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tv   Action News at 530PM  ABC  December 1, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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caught on fire. she was making a u-turn when the undercarriage got caught on palmetto roots, the car and the shrubbery caught on fire. she died in the fire. authorities do not suspect foul play. millions if dollars in renovations for a rec center go up in flames. the renovations for the center was a gift to give the children in the area a safe place to go and play. the cause of the fire is under investigation. trevor dooley walking out of jail this is video of him leaving this afternoon, he is the 75-year-old man convicted of shooting and killing a father in front of his daughter. he got eight years for
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a local couple's hopes and dreams put into a business but then they lost everything. >> they made a call for action to jackie callaway, what she found out might surprise you.>> this bathroom it's filled with water. >> marie and her husband dreamed of turning this rented building into a tiki bar and repair business. >> i think i lost everything. >> a dream that took a devastating turn wh covered with water. >> i don't think it is inhabitable. >> we brought in this licensed roofer for an inspection. >> icy indentations in the roof. >> port richie city building official james washington agrees. >> this is almost condemnable. >> there is nothing in the law to stop landlords from leasing out dangerous commercial buildings. the city doesn't normally inspect until the business
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>> we have pretty much spent our self out of money trying to open this place. >> the lease states the tenants are responsible for repairs but our experts say the damage to the roof took place long before they moved in this year. >> when you go to rent a piece of property, inspected. >> i caught up with the landlord by phone he explained i rented out the building to be occupied as a placof unfortunately the tenants squatted in it. >> the landlord evicted them over past-due rent, the city has moved forward and condemn the building, officials tell me it will not be rented out again in less it is completely renovated. we have put the couple in touch with social services for assistance. i'm jackie callaway taking
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contractors are facing charges. an unlicensed contractor operation in the holiday area today was discovered, each of these people were investigated and issued a cease and desist order. they were given information on how to obtain a license and workers in church picks -- insureds. trash and feces all over this home. what children were living there. tonight, jake peterson telling us why no one seemed to know what was going on inside. >> these photos from the sarasota police department show why these parents are in jail. investigator say they have five kids and they were subjected to living in filth. >> these conditions that the
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were some of the worst they have seen. >> there was no running water, detectives fighting bottles of urine in the bedrooms and the smell of human and animal feces polluting the air. pill bottles and drug paraphernalia were near the kids. detectives arrived to do a welfare check after a school staff member became suspicious. >> they were fine overall physically a little dirty but overall doing but anybody in those conditions that has a dramatic effect on them. this neighbor never knew what the children were going through until we showed him these photos. >> i couldn't believe it. that is the stuff you see on tv sometimes. >> joseph dromeshauser took responsibility for the filth saying he had no excuses, the kids are staying with family
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reporting in sarasota, jake peterson abc action news. an early christmas gift for florida state law enforcement officers, governor rick scott says he will propose a 5% pay raise for state officers starting next year to benefit sworn officers in nine agencies including have -- florida highway patrol. it will cost the taxpayers just under $12 million. now, abc >> good afternoon, that front is coming through, it brought a few showers, the cooler air is coming in, it normally takes 12 hours behind the front for the cooler to make it to florida, we are seeing that in citrus and hernando county, the rest of us in the 70s and 80s. today we hit 80 in tampa, 82 in lakeland. by tomorrow morning the cool air will filter in, mid-50s across
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are forecast showing partly cloudy to clear, great weather for the christmas break, temperatures mild early on that week left tomorrow, but the big cooldown is eight days away. a pasco man accused of scamming grieving families selling fake burial plots for a funeral home. this man, michael ritz from trinity sold a burial plot back in march, from him for more than $2000. it was discovered the plot was not sold when the victim changed her mind about the location, the man pocketed the cash by putting his name on the check. the funeral home reimburse the victim. today is world aids day raising awareness to the aids pandemic. it is also a time for people to remember those who have died
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there is no cure for the virus but researchers have developed effective treatments to suppress it and prolong the lives of those living with hiv. today a person can expect to live a nearly normal lifespan if they have the disease. this man is accused of not telling a woman he was hiv- positive before they had unprotected sex. she found out about it on a facebook post. this is not the first time he has done this. she contacted deputies who found out he was arrested for not disclosing he had the virus in pinellas county. police are joining the efforts to keep bikers and pedestrians safe. kicking off in operation today, officers will give out warnings and educational material to the public. temple police rolled
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this year. sofar saint pete has had 11 pedestrian fatalities and in 84% of the cases the person was not in a crosswalk. they hope they can stop and talk to people about safety issues hoping they will change the dangerous habits. drivers calling this intersection a game of russian roulette. drivers including many students are demanding a change. moved to the mountains for a fresh start, now this couple is left with nothing. the one thing their daughter says will help them recover. diving into flu season, the unlikely seasonal culprit.
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doctor: oh yeah... right there. oh! you got a nickel back there! heh heh! when we say a health care company should treat you like family, we mean more like this. operator: it's gonna be ok, and i'll be right here if you need me. member: really? operator: really. you deserve compassion. you deserve molina healthcare, your extended family. learn more about our marketplace plan visit or call (877) 753-8816 breaking news, tampa police are looking for this 12-year- old boy, last seen on the 11,000 block of north 51st street.
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he was last seen wearing a white polo shirt blue shorts and boat shoes. if you see him please call tampa police. and update on the man who shot and killed a tacoma washington police officer is now dead. the officer was a 17 year veteran of the force. after an 11 year -- hour standoff he shot and killed the suspect. he was using two children as a human shield. the children are now safe, the officer was responding to a domestic violence call when he was shot. the domestic dispute calls are the most dangerous types of calls for police officers according to a report by the us department of justice between 2010 and 2014, 22% of the calls were domestic dispute calls. the responding officers were killed with a firearm. abc
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know is in a domestic violence situation called the statewide hotline at one 800 500 called the statewide hotline at 1-800- 500-1119. 1-800-500-1119. we have posted information at we are learning 10 people have been confirmed dead in the tennessee wildfires. officials are making significant product -- progress searching for su there is new drone video showing miles of devastation. smoky in the area still. one tampa family lost all of their belongings this week at a fire in gatlinburg. they moved to a town in east tennessee looking for a change of pace in the mountain life. now they are forced to start
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lose their lives. all the materialistic things can be replaced. >> mandatory evacuations have impacted more than 10,000 people in the area alone. a dog recovering after a man claiming to be its owner through the animal into oncoming traffic two times. michael bridging through his dog into traffic when it was hit by a car in the picked it up again and threw it into traffic again. unthinkable, the dog managed to run away. dozens of people search for the dog in the woods for two hours, it was found and taken to the veterinarian where it was discovered it had internal injuries. the dog is expected to survive. according to police the man who did this is facing animal cruelty and assaulting an officer charge. a pair of
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camera. polk county deputies are hoping you could recognize these people surveillance cameras caught them trying to steal this boat in lakeland. to try to hook it up to the trailer, but when they pull away the trailer comes apart. the people took off in the truck and deputies believe they went on to steal other things in the same area. another traffic accident at a hillsborough county intersection that we have been warning you about. student drivers and confused drivers colliding again and again. many drivers are telling us that they are taking the long way to avoid this dangerous intersection altogether until the county does its job and makes some changes.>> the county making some changes on thursday at the intersection of shell
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adding warnings for drivers as they approach a place where at least half a dozen accidents occurred since thanksgiving. including one this morning. >> every time i approach the stop sign people are flying trying to go across.>> richard now takes the long way to drive his daughter to school the extra time he says is worth it. >> for our safety i do it. >> every single person to about the intersection, college students and college professors, high school students and high school teachers and parents asking me when the county is finally going to fix this intersection and make it a four way stop were put in a traffic light truck the intersection used to be a three way stop but this road brought new rules. the local school said they sent
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see anyone. it is dark, it should be a four way stop. >> i met solomon jones as he walked through the intersection. there is no crosswalk for him or his sister who goes to the nearby high school. >> i have almost been hit a couple of times. >> after previous reports the county agreed to do a traffic study first scheduling it for january, now they have s starte it early. they plan to finish this month. adamin this cool down we are hearing about. >> tomorrow or the one in eight days? the one tomorrow is mid 70s, but in eight days it will get your attention. definitely a cool down something to look forward to next friday and saturday. women talking about that for
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we had fog across the area today , the cooler weather arrives tomorrow. that is relative, cool in the 70s. morning lows in the 50s, a cooler start, sinking saturday, a really nice weekend although we warm up to 80 by sunday into monday, next week the end of next week there will be a lot of buzz, poehler vote checks -- vortex. host of the country will freeze next saturday. not for us, we will be in the 30s. titan doppler radar all is quiet with the exception of a few showers around southern polk county and southern highlands county. but, no worries about the parade in lakeland starting in one hour and 15 minutes the weather will be beautiful. upper 70s in tampa topping out
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clear, the two point is dropping, drier air rowing from the north breezy tomorrow with lower humidity, pleasant. it is not cold but it will be nice, sarasota 76 partly sunny skies, tomorrow mostly sunny by the afternoon. a look at the satellite picture, there is what is left of the front it is ushering in showers down south, the drier air is coming from the north. you first thing in the morning there is the cooler air moving through the viewing area, through the afternoon it moves south, friday night saturday, saturday afternoon and sunday look absolutely beautiful. a little warmer by sunday all of a sudden the winds will go out of the east and southeast down the road boosting temperatures.
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63 saint pete, 57 and upper 40s in crystal river over to brooksville. a chilly start to the day, dade city 59, venice 63 and bradenton 62. let's extend the forecast. going through tomorrow you cool off, i stopped on monday highs near 80 degrees, through the week thursday highs in saturday morning. one week from saturday, 30s across the northern counties. it will probably be colder than this, there's definitely something to look out for, the cold weather will be here in eight days. a look at the seven-day forecast, 76 friday a beautiful weekend, 78 saturday, 81 sunday. morning lows are culpable, rain chances bump up monday and
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weekend. still to come, more than 1 million android phones infected by hackers. the apps you need to stay away from to keep your information protected. a new kind of chocolate with less sugar. does it have the same taste? the major breakthrough shaking up the candy world.
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z272iz zi0z y272iy yi0y taking you out of live two breaking news, four children hospitalized after a bus slams into a home. this is a live shot from miami- dade county a bus went through a stone wall of the home. no word on the condition of the children.
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largest water boat show is here in tampa bay the 39th power and sailboat show runs today at the duke energy center at the waterfront downtown featuring hundreds of sailboat general admission $16 for kids. 15 and under are free. great news for chocolate lovers. >> this is big. global chocolate maker nestli claims to have found a new way to enjoy the sweet treat without the calories. or sugar. nestli says they have found a way to hollow out sugar particles which reduces the chocolate sugar content by as much as 40%. the hollow sugar products will use all-natural ingredients nestli is applying for a patent on this they will roll out the products containing the new
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here's wendy ryan with a look at what is happening at 6:00. details about a robber who took hostages at a florida bank. 911 calls of a terrifying and deadly home invasion. the reason accomplices are charged with murder even though they did not kill the man. a woman living in this home arrested for letting a get a hold of cocaine. the severe health problems it caused 43-year-old. moving manatees is no easy undertaking. how they got into lake tarpon in the first place and why
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live from the station taking action for you, this is abc action news. a three- year-old child lucky to be alive tonight, the jaw-dropping discovery that has landed his caregiver behind bars. thank you for doing this i'm wendy ryan. >> and i'm paul lagrone, the largo woman facing charges of child neglect. >> clifton french shows us the disturbing item the toddler probably eight just before he had a life-threatening brain bleed. >> this is the face of a woman who police say aloud a three-
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say it happened, windows covered household items scattered throughout the front yard. the outside is filthy, trash lighters cigarette butts mixed in with children's toys. terry bruegel lives next door, he says the folks living here have not been back since the incident. but he has seen the boy before and had a few interactions with the woman in the past. money. asking for money. asking for four or five dollars. and she must have gone down to the store to buy cigarettes. >> the little boy is lucky he didn't die. he was taken to all children's hospital for a headache and vomiting. staff discovered a brain hemorrhage and a significant amount of cocaine in his system. police cannot say the cocaine


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