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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning 6am  ABC  January 26, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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tallahassee between lawmakers and moms. what the mothers will do today to get more playtime for their children at school. >> and what us marshals are doing right now to find an escaped inmate who is on the run with a woman and a child. morning 6 am, tuesday, january 26. >> we check weather and traffic deneige watching the commute but let's get started with certified meteorologist justin mcraney. we have changes. >> not too shabby. starting over the 50s and look at this, unlike most mornings where we continue to fall, we have warmed a few degrees already. back up to 54 in orlando, 56 cocoa beach, melbourne 52, thick clouds right now. the air is settled did i will monitor visibility and deneige and i have been looking at fdot cameras but everything is fine now. i do not expect widespread visibility issues despite the fact you will have a lot more cowed -- cloud coverage. satellite radar composited -- composite with cloud streaming.
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northern gulf of mexico am will start impact the area after midnight still dry today, mild. a great day to enjoy what is happening across winter park. a lovely city to get a stroll. low 70s for a high maybe windbreakers by the late morning hours. you probably will not need a jacket in the afternoon. come back in less than 10 minutes, i will show you future track and we will track out the beginning of the storms. it is an early start to the rain wednesday. i will show you that coming up in less time it -- in less than 10 minutes. 6:01 am. here is deneige. >> i-4, sam lake road and they are just about to completely clear the crash that was out here for the last hour. i-4 westbound at sam lake. everything to the shoulder so it should not cause issues if you are leaving the house in that direction. we have construction and volusia county, i-95 northbound at i-4 it is closed for some bridge repair.
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williamson boulevard. we have other crashes i will break them down coming up in nancy? the battle for more time on the playground will go to the capital today. lawmakers to make recess schools. >> eyewitness news this morning kimberly eiten is following the movement from orange county to data -- tallahassee a local them. >> at 9 am of the local orange county moms will ask lawmakers to make time out here on the playground a mandatory part of the school schedule. they are fighting for that 20 minutes of recess and say other parents and teachers are on their side. >> reporter: in hours, moms will face lawmakers to fight for students across the state. >> we need the bill to pass because it is good for kids. >> reporter: heather is a mother of 2 and a supporter of the recess movement. she is in tallahassee this one representatives about making
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>> there is a lot of weight on our shoulders now. >> reporter: the bill would require schools to make recess a part of the daily schedule. last year a resolution passed in orange county recommending recess. local moms now want lawmakers to take that one step further and require a 20 minute break every day. >> cannot expect the small children to sit for 6 hours in the day without a break. we as adults do not do that on our own jobs. >> reporter: moms say a research and educators are on their side. but whether or not lawmakers will get behind the movement could be decided this morning. >> we will be following this story as moms take up their fight in tallahassee that will bring an update on eyewitness news at noon but first for 6:30 looking into while some lawmakers say that bill could come at a cost for schools. live in orange county, in kimberly eiten eyewitness news this morning. developing right now marion county deputies at the skating a half -- homicide
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we told you about this as it was breaking last night on eyewitness news at 11:00. deputies called to a home on northwest us highway 225 a in ocala. a family member found the body of 57-year-old. they are collecting evidence and interviewing those close to the victim we will bring you updates on our wftv mobile app released. we asked city and county leaders what they plan to do about nearly 100 homeless people still sleeping outside building. the county tells us it is the city's responsibility to find them shelter. we went to the city. leaders tell us they are doing all they can. we were there yesterday this they joined with the salvation army. they will stay for 3 months but not many people went. >> we want as a community to help to offer them a solution to the problem. but they have to be willing to accept that. >> homeless tell us they are staying put until there is a
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the city will meet next wednesday i want to do next and the mayor hopes to meet with county leaders next friday. us marshals are now searching for the inmate who escaped a work release program. >> we have been following the search for gary bullock, his girlfriend, and her 3-year-old son for 4 days now. eyewitness news this morning janai norman joins us live and his kbyte cutting of his gps monitor. >> reporter: that's out law enforcement quickly learned of the escape it now after 3 days of not finding bullock, us marshals have taken over the search. volusia county deputies have been running down leads trying to find gary bullock. they say it is an investigative search, not a massive ground search but so far, it has turned up nothing. bullock was about 5 years into an 8 year prison sentence for armed robbery. investigators say he was only a few months away from completing a work release program when his 24-year-old girlfriend natasha
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and money from her dad to help look escaping before escaping she grabbed her 3-year-old son and we found out and amber alert has not been issued because the child is with his >> dependent on what explanation she comes up with, facing prison time. >> and we spoke with her wftv legal analyst about how this escaped will impact the looks time in prison wants caught. i will explain the additional time plus the time he could lose for 6:45 when we are also asking how the convicted burglar was on work release anyway. nancy? remember you can help authorities search for the couple by sharing their pictures on facebook just go to slash wftv. new this morning, and amber alert has been issued out of indian river county for 2 children. look at your screen. edward thomas and lisette go mas floras where it last seen in fellsmere.
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be wether parents florez lopez and giovanni gomez peer gomez is wanted for first-degree murder. body camera video showing what happened before the orlando police officer opened fire when he stopped a 17-year- old driver for a seatbelt violation. the incident happened on north lane the last week. investigators in officer banged on the car's window when a 17- year-old lamont refuse to stop the car or put up his instability to a report one officer believe the suspect vehicle was headed for officer jonathan mills. a 2nd later, mills fired for shots at the suspect as he tried to take off. >> amazing video. lemans was shot but kept driving until he crashed into a vacant house.
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charges this morning. officer mills is on paid leave while fdle investigates the shooting. they will determine whether it was legally justified which is standard procedure. covering seminole county, deputy say they are looking for the man who has been breaking into residence cars and homes. look at this big investigators say this man stole garage door openers from cars in a neighborhood near county road 19. he used the openers to get into at least number 2 garages of the weekend. we spoke with homeowners who say they have already reprogrammed the garage door openers. it is very upsetting. it is violating, honestly. and there is nothing you can do about if you can see him. other than that you have to hope he gets caught. deputy say the man stole a dirt bike from one home. orange county commissioners are expected to discuss problems with garbage pickup in several neighborhoods. we found one neighborhood has not had trash pickup and weeks. resident the windemere say nearly 1 dozen homes in the
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one woman we spoke with says they have no indication on when garbage collectors will show up despite the numerous calls and emails to the county. >> no communication at all and i think that is permeated throughout windemere. >> residents say they have had to become their own trash compactors because they don't have room to fit trash in bins. we will let you know what commissioner say on eyewitness news at noon. students and volusia county may soon have a new dress code. schoolboard leaders will vote on a new policy today. if approved students will be required to wear long or short sleeved white, oxford shirts and black, denim pants to address code will take effect march 1 but will not be enforced until the beginning of next school year. state lawmakers want to discuss ridesharing services like uber and lyft today. legislators are set to discuss to bills, one telling drivers what kind of insurance they must carry and a 2nd measure will prevent local governments from regulating the ridesharing services. coming up at 6:10 am.
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every 10 minutes. , certified meteorologist justin mcraney in severe weather center 9. it is cool but not cold. >> jamie, temperatures are beginning to warm up despite the fact we are one hour away from sunrise this morning and we bumped up 54 degrees in orlando. 52 and clermont . 24-hour temperature change for us. you can see it is a 15-20 degree temperature climb from where we were 24 hours ago. inland locations and obviously moderate along the coastline did warmer than yesterday. wind out of the southeast later. clouds. if you enjoy being dry and milder weather get out today because as we approach midnight, we will start to see some showers breakout and by 5 am, brian shields joining you on i was news at 5:00 tomorrow morning we will track storms and when i join you starting at 7:00 we could have a possibility of stronger storms
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metro orlando as we head into deeper wednesday morning. dry today ventura elementary, upper 60s. low 70s for daytime highs. come back in less than 10 minutes i will timeout storms on wednesday and we will look at the threats you will need to know about as the next storm system moves through the area. 6:10 am here is deneige. >> updating live traffic tracker. we've had crashes clear out but we have this one on colonial right at 2 saw trail. they should be able to get it out in a few minutes. slow on colonial. disney world is the target of a new lawsuit this morning the legal battle over outsourcing jobs by hiring foreign workers. why local parents say the location of a new school is not the answer to solving overcrowding problem. >> people in paramore have said enough is enough. >> why do you continue to
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and jamie holmes 6:14 am a live look at downtown orlando mild start compared to the cold week seen lately. orlando city commissioners approved a deal to have the orlando city soccer club play -- pay millions for the land with us they them is being so fast. base filed a lawsuit yesterday seeking an injunction to stop the sampitt they claim the city which took some of the land through eminent domain is now trying to sell the land to a private buyer before they are legally allowed to. the people of their more
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have lost so much to revitalization and unkept promises. >> officials tell us the property in question is not a part of the sale to the soccer club so they say the statute cited does not apply. no word on when a judge will rule on this. daytona beach officials have not said what caused the fire that damaged a home that neighbors believe is linked to the mayor's family. neighbors say the father of mayor derek henry lives at the home on magnolia avenue. it caught fire 10:30 yesterday morning. a woman who also claimed to live in the home could not say what started the fire. developing and seminole county, one of the victims attacked by a dog in sanford is still in critical condition. police a 50-year-old virginia farley remains in the hospital one week after the attack. investigators say 5 people attacked her and 29-year-old richard farley inside their apartment. the dogs also attacked 2 kids, all 5 dogs were eventually killed by police. no word on whether anyone will be held responsible for the attack. numbers show fewer people expected signing up for healthcare under the affordable
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the congressional budget office cites studies that say 30,000,000 people are likely to purchase policies. it is down 8 million from estimates early last year. a bill to speed up lab testing of dna evidence including those sexual assault kits is making some progress in the legislature. yesterday the senate criminal justice committee passed a bill. there are more than 113,000 of those kits still waiting to be tested across florida. the bill will move on to the state senate. some of the families of the el faro tragedy will get part of a $5 million settlement. bishops owner told maritime will play -- pay 10 families a half-million dollars each. as a supplement of part of the negligence lawsuit it sank off of the coast of the bahamas after it left of jacksonville. 33 people were on board, the other families however did not file a lawsuit. we now know an electrical problem caused a sunrail train to get stuck on the tracks.
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trinidad stuck at holden avenue the yesterday morning. the second train lost power in altamonte springs. officials canceled 3 roundtrips because of the delays. a third train was delayed due to lack of staff. the trains were running again at 9 am. matlen city leaders will make a final decision on a controversial retention pond month it last night, city leaders decided to push back the vote. a big deal for me land. developers want to take up the city's last orange grove to build a new retail shopping plaza. if it is approved, developers say they will need ever -- retention pond in road. the plans would use more than 3 acres of lake charity's wetlands. there is a lot of homes in the area. florida lottery setting a powerball. already surpassed $600 million ticket only 240 million came from powerball. 40 percent of that will go to education.
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that's why i am here at 6:18 am. and happy to be here. >> negative numbers. >> your forecast is nice. >> back into the fifties not dealing with the twenties and thirties. however, we have very quick changes this el nio system the roller coaster ride and there is cooler weather back on board before you know it. today, started to see temperatures warm even before sunrise this morning. 52 for our friends a leesburg in sanford, good morning 53, winds are very, very like this morning but visibility is just fine on the roadways. we start off with a north winds but very quickly today the winds will shift out of the east and southeast pulling and milder air. starting to see clouds a stream back into the area and although clouds thicken as the day progresses. ahead of the system, the cold front moves through now. back to the northwest gulf of mexico, we will see waves of
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form and pull -- push storms our way by the morning. dry today typical be a light shower off the coastline but as we head toward the late evening and early overnight, that is what we will see a few showers but tomorrow morning, a complex showers and storms will quickly build into central florida. highs on the mound side. a couple of degrees above average 74 orlando, leesburg and 73, clermont 75. the rest of orange county east toward ucf stoneybrook east waterford lakes area, 73 daytime high. the flow, comfortable in at 75. 5 am tomorrow morning scattered showers look to the south as a complex comes out of the tampa st. pete area working its way, northeast. southern edge of that, toward the melbourne yeehaw junction, could have stronger storms and gusty winds. all of this complex list to the north through the late morning early afternoon. focusing on the southern half of our viewing area for the stronger storms tomorrow. they will have rain in the
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wet pattern. we was the waves of rain moving in late wednesday into thursday. unlike the last couple of el nio storms that have come through, this will not be one chunk blasting on by in a couple of hours. this will be a series of energy coming through. the main one is tomorrow morning with the main threats winds over 5 0 miles an hour, can out will light -- rule out isolated as them storms about sure you will see the wave of energy coming by. hour-by-hour started tonight we will be dry 10:00 after midnight, you will want your umbrellas for daybreak tomorrow morning and the showers and storms are likely right through the late morning and early afternoon. obviously tomorrow is the day to be weather aware. download the wftv weather app. five-day forecast, where the weekend is always in view, fairly wet thursday but on the way -- back in cool storm system, 65 daytime high pit back in the forties morning lows friday and saturday plenty of sunshine and cooler heading
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6:21 am. traffic tracker with deneige. >> pulling up traffic tracker and volusia county i-95 northbound i-4 it is back open bridgework going on. keep that in mind you will not need to worry about that house. i-4, westbound and sam lake they are still off to the side with an earlier crash. have not been able to move off to the shoulder so it will -- move over for them if you're heading in that direction. jamie? more than 2 years and have what workers are doing to finish a massive expansion project at the daytona international speedway. >> local moms are in tallahassee this morning fighting for more recess time for their children. coming up why some lawmakers say the free time for students is not really free at all. >> they can bring their family and see all of the attractions of disney world and sea world. >> the new kind of tourist that
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6:25 am. term officials are making a push to attract a new kind of visitor to central florida. florida hospital hosted a conference yesterday to discuss ways to grow medical tourism. there's been a surge of people who travel to central florida to get specialized medical
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at the same time for families can visit the attractions . officials say orlando has everything needed to become a big a global leader in medical tourism. >> unique facilities, fantastic physicians, tools, trials and intersection of hospitality. can you think of a better place in orlando? >> the state is also considering marketing florida as a medical destination. covering orange county, many parents are worried about plans to do with overcrowding in metrowest elementary school. >> district officials want to transfer half of the students to blow -- brand-new school on the same campus that people who live nearby say there is not enough room for the new school and traffic will become a nightmare. the district hopes to have a new school open sometime next year. a florida mom was not going to let anyone threaten the children. >> i did not think about the gun. >> coming up, what she did to protect your family from carjackers. >> reporter: local moms in tallahassee fighting for kids
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coming up why some lawmakers say timeout here on the playground could come at a cost to schools. a nice start to the morning coming up we will show you what will happen this afternoon. if you still need your jacket
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6:30 am. a look at some severe weather we are keeping an eye on coming this way by tomorrow. everything south of the green line, pay attention. we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. , travel to watching the roads. >> let's begin with rusty. >> until then cut -- a beautiful morning. >> mild temperatures and in the fifties. 15 even 20 degrees warmer than 24 hours ago. not much of a chill this morning. palm coast dropped into the
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warmed a . through the 6 am hour. 54 orlando, 52 sanford, watching visibility but everything is fine and area roadways. first light fair clouds but the clouds act as a blanket keeping things on the milder side. winds light out of the north but they will strike -- swingout the east southeast latest the end of the next el nio storm system we showed you the graphic about a potential for severe storms later wednesday. today, remaining dry and it will be a mild afternoon. temperatures climbing above average today. getting up to 74 degrees in the metro with a light southeast wind. come back in less than 10 minutes updating future track, taking a hour-by-hour looking at the timing of the storms tomorrow morning and the threats in impacts you need to know about. 6:31 am. i-4 with deneige. >> shoulder sam lake road they have been able to get everything to the side but keep in mind you will need to move over if you are heading in that direction.
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woodford drive a crash that was blocking off ham brown but troopers have that to the site. -- to the site. move over. orange county moms facing down lawmakers and asking them to get them a break. >> at 9 am they will gather with parents from across looks to speak with state reps about making recess mandatory kimberly eiten will listen in on the discussion. lawmakers have voiced concerns over this before. >> reporter: lawmakers have said in extra 20 minutes on the playground could be longer in the classroom and could create expenses for school districts. >> month across the state say kids are counting on them. and 9 am, that statewide fight for students will meet in tallahassee. >> there is a lot of weight on our shoulders now. >> reporter: heather and other moms will speak to state
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school's. the bill will require to be part of the daily school schedule. something the group of mom -- educators and research. >> we have binders of peer- reviewed research from the cpc, american academy of pediatrics, big, powerful organizations who child development. >> reporter: an extra 20 minutes on the playground could be expensive for schools the concerns that mandatory recess may cost districts money. longer. parents say the greater cost would be for students is lawmakers do not get behind the movement. >> you cannot expect a small, 6, 7 yet euros to sit for 6 hours without a break that we as adults don't do that in our jobs. >> and it will bring concerns to lawmakers in a few hours we will break down the discussion
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first at the top of the hour on tv 27, we are talking about the recommendations were recess that is already in place and why moms say it is not enough. live in orange county, kimberly eiten, eyewitness news this morning. fdle says the only way to arrest in the state of florida under the new revenge porn law have been in seminole county. stephen worn arrested of the weekend after deputy say he posted a naked photo of a woman on facebook charles guy arrested last month accused of doing the same. if either of them are convicted, the maximum some -- a time they will spend in prison is when you're. potential political careers of a father and son and osceola county are now on hold. >> i feel bad for my son because he had a shot and now because of the name, i think it is best we both walk away. >> as we told you on friday, anthony ferentinos who owns tj auto sales and kissimmee was arrested on charges of grand theft, scheming to defraud, important documents. he was running for a seat in the county commission. investigators say he falsified pay stubs and credit applications to help car buyers
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he says he is innocent because of the allegations, he and his son, john, running for a seat in the state house decided to drop out of the race is. less than one week away from the iowa caucus. of the democratic candidates each got to take some time to sit with voters during a two- hour town hall meeting. each candidate had stage to themselves. first up us senator from vermont bernie sanders, poll numbers have been rising for him in the last few weeks. catching up to hillary clinton. with more attention on him, many people have questioned his views on what socialism means to him and how it would play a role in his plans for the country. >> it means there is something wrong when the rich get richer and almost everybody else gets poor. it means there is something wrong and government should play a role in making sure that all of our kids regardless of their income are able to get a higher education. >> before hillary clinton took
6:29 am
answered questions and then clinton told voters she is still standing despite a negative ads and accusations against her. >> people have the wrong all kinds of things at me. and, you know, i can't keep up with a. i just keep going forward, they fall by the wayside, they come up with these outlandish thing, they make these charges. i just keep going forward because there is nothing to it. >> there are 2 more democratic debate. one will be in miami in march. the next republican debate is this thursday in iowa. security experts are saying 3 inmates who escaped a maximum security prison in california may have had help from the inside. investigators believe the inmates got out friday just after the 5 am inmate count. the trail then cut through the metal crate in a holding cell. then they went through plumbing tunnels to the roof where they used to bed sheets to climb down. they are on the run.
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torture and murder. american airlines is working on installing new technology on its just to avoid running into turbulence. this comes after 2 plaintiff florida ran into trouble in the air weeks apart. on sunday, flight headed for miami to milan was forced to land in canada. passenger say the turbines was so bad, the plane dropped enrolled. 7 people had to be taken to the hospital. similar scare happened earlier this month at a flight from new york to miami. >> can't imagine. investigators in broward county say engine problems caused a lane to land in the busy road. it about the palm beach headed to key west about the engine problems forced the pilot to land on us 27. i-75. incredibly no one was hurt. a grand jury has decided planned parenthood did not do anything wrong in the videos that appeared to show the group selling fetal tissue for profit. >> instead the grand jury actually indicted antiabortion activists who went undercover in the videos. david and married accused of
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the mail was -- people pretending to be from a research company during the clinic in texas . he says he use the same techniques as investigative journalists. >> orlando city commissioners have saved a well-known park in orlando home to a century-old oak tree. here is a tree. city leaders reached a multimillion dollar deal to preserve the constitution green in downtown orlando bringing the -- buying the park for $3.5 million for and they threw in a piece of land owned by the city and east 4th street worth 2 point 5 million. the east coast is busy digging out from under the weekends massive blizzard. >> a fatal winter storm causing crashes and roof collapses. new york is bouncing back. pcs mayor was the district will deal with the snow all week. dc schools remains closed and buildings have been shut down, 12,000 flights were canceled and all including about 1800 yesterday. >> what a mess. 6:38 am. checking weather and traffic
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a nice start. >> changes are coming. here's certified meteorologist justin mcraney. >> we will have to steal -- deal with storms early tomorrow morning. we start off early. 53 4 matlen and winter park, apopka, 50 and seminole county was a good morning to all thomas frank 54 longwood, lake mary in the low fifties. milder this morning and we stay that way in the afternoon hours. as i take you through the late evening we could see a sprinkle over to well after sunset but the daylight hours of this tuesday will be dry. however, starting early wednesday and i mean early, even before daybreak, we would start to see some oyster returning especially from our southwest areas and pulp in osceola county and that line of showers and storms working through the northeast widespread shower in storm activity in the southern half of the viewing area including in orlando. today we are still dry kissimmee elementary
6:33 am
come back in less intense -- 10 minutes it will be wet and stormy we will time out the storms in the threats including risks for isolated tornado in central for back in less than 10 minutes. 6:39 am deneige. >> i-4 camera as an lake road and looking here, still off to the side in the shoulder i've noticed it had started to slow down a . because we are seeing more people get onto the roads and moving over. keep that in mind. and volusia county, i-95, i-4, construction. i-95 south, the offramp onto i- eastbound i-95. that is closed hard to tell from the camera but i will let ramps. craigslist a great place for buyers and sellers to me. coming up on good morning america the important warning you should hear before setting up of meaning. >> big, fast and green. change underway at universal
6:34 am
and escaped inmate on the run for 4 days. at 6:45 we are asking how the convicted burglar was allowed to do a work release program in finding out how it could impact
6:35 am
644. there's a child at the center of the store. the search minutes -- inmate's entering its fourth day. us marshals have taken the lead, searching for gary bullock, his girlfriend and her 3-year-old son. >> eyewitness news this morning janai norman live in the studio. bullock within a work release program and now could be facing more years in prison if caught. >> jamie, he was already about 5 years into an 8 year prison sentence. once cost, our legal analyst says bullock will lose the time
6:36 am
>> reporter: of this morning, bullock is still dodging law enforcement. we've been following the search for him since friday. volusia county deputies say he disappeared after his girlfriend natasha quigley helped him cut off his ankle monitor. before the escape, she allegedly stole money and a gun from her father and grab drink 3-year-old son. at the top of the hour you heard our legal analyst former chief judge melvin perry explained how quickly could be facing prison time once captured. and he says bullock may lose the time he served in prison and have to serve that doctor back with a new charges he will face. and that will likely impact his chances of ever earning the privilege of a work release program again. >> judges generally treat escaped cases very seriously, particularly those who own work release who just walk away because they have gained a
6:37 am
and they basically violated the public trust by just walking away. >> reporter: bullock had been working amongst tours at a hotel and daytona beach. investigators say he was only a few months away from completing the work release program when he escaped nancy? remember you can of authorities search for the couple by sharing their pictures on facebook. go to slash wftv. covering osceola county, 2 men held up a cab driver outside of a local walmart on the run did this happen sunday in the parking lot of a store on vineland road. the victim did not want to be edited by betty spoke with eyewitness news telling us a man asked him for a ride get he says he told them to go to the cabin front of the line and they instead returned later with a gun. >> he said giving your phone. i showed him my phone. it was not a good phone. they said give me money. i have just a few dollars and they said give me what you have. >> sheriff's office released
6:38 am
if you recognize and call crime line. hearing from a mom who fended off 2 carjackers from a car full of kids. >> i had my kids in the car don't get in the car i got in any way. >> it happened at this miami gas station last week. cameras caught the struggle as number 2 masked men try to forced their way inside angie's car. her 1-year-old daughter and 7 year old son were inside of the kids watched as their mom pulled one of the men out of the driver seat. >> my mom was yelling at him, saying get out of the car, get out of the car, get out of the car right now. >> the suspect that away but they did not make it far. spotted by police less than 1 mile away from the gas station. rusty, you said it best, that is the instinct kicking in. >> you want to be careful you don't know what will happen but
6:39 am
of a mom and her kids. >> don't do it. >> changes coming our way. patent into my. >> nature will show her teeth. stay weather aware. a mild start to the day. first-line across florida. lake eola to the north and east. gorgeous sunrise cannot wait to show it on tv 27. now. temperatures are not bad. we warmed up overnight. we've gone from 50-54 in orlando over the last 2 are split 50 for the villages, temperatures way up. 15-20, 23 degrees warmer than yesterday morning winds are light out of the north but not bringing us cooler air. quickly rinse -- winds will she asked. in advance of the next system. we have been talking about this but another string of showers and storms. waves of energy develop in the
6:40 am
quickly they will race to the peninsula florida late tonight. meme dry today. dry for the daylight hours. i could see spreckels breaking out late in the evening but that will be it overnight into wednesday morning, that is when the first complex showers and storms invade. mild this afternoon and comfortable daytime highs in the low seventies. future track stretching -- sketchy by the morning. showers or storms break out in the southern areas. osceola and brevard county, daybreak. showers and storms live to the north especially on the southern edge. watch for stronger winds and maybe rotation with storms. isolated tornado risk with that and storms look to the north and it is going to be a wet, stormy day. one of those days where we will have waves of energy moving through. showers on and off with embedded storms. the main risk for the severe weather will be fairly early
6:41 am
make sure you stay weather aware in the dark green air, winds over 50 an isolated tornado. those will be the rain -- main threats and also, maureen expected wednesday into thursday. several in many areas in such a flood will have more than 1 inch of rain thursday afternoon. download our wftv weather app get the weather alerts for when you're on the go. five-day forecast, where the weekend is always in view, behind the stormy wednesday and wet thursday, sunshine but cooler weather into the weekend. 6:50 am. checking roads with deneige. >> flashing lights i for wes bentley sam lake road. a crash earlier this morning and they have moved into the side. one troopers out there. make sure you move over if you're heading in that direction. we have emergency road construction and volusia county that has ramps closed. i-4 eastbound ramp to i-95 is closed right now and i-95 southbound to i 4 is close while they work on that. i will point out alternates in the next 10 minutes. a story going viral on social media.
6:42 am
rage and it almost as fast as it started. incredible video. >> reporter: local moms meeting in the capital this morning asking lawmakers to make recess mandatory. coming up at 6:45 how local orange county parents say they are fighting for every kid in the state. orange county couple claims in a mistake by home build their
6:43 am
(singing) i just can't wait to meet you, sweet child you're on the way, i'm filled with expectation, and you're growing everyday...
6:44 am
months from across the state are meeting in tallahassee this morning to send a strong message to lawmakers. they will ask state reps to vacaville making resource mandatory for elementary school students that eyewitness news this morning kimberly eiten is this started as a local movement. >> reporter: nancy, she said orange county moms will be part of the group pushing the mandatory recess bill in the capital today did they want students to have 20 minutes on the playground every day and state representatives about later this morning asking they help make recess part of the daily schedule and elementary schools. researchers on their side showing the benefit of giving
6:45 am
it could could --, at a financial loss at the end result is a longer school day. recess resolution passed last year at the top of the hour, i will explain why that is different from what moms want now and i -- why they say it was a star. live in orange county, completed, eyewitness news this morning. several democratic lawmakers got together at the state capital with hispanic groups to discuss the bills affecting florida's hispanic population big ben democratic hispanic caucuses in favor of the bill that would raise the state minimum wage to $15 an hour. they also support and moved to dedicate $30 million to offer english classes but the group is against a recent house bill defining and ban sanctuary cities. that bill was already past 3 committees and will be taken up by the full changer -- chamber latest. overnight, police in malaysia say 13 bodies believed to be indonesian illegal immigrants washed ashore.
6:46 am
boat capsized in bad conditions and was believed to be carrying 30, 35 people. search and rescue operations are underway. overnight, officials in malaysia have now confirmed a piece of metal found washed up on a beach is not from missing malaysia airlines flight 3 70. a rocket maker said is the likely part of a rocket from japan. the jet presume took crashed in the indian ocean 2 years ago. a story you may be talking about, a violent competition sparked by roadways in the middle of an austin texas street caught on camera. it turned into a "star wars" style fight between a man with a badge and another with a long pole. eyewitness -- eyewitnesses say they made rude gestures from cars and likely the fight died down quickly was the light turned green and both men drove away. present obama said to pitch new proposals expanding access to retirement savings accounts
6:47 am
next month it those proposals will get 30,000,000 people access to retirement savings accounts. increases coming from new legislation requiring employers without retirement plans to workers in individual retirement accounts. losses have been filed against disney by 2 former technology employees. the former workers say walt disney world and were to law i replacing workers with cheaper immigrant labor. the former workers were among 250 tech workers laid off by disney last year. disney said the losses are a misrepresentation of the facts. investors in the us are feeling cautious again this morning after the asian markets took a huge dive overnight. the shanghai stock index dropped more than 6 percent in this comes after all 3 major indexes in the us fell in yesterday's trinity the dow jones finished down 208 points. smp saw a decline of 29 points and the nasdaq dropped 72.
6:48 am
average read self price to the figure 7 game is more than $5000. according to ticket price tracker seat geek. a pair of club seats near midfield heads over $12,000 each. carolina panthers and denver broncos will face offer super bowl 50 in santa clara, california. a close look at the massive renovation me to the daytona international speedway that is ready to state more than 100,000 people. take a look at this time lapse video. the video shot since the beginning of construction and 2013. the final state in the $400 million project with installed last week. universals iconic houck roller coaster is starting to get a new face. of the remodeling began in september last year. it is starting to take shape it these are pictures of the cruise piecing together the revamped model. if fans know where to look the coaster is visible from isles of adventure.
6:49 am
this summer. >> don't hurt yourself trying to peek over to the rock -- the hunk roller coaster. we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. . >> rusty? mild afternoon for us as we get to 74 degrees today dry and fair amount of clouds five-day forecast, where the weekend is always in view, the next el nio storm system early tomorrow morning, 5 am, chance for showers and storms and there is a severe threat with some of those storms and we will keep up close eye on it. download our wftv weather app. stormy day. the rain lingers through wednesday evening into thursday. should be showers on thursday as cooler air filters and hit the sunshine breaks out but by the weekend, morning lows in the forties and highs only in the 6 zeros. 6:59 am. roads with the nation -- deneige cash . >> crash before when i do not looking too many lanes.
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