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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  December 1, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EST

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good morni good morning, america. trail of destruction. this twister in florida caught on camera as deadly tornadoes devastate the south. 48 twisters reported this week. >> it looks like a war zone up here. >> the storm system moving east and a new threat brewing down south. breaking overnight, protests erupt over that deadly police shooting in charlotte. prosecutors deciding not to charge this officer after that shooting in broad daylight caught on camera. >> stop. >> the new evidence and what the victim's family is saying now. donald trump's victory tour.
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thousand jobs making good on a campaign promise. >> call up the head of carrier, hello, this is the president. but i don't care. it's so much fun for me? as sarah palin raising speculation about her role in the trump administration. missing mom exclusive. the husband breaking his silence speaking out exclusively to abc news about that horrific abduction. >> i thought about her being there screaming my name and that i wasn't there. >> now police release a and for the first time we hear how his wife finally made her escape on that freeway. only on "gma" this morning. and and we do say good morning, america. what a powerful interview with the husband of that california mom. we're going to have much more of that exclusive just ahead.
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have her home. donald trump is heading to the carrier plant where lots of families are celebrating, 1,000 jobs being saved and the president-elect will join them later today. >> trump's team is signaling there will be more direct interinvestigation like this. we'll examine that coming up. first the after. math of those tornadoes in the southeast. homes and businesses destroyed. at least five people dead. alabama has seen some of the worst destruction and abc's phillip mena starts us off in flat rock. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the only way that you can tell that this was is by the few toys that remain. this is where a family of seven rushed over from their mobile home looking for a safe place to ride out the storm but sadly they ran right into harm's way. just one day after at least 16 tornadoes devastated much of the south, families in alabama beginning to pick up the pieces. this door frame the only thing remaining for one family. >> we were all holding on to each other. crouched down on the floor just
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through this. >> reporter: all that's left of this day care a small room. >> we've been fortunate compared to the last few times that it's came through. >> reporter: in rosalie many parts of the town leveled. debris up in the trees. the shelves still standing at this destroyed convenience store. in mississippi, families assessing the damage. as they cut and clean outside their homes. look how this pecan tree sliced right through this house. >> we had to get the ladder over there and get her out the window any doors. >> tornado warning. >> reporter: in the florida panhandle a powerful waterspout forming off the coast wednesday afternoon. near atlanta, a tornado warning with strong winds blowing this huge piece of metal from a recycling center about a quarter of a mile away. ? >> reporter: students hunkered down in the school hallway waiting out the storm. strong winds knocking down trees, severing power lines.
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the good news is the storms that caused all of this damage have moved out. robin. >> all right, phillip, thank you. thinking of everybody there. we'll go to gio benitez in gatlinburg, tennessee, for the latest on those devastating and deadly wildfires that have forced thousands of evacuations. >> reporter: s >> reporter: so many have lost everything. in many cases they don't have insurance. behind me is a very famous restaurant in the smoky i want to switch cameras so you can get a wide look at the destruction. you can see so much of it still smoldering. i want to show you a video from a firefighter driving through this fire. you can he have the intense winds helping spread the blaze more and more. at least seven people have died. others are still missing. and now i want to show you the aftermath. this is what you see all over this place, homes are quite literally just disappearing.
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destroyed. but we do have some good news that there were heavy rains yesterday that put out a lot of the fires so much of this threat is over. now folks will start rebuilding. >> that's good to hear. we will talk to rob about that. so many people are doing whatever they can to help including someone who's known quite well in that area. dolly parton. tell people what she's doing. >> reporter: well, that's right. as you know dollywood is just miles from here. people go there all the time this area, this is where she grew up. she's going to be donating $1,000 per month to each family affected by this until they get back on their feet. quite remarkable. >> indeed. such good people there. gio, thank you. we said that severe weather as you said is moving out this morning and, rob, you're tracking that path. >> i want to say that so much in weather is about good and bad. they so desperately needed rain and were going to get that. in advance of that that's when the wins kicked up and devastating fires broke out.
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past three days. over 4 inches in huntsville, 5 in knoxville close to the fire zone and yes, we have another storm brewing across the pacific and dive down into the plain, heavy rain expected in eastern texas getting up into louisiana and arkansas and then stretching back into the drought zone, northern mississippi, northern alabama, by sunday night you'll see heavy rain again. look at some of these numbers locally possible over 4 inches from eastern texas across louisiana and south of the fire zone and will take every inch they can get. the latest on the trump transition. the president-elect and mike pence heading out of trump tower on what they call a thank you tour starting at that carrier plant in indianapolis which reversed course, decided to keep more than a thousand jobs in the u.s. after jawboning from trump. abc's tom llamas at trump tower with all the details. >> reporter: that cincinnati rally about be the first public event for the president-elect since winning the election and we all know how much mr. trump
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there's still tickets available but there's a report out this morning that team trump has purchased radio ads promoting the event to make sure every seat is filled. but before that event, trump has some business to take care of. today, president-elect donald trump will announce a deal, one he promised on the campaign trail, to show he's already fighting for the american worker. >> it's not presidential for the president of the united states to call up the head of carrier, hello, this is but i don't care. it's so much fun for me. i love doing it. please don't take that away. >> reporter: in a statement carrier saying they negotiated an agreement with the incoming administration, part of which will result in preserving more than 1,000 jobs. details of the agreement unclear. but a source telling abc news a regulatory incentive was a factor. carrier worker kip glen, a trump supporter, praising the
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night. people were actually hand shaking, hugging. he's not even been sworn in yet, is already showing us he is a worker. >> reporter: but some of trump's critics want more details before they celebrate the incoming president. >> yeah, jobs are good. the question is what exactly is the deal? i mean the first thing you learn when you're talking about deals is let's read all the details. >> reporter: trump also working on filling his consideration for secretary of veterans affairs. >> thank you so much. >> reporter: a palin aide telling abc news palin told trump transition officials in recent days, i feel as though the megaphone i have been provided can be used in a productive and positive way to help those desperately in need. and as trump hosts that event at carrier to show he's fighting for the working class, "the washington post" points out this morning that trump is assembling
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country. trump campaigned against wall street and he also said he was going to drain the swamp yet he's if iing his cabinet with billionaire, millionaires and some washington insiders. >> we will take a look at that. tom, we'll take a look at it now with matthew dowd and carrier, big political win for donald trump and his team is signaling steve mnuchin, his incoming treasury secretary nominee has said that we're going to see more of this. more direct intervention with companies, now, opportunity but limits. >> it's real, those thousand families or thousand individuals right before christmas now know they have jobs and well-paying jobs that will stay in indiana so i'm sure their children and families are very happy, but, two, symbolism. he's just president-elect but presidents rely a lot on symbolism and the symbolism of this, i didn't forget you in the midwest. i didn't forget you. other people have forgotten you. i'm willing to go through whatever it takes.
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defining it and in the end donald trump will be defined by 4.9%, the unemployment rate that it is today that is going into his new administration. >> meanwhile, as tom mentioned, two billionaires being nominated. steve mnuchin several hundred million and they'll push hard for tax returns from all these nominees as they come up for confirmation. >> you know, before the election was over before election night i described the trump group as a pirate ship. well, some of these looks like it's a pirate yacht that we've seen unfold in this. i think the confirmation hearings will be some of the most spectacular theater that we have seen just from all the questions from the attorney general, from the treasury, from all of those questions that are in such contrast to many things donald trump said during the campaign. >> sarah palin. >> sarah palin, i guess is the elizabeth swan, the keira knightley character in "pirates of the caribbean." she will come in. interesting how folks discipline
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20th he turns the black pearl over to the queen elizabeth ii and it's much more difficult to manage the queen elizabeth ii. >> okay, matthew dowd, thank you very much. >> do you stay up at night trying to come up with these. >> it just comes to me. it just comes to me. >> all right. thank you, matt. but now to charlotte, north carolina, where protests erupted overnight after prosecutors said they would not charge the officer who fatally shot keith lamont scott in september. abc's eva pilgrim has the latest. >> reporter: overnight people taking to the streets. four arrested protesting over a fatal police shooting. this morning no charges for the police officer who fired the fatal shots killing a charlotte man. >> i am fully satisfied and entirely convinced that officer brentley vinson use of deadly force was lawful. >> reporter: into keith lamont scott's death while evidence points to the 42-year-old being armed.
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disputed. his wife saying as much on the tape from the shooting. >> drop the gun. >> he doesn't have a gun. >> reporter: the d.a. also presenting evidence police did see a gun prior to approaching scott radioing in before the shooting. >> there was a guy that was parked next to us that was rolling a joint had a gun. >> reporter: as well as releasing this from a 7-eleven showing mr. scott with a bulge around his right ankle and previously released police video you can see his pant leg pulle empty holster revealed. the d.a. concluding he failed to comply with commands to drop his gun. justifying the shooting. scott's family disagreeing asking why a father waiting to pick up his kid ended up dead. >> but that does not mean that this officer's killing of keith scott was right. all that means is that under the view of the d.a.'s office it wasn't criminal. >> reporter: and the d.a. saying
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scene that they have since identified as scott's. his family saying in none of that video do you clearly see him holding a gun and they are profoundly disappointed with the d.a.'s decisions. they are considering pursuing a civil case. robin. >> we'll see what happens, eva, thank you. to the new clues about that deadly plane crash that killed 71 people. david kerley has more on what the survivors are now revealing about the accident. >> reporter: this morning, colombian authorities confirm this jet did not suggest it ran out of fuel. as this new video shows the excited brazilian soccer team heading to the finals before the crash. their short haul jet had flown nearly 1900 miles right at its maximum rank but put into a holding pattern above medellin. the pilots radio the tower asking for priority landing. we are having a fuel problem. seven minutes later the pilot
7:14 am
>> they now have nothing but battery power and they're gliding. they have no electronic aids that can take them to the airport. art so the pilots desperately calling out for directions. vectors. a minute later the final plea for help. eight miles from the airport the jet crashes, no fire, no fuel found. >> the airplane ran out of gas. why it ran out of gas, why the crew made the bad decisions that they made, could they have it if they declared an emergency early on? >> reporter: three players survived. two crew members, one did by curling up in the feet am position and reportedly telling a south american sports network others in the plane stood up and started yelling after the jet ran out of fuel. the black boxes have now been turned over to investigators from the united kingdom. that's going to tell us a lot about what the pilots were saying inside the cockpit an answer a lot of the questions about this tragic plane crash. >> david, just to hear that
7:15 am
you. amy has the morning's other top stories starting with another police officer killed in the line of duty. >> that's right. an officer was shot and killed responding to a domestic call in tacoma, washington. the neighborhood was placed on lockdown as a standoff with the shooter continued into the early morning and then a somber scene as the officer's body was taken away. 133 law enforcement officers in the united states have died in the line of duty this year alone. that is more than during all of last year. well, the fourth and final california jail has been captured. rogelio chavez was arrested at his sister's home in san jose after an eight-hour standoff. police say he had been hiding in the attic. and major league baseball owners and players have agreed to a new labor deal avoiding a lockout. both sides reportedly agreed to ban first year players from using smokeless tobacco and the all-star game will no longer determine home field advantage in the world series. instead, the team with the best
7:16 am
your chicken mcnuggets are not as random as you thought. mcdonald's has revealed its nuggets come in four distinct shapes which has apparently shocked even the most loyal mcdonald's fans. each shape even has a name, the bell, the ball, the boot and the bone. and mcdonald's says this -- these shapes are the perfect equilibrium of dipability and fun. >> dipability. >> trying to get that in. >> they made it one. >> i like the boot because you got a little something to hang on to. >> right. >> we both said dipability and both thinking of boot. same page, robin. thank you, amy. take a look at this video and, yes, that's a man reaching into a truck and walking away with a massive pot of gold and he is not a leprechaun just b from
7:17 am
davis has the story. >> reporter: a reward leading for information of the recovery of this stolen pot of gold. you heard it right. a pot of gold worth more than $1.5 million. police are calling the investigation operation lucky charms. it was not a sophisticated heist like "the italian job." >> 13 across. 4 high. >> reporter: rather police think the robber just stumbled on to an opening and pounced. >> do you think he knew it was a buck of gold at the time. >> i believe he believedt it was in an armored truck with armed guards. >> reporter: it happened in new york city's diamond district. the barrel was taken right out of the back of an armored vehicle at the precise moment when one of the armed guards turned his back. the guard reportedly only noticed the buck was missing because that's the bucket he used to rest his feet while he sat. loomis, the armored truck company told abc news their guards were trthed by professional thieves. the container of gold flakes
7:18 am
down which might explain why it took him an hour to walk half a mile. he then got into a white car. >> so it's gold flakes. what would somebody do with that. >> they could be melted down and put into cubes and then sold. >> reporter: this newly released video is from late september. so the culprit has a two-month head start. police say so far they believe the end of the rainbow for the man they're dubbing the leapt bring kahn may be florida. pawnshops there are on high alert. for "good morning america," linsey davis, abc news, york. >> seems like that was too easy. >> what a story. >> now what to do with those. back to rob. a lot of rain comeing. >> which brings rainbows which brings pots of gold, i'm told. i haven't seen one in a while. a winter storm warning across maine and rain in boston moving ow. drying out. that low finally kicking up and we will take that for sure. your sunday cities brought to
7:19 am
partly cloudy here and then the clouds really take over. we will lift that fog across the interior counties and set the stage for a nice friday coming up. by the way, prepare yourself, nice and cool tomorrow. temperatures in the 50s and even 40s up north with lower humidity. it will feel like fall again by early in the weekend with high temperatures in t the upper 70s.
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part of next week. blah p band of that -- of next week. is wife escaped. >> she said well maybe people d. aren't stopping because i have a chain. it looks like i broke out of prison. >> their emotional reunion and the chilling new details about how she finally got free as authorities search for the suspects. dr. oz under fire. what he said on his show about olive oil that has him facing a lawsuit coming up right here on "gma." ? ?
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oh, hi! bello! save $10 when you spend $50 on holiday d?cor and trees at target. ta da! good morning, everybody. we have a crash on i-4 and we've been talking about i-4 all morning long and along the i-4 corridor. you can see it here a little bit. kind of hard to see but i can see it clearly. we have two lanes blocked here right around thonotosassa road and this is heading in towards tampa. your drive times on i-4 very slow this morning. 46 minutes just to get from the lakeland area into downtown. 27 minutes from county line road into 75. 19 minutes once you get to 75 to get into downtown. you might want to try taking u.s. 92
7:24 am
howard frankland bridge this morning. these are cars heading in towards tampa. we have a crash reported southbound memorial highway right at 275. that could be the reason for some delays across the howard frankland bridge and especially on the veteran's. 10 minutes right now across the howard frankland bridge. i ivan is back
7:25 am
7:26 am
good morning. from the weather center hire as janelle has been talking about the fog we are still dealing with it are. st. petersburg looks just fine. further to the north we will pick up on some pockets of fog as well in brooksville half a mile but it's really been in polk county. 60 and i-4 being impacted in significant fashion and perhaps the fog contributing to the crash that we saw a couple of hours ago. this continues to be the case as far as the low clouds. a couple more hours and we'll get those numbers up. as far as the rainfall today, it's because of that front coming in, this one
7:27 am
lower our humidity for tonight. a welcome change, at least i'm thinking that. on the northern side of the front not all that cold but back to where we should be for this time of year. shouldn't be this warm this early. the upper 60s to low 70s. we will top off in the upper 70s later on today and then the front comes in and
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i i thought about her being there screaming my name. >> that is the husband of sherri papini, that missing mom in california missing for three weeks, a terrifying condition and he gave abc news that exclusive interview about the ordeal his wife went through. we'll have all the latest on that coming up. >> that is coming up. also right now, though, president-elect trump is heading to indiana today with mike pence kick off what they're calling a thank you tour after the election. they'll stop at the carrier plant where trump is celebrating a deal saving more than a thousand jobs. a major recovery effort is under way after those devastating tornadoes in the southeast. 48 reported twisters just this week.
7:31 am
town. the storm system thankfully is now moving out. and also this morning, dr. oz is facing a major lawsuit. >> that's right. it's all about olive oil and we're going to tell you what he said that now has him in some hot water. that's all coming up in just a bit. >> we look forward to that. first our exclusive interview with the husband of that kidnapped california mom. abc's matt gutman sat down with keith papini in california. good morning, matt. >> reporter: hey, good morning, george. i spent about four hours with keith papini and the excruciating detail he descr wasn't just revealing, it was disturbing beyond anything that we've heard so far. this morning, keith papini opening up about his wife's 22-day captivity. >> i thought about her being there screaming my name. >> reporter: and describing to "20/20" his wife sherri's helter-skelter release. >> she was bound, she had a metal -- sorry, a chain around her waist. that is correct. she had a bag over her head.
7:32 am
chained to something. >> to make sure she didn't jump out of the car? she was chained any time she was in a vehicle. they opened the door. she doesn't know because she had a bag over her head and cut something to free her restraint that was holding her into the vehicle and then kind of pushed her out of the vehicle and she has at this point has no idea where she's at and then ran to >> reporter: but motorists kept whizzing pat her. >> she screamed so much she was coughing up blood from the screaming trying to get somebody to stop and again just another sign of how my wife is, she's so wonderful that she said, well, maybe people aren't stopping because i have a chain, it looks like i broke out of prison so she tried to tuck in her chain under her clothes. >> reporter: this morning the shags that county sheriff's
7:33 am
about sherri's alleged abductors. described as two armed hispanic women. the sheriff says suspect number one had curly hair, a thick accent and pierced ears. >> suspect number two was the older of the two suspects. she had straight black hair with some graying color. >> reporter: but the big question still remains, where was she held? what was the motive and was she specific targeted or was this a random act? you beat them. you're really talking about behavior of what a cult or an extremist group would use to break somebody down. >> reporter: now, investigators tell us they're starting to work on a composite sketch of those suspects but sherri says she only saw their eyes. she was hooded most of the time. so investigators say they're working on digging out the other
7:34 am
vibrations? what did the room feel like, anything to get a break in the story. >> such a strange story. thanks very much. let's talk to dan abrams about it right now. so these details are piling up. chilling details about her captivity. more on the captors, as well but so many big questions still remain. >> oh, there's no question that all these questions remain but that's what the investigation now needs to focus on which is who are these people? why did they do it? i think that's the most important question. you heard matt refer to it which is what was the motive he was it random? if they can figure that out -- >> doesn't seem like they're any closer. >> we don't know, right. the investigators will try to keep certain details close to the vest on this. but those are the key questions that they need to assess. >> you mentioned keeping the details close to the vest. the sheriff did seem a little bit concerned that the husband's interviews may somehow compromise the integrity of the investigation. >> he actually said that, right. and you can understand from the investigator's perspective
7:35 am
public at large to know everything. why? because in a lot of these high-profile investigations, they get tons of tips, they get tons of people coming forward and they want to be able to assess who has real information here. who actually knows something. who may be real suspects and the way to do that is keep certain information private and secret. now, from his perspective from the husband's perspective you can understand why he wants to go public, right? i mean a lot of people are still saying, come on. this must be some sort of hoax. saying -- >> that's right. no evidence to suggest it's a hoax but you look under this case on google, for example, the number one search term is reeled to a hoax. so you can understand why the husband wants to come forward and say, not only was this not a hoax, but this was absolutely horrific for her and please understand how difficult this must be for her. >> you also see times the sheriff has corrected some of the claims that the husband is relating but he doesn't directly criticize him. >> that's right.
7:36 am
far the contradicts have been relatively small because most of the details have been accurate, it seems. that's why the sheriff is not happy about it. meaning if you're getting all sorts of details that aren't accurate it doesn't really matter. the problem for the sheriff is when you're getting all this information which, of course, the husband would know, these accurate details, then the sheriff has a little bit less to work with in terms of information that the public doesn't know. but i've got -- i sympathize with the husband in wanting to get it out there answer is, yes, it makes the investigation a little harder, when you have people around the world saying, oh, this doesn't make any sense. i don't get it and the husband's position is my wife was branded. my wife was in chains, you can understand why he wants to get out there and say something about it. >> no question about it. dan abrams, thanks very much. and you can see more of that exclusive interview with keith papini on a special edition of "20/20" tomorrow at 10:00 eastern right here on abc. hey, michael. >> coming up on our big board,
7:37 am
of sarah palin? more on the big role she may play in trump's white house. plus, a new show about a pope that has a lot of people up in arms. does it go too far? we'll talk about that plus stephen a. smith is here talking about tiger woods coming back to play golf. that's coming back in two minute, everybody. you didn't really have to... getting the gift you almost kept for yourself? now that's a holiday mini miracle. and it's easy to create your own at walgreens... with 30 percent off photo purchases, just around the corner.
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welcome back. time now for our big board and we're breaking down more of this morning's top stories. stephen a. smith is here at the table. as my hmm, hmm, hmm. could sarah palin be headed to washington? the former vice presidential nominee and trump loyalist is reportedly being considered for secretary of veterans affairs. abc cokie roberts joins us now to weigh in on this so what are you hearing about this, cokie? >> well, what we're hear something what abc news has been reporting and sarah palin has been taking our story and
7:40 am
saying veterans affairs. i have to say, robin, that fair or not she has become basically a laughingstock and donald trump was so adamant throughout the campaign about the great care that he was going to show to veterans that putting her in that position could be a problem for him. >> well, cokie, also if he does appoint her do you think she's going to have trouble with congress? >> sure, she is. i mean, absolutely. she's -- you know, she's a very controversial figure early in the campaign, so he probably does feel he owes her something. but this is more than he probably wants to take on and think of poor john mccain, someone would cares desperately about veterans who picked sarah palin as his running mate and has been very careful not to criticize her but then he'd have to vote on her, that's a tough one. >> that would be a tough situation. controversy and we have another one too. >> yeah, we have another controversy. this one involving a new tv
7:41 am
sparking outrage over jude law's portrayal of a not so conventional vatican leader. take a look. >> your holiness, your sins. i >> i don't have any sins to confess. i'm a contradi i'm a contradiction. >> of people. larry hackett is joining us. this pope is portrayed as a borderline anti-christ reality but compares himself to god. what is the reaction to this show? i have an idea what you're going to say. >> he smokes and drinks cherry coke so you can imagine, you know, the wrath that will fall on him. it debuted in italy to critical raves and as a former altar boy and choir boy i can assure you that, you know, as surely as the
7:42 am
this completely offensive and one more attack on the catholic church. as you saw in that clip, the catholic church has three things that make it a fantastic vehicle for drama. power, it has mystery and it has unbelievable pageantry and outfits. this lends itself to people recreating it and thinking preposterous things about it. we checked with the pope, the office -- the pope's office says he doesn't even watch television so they're not losing a lot of sleep about this but it's driving the controversy that people are going want to see it. >> well, we're talking about >> we have to, you know, again, say this is not based on any particular pope, obviously. >> no, he's an american pope in this, right. >> cokie, you covered many popes and, of course, your great mother, the u.s. ambassador, so i saw you watching the clip as larry was talking. what do you think? >> actually i was thinking as he was talking, pope benedict drank orangeade so it's not that crazy. we watched this just now in the makeup room. lots of clips of it and what
7:43 am
it is really just tedious and boring and, you know, all of that mystery and stuff, it gets lost in these long, long speeches and really it's not worth getting exercised over because it's just so bad. >> i think it'll be the "game of throne" of st. peter when it comes out. >> stephen, would you watch it. >> he'll watch it at least once. jude law is a great actor. secondly, controversy sells. i'm going to see what everybody is in an uproar about before i decide whether or not i'm going to watch it. >> leave it to stephen a. the comeback of tiger woods is what you're here to talk about. he hasn't played professionally in 15 months. >> right. >> he is back now. a lot of people are talking about it. heing looks good. >> well, he always looks good in recent years until he has to swing that golf club and then obviously he doesn't look so
7:44 am
the world at the time. it's been a bad time. hasn't won a major since 2008 and when you think about tiger woods it's all about the majors. he's w he's won since then but not a major. all about whether or not he will catch jack nicklaus' 18 majors. that's it. that's all anybody cares about. >> he's got 14. you don't think so. >> i don't think so. i think because of everything that he endured psychologically he was warped. when you come across as if you've been exposed for that, it's a lot to overcome. i think physically and i think in terms of his skill set he can compete with anybody in the world when he's at the top of his game but his edge was also psychological. he intimidated opponents and intimidates nobody now. you have guys feeling sorry for him and hoping he resurrects himself because when he's successful you get paid. >> i felt bad for the guys he was going against. i didn't realize it was 2008,
7:45 am
all of us have seen them is there i'm hopeful. >> i want everybody to answer this question. question for everybody. do you think tiger woods can be successful in his comeback bid, maybe not this weekend but at some point? >> no, i don't see it. i really -- i've seen nothing in his game that tells me he can come back to the level that we were accustomed to seeing. >> if i can follow up on his psychological point, when you have athletes shooting for something, nicklaus' trophy you need the crowd and audience behind you. i don't think tiger. he will be doing this alone. i don't think the public cares about him and has a factor in how he performs. >> come on, cokie. >> i don't know whether he can come back or not but i'm thrilled to have him back because he's so cute. and it's really fun to look at him. >> oh. >> we're all rooting for him. >> i'm rooting for him. i think there's -- i always hold out hope when people say you can't do something he will prove them wrong and larry's point you
7:46 am
i've never -- i love to perform in front of boos too. >> that's true. >> you never disappeared for years and that's the key here. you didn't disappear and then try to come back. you didn't fall off a cliff and then try to come back. >> some of the games i played fans of the team thought i did. >> i never saw that. i never saw that. >> 14 major victories, 79 overall. >> amazing. >> come on. >> he's the greatest ever but we're talking about -- >> former number one. >> remembered for >> and the fact he's cute as cokie said. >> there you go. everybody has their point of view. thank you three for being with us today and coming up in two minutes, that new trouble for dr. oz. what he said about olive oil that's leading to a lawsuit.
7:47 am
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7:49 am
>> reporter: amy, good morning. olive oil is big business. americans today use three times the amount we used 20 years ago. that's a market worth an estimated $2 billion. but on his show dr. oz questioned the quality of the vast majority of olive oil on store shelves and now one group is fighting back. an olive oil trade association suing dr. oz over this comment. >> shocking 80%, 80% of the supermarket isn't the real deal. >> reporter: telling his millions of viewers during an episode in may their olive oil might be fake. in a suit filed this week, the north american olive oil association saying the famous tv doctor willfully and maliciously disseminated false information about olive oil. "the dr. oz show" tells abc news they will aggressively defend the story which was covered by numerous other reputable news
7:50 am
lawsuit is based on is discredited and constitutionally questionable. now, in the suit the olive oil trade group notes that any oil with their seal of approval is regularly tested and meets their standards. they're seeking a jury trial and asking for punitive damages and legal fees. trying to fight for their reputation. >> dr. oz isn't backing down saying he'll go after this group. >> he's not the first one to make these claims. a lot of news organizes covered this and called it fake, the issue is about call and it's not that it's not olive oil but does it meet the quality standards. >> you look good. >> thank you very much. my catwalk. >> do the catwalk for us. >> no. >> you know, i'm an italian girl. it's all the olive oil paid off. >> thank you, mara. coming up, our next hour when harry metairie hanna. what is bringing the prince and
7:51 am
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? ? ? ? ? ? welcome ba welcome back to "gma." we take you to the pacific northwest. interstate 90 closed over snoqualmie pass, accidents because of the snow and levels continue to be low but high pressure and santa ana winds cranking for southern california
7:55 am
"good morn "good morning america" is
7:56 am
it is 7:56 on this thursday morning. i'm dan shaffer. fire destroyed a tampa recreation from and neighbors say it's a community. it took hours to put out the fire. by the time firefighters arrived they said flame destroyed the building. it was under renovation. so far not clear if the construction added to starting that fire. here's janelle martinez with a check on traffic. >> we are watching this crash on i-4 near thonotosassa. it's causing a significant back up on i-4. you might want to avoid it altogether. down to 4 miles an
7:57 am
you might want to consider taking u.s. 92 because this back up extends before you get to park road. we also have a crash reported southbound memorial highway right at 275. this is causing a little bit of a delay coming off the howard frankland bridge. you can see we are in the red here on the howard frankland bridge. it's taking about 12 minutes to get across at the moment. another crash reported southbound 275 just out of camera range here around fowler causing about a 5 minute delay here. ivan. >> we don't like to see that we have been talking about the fog all morning. still a slow down in polk county for the next hour or so and then conditions will begin to improve. they already improved some. we are up to 3 miles. you can see a pocket there of dense fog along 60 and half a mile visibility still reported in brooksville. the rest of us doing fine along the coast. it's not been an issue this morning. 6 to 8 miles. a strip of showers come ing in. this is the front ahead of it. we will continue to see about a 20% chance of showers holding together but i think this will
7:58 am
severe. not thunderstorms like they've had with the same system up to the north and west. we'll just get the benefits and the cooling air. now still at this hour in the low 70s. we should be much cooler. we will be by the time we get into tonight as we dry out by say 4:00 with temperatures in the upper 70s. we'll fall back widespread 50s and even some upper 40s in the nature coast on friday morning. back in the 70s, low humidity on
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morni good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. deadly wildfires. search and rescue teams racing through the wreckage in tennessee and dolly parton says how she'll help the families there get back on their feet. crossing the line. ten women bring the office. their answers may surprise you. now their message is for all women in the workplace and the solutions that everyone can put to work. ? the prince and the pop star. when harry met rihanna. the two bond in barbados, we've got them giggling center stage. ? these identical twins are 24 karat magic. they've taken over the internet and now they're taking over
8:01 am
and they're saying -- >> both: good morning, america. >> can we pla >> can we play that again? just one more time. that was so adorable. >> both: good morning, america. >> they're cute. >> and they're young, remind me of my twins and jumped the gun. >> we'll see more of them coming 24 days until christmas. they're happy about that. >> they've been good girl, i know they have and that means 24 days to get all those gifts in order. tory johnson, of course, she's here. it's thursday, she has her holiday "deals & steals." oh, gosh. getting the audience involved all starting at $4.50. >> then as we count down to the holidays a big gingerbread house competition. which one of us has the sweetest decorating skills? we'll find out.
8:02 am
from amy. good morning. the big story this morning the devastation from those historic wildfires in eastern tennessee. one witness calling the area an apocalyptic wasteland. at least seven people have died but this morning there is new hope for those trying to rebuild and gio benitez has the latest. good morning. >> reporter: amy, good morning to you. to say this is a disaster would be an understatement. take a look. this is one of the 700 structures here that are just totally destroyed. it's a restaurant and you can even see s chairs there just completely melted. at least seven people have died here so far and i say at least because people are still missing. they're still being looked for. right now many of these homes have just been totally destroyed and that is why dolly parton, a huge employer here, of course, she has dollywood here, she is now donating a thousand dollars per month to each family affected. >> we want to provide a hand up to all those families that have lost everything in the fires.
8:03 am
there from someone who grew up in that area. amy, back to you. >> such a heartbreaking story and unfortunately elsewhere in tennessee and in alabama where people are picking up the pieces after more than a dozen tornadoes, entire buildings blown away. and at least five people have died. many are still without power this morning. well, a police officer in washington state was shot and killed overnight while responding to a domestic call in tacoma. that suspect was later killed in a standoff. 133 officers have died in the the u.s. the same number as all of last year. and four people have been arrested during a protest in charlotte demanding justice for keith scott. he was shot by a police officer back in september. the district attorney has decided not to charge the officer saying evidence shows scott was holding a gun. well, president-elect donald trump is taking a victory lap today as he takes credit for saving 1,000 jobs. trump and mike pence are visiting the carrier plant in indianapolis after making good
8:04 am
mexico. reportedly using regulatory incentives to sweeten the pot. they will also hold a rally in cincinnati as part of a thank you tour. meanwhile, trump may have a place in his cabinet for sarah palin. she's reportedly being considered for secretary of veterans affairs. well, in health news researchers say a lack of sleep affects more than just our health, their study found people who routinely sleep fewer than six hours per night have a 13% higher risk of early death and productivity at their jobs every year. well, prince harry met up with pop music royalty in barbados. rihanna joined the prince for a celebration marking the island nation's 50 years of independence. the crowd, of course, cheered for the prince but guess what, they went even crazier for rihanna who was born right there in barbados and finally, a big breakthrough for chocolate lovers. nest nestle, the company that makes crunch bars and baby ruths say
8:05 am
sugar in chocolate by 40%. they say they do it by altering the structure of the sugar so it dissolves faster but still tastes just as sweet. they plan to begin using the process in 2018 which is when i plan to start eating 40% more chocolate. >> well played. well played there, amy. yes. thanks a lot. how about some "pop news" there, lara. >> thank you very much. good morning, everybody. jamie foxx won a portray of ray charles and now taking on the story of motown legend marvin gaye. good song. >> great. >> fox will executive produce the story that brought us hits like "what's going on" and "sexual healing." it has been given a thumbs up by marvin gaye's son and motown founder berry gordy. his unmistakable voice was silenced too soon shot by his father at the age of 44 years old. there is a story there to be
8:06 am
>> yeah. next up, get ready to watch great genes at work, e news reporting bradley cooper and irina shayk, russian supermodel, expecting their first child together. the world found out yesterday as shayk walked in the victoria's secret fashion show in her second trimester give the audience of a little ambulance of a perfect little tummy under a fringe robe and traded in her wings for a more covered up but still sexy trench coatoo the annual fashion show. the parents to be went public with their romance during paris fashion week last year. have not yet commented on the pregnancy rumors, friends say, though, the couple is a joy to be around because they are so in love and truly a perfect match. >> good for them. >> yep. congratulations. >> absolutely. baby news and then finally, we will forever be in blue jeans thanks to this man. neil diamond and now -- >> so good, so good, so good.
8:07 am
to the man who brought us sweet caroline, diamond just announced a world tour to celebrate 50 years of show business. the first show is coming up april 7th in fresno with stops all across north america including new york, los angeles, chicago, toronto, vancouver, tampa then europe and uk dates i guess will be announced as well. diamond start the as a songwriter who went on to sell more than 125 million albums. so if your love is o don't bring her flowers, bring her tickets to this legendary tour. i promise you won't go wrong. tickets go on sale december 9th at live nation. i am so there. >> great delivery. >> it's sure to be so good, so good, so good. >> you startled george and i. we didn't know -- >> i usually get into the ba, ba, ba. we have been doing this. >> it's coming up. >> she's hearing it coming up.
8:08 am
>> there you go. coming up the surprising challenge women face at work and the problem that may be more common than you think. as we count down to christmas, we're going head-to-head in our gingerbread house competition. >> good luck, michael. that's all i'm saying. >> so good. so good. [ applause ] what? oh, hi!
8:09 am
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8:12 am
we are bac we are back with our series "crossing the line" where we focus on sexual harassment in the workplace. three out of five women say they've experienced sexual harassment on the job and there have been more and more high-profile cases of harassment reported in just the last few months. rebecca jarvis is here. she sat down with diverse women from different industries to talk about it. >> yes, good morning to you. we sat down with ten women to talk to them about what it's really like on the job and to understand what women in the workplace are facing today. >> i have been sexually
8:13 am
>> their voices part of the 60% of women who say they've experienced workplace sexual harassment. >> i felt isolated. vulnerable. >> small. >> unsafe. >> we brought together ten women from ten different industries from finance to hospitality services to government to hear their experiences. >> i worked in restaurants for ten years. every time i walked into the kitchen someone would whistle. >> this person used guilt tripping to try to get me sexual activity as compensation. >> he would just stare at me really weird. >> i spent 25 years in the financial services industry. there was inappropriate behavior that would happen on a trading floor. >> reporter: according to government statistics the finance sector is one of the industry's most prone to sexual harassment but as you're about to see sexual harassment knows no occupational boundaries. how many have you have been sexually harassed over the course of your career?
8:14 am
and then a shocking drop in hands. how many of you filed an hr request against your harasser. statistics show that 70% of women who experience workplace sexual harassment never report it, why? the fear of job retaliation. >> i think it always feels like an uncomfortable choice and i have to really think about pie values and what's important to me and weigh them against my career. >> i often feel like in the grand scheme of things i'm not that important to this company. in that moment i there's an erasure of yourself. >> reporter: yet all the women facing the problem in their own way. >> i just like left, never returned back. i didn't even try to get a paycheck. >> i work in engineering with a bunch of guys and i'm very up front with them and i tell them, look, you're allowed to make comments but the minute you start coming off me we'll have issues. >> reporter: jenny yang heads the program a the program and says gender
8:15 am
harassment based on one's gender. >> sexual harassment is very much about power but sexual harassment does not always involve propositioning. it can involve demeaning comments, crude language, that makes women feel like they're in a hostile work environment. >> reporter: how many have been referred to, show of hands, as a girl, a doll, a babe or honey at work? sweetheart belongs on that list, as well. how many of you have heard you're too you're being too emotional. >> now don't get so emotional. that's the now word for sexism and put you down but if you say anything you're emotional because you're a woman. >> reporter: when we asked what can be done to stop this behavior. >> it starts in the home and it starts with the parents and it starts with our discussion with our young men and saying this is not okay. >> reporter: and from the family room to the boardroom. >> it starts from the top. it requires your leadership to
8:16 am
>> reporter: and a message from our forum of women in the workplace that part of the solution may lie within us. >> i'm raising my voice because i want to be an agent of change. >> to encourage other young women that they too can take a stand. >> to break out of silence. >> i'm speaking out against sexual harassment because it exists. >> because it even exists. >> because it exists and it shouldn't. >> and it shouldn't and as you saw there, when we asked how many women filed a complaint with the hr after two of them did which is typical in these situations, statistics tell us as many as 70% of women do not report it and what happened next is very telling. i asked how many of you felt your report was met with something positive? every one of those women put their hands down. i was also struck, george, and we were talking about this, by this idea it starts in the home. leslie, one of the women on the panel raised thissy idea you
8:17 am
the line in the home and teaching these positive attitudes. >> to girls and boys. >> and girls, fascinating stuff. upstairs to robin. >> you got to get up. here tory johnson here with big savings for the holidays. [ cheers and applause ] for your family. can i do this? we'll be right back. >> thank you. our mission is to produce programs and online content for african women as they try to build their businesses and careers. my name is yasmin belo-osagie
8:18 am
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8:21 am
welcome back to "gma." the northeast getting a lot of rain but in northern new england it has been snow, sugarloaf, 5 inches overnight and more coming and sunday river getting fresh snow as well. we are standing by. we have some great holiday the front arrives today. just a few showers. not a big deal for us. temperatures should be in the upper 70s to around 80 and then we begin to cool things off big time as we head through tonight. at least compared to where we have been. we've had heat index values in the 80s. we cool off and dry out. lower humidity. very comfortable stuff here. milder into the weekend but plenty of sunshine.
8:22 am
get your christmas shopping done and tory johnson is here to help with "deals & steals" for the entire family. >> ready? >> let's do it. >> we partnered with all these companies. oprah discovered this. urban mumu. two different styles. there's the long as you see here. but then also the short ankle length. ankle length -- sorry, knee length is more popular but we haveor both styles. a variety of comfortable options. this is the kind of thing when you put on you don't want to take it off. >> i can feel that. >> at least that's what oprah says. normally start from $115 to $125, we're slashing that in half starting at $57.50. >> all right. that i can do. much better. >> next up quilted co-ol las. what i love here, i got this pack ready for you for a good getaway. a really great bag.
8:23 am
>> good size. >> really great size and it's two pieces, the duffel and adorable cosmetic bag or to put whatever extra stuff you need comes in five different colors, a sensational gift. it's normally big ticket item, $143 and slashed this by 73%, 38 bucks from quilted koala. $38 for two pieces. >> oh, my. 38 for two. >> yes. don't worry. i'll save it. ador you choose a tassel. i've chosen the navy for you and then you pick three little tags to add to it. you can do initial, so you can do three initial, two initials, a symbol right in the middle so i did rrr but wanted to break it up with a heart. there's a bag tag and all kinds of different -- i love the key chains, there's also key chains with little mirrors in them. >> great gift idea. >> fabulous prices. individually priced. 3 to $38 and slashed that in
8:24 am
putting this whole piece together like this is under 20 bucks. >> oh, my gosh. i'll put that with the bag. >> with the bag. >> my shopping is done. this is great. >> julep, i love it. variety of sets. i'm a softy for this. 12 mini polishes inside. >> beautiful. >> you guys are all going home with these. let me just tell you now and you guys at home can get a terrific deal on these. so normally the pies the way to $106 depending on the selection you choose, lots online and slashed that by more than 50% so 10 to $44. fabulous deals from julep. >> we are so incredibly generous but the men's reaction, yay. >> maybe they'll be happier with these. sun 'staches. daymond john invested on this on "shark tank." it's the alternative to the ugly sweater. put on a pair of fabulous glasses, make everyone smile.
8:25 am
normally $13, we slashed that in half, $6.50 and guess what, you guys are going home with them too. and then another "shark tank" favorite. lori greiner invested in this from corduroy. the bean bag bed. michael is sitting on the bean bag. >> i'm baby-sitting. >> he's baby-sitting. >> into a bed. this bed is inside what michael is sitting on. there's a variety of these in velvets. micro wade. faux leather. the twins are not happy as they are. normally these range from $200 to $440, we slashed it in half, 100 to $120. get all the links and codes at on yahoo! thank you to all these companies. you're playing. i'm talking. we'll be right back. >> what she said.
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8:27 am
good morning, everybody. it's a slow drive on i-4 westbound through plant city. this crash taking up two lanes westbound around thonotosassa road. this is right around the area where we were seeing a lot of fog earlier this morning. the good news, that fog is starting to lift. we still have this crash out there slowing things down. take a look at the drive times on i-4. 83 minutes just to get from the lakeland area into downtown tampa. 70 minutes from county line road down to 75. so leave yourself some extra time, you might want to take u.s. 92 instead. a few
8:28 am
hillsborough avenue right at handily. seeing some delays there. two crashes in pinellas. 49th street at you will ulmerton and 18th avenue north at 34th street. another crash through gibsonton, u.s. 41 at nundy avenue. check me out on twitter because there's several other crashes out there slowing things down this morning. >> if -- the fog was not helping things out there, janelle. brooksville but better than earlier this morning where we had zero to a quarter mile visibility in polk county. no issues across pinellas and hillsborough. what we have approaching the coast is this line of showers. not much with it. just, again, a quick band of activity as it moves through. that's what is ahead of the front that will bring us the cooler and drier air for tonight. for now still warm,
8:29 am
we cool off tonight. 50s are back in the forecast. highs in the mid 70s on friday and that will send you off to a great weekend with low humidity at least through the early part of it. our next rain chance coming up
8:30 am
? talk to me ? talk to me baby ? [ applause ] they do everything he says. >> got a whistler. >> everything going on here. >> we love you right back. [ cheers and applause ] thank you. you guys are wonderful. a wonderful festive audience with us here. always fun. >> i'm looking. george, this is for you. >> this is festive as well. >> what's underneath these domes is something we talk about all the time googling. >> is it food? is it food. >> it's going to be food. >> i google recipes all the
8:31 am
a lot of people do. >> little known fact. little known also fact, google tracks everything you do. so they know what everybody is googling on and google news lab teamed up for this graphic design team truth and beauty to display this. what topped the list of goods and recipes that people google. what do you think? >> >> quinoa. >> quinoa? >> wait a >> you know, that's those new millennials. >> have you been coached? you all say quinoa spontaneously. >> i'm not buying it. >> you know what the real answer is -- >> i got it, george. >> there it is, pizza. >> whoa, whoa. >> that's number one. >> that's number one. pizza. >> number two. >> number two is -- >> pancakes. >> now, i wonder why -- pizza i get. pancakes. >> you don't know how to make pancakes. >> or also googling where to
8:32 am
i think pizza makes a lot of sense. >> delivery in in. >> also going out to breakfast, big fluffy pancakes. >> i love banana pancares. >> that gives us number three. banana bread. >> banana bread? >> i'm here for you. >> i tell you right now i think it's wrong. quinoa has to be somewhere here, george. >> quinoa. >> we're asking all of our facebook and twitter followers to weigh in, as well. what's leading now, guys? our live survey? >> pizza is in the lead. pancakes -- >> quinoa. [ cheers and applause ] >> who is googling quinoa? >> i >> i don't get that one either but the people have spoken. >> yes, they have. >> and now i'm really hungry after doing that segment. >> i'll pass on that for now and wait till i get heated up later. here's what i'm bringing to the
8:33 am
you know, everybody loves dwayne "the rock" johnson. and the man works extremely hard and you say how can he add anything else to his plate? well now you can add musical to the list of things that he's doing. he's teamed up with lin-manuel miranda to present a musical called "millennials: the musical." take a look. >> i think i lost my phone. my life is over. >> is that so important. >> yes, jack. if i don't post a selfie within an hour i might lose a follower. >> selfie. what is >> seriously? you don't know? ? well facebook instagram tinder snapchat or bumble live me okcupid ? ? jack you're the least knowledgeable person i know how do you get a take-out ? ? i'll help you find your phone ? ? to your millennial life ? >> so i >> so is he producing?
8:34 am
and it's about -- sfwlrs a satire but it's a meaning behind it. message behind it. brooklynite named crystal who use her phone for everything. class, bumble but loses her phone and has to connect with her neighbor who they go in search of this phone but it teaches you that, you know, you've had to live your life without those restraints and call it the millennial "grease!" >> is this really coming to -- >> yes. >> it really is? it's a real -- there's a musical about selfies? >> it's a real thing. >> i mean i do agree it is a very hot topic. >> is this the rock? i'll take two tickets. thank you. >> tell you if you know lin-manuel miranda, it's going to be -- >> a huge hit. >> it's going to be quick, witty and he and the rock did motion picture arts and sciences "moana" together. >> have you taken the girls yet?
8:35 am
>> a little bit of everything. but speaking of sweet little girls have you all seen the mcclure girls? they are adorable. 3 years old taking the internet by storm because they're identical twins and their lovely mom interviews them and here's a little bit of what you see online about them. >> she's just one minute older. >> one minute older. i'm just one minute older. ah. >> she's trying to give you a hug, >> i wanna grow. >> look at her face, ava. does she look like your face. >> yes. that means you're twins. >> who is your best friend? >> my sister. >> who is your best friend, lexi? >> ava. >> ava. why is she your best friend. >> i like her. >> because you like her. >> yes.
8:36 am
>> does that bring back memories of your little girls when -- >> memories because they're not like that anymore in you know who is here, ava and alexis just happen to be here. [ applause ] hey. alexis, mom, ami and dad justin. can you give me tips on how to interview the girls. >> repeat yourself over and over. >> over and over. do you like doing the videos. >> yes. >> what's your favorite part about doing it? what's the most fun with doing these videos that everybody gets to see? what do you like most about it? >> once about -- >> can you translate. >> what do you like pose about sitting down and talking on the video? >> i like -- >> is it talking to momma or being with your sister? >> being with my sister.
8:37 am
leading question. i got that. >> i'm hoping she'd say momma. >> they are 3 years old. how did you come up with this idea? >> it was more because at home they run around frantic. they always have funny things to say and i'm like do we think they are funny or are they funny little girls so we started just talking and recording things that we talk about in the house already and just seemed to work. >> that's pink. >> it's pink. do you like pink? all the different colors, yeah. >> that's blue. >> so i know that the -- >> and -- >> the burning question, what do you want to be when you grow up? what is it you want to do? do you want to be a doctor, do you want to be a nurse, a teacher. >> did you say athlete. >> princess. >> thank you. >> princess? >> no, no, no. >> what do you want to do? >> what do you want to be?
8:38 am
>> you want to be me? okay. >> who do they most take after, justin. >> i would say the absurdity and obnoxiousness me, because i'm annoying. probably the emotional and the sweetness is her. >> well, that is beautiful. they love jewelry. i can see that. >> she does. she's very, very girlie. >> you're going to have your hands full. thank you all. >> thank you. >> wonderful watching in on you two and tell they just love to bring joy to everyone so thank you, ava, alexis. thank you very much. ava, alexis. ami, justin. >> thank you, thank you so much. [ applause ] >> the baby whisperer. so mess remember mized. coming up great tips for the millions of americans who own small businesses, how you can take yours to the next level and you know what, ava and lexi, we'll do it right now.
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8:41 am
look, michael, maroon and gray right there. we're wearing -- beautiful red you have on this morning. you look lovely. thank you very much for coming out. you know, i'm wearing red as well. today is world aids day and our sponsor coca-cola is helping fight guns aids all year long they've partnered with red and
8:42 am
>> today is world aids day and in honor of red's tenth anniversary i'm offering a chance for an awesome experience to join me and my husband david for a night on the town in new york city. donate and you might win a dipper, what and see a broadway show, what, with us, what. best of all, you'll be supporting an incredible cause. just five years ago over 1,000 babies were born every day with hiv. and today that number is just under 400. we are so c aids-free generation. we just need your help. visit back slash nph to learn more? what a great cause. get involved for sure. amy robach, these folks from
8:43 am
>> hey, >> hey, look, it's the hot tomato. i would imagine that's red too. lara, back inside to you. thank you, rob. we're going it turn to "boosting your business" and teamed up with microsoft office to help entrepreneurs take their small businesses to the neck level. rachel smith is here to kick things 0 of with a beauty salon owner in the midwest and their story. good morning to you, great to be here with this beautiful crowd. [ cheers and applause ] check this out, guys. >> i love it. >> great boost in the morning. heck this out, so small businesses make up a whopping 99.9% of all u.s. companies but only a third of them actually make it to the ten-year mark so we brought in an expert to help one chicago company keep beating odds and thrive. gordon says he is living the american dream.
8:44 am
2000. >> reporter: arriving in the u.s. with little in his pockets he settled in chicago. within five years opening his own beauty salon. today his flagship location employs a staff of 18 people. >> i don't see it as a business. i consider myself as an artist. >> reporter: but with a salon seeing up to 50 clients a day, that mind-set can create problems. enter small business expert and host of microsoft office small business academy, the u.s. and hair and nail salons are a $42 billion industry employing nearly a million and a half people. but experts say the biggest mistake creative types like goran makes is focusing on their art rather than running the business side. >> now, the first tip is you could actually bring on a manager, however, i will tell you that if you're going to delegate responsibility you cann cannot abdicate responsibility
8:45 am
>> reporter: which leads to the second issue, how to keep an artistic staff both inspired and happy. >> i think what you need to do is sit down with each of your employees individually. some of them might want to make more money. some might want more recognition. not all are motivated by the same things. >> reporter: another concern, efficiency. >> the front desk is my biggest challenge. we need to make that -- build a smoother process where we don't get two clients coming at the same time for one appointment. >> reporter: the technology solution from microsoft, a brand-new app called bookings that's part of their business premium office 365 suite. >> reporter: the software, a gift for goran. >> so they pick their service, they pick the date that they want and the time and they press book and it will actually hold that time, put a reminder on their calendar then your receptionist with follow up and make sure it works. it is that simple, easy to use for your customers, the receptionist will be happy, as
8:46 am
goran with the art of boosting his business. [ cheers and applause ] of course, making things easy for customers is extremely important. experts say when marketing your business, owners must remember to focus on solving their customers' problems as well as their own. it's important to be creative but you have to think about the customer as well. >> the customer is always right, thank you. great tips. go to our website on yahoo! to learn more from our sponsor microsoft office. [ cheers and applause ] and for ways to boost your head over here right now u. talk to mr. michael strahan. rach, see you soon. i'm excited for our big gingerbread competition that is coming up. you know things get a little heated when we start competing. >> yeah, because i'm 0 for and i will not go down easy today. >> our great american cookie christmas cookie search is on. i just got neffengerous. take a look at emily gibson's submission. her take on her grandmother's gingerbread recipe. >> good morning, i'm emily
8:47 am
when i was a little girl my grandma and i would make homemade gingerbread cookies and even though she's not here anymore i feel like we're together at the holidays when i make them. most gingerbread cookie recipes are the same, molassmolasses, s eggs. i put them into the freezer five minutes before i cook them. that's what helps them hold their cute gingerbread shape. merry christmas. >> merry christmas to you. we have gingerbread men for all of you, guys. august of you guys here in the >> and the girls are here to get theirs a little earlier than everybody else. >> uh-oh. >> you want one for your mom and dad. there you go. >> everybody gets a gingerbread man and you can get the recipes. send us your videos and your recipes, we want to hear them to our website. >> all right, stay right there. we're coming up with our gingerbread house showdown. you don't want to miss it. "gma's" boosting your business is sponsored by microsoft
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8:50 am
? it's the ? it's the most wonderful time of the year ? >> our holiday makeoff is back. we go head-to-head to make the most decorated gingerbread house with diy expert nicole farb. you're back to help us out. thank you very much. nicole partnered with michael's hosting gingerbread house making events at their stores from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. this saturday. for ever will donate $1 to the star light foundation. donate to a good cause. nicole, we know it's hard. we were talking about kids over the holidays. this is i a great wait to do. >> takes an >> takes an hour. gets you off the phone and makes memories. we have a competition every year with my framily and everyone gets a kit and we raise the roof. >> so i need help. we've done these competitions
8:51 am
for some curb appeal. >> i was saying you should just throw candy at your opponents there to distract them. >> they would like that, though. >> i'll be like -- >> for curb appeal frosting is really good tasting flew. use a lot of frosting, go for the big candy because that's how you get the big pops, grab a big piece, michael and use a lot of color. right, gingerbread is one color so put all the pizazz, use a lot of >> i would grab a really big piece of candy before we say, one, two, three, make. yeah, yeah, okay. michael is bringing it. michael is bringing it. >> this is really good. >> oh. look at the rainbow. >> oh, >> oh, they're cheering for you.
8:52 am
get it. five, four, three, two, one. >> oh! >> oh! okay. >> you did well. >> you know what -- >> oh, my god, that was good. >> you were not going to be denied this year. >> let's show what we did. >> let's show what we did. >> what do you it. michael won. [ cheers and applause ] >> i had to get dirty to do it, everybody. nicole, thank you for doing this. this is fun for us but i can imagine how fun it is for people at home and as i said if you need more tip, don't forget to stop by michael's. they have everything you need there. all the tips you need. >> really awesome aevent this
8:53 am
gets decorated. >> nicole, thank you and thank you to michael's. stay right there. i'll clean my hands and we'll be
8:54 am
8:55 am
"good morning america" is brought to you by secrets resorts & spas. experience adults only unlimb the luxury where everything is included.
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>> all right, that's the musical from lin-manuel miranda and dwayne "the rock" johnson. >> it's real, lara. it's real and it's happening. >> it isn't happening. >> you know what, if you want to see it all you have to do is go to dwayne johnson's youtube page. the whole thing is online there for you to check out. >> is it going to broadway? >> it's broadway called youtube. >>sters 12 >> "star wars," the full cast of "rogue one" will be on jimmy kimmel next they were so great here. you don't want to miss them.
8:57 am
good morning, everybody. we are finally starting to see some improvement on i-4 through plant city. we have a crash here off to the side no longer blocking those inside lanes getting backn i-4 from lakeland all the way into downtown tampa. all right. we do have a cup ouple of crashes to tell you about. both of these on atamo drive around i-75. one at faulkenberg, one at 75. that area if you can because it's congested there. seeing some slow downs on hillsborough avenue from an earlier crash right here at hanley in the eastbound lanes. reports of roadblocks. seems to be some improvement there. crowded trying to get to the veteran's expressway. these two crashes in pinellas causing problems at 49th street at ulmerton and 49th at 18th.
8:58 am
that fog has lifted. >> we went from no visibility zero at times. it's gotten better. crystal river getting in on the sprinkles. citrus county with the first pocket of showers. these won't amount to much and nothing severe as this front has the history of producing severe weather to the north and west. on backside temperatures in the low 70s into the 80s once again this afternoon across our interior counties. we begin to see the cloud cover, the showers and then the cool air. we drop the humidity as well. very comfortable by tomorrow morning right now at the airport around 79, still above average for this time of the year. we will fix that tomorrow. heading into the weekend i'll have your 7-day forecast coming up on abc action
8:59 am
9:00 am
flames tearing through a local recreation center over night that was undergoing a multimillion dollar renovation. whats that was once a safe haven for local kids. >> reporter: a man convicted of shooting and killing his neighbor is about to be released from this jail. coming up, why trevor dually is being released so soon. >> new surveillance video shows cash being tossed at a florida police officer after an encounter at a casino escalates. the tense moments caught on camera and the violent way this whole thing ended. we turn now to a developing scene. heartbreak for a bay


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