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tv   Action News at 5PM  ABC  November 30, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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in tennessee wildfires ravaged towns. the hope is they will merge bringing an end to the devastation, but first thieves are hunting for easy targets in several neighborhoods. good evening, i'm sarina fazan on. >> and i'm paul lagrone, carson chambers is going to show you how unknowing neighbors are showing the crooks what they want. >> this is a neighborhood where everybody talks to each other so this news also a lot of people have cameras on their homes.>> it was my first nascar. >> this is video of tammy's brand-new infiniti sedan. stolen out of her safety harbor driveway one week ago around 4:00 in the morning. >> a violation of safety but it is up to us to be vigilant. >> her garage was open and so
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office is fighting. a string of car burglaries have unfolded in the last two months. >> neighbor had surveillance of a car coming in four man checked the door handles got in the car and left. >> in august surveillance video caught three men on camera breaking into a home in the same neighborhood, getting away in a stolen vehicle. >> at night we check and make sure the doors are locked. >> the new car has not turned up, all she has is this video, the wake-up call is fresh. >> we learned a big lesson of being careful and not feeling you are always safe. >> in safety harbor, carson chambers abc action news. >> we want to take action for the things that matter to you. we have a way for you to get your questions answered just
5:02 pm and look for the good question logo and you will let us know how to help. breaking news out of georgia all tornado warnings have been canceled, 90 minutes ago two confirmed tornadoes touched down near atlanta. one near six flags 1/3 tornado touched down in athens this morning students at the university of georgia were told to shelter pictures show elementary age kids sheltering in place reading books so far no word on any injuries. damaging alabama tornadoes sweeping through killing five people in alabama and tennessee. powerlines entries are downed the tornado leveled homes and businesses. a christian daycare was one of the businesses that was damaged. no children were inside.
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it is important to remember there are no tornado warnings right now another one could pop like that there is a tornado watch in effect for parts of georgia and there are warnings in effect in south carolina, close to home what is left of this front will arrive by tomorrow. it will bring some showers it is going to bring a number of changes and one of which is the afternoon highs today which were the lower 80s the winds will be rather gusty tonight and tomorrow gusting from 10 to 15 miles per hour. as the front rows and tomorrow the front will pick up a little more, partly cloudy skies becoming mostly cloudy showers arriving around sunrise and we are dodging a few showers north of i-4 tomorrow morning. that is the first change, quite a few others coming up in a
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news out of gatlinburg, tennessee. seven people confirmed dead in this devastating wildfire. four dozen others hurt including a wi-fi. chris conti joins us from the front lines where the fires have destroyed more than 150 businesses and homes. >> this was someone's home. daylight in the hills above gatlinburg has revealed devastation. throughout the hillside dozens of homes were taken away by the flames people still have not been allowed home to see what they have lost. crews are working diligently to get the power back on and battle these hotspots even though the rain has been coming down steadily it has not done much to extinguish a lot of the smaller fires popping up throughout the area. the rain is creating another problem. a lot of the fire took away brute systems holding back mud
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they are worried about mudslides. the gatlinburg area can't seem to catch a break. that is the latest from there smoky mountain national park. i'm chris conti. the plane that crashed monday may have run out of fuel before going down. the pilot alerted a tower that he had no fuel and asked to make an emergency landing. the lack of fire damage after the ran out of gas, the crash killed 71 people. tonight a memorial will be held at the stadium where the soccer team was supposed to play. as donald trump continues his transition he tweeted out he will be stepping away from his business december 15. today mr. trump announcing he has selected steven mnuchin as treasury secretary.
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but he has funded some of hollywood's biggest movies. speaking to the press at trump tower he says his priority is economic growth. >> lowering corporate taxes to make us companies the most competitive in the world. bring back trillions of dollars to the united states and personal income taxes. we will have a significant middle income tax-cut. >> he became the top fundraiser for trump reduce scaling bank rates. former -- transportation secretary will be elaine chao. billionaire investor wilbur ross is trump's pick for commerce secretary. todd ricketts was tapped for
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despite frustration among democrats the reelected nancy pelosi is the minority leader today. 63 democrats voted for her opponent tim ryan, that is the largest number of defectors she has seen since her tenure began. take a look at your screen police need help identifying this woman, she cashed a counterfeit check for $500 at a publix store on 66th street north. if you know who she is, you are urged to call police. this man facing charges after he exploited an elderly man for three years. christopher lee miller is accused of stealing more than $10,000 from the victim. police say the victim was suffering from some sort of illness. miller is ordered to have no contact with the victim and must wear an ankle monitor.
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at this picture on main street in lakeland, people starting to set up chairs for the annual christmas parade tomorrow. here is a reminder, you can't block the right-of-way, driveways alley ways and streets also exits. the parade runs from 7:00 until 9:00 thursday night. cracking cold cases, syncope investigators are tracking leads in multiple crimes, coming up the new way they hope to find answers. a party drug turned into prescription the disorder that ecstasy could soon be used to treat in the near future. download the new abc action news app for your mobile phone and tablet just search abc action news in your favorite
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i'm paul lagrone inside the abc action news lobby we want to show you the angel tree. take a look at this, tyler wants educational toys but he needs shoes and clothes, abc action news partnering up with salvation army across the bay area to provide gifts for
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lives this holiday season, if you come by, you pick up your angel or angels, shop for them return the unwrapped gift to our angel tree location put it under the tree, and then we are giving away free prizes you can register for here, and drop in the box for a chance to win great prizes. please make this part of your holiday routine. let's buy these kids some gifts, our tv station is ea to find, we are across the street from raymond james stadium where the buccaneers play. 4045 n. heinz avenue in tampa the lobby is open weekdays from 8:30 until 5:30, if you live in a different part of town you can find another angel tree near you just go to abc action news online and we will show you the locations right there. a pipeline in missouri continues to burn after a
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this small fire is what is left from the massive fire that erupted overnight, a 10 inch line carrying liquid propane was buried underground. people who live near the site said they could see the flames but did not feel the initial blast, the company is from louisiana they were able to shut off the pipeline, officials are not sure what caused the pipeline to rupture. thankfully no one was hurt and no property a major move by the fda, approving the next step in clinical trials for using ecstasy as a prescription drug to treat ptsd. if successful the treatment could be groundbreaking. right now ptsd is difficult to treat and even the best methods have only 60% effectiveness, prolonged use can lead to abuse and brain damage. a kissimmee woman pleads
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$100,000 from her disabled veteran brother to buy a bmw. she was in charge of her brother's benefits in 2011 but she siphoned off the funds over several years stealing $95,000 to pay off loans and purchase a bmw. she faces up to 10 years in prison. a south florida man facing charges after he confessed that he recorded a woman in a florida university bathroom, this man 20-year-old alexis garcia says he has video of semi--- seven women he recorded. he would put his cell phone underneath the stall to record them. he was caught after a woman saw him doing that. the university has yet to confirm if he was a student at the school. syncope police tracking new leads and multiple unsolved crimes.
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explain what they started doing to uncover this vital information. police using new tactics, these are handouts featuring six missing people, one dating back nearly 4 decades ago. investigators generating new tips just this week by using social media. >> help find the missing a push by syncope police to track down answers.>> she is a good d. >> it might not be tomorrow but we will get there. we will bring her home. >> 17-year-old morgan martin was pregnant when she went missing four years ago although police arrested her former boyfriend, the first-degree murder in the case. her body has not been found. >> as quick as she was gone she should be found. it is really really hard.
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cases getting a fresh look, investigators are utilizing social media to push missing people profiles online. >> now you can reach hundreds of thousands of people with the click of a button. >> scoring a workable tip within 24 hours the posting this info to facebook monday, she has been missing since 1979. >> somebody that was aware of the case and knew the people involved. >> happened without the work of saint pete and their newly formed cold casenit. >> they are heaven sent. >> making sure those missing are never forgotten. >> the search continues for her body, the man who faces the charge of first-degree murder, he will be in court tomorrow morning at 8:30 which marks her birthday. she would have been 22 years
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changing our focus right now you are getting a sneak preview at the legoland beach retreat coming to polk county. >> the newest addition to the legoland florida result and it is open soon. >> the retreat re-creates a real-life beach experience away from the beach. there is a pool with a sandy play area and a giant lego lighthouse. >> the beach retreat is made up the beach retreat opens april 7, 2017. >> this is the first legoland in the world to have a beach themed retreat. back in the low 80s kind of breezy today by the way today the last day of the hurricane
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15 named storms, looking outside pretty tropical you see the palm trees blowing a nice breeze gusting at 10 to 15 miles per hour, a nice day with partly cloudy skies but as i said, today marks the end of the 2016 atlantic hurricane season. 15 named storms starting with alex last january and ending with otto one week ago. a very active season, but now we get a break. it is always possible something could develop in december. but pretty unlikely it is safe to say we are home free. a look at titan doppler radar we need some of the rain. it is pretty dry out there and there is rain along with the rain there is severe thunderstorms, reports of tornadoes today a tornado watch extending from south carolina all the way down into the panhandle of florida and there
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right now temperatures in the mid-to upper 70s breezy and pretty nice, a tropical day but that will change by this time tomorrow. southerly winds bringing in that moisture that is why we had clouds at times even a couple sprinkles, more than anything an unusually warm day typically we should be 76 we were back in the low 80s today, but tomorrow watch what happens, first thing tomorrow morning showers moving in mostly citrus the same line of storms creating severe weather across the deep south, as it gets closer to us it will fizzle out and there will be isolated showers, no severe threat no chance for a thunderstorm but you will notice more cloud cover friday. earlier in the morning, by lunchtime, things will clear out as the dryer air behind the front rolls through. thursday more clouds than sans
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day friday and saturday, because the front comes through, a little cooler and a little drier friday and saturday. not a blast of cold air but back in the 70s for highs, overall rainfall through tomorrow night, not a lot, better chance across the northern counties. forecasted highs on thursday north of i-4 likely in the low to mid 70s, south of i-4 back to the low to mid 80s, another warm day south will take longer for the cooler dryer to move to the bottom. long-range forecast things are quieting down and then all of a sudden next week the european hinting at a blast of cold air. the gfs is not on board that is something to keep our eyes on for next weekend possibly. a look at our forecast, showers thursday, friday and saturday
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rain chances returned by monday tuesday and wednesday. as i said the next front looks to arrive one week from friday. the hurricane hunters found their new home, coming up the new base of operations and what it means for planning the next storm. kicking the habit, the reason one of the largest cigarette makers in the world is considering a halt in production for good. oh yea, everything is digital now-a-days. this thing never leaves my side. that is why i signed up for publix digital coupons. and i got the paper ones too. so retro... that's how i save at publix. how 'bout you?
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sweet home, next to the hurricane hunters are packing up and heading out of town but they are not going far, tonight the new homebase and what it means to the community. getting its spark back live in a st. petersburg community left in the dust the reason behind the divide. cable company nightmare the challenges from the white house switch over that one family sa is a matter of life and death. closed captioning is brought to you by lakeland
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live from the station taking action for you, this is abc action news. a man convicted of killing
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at least for now, trevor dooley granted bond while his appeal is pending. the fbi says terrorist influences have inspired the attack monday at ohio state. the chief of the fbi cincinnati division says abdul artan was not known to law enforcement . they are asking the public for help to find out wild weather cleanup underway across the southeast after tornadoes tear through several states, five people killed one dozen injured after tornadoes swept across alabama and tennessee. a few hours ago a tornado touched down in atlanta. let's send it over to denis phillips. there is still a threat across the south. >> absolutely, that is what has
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extending from south carolina to florida. this is a squall line, you mentioned around atlanta we have to go back over the last six hours, right there those were multiple reports of tornadoes to the north of downtown atlanta. that line continues to lift to the northeast where there are still tornado warnings and the yellow boxes are severe thunderstorm watches f m charlotte down to greenville and spartanburg. this line goes down to florida so while our threat is rather slim for severe weather, the impact from this front will arrive by tomorrow morning. look outside skies are cloudy across the area, still leading to a beautiful sunset, a mixture of clouds and sunshine today we will see more of that


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