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tv   Action News at 5AM  ABC  December 1, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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recreation center in tampa. >> abc action news anchor lindsey logue is live on the scene right now. we are hearing the fire is under control. is that true? >> reporter: deiah, that's the great news here, incredible work by the hillsborough fire rescue. they were able to put out the flames. a couple of them left but for the most part just working on the hot spots. just a lot of smoke coming from the top of the buildings as firefighters have two ladder trucks and they are working to fight this fire i can show you video that we took a half hour or 40 minutes ago of the flames as they're shooting out of the roof and out of the windows and the doors of this building. again, this is the wilson park recreation center an we are on 76 and destin in the palm river area. i can tell you just from getting new information from the fire department, when they arrived just before 3:00 the smoke and flames were through the roof and it really shows the intensity of
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the building. the incredibly sad part about this story, this was under renovation. it was a multimillion dollar renovation to make it into a boys and girls club. that money, $2.5 million was volunteer nated from the venic family to make that happen. part of the building was under construction. at this point we don't know what materials were inside. you have to imagine construction materials things like lumber, electrical equipment, all of those things likely fuelled the fire. neighbors i here devastated by the loss for the kids in this neighborhood that would have coming here to this recreation center on a daily basis. tennis, basketball, playing cards, hanging out with friends. now they have to start from scratch. this entire building is a loss. it will have to be bulldozed to the ground. as soon as we get more updates here from tampa and this fire at wilson park
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lindsey logue. good morning. i'm dan shaffer. >> i'm deal yeah riley. we want to get a check on your forecast. ivan is standing by. >> it's going to be warm. a couple of showers as well and then we will begin to clear out tonight and cool off. we have a front to get through. this is the line that brought severe thunderstorms but just a couple showers for us. a couple of showers into hardy and highlands moving to the northeast. just a few sprinkles. real i'm going to assume janelle has some cameras for you of 17, polk parkway, i-4. those will all be impacted by very low visibility so keep that in mind this morning. the upper 60s, the lower 70s. by later on this afternoon and heading into tonight that's when we'll begin to clear things out and we'll talk about overnight lows falling back in the 40s. yeah, i think the nature coast the
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day ahead before that happens. the high around 79 with sunrise or sunset coming up at 5:34. let's send it over to the traffic center with janelle. >> yeah, we are dealing with some fog from lakeland all the way into tampa. take a look behind me here. you can see it looks pretty thing out there. if you do run into these areas of patchy fog make sure that you put on the low beams. this is around the polk parkway. i can show you my map in yellow is where we are seeing some areas of patchy fog from lakeland all the way to plant seems to clear up when you head closer into tampa. your drive times on i-4, the fog not really slowing you down there. back to you guys. >> thank you, janelle. 5:03. break ing over night, a police officer near seattle was killed over night responding to a
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the man barricaded himself in the home and fired multiple shots. the officer was hit and rushed to the hospital where he died. >> everyone appropriates the kind prayers and thoughts going out to us. again, remember that we still have a job to do. we are still on the scene. we are doing our best to not have anyone else injured. >> at this hour police believe the husband is still barricaded inside that house but sayt' this morning 75-year-old trevor duly convicted of killing his neighbor 4 years ago is in the process of bonding out of prison. a judge is granting duly bond as he appeals his conviction. duly was convicted of manslaughter after he shot and killed david james. in 2010 the two were arguing about a teen skateboarding in the area. duly maintained that he was
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attacked him. james's 8-year-old daughter watched him shoot her dad. a 14-year-old girl is in jail this morning after she brought a gun to school. surveillance video not released yet shows the girl walking out of the school's office and pointing the gun at three students. they started to run and she took off after them trying to shoot them. the gun jammed. the security guard managed to take that weapon away from her. police also arrested an adult relative of the gir gun. earlier this month four students were arrested for bringing a loaded gun to a near by school. 5 minutes after 5:00. right now the nypd is looking for this guy right here. they say he stole a bucket full of gold and detectives say he could be hiding out right here in florida. in september cameras caught the man stealing a bucket from the am mored truck. that bucket weighed 86 pounds. it took him an hour to complete
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10-minute walk. it was full of gold flakes worth nearly $2 million. take a look at this drone video. this is some of the damage that tornados left behind in alabama. the national weather service is sending crews out this morning. five people were killed as two dozen twisters ripped through four states. our abc affiliate in atlanta said a tornado passed through three counties there and city in the buck head neighborhood. a third tornado effected three northern suburbs. >> it was very close. a couple hundred yards the other way would have been different for all of us. >> some of the damage in south carolina now. the storms also hit mississippi and louisiana. hundreds of people are still without power. this morning we are hearing nearly 24 hours of rainfall in
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seven people have died from the massive wild fire burning more than 15,000 acres, specifically in gatlinburg. it scorched more than 700 homes. officials say 14,000 people have been evacuated from the gatlinburg area alone. >> the dolly wood foundation is announcing it will donate $1,000 a month to all of the families who lost their homes. dolly pardon releasing a statement saying her dol are establishing the my people fund. they are accepting donations. this morning police are looking for this man caught right here on surveillance camera groping a woman at a popular downtown bar. abc action news reporter rodney dunigan is live outside of the bar. the victim said he's coming forward because she wants to keep this from happening to
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speaking out this morning because she's hopeful by speaking out she will protect other women in the area. she can't believe this guy could attack her inside of a crowded bar. let's take a look at this guy's picture. a pretty clear picture of who police are looking for this morning. megan fernandez was out with friends along 1st avenue south in her favorite bar when the man cornered her. the entire indent was caught on the bar surveillance cameras. >>e and put it kind of on my chest area to push me back. he put his other hand inside of my shirt. then he got his other hand inside of my shirt and grabbed both of my breasts. >> reporter: three men rushed in to help that woman but he was able to get away. fernandez put this picture up on her facebook page and you can find it on the abc action news facebook page as well to share.
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they will come forward. the effort is to get this man caught. reporting live this morning, abc action news. >> thank you, rodney. today only you can take advantage of a special deal for the florida state fair. at -- tickets -- went on sale at midnight. an unlimited ride band for any day of the fair is $30. listen to this, any arm band tickets purchased today will include free gold access passes giving you access to express lines for the busiest days. just want to give you a sneak peak of what we have to look forward to here by the time we get into tomorrow. temperatures in the upper 40s to lower 50s across our nature coast. the low 60s elsewhere with very low humidity. first we have a few showers to get through today.
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i'll have the extended forecast coming up in a couple of minutes. >> thank you, ivan. it's 5:09. coming up , freeze protesters. the order in place from north dakota's governor as the temperature continues to drop. why pipeline protesters think he's trying to force them out. >> a man gets trapped inside his car as it goes up in flames. coming up the incredible video and the daring r rescue. z272fz zi0z
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a south carolina jury will resume deliberations in the while of a white police officer who shot a black man after a traffic stop. officer michael slager testified on tuesday saying his mind was, quote, like spaghetti when he shot and killed walter scott as scott was running away from him. investigators say scott was unarmed. we'll bring you that verdict as soon as it's announced [chanting] >> people took to the streets of charlotte, north carolina. they were there until early this morning. they are upset that a police officer who shot and killed keith lamont scott in september is not going to face any charges. you may remember the video of the shooting was first released by scott's family and then by police. scott's family has always claimed he did
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said a bulge is around his ankle that looks like a leg holster and his dna was recovered on a gun found by his body after the shooting. the frigid cold has not stopped the people protesting at the dakota access pipeline. the governor said they are unsafe because of the c yesterday the governor clarified what he meant. >> we have not at any time ever contemplated going to the main camp and removing people from that area. >> protesters say they saw the order as a way to block deliveries of supplies to the camp. the governor said that's not true.
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caused by straight line winds or a tornado. it caused water spouts and heavy rain in the panhandle. now we'll check in with ivan. >> that's going to be a tornado there as the water spout is there. it was caught on camera coming ashore. so just technically we call it something different when it's over water verses when it's over land, a water spout or tornado. it damaged five homes there. nothing compared to what they this is the report from tuesday when we had the fatalities in alabama as well. on wednesday as we talked about earlier there's a few tornado reports and confirmations across atlanta right in the heart of the city there. this front is now coming towards us but much weaker. look at these broken line of showers. we are not going to have thunderstorms. just a few showers is it. the rain chance
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showers around hardy, sebring. my main concern is not that. it's the fog, the visibility. down to nothing in parts of polk county. if you're going to be traveling there as janelle has been talk about use precaution. it's at least concentrate area. the front will change the temperatures. not so much where the rainfall but behind it we clear out and cool off. tonight we'll see the temperatures dropping back. just a few showers on future cast here. may need a quick run to the car but other wise in good shape. by tomorrow the mid 70s. exactly where we should be for this time of the year. cool over night lows setting us up for a fantastic weekend. yes, we definitely have some fog out there, especially in the
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expect to use those low beams this morning. this is what it looks like i-4 right around the polk parkway. the good news it's not really effecting your drive times into the tampa area. we have some construction at verging diamond. it has university parkway blocked in both directions right underneath i-75. they usually have this open by 6:00 a.m. if not sooner. back to you. >> thank you, janelle. 5:18. this morning we are seeing new released video, police rescuing a man from his burning car. that driver crashed into a tree last week. the impact pinned him in the front seat and jammed the doors shut. several officers at that scene managed to crawl through the back hatch as they tried to work the driver free. that's when the suv caught fire. >> we need to get out of here. come on. let's go . come on. come on. through the backseat. >> in fact when we were pullinging
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look at his feet and i saw a red glow from underneath the firewall. >> officers pulled that driver free right before the interior became engulfed. that man was taken to the hospital and released the following morning. one officer cut his hand during the rescue and was treated at the scene. still ahead this morning, manatees on the move. three sea cals are going to make their way out of lake tarpon today with a little bit of help. why wildlife foishs say they there. >> an 11-year-old girl saved her little sister's life. what she learned in school to help
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5:22. right now a manatee found in a jacksonville drainpipe is recovering at sea world in orlando. this is video of that manatee arriving at the park's rehabilitation cent. manatee giving her fluids and vitamins. she weighed half a ton. that's a good sign that she's relatively healthy. here in the bay area wildlife crews are rescuing some manatees stranded in lake tarpon. they swam into the lake after tropical storm collin back if in -- in august. this is video of
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of warm water in the lake for the manatees. it's 5:22. an 11-year-old girl that massachusetts saved her baby sister's life thanks to a cpr class at school. she told her mom what to do. she just learned cpr and the heimlich maneuver in school. >> i told her to turn her at an angle and pat her back so the spit up could come out and i comes naturally to her. she said she wants to be a veterinarian when she growing up. a warning for android users this morning. >> millions of phones infected with malware. what this means for your smart phone and how to avoid it in the future. >> nearly a dozen sexual predators are off the streets and behind bars in central florida. wait until you hear where one suspect worked.
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z272fz zi0z y272fy yi0y we do begin with breaking news from over night. fire breaks out at a boys and girls club that's under renovation. >> abc action news anchor lindsey logue is at the scene now working to get us the latest from the crews there. lindsey, any update on that fire?
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i just got done speaking with the fire department. they told me this building is is a total loss from corner to corner. this is the winston park recreation center. we are on 76 and destin in the palm river area. still a lot of heavy smoke coming from the top of the building. when we got here an hour ago flames were shooting out of the windows, doorways and roof. two ladder trucks still here as they are working on a this call came in from neighbors just after 3:00 this morning. we have seen firefighters out here but still you guys incredibly too hot for them to think about going anywhere. we've seen them poking around with their cameras, they are already starting to take pictures through the windows here at the recreation center. deiah, as you mentioned, it was under renovation. that's the sad thing about that. this was going to be a state of the art boys and girls club for the
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arc roller hockey rink, game rooms, a dining hall. this was going to be top of the line and money for this renovation was coming from jeff venic, the owner of the tampa bay lightning. known very well for helping the revitalize a lot of downtown and helping people out. this was his project here at the winston park recreation center. now, everything destroyed. still waiting to find out a cause of this fire. updates, we will bring them to you live as we get them. for now lindsey logue live in tampa. baaing to you. >> thank you, lindsey. good morning. with er -- we are off to a very busy start this 1st day of december. i'm deiah riley. >> i'm dan shaffer. ivan has the weather . >> polk county socked in as far as low visibility and the low
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thereafter. keep that in mind traveling through polk county. not the entire tampa bay area but a good chunk of it here. i'll be up in a second. a couple little showers here across hardy, desoto into highlands county moving to the north and east. that movement is a result of what you see here. that's what is left of a front. it's been a potent one. for us it's just going to mov just a couple of isolated showers, about 20% coverage is all i'm thinking. we will fix the temperatures behind the front in the upper 70s today with that 20% rain chance and then cooling off and clearing out. more on that extended forecast coming up. the big story this morning is that fog. we are watching it here on our cameras. i-4 in the lakeland area, one of those mornings where you might want to


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