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tv   Action News at 9AM  ABC  December 1, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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flames tearing through a local recreation center over night that was undergoing a multimillion dollar renovation. whats that was once a safe haven for local kids. >> reporter: a man convicted of shooting and killing his neighbor is about to be released from this jail. coming up, why trevor dually is being released so soon. >> new surveillance video shows cash being tossed at a florida police officer after an encounter at a casino escalates. the tense moments caught on camera and the violent way this whole thing ended. we turn now to a developing scene. heartbreak for a bay
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right here, tore through a tampa recreation center. >> this is the winston park recreation center undergoing a multimillion dollar renovation. lindsey logue is live to show us what is left. it look like that building was destroyed. >> reporter: to the ground. dan and deiah good morning to you. the roof caved in a couple of hours ago and t walls. let me show you what is left of what used to be a place for kids to gather. it's now nothing but a pile of rubble and soot. they'll have to wait even longer for the new recreation center they have been dreaming of. >> i used to come here all the time and play basketball here. they used to let us play with the kids in the inside of it. we used to have a lot of fun here. it was a good place. >> frank lives down the block from the winston park recreation center, once a safe haven for
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standing here now -- >> it's sad to see what happened to it. >> the fire started just before 3:00 this morning. the flames high and hot spread so fast by the time firefighters got to 76th and destin drive they knew it was too late. >> the fire was just too great to make entry enter the building so they set up two different aerial ladder trucks putting thousands of gallons of water into the structure. >> it was under a multimillion dollar renovation. the money to pay for it tampa bay lightening owner and his wife. they have been pivotal in revitalizing downtown and the channel side districts. plans for the state of the arts boys and girls club included a roller hockey rink, dining hall and technology lab. >> few -- it's not clear what was inside of it when it burned but construction material was enough to fuel flames. >> every fire has its own challenges. the one the size of the building and how involved it
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mode. >> i hope they can make another win and make it better. i know they were building on it to make it bigger for more kids to. -- to. -- to. co-- to come. it's just sad to see. >> reporter: they still have an awful lot of work to do at the recreation center. firefighters will be out here for most of the someday and it could be days before we know what started the fire. i just rec from the tampa bay lightning and he will release a statement about this fire at this recreation center a little bit later this morning. live in tampa, lindsey logue, abc action news. >> thank you, lindsey. happening any minute now , 75-year-old trevor dually who shot and killed his neighbor during an argument 6 years ago is expected to be released from prison while he appeals his case. dually said it was self-defense by the victim's
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reporter erik waxler is live at the orient road jail as he waits for dually to be released. good morning, erik. >> reporter: good morning, deiah. yeah, dually being processed right now for his bond. $100,000 bond. we expect him to kout come out of the orient road jail any minute and we will be here for that. this goes back to a case that started in 2010 when dually lived in the valrico subdivision. he was upset because some kids from the neighborhood were skateboarding on the bastb came out to confront them and got into an argument with one of his neighbors, the victim in this case david james. james was defending those skateboarders and the argument turned violent. dually claims he shot david james in self-defense. he's serving an 8-year sentence. he's 3 years ago and is now 75 years old in a wheelchair but yesterday afternoon a judge ruled that because of mistakes during sentencing he could have a new trial on his manslaughter conviction.
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father. >> she has nightmares that he is going to come hunt her down. i tried to tell her that that's not real rational thinking. you know, those are the things that run through her mind after this. >> reporter: james' widow said she thinks dually will be found guilty again if there's another trial. dually signed his bond last night and is right now conditions of this bond include limiting him to his home county which is now hernando county. he is also only allowed to leave the area to visit his doctor and his lawyer. he's also not allowed to have a weapon or make contact with the victim's family. erik waxler, abc action news. in tacoma, washington the man accused of killing a police officer is now dead. an officer
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for hours the gunman barricaded himself in a house with two children. after those children were safely separated from the gunman a deputy fired one round killing that suspect. police have yet to release the name of the suspect or the officer killed. new at 9:00, these are horrifying conditions that police say five children were found living in in sarasota. there was bloken glass throughout the home. they saw feces on the floor. illegal drugs and open pill containers all over the h officers tell us amanda dean and joseph drumhouser have been arrested and charged with five could wants of child neglect. detectives are calling the conditions worse than they have ever seen. the department of families is now investigating. the children have been removed from the house. we are just getting new
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we had the three fatalities. that was a confirmed ef-2 tornado with winds upwards of 150 miles per hour from the national weather service out there. meanwhile, we'll look at this different story here. what we need here is rain. we got some. it's the wild fires. my goodness, they are in gatlinburg. they have been hit hard. we are talking about smoke you can see billowing up. the charred remains of structures that's all that is left. 24 hours of rainful has been helpful to extinguish th we lost seven people so far and unfortunately some still reported missing with just incredible damage to that historic town. the front that caused all this misery over the last couple of days is well to our north and west at this point here. it will arrive today with a few showers. no severe weather, no thunderstorms. we are just getting the benefits of it, which will be cooler and drier air to the north. we will get through these showers here coming through citrus right now
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east. we will still be ahead of the front. the upper 70s. it doesn't move in until tonight. the drier and air er cooler and drier air will move in. big changes tomorrow morning. take your sweaters out once again. they are coming. janelle. we have two crashes around 75 75 as you get ready to head out the door. this crash u.s. 301 at duncan just now starting to see some relief there. we had back ups in both directions here just south of bloomingdale avenue. your drive across the bridges not too bad this time. just 8 minutes across the howard frankland bridge. back to you. >> thank you, gentlemen ja -- janelle. happening today, jury selection begins in the trial of a south florida woman accused of
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solicitation to commit murder. her arrest was seen on national television as the tv show cops documented her murder for hire bust by police. she was convicted in 2011 and sentenced to 20 years in prison but that verdict was over turned. we'll let you know what happens in the courtroom. take a look at this newly released surveillance video of a police officer shooting a man who stabbed him at a casino. i want to show you a closer look at that video right now. officer raul perez was working casino last january. he tried to remove a man from the poker room but that man refused to go and threw cash at the officer's face. well, that's when the officer then was stabbed in the face and neck. the officer shot the man once in the stomach. >> he lashed out at the officer. he turned around and he just disregarded his authority as if he was no one and pushed him. >> the officer and the suspect were treated and released at a
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murder charges. right now president-elect donald trump is kicking off a thank you tour after his white house win. >> mr. trump, vice president elect mike pence are traveling to indiana to tout a deal with the carrier air-conditioning company that will keep hundreds of jobs from going to mexico. after his trip to indiana trump will hold a campaign style rally in cincinnati. 9:10. still ahead this morning, an inmate who has been on the run for a week is finally captured. taken without a fight. >> plus, it is december 1st and more sales are on the horizon. what you should plan on buying this month and also what you need to hold off onto purchase later on in the year. >> but first here are some live pictures from a toy drop happening outside florida pain relief group in north tampa. >> they are thanking people in person.
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9:13. breaking news from antarctica. the former nasa a astronaut buzz al drin is being evacuated to new zealand after falling ill. the 86-year-old tweeted these photos showing him preparing to fly. he's been flown to a u.s. base on the coast and will be flown to a hospital in new zealand. no word on what he's suffering back in custody the morning. police finally caught him after a stand off that lasted more than 7 hours. santa clara police found him hiding in the attic of a friend's home. a swat team shot tear gas into the home at least twice earlier that day before they spotted him. when they finally got to him he was high and he had drugs on him. late tuesday night the inmate he escaped with on thank day was also captured.
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child of a white charleston police officer caught on camera shoot ago black man. officer michael slager testified on tuesday saying his mind was, quote, like spaghetti when he shot and killed walter scott as scott was running away from him. the investigators say scott was unarmed. now to some consumer news this morning. if you didn't get all of your shopping down during black friday or cyber monday ther some things that you should hold off on so you don't west to -- don't waste your money. >> so black friday and cyber monday are now in the rear-view mirror. if you're like me you still haven't bought everything that you need for the holidays. that's okay. while you may have missed the mark downs on tvs and laptops you can forward to more
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>> this is a great month to buy kitchen gadgets and small appliances. toys are after december 15th. clothing after december 20th for final pre-christmas park downs. prices on trees and christmas decorations are slashed starting december 22nd. >> two items where it may pay to wait until january, big screen tvs that go on sale for th that's cheapest during january white sales at florida stores. so we don't waste your money, abc action news. 9:16. happening right now, a one-day push to collect as many toys as possible. it's part of the angle tree program. >> it's so exciting. lissette and shay are live from the florida pain relief group with a look at how you can help the area kids this christmas. hey, guys. >> reporter: good morning everybody. we are having so much fun with the team here. we
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fletcher avenue and 34th street location. behind me you can see the salvation army of hillsborough truck. it's right here getting ready all day to receive your new unwrapped toys being donated to help the salvation army angel tree. you go an over and you donate. the team is waiting for you. we've got all sorts of folks, nice people here, waiting to talk to you. now we are going to start the morning with shay and captain abbey and us here today. >> reporter: oh, my gosh, we've been talking all morning and they are just new to tampa bay at least for a couple of months and really starting to embrace this community and doing so much good here this year especially. so today is more of a toy drop. can you explain how this is working. a lot of times when we talk to salvation army it's about the angels on the tree. >> reporter: how does it help the kids?
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and brought their toys back. they look great by the way. people really care about the kids they have chosen. all the kids names are real people, real kids that we work with and we are excited to be able to help them this christmas. >> reporter: abbey has been good about explaining what happened when things are missing. how does today help? >> we have these angels adopted and people bring back the angels with the gifts bu forget or maybe the gifts are not as much. we try to encourage people to bring in extra gifts. we do these toy drives so that we can fill out some of the angel gift s that we need to complete to give to the kids. >> reporter: we will be all morning long doing live shots. shay and i and deiah will be here until noon today. deiah will drive over after the show.
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angel tree. come by if you're in the area. we would love to see you. >> it's a great time there. >> absolutely. >> it's like seriously, it's like -- >> it's the season. december 1st here within. >> i love that already. it doesn't feel like december but it will tonight as we talk about cooler temperatures coming our way. let's head outside and show you what is going on right now. look at that. where are we? that's not florida. well, just a brief interruption in our nice weather as of late and our warm weather as of lat soar into the mid 80s like the last couple of days. notice the over night low temperatures. not going below 70 in the nature coast. we have the cloud cover keeping you nice and warm for the over night. above average for this time of the year. let's break down december since it has started. on the 1st of the month our average high is 75 and the average low is 57. the warmest day on any given december is 86 degrees. we have
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last year in december. 86 was the high on christmas day. can you imagine? then of course this is actually the coldest temperature ever recorded at the airport in tampa. 18 degrees back in 1962. our average rainfall 2.47. let's hope to get some because november we ended up with .100 of an inch of rain. that was it. so if you thought it was dry, you bet. the low 70s right now . the upper 60s up to the north. i'll widen the shot to see whe o it's going to be cool tomorrow morning. not this cold i don't think but just an indication of where the front is and it continues to move further south. as it does so a couple of showers with it. we are seeing that on doppler radar. it's not going to amount to much. that will continue throughout the day today. mostly cloudy, not much in the way of sun except further south and east where we have a chance to get the temperatures in the low to middle 80s. this is tropical stuff here in the upper 60s to low 70s for the dew
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the 30s and 40s. crispy tomorrow morning. you're certainly going to need the jackets and the sweaters. very low dew points allow the temperatures to fall back. i think we'll have some 40s across the north. for today, no, the mid and upper 70s and then the 80s where we have that pocket of clear air and sunshine. and there it is, the morning temperatures much cooler so prepare yourself. you're going to need some layers i think tomorrow. this will be a shock a little bit since we've been used to the humidity and the warm temperatures. over night 50s, highs in the 70s setting up the nice looking weekend with highs in the 80s. warmer next sunday ahead of our next system that will bring us showers next week. >> thank you, ivan. coming up this morning , one man's show of support for muslim-americans is now going viral. how he used a sign to spread a powerful message that's already reached thousands. >> but first a daring rescue caught on camera. smoke and flames engulfing this car with
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we are seeing in newly -- released dashcam video of police in connecticut rescues a driver from his burning car. >> the impact pinned him in the
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the back hatch and tried to work the driver free. that's when the engine caught on fire. >> get out of here. come on. let's go . >> i can't. >> come on. come out through the backseat. >> in fact, when we were pulling him out and i was inside grabbing his belt line i could look at his feet and i saw a red glow from underneath the firewall. >> they pulled him out just before the car's interior went up in flames. he was taken to the hospital next morning. one of the officers cut his hand during the rescue and was treated at the scene. one man in texas is spreading a powerful and encouraging message to muslims in the u.s. the old school way with a sign. it reads, you belong, stay strong, we are blessed, one one america. the picture of justin norman stand outside a mosque went viral. the internet went crazy trying
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he said he wanted to show support for the muslim community after a contentious campaign season. he manages a sign shop and said he had the urge to do for some time. >> i'm here to help you, i'm here to help my fellow man. you are put on this planet to help me. if you are not helping you fellow man you need to evaluate that. >> he said the gesture was about binding up the wounded. still ahead this morning, some hiccups with the switch from spectrum. why customers are frustrated and what you can do if you're having issues. >> a dozens men arrested in florida connected to a cybersex sting. you won't believe where one of the men worked.
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this morning more on the search for that suspect as well as why that victim is speaking out. >> plus, tragedy averted at one florida school after a girl brings a loaded gun and starts pointing it at her classmates. the malfunction that may have saved those students. >> plus an attack on hundreds of thousands of android phones all infected by hackers. what you need to know to protect yourself. good morning. i'm deiah riley. >> i'm dan shaffer. all that in just a second but first your forecast. ivaner cooler air on the way. >> don't expect it today. that's going to come in tonight. we'll have the showers on going. that means mostly cloudy sky ies. the rainfall won't amount to much just like it has been the case with the last few fronts here. moisture starved. that's fine. this his this front has had the history of producing the severe weather and the tornados out of the gulf coast. we are just
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it. this will continue to push south and east. our weather is going to come north of that front. by tonight it will be a big difference here as far as temperatures going back down to where they should be this time of the year and the humidity back in check as well. still high with highs in the upper 70s later on today. we'll pinpoint exactly when the cool air arriveser -- arrives, how cool your neighborhood will get and the weekend coming up. >> thank you, ivan. police are look ing for this man in st. petersburg who was caught groping a woman at a downtown bar caught on on surveillance video. >> rodney dunigan has the story. >> reporter: the victim is speaking out in hopes of protecting other women. >> he took one hand at first and put it on my chest area to push me back. put his other hand inside of my shirt and then got his other hand inside of my
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breasts. >> megan fernandez said she was out with friends here on 1st avenue north inside of her favorite bar when that man cornered her. the entire incident was captured by the bar's surveillance cameras. fernandez said all she could think about was fighting back >> i immediately put my knee up in a defensive move. i basically kneed him in the crotch. >> employee men rush in to help but the man she put this picture on her facebook page and on it's on the abc action news page to share. >> reporter: they hope to get this guy off the street. reporting in downtown st. petersburg, rodney dunigan abc action news. new details after a 13-year-old brought a loaded gun to a school. he pointed that gun at her class mates. according to wsvn surveillance
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out of the school's office and pointing the gun at three students. they start running and she took off after them trying to shoot them. those other students were only spared because the gun jammed. investigators have not con if -- con firmed that. a security guard took that weapon before classes started. the parents are startled to find out what happened. >> oh, my god. i just told my baby if something like that happened it had to be either a gun or a knife. >> officers charged with attempt with attempted assault and some gun offenses. they also arrested a man related to her for not properly securing the weapon. for the second time in a month a good samaritan helps an officer on i-75. we are now hearing from the latest person to pull over and help. an fhp trooper pulled over a speeding car this week. soon after the man started resisting arrest.
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wrestling with man on the ground as he drove by. he's a former rhode island mrifr. -- police officer. he stopped his car and ran over the help. -- over to help. >> there's a possibility he's not going home his family. the kid saw me coming so surrendered. >> the driver and the passenger in the car were taken into custody. ten central florida men are now facing charges in connection to a cybersex sting. they posed as underage kids and arranged meetings with the suspects. instead of the children they found deputies waiting for them. investigators say they even arrested a man who works at universal studios. all of the suspects now face up to 5 years in prison if convicted. today authorities plan to finish the grim task of identifying the victims of that deadly plane crash in columbia. so far they have identified 59 of the 71 victims. only six people survived. it crashed into a mountain side. the full investigation into what went
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months. the pilot told air traffic controllers he ran out of fuel moments before crashing. officials continue to look into the motive of the ohio state knife attacker. we are learning more about that suspect. the somali-born student who injured a dozen people showed few signs of bitterness and those who knew him said he always said hello to his neighbors. 5 months ago abdul razak ali artan was even seen jumping across the graduation stage at a community college. this fall he ohio state upset about the treatment of muslims. he posted on facebook minutes before the attack, quote, i can't take it anymore. he was shot to death by an officer when he refused to drop his knife during the attack. the first candidate driven recount of the presidential election in 16 years begins today in wisconsin. the recount requested by green party candidate jill stein. the last time this happened was here in florida in 2000 when the out come of the election between al
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the balance. the recount won't result in a victory for hillary clinton but still election officials across wisconsin are hiring temporary workers, expanding hours. stein is also suing for a recount in pennsylvania. the switch from bright house network to spectrum is not going smoothly for hundreds of customers who are flooding the cable company with calling and complains. if facebook page is filled with they are concerned about losing channels, high bills and poor service. one customer said she's had enough and switching from spectrum after the company's internet and phone service became unreliable. >> i need to have the phone working. i have an elderly father living here and i need a phone. i need to be able to call 911, a cell phone is not always reliable. >> spectrum admits its call volume has spiked since the stwich over. you can lose the
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website or tweet them directly for help. a warning for android users. your phone could be infected can malware. most of the attacks are happening on the older version of the operating system. it attacks your phone when apps are downloaded from non-approved sites. they found no evidence of fraudulent activity but there are some steps that you can take to protect yourself like keeping your phone up to date, making sure from trusted places like the google play store. check point has set up a website so you can see if your phone is hacked. we have a link for that on the labor department is reporting that more americans filed for unemployment benefits but claims are still at low levels. here's a live look at the dow up 33 points. some of the bp oil spill
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to help to keep a tall ship along the water front. links plans to make st. petersburg their winter home. this morning city council members will decide whether to use up to $65,000 from the bp settlement to build needed infrastructure to dock the links. president-elect donald trump is intent on appealing obama care but half of americans say they're not so sure about dismantling the healthcare reform law. according to a released today some 49% of americans want trump and congress to either expand obama care or continue implementing the law as it is. today is the first day of the 39th annual st. petersburg power and sailboat show. >> always a great event. this year organizers say it will be bigger than ever. more than 50 boats have been added, nearly 4,000 more square feet of exhibit space. the show will include sailing clinics and seminars.
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a magical night in lakeland tonight. they are hosting their 36th annual christmas parade on lemon street, going down like mirror. it kicks off with fireworks at 7:00. 9:38. coming up, preparing for winter. five things you can do to your home right now the save money later next. >> here's a live look at our toy drop that's happening all day outside of florida pain relief group in north tampa. drop unwrapped toy so local children in need will have gifts under their tree this morning. -- this year. >> stay with us , we'll be right
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an 11-year-old girl in massachusetts saved her 2-day-old baby sister's life thanks to a lesson she learned at school. the newborn was sipping up when she started to choke and couldn't breathe. that's when big sister alease took over just learning cpr and the heimlich maneuver in school . >> i told my mom to put her at an angel and pat her back. >> she said he just learned cpr an infant choking measures at school.
9:43 am
to help you save money. two-thirds of american homes are underinsulated that means higher energy costs. with winter on the way now is the time to take action with your installation. we check out the checklist in today's angie's report. >> as the temperatures cool off one of the first things to do to prepare for the seasonal change is to check if you see the wood beams it's time to add more. >> there's a leak right there. >> another key is finding out how the cold air is getting in. >> the first night of cold is a good time to check the sales around your windows and doors. the easy way is to take a candle around in front of the windows and if it flickers you probably have a draft that needs attention. >> coking cracks is easy with the right tools.
9:44 am
stays triggered and continues to spread it. get one that works well. >> you need to make sure that your gutters are clear of debris. get your chimneys checked and swept. >> many homeowners don't think about your water heater until it goes out and they get a cold shower. there's simple maintenance. drain the water heater once a year you can increase >> don't forget about the power equipment that you've been using all summer, especially your lawn moor. >> fuel is the biggest issue on storage of the mower over the wintertime. run it out of fuel and store it completely empty. >> one final tip, get a roof inspection. finding and repairing minor damage now can save you big bucks when the rainy season returns. >> oh, the rainy season.
9:45 am
in november. basically nothing. a couple of drops in the rain gauge and that would be it. one of the driest novembers on record. we keep doing these things. the record highs, record months, record years. a lot of extreme activity planet wide here. we check out in the river grade tower cam. that's as cloudy as we've been. mostly cloudy today, a couple of showers beginning to move in. the headlines will be the cool air. i know you're waiting for that. it's returning back tonight with low humidity as well. we are going morning. tomorrow morning chilly compared to where we've been but right at average with that low humidity that continues through saturday. that front it's just picking up a couple of showers across citrus. this will continue to push down to the south as we have the front to the north throughout the day today a lot of cloud cover. it's not going to amount to much. we are going to start december with a little bit of rainfall but it's not going to accumulate all that much.
9:46 am
and into tomorrow. closer shot here of our future cast. a lot of clouds around. we'll see a few pockets that the sun will punch through and then the showers roll. the temperatures, the mid and upper 70s to the north. not the front yet, just cloud cover and rainfall. down across the interior and southern counties milder there and warmer because of sunshine. this is the way we'll wake up tomorrow morning. the upper 40s setting up a fan tas tastic looking friday. low 70s with low humidity. that's going to be great. in fact, let's talk about saturday morning. even cooler. if you have out door plans early saturday keep in mind it's going to be down right chilly. by the afternoon we'll recover with temperatures back in the 70s. that's where we will be today but today will be another humid day like the last few. boating looks good. 70 degree water temperature. the winds behind the front will go north late
9:47 am
remainder of your thursday. the 7-day forecast takes us through the weekend with the much nicer temperatures there, in the mid to upper 70s. higher humidity on sunday and then the next rain chance coming up for early next week about 20 to 30% with the next front. still ahead this morning, i want to show you another live look at our team all set up at our one-day toy drop for the angel tree. >> find out how you can brightening the lives of 2,000
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>> reporter: good morning, everybody. we are hosting our one-day toy drop for angel tree here from the offices of florida pain relief group on east
9:51 am
you drop off your new unwrapped toys any time today between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. you can register to win some great prices. these smiley faces are just some of the employees of florida pain relief group who have been wonderful to host this toy drop for us to make sure that children registered for the salvation army tree program in hillsborough all get something for christmas. joining me is the chief med thank you so much for doing this. we are so grateful. what -- how has it been? i can't even say my words. how has it been with the staff? i know that everybody has been really excited and talking about memories of when they were kids. >> absolutely. my team is honor ed on to be here. this goes with the core values of our company about empathy, chairs what we have -- sharing what we have. we are honored to be a part of this.
9:52 am
only are you hosting the drop off point with the salvation army truck outside but the employees have adopted angels from the tree. >> absolutely. this is part of who we are. we are part of this community and we share everything that we have with them. >> reporter: thank you so much. so there is quite a bit going on today. you've got the toy drop off outside, we've got the salvation army truck that's here. we are right off of fletcher avenue and magnolia drive next to the usf tampa inside you can register to win prizes and then the staff here is offering free medical screenings as well. there's quite a bit activity here. we started at 9:00 and will be here until 5:00 p.m. this afternoon. shay and i are so excited to be here with andy and abbey. thank you for being a part of angel tree. little deiah riley is coming over after the newscast.
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take a look at incredible pictures after a truck plowed into a building in tampa. this is the meridian three building at cyprus street. it caused some serious damage there. we are told there's no major injuries. it's unclear what caused that truck to veer off the road and into the building. coming up another look at your forecast.
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breaking news unfolding right now in jacksonville. the sheriff's office there confirming just a few minutes ago they are working a hostage situation at a bank. authorities say the swat team and hostage negotiators are
9:57 am
robber is still inside. >> it's unclear how many workers or perhaps customers are inside that bank. check our abc action news app for update on this situation as it develops. a quick check on the forecast. >> we have that front coming in. warm and humid ahead of it. a few shower ins the s in the forecast. only a 20% chance. temperatures in the upper 70s. cool tonight, the 40s and 50s out there that will be with you as we bundle up once again early tomorrow. stories. if you want to see them they are >> tampa bay's morning blend is
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captions by: caption colorado, llc (800) 775-7838 e- mail: good thursday morning. i'm carley boyette. >> i am natalie taylor. thank you so much for spending time with us right here on "tampa bay's morning blend." we are still talking holidays. >> i am so excited for this time of the year. >> another packed show and great gift ideas coming up for you. >> we also have "into the woods" playing at the straz for the next couple of days. you will chat with some of the cast members, right? >> absolutely.


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