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tv   Action News at 9AM  ABC  November 30, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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0. a 14-yeaol at a cool today following a tragic shooting incident that took his life and where the investigation is going this morning. some people's power bills are going up and we are finding out how much. a woman goes missing and
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disappearance. we are leave live -- live at the middle school and the principal is calling this heart breaking. >> reporter: that's right and the principal also describing this student as sweet and loving and not a day would go back wouldn't say good morning. grief counselors are on hand. investigators are telling us two other teens were playing with a shot gun and those involve reviewing evidence. >> they thought it was cool to look at the fire arm and they
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and now we have a 14-year-old who is dead. >> i wen in the room and find this -- went in the room and find this kid on the floor and start doing cpr but it was -- i knew it was not good. they will donate his organs and this case should serve as a warning. >> you never want a loaded or not at anyone. investigators are speaking with the other teenagers and trying to go over hoar evidence and this appear -- more evidence and this appears to be an accident criminal charges are still a possibility. thank you. and now to breaking news five people have now been killed
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severe storms moved orb. a husband se wife -- over and a husband and wife died. this is a what was left of a trailer after a the weather in alabama the mother and son who lived there are are covering in the hospital . -- recovering in the hospital three people died when a tornado hit a mobile home in jackson county. fire. recovering after wildfires burned through the city, leaving three people dead and millions in damage. 150 buildings burned to the ground iconic home and a result and even the mayors house. the national park service says one of the fires was human
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tourist attractions like dolly wood are shut down right now and according to the website employees are trying to help out the community this is the worst fire the state has seen in more than a hundred years. >> they got some rain the same system is moving through slly thesurge isthe energy -- inenergy is going through the north and an over night low into december. we will be warm and humid, 80s, mid 80s and it will feel close to 90 and seasonal and drying
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the average temps where we should be and the humidity up into upper 60s and low 70s we go from muggy to oppressive and you will feel that this afternoon with highs in the mid80s today is the last day of hurricane season as well. we have been following a deadly crash in hillsborough. this was taken a little while ag tell you southbound -- and we can tell you southbound 56 is closed and one motorcyclist was killed around 6:30 a.m. and you
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you want to avoid that all together and slow 275 getting on to the howard franklin bridge. just about a two-minute delay on 275 southbound. this indiana woman who came to hide from her husband may have been kidnapped by she was hiding out and a warped is out -- warrant is out for his arrest. he may be in 2011 hon daw pilot if you see them call 911.
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power and light to increase rates. >> that is not the news you want to hear. >> that is the bad news. the rate hike but the good news it is spread outover 4 years. we will see the new bill in january. expected to go up by $7 a month and increase until 2020 and they is average. and inflorida public commission vote -- the florida public commission approved it last night. to find out how much you will be paying baseden your usage just -- based on your usage you can enter in your usage and you will
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>> the abig announcement from donald trump. he is leaving his business so he can focus on the presidency. legal documents are taking him out of his business operations and he will hold a news conference on december 15th. president elect could make a decision on the next secretary romney and the former massachusetts governor is in the finalist for the position. the required payment from jill stein to start the presidential recount tomorrow and stein paid the three and a half million dollar for a bank wire transfer.
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teenagers that disappeared in jupiter last year. they left last july i families of the teens agreed to have their i phone and it is waiting on a court order to turn the phone over. >> a man is facing multiple he was breaking lights and windows at a house that was under conand when they tried to -- -- construction and when he tried to arrest him he took off. authorities in columbia will an there's deadly plane crash and video shows the air
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descending and the radar signal cut out and we got this video in a vigil for the 71 people killed on board a brazilian soccer team and declaring 3 days of morning in brazil. the electrical failure may have been the cause. 3 players survived and a journalist. tiz the season for advantage. the scams that may target your smart phone and facebook page. >> the husband of the kidnapped mom speaking out about her recent release and why officials say they were blind sided by his
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. welcome back we are
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kidnapped and released a mom who went missing while jogging. and revealing details about what happened to his wife. they were blind side by his statement and disappointed he went into so mid- to upper detail and releasing key pieces of information and the -- into so much detail and branded. there was information that we are hoping to keep a tight rein on as far as what we were going to release to the public. >> later today they hope to release more detail about the woman who held her captive. >> the fbi is piecing together
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and agents have 2 devices from the suspect and his on line activity and the 18-year-old was one of isis soldiers there is no evidence yet that this is true. he plowed into car and got out and started slashing victims with a knife. >> the theater was evacuated after reports of a gunman in side and one witness says he saw the gun baral reflect. -- the company said a man was struck by the a lift and later died. last night the show was canceled after the tragedy. >> a gas pipe line are uptured
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be seen from -- rapttured north of the airport and you can see is the fire ball miles away: it did not not affect any flights at the airport. people around the world arranged to travel to cuba to participate in the week mourning president obama did not send a delegation to the service. played videos of this life and world leaders took to the the stage to speak of him. >> watch your facebook feed among the holiday greetings and
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your money. >> we get into holiday season we are rushed and overwhelmed with every thing we have to do and it is easy to fall for an online scam especially when they show up on your friends facebook page. scammers are also sharing their bad deeds on social media. among them a holiday gift from starbuckses and offering a free 20 dollar gift card and smeeumz sometimes it -- chimes it is some times it is best buy. bogus gift cards are among the top scams this year.
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targeting your tablet and computer. face back and cards and add is to i pods and downloadable christmas carol lyrics. so much for a joyous christmas. >> anything that sounds suspicious that sounds to good to be your money. lakeland airport appears to be the now home of the hurricane hunters. and record critical information about the storm. officials asked them to find a new location. the city atten year deal to
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today is the last day. you want to hear good news. that is great stuff we will recap 2016 and hopefully we zoned a december storm. >> we had a january storm once. >> we will go out side and show you some clear skys it late october, not inlast day of november. very humid and very warm. but here we go as far as 2016. was above average and three of the storms were major hurricanes category 3 or higher. and some bullet points.
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impact us and the first hurricane ten-year drought of hurricanes that ended this year and the last one we had was just last week. we went from january through november and don't think we will see one for the rest of the year. and here is the lot of them here but right now this is where we will fly into. collin impacted us with rain and then we had the hurricane that headed into the pan handle and a big scare with mathew. if his track had been, different we could have a had a whole heap
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and that is have your hurricane season. and our temperatures. our highs are going going to be ten above that and tropical humid and pretty unusual. by the the severe weather across the golf coast and the multial fatalities. this is headed our way but we will just have tomorrow morning and cooler and then drier. see this lobe of clouds? this is sea fog and the time around 10:00 p.m. tonight and seven-day forecast we will see the front moving through tomorrow. it will drop the humidity and
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on friday. still ahead the driver in the deadly crash that hurt tracey morgan is learning his fate. we continue our tour of the tampa bay area and
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. driver in the deadly school bus crash appeared in court yesterday. but his preliminary hearing was postponed. this was the first time we have seen him since the crash. he is facing reckless endangerment and driving charges. his attorney believes he will plead not guilty. >> the truck driver in that crash that hurt tracey morgan now has a plea deal. hein the 2014 crash. morgan suffered a traumatic brain injured and the judge approvaled a deal that would let
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300 hours of community service and fines. he had slept for 28 hours before the crash and morgan said he had forgiven him. florida doctors accused of scamming patients. woman are coming forward and speak out about botched breast imsurgerys. -- implant surgeries. the $1 million left the that has officers scrambling to track down the suspect and my weekly ad is folded like this. ready to go...
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. the fight for a higher minimum wage has led to several arrests and what the protestors did, coming up. the sign is right in front of them but people are still doing it. there is one right there an illegal uturn and recently it cost someone their life and what people want to see happen next. plus donald trump graffiti and a torched home by a local veteran and why people believe he was targeted for his political views. >> let'scheck in with your forecast. >> reporter: jump right in. it is in the upper 60s that is
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and here we are talking about a turn of events 20s and 30s and 40s and back to humid conditions and temperatures in the mid80 into afternoon and woke up in the 70s this morning. tampa didn't go below 70 and we will have a couple of showers tomorrow and good through friday. we are climbing. low -mid70 with the extended forecast and you will like the cooling down. coming up next. it was the culmination for the fight of 15. they are demanding an increase for minimum wage here and around the country. we are live with more on what the protesters did that got them arrested.
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surprise. this was carefully planned out they were planning to have some of the protesters get areed and that is what happened -- arrested and that is what happened and you the exit here and not the best place to stop and sit down and that is what led the arrest. they said they were going cause disruptions and they were willing to go jail. >> the demonstration -- police sat back during the demonstration and when they were told to move they went to jail. is an effort to bring more attention to the cause. some of the busiest airports uber drivers and hospital
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and a mcdonald in detroit four were arested. >> we are demanding that they pay attention that the masses our suffering under the poverty wages. >> and efforts to raise the minimum wage to florida and gone to tallahassee passed and inunintended consequences you are talking about fewer workers hire and more automation and we are seeing in fast food restaurants with those kiosks too. >> thanks eric. right now manatee deputies are searching for a run away.
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and doesn't have her medication. if you know where she is contact the manatee police department. a man's home was torched and the arsonist left racial slurs and antidonald trump graffitien. he and family were not in the home. smith a trying to copy other protesters across the country. >> it is for several months there is protesters breaking the law and damaging property and destroying cities and just let them do it. that is not how it should go down. if you break the law you go to jail, that's it. >> they are investigating the fire as suspicious and possible
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intersection are growing. someone was hit and killed there and we are live at beach boulevard. >> reporter: yea, good morning p. we are watching these people make this illegal uturn. the problem there is a walmart with a one way exit. and to turn around take at vantage of this area -- advantage to do it. a local musician was killed on his motor cycle while another driver made an illegal turn right here at beach boulevard and f dot said it stemmed from the one way exit. the no uturn signs were just put
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done to make the intersection safer, kwlai. >> we are happy we got this but we wanted red light, i that man was a big role in the society around here. >> there has been 29 accidents and two people killed here since 2010 and the residence who live near by been killed and a stop light will work but it won't be approved. it is in to talk to walmart to change their exit. they pushed to make this an illegal u-turn and they didn't
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illegal turn. >> a store and he snatched a few rings and drove off. a group of plaintiffs claimed the father and son team conspired to commit fraud to make millions of dollars doctors made 5500 warrant claims for faulty products and one woman gave an emotional description on how much the botched surgery affected her life. >> i am angry and i innever not in -- am never not in pain and i had to wear surgical bras.
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feel like a freak. >> the law suit alleged that they benefitted and making money on the necessarily revisions and the woman's legal complaint won't hold up and asked the court to dismiss them. the dow is up and closed down yesterday 24 points. carrier air conditioning company reached a deal donald trump to keep 1,000 jobs in indiana donald trump spent much of his campaign saying he will try to keep jobs here. he will visit indiana to unveil the details. >> mcdonalds are testing their fresh never frozen beef.
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been making changes. and who is taking home the power ball jackpot and how many people are splitting it and how they are planning on spending it. the search for two-man in california and how much jail time they could face for their escape.
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0. we want to update you on the missing teenagers he had been found. and a short time ago they tell us they she was located. one of the two in mates was found that found his way out of of jail. he is being taken back the jail and the two cut through bars on their cell on thanksgiving day and repelled down the side of
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they are facing possible life sep sen sen. health officials are urging to throw out any left overs. it was held near san francisco and they are investigating what a man caught on camera stealing a pail full of gold. it shows the heist. the man noticing the truck and walked over to it and makes his
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>> it is going to be a really merry christmas for a group of tennessee coworkers. they just one the jackpot. they bought the ticket and picked up their checks yesterday in nashville. >> you see someone and you are checking out at walmart and they look like they need h >> we have four children and they are all adults but to give them a hand up and started in life will be a blessing. >> they will do some good. >> they took the lump sum and they will split evenly and tomorrow is december 1st and the elf on the self is back and you ever know where he will end up.
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year. go to our facebook page and share have your pictures owhere your santa's helper goes to help out. >> elf on a shelf. that is good stuff. so we want some cooler temperatures then right? >> some rain. we would like some rain. >> we can get some cooler temperatures. as far as the rain it will be very little these temperatures it is 9:45 and we are surpassing our normal day time highs. ten degrees more and we will reach our temperatures this afternoon. this front has not moved that much. look at this rain it extended up to the north east and it brought
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the smoky mountains. we have been in this pocket of fine weather and partly cloudy and a couple of sprinkles here and there and warm and humid until the front comes through tomorrow and some light showers and a 20% chance for tomorrow. and cooler and drying times. thursday after morning and some light showers. it will not be a huge deal and some of us won't see that. it will start break part. and because of the cloud cover. but tomorrow we will pull that drier air so that by friday morning. most of of us we see low-mid50s
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coast. and the weekend looks good and yesterday i had rain chances a round 20-30%. and that system is coming in and we will move that rain chance to monday and it will be a good weekend with the highs in the upper 70s. and how you can brighten up
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0. good morning everyone. we have your positively tampa day and the christmas traditions continues. we have hosted an angel tree in our lobby for almost 20 years. you can come visit weekend days
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shopping and bring the items back and we have helped tens of thousands of needy children at christmas time and we continue this week visiting with the units that we partner with and we are visiting with major marion from the manatee county and also is we have the general manager of the store, wonderful to have you. tell us how many angels you are hoping to serve and how are you doing so far? >> we are so excited about the program this season and the manatee county salvation army we are serving over 1500 children. we are excited about the possibilities of meeting these needy children their clothing needs, they toy wishes and just
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season. >> i know we talked about the community support and the local businesses and have they been supported? are your angels all out? >> they are all out, we have over 69 local businesses companies, who are taken angels and we have over 20 public trees. and are house. so if you want to adopt an angel you can go to the manatee public library or wing house. >> that is right, we make it easy. there is no excuse we have each of the locations you can go to manatee and sarasota county. and again, thank you. to hudson furniture stores you
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>> we have a beautiful tree in front as soon as you walk intiment is exciting to see them -- it is exciting to see them walk in and get an angel. the employees are driveen by it and it brings the christmas spirit. >> so thank you both for coming in and making the drive in from manatee coming up. it is earlier this year. go to web suit -- website and the deadlines for each, thank
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0 warm and humid by this afternoon. and in the lower 80s. the workers thought their traffic cones might be haunted and why their were moving seemingly on their own and cameras finally captured the culprits. birds dragging them around and they were hoping attention and they will stop and feed them . now they are using heavier cones. >> if we put the cones in the road they will have to stop. >> i love those birds. >> we have continuing coverage of the top stories right now,
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