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tv   Action News at 5PM  ABC  December 1, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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can see it written on their faces as they drive by on the street, they are crying, sometimes even getting very upset. a lot of communities have community centers. >> everyone in this community comes to this park. everyone. >> they aren't always the center of the community. >> it hurts because we were finally >> this one truly was. >> it is a terrible loss. >> the multimillion dollar renovation of the winston park rec center was almost finished, destined to be a boys and girls club. the roof completed yesterday. almost a theater, a new kitchen, a roller hockey rink, resources for the kids and their families
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place. >> doors and new windows, new opportunities welded shut by a fire.>> it is that close and they pull it from you. a cascade of concrete now the sound of neighbors said in disbelief. >> the neighborhood has been trying to accept it. and you see this happen. why? >> why is under investigation by fire marshall's. >> you always want to think from ashes something better will come. >> reporter: backout live you can see investigators sifting
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i'm not sure what they are doing but the investigation is ongoing. the family foundation gave $2.5 million to make the renovation happened but now the timeline is so uncertain. live from claire mayor -- carson chambers abc action news. trevor dooley walked away from jail today he will spend the holidays with his family while he awaits a new trial. they will go another christmas without their father and husband. brendaliss gonzalez was there as he left jail for the first time in three years. >> the 75-year-old walked out of this jail as we asked if he had anything to say about his own situation were to the victims family. with the help of a walker, trevor dooley made his way out of jail right past reporters. he did not say a word, three
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argument about a skateboarder. one of the only times we have heard from him was four years ago. on the stand during his trial when he was asked if he shot david james. >> did you pull the trigger? >> yes. >> he would not answer every question directed -- directly. he and his attorney claimed he shot james in self-defense. now we will wait at a chance at a second trial. until then he is free to g >> reporter: he has been fighting to get a second trial for years now. as for the widow of james she doesn't think he deserves a second chance. if he does get another trial she thinks a jury would still convict just as they did years before. reporting live from hillsborough county, brendaliss gonzalez abc action
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pinellas county, a man is dead after he was hit by a car crossing a road in clearwater. a car hit a man in a motorized wheelchair on the 1200 block of missouri avenue. it is shut down as police continue to investigate exactly what happened, we are working to find out if he was using the crosswalk at the time of the collision and if the driver of the truck will face any charges. developments into newsroom. the man who held up a bank in jacksonville has ties to the tampa bay area. this man, nicholas humphrey help people hostage in a bank for hours this morning. police were called to the bank at 9:00 this morning. he put a gun to their heads threatening to kill them after negotiations, he let them free
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he has been arrested twice this year in florida. we had his picture from february when he was arrested on a domestic violence charge. he was arrested in september for driving on a suspended license. now, the most accurate weather team in florida, abc action weather.>> it afternoon, that front we have been talking for -- about is splitting the bay area, to the south there are showers going on around highland county and placid lakes south of sebring, otherwise the rest of the area is quiet. west palm to lauderdale that is where the showers are. across the northern counties you can see the line, the green color, 60s in citrus and hernando county still low 80s across the southern counties. throughout the evening partly cloudy skies clearing from the north, a little breezy and
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lakeland, the parade starts at 7:00. the wind will be picking up, rain will not be an issue. i will tell you when it returns in a couple of minutes. democracy 2016, donald trump officially on his thank you tour to honor the voters who gave him his stunning victory, before the celebration gets underway he had to take care of last-minute business. trump and mike pence making a stop in indiana to from moving to mexico. the company agreed to keep 800 jobs at the indiana plant, but hundreds more are not lucky. the company received $7 million in tax incentives to stay, trump plans to do the same for other companies. >> i want to let all of the other companies know, we are going to do great things for business. there is no reason for them to leave anymore. your taxes will be at the very
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we do need safety regulations for the environment and things but most are nonsense. >> the victory lap happens as a vote recount is underway in wisconsin. nearly 3,000,000 ballots from the election will be recounted by hand. the recount in wisconsin michigan and pennsylvania comes at the request of jill stein, almost no one expects recounts to result in a contradictory. in four americans want trump to repeal president obama's health care law. the survey finds republicans are shifting their opinions, 52% of republicans want the law repealed completely, that is down from 69% before the election last month. federal health officials say more than 500,000
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healthcare plan through obamacare since it opened in november. if you need healthcare and have not signed up, health officials advise to enroll by december 15 to ensure your coverage starts at the beginning of the new year. we have just confirmed president barack obama will be in tampa next tuesday at us central command at mcdill air force base, he how donald trump might build on mr. obama's counterterrorism strategies. president obama will meet with duty servicemembers stationed in our community. a manatee county substitute teacher out of the classroom and facing charges. the school district firing brad bellinger after learning of his arrest. a spokesman says the accusations against him are not connected to work at the schools
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substitute teacher and does not have contact with students. i am at the digital dashboard there is a new way for parents to compare schools and find the best chip -- fit for your child. this website just being launched florida students achieve online allowing you to find a school in any district and compare it to others. you can see average grades state test scores and graduation rates, pick two schools you compare them, in school achievement. the site florida students achieve. i'm ryan raiche live in downtown lakeland we are less than two hours away from the annual christmas parade, next the security measures in place to keep these people safe. a new government backed smoking ban the reason 2 million
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z272fz zi0z y272fy yi0y welcome back i am here in the abc action news lobby to tell you we have teamed up with the salvation army angel tree
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little boys and girls who need help, each one represents what they want, victoria would love to have some educational toys or books but she needs socks and clothes, even diapers. yugo by those things in the back unwrapped we will take care of the rest and make sure it gets to the child in need. to say thank you we have giveaways including monster jam, come in and register to win across the street from raymond james stadium. our lobby is open weekdays 8:30 until 5:30, if you live in a different part of town you can find another angel tree near you, just go to for those locations. breaking news in st. petersburg police recovering a body from a drainage pond this is a live picture from action
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found a man's body floating in the water. authorities say there are no signs of trauma we will try to get the video to you when we can. a single search for separates the government from full access to your computer starting today a judge can sign a search warrant allowing the government to hack computers and cell phones. the justice department says this rule is needed to track down cyber criminals. and oregon senator who try to block it calls government hacking and surveillance. the senator plans to introduce a new bill to repeal it in the next session. and idaho school is ordered to stop segregating children in classrooms. the elementary school started separating boys and girls 10 years ago. their reasoning was improved performance. the us department of education says this method violates title
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discrimination in education. no more smoking inside your house if you live in federal public housing. hud announcing this starts in the fall of 2018. smoking will be banned in all federally owned department and homes, electronic cigarettes are exempt. public health is a bipartisan concern so they do not think the ban will be appealed. could be used as a mainstream prescription drug in years to come. preliminary studies show the psychedelic chemical in the mushrooms quickly and effectively treats anxiety and depression in cancer patients. the effects lasted for weeks, more in-depth studies are needed before the fda, dea and medical review board will consider it.
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streets in lakeland will be full of floats and christmas spirit. >> the christmas parade this year will see some extra security. >> ryan raiche is live on the parade route with why they are beefing up the police force. >> reporter: it is a beautiful night for a parade in lakeland, crowds have been gathering all afternoon, like they do every year staking territory with lawn chairs, days in advance. this is the biggest event in the year, in the world we live in, you will see a heavier police presence than ever before. moments ago a peek inside the briefing room where more than 150 officers are getting their final marching orders ahead of their biggest event of the year. >> we treat it like they would the super bowl. >> you can see by the miles of launchers people get passionate about the parade, many staking their claim. >> it gets kind of crazy
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will come 2 to 3 days in advance and start setting up chairs. >> with thousands expected downtown the police department is taking no chances. lpd is adding more officers than ever before, uniformed and undercover. >> a wide range of techniques and equipment can be used for this. >> the sergeant says they took note of recent events like the terror attack man drove a truck through a large crowd. to try to discourage that and other mayhem police placed barricades and in other areas they will use patrol cars to block traffic. >> think about all that. >> detectives are using every tool at their disposal, a tower a boat and bomb sniffing dogs, everything to make sure nothing dampens this holiday spirit. >> we have never had a problem with this parade.
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now, the most accurate weather team in florida, abc action weather. >> all right, it looks like a pretty nice night. >> a few showers out there, a little cooler tonight and saturday but a big blast of cold one week from tomorrow. i promise. that is pretty good outside, the beautiful sunset from the circles apollo beach the sun is blazing it warmed up to the low to mid 80s across the southern counties, in december, december 1 we should be 75, the last day of the month we should see a high of 70 a low of 52, all- time record in december is 86
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1962. there is going to be a blast of cold air next week, we will be on the fringe of the real cold stuff there has already been a ton of stuff on facebook coldest weather ever. not for us, to the north serious cold temperatures, but for us we will be in the 30s and 40s saturday morning. looking at the tie in doppler radar showing a few showers. 60s up north hasn't made its way to the southern counties. dew points, in the 50s where the cooler air has made it in, still muggy from i-4 software, over the next few hours cooler drier air comes through, tomorrow morning a comfortable start to the day clear and pleasant temperatures in the 70s, waking up to the 60s even some 50s in the northern counties tomorrow morning.
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some rain, some fog on the skyway which was closed for an extended period of time due to the fog. over the next 24 hours you will see the moisture giving way to drier air, there is the water vapor the orange color showing the dry air rolling, this will not be a long-lived cold snap or a blast but it will be pleasant. friday morning sonny and pleasantly cool, afternoon mid- seventies with low humidity that is the afternoon breezy and refreshing, still temperatures in the mid-70s for highs, saturday a little bit warmer, by next week when chances bump up, the european model brings the best chances for rain thursday into early friday that will bring early temperatures that will be chilly by next week and. the normal high 75 that is
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of next week a blast of cold air from the northeast that will see a lot of snow in upstate new york. we will be cooling off with highs in the 60s may be in the 50s next saturday. a look at the seven-day forecast. upper 70s to low 80s saturday when chances next week a better chance of a stronger front thursday, if we go 10 days out that is when you notice the cold tem news in st. petersburg. police recovering a body from a drainage pond. this is a live picture from action air 1 over the scene near 47th avenue north and third street north , someone found a man's body floating in the water. authorities say there are no signs of trauma. we will keep you updated. a local couple seeking -- spending their life savings so
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own. a loophole that wiped them out discovered tonight. manatees are being rescued from lake tarpon. why they are in danger next.
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check out these viral photos from berland -- maryland. sheriff's office photos. the beaver try to make a run for it but it was caught and released into the woods. no word on what it was shopping for. christmas of course will be here before we know it and nothing makes it feel more like the holidays than a christmas tree. >> several local businesses are giving you a chance to cut your
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dade city has two tree farms to let you do this. this one is on treatment boulevard. if you are up for a bit of a drive, you can go to the center christmas tree forest or candy cane christmas tree land in anthony, florida. a pasco county landowner is renting out should be condemned, coming up how he gets by with it and why
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live from the station taking action for you, this is abc action news. an update to a story we told you about on monday in crystal river. citrus county detectives reveal
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caught on fire. she was making a u-turn when the undercarriage got caught on palmetto roots, the car and the shrubbery caught on fire. she died in the fire. authorities do not suspect foul play. millions if dollars in renovations for a rec center go up in flames. the renovations for the center was a gift to give the children in the area a safe place to go and play. the cause of the fire is under investigation. trevor dooley walking out of jail this is video of him leaving this afternoon, he is the 75-year-old man convicted of shooting and killing a father in front of his daughter. he got eight years for


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