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tv   Action News at 6AM  ABC  December 1, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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not seeing video here. we are going to get you video of intense flames from the building. our lindsey logue has been out there all morning low. this center was under renovation but it's a huge loss for this community. >> reporter: deiah, it absolutely is. i was talking to neighbors out here this morning who cannot believe that this happened. this recreation center was currently under renovation. tvstacie -- it was going to be a state of the art recreation center for hundreds of c the building is destroyed from corner to corner. new information from the hillsborough county fire department. our good friend corey is here with us to tell us a little bit about what is going on. corey, what is happening right now? >> good morning, lindsey. right now they are put ting gallons of water on this fire. it took an hour and 15 minutes but right now we are going through and making sure everything is out so we can get
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watching video from earlier this morning, corey. those flames intense, going through the roofs and the windows and the doors. they were like that when firefighters got here. >> absolutely. it was very intense flame s through the roof. crews reported from blocks away they could see fire and smoke. when they got on scene they took a defensive attack since there was nobody inside. >> reporter: corey, this recreation center was under construc we don't know what equipment was in there but probably lumber, electrical equipment, that stuff certainly fuels a fire. >> absolutely. that's something that our commad units will look at. it was obvious it was being renovated. they will take that into account and the flammable things that could be inside. >> reporter: corey, thank you so much for your time. best of luck to you men out there still working to make sure they get out of the hot spots out so the
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start the real work, find out exactly what happened here. a huge loss again to the community this recreation center under a $2.5 million renovation from jeff venic, the owner of the tampa bay lightning who was helping to revitalize this community. we'll have updates for you as soon as we get more information from the fire department. here live on abc action news live in tampa, lindsey logue, abc action news. good morning from the weather center here. we are across polk county. dense fog across inland areas. down to a quarter mile visibility. better closer to the coast. it will take a while to lift that fog a couple hours after sunrise and then in pretty good shape here. temperatures right now still mild. the upper 60s to low 70s. the front that will cool us off and bring us lower humidity is off to the north and west. it's this front that's triggering the
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images coming out of tennessee and the rest of the southeast coming up. good morning, everybody. fhp is reporting a crash on i-275 and hillsborough. when i checked the camera in that look it looks like they are pointing to this exit ramp here. i did see a single car with the flashers just pull away. it looks like that crash ended up to be not much and we are not seeing any delays on 275. the drive pretty good on all of the interstates except for moog fog on i-4 corridor from lakeland to plant city. this area in yellow we have the potential for foggy conditions south and west of i-4. if you see those conditions turn on those low beams. back to you guys. >> thank you, janelle. 6:03. break ing ing over night in tacoma, washington, a police officer is shot and killed while trying to help the wife of an abusive husband. when the officers arrived the husband
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multiple shots. the injured officer was rushed to the hospital and unfortunately he died. right now st. petersburg police are looking for this guy. he was caught on surveillance video sexual assaulting a woman at a downtown bar. abc action news reporter rodney dunigan is live on 1st avenue where it happened. rodney, there were plenty of people around when it happened. >> reporter: deiah, this bar was pretty crowded when all of this happened. in fact, three guys witnessed this a r unfortunately that suspect was able to get away. no you, the victim is speaking with us this morning in hopes of getting the word out and getting this guy off the streets. if we can let's take another look at his picture. megan fernandez said she was out with friends right here on 1st avenue north inside of her favorite bar when that man groped her. the attack is a bit too graphic for us to show but gives investigators a clear view of exactly what happened.
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fighting back. >> i immediately put my knee up in a defensive move. you know, i kneed him basically in the crouch. >> reporter: fernandez hopes if anymore victims are out there and watching this morning they will come forward as well to get this guy off the streets. now, she did post this guy's picture on her facebook page. you can also find it on our abc action news facebook page as well so you can share it and get the word out to the public. for now reporting live in action news. new details after a 13-year-old brings a loaded gun to a south florida school. a spokesperson now said the girl pointed the gun at classmates. according to tv station wsvn, surveillance video not yet released shows that girl walking out of the school's office and pointing the gun at three students. they start running, she takes off after them trying to shoot them. those other students were only spared
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that. a security guard at that miami garden's middle school took the weapon before classes started. parents were startled to find out what happened. >> oh, my god. i just saw my baby right there. if something like that happens it has to be a gun or a knife. >> officers charged that girl with attempted assault and gun offenses. they arrested a man related to her for not properly securing the weapon. a dead after more than a dozen tornados caused devastation all across the southeast. this is drone video showing the incredible damage in alabama just one of the states hit hard. we want to go the ivan now for a closer look at this intense weather system. >> yeah, a horrific end to november. two videos out of alabama and tennessee where the damage was significant here. homes completely flattened.
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store flat -- a store flattened of this is a water spout turned to a tornado as it game to shore across the panhandle of florida. it caused some damage as well. up to five homes impacted. two severely damaged but no significant injuries at least in our neck of the woods. i'll be back to tell you about that front headed in our direction, the same one that caused that severe weather and how it will impact your weekend coming up. >> thank you. along weather eastern tennessee reeling from massive wild fires. the death toll now up to seven. we know that at least 53 people are hurt. more than 15,000 acres have burned mostly in and around gatlinburg. more than 700 homes destroyed. president obama now working with tennessee's governor to get aid there. fema already approved a grant and is preparing other resources. he's only 7. a grown man.
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teeth knocked out. a 7-year-old hurt at school. his tutor said he did it to himself. police say there's one piece of evidence telling a different story. >> plus, a horrifying dog attack leaves a woman seriously injured. her boyfriend is also in critical condition. it wasn't the dog that hurt him. their story coming up. z272jz zi0z
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10 minutes after 6:00 right now. coming up,a sign at a gun store is causing quite the stir. details on that. it's a story that you have to see. right now though police charged a tutor they say slammed a 7-year-old against the wall. >> it knocked out his teeth and broke his jaw. the teacher said he removed him for misbehaving and he said the boy lost his fo his mother isn'ting that. >> he didn't knock his teeth out and fracture his jaw. he's only 7 years old. >> officers agree. they say surveillance video from monday's incident proves the boy didn't slip. they are now charging 25-year-old timothy core with first degree child abuse and they also say the school has fired him. that child is recovering from head trauma. a woman and her boyfriend
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york state. police say that bomb is in critical condition after the dog mauled her. they described her injury as horrific. the dog's owner, who was the women's boyfriend begged police to shoot the dog. they fired and killed the dog but one of the bullets hit the owner no the torso. he's in critical condition as well. officers say they will both survive. coming up, it's the story of the day. folks in california that is causing a stir there. the reason the manager started to use that sign and why he is refusing to consider the request from people who pass by and see
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it is 6:15. happening today, a south carolina jury will resume deliberations in the trial of a white police officer, michael slager, who shot a black man during a traffic stop. juries deliberated an hour before going home. officer slager said his mind was like spaghetti as he shot and killed walter scott when scott was running away from him. scott was unarmed. we will bring you that verdict when it's announced at [chanting] >> meanwhile this was the
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hours. those protesters were upset over the decision not to charge the officer who shot and killed keith lamont scott in september. you may remember the video of this shooting was first released by scott's family and then by police. scott's family has always claimed that he did not have a gun but the district attorney said surveillance video from a convenience store shows a bulge. you can see it right here around his ankle that looks like a leg holster. scot after the shooting. the d.a. said it was justified. the frigid north dakota cold has not stopped thousands of dakota access pipeline protesters from camping outside. the governor thinks the camps are up safe and he wants protesters to leave. after he ordered the camp to be evacuated on monday he thought the state would forcibly evict those demonstrators. protesters say they think the order is a way to
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supplies. the governor said that's not true either. delivers supplies toen a evacuated area is illegal though. take a look at this, a massive card board rifle. the guy holding it outside a california gun store is upsetting people. the manager decided to use this on black friday to bring in business and has been doing it every since. >> a couple people going by and some obscenity. >> the drivers say it looks like a real gun from a distance and is aggressive. a few people have called police. >> it frustrated me that someone could call and make a false statement like that knowing that it is a card board sign and very flimsy. >> drivers asked him to stop or change the sign but he's refusing because he's standing up for his constitutional rights. he said the reaction is
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6:17 now. three people including two children are recovering this morning from carbon monoxide poisoning in wisconsin. authorities are using that scare to remind you of potential life saving measures. they found high levels the house and one of the children was unconscious when firefighters showed up and the other was very sick. they are okay now. still no word on where that carbon monoxide came from. fire officials say the carbon monoxide detector in the house was old and not working. ey had not noticed something was wrong and called 911 instead of going to bed this could have turned out worse. that remind you to check your detector at least one a month. the florida state fair is a month away but there's a special deal that you can take advantage of it. it's february 9th law the 20th.
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for any day and it's $30. any band purchased today only will include a free gold access pass that lets you skip regular lines for rides on the busiest days. now to ivan for a look at the forecast. >> we'll see showers this morning. it's not going to be hot, the upper 70s. a fron cooler. today is the first day of winter. it doesn't feel like it. i've been sweating walking to dog. a quarter mile visibility for polk county. very dense fog. traveling on 17th polk parkway has been impacted as well. then i-4 headed towards hillsborough you're still not out of the fog there but less dense as you work westbound here. that's the issue this morning.
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showers. unlike yesterday i don't think that we'll soar into the mid 80s. we will begin to tap into this cool air as it begins to drain in tonight. that will feel nice by tomorrow morning. we'll be needing some jackets i do believe. so there's the thin line of showers that would be about it for today. in fact, they will continue to move in. so let's future cast it high resolution style for your here. here's the showers. look at the clock. the front moves south and east. the covege the showers continue to break up so about 20%. it will be a mostly cloudy day. not much in the way of sunshine. depending on where you're watching from, 70s up up to the north, some low 80s down south before the cloud cover taking over. tomorrow morning turning the corner here quickly. the upper 40s to lower 50s across the nature coast and the rest of us in the upper 50s to around 60 so it will be a nice recovery by tomorrow. so 79
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we'll keep this cool air with us through friday morning. friday morning it will be colder. more 40s and 50s and then a nice afternoon setting up, in the upper 70s to near 80. good morning, everybody. we are keeping an eye on these foggy conditions. take a look outside. this is one out of our fdot cameras in the lakeland area right around polk parkway and i-4. traffic still moving at a pretty good clip out there despite all that fog. this map fog out there between lakeland and even dover along i-4. also 301 up through thonotosassa and south of i-4. so if you're driving on those roads and hit this patchy fog put on those low beams. i-4 once you get to 75 looking pretty good. 62 the average speed heading into tampa. i-75 and 275 over in pinellas in the green this morning as well. back to you guys. >> thank you, janelle. 6:21. this morning we are
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connecticut police rescuing a man from his car. he crashed into a tree. it pinned the door shut. the officers crawled in through the back hatch. as they worked the driver free it caught on fire. >> get out of here. come on. let's go . come on, come on. through the backseat. >> in fact, when we were pulling pulling him out and i was see his feet and a red glow from the firewall. >> they pulled the driver free before the car's interior became engulfed. one officer cut his happened during the rescue and was treated at the scene. still ahead this morning, an 11-year-old hero. what she learned at school that saved her baby sister's life. >> plus, this is an all right, all right, all right way to get around campus.
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right now a manatee found in a jacksonville drainpipe is recovering at sea world in orlando. this is video of that manatee arriving at the park's rehabilitation center last night. vets are closely monitoring the manatee giving
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a ton which is a sign he's relatively healthy. in the tampa bay area around 9:00 wildlife crews will try to rescue some manatees stranded in lake tarpon. they went there after tropical storm collin in august. biologists are worried about the lack of warm water in the lake winter approaches. an 11-year-old in massachusetts saved her newborn baby sister's life. she started to choke and she just learned cpr and the heimlich maneuver in school and calmly helped her mom. >> i told her to turn her at an angle and hit her back so the
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veterinarian when she grows up. [laughing] >> that is some of the reaction from students who matthew mcconaughey showing up to give them a ride back to their dorms at the university of texas in austin. you may have seen this trending in your facebook feed. this is taking off online. >> mcconaughey was a student at ut and he was on campus for a football game last week. he volunteered to drive for the school program night. the students posted the video on facebook with the phrase all right, all right, all right. 6:28. coming up at 6:30, we are heading back out to breaking news in tampa. a massive fire destroys this boys and girls club. the future for this building now may be lost in the flames. a live report from the scene. >> a sad scene. a police officer kill ed ed after a stand off. his fellow deputies have
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where they believe the gunman is hiding out as they continue to try to find him and the emotional reaction from the police chief. >> we are dealing with some fog out there this morning. today really not looking good in polk county. >> i long the i-4 corridor leave yourself some extra time. a crash if st. petersburg. more on that coming up in just a few
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now at 6:31, staying on top of breaking news right now. a boys and girls club destroyed, flames tearing through that recreation center. >> that fire started around 3:00 this morning. we have some video that you're looking at right there. that's when the fire was at the most intense moment. the flames you see there shooting in the top of the building.
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was raging. this started at 3:00 this morning. >> firefighters have been working to put out all the hot spots this morning. lindsey logue is there following the firefighters progress. lindsey, you tell us the community understandably devastated by this. >> reporter: absolutely, dan and deiah. good morning to you. a huge los angeles for -- a huge loss for the community out here. their recreation center under a major multimillion dollar renovation destroyed we would know as a bulldozer. that is covering or in front of the building. up there on top of the ladder truck they do have a firefighter up there. what they're doing right now, the technical determine is called an over haul. what that means is the bulldozer has literally just knocked down all of the walls of this building and they are pulling apart debris inside to find any hidden hot spots. they want to make sure that the fire is out. from here they go in with their thermal imaging
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the investigators to get in and start taking pictures and start their investigation. video from over night was absolutely incredible. the flames here so intense and so hot and they spread very, very quickly throughout this building. they were through the roof and out the windows when firefighters arrived. again, this is the recreation center in tampa. we are this recreation center here was under renovation. it was going to be a state of the art facility with brand new dining hall, tennis courts, basketball courts, a game room, a really cool place for the kids here in this neighborhood to come after school and on the weekends. again, a multimillion dollar project lost in just a matter of hours over night. the fire marshall will start their investigation within the next hour or so. we are hoping for an update a little bit later this morning. as soon as we get
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live in tampa, lindsey logue, abc action news. >> thank you, lindsey. 6:33 now. let's get a check on traffic and weather together for your thursday. >> we'll start with ivan with a foggy start to the day. >> it is foggy in polk county and through eastern hillsborough county here. not a widespread event but where we have fog it's been dense. dropping down from zero to a quarter of a mile in lakeland. very dense fog here. just use caution. ja nelle will be up in a second to show you the cams here. the fog ahead a front that will bring us a few showers today. only about 20% coverage. we are going to go from these temperatures to much cooler weather up ahead. the upper 60s to low 70s right now. close to 80 degrees by noontime and then a few showers roll in. 20% coverage. drying out and cooling off tonight. the latest numbers coming up in just a few minutes. good morning, everybody. we are watching a couple of crashes in pinellas county starting off here at 54th avenue north right at 49th street. reports there
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intersection there. another crash reported at mcmullan booth and enterprise. the back upstarts around 580. if you are heading that way leave yourself a few extra minutes to get around that crash. and we've been talking about the foggy conditions all morning. still seeing some fog out there along the i-4 corridor from lakeland all the way down through plant city. again, leave yourself some extra time. the good news, no crashes or break downs on the interstates. we are following breaking news out of tacoma, washington where a stand off continuing with a man who shot and killed a police officer over night following a domestic dispute. they believe the gunman is still barricaded inside. we just learned the officer killed was 45 years old and been on the force for 17 years. the police chief had tears in her eyes talking about the loss. >> we all will take our time
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and to share our thoughts and feelings ability our friend. >> officers draped an american flag over the offer's casket and loaded it in an ambulance. police escorted it to the medical examiner's office. a former officer helped a officer on the side of 45. a man started to resist arrest. jeffery saw the trooper wrestling with the man on the ground. he's a former rhode island police officer. he stopped his car and ran over the help. >> the possibility is he's not going to go home to his family at night. he saw me coming so he surrendered. >> the driver and passenger in the car were both taken into custody. 6:36. ten central florida men are now facing charges in
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cybersex sting. lake county deputies posed as underaged kids and arranged meetings with his suspects but instead of sex the suspects found deputies waiting for them. investigators say they even arrested a man who works at universal studios. all of these suspects face up to five years in prison if convicted. take a look at this. newly released surveillance video of a south florida police officer shooting a man who stabbed him at a casino. officer raul perez was working security detail at a miami casino last he tried to remove a man from the poker room but that man refused to go. at one point he threw cash at the officer's face. witnesses say he then stabbed the officer in the face and neck. that officer shot that man once in the stomach. >> he lashed out at the officer. he returned around and disregarded his authority as if he was no one and pushed him and threw money in the air. >> the officer and the suspect were both treated and released from the hospital. the suspect now pleading not guilty to attempted murder charges.
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this morning this memphis couple that you see right here are still messing after the deadly wild fires in eastern tennessee. this is john summers and his wife janet. john is an architect. they were vacations in gatlinburg with their children when the flames break out. their three sons are in critical condition with severe burns. john and janet have not yet been found. their friends and neighbors in memphis are doing their best right now to stay positive. >> janet and john have been supportive of their sons through everything, you know, through their career. so it's just gut wrenching to hear of this this morning. >> this morning clean up and recovery efforts are underway in eastern tennessee following 24 hours of desperately needed rain. three more bodies sadly were discovered yesterday raising the death toll from the wild fires now to seven. officials are discussing reopening gatlinburg on friday and president obama so now
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announcing that he's going to donate $1,000 a month to all the families who lost their homes. dolly parton said her dolly wood companies are establishing the my people fund. they are accepting donations. the second california inmate who escaped a jail is now back in custody. police caught him after a stand off that lasted more than 7 hours. santa clara police found him in the attic of a friend's home. the swat team shot tear gas into the home twice earlier when they finally got to him he was high and had drugs on him. on tuesday night the inmate he escaped with was captured. experts will get back to identifying the victims of a deadly plane crash in columbia. they have identified 59 of the 71 victims. that plane crashed into a mountain side on monday allowing only six people to survive. the full investigation into what went wrong is expected
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hold air traffic controllers he ran out of gas moments before. st. petersburg may be getting a second half marathon next year. one race is sedded schedule -- scheduled for march and the city council is expected to approve another race for the fall of 2017. today kick off the st. petersburg power and sailboat show. organizers say it's going to be bigger than ever. more than 50 4,000 more square feet of exhibit space also. that show will include sailing clinics and seminars. the boat show runs through sunday. some of the bp oil spill settlement money in st. petersburg received could be used to keep a tall ship along the city's water front. last week we told you about the 1100 foot tall ship links that plans to make st. petersburg its winter home. they will decide whether to use $65,000 to dock the links in the north yacht basin.
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night in lakeland. the city is hosting their 36th annual christmas parade tonight. it starts on lemon and ends at the lakeland center. the event kicks off with a fire work display that starts at 7:00. hopefully the weather will be nice. >> i think we will be in good shape for the lakeland christmas parade as we take a look outside. nice sunshine out there. the forecast for lakeland as we head through later today we will be looking at temperatures in the 70s. the upper 60s by 8:00 and 9:00. i'll with the extended 7-day forecast. >> thank you, ivan. still ahead issue when -- still ahead, when to buy and when to wait. the specific days to buy toys and clothes to save some money and the two things you shouldn't buy. >> hackers are attacking your find. the specific types and the tool you can use to see if yours has been hacked. >> he was found guilty of
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i'm erik waxler with why trevor dually is expected to leave this jail today.
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6:44. happening today, the man convicted of killing a neighbor during an argument back in 2010 is expected to get out of jail while he appeals. >> the victim's widow said 75-year-old trevor dually should not be allowed out. abc action
6:45 am
live all the graduate waiting for duly to be released. >> reporter: this happened at a neighborhood basketball park in valrico in 2010. there were kids skateboarding and trevor dually was complaining and david james, who was playing with his daughter defended the kids and the argument turned violent. that's when authorities say that trevor dually shot david james to death although dually claims that he's serving an 8-year sentence and been in for 3 years. he's 75 and in a wheelchair. yesterday afternoon a judge ruled that because of mistakes during sentencing he can have a new trial on his manslaughter conviction. he's out on $100,000 bond. david james' widow said dually has gotten too many chances in this case. >> our concern is he gets to go
6:46 am
holidays with his family. i believe his birthday is coming up. that's really disheartening to know that he'll have all of those happy times with them and we'll never have that ever again. >> reporter: james' widow said she thinks dually will be found guilty again if there's another jury trial. dually signed his bond last night. this morning it will be processed and we expect to see trevor dually come out of the jail here at the orient road jail. the conditions of his bond include not leaving him home in spring hill. he's only allowed to see his lawyer and doctor and cannot have any weapons or contact with the victims. live outside of the orient jail, erik waxler,
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firefighters putting out hot spots from a fire that broke autoat this tampa recreation center. it took firefighters more than an hour to knock these flames down at the winston park recreation center on destin drive. by the time they got a look inside they realized the entire building was destroyed taking a live look at the scene right now. the building was undergoing renovations thanks to the boys and girls club and jeff venic, the owner of the lightning two gave $2.5 million to renovate the center. we are expected to get an update from the fire marshall later this morning. right now a stand off with the gunman who shot and killed a tacoma police officer is in its 11th hour. at least two children and a woman were in the house when the officer was shot but police say they all got out safely. that officer was a 17-year veteran of the police department. st. petersburg police are looking for a man caught on camera groping a woman at a
6:48 am
that picture. the entire attack caught on surveillance camera inside the bar on 1st avenue north. the victim said three men rushed in to help but the guy got away. you can share this picture from our abc action news facebook page. the national weather service confirms that 13 tornados killed five people in the southeast. the storms tore through tennessee to help get a control of wild fires but killed seven people. whether you're upgrading your home, doing some christmas shopping when you buy determines how good some of the deals are. fat wallet said this is a great month to buy kitchen gadgets and appliances at some of those black friday sales that continue through december. wait until the 15th of december though to buy toys. wait until december 20th to buy clothes. that's when stores do their final pre-christmas mark downs.
6:49 am
tvs which usually go on sale right before the super bowl. bedding, which is cheapest during january white sales. we have a warning right now for android users. your phone could be infected with malware. most of the attacks though are happening on older versions of google's android operating system that attacks your phone when apps are downloaded from non-approved sites. goggle has been tracking this for years and said it found in evidence of fraudulent activity but there are some steps that you can take to protect yourself like keeping yo also make sure that you download apps from trusted sources like the google play store. the security company check point set up a website where you can see if your phone has been hacked. we have a link to that and a list of the infected apps on good morning everybody. u.s. 301 through riverview seeing some delays right now due to a crash. take a look at my maps right here. right at duncan road is where that's at.
6:50 am
and southbound. this is south of bloomingdale avenue. head over to i-75, i-75 looking great right now in both directions. not too far away in brandon we have a crash state road 60 just east of i-75. fhp reporting some roadblocks here but i'm not seeing any delays on my maps. that crash that we've been watching in pinellas county, mcmullan booth at enterprise a little bit of a slow down heading southbound but looking to be in the clearing 9 minutes across the courtney campbell, 6 across the havana and 8 across the bridge. ivan, what about the fog this morning? >> in some areas we're been dropping to zero. this is polk county specifically. as you head west on i-4 you will continue to see some patchy fog. by the time you make it across
6:51 am
will be the case through the morning. out ahead of a front we have a couple of showers on the way for us today in the forecast. not doing too bad there. just a sprinkle here and there. a light shower beginning to move in across the nature coast. this is what is left of that system that we just talked about with the severe weather. for us it's just going to be some light showers. you can see that on future cast. we are going to cloud up pretty good for today. then clearing out to want. we get to cool off. our temperatures will be fall ing back in the upper 60s and 70s. you won't need a jacket today. it's going to be warm. south and east the low er to mid 80s. cooler tomorrow morning in the 40s and 50s here, upper 50s to around 60. 79 for today, still above average but not doing bad. this again will be our transition day. a great friday kick off to the weekend. saturday looks good with more humidity but i think we stay dry both weekend days into sunday. the next chance of rain early next week.
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now. one college said in an attempt to stay current it is going where the kids are as it sends out the college acceptance letters. >> the university of wisconsin green bay is using snap chat, a social media app that allows people to send messages that disappears unless people save them. most do save them where with a screen shot. the school is also sending packets in the mail. >> that's for parents. they said it's fast er er to send them through snap chat. >> a gma first look, suing dr. oz over this comment. >> a shocking 80% of the extra virgin olive oil that you buy every day in your super market isn't the real deal. >> telling his millions of viewers during an episode in may they're olive oil might be fake. in a suit filed this week the
6:53 am
association saying the famous tv doctor willfully disseminated false information. the dr. oz show tells abc news they will defend the story which was covered by numerous other news organizations adding the statute is lawsuit is based on is discredited. more on that legal fight coming up at 7:00. with your gma first look, abc news new york.
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good morning, everybody. we are seeing delays through riverview on u.s. 301. we have a crash right at duncan south of bloomingdale. delays in both directions. head over to i-75. the slowest spot this morning , i-4. look at that heading into tampa. that is where we are seeing that fog this morning. no question about it, we've been talk about the fog here and the visibility continues to be rather low between a mile, a half mile at times zero. use caution there. we will be mostly cloudy with couple of showers and warm temperatures for one last day. the first candidate-driven recount of the election in 16 years will begin today in wisconsin. jill stein requested that recount. the last time that happened was in 2000 between the election of al gore and george w. bush here in florida.
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maryland. that's a beaver caught doing some christmas shopping. the sheriff's office tweeted these photos. >> is he looking at tree?s >> i -- at trees? sdmrsz trees -- trees? >> i don't know what he was
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good morni good morning, america. trail of destruction. this twister in florida caught on camera as deadly tornadoes devastate the south. 48 twisters reported this week. >> it looks like a war zone up here. >> the storm system moving east and a new threat brewing down south. breaking overnight, protests erupt over that deadly police shooting in charlotte. prosecutors deciding not to charge this officer after that shooting in broad daylight caught on camera. >> stop. >> the new evidence and what the victim's family is saying now. donald trump's victory tour.


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