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tv   Action News at 530AM  ABC  December 1, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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thereafter. keep that in mind traveling through polk county. not the entire tampa bay area but a good chunk of it here. i'll be up in a second. a couple little showers here across hardy, desoto into highlands county moving to the north and east. that movement is a result of what you see here. that's what is left of a front. it's been a potent one. for us it's just going to mov just a couple of isolated showers, about 20% coverage is all i'm thinking. we will fix the temperatures behind the front in the upper 70s today with that 20% rain chance and then cooling off and clearing out. more on that extended forecast coming up. the big story this morning is that fog. we are watching it here on our cameras. i-4 in the lakeland area, one of those mornings where you might want to
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i want to show you the maps right now if we can get to those. look at that area shaded in yellow. that's where we are seeing this area of patchy fog between lakeland and plant city and then south of i-4. the good news is once you get into downtown tampa look at it here. interstate 275 there just 5 minutes from downtown to the howard frankland bridge. >> thank you. the search continues this morning for a man accused of groping a woman over the weekend with friends at 1st avenue at her favorite bar. she said the man cornered her, shoved his hands up her shirt and grabbed her breasts. it was caught on surveillance video. three men rushed to hospital but the suspect ran off. st. petersburg police hope someone will recognize him and turn him in. new this morning, the second inmate who escaped from jail is now back in custody. police finally caught him after a stand off that lasted more than 7
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him hiding this the attic of a friend's home. they shot tear gas into the home at least twice earlier that day before they spotted him. when they finally got to him he was high. last tuesday night the inmate he escaped with was recaptured. this morning a memphis couple is still missing after the deadly wild fires in eastern tennessee. architect john summer and his wife janet were vacationing in gatlinburg when the fires broke out. condition with critical burns. they have not been found. their neighbors and friends in memphis are hoping for the best. >> they were supportive of their sons through everything through their careers so it's gut wrenching. >> this morning clean up and recovery efforts will start following a day of much needed rain. officials are discussing reopening gatlinburg on friday. three more bodies were discovered yesterday raising the
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surveillance video of a south florida police officer shooting a man who stabbed him at a casino. officer raul perez was working security detail at that miami casino last january. he tried to remove a man from a poker room but the man refused to go and threw koosh at him. -- cash at him. he then stabbed the officer in the neck and face. that's when the officer shot him in the stomach. >> he lashed out at the officer. he turned around and he disregarded his authority as if he was >> the officer and the suspect were both treated and released at a hospital. the suspect is now pleading not guilty to attempted murder charges. this morning 10 men from across central florida are facing charges after being caught during a lake county child cybersex sting. during the week-long undercover operation detectives arranged meeting with the suspects with them thinking they were 13 or 14-year-old girls.
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waiting to arrest them. one of them was an exemployee at the university studios. an ocala man is facing animal cruelty charges after he threw his dog in oncoming traffic. a vet is now treating him. ocala police are pulling their own money to pay the vet bill. one officer is planning to adopt the dog. the original owner is facing multiple charges for animal cruelty, assault on law enforcement officer and resisting arrest. 5:34 right now. the recount of a presidential election will begin today in wisconsin. that recount requested by green party candidate jill stein. the last time this happened was here in florida in 2000 when the out come of the election between al gore and george w. bush hung in the balance. they said recounts will not result in a victory for hillary clinton. still election
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3 million ballots. stein is also suing for a recount in pennsylvania. if you've seen a large cable bill or had problems with your service lately you are not alone. spectrum that took over bright house networks is getting flooding with calls and complaints. the company's facebook page is flooded with customer concerns. everything from lost channels to high bills without any changes to a cable package. one frustrated customer said she's ditching spectrum after became unreliable. >> i need to have phone because i have an elderly father living here. i need a phone to be able to call 911. a cell phone is not reliable. >> spectrum admits it's call volume has spiked since the switch over from bright house. the company wants to remind anyone that they can use the live chat on its website to get to them directly for help. i have a warning for android users.
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google's android operating system. it attacks your phone when apps are downloaded from non-approved sites. google has been tracking this for years and found no evidence of fraj lent fraudulent activities. make sure that you download apps from the google play store only. good news tampa bay rays fans. the 2017 baseball season will begin on time. players and owners reached the al star game will no longer determine home field advantage. the results have been altered that could impact the rays ability to hold onto younger players. there will not be a worldwide draft. players will be tested for hgc. you can cheer on the lightning alongside the man who raised the cup for the bolts.
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irish 31 in west chase. we may be getting a second half marathon next year. one race is already scheduled the march. they will hold a second race starting in november of 2017. today is the first day of the boat show. this organizers say the show will be bigger than ever. 50 boats more square feet of exhibit space. it will include sailing seminars. it will be a magical night in lakeland. the city hosts the 36th annual christmas parade tonight. the parade steps off on lemon street and loops around lake mirror and travels down orange street before ending at lakeland center. it kicks off with a fireworks display starting at 7:00. the big question, will the weather hold up tonight? perhaps some snow to get in the spirit of things?
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>> that's okay. the 70s here. not an issue. the issue in lakeland is this fog. look at this, down to zero. this caution coming out of polk county wherever you are headed, especially out towards the west. i-4 getting impacted as well. we'll talk about the fog coming up. it's 5:38. still to come this morning, his picture went viral on the man who said he stands for [no audio]. >> he was convicted of manslaughter but now trevor duly is about to get out of jail. i'm erik waxler with what the victim's widow is saying about his early release. >> if you have netflix you can
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connected to the internet. >> in the tech bites the positive response to netflix. >> to top trending twitter hashtag is netflix. subscribers are now download shows to watch them offline. they called it a miracle. >> really? apple's new watch, a customer claims to have received an e-mail about the ear plugs with the watch. >> he said he shipments in the next few weeks. santa's north pole home has just gotten better. >> built in the 1800s it has a big fireplace. this workshop, reindeer stables and a home is $15,000 but of course it's not on the market. >> where do all the elves sleep? >> in the back. >> that's your tech
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16 minutes happening today, 75-year-old trevor duly who shot and killed his neighbor during an argument 6 years ago is expected to be released from prison while he appeals his case. he said it's self-defense but the victim's widow said he's abusing the system and should not be allowed out. erik waxler is live as we wait for duly to get out. erik. >> reporter: yeah, this all happened at a neighborhood basketball court in valrico in
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david james was playing with his daughter. there were some other kids that were skateboarding on that court. trevor duly came out of his house, an argument ensued between him and james and things turned violent and that's when duly said he shot and killed david james in self-defense. the argument led to that killing and now he's serving an 8-year sentence. trevor duly is 75 years old and in a wheelchair but yesterday afternoon a judge because of mistakes during sentencing he could have a new trial on sentencing. david james' daughter was 8 years old when she saw duly kill her father. >> she has nightmares that he's going to come and hunt her down. i told her that's not real rational thinking but those are things that run through her mind after this. >> reporter: and we are told
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night and this morning it will be processed and then he will be able to leave here at the orient road jail now under the conditions of his bond duly won't be able to leave his home in hernando county. he can only leave for doctor visits and to see his lawyer. he can't have a weapon or make any contact with the victim's family. live, erik waxler, abc action news. >> thank you, erik. 5:46. we are hear ing bystander who came to the aid of an officer. an fhp trooper pulled over a speeding car this week and soon after that the man started to resist arrest. jeffery said he saw the troopers wrestling with the man on the ground as he drove by. he's a former rhode island police officer and 30 years of law enforcement kicked in. he stopped his car and ran over to help him. >> there was a possibility he's not going to go home to his
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basically surrendered. >> the driver and the passenger in the car were both taken into custody. one man in texas is spreading a powerful and encouraging message to muslims in the u.s. the old school way with a handmade sign. it reads, you belong, stay strong, be blessed. we are one america. the picture of justin nor man standing outside of a mosque with that sign went viral. for a few days the internet went crazy trying to figure out who he was until he came forward. he said he wanted to show support for the local muslim community after the presidential election and the contentious campaign center. norman manages a sign stop and said he had the urge to do this for sometime. >> i'm here to help you. i'm here to help my fellow man. you are put on this planet to help me. if you are not helping you fellow man you need to evaluate that. >> he said the gesture was about binding up the wounded.
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media about these strange sea creatures they have seen on huntington beach. people are calling them jelly fish. marine biologists said their sea cucumbers. a storm washed the stand away exposing them. >> good stuff. we got some iffing -- fog out there on this morning here on thursday. zero visibility down in lakeland. the airport visibility in bartow, less in zephyrhills. 2.5 miles in a successed second here. this is the denser fog. the coast looks good with the visibility looking just fine. the upper 60s to lower 70s. state trip7 -- it's still mild from south florida all the way into the
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the 20s, 30s and 40s. is that a cold front or what? it's going to come through here and we are going to get cooler but not that cold. it's going to feel refreshing late tonight into tomorrow morning. first a couple little showers to get through with the front. well out you head of it they develop in hardy, desoto and highlands county. this will be one of the main lines that moves through. this is, yes, the same system that spawned all the severe weather. for us weakening. a broken line of shower s is about it. then tonight we just get the good part it's clear, cool, drier air moving in. the humidity will begin to crash. the dew points have been almost tropical in the upper 60s to low 70s. as the front comes in the dew points begin to go down big time. the 30s and 40s. very dry conditions that a llows temperatures to fall back tonight. we'll be nice and cool. out ahead of the front still the mid 80s for some inland counties. look at the contrast as the front begins to
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a couple of showers and then the cool air heads in tonight. we are going to have some upper 40s. haven't seen that in a while. temperatures in the upper 50s further south. that will set us up for a nice day tomorrow in the mid 70s and low humidity. that's going to feel fantastic. that will set the stage for a nice kick off to the weekend. saturday, sunday look good. that system that i was worried about for late sunday is still now getting pushed to monday and tuesday. i think a dry weekend, the difference will be more humidity creeping up by sunday. good we are still dealing with some fog out there. especially between lakeland and plant city. once you pass through plant city on i-4 things start to clear up just a little bit. this is what it looks like just west of kathleen. if you do run into any of that fog put on these low beams. some construction going on in downtown tampa today. don't forget just a reminder franklin street is closed between tyler and cash. this will last through 5:00 p.m. on friday. you can use florida avenue instead. also some road
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convention center because they're unloading all those cars for the big tampa auto show at the convention center. they have several lanes closed between florida avenue and channel side. avoid that area all together. more information on my twitter feed @tampabaytraffic. >> thank you, janelle. two new studies found psychedelic drugs in mushrooms can help patients. all the patients were treated with the drug. researchers say the patients had an immediately decline in anxiety and depression and the spirit lifting effects lasted for several weeks. they said more studies are needed. the parents of a toddler in france are calling her a miracle
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just days earlier the doctors suggested they remove here from life support. they didn't and took to social media and campaigned to continue treatment. now her parents are praying that she's going to fully recover. she was hospitalized after a virus attacked her nervous system. well, it seems that today everything is done using social media. >> yeah, and now we can add college acceptance letters to that list. one school is using a popular app to share the news with the incoming students. >> before you hit the stores which items are which ones will have better deals down the road. z272fz zi0z
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z26prz zy6z y26pry yy6y
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y272iy yi0y 5:55. last week we told you about a tall ship that would make st. petersburg their winter home. they will doc dc -- dock next to the ferry. they will decide to use money from the bp oil spill to build infrastructure. this morning we are learning about any plans from chrysler. they are developing a minivan that could same save you soup money -- could save you some money. the new model will be out next hand has a sticker price of more than $45,000 but if you buy one
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stores are offering great deals for christmas but some items you should wait on. this is a way to buy christmas appliances. wait until december 15th to buy toys and december 20th to buy clothes. that's when stores do their final pre-christmas mark downs. it may pay to wait until january to buy big screen tvs which go on sale again for the super bowl and bedding is cheapest during january white sales. imagine opening a message and finding out that you've been accepted to college and then it vanishes. it could happen to kids who apply to the university of wisconsin green bay that's sending out acceptances over snap chat. it allows people to send messages that disappear unless people save them. students can respond to school officials. >> they will screen shot the snap and respond with an excited selfie.
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we are proud of our students. >> in addition to the snap chat acceptance letters they send out packets in the mail mainly for the parents. coming up at 6:00, staying on breaking news here at abc action news. fire tearing through a recreation center in tampa. a live update from the scene and resources that may have been lost inside. >> at this hour st. petersburg police are looking for a man who groped a woman inside of a popular downtown bar. ahead in a
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fire destroys a recreation center under renovation in tampa. good morning. i'm dan shaffer. >> i'm deiah riley. we have been show ing
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not seeing video here. we are going to get you video of intense flames from the building. our lindsey logue has been out there all morning low. this center was under renovation but it's a huge loss for this community. >> reporter: deiah, it absolutely is. i was talking to neighbors out here this morning who cannot believe that this happened. this recreation center was currently under renovation. tvstacie -- it was going to be a state of the art recreation center for hundreds of c the building is destroyed from corner to corner. new information from the hillsborough county fire department. our good friend corey is here with us to tell us a little bit about what is going on. corey, what is happening right now? >> good morning, lindsey. right now they are put ting gallons of water on this fire. it took an hour and 15 minutes but right now we are going through and making sure everything is out so we can get


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