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tv   The Now Tampa Bay  ABC  December 1, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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today on "the now tampa bay", a huge manatee rescue operation in lake tarpon the reason they are not safe in the lake. a florida complete with hostages, the brave move two hostages made to help the swat team. we tracked down a temper movie -- family who moved to gatlinburg they lost everything in the wildfires. the reason they were able to get out just in time. two out of three people say they don't trust auto repair guys so
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go is reputable? we will tell you three things to do now to avoid having to go altogether. it is 4:00, time for "the now tampa bay" breaking news as we come on the air you are looking at action air 1 flying over an accident in clearwater where a man in a motorized wheelchair was hit by a truck. we just learned the man has died. you can see the crime scene tape around the work truck this is in the 1200 block of missouri avenue in near some apartments. no word if any charges will be filed. trevor dooley walking out of jail on bond, this video coming in . this is the video we showed you yesterday. he did not say a word and was quick to get away from the cameras. use the 75-year-old man convicted of shooting and
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he is now out on bail while going through another appeal process. dramatic scene of hostages running from a florida bank. they were held hostage for several hours by a man who went in with a gun trying to rob the place at the community first credit union in jacksonville. you see the people walking across the street with the swat team, the sheriff says he threatened to kill the hostages even putting a gun took him down when two of the hostages distracted him. a moment live on air saw her daughter one of the hostages make it out alive.>> i know she is okay. god be the glory.>> in all, 11
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this is a mug shot from february when he was arrested in hillsborough county for battery and domestic violence. >> fission for the wildlife wrapping up day one of saving manatees from a place they shouldn't be. after tropical storm colin people started to see manatees in lake tarpon. >> ashley yore is out there live why is this so crucial they relocate the manatees? >> reporter: it has to do with th the water will get, if it drop significantly, the manatees could die that is why they are looking to relocate them. look at this video, one of the two they have rescued so far getting carried from the boat to a tent for a health test, once inside it takes a team to hold the manatees still and calm. the veterinarians decide if it
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they need to go to seaworld for rehab. we are not the only ones who wanted a closer look. people who live nearby came out to see them up close.>> it was just amazing to see it up close. i am so happy they got it out of here. >> reporter: this is our exclusive drone video, you can see lucky manatee on board. you can also see the lake is so expensive it is huge. that is the problem with finding all of the manatees. if all of them are not located today they will be out with clearwater marine aquarium tomorrow to continue the search. reporting live at lake tarpon
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of statements on this huge loss for the tampa bay community, this fire destroying the boys and girls club at winston park burning down in east tampa this morning. representatives say they are glad no one was hurt but are sad because the project to build the center was on target to change the community. this is what it looks like in the daylight we have this video from when they were lightning owner made a $2.5 million gift to have the center renovated. he released a statement saying he had his wife were also sad to learn the news but they are willing to do everything they can to help facilitate reconstruction. no word on how the fire started. a car plowing into a building in tampa today. this is the meridian three building in cyprus.
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really banged up. >> take a look at this. can you tell what it is? that is the skyway bridge this is what it looked like earlier today, completely closed because of fog. around lunchtime that was our fdot camera catching that. this is what it looks like now. a little bit better. you can finally see the road and the cars opened 1 1/2 hours ago. we have had showers but it is ju see a big change in that coming up over the next 24 hours. we have a front rolling through, check out anna maria island, beautiful blue skies and on the radar we are not seeing rain across hillsborough county, maybe some sprinkles or drizzles that is all you will find for tonight. we have rain moving it to highlands county, this is
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getting close to the lake placid area. you may end up with a light shower but that is about it. that is only through 6:00 tonight by 8:00 rain is unlikely and one thing you can do, curtis hixon park rock the park, a free event open to families all ages and pets are welcome. this is an exciting to do at the park, with the temperature starting to come down, we will be down to 68 degrees, the coolest error will be to the north as we are going to bed tonight but tomorrow morning big changes ahead, more on that and when a bike ride time might be best tomorrow. authorities are working toward identifying the people killed in the tennessee wildfires, they are working to make a list of the people
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help those people. listen to dolly parton and what she is doing to help those people. >> we want to make sure the dollywood foundation provides $1000 per month to all those families that lost their homes in the fires until they get back on their feet. >> the red cross of east tennessee raising money today alone they raised more than $130,000 kumasi aaron showing us the effects of the fire and how it is different from home to home. >> this is what the damage looks like a lot of homes here. some people only have a foundation left, for those who were more fortunate, they have their homes it is still hard for them to see. after days of images like these, new ones are emerging from the area destroyed by flames near gatlinburg,
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left behind but of people coming together to deal with it. >> we are in a mixed bag, we have things that were saved but the sadness we lost our cabins and our neighbors cabins. >> dave stood outside trying to help the best he could, still surprised his cabin did not burn along with theirs. >> this was the gate to the driveway. >> dave says it could have easily been that way. >> i will show you how close the fire got. this pickup truck was parked right where it was. you can go see the front end of the vehicle the tire caught on fire. >> in the back of his home more evidence of a close call. >> look over the edge you can see the blackburn line, it is a complete semi circle around the
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his home tonight. >> i don't know how to put that into words. >> bittersweet knowing his neighbors can't. >> we are standing in the middle of these burned cabins. it smells terrible and looks terrible. i'm fighting two emotions at the same time. >> for the now, i'm kumasi aaron. it looks like another live presser is about to start in gatlinburg, tennessee about the fires. let's lien identified, we will release the information and have the next of kin notified, as of right now there have been some reports in the media about the names, at least one individual, but we have not been able to confirm that and confirm the immediate
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those families. i will reiterate the depressing time that it is for all of us particularly these families sending our sympathy and love. and they are absolutely distraught about this continuing fatalities that we are having as a result of this unbelievable natural disaster. so far this morning i reported to you we have treated 74 people at the medical center, as a result injuries from the fire. we have six additional people that went to make a total of 80 people that have been treated for injuries related to the fire, most of which have been
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hospitalized but we don't have those specific numbers at the present time. >> you have been listening to the newest press conference out of gatlinburg, tennessee about these wildfires. the headline is the death toll has increased from 7 to 10. they are still working to identify those bodies as we speak. they are working to notify the families of the victims who they have identified, the mayor says the city may reopen tomorrow so the business can assess the damage and hopefully start to pay their employees again. the going into effect alwing the government to get into your computer even if you have done nothing wrong. and the one thing you can do to
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more power to snoop through your digital stuff. even if you have done nothing wrong. the that just took effect will let federal agents hack millions of computers and phones at once with one search warrant this could include your computer if it gets infected with malware, the government has the power to hack to your computer after you have been hit. the justice department needs the new world to keep up with new technology criminals are using. these are clusters of computers affected with malware used in a cyber attack. tech companies the government hacking could damage victim computers and phones. if you have an android phone, you may want to log onto this website to see if your phone has been hacked. more than 1 million people have
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people got this because they downloaded fake apps somewhere other than the google play store, the virus tracks your phone. we have a link to the website on good news for us military families, a deal was reached to forgive debts owed by thousands of california national guard soldiers. initially the defense department was starting to collect $20 million of enlistment bonuses paid to the soldiers who served in iraq so now only soldiers who knew they were ineligible will have to repay the money and only if the government can track them down. some of the money was paid out more than a decade ago. workers in wisconsin are recounting ballots from the presidential election. they started looking at thousands of ballots today and they had to finish by december 12. green party candidate jill stein
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donald trump beat hillary clinton by 22,000 votes in the cheese state less than one percentage point. the governor of alabama surveying damage after the tornadoes this week, this morning's killed three people, touching down right after midnight leaving a path of destruction for two miles before disappearing but it redeveloped six miles away touching down withtr we were all holding onto each other. crouched on the floor. >> the same line of storms hitting the florida panhandle look at the water spout off the coast. mississippi and georgia seeing a ton of devastation from the storms, in all five people were killed, at least 13 twisters. is it normal to see that kind
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with strong fronts like we have just seen, yes. you will often see a line of severe storms, a lot of the fronts moving to florida have weakened considerably but we do get the stronger fronts over the winter and into the spring where we have to be concerned but we have certainly been lucky as far as that goes. look at the nation right now, very quiet, high pressure in control we do have some affect rain and snow to the north, some snow coming down in northern maine otherwise we are looking quiet and we haven't quiet with this front rolling through the state today. still a few showers in place but really nothing to cause any issues if you're driving around the area, this is the rain we can handle in florida. a shower early this evening and clearing the cooler air will
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citrus county, even in the mid- 60s for much of the day. definitely on the cool side already. as we work to the overnight it will be 10 degrees lower across the area tomorrow morning when you wake up in comparison to this morning. 60 in tampa, 55 in brooksville tomorrow morning. lakeland waking up to 58, arcadia 64, a significant cool down from where we have been lately. if you are wondering when the best time tomorrow would be a bike ride, anytime. we will be dry and sunny humidity will be lower in the morning and you will feel it through the afternoon as we reach highs in the mid-70s instead of near 80 degrees likely have been lately. if you're wondering about the fog that caused the skyway to be shut down, i will let you know if we will have chances for that coming up in my next forecast. a local city looking to send several people
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pulling over on the side of the road can be extremely dangerous not just for you but for the officer. >> usually we would start a story like this with video in the monitor but first we want to warn you this is shocking video. >> that happened in tulsa a truck rear end a police cruiser which slams into a woman and her car. the driver that hit them speeds
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pelvis and leg both broken. oklahoma has a move over law just like we do in florida, if you see law-enforcement on the side of the road you are supposed to move over a link. if you can't slow down to 20 miles per hour. usually when people get arrested they are pretty upset, not this lady. >> you can see the smile she is beaming about this, th she posted a video of her cheating husband and his lover doing adult things online. >> that is illegal in texas similar to a law we have in florida. she threatened to send them to the christian high school where he worked.>> he did end up giving her $7800 still the
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them but her boyfriend did. her boyfriend. they are cheating on each other. what a mess. >> how about this story, the city of clearwater looking to send four high school students to japan as part of an educational exchange program this summer, this is a picture of the students that went in a previous year, they will get a scholarship for $2000 to gord -- go to if you're interested, contact the city of clearwater. developments about the wildfires in gatlinburg, tennessee. the newest headline, 10 people now killed. that press conference is still happening. we caught up with a tampa family that just moved to gatlinburg we will show you the reason why
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breaking news happening now about the fires in gatlinburg, tennessee. look at new video in today, in the last 30 minutes we have learned 10 people have died in this massive wildfire. a drone going over some of the damaged areas today. >> some people are still missing there are also 80 people hurt, more than 700 buildings, different structures in the area have been damaged or lost, people will be allowed at their homes and businesses tomorrow to survey the damage but the axis will be limited.
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in kentucky was watching as a cabin they owned burned down. they got an alert the smoke detectors were going off so they pulled up the security cameras.>> it is unreal.>> it exploded three minutes later. >> surrounded by fire, at that moment i was sitting there thinking is going to go. there is nothing gatlinburg can do about it. >> imagine, there's nothing you can do. all they could that site once before but now showing such devastation. take a look at this, really sad pictures before and after photos of the park and their cabin, by the way this family has a second vacation home in gatlinburg. after they watched the first home burn they got a call alarms were going off in the second one, they think
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gatlinburg, tennessee. >> as ryan smith shows us they lost it all in the wildfires. >> wildfires forcing thousands to evacuate from east tennessee, hundreds of homes damaged or destroyed. >> at 2:00 am i'm getting a call my first thought something happened>> kelly martin worried sick after learning her mother and step dad had to flee their home during mandatory evacuation flames coming out. there were fires all around us. the noise of the fire and the trees breaking. >> karen and greg who are from tampa only had time to grab their marriage certificate and ids leaving behind their clothes, medication and family mementos. >> things that can't be replaced. i know our lives are more
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is heartbreaking. >> they are now living in a shelter with hundreds of others who were displaced, they moved to gatlinburg just two years ago.>> she wanted to be in the mountains. >> a retreat turned infernal, tennessee was an opportunity to start fresh, now the couple will be starting all over once again. >> they had the right mindset will be okay. >> for the now i'm ryan smith. here is a list that nobody wants to be on, florida named the third most vulnerable state in the country to identity fraud according to wallethub, washington dc number one followed by california. this is the time of year when hackers love going after shoppers. the most high-profile hack jobs in recent history were target and home depot just three years ago. how do you protect yourself
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in the store? >> a few tips make sure your online banking and credit card accounts have strong passwords and check to see if the accounts are up-to-date with your correct phone number and address. also utilize the alert system so you will see if there is unusual purchases that are being made. finally, set up a credit card monitoring system to keep tabs on your credit report. famed astronaut checked out in new zealand after he was evacuated from the south pole. these are pictures tweeted out before he landed, the tour company says his condition deteriorated on the trip but they are not saying what was going on with him. he is 86 years old, the second person to walk on the moon in 1969. the south pole, in antarctica, this is a web
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right now it is friday at 10:30 am at negative at -25 degrees. but here's the bright side, the sun is up 24 hours per day. no nighttime this time of your. during the summer it can be minus it can be -50 on the warm side, minus -25 we listened to the lieutenant colonel who was in charge of getting a plane to get buzz out of their. >> if you can land on this runway you will use this procedure to land in a giant open snow area that has been pre-surveyed so you set up the descent rate here is the uncomfortable part, you land when you feel the ground. >> thankfully the landing went
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the major change the world's largest candy maker is about to make and the secrets
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this could popular candies from nestli are going three big change. >> getting ready to cut sugar. by 40%, the company says they are not going to change the taste. says researchers even though there is less sugar, your tongue will think the candy is just as sweet. sugar change is happening in
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are eating a piece of candy, go for the full thing just to do it. >> if this allows me to eat more candy i'm for it. >> what do you think the most popular color car on the road is? >> black? i see a lot of black cars. >> i would guess it is white. >> it is actually white and then black men silver than gray but that is about to change.>> blue is about to be white. that is coming from national car coloring style manager who goes around to all the auto shows, why blue? it is versatile and can shift toward gray or green and can be made lighter or darker. it is an easy color to customize. >> only cool people drive cool cars. that is what we have learned today. remember this guy, he
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per pill. now some high school kids are showing him up, a group of 16 and 17-year-olds just re- created the same drug model for two dollars a pill. the only bad news, they can't sell the drug in the us because the company who makes it has exclusive rights to it. something is wrong with your car so you have to go to the auto repair guy. how do you know it i all of that how can you figure out for yourself? tips and tricks, plus what you can do to avoid the costly
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not going very far he will be an executive chairman focusing on innovation design and developing starbucks locations, the company has someone picked out to take his place, it is the president kevin johnson a former microsoft senior executive. a big shakeup in the business world today. no surprise, two out of three people say they don't trust the auto repair got -- guy. how do we know we are not getting ripped off? most people are scared they are paying too much, the now's nicole grigg shows us a way to look for a trustworthy shop. >> monday through friday, christian brothers automotive is working on at least half a
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>> we will bring the customer out to the shop and show them. >> a hard business to be in because aaa found a lot of drivers don't trust repair shops because of trying to sell you things you don't need. overcharging and bad past experiences. >> i have heard from past employees and so on that have been with me that they are told to try to upsell to get the bonus. >> i found christian brothers to the aaa approved auto repair site, it gives you their top trusted shops in your zip code. there is a way to keep your car out of the shops. take a good look at your car manual, you can see by the mile what different things you need to be doing to your car. the manual will tell you how to fix things inside your car, for example how to change your own air filter.
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to your maintenance schedule especially your oil changes. don't purchase cheap parts in the long run it can cost you more and keep your car clean inside and out, that can stop other wear and tear. lastly, find a mechanic before things break, i'm nicole grigg. an update, the south carolina found chained on the property of a suspected serial ll asking for current and future medical expenses. the man was a former real estate agent accused of holding her captive in a storage container for multiple months. he is also charged with killing seven other people. a live look outside a downtown lakeland, two hours away from the christmas parade.
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chairs waiting to go, they have been out there all day. the theme, miracle on main street. it starts and ends at the lakeland center, they put the event live on tv watch it streaming live online at the lakeland government website. shay a little bit warm for a christmas parade.>> it feels like florida this time of year, a little warm for us. the sons -- tonight at 6:30. temperatures will be in the mid- 70s in lakeland at that point, the chance for any rain is unlikely if you do catch anything it will be light. by 7:00 things are drying out, rain unlikely and the temperatures are gradually falling into the upper 60s throughout the parade time, so again not a snowy christmas
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look at the futurecast through 8:00 a little bit of green through highland county and other than that we are not really likely to see much rain, by 8:00 tomorrow morning take a look at how much more clear things are, granted there is a slight chance for a lingering shower across south florida, but the wind will be coming from the north tapping into dry air look how that will clear out. at this point because of the northerly winds it is unlikely we would see fog tomorrow morning for the commute. and the drier air will continue to settle through the day which means less humid to the afternoon. i was outside today and the humidity was a lot. take a look at the forecast 76 degrees tomorrow, 78 by
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and into next monday we have the next front approaching, 80 degrees the higher ahead of the front, 20% chance of showers, denis will show you what happens with the front and how the temperatures are affected coming up in the seven-day forecast. back to you. a couple of other things happening this evening, free rock c park they say it is for all ages and you can bring pets, the younger guests might want to check out the ice-skating village open until 9:00. the free concert starts at 6:00. and then, why not check out a boat show in downtown st. petersburg. the sailboat show opened up today and it is going onto the weekend, right by the happy
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plan for the state fair tickets went on sale today and they are cheaper today only, nine dollars for 12 and older, five dollars for kids 6 to 11, ride armbands are 20 or $30 depending on which day you go. the fair is about to become like disney, by today get a whole access pass to use as an express line for the ride on weekend when they you can get those tickets on the florida state fair website. i can already smelled the cinnamon buns. december 1 today, 23 days until christmas which means 22 days left for you to shop. i am already sweating, a little math to go along with the song. >> 23 days left to purchase my
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>> i'm taking my time so i get it right. >> if you are going to get everything mentioned in the 12 days of christmas you would pay more than $34,000. it does sound like a lot but that is not too bad considering the bargain this year, the cost went up .7% from last year which is $230. pnc bank looks at inflation to come up with the prices inflation has stayed low this year. >> when the two turtledoves for the price hike now costing $375. it is up more than 29% from last year, the bank says it costs more because supply could not keep up with the demand.>> d11 pipers piping and 12 drummers drumming cost nearly 3% more this year. they're getting paid more.
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the pipers cost more than $2700 , nearly $3000 to hire the drummers. >> speaking of christmas we are 10 minutes away from the first family's last initial christmas tree lighting here is a look from washington dc. james taylor, kelly clarkson performing they will be playing monday night on the hallmark channel president-elect donald trump reveals how he will keep 1000 jobs from going to mexico. what does the meal -- deal me for other companies? mike sacks took a look at that pixel donald trump is starting his victory tour today including an announcement in indiana of a deal to keep 1000 jobs. >> companies are not going to
4:54 pm
without consequence. >> the deal is great news for the people keeping their jobs and offers promise to workers around the country who hope this sets a precedent for their job security. the $7 million tax credit over 10 years he promised to carrier, has senator bernie sanders attacking the deal. a few short months ago trump was pledging united technologies to pay a tax instead of a tax they will be rewarded with economist at the labor department about where trump goes for here. >> this is not a job creation policy. he will have to get serious and think much more deeply about how to have a broad policy that not only keeps jobs but create jobs and supplies them on the merits the companies have in
4:55 pm
bring jobs back to and keep jobs in the us but his prowess as negotiator depends on the threads and incentives he will use as he scales up the process today as he did in indiana. for the now i'm mike sacks. donald trump and his latest cabinet pick, reports say james mattis has been chosen for secretary of defense. the official announcement is expected next week known as one of the most influential military leaders of his generation. the breaking headline trump has picked general mattis to be secretary of defense. more than 136,000 people have joined a petition to boycott kellogg's. >> people are using the hashtag dump kellogg's to support and
4:56 pm
advertisements from the site. kellogg's says the site is not aligned with their values as a company. the site says they advocate for traditional american values. lebron james named sports illustrated's sports person of the year for the second time a huge year for lebron winning back -- the nba chevy chip for the cleveland cavaliers. >> they are in first place right now. >> the editors say it was more than on the court success, an athlete that kept his promise to an entire region that he would bring a championship back home to ohio after winning with his previous team, miami. that is what he did. four police officers are shot in the last two days around the country, one in
4:57 pm
luckily they will be okay, but the officer who was shot in washington did die. you are looking at the overnight procession through that small window, it started as a domestic call and a standoff went on for hours into this morning, the suspect was using children in the home as shields. the suspect was eventually shot and killed. with these police related incidents over the past couple of people are wondering why sign up for the job? a new police recruit give some perspective. >> you tell everyone you're going to the police academy. >> criticism for police recruits. >> it doesn't bother me.>> thomas has just four months of training under his belt. >> this job means something to me. it is not about the money or
4:58 pm
if i had to pick a job tailor- made for me it would be a police officer. >> after years in the military, the new recruit in his mid-30s decided to follow his childhood dream. >> i have never been able to let go of law enforcement. >> married with three children his passion carries him through. >> i worked 12 hours per day every single day then i come here. i have a wife and three kids, i don't get to see them all the time. this is my commitment. >> seeing the light at the end of the tunnel his eyes are wide open to the issues. >> i would like to see for community policing if you can interact with the public more. >> a mindset that is growing among the new generation of recruits. >> tre has to be open dialogue. if you don't have open dialogue and you are not willing to change what good are you doing?
4:59 pm
live from the station taking action for you, this is abc action news. a safe haven for local children up in flames just days away from transforming a community in need, tonight we find out what is being done next. trevor dooley walked away from jail today , but his freedom is in jeopardy. first, and intense fire wipes out a commun >> the fire happened at winston park rec center this morning quickly snatching away a neighborhood streams. carson chambers live from where a lot of folks are heartbroken about this.>> reporter: it is devastating. investigators have been here all morning and afternoon, they are still here tonight you can see behind us we have been here
5:00 pm
can see it written on their faces as they drive by on the street, they are crying, sometimes even getting very upset. a lot of communities have community centers. >> everyone in this community comes to this park. everyone. >> they aren't always the center of the community. >> it hurts because we were finally >> this one truly was. >> it is a terrible loss. >> the multimillion dollar renovation of the winston park rec center was almost finished, destined to be a boys and girls club. the roof completed yesterday. almost a theater, a new kitchen, a roller hockey rink, resources for the kids and their families


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