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tv   Action News at 6PM  ABC  December 1, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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say it happened, windows covered household items scattered throughout the front yard. the outside is filthy, trash lighters cigarette butts mixed in with children's toys. terry bruegel lives next door, he says the folks living here have not been back since the incident. but he has seen the boy before and had a few interactions with the woman in the past. money. asking for money. asking for four or five dollars. and she must have gone down to the store to buy cigarettes. >> the little boy is lucky he didn't die. he was taken to all children's hospital for a headache and vomiting. staff discovered a brain hemorrhage and a significant amount of cocaine in his system. police cannot say the cocaine
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>> it is the only reasonable implication. >> cocaine gets out of the body quickly so it is hard to tell how much he ingested, the boy is currently in foster care and doing much better. in largo clifton french abc action news. breaking news in tampa, police need help finding this missing 12-year-old child. please take a look. officer say he is new to bay area. the last place he was seen north 51st street south of fowler avenue near usf east of the greco softball conference complex. you can help bring him home safely by sharing his photo from our free mobile app. we are learning about what this man is accused of telling hostages during a horrifying
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jacksonville this morning. nicholas humphrey threatened to shoot and kill all 11 hostages but they did not give him their cell phones. two people inside the bank made a break for the front door giving swat teams and opening to free everyone else. no one was hurt. humphrey is now in jail. this tempo teenager's family is finally getting answers his murder nearly 2 years after his death. police just arresting reginald bowman for shooting and killing an 18-year-old last january. officers revealing dna evidence tying bowman to the crime. a tip said that bowman plan to sell him a gun and then robbed him during the meetup. the search is on for a driver who hit a 13-year-old
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troopers say it happened at 28 street along haines road north just off i-to 75. she was riding her bike on the sidewalk and the truck that hit her this one, a black toyota tacoma so please look out for her, she will be okay. as for this too, here are the details it has tinted windows, chrome bumpers and decals on the rear window. by could know how polk county is planning to improve a street where a 17-year-old boy died earlier this year. cruise heaven -- installed a streetlight at the intersection where a boy was hit and killed as he ran to catch his school bus. you can see the results of the traffic study done for yourself
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road. now, the most accurate weather team in florida, abc action weather.>> cooler air is rolling in, still a few showers across the southern counties, the bulk of the rain is moving into south florida where it is going to stay. because of that, tomorrow morning waking up to temperatures noticeably cooler and less humidity, right now in the mid-60s in citrus and hernando county, upper 70s to the low 80s fr for hours temperatures 10 degrees cooler now than this time yesterday. warmer with the front not bringing in cooler air across polk county otherwise partly cloudy to clear skies overnight. if you are heading over for the lakeland christmas parade the weather will be beautiful through the evening, everybody gets in on the act with cooler air by this weekend. for the very first time, we
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about this enormous fire that wiped out and east tampa community recreation center overnight. 's foundation give millions of dollars to build this recreation center, he says he is so disappointed it will not get to help children in the community. people are quite emotional as they learned of the fire. renovations were nearly complete when it went up in flames, fire officials are trying to figure out the cause. area school district under the microscope, investigators are going to look into a civil rights complaint against dallas county schools. the southern poverty law center found black students are nearly 4 times as likely to be arrested in school as white students. students with disabilities are almost 3 times as likely to be referred to law enforcement's best students without disabilities. the school district told us
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2012 school year. we have confirmed president barack obama will be in tampa tuesday at us central command based at mcdill air force base to address how trump might build on obama's counterterrorism strategies. president obama will meet with active duty service members in the community. you might think election season is over but there are two men fighting for your boat in the bay area. early voting began for a special tampa city council election emergency room dr. jim davison and his lawyer are hoping to fill the empty district 7 council seat. the runoff election is set for tuesday, december 6. there is a live look at lakeland, in less than one hour the yearly christmas parade
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are downtown in lakeland preparing for the miracle on mainstreet. some people are setting up their chairs along the parade route. there are security measures out there this year including safety barriers the parade gets underway at 7:00. health experts say now is the best time to get a flu shot, based on this map vaccine map. isabel rosales tonight shows you one unexpected factor that could soon be causing cases to spike in florida. >> health experts warned floridians don't be fooled by the sunshine. >> we are just now entering the start of the flu season.
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next week i can show you a graph showing you more. >> snowbirds could be to blame. >> they bring whatever they have from whatever state they live in. getting you the opportunity to get it here. >> more people means more chances to spread sickness. the people i spoke with had not thought of this. >> logically, it does make sense. >> the germ concern does not end there. >> the other part, most of the snowbirds are older folks. >> young are most vulnerable. and besides getting the flu shot there are a few other basic steps you can do to prevent the spread of germs such as not letting sick relatives go to work also coughing into your arm versus using your hands and the most basic of all, wash your hands often. >> beautiful weather and
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takes two weeks for the shot to work meeting now is the perfect time. in hillsborough county, isabel rosales abc action news. an opportunity for hundreds of people in tampa to get training for skilled high- paying jobs. the white house naming tampa as one of the tech higher communities today. that means a multimillion dollar federal grant will kickstart specialized training for people living in low income areas near usf young people. health touch some of the kids who may not have the opportunity or afford college but with a little assistance and training they can be productive members of society doing real work. >> more than 200 local employers will take part in training about 1000 people for it and tech jobs over the next three
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gentle giants, the reason cruise essay the lives of these manatees depended on an hour- long mission to move them from a local lake. if you have a landlord, you might give him permission to go into your home when you are not around, but after the forecast the stomach turning thing one landlord is accused of doing inside of the
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ur marketplace plan visit or call (877) 753-8816 we want to update you on breaking news out of south florida at least four children hurt in this bus crash. our abc station in south florida reports two adults were injured when a nissan maxima ran a stop sign and the school bus swerved into the building to avoid it. nobody seems to be badly hurt, the driver of the nissan will
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kills a man breaking into his home but the dead man's accomplices are charged with murder. in this 911 call you can hear the sunrise homeowner fired a shotgun when he comes face-to- face with one of the men. >> sir, is that shots fired? tell me what is happening. >> i killed one i think. >> investigators tell us the homeowner shot jones at least two times. his cohorts try to run but police caught them. anyone who takes part in a tony can face murder charges in florida if somebody dies during the crime. the homeowner will not be charged. an update about an android phone hack impacting more than 1 million people. the security website checkpoint providing a free tool to help
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i shared this tool on my facebook page. as we first told you yesterday the hackers getting through fake apps, when the malware is installed it keeps downloading more bogus apps to your phone giving them high ratings in the app store sown more people will download them. flashlight free, wi-fi enhancer and memory booster are asked to avoid. manate t birds eye view of this rescue that unfolded today. ashley yore taking you inside the manatee mission. >> it takes a big team to move one manatee but this is what it takes to save them from lake tarpon. >> we are concerned if they stay there during the wintertime and the temperature drops low enough they will end
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with groups to find the manatees stuck in this lake. it is a huge body of water to search, from our drone you can see one lucky manatee riding to shore on a rescue boat. a health assessment is the first step and then fwc knows if it can go back to the wild. >> the reason why we put hands on them, they might respond. >> >> a young male manatee in this video, but he is okay. veterinarians say manatees can be safely out of the water for long periods of time, neighbors came to see two manatees caught up close. >> you could stand right next to the manatee. you see the whole body.
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his release. >> i named him mistletoe. >> a rescue team will be back out looking for more tomorrow. i'm ashley yore, abc action news. now, the most accurate weather team in florida, abc action weather. >> still warm is a little bit of rain. >> the weather is a little cooler it is clearing out but a lot of folks are saying you teased us with cooler air. when do we get the good stuff? hanged in their. looking outside not a bad picture. a few clouds and showers down south, but pretty much out of here with temperatures cooling off, in the northern counties you will wake up to the 50s tomorrow morning with lower
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60s now. upper 70s polk county southward, 6 to 10 hours for the cooler air to seep southward. it will be here by tomorrow morning for most folks, the dew points in the lower 60s, you have got pleasant conditions north of i-4, kind of muggy down south. looking at the dew point levels most people from the 55 to 60 degree range by the morning air will be here for a couple of days and then we warm up again sunday and monday it is inevitable. mid-70s under partly cloudy skies right now, we had some rain and showers today the skyway was closed for a period of time due to dense fog, all of those issues will be gone by first thing friday morning. overnight the skies will be partly cloudy waking up to mostly clear skies, pleasantly cool still warming up to the
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great, saturday we start off cooler warming up to the upper 70s near 80 degrees, by sunday a little more moisture and warmth back near 80 degrees but no rain. the rain is holding off until monday. mid-seventies for highs friday but it will feel better because the dew points will be dropping, sunny skies comfortable mornings and pleasant afternoons. a nice friday for the whe be good, a little breezy tomorrow and saturday, then things change by next week. northeast winds at 10 to 15 knots, water temperature up to 70, light to moderate chop on the bay. upcoming tides, now the hour by hour tonight partly cloudy to clear, by tomorrow morning most folks wake up to the 50s and low 60s. along the coast in the low to
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friday mostly sunny and mild northeast winds 10 to 15 miles per hour. we top out at 76 degrees. a look at your seven-day forecast, 78 saturday, the morning a little cooler, 50s across most of the area, sunday to the low 80s, the weekend looks good, monday and tuesday moisture returns, some rain chances but late next week, a strong front bringing a blast of cold air up north, lows by next sunday morning in the 30s. >> looks good. a colorado landlord accused of trespassing into his tenants home and then having sex in his renter's bed, we cannot show you video of the deed caught on camera but logan pierce says this is his landlord wandering
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a security app on his phone tipped him off telling him a surveillance camera detected noise in his home, the landlord does have the right to enter his apartment, but police say this act amounts to felony trespassing. still ahead, more changes to the buccaneers backfield. how is dirk koetter going to manage it. a videogame curse strikes again.
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it was an longer go the buccaneers had to dig deep in their roster into the practice
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soon all three will be reunited on the active roster for the first time since early september which becomes a good problem for the buccaneers. dirk koetter will have to find a way to get the ball to all three. doug martin returned a few weeks ago, rogers may return sunday in san diego. rogers and charles seems practicing today. rogers had a foot injury while sims has a near injury. sims should return next week and. whenll to get all three involved in an offense that excels when it establishes the running attack.>> there will be a trick to that, we will see how the game goes, tim spencer does a good job of handling that. the other thing we will see going through practice to see how he adjusts. that will turn into a positive
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has strep again rob gronkowski needs back surgery to repair a herniated disc. he could return in time for the afc title game if new england gets that far. the latest football star to be on the cover only to have the following season be a disaster. due to a major injury or huge drop in stats. finally the lightning bolts returned to the ice in st. louis. a surprise move at why the surprise? the first time he has started in back-to- back games. trying to snap a three-game losing streak. continuing coverage of our top stories at
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tonight, breaking news, reaction pouring in at this hour to donald trump's victory tour. his stop at carrier, announcing he saved hundreds of jobs from going to mexico. just down the road, another critics pouncing. will president-elect make the same deal for every company? also breaking the school in lockdown, the parents who discovered guns missing at home. they rushed to the school. the hostage drama. the bank robbery suspect holding dozens at gun point. inside their efforts and the armed standoff. the view from the disaster zone.


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