in tampa and around the country. good morning, eric. >> reporter: good morning. this is where it all ended right near ybor city off the i- 4 exit. there's the mcdonald's and things were going quietly till the protesters sat there in the middle of the street. they said they were going to cause disruptions and were willing to go to jail. >> they thought it was cool. and they didn't know what they
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child that is dead. >> reporter: the tampa police said that after the demonstration, the protesters were told to move and those that didn't, went to jail, 23 in all. and they wanted to bring attention to a $15 an hour mark and we saw demonstrations at some of the nation's busiest airports across and uber drivers and hospital workers also protested their wages. 40 protesters were arrested at a rally at a mcdonald's in detroit. efforts in florida to raise the minimum wage have been shut down at the florida state -- shot down at the florida state house. they say there are unintend cause if you raise to $15 an
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and more automation. a community is remembering a 14-year-old in what appears to be a tragic accident. tyler daughtry and two other teens were playing with a shotgun when it went off. grief counselors will be on hand today at his middle school to help students and staff that may need it and the investigators still speaking with the kids involved and reviewing the everyday today. and criminal charges are still possible. a veteran's home is now torched. and the investigators are looking if he was targeted because he voted for donald trump. the person left graffiti and anti-trump graffiti on the always was of the house. the man and his wife and two children were not in the home when the fire started. they were with family for the holidays. but smith believes whoever did this was trying to copy other destructive anti-trump protesters around the country. >> it's been for several months now where there's protesters
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property, destroying cities and, let them do it. and that is not how it should gone down. if you're breaking the law, you go to jail. that's it. >> the state fire marshal is investigating the fire as suspicious and also possible arson. five minutes after 6:00. popular tennessee tourist destination is recovering this morning after wildfires burned through the city of gatlanberg, leaving three people dead and millions more than 150 buildings burned to the ground, including icon in this case home and resorts and the mayor's house. and the national park service is saying that one of the fires is human caused and is under investigation. two people arrested. and thousands of people evacuated gatlanberg and some driving through the flames. tourist attractions are shut down right now. and employees helping each
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recover. dolldollywood's website, the park will open on friday. the leader of a somali community association said that abdul razak ali artan drove his car to school that day as normal. and hi mom said that she did not know anything was wrong. and abdul razak ali artan crashed his car in a crowd and got out and started people with a knife before he was shot and killed. three of the people are in the hospital but will make full recoveries. and the fbi is checking to see if he was motivated by isis. authorities in colombia will analyze the black boxes and the data recorders from the deadly plane crash. there is a report that the plane made three circles descending and the radar cut
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morning of a vigil last night for the 71 people killed. the plane carrying a brazilian soccer team to a match. and the brazil's president declaring three days of mourning. and the plane had some sort of electrical failure. three players, two crew members and a journalist survived. a man speaks out wife's kidnapping and why the investigators are question what he said. and deadly tornadoes hit alabama. we'll be back after the break and we'll see you some intense
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we're tracking this storm system and the worst of the damage happened at night. so folks in a mobile home didn't know if it was coming or happened too quickly as they often do. and you see the folks trying to go through the rubble. and this will be a mess here for a couple of days. and the national weather service will be out there to see what kind of tornado it was and how intense it was.
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you want to be when a tornado strikes. we're not done with the severe weather threat. i think it is diminished and we see the line of storms roll through mississippi and alabama and they turned deadly cross jackson county in northern alabama and all the tornado reports coming in yesterday. 27 and they continued after midnight that is when the deadly tornado hit. and look at new orleans under a deadly tornado watch. and that and it looks like it is headed in our direction, we don't have to worry about severe weather and a light shower or two as it moves in and we need the front because we will be in the up are 60s and 70s and the 80s and high humidity, it will feel like late summer and early fall. and we'll talk about the cooler times ahead in a few minutes. we're expecting to learn more today about the people
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california mom. >> he appeared on good morning america revealing details about what happened to his wife, maybe too many details. and the officials said they were blindsided by his statements and disappointed that he went into so much detail by release some key pieces of information like the fact that sherry was branded. at a news conference today, they hope to release more detailed information about the two hispanic women that allegedly held it is something that a lot of us do before we buy something on line, looking at the reviews. but some of them are false. people capture wild sights of mountain lion. but some are weird and hilarious and taking off on
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police recovered a gun in a movie theater after there were reports that a man had a gun. one witness said that he saw the gun barrel reflect the as man waved it around. in california, the manhunt is over for one of the two inmates who sawed their way out of jail. but the crews are still looking
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now. lehman campbell was recaptured and the other is still on the run. and he cut through the cell bars on thanksgiving day and repelled down the side of the jail using tied up bed sheets and they are facing possibly life sentences if convicted of the charges that they are already in jail for. take a look at this surveillance video from this zales store. he is looking at o he just takes off. and he is seen jumping into the passenger seat of a car and took off. the police are looking for the man that tried to lure a 13- year-old girl in his car. officials said that the girl was waiting for her mom when the guy offered her a ride. she refused. but he demanded that she get in the car and chased her. the girl did get away and not hurt. california officials are
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caused a car to fly off a california freeway ending on a homeless encampment crushing a woman to death. three people inside the car were hurt. and the california highway patrol said it went over the right shoulder and 20 feet down on and bankment and crashed into the homeless encampment. and fake reviews that may lead to amazon is fighting them. there's a site you can use to review the reviews. they recommend changing review filters to most recent and only
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the strange things in kansas found after they set up wildlife cameras. they were check the out a report of a mountain lion along the trail and they were not ready for what they saw instead. >> they thought the images were funny and posted them on facebook where they were going viral right now. >> searching for wildlife and did not expect to see any of this. >> look at the guy in the monkey suit there. >> i camera set up. and it will be hot today. it could have ended badly for whatever the preacher was. upper 50s and low 70s. and we're back to early fall here at this point with not just warm temperatures. but very humid conditions and
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morning. and the temperatures will be in the 80s. and that will propel us with the feel like temperatures in the upper 80s. and we're waiting for the front. the same one has been spawning the severe whether and a couple light showers tomorrow and we shut off the warmth that we have been experiencing. you see the dry air just north and west of the front. and it looks good. friday morning, we'll wake up in the 50s. the humidity will be very low and it is a crisp morning and going to where we sh clouds developing this afternoon. and we'll watch for the potential of some fog developing offshore. and tonight and then there's the front. you can barely make it out. you can get a nice line moving through. this is break up and light showers and some of us will not get in on any of the rain tomorrow. and look at the dew points, we're going in the mid and up are 60s to 70 this afternoon. combine that with the 80s. and there's comes the front.
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that will would be us and enjoy the soup t is with us. mid-80ss and we'll talk about the temperatures flirting with the records here and hot is the way that we'll talk about it and and friday into the weekend, drier and cooler times. good morning. we're checking the drive over. and we'll start off with a minor crash in pinnelas park this is east of 6 sixth street. lights out there. make sure that you slow down to get around the remains of that crash. and 275 and st. petersburg, we're in great shape up to speed in both directions that is a live look in roosevelt. and the drivers on some of the majors, 11 minutes from camp road to east bay looking cigarette on the veterans and a minute slow on dale maybry. we were just talking about how hard is can to be find a
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but caught on camera, a parking lot demolition derby. two women duke it out over a parking spot. this come comes around the gate and rams the other woman's car and they keep crashing into each other till one of them finally drives off and hits a fire hydrant hit a guyser into geisinger space. look at that dirt keeps moving the cones. they drags the cones around and the crews pulled them out of the road and the birds put them right back. they are known for being friendly and they were hoping to attract driver's attention so they would stop and feed
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6:21. in store rant caught on camera and reason that a shopper felt she had to record this ratioly
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z26prz zy6z y26pry yy6y allegations of malpractice
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the group of plaintiffs said that the team conspired to commit fraud in a warranty scheme to make millions of dollars. they made some 5500 warranty climbs over 14 years to breast implant maker -- for faulty products. and one woman got emotional talked about the botched surgery. >> i'm angry i'm never not in pain. i'm never not bras. my breasted are hard. i feel like freak. >> the doctor's office has asked the court to dismiss the complaints. a rant at a michael's craft store in chicago is gone viral.
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>> you screamed at me from across the star. you're an animal. >> and the shoppers said that she was discriminated against by the african-american store employees for being white and because she voted for trump. and michael's said that it does not tolerate discrimination. and she said she was there for the argument and started recording to prove that the store manager did nothing to pr remembering a teenager killed in a tragic accident. the lesson that authorities hope others will learn from this. and the possibility it could become a criminal case. and donald trump successful in saving some jobs. the deal that he helped get to
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>> reporter: a 14-year-old boy shot and killed and a polk county community mourning his loss this morning and why the sheriff said it could have been avoided. a woman was out jogging and now the authorities are also searching for husband when she is now missing. the electric bill hike. the extra amount power and it is only the beginning. thank you for waking up for abc action news on this early wednesday. >> and we'll get your wednesday started with a look at traffic and weather together. the power bills, they will be going up. >> and we lost the open the windows weather and look at this this early morning temperature in the upper 60s to low 70s and we're doing that with the high humidity as well.
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afternoon. and we're going for 80s and the humidity high as well. and the partly cloudy skies, they're not bad looking today. it will be unseasonably warm and humid. and by the time we get into thursday, much cooler weather ahead and we'll talk about that in a few minutes. we're just getting a report of a crash on hillsborough avenue. and captain is flying over the crash right now what is going on out there? >> reporter: we're just arriving. so you're but it appears to be on hillsborough avenue, maybe a little east of 56th street. and you see it on the left-hand side that is where the deputy's vehicles are. and we saw one from a little further off that was on 56th street southbound. but eastbound hillsborough avenue and just beyond 56th street. but we'll have more on this for you.
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also a heads up if you're driving in the tampa area in kennedy. we have a report of downed power lines at north b street. this is north of kennedy. you might want to avoid that intersection if you can. and looking outside, 275 and bower, starting to get crowded out there. and a lot of people tapping their brakes heading into tampa. it will take you from 8 minutes here to downtown this morning. 6:32. grief counselors will be on hand for alfred middle school. they're supporting a community hit hard by the tragic death of a 14-year-old. >> and wire live outside the school this morning. and our thoughts are with the family this morning. but the investigates are homing that others will learn from this tragic accident. >> reporter: they're hoping that kids take this as a stern warning not to play with guns that is something that led to
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14-year-old tyler daughtry and two other teens were playing with a shotgun when it went off. and the investigators are still speaking with the kids involved and looking at every. and the sheriff describes this case as frustrating. >> they thought it was cool to look at the firearm. and they didn't know what they were doing. and now we have a 14-year-old child that is dead. >> reporter: evidence points to the shooting as being an accident, the sheriff's office said that criminal charges are still a possibility. back out here live this morning. the folks at the school taking this very hard. and the principal described this young man as sweet and loving and said that he never let a day go by without saying good morning. deputies fear that an
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from her abusive husband may have been kidnapped by him. 44-year-old rachel madison has not seen since she went to go jogging sunday. she was hiding out in her aunt's home to hide from her estranged husband. her husband may be armed driving a 2011 honda pilot. if you see either of them this suv, call 911. officials plan to release more information about two florida teenagers that disappeared while fishing last year. families of the teens agreed to have a company examine and iphone belonging to one of the teens that was found on the capsized vessel. apple unsuccessfully tried to unlock the phone and waiting on a court order to turn the phone
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going outpatient. and $811 million rate hike was approved last night for florida power and light. and it will increase rates for 5 million customers. >> reporter: nobody wants to they're this. this affects customers with florida power and light. you'll see higher power bills. they will be phased in a four- year period and the first bum comes the average residential bill is expected to go up by $7 a month and increase each year till 2020 and customers will see a total bill increase of 11 and $12 a month. and the commission voted unanimously on the increase in a meeting last night. they said they need more money to improve the power grid and solar energy.
6:36 am and being see your new monthly bill. president-elect donald trump could be nearing a decision on who he wants to be the country's next secretary of state. last night mr. trump met for a second time with mitt romney. they had dinner at an exclusive restaurant in new york. and the former governor is considered one of finalists to be secretary of state. and romney said that he had a wonderful evening discussing word affairs with elect. carrier air-conditioning company reached a deal with trump to keep their plant in indiana. last february, carrier said it would close the indianapolis camp and move manufacturerring to mexico mr. trump will visit indiana next tuesday to review
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he elected former goldman sachs -- to be the new treasure secretary. obamacare critic price to be his house secretary. protesters that sought down in the -- sat down in ybor city will have to stand before a judge next month. the video hose officers making demonstration. they handcuffed 15 people where they refused to move where they were blocking traffic. the group protested tuesday night in support of increasing the minimum wage. we're learning about a new federal initiative about terror attacks. the training trains ordinary people and to offer some
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hostages are waiting for spirit responders to get to -- for the first responders to get them. lewders in south florida notifying about some police about threats to a local mosque this week. we told butlers in georgia and now the in in florida. and they say that the letters are not considered hate crime and make no specific threat. and we're looking into the thanksgiving dinner in california that apparently took the lives of three people and now eight others are sick. and it was held near and american legend hall last thursday.
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caused the people to get sick. today closing arguments will start in the trial of the former south carolina police officer that fatally shot a black man during a traffic stop. michael slager said that he felt total fear when the man grabbed his stun gun. he pulled scott over for a taillight violation. if convicted of murder, he faces 3 years to live prison. and the federal government wants to make it easier for you to complain about your safety problems with your car. they are proposing a rule requiring automakers to put labels on the back of sun visors on all new vehicles and how you can file a safety complaint. they use to spot safety problems and issue recalls. new york is getting ready to celebrate the holidays. tonight the rockefeller center christmas tree will be lit up
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and this is video of last year's ceremony. that is beautiful. 45,000led lights will illuminate this year's 95-foot tree and topped off by a 550- pound star. but some heavy rain is in the forecast. and it may put a damper on the festivities. tonight barbara streisand will pix her first-ever concert in amelie a arena. and tickets are still available. the pilot that safely landed the u.s. airways jet in the hudson river 7 years ago is coming to st. petersburg. captain sullenberger will be speaking.
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and that saturday. it was a good movie too. look at this. this is sultry out there. it is a steamy day up ahead and we're looking at dew points in the 70s. almost late summer and early fall. and 71 right now as far as the temperature and you will not need the sweaters anytime soon here and we'll warm things up in the 80s. but we have the cool front that moves in. and i think you'll like the extended forecast if you don't like the warm and muggies. so we'll see you in minutes. still ahead, new scams heading to your facebook feed and cell phone, the specific links that you should not click or else you may get a virus. the sign is in front of them and people still are not obeying it. and now it is cost anotherperson their life. -- cost another person their life. what the people that live on
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two tens that lived at this
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investigators believe it is just a tragic accident but they could still file criminal charges. and indiana woman that came to florida to hide from her abusive husband is now missing. and the deputies fear that rachel madison may have been kidnapped by her husband jarvis. there's a warrant out for his arrest and he may be armed and could be driving a silver 2011 honda pilot. if you see the couple or suv, call 911. a new federal initiative to train ordinary people how to treat injuries in terror attacks in school shootings. it will make ordinary people more aware what it do during an attack. at ohio university, a university police officer shot and killed the student that was stabbing people.
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after a report of a gun man inside. no report of shots being fired. one witness said that the theater was dark but he could see the barrel. last night state regulators approved an $811 million rate hike that will be phased in in a four year period. and $8 a month month people will be paying more. and cries for help at a dangerous intersection if hudson following a fatal crash. people want the state to do something because people keep ignoring the sign and putting people at risk. >> reporter: good morning. what is happening, it starts at
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and when you exit the parking lot, you have to turn right on u.s. 19. you cannot just make a u turn don't street there. you see the sign posted that says no u-turn at this intersection of beach boulevard. but people are still doing it how many? we had a crew here last night and they tell us that they saw 40 cars do it in under an hour. and a local musician named robert cartwright was killed last sunday when a driver made an illegal turn just like the one i was telling you about. crashes right here since 2010 and two them fatal and the problem stems from the wal-mart exit. people that live here, they want cartwright's death to be a catalyst for change. >> this is another person that lost his life and we want to see something done to prevent more. >> i would like to see a traffic light go up here. i think that would be perfect.
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this intersection right here just unbearable. >> reporter: and that is something that fdot doesn't dispute. this is the problem. where i'm standing, at beach boulevard and u.s. 19, this intersection does not qualify for a stoplight even though that would remedy a lot of the issues here. and they hope to talk to wal- mart and persuade them to put a two way exit lot. good morning. we're watching a serious crash in hillsborough county and 56. the report that this is a motorcyclist. captain al is over the scene right now. >> reporter: good morning. the tampa fire and rescue arrived on the scene.
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road right to left that 56th street going southbound. as you see it, they're letting it by not southbound. and because of the nature of this they could be closing the intersection to be doing the investigation. so keep an eye on it. and if you can go west of 40th street or work around this from barney road. it is a tragic accident and it is right in the large intersection. >> a couple other crashs that we're watching, northbound 301 and sun city center and one u.s. 301 in the northbound lanes at big bend. so you may want to avoid 301 and head to i-75. that is looking great right now in both directions. 'tis the season for scammers and they aretor getting your smart phone. if you get a text congratulations you won. be suspicious the scam claims
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prompts to you visit a website where you can buy things but you cannot claim the prize. and other scam getting is facebook e greeting cards that contain viruses and telling you ipads up to 90% off. if you ever a good idea what to do with human waste in space, nasa wants to you. they launched the space poop challenge and you could be the number 2 man or woman at nasa. you can sign up on line. the winning idea will get $30,000. it must work in micro graffiti and nonleak and work for
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>> i wish you could have seen the face that he made. good morning. upper 60s and low 70s t is warm and it does not feel like fall. the heat index values will feel and we had an above average season and we had 15 named storms and three of these became cat three and higher. and question that with a prolonged season and we started january with hurricane alex and the big story for sushermine. -- super storm hermine.
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we're done with it here. and tomorrow we'll have the temperatures beginning to drop and the humidity drop as well and a few showers with it and the cooler and dryer air is hours. and on the 7-day you can see this friday, saturday and the overnight lows in the 50s and nice and cool with the highs in the 70s and a gradual warmup leg-go land is going to reveal the opening date for the new beach retreat it is scheduled to open sometime next year. >> and the winter haven park will future tour 80 beach themed bungalows along the play areas, a restaurant, pool and bar and a giant leg-go lighthouse that is pretty cool.
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alleged kidnapping coming to light. among injuries, she was branded, a message burned into her skin. >> i would think that was a exertion of power and control and/or maybe type of message. >> reporter: her husband keith described and agonizing three weeks in which his wife was tormented physically and mentally and weighed only 87 pounds and had bruises and rashes and chain markings. her signature blonde hair had been chopped off. >> a sick person wanted to humiliate her and wear her down. >> reporter: we'll have your
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good morning. if you're heading out in tampa, avoid hillsborough as 56th avenue. a serious crash there and fog out there on i-4 in lakeland. so be careful out there. this is a unique gift idea. a new revenge is making it easier to spread cheese on your food t is a hot glue gun but for cheese. >> company said that you load
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you $25. >> keep up with us on air,
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good morni good morning, america. deadly devastation. 23 reported tornadoes tear through the south. >> there's a tornado right there. >> destroying homes and as those massive wildfires rip through tennessee. >> go, go, go, go. >> the largest there in a century. forcing thousands to flee through a terrifying path of flames. >> my house is on fire. >> leaving a trail of destruction, now more severe weather is on the way. breaking news, president-elect trump with a major announcement about his new cabinet this morning and that dinner with former rival mitt romney overnight. >> president-elect trump is the very man who can lead us to that better future. >> speculation now growing over


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