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tv   Action News at 11PM  ABC  November 30, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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groped in a local bombilate a local woman is speaking out. >> what she wants to say to the men who rescued her and what's being done to catch her
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new at 11:00, take a close look at the -- at the surveillance pictures. assaulted her. >> thank you so much for joining us tonight. this woman says this that a a -- attack happened at a bar in downtown st. pete. he joins us live with more on what the woman says happened to her. you also fond -- found out she -- how she was able to get away. reporter: yeah that's right. it happened friday night at first avenue north.
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corner of her favorite bar and groped her. >> i had some friends that i was out with. it was a fry night. >> attorney megan fernandez works with victims but tonight she was wn one. >> i was jammed up against the water. >> reporter: she had never seen the men -- man before she said. >> he took one hand up first and put it on my chest shirt. then the other hand was inside my shirt and he grabbed both of my breasts. . reporter: she was horrified. i basically ne -- kneeed him in the crotch. >> we're horrified by this
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simple battery police say but she says it's a more serious violation. >> there's a shame that comes with these crimes. >> reporter: she says she hopes the police filed the man before he hurts someone else. >> i'm not ashamed or embaroset but this man should be. >> reporter: now fernandez has shared these photos on the facebook page and we've person you're asked to contact st. pete police department. . thank you. and also right now new york city -- new york police are looking for the man you're about to see white -- right there to -- who stole a bucket foville gold. the man could be mighting in florida right now. in september the cameras caught the man stealing it from an armored truck.
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recently release snowed a 13- year-old girl is in jail tonight after bringing a loaded gun to her middle school in miami gardens. a security guard took the weapon before class started. and police arrested an adult relative of the girl for not securing the gun. trevor dooley did -- admits killing a neighbor during an argument. now he wants a knew -- new trial. we live in the jail tonight awaiting his release. reporter: i spoke to the owner of river view bail bonelets. he says dooley will not be released until some time tomorrow. the victim's family says they are not happy about it. when the family heard the man whoa would be released on bored bond it doesn't -- didn't
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>> -- somedayed. >> he's been given chance after chance. to us it's been taking advantage of the legal system. >> reporter: he was granted bond. >> way we have a set the rights as citizens. we live boy -- by those but in the same token there are ways to abuse the legal system. those -- that is what i believe he is doing. >> in husband argued about skateboarding. he shot and killed him. >> he was charged with open carrying of a weapon. >> our concern is that he now gets to go home and spend all of the holidays with his family. >> a moment they will never get again with a -- with david.
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shoot her dead was eight at the time and mom says it still haunts her. >> she has nightmares that he is going to hunt her down. eye -- i try to tell her that's not rashly thinking. but those are -- rash are -- rash -- rational thing -- thinking but that is what's rung through her mind ge at some point dooley will be released tomorrow. he has signed the bond t. has been paid for. they are witness -- waiting to submit it in court tomorrow morning. an belt -- elderly palm beach county man is facing charges tonight. he got angry at a tow truck driver block the trance of a post offense. the olderly -- post office. he hit the driver in the face and head with his oxygen tank. the driver was not seriously
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animal cruelty charges tonight. police say he tossed the dog into traffic twice. it was hit twee -- by two cars and ran into the woods. tonight the vet is treating him for internal injuries. now the police officers are pooling their money. brand new developments tonight with the manatee that was rusk -- rescued from a storm drain in jacksonville. the manatee is rushed to sea world. the manatee is being given vitamins. she weighed nine 950 pounds which is a good sign that she is relatively healthy. . good evening. it was a rough day weather wise across much of the deep south. a couple tornadoes reported in throned a. and strong winds in the carolina. what is left of the front is coming this way.
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we will -- are hain -- rain in the highland county and polk county as well. temperatures are in the upper 60s and lower 70s. we'll see what's left of the front overnight. first thing not -- in the morning the northern won't won't -- counties will see the rain. how it impacts the weekend forecast, we'll talk about. a cleveland judge proved a $6 million settlement in the shooting death of a 12-year-old tamir rice. police killed him two years ago. i was playing with a pellet gun in the park. the city of cleveland will not admit any wrongdoing in rigs's death. people are taking to the streets in charlotte, north carolina. they are upset that an officer will not face charges in the shoofth a person.
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scott's family had -- had video released. there's a budge around scott's angel pal in the video that looks like a holster. and the gun -- a gun was recovered after the shooting. the da says the shooting was justified. across metro atlanta after three radar confirmed tornadoes destroyed several counties. reporting to tornado passed through three counties. a second tornado started south of the atlanta and moved through the heart of the buckhead community. the third affected three northern suburbs. the national weather service will send crews to the areas tomorrow and assess the damage and confirm the tornado snooze seven people have died in in -- from the massive wildfire burning in tennessee.
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homes have been scorched. 14,000 people have now been evacuated from the gatlinburg area alone. look at this. a refrigerator a burned bible survives the ten tennessee wildfires and what's actually on it is give -- giving people goose bumps. the verses referring to the end of days and it mefrngs mentions a great -- mentions a great fire burning in the whirledness. a young girl learning a harsh lesson about when too too -- to dial 911. the surprising reason she called police when there was no emergency. plus this. that's a little discriminatory from any -- my view. >> a restaurant is getting a lot of attention after announcing a customer ban. the surprising development there tonight following the backlash. floss -- plus, a state-one
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-- station is apologizing for a beauty tip.
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all new tonight at 11:00, ann an 11-year-old girl barely escaping criminal charges after making a fake 911 call about an active shooter on texas college campus. police say the girl told them that she called 911 because sthe -- she her mother left her alone in the library for a brief moment. police evacuated the billeting. the -- building. the college is not appreciation charges. a segment on make up tips for victims of domestic violence. a make up artist shows the best way to cover up black eyes and bruises, the state-owned station pointed out it was the
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eliminating violence against women and promising to show how to cover the signs of a beating. people took too -- to social media with their outrage. some claimed their segment normalizes violence and legitimizes it by covering it with make up. it's not a crime in morroco. two thirds of women had experienced fem, psychological or economic violence there. a texas restaurant is reversing its ban on face and neck tattoos. the dress code is creating a smite yeah fire storm after a tv host was denied service. he called the ban stream near -- discriminatory. the code was strop -- dropped. an -- a warning tonight for
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most it is affecting older verses -- version -- versions. it is called google. it is -- attacks your phone when apps a -- are downloaded from non-approved sites. there are steps you can take to protect yourself like keeping your phone updated and making sure you're downloading apps from truchted sources like the google play store. millions of americans rack up credit card debt this time of year. 65% of americans say think think -- they use credit to pay for gifts. while you may be in -- enticed to use them, use -- read the fine privenlt no this this -- interest now could mean a lot of interest later unless you pay it off in the promotional period. chrysler is developing a mini van.
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32 miles. it will be out next more more -- month for more than 40 thousand dollars. but it's eligible for a tax credit. people in texas love their high school fop football. no -- now many are giving generously who suffered a brain injury on the field. more than one thousand people are donating throwing throwing -- including one of the biggest football store -- stars. jjwatt is giving ten thousand dollars to pep -- help pay for the costs. watt also wrote a personal message sending his best wishes and offering to help. the friends who set up the good found -- go fund me page seas -- says -- say donations have been pouring n. they keep raising the goal. so far more thane -- than one $100,000 has been raised.
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some are calling cruel and unusual punishment on drunk drivers has gone viral. it says they will face criminal charges possibly lose their license and they will have to listen to nickel back in the cruiser when going to jail. the post has been rebhofed rebhofed -- removed. >> i pasco has this trending post they posted a similar joke but they threatened to play creed. >> i like all he -- of them. the parents of a one year- old girl in france say she is the miracle bufenolide she shocked doctors after bake bake -- waking up and smiling after
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ten days earlier the same doctors suckeded the parents remove her from life supported -- support. the parents said no way. now the parents are praying she will fully recover. she was hospital lights after a virus attacked her nervous system. that's a christmas marc marc -- miracle. all right denis. we were talking being this the other day with shayt. feels like it's april going into may. >> it's warm. we need our angel tree to make you feel more like christmas. we kounltd 500 in the couple of days for pictures. we're sharing as many we -- as we can. she took her daughter's play house. her daughter put up the lights herself and the little tree and even a little shock -- stocking right there. and there's an inflatable.
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love it. it's maybe going to help out but not just all the pictures. a cold front would help. make us feel more festive. maybe a stronger one next week. all quiet. temperatures are warm, muggy still and breezy. temperatures in the low 70s. the dew points s this is rough. when you see a dew point up near 70 degrees you think it -- it want -- can't right? this is. but it will change. the dew point wills be lower and -- and the temperatures will be lower by tomorrow. and you will feel more festive. the weather will be more -- more comfortable. for a few days. low 70s right now. a lot of clouds out there today. a little bit of everything. we had sun and clouds and seen -- even some rain east of out of a 75.
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up north tomorrow morning, the same front that spawned severe weather in carolina is coming this way. all you need think about tomorrow morning is light to moderate showers in the morn counties. that is 8:00. by lunchtime more clouds than sun. you will have scattered showers. not a big deal. you will notice what's behind it. by friday morning it's cleared out. you wake up and open the door. it's cooler. saturday it will be a lot cooler. more comfortable with temperatures in the 50s. the reason is there come that's front as it swings through it brings through cooler drier air. at least something to make it more pleasant. down the road a week from friday, we have a better chance of much cooler air. thursday, upper 70s to near 80 degrees down to the south. mid 70s up north. i still think we can see low to
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sarasota it will take longer for the front to come on through. tomorrow is transitional day. friday cooler. and saturday is very pleasant of the pal -- . . long range forecast a lot of red. this cold air is going to give some significant rain and snow to the northeast this weekend and bring us cooler air as well is predicted. wel water twitch -- temperature is 69. seas is -- are 2 to four feet. 4 feet. partly cloudy overnight. becoming mostly cloudy team team -- tomorrow where -- with afew showers -- a few showers. rain chances only 20% tomorrow. the weekend looks graechlt by early next week another chance of showers. rain chances at 30 or 40% and
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an nba blooper involving a hub hug. what happened after the friendly gesture. could florida head coaches be on the move. john sabol updates us next in
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thanks for stopping by. it's coaching carousel week in college football. texas and lsu and oregon have openings. texas filled a big with with -- vacancy. may we see florida' message message -- mc elwain. usa that mcem-wayne would be intrigued on the ofd leaving for the ducks. that won't happen. mc elwain squashed those rumors tonight. >> no i vent -- haven't heard from oregon but i have a heck of i job. this is the university of florida and we're playing in what they call the sec championship game. so it really hasn't crossed my
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for oregon has crossed the mind of attack -- tag earth. he hasn't commented. he is among inform -- some of the names rumored to be linked to the oregon ducks. fox sports is reporting that tag earth is -- taggert is a leading candidate. he reportedly interviewed at south carolina. taggert he turned are not not he also coached the team to a ten win season. he starved -- deserves to be in the mix for a major head coaching job. don't be smuts -- surprised if he leaves, but he has roots here in the bay area and he has many skilled players returning next year. those could be two good reasons to say.
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he got offensive player of the year for the conference. 4,000 offensive yards, 37 total yards -- yards for the green and gold. they will now wait to see what bowl game they are in. a simple football gets thrown, kicked or fumbled. if you watched any locker room speeches you may have seen a coach present a game ball that. brings me to jameis winston. he did something you don't see every wednesday the at team facility. he honored the rowdy and loyal bucs fans. he honored them with the game football. >> i just -- i really want to give the game ball to the fans. they did an amazing job and they really helped us out.
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an amazing job. i hope that's in r future every sunday. finally what were you thinking play of the night belonged to the cleveland cavs jr smith. why was he open? because smith in the circle here went to give bucks guard terry a hug on the bench in the middle of the play. don't do this, kids. if you do, chances are you will be running spris
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by the way, in exactly 28 minutes hurricane season over. through go. five tan named storms this -- 15 named store -- storms this
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december it's all good. partly cloudy skies. we will see a few showers out there. look for temperatures in the 60s warming up to the upper 70s. a few showers and we could use some rain. i think we'll see it out of here by friday morning. >> we may have a game break here at the studio. >> i'm scared.
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>> dicky: from >> dicky: from hollywood it's ?jimmy kimmel live?! tonight tonight bono, julia ro neil patrick harris, and the killers. and now, ready or not, here's jimmy kimmel! >> jimmy: >> jimmy: hi, i'm jimmy, the host of the show.


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