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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning 6am  ABC  January 7, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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to breaking stories now on eyewitness news at 4. brevard county deputies say home invasion turned to 8 percent overnight. live in melbourne with a search of the suspect continues right now. >> were breaking news in melbourne, a police standoff lasting for hours overnight at an apartment complex. police evacuated people from their apartments when the man started shooting yet scary situation. eyewitness news this morning janai norman is at the core goblins apartment complex. you heard what sounded like more gunshots. >> reporter: it took us off guard it sounded like a barrage of gunfire, 3 or 4 sets, so many that we could not count them. working to find out exactly what the sounds were, if they were in fact gunshots. in the last few minutes we spoke with neighbors who know the man who has been barricaded inside of a condo here for hours. we are working to come from the
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tells the man is a good side and it is out of his character and are shock -- shots at the massive police presence. i want to bring up video. you can hear police yelling for the men to come out with his man's up -- hands up and agreed -- series of gunshots. it started at 11:30 pm and we are working to confirm that this may have begun as a domestic violence situation. some neighbors have been holed up at the complex compounds on able to get back to their homes. when we spoke with a few of them, this is what they told us about the man this standoff is centering on. >> he is not budget. he does not want to come out. but he is crying and he is saying he doesn't want to come out. he was the flashing lights he is scared to come out. >> sherry sam anno and another
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shared more about him and about his past i will go back to the interview to try to find the part where they say he is a veteran and they think that may have triggered something that happened overnight and we will have that for you knew and 6:30. reporting live in brevard county, janai norman, eyewitness news this morning. checking weather and traffic every ten minutes. we have rain. >> lots of drizzle. drizzle and mist is what we are seeing this morning in a low deck of clouds around. you may need your wipers every now and then be careful with some of the wet roads. you see cloud cover with us this morning a look at the low visibility. that is not really the fog for say that is more so of the drizzle we are dealing with but a drop off anywhere from orlando back through sky lake taft, meadow woods, toward oia. low 50s, marion county, flagler county, 58 in orlando and union park, 58 sanford and castleberry.
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stretching back toward harmony. today, lots of clouds, over the next few hours they break apart some it will be nice if this planner, 2:00, 73. low 70s at 4:00. milder this afternoon. this afternoon we will track warm weather but only briefly. 6:03 am. checking traffic with racquel . >> not a bad drive it overnight construction we were watching from the overnight has wrapped up by sea world on i-4 eastbound, lanes back open by the beach line. part of your drive. you will not have lanes blocked off in the direction toward downtown orlando. to the coast, the volusia county, oak hill, before reaching india river boulevard, right lane blocked off before entering river lavar.
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breaking news high-speed chase in brevard county and it was the be searching for at least 2 suspects this morning they are wanted for breaking into a melbourne home. eyewitness news this morning kimberly eiten is live along the causeway and that is where debbie said the suspects ditched the car and there is a reason you are in the dark. >> reporter: jamie, they have asked us not to turn on any lights this morning. they do not want the suspects they are looking for to be about to see us or deputies as they are stationed here along this wooded area behind us but would you can see very clearly here is how much of a police presence there is this morning. upward of one dozen patrol cars are here on see that been set up a perimeter around the woods where they believed to have 3 suspects are hiding. in the last few minutes, we have just seen more and more deputies pulled up to this area. they do believe that they have those men trapped and are waiting for daylight to go into the wooded area and find them. this is off 95 at the very end of the near causeway.
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men here after home invasion and deputies picked up the manhunt from there. they say the guys kicked in the door of an apartment, stole a man's wallet, keys, and then car. the suspects ran from the break in and from police think they led officers on a high-speed chase through the county reportedly topping speeds of 1 to 30 miles an hour. driving the wrong direction on roads that ultimately the suspects ditched the car at the end of the causeway. a lieut. says they drove it off of the road into the woods. that is where the car got stuck in the men bailed. deputies have brought out k-9 officers since then and have set up a perimeter and now they say it is a matter of waiting. once they get daylight, deputies can go in with less danger being ambushed by the men who may be in there hiding. we will be here is a way to make the arrest. checking with deputies here on scene for the latest in the next 30 minutes i will show you the rough terrain that both suspects a law enforcement are dealing with their kimberly
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developing and volusia county, police made an arrest in the brutal attack of a husband and wife and their ormond beach home to reach -- days after christmas. 19-year-old michael phillips was arrested last night on charges including 2 counts of attempted murder. investigators say he stabbed the couple in the middle of the night. we were there as investigators returned to the address a few doors down from the victim's home. neighbors expressed relief over news of an arrest. >> a lot the doors, family, you were not want to think of somebody coming into your house and doing that to you. it was pretty scary. >> phillips being held on $500,000 bond. attorneys for the volusia county man accused of killing his wife and their 2 children are expected to ask a judge to dismiss testimony from a medical examiner. investigators st. louis toledo admitted to killing his wife and 2013 the claim that someone else killed the children. bodies have never been found.
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move to say noticing due to heavy media coverage and volusia county. a letter police officer is now recovering from a concussion after being dragged during a traffic stop. release a 36-year-old morgan try to take up to a traffic stop in paramore after midnight yesterday. investigators tell us officer richard fink was caught in the door frame when he tried to grab the suspects keys and he was dragged. we spoke with a cheap who revealed think has a concussion. >> he asked to come back to work friday. >> think has worked for the department for 3 years. asked for the suspect, he has been arrested 34 times in orange county. today ucf officials are expected to discuss more details about plans to build a canvas in downtown orlando. we told you last but the board of trustees at the student residence hall would not be built or funded by ucf. school officials say the university will not ask for any
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it is already requested 3rd -- $20 million. ucf needs $60 million to build the campus. a bill that would dismantle the affordable care act is now a present obama says awaiting his veto. yesterday the republican-led house passed legislation that would cut federal funding for planned parenthood and get rid of the rules requiring people to get coverage or pay fines. the gop has working for some 5 years to repeal the law again the president is expected to veto it. police in clermont said a 4th person has now come forward claiming to have been sexually battered by a massage therapist. we told you about 26-year-old cesar guerrero last month when he was arrested for inappropriately touching a client at a massage envy in winter garden. on tuesday, we found out 3 woman accused him of the same thing while he worked at the hand & stone massage in clermont. volusia county officials are expected to vote on approving up to $80,000 on a artificial reefs. we told you last week the county was awarded a $50,000 grant from the florida fish and
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the counties as though reefs -- recently built have been successful attracting marine life. the county wants to build 7 additional reefs at peers for divers to explore. alive official now says the estimated price for this weekend's drawing is the largest jackpot of any lottery game in u.s. history. no one won last night's 5 at $1 million powerball jackpot they are the winning numbers to rub it in the estimated price for saturday's drawing now up to $675 million. that is meaning the water could walk away with $413 million in cash. here is brian. >> it is the low visibility and downtown and it is cool, 58 winds out of the north at 9. after the misty start we will see 70s bouncing back. celebration, chevy's gate, 76,
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zellwood, back to ucf, alafaya trail, on the temperatures in the 70s this afternoon. 75 sanford, 76 claims was awesome on spring, debary, deltona, deland pearson in the low 70s today. again, mainly dry aside from the drizzle, this morning. coming up, the front will send this saturday we will go over the weekend, rain chances in a cool down of the forecast. 610. here is racquel . than yesterday. this is a live look at the 520 this is a live look at the 524 toll plaza. getting very close to tearing up the plaza. all lanes are open no overnight construction no crashes between i 4 eastbound toward for 17th so is i-95. sea world agreed to make what they were doing california interact something is going in a classroom that is not a science
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leaders to move students to other parts of the school. hackers have access to private information to dot employees for years.
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and jb holmes, 614 a bit a live look at a police standoff unfolding now in melbourne at the coral gardens condo complex onstar no road. janai norman is on scene who has just heard a barrage of gunshots being exchanged. working to get a man out of his condo. he is barricaded in. this may have become as a domestic violence situation. janai norman is there, she is tweeting all of the
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follow her on twitter as well. you can get a 2nd by 2nd update on what is going on. we will follow the story throughout the morning the give details we get them. >> reporter: -- >> 9 investigates found a security breach at the florida allowed hackers to access employee records and it has been happening since 2013. fdo t is working to figure out who got into the system and and social security numbers. the agency tells us a file used for travel reimbursement was first accessed in june 2013 going unnoticed until now. the chief information officer told employees they could not verify if the information was accessed for unlawful purposes. department of transportation says a removal of the fire and -- file and access to a. st. cloud middle school substitute teacher accused of having sex with a 14-year-old boy that she met in school is out of jail. sarah moore appeared before a judge yesterday granted a $1000 bond.
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suspicious when their son suddenly was secretive with his phone. moore tonight having sex with a 14-year-old. the school district that she was fired on monday. next week governor rick scott's political action committee is launching a $1 million tv ad campaign. the committee's goal is to convince state lawmakers they should back his plans to cut $1 billion in taxes this year. he is asking legislators to create a 250 minder fun to attract businesses to the state. linkup -- lake county commissioners approved a resolution opposing the controversial practice of fracking in florida the fracking is the process of using high-pressure liquid to release fossil fuels trapped underground. last month we told you when house committee approved the bill to allow the department of a module production to establish fracking regulations. wildlife officials say they have gotten before complaints about bears in the past 90 days in an orange county neighborhood. on tuesday, we showed you the trailer trash and damaged fences homeowners in this up
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group of bears left behind. fwc says it has historically had issues with bears getting into garbage because it is near the state park. it recommends residents install electric fences to keep the bears out. a very exciting 24 hours here at channel 9 we made a big announcement yesterday sister station wrdq central florida's tv 27 is now the whole -- new home for orlando city saga bay orlando city became a big hit in central florida during the team's first season. immutable to the fledgling another run at the playoffs and they will do it on such a florida's to be 27 the new help orlando city. club president silver rollins in our general manager talk about the new partnership. >> we are thrilled. but orlando city soccer meese to the community both on the field and in the community represents our values perfectly. >> extremely excited that it will be a great partnership, very exciting season for us with everything have going on. cannot have a better partner than 27 and 9 covering us every week.
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a 30 minute pre-and post game show, a weekly show will get fans an insider's look at the club. the first match on tv 27 will be the season opener on march 6. the complete orlando city schedule will be announced this afternoon. if you want to see the behind- the-scenes pictures from yesterday's big announcement, ultra wet -- our wftv facebook page. >> it has become the norm when you see the orlando city logo that you know that is a real orlando resident. >> it's like an indicator. >> there's a lot of pride in the city and these teams. >> is going to grow from here. >> we are still celebrating. >> it keeps going on. drizzle outside this morning, take it easy on the roads. breezy and daytona beach and volusia county, 60 now winds out of the north, 14 miles an hour. son of 7:19 am. not a lot. sunset, 5:42. heavy rain offshore. what we are dealing with is low
6:18 am
plenty of drizzle and even low visibility. clouds the next have always been visibility drop off indicative of the drizzle we are seeing, half a mile toward orlando and oia. temperatures are cool toward flagler county, marion county, almost all will want to have a jacket. 50s around 50 sanford toward oviedo. 54 clermont . temperatures are on the cool side but it will be milder by the afternoon. a lot of clouds this morning you can see by the afternoon, many low 70s moving in, clouds breaking apart and it will be a nice finish to the day. 9 am, future track, there is the cloud cover with us. mainly on the dry side by midday losing drizzle only a stray chance of a coastal showers by this afternoon. you can see overall we are looking good. cannot rule out a passing showers later today. water temperatures all over. 62-74. seas up 5-7 feet and strong
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made 70s, morning drizzle, 74 leesburg, 73 deland month toward lake mary, lakewood, temperatures in the 70s today. tonight, 50s and 60s on the way again, coastal showers, patchy fog will be possible. five-day forecast where the weekend is always in view, weak system tomorrow. 77, warmer, 30 percent chance of showers. late saturday, saturday night on track to see the next system rolling in, better chance of rain with it. 78 saturday, gradual clearing on sunday. cooler 73 sunday night, down in the 40s. more cool weather money. monday high in the 60s. 6:20 am. crash with racquel . >> you will need an alternate route for this crash in winter park. if you lose a loma, 426, onto the 470, fhp reports eastbound lanes are blocked off but they
6:20 am
if you are leaving the house and you need the alternate route, and you cannot get onto the 417 at a loma, take the road to university boulevard it will put you on the 417 to continue northbound into seminole county or south. central florida's first transit oriented residential products -- projects is how the people in downtown orlando. these are renderings of across the central station apartments on n. orange avenue. enemy distribute developer said the buildings proximity to the somerville station will make it easier for residents to move around central florida. a big surprise for some parents when they arrived at the child day care. >> we have no the plans, no other childcare set up. >> what happened when the parents try to walk through the front door. breaking news in melbourne where a man has barricaded himself inside of an apartment. speaking with neighbors about the gunfire that chased them out of their homes. stanford police officers all the city thousands.
6:21 am
city sanford responded to a payroll mistake that gave 65
6:22 am
us monthly told you how they receive extra money in their paychecks after side jobs. finance director said a former employee made a mistake by taking a coat in the payroll system, giving the more money per hour. we asked the mistake had any impact on sanford's finances? >> no, the city has reserved funds we were able to cut that. >> offices will have 12 weeks or sick paycheck to pay back the money when collected will go back into the city's general fund. the lake county school district is working to reopen a handful of classrooms that was used at a middle school where crews found mold. the mold was found in a signed letter so it in 3 other classrooms have been closed off. the rooms were cleaned but air samples show they still contain mold spores. they are going to clean together as soon as it is moved past is moved to other classrooms. seminole county there may be mold in an elementary school the school should off air- conditioning units after brakes. that cause extra humidity in the school leaders move
6:23 am
school monday so crews could clean up the rooms. people in winter haven are working to bring back an unusual landmark ask a statue of a giant mushroom. the facebook group page, design to help. it was built at a picnic area at lake china in 1954. it was damaged during the hurricanes in 2004 and collapsed the next year. the group may decide to see if they can get donations to rebuild the mushroom. >> facebook is powerful. >> i'm a fun guy. >> that was awful. >> and we move on? changes coming for grades children will get for important test. >> a decision by state school leaders that could mean have of all students will get a failing grade. following breaking news in melbourne where a standoff has turned into a gun battle. on the way 6:30, gunfire we hear and what neighbors tell us
6:24 am
tracking drizzle on the way this morning.
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a live look coral gardens complex. janai norman has heard gunshots thought morning. working to get a man out of the condo that has been barricaded. moments. we check weather and traffic every ten minutes. racquel asa watching road just let's begin with brian a chilly morning at school and drizzle and we will see a milder afternoon. satellite radar getting with this, heavy rain offshore but you can see milky white shading, low clouds around and again dealing with drizzle and mist this morning low visibility. not too low but a sign of drizzle where we have this outside. it is cool.
6:27 am
deland, through barrier -- debary. 58 winter park orlando winter garden, 56 kissimmee in the 60s and brevard county. here's the planner, plenty of clouds around the next few hours. breaking up around midday. when they do, we will see the numbers getting into the low 70s for today. 2:00, 73 sunrise elementary. and we see the mix of sun and clouds i cannot rule out a straight chance of a shower but most will stay -- straight afternoon. most staying on the dry side. a warm up a little way for the next 24 hours. front moves in saturday bringing us weekend trade is. 631 417 with racquel . >> not a bad drive northbound into seminole county, 417 not far from a loma. if you use a loma we are watching a crash.
6:28 am
clear with the crash. boulevard. i 4 drive times now from lake marion to the 408 still -- checking you drive in 10 minutes. breaking news in melbourne. police are engaged in a gun battle with a man who is barricaded himself inside of a condo. this has been going on for more than 6 hours now at the core gardens complex. >> janai norman 11 hearing gunshots throughout the morning. >> reporter: police officer tells me there's an ongoing gun battle and said it is not over. you can see some residents exiting the condo complex, putting them a for moment their homes. the man is still barricaded inside of his complex -- condo complex, he has been in the bathroom and crying and is afraid to come out.
6:29 am
been hearing. >> [gunshots] >> that is a barrage of bullets we heard in the last 35 minutes and it was very startling to hear that. neighbors have been hearing gunshots for most of the night and morning. we are told it started at 11:30 and one man tells me please evacuated him and his wife will need to confirm whether it was a domestic violence situation that started this all. at the top of the hour we showed you where neighbors say the man is afraid to come out at this moment. >> all i know is that he was in the army, that triggered that he is scared but, yeah, he is scared.
6:30 am
he needs to go to a shrink to release his mind. he is not like him. he needs help. but god knows. >> as the morning goes on, people need to get to work but still cannot get to their homes. at this point, some 7 hours after this again, police are still very busy so we have not had a chance to talk with them but we are told there is an officer on scene who will be giving us more information and updates in just a few minutes. as soon as we get that new information, we will check back in with you with what else we are finding out. reporting live in brevard county, janai norman, eyewitness news this morning. developing and polk county, deputies are asking for your help to buy the person that killed 3 people in a shooting that the sheriff says was all over drugs. the sheriff says this home on e. magnolia dr. in lakeland is a one-stop shop for drugs.
6:31 am
yesterday morning, openend fire and took off with drugs and others things. the 4th person shot in the face so far there are no suspects. the state has approved a new grading scale for the fsa tests. have students who took the exams will pass. members of the business community say it is just to lenient saying have standards would improve student's performance. barbara jenkins expressing concern about using the scores to great schools but in the in the board approved a proposal for passing scores in school grades 6-1. state attorney's office dropping charges against orange county deputies accused of using excessive force. we showed you this cellphone video back in july of sergeant. brett parnell and deputy richard night. they were off-duty when they confronted 21-year-old the jah reid and her friend one click you can see read being pinned to the ground while she is already in handcuffs. investigators say she yelled at a son of a deputy.
6:32 am
pull through his first 2 days in the hospital but he still has a long way to recover. flat -- ethan walker was still in critical condition. his family says he was alone in his grandfathers truck monday night when he found a gun and accidentally shot himself in the face. osceola county sheriff's office has not told us if anyone will be charged. a man convicted of killing 3 women in florida is scheduled to die tonight. 53-year-old oscar ray boland is set to die at 6 pm for the murder of terri lynn matthews 30 years ago. he was convicted the murders of stephanie calls and natalie holly. he is says he's innocent and says the evidence used to convicted was planted it happened with. iowa caucus is less than one month away. >> 10news fighting for those in all 3 democratic candidates were in nevada last night for the first in the west caucused in a. donald trump is on the campaign trail speaking out against rivals and hillary clinton. >> hillary clinton does not have the strength, the stamina,
6:33 am
>> you should not reward people who use inflammatory rhetoric that's not a sign of leadership, that's a sign of showmanship, of desperation. >> trump is speaking out about the fact that ted cruz was born in canada. ted cruz is according to the u.s. constitution, the son of a u.s. citizen born abroad is a natural born citizen. republicans in congress drafted a new bill aimed at stopping president obama's executive orders on gun control. >> he doesn't get to bypass congress and so i will do everything i came to defined this executive order because it is unconstitutional. >> on tuesday the president announced stricter rules on guns and ammunition meant to help keep them out of the hands of criminals and people with mental health issues. republicans have created a new bill that would eliminate his authority to do that. democrats have responded with their own bills to help carry out the president's plan, calling for more a.t.f. workers, increase mental health
6:34 am
background checks. local congresswoman fighting the newly approved congressional district map says she has been served now with a federal subpoena. reported were presented of brown whose district stretch from orlando to jacksonville was served last week. she told them it is time for challenge to maps but didn't elaborate. congress -- congressman was the same as saying quote i want to assure constituents that these unfounded a politically motivated actions will not distract me from my critical work of ensuring that the federal resources the rights of the citizens of the 5th congressional district are being protected. a professional -- professor at a south florida university claiming the massacre at century hook element to school in 2012 was staged has been 5. james tracy worked in florida atlantic university's school of communication multimedia studies. this comes after a parent of one of the victims wrote an opinion piece in a florida
6:35 am
issue. be sudden closure of a lee county day care facility has parents and workers scratching their heads. parents went to the appleseed learning academy yesterday morning. they say they found the locks on the doors have been changed. many parents call it work because they had nowhere else to drop off their children. some employees wonder if they will be paid. they try to reach out to the day cares owner but her voicemail was full. i texted her about the response. >> we tried to reach out to the day cares owner but again, her voicemail was full. time now, security 9 in. checking weather and traffic every ten minutes. >> certified meteorologist brian shields in severe weather center 9 we have some rain. >> a misty start to the day. heavy rain -- no heavy rain but we had a drizzle around. downtown orlando, 58, a cool feel. have you jacket. later today we bounce back some. clouds are breaking apart a little breezy brevard county. cocoa beach, lotus in the 70s, o galley, melbourne in the 70s.
6:36 am
and some low 70s new smyrna beach, but the beach, daytona beach, a stray shower is possible here along the coast in a few more clouds flagler, volusia county today with onshore flow. so morning drizzle a decent afternoon, temperatures in the 70s. coming up, saturday's friendly timeout rain for part of the weekend and i will show you another cool down. 640. raquel? >> a crash not far from olympia high school if you're dropping them off at school earlier this crashes and apopka near windy ridge road. looks like we have slowdowns on the southbound side of apopka valley road. fhp on scene. kirkman road to be the alternate. into lake county now, no significant slowdowns with crashes and mineola, fruitland park, eustis, live traffic tracker, 27 and 50, 50 looks great. drones a popular gift for christmas.
6:37 am
headed to washington dc. >> reporter: brevard county deputies have 3 armed suspects trapped in the woods. why they are wanted and why deputies said it is too dangerous to arrest them
6:38 am
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6:44 am. updating you on a breaking situation in melbourne, 2 suspects are still on the run. police say they raced away from the scene of a home invasion and from law enforcement officers this morning kimberly eiten is lightweight police said they have the men trapped at the end of the i need a causeway. they cannot make an arrest at. >> they are waiting now holding
6:40 am
behind me every few hundred feet stationed along the woods where they say they have the 2- 3 suspects trapped. this morning you can see it is dark and they are keeping us in the dark asking us not to put out any lights that could giveaway our position to show where law enforcement is stationed because they say the men are armed and dangerous. you can see clearly there are more than one dozen patrol cars out here on scene. deputies believe they had suspects trapped and waiting for daylight at this point to go in and see if they can locate the men. pineda causeway. police say they chased the men here after a home invasion melbourne and deputies picked up the manhunt from there. they say the guys kicked in the door of the department, stole a wallet, keys and car. the suspect ran from the break- in and from police leading officers on a high-speed chase through brevard county. they reportedly top steeps of 130 miles an hour and drove the wrong direction on some roads
6:41 am
crashed at the end of the causeway and they bailed out of the car into the woods. since that time, deputies have brought out k-9 officers in the last few hours they have set up a perimeter and now it is a matter of waiting. waiting for the daylight so deputies can go in with less danger of being ambushed by these 3 men, hiding out somewhere. they said in the meantime, there is really know where for the meant to go. i want to get you an idea of why deputies are so confident they are stationed along the roads back up to the west pick along the other side are canals. to get out they will have to go through water or deputies picked we are waiting for -- with deputies as they plan to go in a daylight and make an arrest. reporting live, kimberly eiten, eyewitness news this morning. the mother of a jacksonville toddler who vanished of the summer is now expected to testify against her boyfriend in the case. barton pleaded guilty yesterday
6:42 am
police as part of a plea deal. she is scheduled to be sentenced on february 1 facing a maximum of 5 years in prison. she will also have to testify against her boyfriend, ruin and wrong when he goes to trial piggies the main suspect in the disappearance of her -- he is the main suspect in the disappearance of her son. tried to decide what to do about losing the only doctor in town. james byrne has survey committee of oak hill with the help of the grant. the county is cutting cost and terminating the lease for the clinic at the end of the month. 90 percent of his patients are medicaid so if the office closes, they will have to drive 26 miles away to daytona beach. 647 it. checking weather and traffic every ten minutes. >> we have rain enough to be annoying. drizzle and mist is around. >> it was right there. >> that's why it is funny.
6:43 am
get you into the drizzle this morning a look at downtown orlando. reduced visibility in -- in jamie's right it's a little bit annoying. with some of the wet roads. 58 winds out of the north, then. sunset, 5:44 am. -- 5:44 pm hit heavy rain offshore, we are saying low clouds, milky white or gray gray shading. mist and drizzle. you can see lower or reduced visibility, half-mile across orange county. we are seeing some pockets of mist this morning. cool and 50s, low 50s marion, flagler county through seminole county, sweetwater club, longwood mid to upper 50s. clouds breaking apart midday and numbers bounce back to college for, as were high school, temperatures around 73 at 2:00. nothing warm.
6:44 am
9 am, crowley -- cloudy skies, such as the shower, flagler, volusia county, brevard one or 2 showers are possible with easterly flow but most dry this afternoon and through the evening. seas cranked up running at 5-7 feet strong risk of rip currents, low tide time midday. today, 75 morning drizzle with a decent afternoon shaping up 60s and palm coast, most today at least squeaking into the low to mid 70s. 73 titusville, she shops, beer, 34 melbourne. tonight, patchy fog, 50s and 60s along the way. lots of changes. it's up on the screen. five-day forecast with the weekend always in view. tomorrow, weak system approaching rain chances 30 percent. clouds tomorrow and 77. saturday, late saturday saturday night, on track for a
6:45 am
degrees saturday, behind the system we will cool down again sunday morning clouds and clearing. 73. cooler for the 2nd half of the weekend. sunday night, monday morning, we will be down in the 40s and most spots and monday the cool day temperatures running in the 60s. 6:50 am. see how the drivers shaping up with racquel next not like yesterday, a couple crashes 3-d view of by for now, at the 408 downtown orlando shows a light commute if you're heading eastbound and westbound, fairbanks clerk, leave road, eastbound drive also clear up into seminole county. no delays westbound yet. if you are coming from lake mary, volusia county west to downtown light commute heading into the direction of downtown orlando. no problems east bound either. less than one month since the faa made drone registration mandatory in over 80 more than
6:46 am
decision for christmas 721. registration compensable experts say more than 400,000 drones were actually sold for the holiday season. drone registration costing $5 on the faa website. you can get a refund if you register by january 20. gentle giants, rivers and streams in florida. the decision about the future of manatees. breaking news in melbourne, police have been involved in a gun battle. when neighbors say about the man who barricaded himself in a condo. 7 am, eyewitness news this morning, central florida city 27, orlando man claiming he lost his life savings on the
6:47 am
6:54 am. breaking news out of melbourne where police have been in the standoff with a man all night long. eyewitness news this morning janai norman live in the condo complex. in the last hour you been hearing gunfire. >> reporter: in the last hour it was a barrage of gunfire. i confirmed with an officer who
6:48 am
in a gun battle and he says it is not over. listen to what we heard. >> [gunshots]. >> reporter: neighbors say since 1130 last night a man has been barricaded inside a condo here at this complex. 30 neighbors were told had to be evacuated. we showed you as they were walking out of the condo complex unable to get home. we spoke with neighbors who say they know the man barricaded inside. they told us he has been in the bathroom crying and is afraid to come out. take a listen to what one man told us about the man's past. >> i know michael is a veteran and i do not know what is going on with him. as far as i know, he's a good guy. i do not know what is going on. i hope everybody gets out safely. >> police have been very busy
6:49 am
we are told we will be able to ask an officer questions soon to get some updates about what is going on. we will ask about the suspect, who he is and how it started and why he is barricaded inside as the sun rises, we can get a better look of the scene at tv 27 starting at 7:00 boarding alive brevard county, janai norman, eyewitness news this morning. developing and volusia county, police arrested a man accused of attacking a husband and wife in the ormond beach home 2 days after christmas. 19-year-old michael phillips is facing charges of attempted murder after investigators say he stabbed the couple in the middle of the night. police are still working on finding a motive for the attack. we now have a new look at the night a woman died while being arrested at hospital in the panhandle. an awful story. >> look at the stills from dashcam videos of the incident last month at calhoun liberty hospital where barbara dawson
6:50 am
you can hear her claim she cannot breathe during the arrested she collapsed moments later and died. >> sea world san diego has agreed to stricter safety guidelines for its orca train's agreement comes as part of proposed settlement with california regulators over allegations the park failed to train workers to safely interact with the killer whales. if the settlement is approved, it will dismiss several safety citations against the park that would ban surfing or swimming under -- and standing on orcas. if you one of the volkswagen diesel drivers affected by the recent emissions scandal, it may be years before you get repairs your car needs. last year the car company admitted to breaking cars to cheat commission's regulations. company executive said u.s. regulators approved more fixes but they are complicated and repairs could take years. asian markets took another big hit today, china halted trading for a 2nd day and it could cause losses on wall street this morning.
6:51 am
dow jones dropping to 52 points yesterday, there were 2 big losses already this week so far, the dow is down 3 percent. macy's department stores starting the year by making serious job cuts picked the department store giant says it will lay off more than 4300 employees nationwide. retail plans to shut down 36 stores this year that macy's blames cuts on poor holiday sales of what it calls a disappointing 2015. federal wildlife officials are expected to announce the decision about the status of florida's iconic manatees. >> they could decide to reclassify the sea cows as threatened instead of endangered. the population has grown from several hundred and 90 67 to over 6000 counted last year in an annual statewide survey. a listing as a threatened species would maintain most of the protections afforded to animals listed as endangered. a federal judge in san francisco has ruled a monkey
6:52 am
isn't he cute? can be declared the copyright owner of the photos. that is that. peta filed a lawsuit last year asking the court to let represent the mom -- muggy administering proceeds from the photo to the benefit of the six- year-old monkey. the monkey is really upset, furious george. it went downhill, nancy. >> [laughter] 75 degrees today but drizzle, clouds this morning, a cool start. bouncing up this afternoon. slight chance tomorrow with a weak system. better chance of rain and cooler again sunday into monday. a drive headed toward olympia high school. southbound lanes blocked off
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