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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning 530am  ABC  February 1, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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the next couple of days. 78degrees for today, are advertised and he too. running well above average. some clouds and mix with a warm afternoon. we could see a stray straight pop up shower. that would be it. right now, as you are thinking about heading out, 50s and 60s, the kiddos could wear the shorts, you could wear the shorts, that follows the dress code at work. do not get in trouble. 62 orlando and avalon park, 64 as we get through cocoa beach. a few high cloud streaming and otherwise looking okay. it is going to be a beautiful sunrise. volusia county 68 degrees at 10, 73 by the time we hit the lunchtime hours, 76 or 76 around 2 o'clock, temperatures mid to upper 70s for highs near 71 by 6 o'clock. a couple of us could hit 80, kissimmee and st. cloud's about 80, close to 80 in ocala, 77 titusville and merritt island without southwesterly wind at about five-15.
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we will track that and what to expect in the rain bucket over 5:31. a look at some construction now. we have a couple of spots of construction on i-4. this does have one lane blocked off in the area. keep that in mind. and then construction i-4 eastbound on state route 536 we have two lanes blocked off we did just get word that in osceola county us 192 is back open following a fatal crash there. we can also pull up our f-dot the airport that is because right now some big changes are happening at one of the busiest toll plazas in central florida. eyewitness news this morning janai norman is life out there were demolition will start on some of those big changes involve where drivers will be paying tolls. pass you are waking up to an e- mail about the changes there. as of last night, this toll plaza is no longer in service. you can see drivers are still passing through, but overhead
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tolls do not stop. you will save a little time, this morning, driving along state road 528. that is because drivers are no longer stopping to pay at the airport toll plaza. but instead, some pass users will pay $1.88 at the beach line west toll plaza, or you will pay a toll up for new rent pauses. there is good news for drivers taking certain routes to and from boggy creek, and who have deep pass, or sun pass. those drivers can get refunds credited to their accounts for not driving the full distance on the 528 between the turnpike and the airport. 30 minutes ago, we told you this is part of a 32 million- dollar project aiming to ease the congestion for the more than 75,000 vehicles that pass through this plaza each and every day. for all of those drivers, we will keep you updated on the progress of the demolition here. it's expected to wrap up over the next six weeks.
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eyewitness news this morning. developing now, killers on the run this morning after shooting a seminole county teenager. eyewitness news this morning's kimberly eaton reports debbie's astronaut made an arrest. >>reporter:it's been three days and step it is founded teenager hit by gunfire lying in the street, behind us here at central and merritt. the family is holding out hope that someone saw who pulled the trigger. 15-year-old tamar harris was shot and killed in the middle of the afternoon on friday. a crime committed in daylight just feet from homes at the intersection of central america. his mother says it is hard to believe there is not someone, witnessed the shooting. >> i hope and pray that whoever did this to my baby, please come forward. >>reporter:three days later, there still no suspect in custody. seminole county deputies believe harris' killer stood in the street, and shot at the teenager while he was riding in a car. he was found lying outside, after crashed into a telephone
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deputies found he had been hit. >> i am not a fan of the i wish people would stop with put the guns down. >>reporter:with no suspect, and the witnesses, people who live holding their own kids a little bit closer this morning until the killer is caught. checking in with deputies to leads. we will keep you updated as soon as i hear back. reporting in seminole county, kimberly eaton, eyewitness news this morning. a man accused of pointing a gun at cars along 1792 in seminole county is now in jail without bond. smith appeared before a judge yesterday. sanford policed police say crossfire broke out between smith and an officer on friday. one innocent bystander bursar. we found that smith has a criminal history in seminole county he was arrested for drug possession and resisting an officer without violence in 2011 i 2011 and was charged
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>> you are on bond in case number 15 15 cf three for 61 i am revoking the bond. >> smith is expected to appear in court again in march. the first appearance for woman charged with attempted murder was delayed yesterday because she is still recovering from a gunshot wound. orlando police say daniel evans ran her vehicle into a police car then tried to run them over. that is when police shot evans she is also accused of carjacking someone at gunpoint on friday. detectives are ask you for your help to find a teenage girl who has been missing for a week. they say 17-year-old kaylee posey disappeared last sunday night. this is the first time she has been reported for running away from home. her family says kaylee is only lived in ocoee for a short time. investigators say she may be trying to head back to west virginia. you are asked to contact police if you have any helpful information. are now behind bars following the death of a 13-year-old girl.
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old nicole level disappeared three days ago after she climbed out of her bedroom window. detectives found her body, 80 miles away from her home on saturday. investigators believe 18-year- old david eisenhower, an engineering major and trakstar at the college knew her before her death and used his relationship with her to his advantage. >> we saw officers going by, we knew then something had to be bad for all of the officers that we saw. >> police a 19-year-old natalie keepers helped eisenhower get rid of the body. they have not released a motive or details about how eisenhower knew the 13-year-old. investigators are trying to piece together the moments before the university of south florida students fell to student fell to his death at an apartment complex near campus. gainesville police say 20-year- old chance wolf fell six stories early sunday morning. investigators say surveillance cameras of the complex show him leaving a sick story elevator and falling over a partition. police say they do not suspect
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hill sparrow -- hillsboro detectives are searching for 18- year-old anthony bays, and 17- year-old anthony cook escaped sunday morning from the falkenberg academy. the teens escape by cutting a hole in the chain-link fence that surrounds of the record. developing this morning, health officials are meeting today to develop ideas i could stop the spread of a dangerous zika virus for the mosquito borne virus known for causing birth defects has been spreading across north and south and central america in recent months for today, the world health organization will determine if the zika virus should be considered an international health risk. they are trying to find solutions to stop it from spreading. >> we are taking great precautions to make sure that you -- we reduce the mosquito population around here and the reduce your problem -- a probability of getting infected. >> so far the zika virus has affected 37 people in the us. state lawmakers will discuss a bill that could impact voting speed zones put
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safe. they have stayed on the endangered species list as it was created in 1967. last month, the us fish and wildlife officials said they may reclassify them as threatened this year. it will require a possible study to -- senators will meet in tallahassee tomorrow to discuss a bill that would change the state's states adoption laws. adoption agencies can escorts to put children in homes if a new proposal would allow interest parents. the bill is expected to take the senate for tuesday. florida fish and wildlife officials will be out on lake kissimmee to try to get rid of an invasive plan. they will be treating parts of the lake for hydro a. officials say the problem pant is invasive aquatic species that can clog waterways and harm native vegetation. the treatment starts the first week of february, they will not be any restrictions on fishing or swimming.
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traffic every 10 minutes. >> certified meteorologist, weather center nine. we are going to be warming up a >> yes, we are going to be warming up for the next three days. today 78, mix of sun and clouds and tonight, patchy fog still a couple of mild lights on the way ahead of that next front. leesburg tore the villages 78. bushnell, saint catherine and sumter county, marion county upper 70s to near 80. you can see brevard county, cocoa and cocoa and cocoa beach will be running in those mid- 70s. melbourne satellite beach all in the 70s. mid- 70s coastal volusia county right up through flagler county top out around 75 as we get over toward flagler beach. the month ahead, average range to .3 inches, it is still the dry season with that el nio pattern we have been way wetter than average.
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we average about 4 inches of rain next month. coming up, we are going to track our next rain and storms moving in. always really have going on out there right now are some lanes blocked office of construction. fortunately, no classes. one they blocked off for construction there. and in volusia county i-95 northbound right now you have a left lane block. back in the orlando area for 08 have some codes out here blocking off a right-hand lane heading into downtown orlando. keep all of the spots in mind. the california gel, this m orning, coming up i investigators say more people could soon face charges ahead, the hotselling item that has been banned from two social networking sites. build a million-dollar museum
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you will notice a big change driving a along state road 528 this morning were the airport toll plaza is no longer in service. eyewitness news this morning janai norman joins us live from the toll plaza. that is a very busy spot and crews are cruiser going to tear down over the next few weeks? >>reporter:the plan is to make it an easier drive through this toll plaza where you can see there are no express lanes. that can cause some major backups for the more than
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through here every single day. it is part of a 32 million- dollar project to ease some of that traffic congestion. as of last night, the airport toll plaza is no longer in service. instead of paying tolls here, drivers will pay at the beach line west main plaza or out for new ramp clauses. drivers with a sun pass will pay a dollar 88, and a 5:30 i explain how you can get a refund for not driving the full distance on the 528 from the turnpike to the airport. if you use the boggy creek exit you can get $1.09 credited back to your sun pass accounted for all of those drivers who take this route, we will keep you updated as demolition on the airport toll plaza wraps up over the next six weeks. reporting live in orange county, janai norman, eyewitness news this morning. a woman and long what is accused of failing to care for a girl who became the victim of a sexual assault. longwood police arrested walter ambrose earlier this month, investigators say he raped a 13-
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police say jamie failed to protect the girl while she was in her care. ambrose has been charged with sexual battery before, and in o range, seminole and brevard counties. a judge set his bond at more than $15,000. in volusia county, deputy's have identified a man's body found burn near a wooded area in deland. an eyewitness called them saturday after finding malcolm rule near budget in on east york avenue and west of i-4. deputies responded to the very same area because he had been sleeping on a bench and refuse to leave. medical examiner's office is expected to conduct an autopsy today. a fatal crash killed two people in volusia county sunday morning it happen on us one there harper road. state troopers say a driver lost control and rolled over into the median. another driver going the other way pulled over to help, but troopers say a second vehicle hit and killed the good
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the driver who rolled over in a third car. those no word yet weather those drivers will face any charges. first responders and brevard county say a pilot lost control of his air aircraft before took off from the airport. you can see the plane wheels up on a ditch. this crash happened at the merritt island airport on sunday. first responders say the pilot refused treatment part he was the only person in sight. the cause of the crash is still not known. covering orange county, eatonville may have its own african-american history and heritage heritage museum if the mayor's plan gets approval. the proposed $8,000,000.124000 square-foot facility would be built on the side of hunger for prep school. he believes most of the funding of the project should come from the same taurus development tax that help pay for three of orlando's biggest venues. shellback not one dime has been spent on facilities for people of color for tourism. schama he also plans to ask for funding from orange county public schools. the school district told us they were not aware of the new plans. since the property is owned by the school district grant will need to win their approval on
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this. a lot of history and eatonville. that would be cool. winter is kind of over. >> for a few days. kind of up and down, but we do have 80s on the way. >> nice. >> here we go. not much to say about that. looking after the north are using a traffic building on the left-hand side on i-4. 62 now, winds out of the e ast- northeast at about 3 miles per hour. kids can do those shorts for today, and really the next couple of days. 50s and 60s around, 59 deland, 62 clermont, 50s and 60s right along arcos, coco beach 64, it is mild. keep an eye on patchy fog. not a whole lot. a better chance of some fog forming for tonight. there is a satellite and radar picture you can see a few high clouds around and most of the action down to the south today. you get that spill spillover,
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but mainly dried today. just a very tiny, tiny chance of a shower. 68 at 10 a.m. in osceola county, 73 by lunch time, make a run at 80. most of us miss out on about mid to upper 70s for a lot of us for today. this is 9 a.m. this morning a future truck we go through that timeframe for you, you see how we stay primarily dried, a blip or two of green trying to pop up on the map. other than that a good-looking evening hours. a 10% chance, or less of a shower purchase show you what's next, as we hit our wednesday, mainly dry on wednesday, late in the day and shower possible, there's our next front. this one, by the way, will bring severe weather back to the west. for us, it will be a rain and chance of storms by thursday. and then double cola stone on friday. beaches in the 70s, water temp 60, c's-two-3 feet.
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the numbers, a couple of us getting close to 80 degrees today., harmony 80, well into the 70s at the coast. tonight 50s and 60s. as i mentioned earlier, better chance of seeing patchy fog develop. but still a mild night, and then tomorrow we get even warmer ahead of the next front. a better chance of 80s, low '80s around tomorrow and lend, at the coast we will be in the mid to upper 70s. 82degrees for tuesday, our groundhog day in orlando. five day forecast with the we can always of you, you see those changes wednesday clouds increase is that next front i was just showing you approaches a 20% chance of a late shower thursday though, that is when we have a better chance of some rain and storms around. about a 70% chance. temperatures around 74, and it will cool us down by friday. friday temperatures for highs only at 63, and still in the 60s on saturday, sunday, by the way we are thinking about the weekend and really who is not?
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pretty 30% chance of a shower. about half of the models show a bigger storm system. the other half want to stay drive. -- want to stay dry. we are seeing most of the construction clear out. we still have a spot i 94 knife found -- northbound. we can also pull up our camera downtown orlando, i-4 at church, construction crews clear out the last cons. we did have a long i-4 a downtown orlando. right now you are looking pretty good in both directions. ocala police are investigating several shootings around the city. the one clue they say could help connect the suspects to the crime. also volkswagen owners may
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so hay,o i amazg gh ner ulha peed would vehoht atnye ulfi tt do tha make tt o othr y r . right enrit er i codn bie i he waso lpl i kn is ch smalthg litt tng simplehi but me sle madee pp made mda share urto.
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the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today. america runs on dunkin'. we have new details this morning on a deadly shooting over the weekend at a motorcycle expo in denver, colorado. we told you about the brault that led to the saturday shooting. one man was shot and killed, several others were her. officials say the incident happened between the iron order order cycle club and the mongrels called -- club. it is unclear how the fight started, it was a member of the iron order that fire the fatal shot >> you are aware of what goes on here but if you start seeing
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it's time to go. >> that shooter says he fired in self-defense, but police say at least for others also suffered gunshot wounds for they believe there was more than one shooter. so far, no arrest have been made. investigation california working to find out if the three escaped inmates who are now back behind bars have any more help from the outside. so far, 30 so the three inmates got assistance from a teacher who worked in the gel. she allegedly gave the men a google map picture of the jail for they broke up. and repelled down the 50-foot high building. >> we are actively investigating other suspects who might possibly have helped in the escape. >> all three inmates are now being held in separate cells. there are now so new roles from social media giant facebook and instagram for gun sales conducted through their w ebsites. the social networks are now banning all private gun sales. facebook executives say license fire retailers may be able to post about the goods and services. private gun cells from one person to another, that is no
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general motors is launching a new design team dedicated exclusively to developing self driving cars. company officials say gm's own vice president will be the team and its goal is to figure out a strategy to make gm the leader in self driving technology. officials say they want to bring self driving cars out of the concept phase and into something that can start to work in the real world. volkswagen may be buying back some of those diesel cars that they rigged to cheat admissions test. we told you about the german car companies international scandal last year when software was found in their diesel a buyback program may be a solution for some of those cars a compensation fund to determine how much it should pay owners with a decline in their vehicles value. automaker toyota says they will stop vehicle production in japan for six days this month due to a shortage of parts.
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at a still -- still shortage. february 8-13. overseas will not be affected the cuban government has now announced a plan to bring broadband internet service to the island nation. the citizens will soon be able to order home internet service. cuba only recently begun opening began opening wi-fi hotspots to the public in certain areas. it is unclear how much the new service will cost but officials say home internet connections would still be a milestone for cuba. nasa scientists are sure new details on how earth .-dot the moon. >> interesting. researchers took a look at seven moon rocks and compared them to six will come across from hawaii and arizona. scientists believe the moon was formed when a small planet bonded to the earth 4.5 billion years ago and most of the moon
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of the small planet. that is a lot for 5:56 in the morning. new scans from nasa's horizon spacecraft shows pluto has more ice than scientists first thought. the map shows water ice makes up pluto's creston service. experts say part of pluto's icy foundation is well hidden under a blanket of other ice such as methane, nitrogen and carbon monoxide. that is her science lesson for the day. >> you did a good job. >> you are welcome. daytona beach as a police chief said a homeless camp had to be removed from in front of him -- in front of an administration building. goes temperatures today,
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i wish people would stop with these guns. put the guns down. >> right now on eyewitness news this morning a grieving mother looking for answers, what investigators know about the person who shot and killed her 15-year-old sun. it will probably help the traffic pattern. >> why a major change on the 408 can be good news for drivers this morning. >> it will impact a lot of people.
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