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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning 6am  ABC  January 21, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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right now on eyewitness news this morning, people in a separate apartment heard gunfire when police arrived they found one man dead and one lindeman heard. asking investigators if they know what sparked the violence. >> a former teacher in jail accused of molesting of a student. white oak years for them to make an arrest. 6 am thursday 6 am thursday, january 21. >> checking weather and traffic every ten minutes. travertine with the commute but first let's get started with certified meteorologist brian shields. we have changes. >> craziness on the way. >> it is cold and we will be 30 degrees warmer this afternoon. >> i cannot believe it. >> getting colder for this weekend. >> 40 degrees in deland, 42 debary, 41 daytona beach and south of daytona, the chile's on with 30s and 40s 53 but cool
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45 audubon park will go down in orlando. oviedo aloma woods back through winter springs and castleberry all in the low 40s . jacket weather for sure, short-sleeved by the afternoon because we was see more sunshine working so take a look at the planner because we have changes osceola county kissimmee elementary, 67 degrees at noon. it will be great if a playground time did get your kids out to burn energy and will will have the low to mid 70s right for the afternoon. coming up we have a strong front arriving tomorrow and we will track how much colder it will get an a better chance of storms on the way. maps for that. 6 a1a. an update on the commute here is deneige. >> updating i-4 volusia county particular right here looking at the camera it is frozen but saxon boulevard, no issues but west of saxon boulevard, we do have a crash. i-4 westbound, after saxon boulevard, there is a crash blocking a left lane.
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troopers are try to get that cleared out but the orange approaching the crash means we are starting to see slowdowns and i will you know if they do end up blocking off all of the lanes. jamie? overnight, a fight inside of a sanford apartment complex and it in gunshots yes police are still try to figure out who pulled the trigger but say a man is dead and a woman hurt. eyewitness news this morning kimberly eiten has been checking in with police this morning. in the the, so far they are not saying much. >> reporter: and they are investigating what happened in the moments before the gunfire. how a disturbance as please call it could lead to shots fired inside this sanford apartment building. as police investigate a deadly shooting at an apartment complex on mellonville avenue, there are still -- more questions than answers. officers do say is -- a disturbance escalated to gunfire. >> we responded to a call at 10:30 pm, 911 call came in someone heard gunshots. >> reporter: hours later one man dead and one woman is injured.
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police say she was shot in the hand. the victim who died was shot multiple times. who shot who and who have begun is still under investigation -- who had the gun is under investigation. >> we have no information. officers are on scene, early stages of the investigation. >> reporter: police tell us they plan to release more information in the next few hours and we have been checking in with them this morning, asking if there have been any arrests and how the people involved in the shooting are connected. live in sanford, kimberly eiten, eyewitness news this morning. a former apopka elementary school teacher is now waking up behind bars accused of molesting a student years ago. >> we reported the investigation into allegations last night at 11:00. we found out the district had also investigated the teacher. eyewitness news this morning janai norman outside the orange county jail. it is a teenager who says the alleged molestation happened in 2008. >> reporter: and jamie, she came forward last may and since
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then, apopka police spent 9 months investigating the allegations finally arresting donald sharp this week and booking him here at the jail. the 66-year-old former teacher is not getting out of jail anytime soon. he is being held without bond, charged with capital sexual battery and attempted molestation. the alleged incident was kept quiet until last may. that is when the girl, now a teenager, came forward and told a school resource officer about what her 3rd grade teacher allegedly day to her. >> a fairly she had been going through some difficult times in her life and the parents trying to determine what is causing her underlying issues, that is how they learned that she had this experience. >> reporter: the experience was outlined in shops arrest report that says the girl -- he would whisper things in her ear and unpleasantly take her down a hallway in school and touch her inappropriately as apopka police investigated this case, they learned the school district had its own investigation into sharp.
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>> he learned he was also being investigated by the school board for alleged inappropriate in a -- behavior also. >> reporter: 1 we reached out to ocps about that investigation, we found out sharp was let go in 2009 and has not worked in the district since then. 6:45 am, digging deeper into the investigation that has police questioning whether it could be more victims. live in orange county, janai norman, eyewitness news this morning. this morning, one of the teens charged with attempted murder in the brutal beating death of another teenager is scheduled to be in court for a plea hearing. investigators say rebecca go take held 2 others attack daniel vukovich outside it of his home last year with a crow bar. the suspect planned the attack because they thought he stole marijuana from them. we will let you know what happens in court starting eyewitness news at noon we are waiting to see if wall street will rebound after falling oil prices sent you a stocks tumbling yesterday.
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oil prices stood at $27. the lowest since 2003. at one point is that the dow down more than 550 points for making a small recovery. it close at 249 points., say if the prices continue to fall, energy companies will start to default on debt we will have the closing numbers for you on eyewitness news at 4. the osceola county school district is reviewing some of it hiring policies after a teacher was accused of lying to get and keep her job. district records show former harmony high school ardor too science teacher bonnie dixon claimed to have a masters degree from the rest but the district says the school had no work as a bartending. call the patient came under scrutiny one year and a half into the job when she failed an exam to become a full-time teacher but submitted results that she passed. i spoke to a student that the dixon was a good teacher. >> she was very relatable. she was pretty nice. she seemed to know what she was doing. >> a dixon -- she resigned
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during the investigation we spoke with her attorney who says he's reaching out to her for a comet to see her side of the story but we are waiting to hear back. seminole county woman mauled by 5 dogs remains in critical condition. the responding officer said he found a trail of blood leading to one of the victims in sanford stolberg apartment on tuesday. he said when he got into the apartment, 5 dogs were biting the woman's arms, legs and upper body. the officer says he shot and killed all 5 to stop the attack. a 6th was sheltered by animal services. wish and he did in that split second what he the felt he needed to do and the woman's life at that moment -- to president of the dogfights. >> 2 young boys suffering minor injuries in the attack. it is not clear who was involved or if anyone will be held responsible for provoking the attack. wish u.s. marshals are working to track down a palm bay arson suspect. we are told that david carnaval's whereabouts are still unknown. she tried to burn down a motorcycle club operating a food pantry. she's accused of setting fire
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in october. police do not believe it was arena back. this morning volusia county leaders are expected to talk about a plan meant to get the home was a daytona beach somewhere to go. we have been reporting on the dozens of homeless people camping out at the county administration building on beech street. last night daytona beach leaders discussed more options to tackle the issue. the mayor says he has a plan put together with other local -- >> there's a sense of frustration and a desire for us to come together and get something done and right now -- >> the county manager says the county should lease or buy a vacant property on north street so they can be moved there instead pick it is just a temporary solution but if approved, the county would fence the property, put up a large tent and add temporary bathrooms. covering orange county today a decision could be made about the future of the evian theater multimillion dollar expansion project in matlen . here are renderings of what it will look like. it wants to add 2 new theaters, kitchen, administered of offices, lobby, bathrooms and concessions.
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public hearing set for 6:30 at city hall. 12 story florida hospital for women officially opens in orlando on sunday. >> and this evening hospital is celebrating the grand opening with several activities from the community. the facility will offer services including advanced gynecology, clinics for postpartum depression, and even the areas first milk depot where mom can donate breastmilk. today's events include inspirational messages from patients, live music and it starts at 5:30. 6:10 am. we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. , certified meteorologist brian shields in severe weather center 9. we have a few days of changes. >> temporary. very temporary warm up on the way. cold and we will get into the temperatures. 74 today, 76 tomorrow. it will feel nice even above average. average high 71 but saturday, mid 50s winds gusting to 35 miles an hour. a big chill moving in for the weekend. updating future track for that
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for the main whether to show you tomorrow's front and the chance for storms. getting toward the pint a winter park, 43, 45 apopka the winter garden, independence my friend the windemere, 44 in longwood. again, jacket weather. 43 as you get toward lake mary, heathrow, deland back across the 44 in samsula and the low 40s, 42 in debary. working in sunshine and 74 today. coming up we will take a look at the storm threats for tomorrow as another potential squall line of -- approaches and the big cool down this weekend. 6:10 am. deneige. >> we have a crash on i-4 in deltona, i-4 westbound right after saxon boulevard and now you can see that red means traffic is slowing down because we have one lane blocked off. keep that in mind if you are heading in that direction. you will need an extra 5 minutes to get through the stretch at this point. a1a southbound at poinsettia street, we have a crash that is blocking southbound lanes keep that in mind. jamie? neighbors have been worried
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about a coyote seen roaming around a brevard county park. the reason agents just stopped all the efforts to track the animals. >> the sheriff a marion county is asking licensed gun owners to carry their weapons as often as they can. they finally showed up and picked up the trash.
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look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from
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mmmm, yoplait. good morning i'm deneige broom. munging a crash. saxon boulevard, if you're about to leave and head in that direction you will need 5 or 10 minutes while they clear it. >> coming volusia county waiting to find out if a man who deputy say accidentally shot gilded friend while hunting won't face charges.
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town road yesterday. investigators 856 rural lashawn sergeant. told them he accurately shot 65-year-old bruce best with a 12gauge. as it is deputies release information we will bring it through on-air and our wftv app neighbors in apopka found answers to the garbage problem after we took in search orange county leaders ask eyewitness news was contacted by neighbors on a dirt road near obt. they told us the trash has not december. one homeowner tells us she does not her new garbage bins after going to county leaders with concerts, neighbors got relief within hours. the county amended homeowners still do not have the garbage bins. some of them down. we asked the county how many are left and for an estimated date of when everyone will have their bins, they did not have an answer yet. lengthy legal fight over florida senate pictures may come to an epic the senate is not going to appeal the redistricting map that was
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approved last month. that decision means republicans could lose control of the state senate because the map is split nearly evenly between the gop and democratic leaning districts. >> covering brevard county, a push to trap and relocate coyotes spotted near a park in indian harbor beach is over for now. the city says the state does not consider that it coyotes a nuisance. state while i've officials say even if it did, the coyotes would not be removed from gleason park and relocated elsewhere. the city is still working with fwc to find another solution. >> we will have to wait until someone gets hurt. and that is what is going to happen. >> that's my fear what will have to take for them to get their attention. fwc plans to provide workshops to residence on how to deal with coyote encounters. next week fate could be decided for the popular park known as constituting green in orlando. the city's offering the owners of the park nearly $3.4 million in cash. and a piece of city-owned property. the city was leasing the park one dollar per year but the
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owner decided to sell. city leaders came up with a land swap deal in an effort to preserve the park. city officials also made a land deal with the owners of the orlando city soccer club. >> yesterday the club agreed to buy the land under the new soccer stadium from the city. the city will get $18 million spread out over 15 years. the payments include work for infrastructure that has been completed. the privately owned stadium expected to cost of $155 million and should be open for the start of the 2017 season. now, to get a closer look at what is actually going on inside the stadium, look at this. the team posted a new virtual tour online. you can click on a section and check out the view with -- from the pitch at those seats. live webcam shows the construction of stadium. to see the features walk onto flash web links. people in orlando so excited to have soccer in this town. >> i'm surprised they don't have a fleet of volunteers. >> everyone picking up the seats. big changes.
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>> warmer today and we have tomorrow's front. we could see stronger storms. we need to watch for that and a big-time cool down. that's this weekend. this morning a cold start but by this afternoon we will warm up 30 degrees at 45 right now in orlando. we will bounce up into the low to mid 70s today. this is why you need your jacket 36 in ocala, 36 toward palm coast. 43 sanford and white slanting, deland is seeing temperatures dirties and 40s 46 grant melbourne and palm bay. calm conditions is wire i'm getting reports. they gibson the other kid podgy -- patchy frost wet weather of orlando. when's turn out of the southeast and that will bump up temperatures. scattered clouds a very pretty sunrise at it comes up. sun and high clouds filtering in but either way, we will stay dry if you have plans. interject the middle brevard county, lunchtime great 68 with the 70s creeping in by 2:00. today and future track, we will
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take you through the day. a few high clouds streaming and. overall, again, a great day. tour tomorrow, changes are on the way to tomorrow morning, maine at the dry side but tune in tomorrow morning because we are going to be watching the line of rain and storms developing in the western zones as soon as late morning and you can see some in the southern zones early afternoon. this is 1:00 friday you can see a few stronger storms not quite the setup we had this weekend. racing across we could get some gusty winds in these winds could gust over 40 miles an hour in some storms tomorrow. and behind this, we will see some colder weather wrapped in. tied to the blizzard to the north shaping up by dc. it will wrap in a cool down this weekend. beaches, water temperatures are chilly, 50s and 60s. 74 mostly sunny and mother. is a look at the temperatures for today. harmony, st. cloud, 73. 73 in kissimmee by the loop.
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68 palm coast and beverly beach. 54 deland tonight. not as chilly tonight. ahead of the next front, most of us in the 50s a few 60s and brevard county. here are the changes on your five-day forecast with the weekend always in view. for tomorrow, high chance of rain but not all day. the line will sweep in like i showed you still in the 70s and look at the chill around the way on saturday, not only is a cold, 56 is the high. we will have some winds gusting 30, 35 miles an hour giving us extra bite to temperatures the wind chills a factor saturday night and sunday morning we wake up to 20s and northern tier and most of us in the 30s and still 50s on sunday. back to near 70 on monday. 6:20 am. we have problems here is deneige. >> i-4 westbound for anyone leaving volusia county coming into seminole county, you would end up catching that. the camera went out so we can pull up live traffic tracker and i can get you an idea what
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that is looking like. we have a crash i-4 westbound, right after you with fast saxon boulevard. that does have things backed up 41 mile or so and updating that you do have -- only going 13 miles an hour through the stretch so keep in mind if you're heading in that direction it will take you an answer 5-10 minutes from saxon boulevard until after you pass a crash before you get to st. john's river. state lawmakers postponing a plan to make it tougher people to refuse a dui test. the proposal filed by such a florida senator david simmons was postponed a yesterday's senate judiciary committee meeting. under the bill, a first reviews of a dui test would result in a $500 fine. and up to 6 months probation florida's dui refusal rate is more than twice the national average. sound like a plot of a spine honorable. the decision from a judge and why it involves russian president vladimir putin an investigation is effort. we are asking if an injured woman is connected to a man dead found in apartment dead. >> i said is this for real? i said look at the license
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>> and a set of license plate
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(burke) at farmers, we've seen almost everything,
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even a stag pool party. (party music) (splashing/destruction) (splashing/destruction) (burke) and we covered it, october twenty-seventh, 2014. talk to farmers. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum 6:24 am.
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the state has been s'mores from appearing a florida license plates but a local man says state officials need to take another look at the list. look at a large batch of license plates that read gay have been issued to drivers across orange county. craig lucas who is gay said he and his partner were assigned one of the tax for the new volvo. he says he finds the place slightly offensive and says officials should be more sensitive. >> it is not necessary. plenty of combinations the state could of used. an oversight on the part of the state as far as i'm concerned. >> the volvo dealership says they contacted the county and gave the tax back to customers can also exchange the place and that is what lucas says he plans to do. the tax collectors office is the place had been vetted by the state and they did not see any problem with them. bearing county sheriff is asking licensed gun owners to help in the fight against crime by carrying their weapons. share chris blair made the announcement last month but is getting more attention now that the debate on gun control is
6:25 am
hitting up a watching tippet arms citizen could help to prevent tragedy before law enforcement arrives. >> if you are certified to carry a gun i would like to encourage you to do so. evil people do not expect retaliation and you may catch them offguard. >> the sheriff said a properly trained gun owner could be the first line of defense and an active shooting scenario. push still questions surrounding a strange case involving 2 orlando police officers. >> why the officers say they turned off their lights and sirens right in the middle of a high-speed chase. gunfire in this sanford apartment building killed one person, injuring another pick why police cannot say who shot home. tracking affront warming up today and tracking of the chill this weekend. 61 6 am.
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it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank. 6:30 am skywitness 9 over i-4 near saxon boulevard. if you're leaving volusia
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ready for headache. one lane. deneige broom is here to give you the routes yes we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. deneige watching the roads. getting started with certified meteorologist brian shields. >> today will be beautiful. >> today will be beautiful. call this morning beautiful this afternoon. kissimmee, 46. bundle up this morning it is a split day had a teacher message me on instagram one of the days kids leave jacket -- jacket the school. warm this afternoon. 37 in deland by stetson 46 melbourne, 36 ocala, maybe short sleeves over heavy jacket because in the afternoon we will have 70s it will be great sunrise. planet to show you today's changes. lunchtime, 68 union park
6:28 am
pleasant 70s and comfortable. 71 by the time we hit 2:00. awesome afternoon moving in. coming up, the next front as soon as tomorrow. they keep coming in these el nio patterns. we will track the storm chance for tomorrow and the big chill on the way by the weekend. 6:31 am. updating breaking information on the drive with deneige. >> i-4 westbound, saxon blvd., skywitness 9 over the scene. it has one left lane blocked. traffic is moving through. it is moving slowly. live traffic tracker, i can show you how slowly things are moving. 11 miles an hour from saxon boulevard until you get past that which is one-mile stretch what you have the color red slow down. if you are leaving the house on i-4 westbound volusia county into seminole you will need 5 or 10 minutes to get through the stretch. nancy? overnight, a man is dead and a woman hurt and a police
6:29 am
are try to figure out who shot whom. investigating a shooting inside a sanford apartment complex. eyewitness news this morning, tivoli eaten is live. police cannot say what happened that led to gunfire. >> reporter: nancy, officers were here all night and into this morning, try to figure that out. this apartment complex is just a few blocks from a school and where officers say 2 people were hit with gunfire. hours after gunshots in a sanford apartment building come a police are still investigating how a disturbance turned deadly. they will not say what exactly they mean by a disturbance. only that they were called to the apartment on mellonville started shooting. >> we responded to a call at 10:30 pm, 911 call came in. someone heard gunshots. >> reporter: shots leaving one man dead and a woman with injuries. police say she was hit in the hand.
6:30 am
he was hit more than once. but who shot whom, who had a gun, what led to someone using it is under investigation. >> we don't have any information right now. officers are on scene very early stages of the investigation. >> reporter: a few hours into the investigation we are asking police if anyone else was inside the apartment at the time of the shooting. if anyone is under arrest. and what led up to the gunshots. we will update you on tv 27 as soon as we hear back. live in sanford, kimberly eiten, eyewitness news this morning. orange county man is facing child abuse charges after getting arrested for the 2nd time in one month. todd is about was arrested yesterday on charges involving his children. we read through an injunction filed last year accusing him of hitting his sons with the fans, a house, vacuum and water bottle. a judge denied dcf request to keep them away from his meaning
6:31 am
he will be able to see his 8- month-old when he bonds out. >> there is enough evidence for someone to conclude that at this time, it may be best until we can get to the bottom of the situation, that this child needs to be kept away. >> he was arrested last month after his 5-year-old stepdaughter told investigators he woke her up at night and forced her to do push-ups and hit her with a rubber hose. charges were dropped for lack of sufficient evidence. 3 teenage boys facing charges after daytona beach police say big stolen car and then intentionally hit the chiefs patrol car. chase yesterday. you can see the blue honda crv sideswipe police chief mike 2's car. it caused him to spin out. one of the 3 teens got out of was arrested. the other 2 were arrested when they stop near brookshire road. no one hurt. finding out about a strange
6:32 am
case -- chase in orange county. officers my favorite and fred role turned off lights and sirens during a high-speed chase involving a stolen jeep. listening to radio call suggesting no one at opd knew about the chase until after it was over. the calls opd after sheriff's office about their own patrol car after deputy spotted the chase. >> this is coming in from one of your deputies and we don't have anybody checked out we check on our channel. >> the before coming from one of our units. >> off of golf club and pine chase. >> officer roles and he a favorite drove the stolen jeep back into the city limits because they were concerned about where it was parked. they are on patrol while opd investigate the developing in orlando, police are expected to hold a news conference tomorrow to discuss the case of a woman who banished 10 years ago. we extensively covered the disappearance of jennifer kesse in 2006. no doubt the community
6:33 am
remembers the space. investigators found her car a few blocks away from her apartment but there was no sign of her anywhere. no arrests have been made but the case is still active. her parents are also expected to be at the news conference, hard to believe it has been 10 years. >> poll numbers releasing showing almost half of all republicans surveyed support donald trump the poll was done by florida atlantic university, 47 percent of republicans who responded support trump 36 percent of florida democrats surveyed support hillary clinton. the poll was conducted after the 2 most recent debates. democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders says his plan for government run healthcare system is like medicare for all. it includes coverage for long- term care, most dental care, no deductibles and zero co-pays. sanders admits it would take a big tax hike on the middle class to make that plan a reality. a brevard county man is facing charges this morning after deputy say he took the equipment off of the fire truck while his home was on fire.
6:34 am
these are pictures of the home on victor road, cocoa. deputy say wendell joyner took a quote from a truck and kept running in and out of his burning home. he was arrested yesterday for resisting arrest and disorderly conduct. it is not clear how the fire started. no one was hurt. orange county deputy say they caught a man in the act trying to burglarize a preschool. an employee at the children's center, purging drive saw a 20- year-old on serving camera and called 911. he was arrested for a similar crime at a different preschool last month it he is also suspected in several residential burglaries. calling wright county jail way to find out of images bank robber shot by a convenience store clerk will face a judge today. he was scheduled to have a first appears yesterday but it was push back for medical reasons. investigators say he rocked the space coast credit union rockledge this month and 40s later they say he tried to rob a chevron gas station in cocoa but the store owner shot him. orlando residents are fighting to keep the developed out of their neighborhood but right now there are 2 proposals
6:35 am
video tires off john young parkway near deputy judge. residents are worried about how that would impact the broken -- wekiva river basin. commissioners have the final say and they could vote on the art by next month. was a city released by fdle shows more drivers are speeding around flashing stop signs on school buses. the report shows numbers collected from school bus drivers date white who wash cars go around buses. it one day nearly 11,000 vehicles have legally passed school buses in one year, that as up to -- legally paschal buses adding up to 2 million drivers. >> state lawmakers discuss a bill that calls for adding cameras to the stop signs. it would ask -- add harsher penalties for illegally passing such as ball getting ready for big event this weekend. skywitness 9 flu of the stadium yesterday as the turf was being
6:36 am
covered in dirt, the event, monster jam, bringing in 60,000 fans including 5-year-old that i live with who is excited about this. this happened on saturday. you can see more pictures of the citrus bowl's transformation on the website go to slash slideshows. do think that will let him drive? >> he wishes. i will not allow that. >> he will be bundled up like an eskimo. >> it will be chilly. cold-weather working in by this weekend and we will be dry today and after our chilly start it will be awesome. 70s on the way and by tomorrow, 80 percent chance of rain and storms did not obey it will be a broken line moving across late morning, early afternoon but it is that front. it is tied to the blizzard that will happen toward dc. it is a tale and and that will wrap in colder weather by the weekend saturday, and the mid- 50s.
6:37 am
-- him toward mascot, temperatures jacket weather seminole county oviedo altamonte springs lake mary in the 40s bumping up 30 degrees. 74 in the afternoon with a whole lot of son. -- sun. how much colder it will get this weekend. 6:39 am cheered deneige. >> back ups on i-4 westbound for those leaving the area into seminole county. i-4 westbound after saxon blvd., skywitness 9 has been over this and you can see the back up building and that is too miles long. keep that in mind. avoid the 2 mile stretch while they have a blocked. a crash in marion county with southbound lanes after county
6:38 am
get often avoid the stretch. a lot of request to make speeches and appears as for the president. coming up on good morning america the latest request the president says he will turn down because he will cry. if you have travel plans a massive snowstorms that could paralyze areas. teachers behind bars charged with molesting a student. asking about a 2nd investigation that has people
6:39 am
police say a former teacher accused of molesting a student could have potential victims. more victims. the victim kept it quiet for years before coming forward
6:40 am
last maybe janai norman joins us live from the jail. 30 minutes ago you said the district had investigation into the teacher. >> reporter: he was never arrested until this week. now behind bars at the jail as police investigating weather any other former students have similar allegations. the former third-grade teacher who appears to be smiling and his mug shot does not have much to smile about this morning. 66-year-old donald sharp is being held without bond on charges he molested a former student in 2008. following his arrest this week, we found out during the investigation apopka police learned orange county public schools were looking into sharper inappropriate behavior. >> some allegations were that inappropriate touching and that sort of thing. in the report it said some students claimed they had to sit on his lap. >> apopka police tell
6:41 am
eyewitness news as they try to get information from the elementary school, the district would not just hand over records to detectives. instead saying they would have to obtain them to a public records request. now, police want to know more about the other allegations that could point to more victims. >> it is a distinct possibility that we don't have evidence there is but if there is we would like them to come forward and let us investigate it. >> reporter: we have requested shops personnel records from orange county public schools. we will let you know what we uncovered, digging through records as soon as the district provides them. live in orange county, janai norman, eyewitness news this morning. homeland security report shows more than half 1 million visitors from other countries overstate the time allowed on their visas last year. >> 1 percent of the 45 million foreign visitors with pieces. this comes as the republican 70s to be additional steps -- pieces to keep syrian and iraqi refugees out of the u.s. officials say will get the visa is checked against national databases.
6:42 am
including terrorist watchlist. sea world is getting rid of the floor lifts that were used in tank performances with trainers and wales. skywitness 9 flu over seaworld orlando. -- it went over sea world yesterday work being done to get rid of the let's. parks don't need them because traders do not perform in the water with killer whales. 5 years after a trainer was killed. skywitness 9 caught a glimpse of the sky tower ride which has been closed for one month after it stopped hundreds of feet up in the air with dozens on board. they were stuck for about 2 hours before the ride return to the ground. officials say the cause of the malfunction is under review. 6:47 am. we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. . beautiful today. >> a big chill moving in.
6:43 am
>> i was a child in the 80s. >> that was mean. cocoa beach, beautiful start and cold. 53 winds out of the north northwest 3 miles an hour. son of 7:14 am -- sun up 7:14 am. layer clothing this morning. 45 colonial town orlando. this afternoon taking numbers add 30 degrees. 70s for the highs. calm conditions. patchy frost developing. especially in the north western zones. good forecasting by brian. throughout the day, sun will warm us up and 70s. sulphur springs elementary, 60 degrees at noon. 70, 71 2:00. pleasant this evening. when you see tom terry this
6:44 am
today we will assume through. a look at future track. high clouds are around. let's flip over, tomorrow morning i will watch to the west. 8:00, 9:00, predominantly dry but we get a broken line of rain and storms moving in late morning early afternoon. it will not be all day. see how quickly moves off right format, 5:00. could be strong tomorrow with gusty winds over 40 miles an hour. i do not expect a lot of rain. spots at half an inch. a few downpours he does they are fast-moving. the system will bring in colder weather. the beaches colder in the water, 50s and 60s. day. a few 60s around and palm coast, flagler county. low to mid 70s, sharps the era titusville 72 today. tonight, not as chilly. most of us running in the 50s for tonight to 61 in melbourne.
6:45 am
that sets the stage for tomorrow. 70s tomorrow and we will watch out for the line of rain and storms with gusty winds and we will monitor that. look at the chill. five-day forecast, with the weekend always in view, 50s or mid-50s. the system tomorrow is the end of a blizzard in dc. winds will wrap up behind of it hour easily. cold and windy saturday. saturday night, 30s with a few 20s north and west. sunday in the 50s. monday. 6:50 am. this shot tell that all. look at the screen. deneige. >> i-4 westbound after saxon blvd., volusia county. off. you can see the major back up starting to build. you that. backing up after saxon
6:46 am
boulevard westbound. to avoid that, get off i-4 westbound, howland boulevard and get back on after to drive. that will take a while to clear out delays. a python hunt in the everglades is being called a success. 17 burmese type -- pythons caught in the first few days of the challenge starting saturday. 700 hunters registered. behind is so far a couple singles bolding catching snakes and raising awareness about the threat they pose to wildlife. was more space news for you. scientists say they discovered another planet in the solar system. >> they called it panel -- planet x. researchers say they have solid evidence that planet 9 exists. they believe the planet is almost as big as neptune which would make it large. it takes 10-20,000 years to circle the sun. if it does exist, it would be officially the 9th planet in
6:47 am
bumped to 8 dwarf planet. >> -- dwarf planet. >> a new employee for a team making headlights -- headlines across the country. fatal gunfire in a sanford apartment building. why police say what started as a disturbance turned deadly. at 7 am on eyewitness news this morning, central florida's tv 27, governor rick scott said
6:48 am
6:54 am. who shot whom is a big question as police investigate a deadly shooting in a separate apartment complex. it left one person dead and another injured. kimberly eiten is live where police investigate overnight and they say it is too early to know what happened. >> reporter: jamie, police here all night trying to figure it out and figure out how a disturbance in this sanford apartment building turned into a deadly shooting. this is on mellonville avenue blocks from a school. police say neighbors dialed 911 when they heard gunshots at 10:30 pm.
6:49 am
man and injuring a woman. done, officers are not saying. they tell us that is under investigation. live in sanford, kimberly eiten, eyewitness news this morning. a british judge says president vladimir putin probably approved intent to kill of former russian spy. judge releasing a report saying he's are in alexander was given tea laced with poison and 2006. he fled russia to britain and 2000 after breaking with russian president vladimir putin and his inner circle. before the murder he had become a vocal critic of putin. a 2nd case of ebola in the west african nation of sierra leone. one day after the world health organization declared the epidemic over in the country. health officials say the 2nd case is a close relative of the first victim and the patient is under quarantine.
6:50 am
new cadillac plant in shanghai. the factories use of automation and technology is being touted as one of a kind in china. fears of slowing chinese economy impacting the outlook of sales of luxury goods. cadillac officials say china has remained full of growth potential for the luxury auto market. the plant expected to produce more than 160,000 ct 6 sedans each year. super bowl 50 2 weeks away from the sunday and the f.b.i. and homeland security are working hard to keep teams and fans say. both agencies issued a memo of potential security threats in the san francisco area. including attacks on fiber optic cables, drone attacks, and lone wolf attack is inspired by isis. they say the most vulnerable places are outside the stadium. f.b.i. says there are no credible threat now. advertises astarte device a very expensive airtime for the big game.. running an ad for the super bowl the first time but for the lincoln will sit on the sidelines once again this year. companies will shell out an estimated $5 million for a 32nd
6:51 am
spot at a chance to reach some 115 million viewers. the buffalo bills have hired the first full-time female assistant coach in nfl history. yes, catherine smith has been hired as the specialty teams call it "-- quality control coach working as administrative assistant for coaches and spent 12 years working with new york jets. apparently official, 2015 earth's hottest year on record. national oceanic atmospheric administration and nasa says 2015 was by far the hottest year in 136 years of record- keeping. scientist claim a combination of el nio and what they call man-made global warming. millions of americans are bracing themselves for record breaking snowfall. >> light snow causing chaos on states. snowfall in dc force president obama slight to the white house to be delayed and a west virginia utility companies brace themselves for power outages.
6:52 am
>> what has is worried with the storm is just the depth of the snow and potential for wet snow. >> some 15 states under storm watches from as far south as north carolina to as nor this boston. 658 we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. . for us we are warming up. >> we will warm up the next day or 2 before we get some cold air behind the blizzard wrapping it up this weekend. 74 after a cold start tomorrow. broken line of rain and storms could be strong in the 70s. much colder and windy saturday. mid-50s trends went -- winds gusting over 30, 35 sunday morning at the 30s but also wind chill is a factor in the 50s on sunday back to 70 on monday. stay tuned in the morning as we watch a line of rain and storms approach. see them. 6:59 am. deneige. >> a crash on i-4 westbound volusia county which is slowing things down. the crash is westbound after saxon boulevard. you have major delays so avoid
6:53 am
it i getting off i-4 westbound
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