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tv   Action News at 11PM  ABC  December 1, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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a woman wakes up in the middle. night and she's not alone. >> next how a strange man got into her house. >> and what police found that
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>> announcer: live from the station taking action for you. this is abc action news. all new at 11:00, a terrified woman sharing her story with us tonight after waking standing at the foot of her bed. good evening, i'm paul lagrone. >> and i'm wendy ryan. we're learning more about the man who held 11 people hostage in a jacksonville bank. earlier, nicholas humphrey was arrested on domestic abuse charges in the bay area. that case still pending, and
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humphry kept repeating to reporters "new world order", and earlier he walked into a bank and took 11 people hostage during the course of an attempted robbery. s.w.a.t. members got all hostages out safely and the dog was unharmed and now with animal control. to breaking news, tampa police looking for this boy for a second time tonight. jahova wells, he was missing today, but he was found and returned to his mother, then she reported him missing again just two hours ago. wells is only 12 years old, and he's brand-new to the tampa bay area. now back to that frightening story we told you about off the top, a st. petersburg waking up to find a strange man looming over her bed. we're live tonight with how a baby gate caught this guy. michael? >> reporter: paul, you know, that man that was arrested in this neighborhood just lives a street over from this victim and
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into the victim's home he broke into 11 days earlier. >> i can't believe he came back either. >> reporter: this time, brittney kline was prepared. a new security system alarmed. two weeks ago, jasper fiorenza came through an unlocked side door. he cat woke up her. >> i could see the shadow of the man standing at the side of my bed. she called out. he didn't move down at the foot of my bed petting the cat. he wasn't looking at me. >> he was arrested in pinellas county in 2014 so his prints were already on fire. >> it's very important that i had the baby gate. that's where they pulled the door from, so he had to put his hand on the door frame. >> reporter: she doesn't want to think about whether or not he was in her home before the night she saw him. >> i hope he goes to prison for
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county jail for a case like this, the judge gave him a pretty high bond, more than $20,000. he's not made that bond. we're live tonight. abc action news. >> michael, thank you. new tonight we're learning more about the victims in that hialeah school bus crash. police telling us four children and two adults are not seriously injured. a car ran a stop sign and the bus hit a stone wall trying to avoid a co cameras catching trevor ghouly arriving at his fernnando county home. marisela burgos is asking residents if they're worried about a killer moving into the neighborhood. >> reporter: tonight is the first evening at home in spring hill. he's free on bond with restrictions. one of them is he can not leave fernnando county unless he's going to court or meeting with council. exclusive video tonight of
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limping, after so many years behind bars. >> everyone that i've spoken with is delighted. >> reporter: he killed james on a basketball court during an argument in 2010. james' daughter saw the whole thing. >> we feel horrible she had to grow up without her dad. >> reporter: their neighbors couldn't wait to see friend. a judge granted him bond until he awaits a new trial. >> i don't feel he's a threat at all. >> reporter: the victim's family feels differently, fighting to keep duly locked up. >> he has just been given chance, after chance, after chance, and it's -- to us, it's taking advantage of the legal system. >> reporter: the crooks say duly has been open with his neighbors in the past about the crime.
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more torment. >> reporter: his restrictions include no contact with the victim's family, no weapons, and turning over his passport. reporting from hernando county, abc action news. happening now, tennessee under a state of emergency tonight as those wildfires continue to burn in the eastern part of the state. ten people confirmed killed and more than 70 others injured. more than 14,000 wildfires have burned across tennessee this year. officials suspect nearly half those fires are arson. good evening, everybody. still looking at some rain offshore and down to the south, that's the front, the one that brought up some fog this morning some, rain, and now cooler temperatures. northern counties low to mid-60s and it isn't the temperatures that are cooling off, it's the dew points that are dropping, as well, making it feel far more comfortable. you'll be waking up to dew points in low 50s across north of i-4.
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longer for the air to make it into sarasota, but it will get there. temperatures come wake up time mostly in the upper 50s to low 60s, but in the northern counties, you could see a few upper 40s. it gets even chillier by saturday morning. a lot to talk about, in a few minutes. deputies in pasco county looking for these kids. earlier this morning they verizon store on u.s. 19 and metro pcs on state road 54. they took apple iphones. if you recognize anyone in this picture, call deputies right away. new tonight, the lake land police department facing serious accusations of leaving a drunk man stumbling along u.s. 98 only to be run over by a car. cameron polom with a brand-new lawsuit, now demanding police pay up. >> that's what they say on the
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serve and protect. we didn't protect this young man. >> reporter: barry cohen admits his client, 29-year-old david kidd was drunk. his blood alcohol level more than three times the legal limit. >> he got drunk at the bar. he was walking home. he fell on the side of the road. the police were called by a concerned citizen. >> reporter: when lakeland police and emt found him, he boligerent and uncooperative. they were about to take him to the hospital when the lakeland p.d. stepped in. >> the officer decided they would take him to the hospital. >> reporter: cohen says he broke that promise. >> the officer left him there on the side of the road, trying to walk home. he stumbled out into the highway, laying there unconscious or drunk on the
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>> reporter: cohen says kidd's injuries are catastrophic. >> he'll never walk again. his life is over. >> reporter: in the court documents, an emt says an officer told him taking kidd to the hospital would take too much time and he needed to catch up on paperwork. >> pitful and shameful. >> reporter: he won't comment on the suit and now cohen is asking for a multimillion dollar pay out for his client. abc action news. also new tonight a boca raton man facing a year the u.s. coast guard $1 million. for searching. at the time, the broker was under investigation for stealing from two elderly clients. princess cruise lines now paying up for polluting the ocean. the company agreeing to a $40 million penalty and will
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its kind. a whistleblower alerted authorities the cruise line was dumping oil into the ocean to save money. much more all new ahead tonight a former police officer in big trouble. the surprising client he promised to commit for $500. and a young woman in critical condition tonight after going live on facebook. the dramatic video that should be a lesson to all drivers everywhere. >> a couple of classic novels under review tonight. the reason one student's mother is calling for the books to be removed from the carric lum. >> announcer: search abc action
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new tonight, the white house saying it supports women to register for the military draft. right now women can volunteer to serve but they're not required. it would take an act of congress
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on hold, that's because 21 states are challenging a new over time rule that would have forced employers to pay some salaried workers over time. the department of labor exceeded its authority. and president barack obama will be in tampa next tuesday visiting mcdill air force base and talking about national security and ways to fight terrorism. he'll also meet with active duty service members stationed in our community. paul? >> trump nominating retired marine corps general james mattis to lead the defense tonight. that came during a rally tonight in cincinnati. general mattis retired after serving as the commander at mcdill. >> we are going to appoint mad dog mattis as our secretary of defense.
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to general george patten that we have and it's about time. it's about time. >> donald trump plans to talk more about the mattis nomination on monday. look at this. students in utah are safe tonight all because two parents disarmed their own son at school. police say the 15-year-old's parents took the guns away in the school hallway and they held on to him until police got there. authorities say the parents got concerned when they noticed two guns missing from their home so they rushed right to the school. at least one shot was fired. thankfully because of their quick actions no one was hurt. a former houston police officer facing capital murder charges tonight for trying to hatch a dirt cheap murder-for-hire plot. curtis mcnat met with undercover cops two times to arrange to
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killed. the undercover officers say he agreed to pay $500 for the killings, but ended up giving the undercover guys $100 and some jewelry. investigators tonight about a crash at an iowa mart that killed three -- walmart that killed three was an accident. the pickup truck crashing through the doors and stopping all the way in the produce section. the store was evacuated and closed for the day. unconscious and in critical condition after crashing his car while recording this facebook live video it. shows him weaving in and out of traffic at speeds up to 115-miles-an-hour before losing control and slamming into a garbage truck and concrete barrier. we are not going to show you that impact. rhode island state police say they've asked facebook for the official copy of this video to
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investigators say once the driver regains consciousness -- yes, he did survive. he'll be arraigned from his hospital bed. luckily no one else was injured. caught on camera, police uk looking for the man you see in this -- police in the uk looking for this violent driver. first the drivers start arguing, then wrestling, then one driver rams into the other's vehicle, that's when the truck driver smashes the other driver's windshield with a take a look at this puppy who saved his owner from a would-be rapist. new york police say a man grabbed her, threw her to the ground and started tearing off her clothes, when the 5-month-old pit bull pup sprung into action, biting the guy and chasing him off.
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racial slurs in virginia. a mother says her son was so offended by the references to the n-word in one of the books that he struggled to read it, but the opinions on the topic are varied in the small community, listen. >> coming from a pretty big african-american community myself, i believe that it's not right to even put that in a booklet alone read it to a child. >> i don't want to see it happen because if you start with one racial word in pretty soon you'll be burning books left and right. . >> a committee is reviewing the classic books and will make a recommendation whether they should return to the classroom. imagine being able to conduct your own hiv test at home, that is now a reality in italy. pharmacies today started telling test kits that do not require descriptions and promises to
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look at this guy. the real beaver caught on camera at a maryland dollar general. the beaver doing well tonight, now in the care of a wildlife rehabilitator. >> he shops like i do. >> bargain shopper. >> exactly. >> the dollar store. >> yeah, going through everything as quick as you can. get what you need and run out. >> sometimes you have to do something to get a little holiday spirit in you, especially around here when it's so w maybe this will help you. kim is apparently a huge minion fan. we've gotten about 700 facebook pictures of folks sharing what they've got at their home, their family heirlooms, sitting on santa's lap. and over the next few weeks we'll be sharing nighttime shots, as well. thank you, kim for sharing. outside, cooler weather is arriving at least tomorrow morning and saturday morning.
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80 degrees sunday into monday. much colder air arrives by the end of next week. more than likely, the codest weather of the season and definitely -- coldest weather of the season and most of the country will have by far the coldest weather they've seen in a long, long time. right now still looking at some rain that continues to pull away from our area, that's the front, and that's the reason temperatures have cooled off where we're in the 60s in our northern counties. upper 60s down south, to the low 70s from lake placid over bring. skies have cleared out beautifully, from tampa to clear water and saint pete's satellite there, it is. we had some rain, we had some clouds, we had sun, breezy weather, and some fog. they closed the skyway for several hours because of all that dense fog out there. tomorrow that'll not be an issue because dryer air continues to come in from the north. you'll wake up bright and early friday morning to sunny skies, pleasant temperatures, lower
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same thing on friday afternoon and same thing on saturday. in fact probably about two degrees cooler on saturday morning than tomorrow morning, but the afternoon begins to quickly warm up again. we get winds out of the east and i think we'll begin to see a few more clouds roll in come sunday and that'll also allow temperatures to climb back up to about 80 degrees. so, two days of this, mid-to-upper 70s, no matter if you're in citrus county, you'll be maybe 73, 74, from spring hill, crystal river, to brooksville, david city, and the southern counties will be a little closer to arcadia, 79, wachola, 77, and fiesta keys, sarasota, this is where it gets interesting. we've been talking about this for the last four days. by early on this weekend, things will be pretty quiet. we warm up again, but look what happens, a big pocket of cold air towards the end of next week. we'll be on the fringe of it so we'll see some 30s and 40s on
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get blasted by very cold air and some snow, as well. for us we'll be on the fringe of the real chilly stuff, but 30s and 40s, even a few upper 20s possible in the northern counties next saturday morning. nine days out. for the boaters northeast winds at ten to 15, winds a little breezy. 70 in clear water. your tides, sunrise, and your sunset hour-by-hour, looks great tomorrow. look at that. sunny, right on through the morning. we top out about 76 degrees. in northeast winds at a look at florida's most accurate forecast. rain chances pretty much zip through sunday. early next week, a better chance of showers maybe tuesday. a break on wednesday, more showers with our next front on thursday, and that'll open the door to those cold temperature by next weekend. >> looks good, denis, thank you. coming up next, the video game curse strikes again for one nfl star. and the bolts fall behind early in st. louis.
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. thank you for stopping by.
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current three game losing streak, st. louis. the bolts haven't -- won in stl since 2009. first all all season, andre started in back-to-back games, but this decision backfired. vassy gave up four goals before two minutes into the second period. cooper pulled him for ben bishop. lightning offense finally struck back getting at one in 4-3, and gave the blues room. third career hat trick. 5-3, st. louis. eight minutes left, and the one-timer, it's 5-4, and that was as close as the bolts would get. blues win 5-4 and the lightning drop its fourth straight. if you're looking for the lightning to catch a break, the bolts get one, four out of the next six games are against some of the worst nhl teams. lightning run home for another
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and the only players won't play in san diego on sunday, for the bucks, conti and smith were held out of practice while sims is one week away from returning from a knee injury. once sims returns, it will reunite the bucks' three-headed monster with sims, doug martin, and rodgers. rodgers is unscheduled to return sunday after missing six weeks with a foot injury. once all three are back, how will cutter bala that. we'll tag some plays and see how the game goes. tim spencer does a really good job of handling that and the other thing is, his first game back. we'll see just going through practice right now, seeing how he adjusts this week. that's going to turn into a positive for us and we're not sure exactly how that's going to work out. >> there's very good chance you've heard of the video game madden. this year, patriots tight end
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since 1998, the first year the game come out. nine players that made the cover got hurt or had their stats drop big time and guess what happened to gronkowski? he herniated a disk and will need surgery. instead of playing sunday now, gronk will be playing mad from his bed. he's the tenth player since 1998 to be cursed. let's hope no buccaneer gets on the cover of madden 18 next year. longo or archer. matt silverman saying no team is untouchable and they won't rule anything out so expect offers for archer and evan longoria. expect them to listen to officers and make some big move this is winter come begin on sunday. and remember the old mlb promos from the 2006
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reference to the winner gets home field advantage? a new major league baseball collective bargaining agreement that was announced eliminated the rule, so now the all-star game becomes a glorified exhibition game. home field in the world series goes to the team with the better record. bud sealy made the rule after a game ended in a tie in 2002, and 11 of the 14 all-star games under the rule with the winning eight world series titles. stay tuned, the news returns after this time out. >> announcer: closed caps capsing it
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looking ahead to the weekend, a cool start saturday. we still warm right back up to 78.
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nine days down the road. tomorrow morning very nice start to your day. a-plus. 76 degrees. showers down to the south. will not be an issue for us. a cool start, a beautiful finish. >> yeah, you could almost go swimming this weekend. >> still. >> water temperatures, 70. >> why not. continuing coverage on abc action >> have a good night, everyone.
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"jimmy kimmel "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight jake gyllenhaal hailee steinfeld the results of our youtube halloween challenge, and music from keith urban. him, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? ? >> jimmy: i'm >> jimmy: i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thanks for watching.


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