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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning 530am  ABC  February 2, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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5:30 am a live look of sorts switching gears. it is muggy and we have fog. we do we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. , deneige broom watching the roads. >> beginning with brian >> springlike. we have fog, 60s around in spots and through the day 80s will return for most of us even if you 80s possible. 83 today after the thick morning -- morning fog. we will get a mix of sun and clouds dense fog advisory for all of us this morning across central florida. sometimes it is just one spot dealing with the fog but all of us have it nearby. if you're making a commute taking your kids to school, chances are you will at least wanted to something in visibility is around one quarter of a mile.
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50s and 60s around it 62 degrees, samford lake mary, castleberry waterford lakes union park temperatures around 64. st. cloud, kissimmee harmony, holopaw near 60, 64 melbourne palm bay through sharps and vera. there is some low clouds -- level cloud cover and through the day once we lose the fog, we will warm-up and this is along the coast. titusville, 73 at noon and 74 at 2:00 but in lead, we will have 80s. we will be warmer. we will track the temperatures city by city ahead and how long the fog is with us and get into the next front that will move in a couple fronts of the 5:31 am. looking at the 417. 417, we have fog lower visibility through here at boggy creek, no major issues having spots of construction but does not look like the fog or construction has started to cause delays at this point.
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at satellite boulevard. this is causing power lines to be down in the roads. at this point you cannot get through the intersection so we're working on alternates and i have that update in 10 minutes. too close to call who won the democratic race in iowa. >> on the republican side, ted cruz was the decisive winner. eyewitness news this morning to janai norman is joining us live breaking down how the rest of the republican race went and some candidates are calling it quits. >> reporter: candidates on both sides, mike huckabee and martin omalley are bowing out of the race entirely after low returns in iowa. other candidates like florida senator. marco rubio, he finished better than expected >> through the early morning hours it was too close to say whether hillary clinton or bernie sanders edged out a win by a thin margin. but on the other side, republican presidential candidate ted cruz could confidently celebrate his big
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>> day of rage of the conservative say yes we can. >> 30 minutes ago, we told you heading into monday, donald crews. trump finishing 2nd and rubio taking a close 3rd place. >> this is the moment they said would never happen. for months, they told us we have no chance. >> reporter: candidates are looking ahead and to the east where new hampshire will hold the country's first primary next week. chris christie is already in new hampshire as rick santorum focuses on south carolina. we will let you know as soon as official results come in for sanders and clinton in iowa here on the air. although the iowa caucus was held last night, social media site facebook already had insight in whom voters are leaning toward. facebook tracked online conversations about residential candidates. donald trump has more than 180,000 mentions in more than
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ted cruz takes 2nd place for most talked about campaign updates on facebook with 40,000 votes and marco rubio has more than 21,000 mentions. the deq director caught on camera abusing a 4-year-old boy is sitting in a lake county joe. eyewitness news this morning kimberly eiten found it is not her first arrest. emily, she's never been in >> reporter: she's been arrested for grand theft and fraud but nothing like the abuse her coworkers told police has been going on for 3 weeks inside this clermont day care. investigators say the woman in charge of children's palace day care center is the same one caught on the cellphone video throwing a child to the ground. 41-year-old kimberly reed is still behind bars this morning after police got their hands on a recording taking by one of coworkers. >> is disturbing to watch a video like that and makes you. to your stomach almost to think someone could do something like that to a 4-year-old child.
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tried to defend heard the hitter as rough play but officers were not buying it. charges. we found read already on probation for of 2004 welfare fraud case in 2012 grand theft court records show she was accused of stealing from another day care. as for children's palace, it is closed yes dcf says the owner plans to give per license and sell the business. >> i would not want anybody to bring their kids here now. at all. >> reporter: as for the 4-year- old in the video we are told he is doing fine. yesterday investigators said they didn't have any other victims and we are asking parents who suspected that child could have been harmed to come forward and we are checking back in with police to see if anyone has. lake county, kimberly eiten, eyewitness news this morning. police emily and i still try to figure out if the rights and fight at a middle school were gang-related. monday, additional police patrolled campus after a threat of a shooting circulated on social media.
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their kids were attacked in a fight on friday. they believe the same group is behind the threat. >> you come to school to learn not to fight. that is it. >> the school's principal explains students were sent to class in a static -- staggered group to avoid large crowds in the campus courtyard. polk county superintendent accused of questionable behavior at work is clear of any wrongdoing. we told you superintendent catherine leroi was investigated by an outside firm over complaints made by associate superintendent greg rivers. leroi made several sexual passes at in these epic rivers told investigators leroi tailored a job position in order to hire a former lover. investigators say the person never even applied for the job and claimed leroi did not do anything illegal. developing this point seminole county deputy say they hope an interview with a person of interest will leave until gunman who shot and killed a 15- year-old boy last week. investigators say tamar harris
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mother's car on central street in altamonte springs on friday. deputy say there were other people in the car with harris shooting. his mother is pleading for the killer. >> i need to know who do this to my son. i need to know the truth. >> the mother said her son was listening to music in her car when he took off without her consent and investigators would not say how the person they are case. the tax collectors of his and brevard county is at the center of it investigation and fraudulent florida drivers licenses. >> 2000 people were given licenses without having to take a test investigators are arrest -- arrested employed at the office and some drivers were allegedly given answers to chest by one of the suspects. that should never happen. should be properly identified.
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suspect was getting paid but they have not said why the other or how the other was involved in both are facing charges including fraud. nearly 3 years ago something similar happened in osceola county. employee at a tax collector's office accused of issuing more than 200 valid drivers licenses after they knowingly accepted fake documents. federal investigators say some of the licenses allegedly went to convicted felons. many bogus documents used were from the u.s. virgin islands. flawed economic agents say they want state lawmakers to gave money to support teams across miami in jacksonville. submitting proposals monday asking for money to support building stadiums for several professional sports teams across the state. a proposal submitted last year asking for $255 million but house republicans opposed the efforts. officials finally released more than 2000 new pages of evidence almost one year after a deadly amtrak train crashed in philadelphia. transportation investigators say brandon boston was the engineer in the train that derailed back in may 2015.
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speed limit. the crash killed 8 people in document show that although he barely remember the accident, he cooperated with investigators. officials say a probable cause of the crash is expected later this spring. flight michigan's entire water distribution system will be tested by the state department of investment -- varmint equality. agents will determine if water is safe enough to drink at homes, schools and restaurants across the city. the city switched from detroit city water to water from the flint river back in 2014 to save money but the water was not properly treated. let from the pipes contaminating it putting poisoning. the marion county fire department investigative o'clock and are the to burst into flames monday afternoon. from fire-rescue. you can see hardly anything left of the rv. 94th avenue, bellevue next to a home which also caught fire . no one hurt. 5:39 am. every 10 minutes.
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brian shields in severe weather center 9 we have fog ask tracking fog and a warm day on the way. go with shorts. 7 am, dark shading, lot of area of dense fog over the next 2-3 hours and not until 10:00 where see clearing skies. we can walk clouds in the afternoon so if you have fog and most do, it could stick around for a while. after that, warm today 82 celebration, kissimmee st. cloud harmony kenansville in the low 80s, apopka the winter garden, stoneybrook west. checking in at 81 today. oviedo, aloma was, 83. castleberry, redbook lake road, orange city deltona 81 today and 80s around by deland mainly dry, a pop-up shower is possible later but coming up another el nio-like storm system and tracking 2 fronts on the way when rain and storms will move in. 5:40 am deneige.
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pkwy. you have a crash as satellite boulevard a crash as satellite blvd., taft violent will be your alternate. power lines are in the road. semi boulevard crash, not a complete road block a partial road block and because of construction at cimmaron boulevard, northbound and southbound traffic is being diverted onto aloma avenue while they get the roadwork cleared out. leaders a seminole county have come up with a plan to keep the lakes and rivers clean. the proposed ordinance that will monitor the plan -- plants that keep -- homeowners keeping yards. numerals for auto mechanics ahead while new regulations could keep them from repairing a growing number of cars. a local manager said he
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oh-oh, oh-oh oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-ooh, oh hearts are made for sharing. spread some sweetness with dunkin' donuts' cookie dough and brownie batter donuts. heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share. america runs on dunkin'. 54 5 4 am ted cruz celebrating his big win in iowa. donald trump was edged out for first place. janai norman is contained to check out the democratic results. right now it is literally a tie. >> reporter: i just checked the latest results again. right now there is one precinct in i was still not reporting results in at the moment hillary clinton and bernie sanders both have 50 percent of votes a statistical tie. it remains to be seen which of
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walk away from iowa with bragging rights. on the republican side, marco rubio exceeded expectations, finishing in a close 3rd place behind donald trump we told you at 5:30 martin omalley and mike huckabee are both bowing out of the race. for the rest of the candidates, it is onto new hampshire with the first primary will be held on monday. in orange county, some school district officials want to shut down plans to build 2 new schools and they say there is no room for 2 proposed charter schools in avalon park. the developer is still planning to break ground in april for the first school despite the districts push to stop him. the orange county school district expected to present concerns to county commissioners later this month. close to 400 teachers began chanting shame on you to volusia county school board members as they voiced concerns over a bargaining meeting at deland high school. we told you teachers in the district have not reached a salary agreement but the
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raise for teachers a new health benefits will force them to pay more money out-of-pocket. night. daytona beach city officials are asking residents to donate to homeless assistance programs. we told you about how dozens of homeless people can't outside of the property appraiser's building and daytona beach for 44 days. but camp shut down the government office briefly located the camp over concerns of inappropriate activity. the website has a link for anyone to donate. so far more than $100,000 has been raised. a mental osceola county said he was turned away from a local hospital after he said he needed a tubercular told that tuberculosis test it is a retired officer developing black lung from september 11. friday he was not feeling well and doctor sentenced to get tested because it was concern he may have a strain of tuberculosis. he says they want to think about regional medical center and says he was escorted out when he told the staff why he was there.
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cannot really test for that here. this is the doctor telling me that we cannot test for that here. can you wait until monday? >> so they sent him home without knowing if he had a tv. the hospital could not comment on the case citing privacy laws as of monday smith did not receive a call back from anyone at the hospital. a business is a cloud is pulling down the sign after residents complained it was too bright. >> a lonely billboard led display some neighbors say is too bright. we checked code enforcement who said the sign was in a commercial zone i was not breaking any rules. despite not violating laws the business manager said -- set the side to a dimmer setting at night. >> we have agents that live in st. cloud and absolutely, it is important for us to be -- to have happy neighbors ask all is well. the general manager offered to purchase blackout occurs -- currents for a resident who
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he has not heard back almost a blackout with the fog. >> a good tie-in. >> anchor school. >> he has a masters in anchor school. >> [laughter] there is a camera, this is over lake eola, 65 and call. sunup 7:13 am. 6:05 am. this is why the fog visibility has dropped 15 minutes over villages. watch by the bus stop calm conditions and it will sit for a few hours before it gets mixing out. 50s, 60s around this morning, 64 orlando, 60 in kissimmee. warm and fog and volusia flagler pretty much everywhere dealing with thick fog.
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elementary, 77 at lunchtime and another warm day today and warmer in spots. low 80s around by the time we hit 2:00. future track, 9:00, you see fog but it breaks up and 9, 10, 11 o'clock and this afternoon mix of sun and clouds and still dry, a sliver of a chance of a shower if you are coming to work on your bicycle, you may run into one or 2 but a better chance of rain thursday. into thursday and by thursday rain and storms getting set to move in throughout the day. that will cool us down friday. air temperatures in the 70s at the beaches 50s and 60s seas 2 to 3 feet today. 83,. morning fog and warmer and the villages ocala back 84 in the 70s along the coast all of us dealing with the warmth. 60's on the way tonight. patchy fog and we get warmer tomorrow ahead of the next front. tomorrow, a slight chance of an
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in orlando, on wednesday, in. five-day forecast, where the weekend is always in view, highlighting thursday and sunday. days to watch the thursday rain chance 70 percent, rain and temperatures around 76 and behind thursday, the front, we will cool down on friday. 65 clearing out and a chilly start with 40s and 50s and saturday back up to 70 in between storm systems. sunday, like i was talking yesterday, trending letter, 60 percent chance of rain on sunday and still 60s way. i expect changes that we are wet for the 2nd half of the weekend. 5:50 am, tuesday morning drive with a crash, deneige. >> central florida pkwy. satellite boulevard and because of the crash, take taft violent
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down in the area and we have another crash cimmaron boulevard at curry ford partial road block., 429 near 441 pulling up to show you fog that brian was talking about free drive in it has not caused issue at this point to slow down and get yourself extra time nancy? new smyrna beach city officials are hoping to go back on the number of times the have to raise the bridge on the north causeway. the bridge opens 3 times every hour right now between 7 am-70 a. city leaders have requested the coast guard scale that back to just twice per hour every half-hour. hundreds amelia county students expected to return to class following a shooting threat. coming up the fight investigators say started it all. why so hay,o i amazg gh ner ulha peed would vehoht atnye ulfi tt do tha make tt o othr y r . right enrit er i codn bie i he waso lpl i kn is ch smalthg
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madee pp made mda share urto.
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news the remember jessica the crew members of the columbia space shuttle. yesterday the 13th anniversary of the columbia disaster. the total disaggregated during reentry over texas killing all 7 astronauts on board. the orbiter was minutes away from landing. a two-year investigation found the cause of the tragedy originated from the launch a piece of insulation broke off, punching a hole in the shuttles left wing and no one knew it was there and to columbia --
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spear and can report. a man of volusia county may face up to 35 years in prison for running down a woman and horse with his truck. investigators are the incident happened last year in orange county and they say christopher todd allegedly drove into a group of horseback rides users -- one of the and yelled a racial slur. one woman was hit on horseback and fatally wounding her horse. todd pled no contest to several charges and sentencing has not been schedule. orange county man convicted of second-degree murder for killing a bouncer in downtown orlando has now had his conviction overturned. investigators say craig that house stabbed milton torres to death at the lodge bar to protect his brother during a fight in 2011. yesterday the 5th district court of appeals ruled san house should be resentenced on a lesser charge of manslaughter. the court said he did not kill out of hatred or spite which were requirements for 2nd degree murder. new plan to keep seminole
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can also find residents who remove aquatic vegetation. considering an ordinance that will plan -- ben owners from removing the vegetation that filters and cleans water. the county will monitor homeowners and find them hundreds of dollars if they don't comply. the proposed ordinance is still under a revision. which a group representing auto mechanic say the new rules in some vehicles will prevent private mechanics from doing their jobs. the rules aim to keep hackers out of your cars computers. federal regulators approving hackers can take partial control of some vehicles wi-fi access it left unsecured. the auto care association says the new rules prevent their members from accessing diagnostic data and that is costing business. once you take away the choice, price goes up and becomes less convenient to report -- perform repairs. >> the new federal rules have not yet been released. fans of chipotle, listen. federal investigators say the
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the cdc has been monitoring the food chain says the outbreak and says there has been no reported illnesses from chipotle's food since december 1. the outbreak sickened dozens of customers in several states and no deaths reported the source of the outbreak is unknown. brevard counties schools have banned all tobacco products including cigarettes, e-cigarette, and anything that may resemble of tobacco product that it does not just apply to students and teachers but also parents and they also say the ban will include district offices and all off-campus school events. a central florida minting company will once again create the coin used in the super bowl coin toss the sunday. they say the coins for super bowl 50 will look different. >> the gold coin created by the highland mint in melbourne for the first time the super bowl logo will be on the head size and the local of the carolina panthers and denver broncos will be on the tail side. orion cool -- orion crew module at the space center.
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before going on the first journey to mars. it's been watched hundreds of thousands of times online, a disturbing cell phone video showing the director of this day care throwing a child. watching the cameras, thick fog downtown orlando,
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