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tv   Eyewitness News 4  ABC  February 2, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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behind this fence when they had an encounter but it did not explain what the encounter was. >> it's horrible tea. >> reporter: jason is discussing about the allegations 2 students beat up a homeless man and believes that kids should be charged as adults. >> i mean they should get punished how everybody else gets punished. >> reporter: at first police believe the students were the victims. the district even sent out a robocall. >> law enforcement is investigating an encounter number 2 students had with a stranger on their way to school this morning. >> they told police they were walking to school on the costa dry when a homeless man grabbed her phone and . one of them while they tried to fight them on the this afternoon the police figured out the kids lied . >> if they don't learn for the first one they will do it and do it for students names are not public unless they are charged with a felony and we are working to find out how old they are.
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it's not clear if he is okay. the school says this is strictly a law enforcement matter because it happened off- campus. we are asking what kind of charges these kids could be facing. reporting in orlando, orange county, tim barber, channel 9, eyewitness news grief counselors on hand today as a brevard county has go dealt with the loss of a popular teacher. center cook talk math at rockledge high school and a recent nominee for teacher of the year. her body was discovered in her melbourne home yesterday. police believe her estranged husband broke into the home, killed her and took his own life the couple was in the middle of a divorce. in volusia county, a fire so bad that this is all that is left of a mobile home in a deland neighborhood janine reyes said people inside were able to make it out but they told you-based felt something suspicious have been going on prior to the fire. >> reporter: according to the woman who rents this place, number of the people who were here when the fire sparked actually live here.
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started, they went running down the street. >> i got -- just got here i saw smoke, and all of a sudden the fire just came out. >> reporter: video neighbors part of a powerful fire consuming a mobile home trailer. in it you hear something crackling from what looks like a side window. >> it could be anything pretty much everything on fire pops eventually. >> reporter: the cause of the fire is not yet known tonight. the fire marshal plan submitted dog out here to advanced -- help with the investigation and those in the home at the time say they do not live here. one woman reported the fire crews she was getting a tattoo inside when she heard what sounded like an explosion. all the people in the home made it out safely. the woman who lives here says her friends. will did not survive the fire crews found his remains. so met they were screaming and one of them was saying the dogs in here. >> it was wanted to present
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>> reporter: neighbors tell us they often saw people hanging out in this area. some in that tent in the back that is still standing tonight. it does seem deputies have been called out here quite debate in the last few months. i'm going to the calls for service now. you tonight at 5:00. live in volusia county, janine news. right now police -- things are back to normal at the orlando social security offices where employees had to be evacuated leave cars and -- along cimmaron boulevard at 9:30. someone called 911 to report a suspicious package. a police officer monitoring the scene told us it was a box of some sort and investigators say they found a homeless man who owned the box saying -- and the scene was cleared. a man in court fighting for part of a million-dollar lottery won by his ex- girlfriend howard browning claim the couple went out to ticket. he says the pair verbally agreed to split the the together.
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she bought the ticket and the couple was not together because she was actually engaged to another man. >> he said the agreement was effective as long as they were together and the evidence is clear they were not together. >> on the witness stand today several teachers who work with porier testified she was engaged to another man weather ticket was purchased. we will watch to see how this plays out. it has been a passionate mission for some orange county mothers and now a little more than 1 hour ago, state house education subcommittee approved a bill making recess mandatory for elementary school statewide. the bill requires 20 minutes of free play each day. opponents argued mandatory recess would hurt instructional time or that districts would have to spend more money to extend the school day for the next the 20 minutes. however, when mother pointed out that state mandates only equal up to 5 hours of instruction while most schools have a 6 have a 7 hour school day. that was time for recess.
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provides critical, physical and mental benefits of the students. >> negotiations skills, cooperation skills, it helps them in learning to be able to come back and focus in the classroom. >> recess does not cost one penny picks except the enormous cost to our children when they do not get it. >> that bill is being backed by 2 local representatives. the bill heads to the full house education committee. we will watch a next week to see whether bluejeans get to stay on a new school uniform policy been written by the school board in volusia county. many parents have not been thrilled with the initial proposal which made students wear long or short sleeve white oxford shirts and black denim pants. last week the board approved adding bluejeans but now board members want to visit the idea. we will let you know what they decide to vote on next tuesday. 2 controversial gun sales hitting the house floor in tallahassee. weather watching them closely. one bill will allow concealed weapons permit holders to carry
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the other will let permitted owners carry guns in public places. florida is only one of 5 states that does not allow people to openly carry guns in some form these bills are expected to passable house. the first votes are done and other presidential race heads to the next round of primaries in new hampshire and last night was full of surprises yes it was. there was a decade on the democratic side. florida candidate broke into the top 3 on the republican side. channel 9 anchor george estevez following what the candidates are not doing today and sometimes not coming in first is just a significant. >> reporter: bernie sanders who 9 months ago was a virtual unknown came in 2nd and marco rubio u.s. senator from florida made his own statement coming in 3rd period -- 3rd. 's back got blessedly state of our. >> reporter: high drama is the first votes cast in the 2016 presidential election. >> iowa has sent notice that the republican nominee and the next president of the united states will be chosen by we the
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>> reporter: cruz -- cruz trumped trump despite his lead in iowa. >> i want to congratulate him. i think i might buy a farm yet he spent millions of dollars out of his own pocket to get votes in iowa but no time to reflect on that now. new hampshire's next week. >> we will go on to easily beat hillary are bernie or whomever they put. >> headline out of iowa, trump has competition from not one centered what to. marco rubio finished in a strong third-place. tonight we have taken the first step but an important step toward winning the election. >> reporter: democrats not as cut and dry as the count went on all night with clinton and bernie sanders neck and neck. >> as i stand here tonight breathing a big sigh of relief, thank you, iowa. >> i'm proud we are bringing a lot of young people all over this country into the political process. >> reporter: some precincts
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by its office of the coin. hillary clinton pulled out with point. 9 months ago clinton had a 40 percent lead over sanders who the democratic party. as a florida, it was quite the contrast between 2 of our favorites, senator who won bait and a former governor who tanked i will spend the next hour reviewing jeb bush and marco rubio's next steps with our political expert and an update for you on eyewitness news at 5. vanessa? investigators are try to figure out will cost a single engine plane registered out of merritt island to nosedive in the ocean near miami today. behind me you can see the shape of the small plane through the crystal clear waters. authorities say the later go off a marathon in the florida keys. the 19 and 20-year-old on board were flight students from south america. eyewitnesses say they were able to get out of the plane, swim to shore weather were met by lifeguards. the plane is registered to a company called growl inc. take a close look at the plane
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lawmakers in tallahassee i was again debating whether to get millions of dollars in funding for 3 florida stadiums including the just renovated daytona international speedway. the department of economic opportunity says proposals from the speedway, jacksonville jaguars, and miami dolphins are eligible for state funds. in total asking for $181 million. last spring house republicans opposed a similar proposal ended up forcing the owner of the orlando city professional soccer club to build a new stadium all with private money. the same group of lawmakers is expected to oppose the idea again this year and we will state on top and let you know what happens. was it a 44 days for volusia county leaders to get the homeless problem under control officers were actually can't out with an undercover. >> what was the purpose? >> to find out what was going on yet crimes police they were happening regularly at the camp public school teachers
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whole but orange county sought a drop of nearly 80 percent and teacher performance ratings. ahead we went to the teachers union to find out why. you may want to think twice about having even a single drink at happy hour and driving home. why it could land you in jail at the country's top transportation leader has his way.
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the legal blood alcohol limit is .08 but what if it were lower. representatives on the national transportation safety board were in orlando to push that very recommendation that many of you first read about last week on wftv's facebook page. mike manzoni is live in
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you talk with today that a lower blood alcohol level was actually a good idea? >> reporter: i spoke with several people here in downtown outside the bars and they say they would not be opposed to it the ntsb says it wants to lower the blood alcohol content level down from .08 which is in all 50 states down 2.05 and the reason is simple, it will save lives. ntsb says alcohol is to blame for one third of all highway deaths nationwide and says it is time to change that to stop so many people from dying on our roads. the fed started pushing to lower the legal blood alcohol limit 3 years ago back in 2013 but the decision is ultimately up to state legislatures and so far, only hawaii has considered a bill that would lower the limit and that has not made it out of committee. we talked to a handful of people we could not find one person downtown who did not think lowing the limit at least had some upsides.
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i don't think people should drink when they drive. supported to lloyd. it's -- us low as possible. >> a lower 8, downsides i don't see anything. at the pepsi -- upside was be people thinking twice before the on the road gets ntsb says the -- supporting that and research shows 63 percent of americans actually favor the blood alcohol levels limit going down at least somewhat from .08. i reached out to orlando police and florida highway patrol for a comment and they both homey it would not comment on it and said they will continue to enforce dui laws but as far as making those laws are changing them, that is up to state legislatures and they say they will leave it up to them for that. coming up and 5, ntsb says it is important to keep you safe
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live in downtown orlando, mike news. a bill aiming to continue to get special protection and -- manatees moving closer to becoming law. house subcommittee voted to pass the manatees the zone bill calling for an independent study from boating around the native species. the bill will have to be passed on the house floor and the senate to become law. it is a reaction to an effort by state wildlife officials to down grade manatees that is from a danger to threatened. the changes coming apart because the states manatee population is climbed to more than 6000 members a hearing about the change will happen orlando february 20. it is set for 3:00 at the bonavista falasco minton senter. to iss crewmembers are prepping for a spacewalk tomorrow morning. part of the mission is to retrieve a science experiment that tested how biological sample survived in space. this is video from the last spacewalk when a leak in the spacesuit caused problems for astronaut. tomorrow the russian cosmonauts will install special devices that will make it easier for crews to work during future
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water in a helmet is not a good thing. >> heat index graphic. >> 83 today? >> 83 so far. heat index, not 90 as it was on new year's day that -- >> but it's february . a front is rolling through. opposite side of things, 81 degrees in downtown orlando. 78 and deltona and an easterly breeze and brisk. should die down later. giving us a chance for late- night fog and cooler water temperatures mainly in the 60s giving us cooling impact along the beaches, 75 palm coast and new smyrna, 70s through the south and we are holding at 81 degrees in orlando. yes heat index is 87 in winter haven. humidity and temperature factored in. this is in the shade so that is
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out in the sunshine at 10-15 degrees. we call that the skin temperature. right now the winds out of the east and they will gradually subside giving us some patchy late night fog or low clouds. a lot of this this morning so it will be something we will keep an eye on. winds are up precluding fog tonight but in the western zones with less wind and dying after midnight tonight with mild temperatures, 66 semi, 65 used as an and after, a full 15 degrees warmer than normal for this time early february fog later tonight as well for seminole county, 65 winter springs over by the high school and uptown altamont, toward oviedo and into geneva along state road for 60 we will be on the warm side -- stable 46, on the warm side 60s in patchy fog and one day tomorrow not only here but along the coast and we
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to near 80 degrees in historic downtown melbourne, 75 are you orlando. we will watch rainfall on the northern front which is coming from the storm system. series of tornado watches watching this el nio winter storm system to the north. for us we will see a slight chance for a shower tomorrow. mainly just a quick shower along the coast in the morning and then a sea breeze in february of all things. that's how out of whack the calendar is with the weather. bringing an isolated shower in the day but thursday is the next best chance for rain. 9 am, watching brian shields again at noon and we will have some heavy thunderstorms coming on by. that will be a flight chance for severe thunderstorm and we will monitor that although i think the highs threat for severe weather will already bypass us with the storm to the north what you can clearly see pretty good rainfall moving through later in the day on thursday. so you may want to head out to want to the beaches. daytona, upper 70s. 2:00 in the afternoon. tonight -- 45 by the weekend here's a five-day forecast. extended lookahead it there is
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always in view, 84 for tomorrow. and we have rain likely and gusty thunderstorms again on thursday and friday looks fantastic. lows in the 40s forecasted. over the weekend, more issues and another storm system. and more rain is possible for super bowl sunday. a lot more coming up in the next half-hour. despite a demolition, plans for a k-8 school at the site of the old audubon park elementary will be delayed for one year. ahead of 4, the problems underneath the ground on these baseball fields that will cost taxpayers. a huge decrease in the number of orange county teachers who scored as highly effective on their state performance reviews. next, why the teachers union says 80 percent of its teachers came in so much lower. and many of you first saw the jaw-dropping video on our facebook page yesterday. investigators say it shows a day care director body slamming a child. >> we was surprised she was able to work.
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ahh... yeah! ahh... ahh... ah. you probably say it a million times a day. ahh... ahh! ahh... ahh! but at cigna, we want to help everyone say it once a year. say "ahh". >>ahh... cigna medical plans cover one hundred percent of your in-network annual checkup. so america, let's go. know. ahh! and take control of your health. cigna. together, all the way. school district across florida found out how well the states are thinking teachers are doing
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ranked highly effective dropped by almost 8 percent in orange county. 1014 asked the teachers union why the union was the only one in central florida to see scores plummet. >> more than 80 percent of the district teachers got a highly effective ranking from the state but this year only 2 percent.that score and the union tells me it's all because of the decision made at the district level. >> my initial reaction was told you so. >> reporter: mike mitchell says the latest evaluations from the state do not reflect the quality of the district teachers. >> this change resulting in everyone going down to only effective is disrespectful. >> reporter: there are a lot of pieces to the puzzle when it evaluation. one of those pieces is what they call deliberate practice. it serves as a type of improvement plan that teachers put together for themselves and in the past it was treated like extra credit for the teacher scores in orange county. this year the district said that work should be included in the evaluation and not treated as extra credit. that's why mitchell says this
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teachers were ranked highly effective. when you before it was 81.2 percent >> we told the district this would be the result was 97 percent vintages were considered affected but only teachers considered highly effective are eligible to apply for the controversial best and brightest scholarship, which is $8500 for teachers last year. >> teachers in the union are against the bonus program. however, if it is going to exist, they shot of a bear shot at it >> reporter: we at the spokes wasn't what the evaluation works like. they delivered practice like they used to like more than extra credit reporting in orange county, tran 14, channel 9 eyewitness news. other districts in our area so small or moderate drops in the numbers of highly effective teachers and a volusia county, the number increased. we also took a look at the statewide my numbers and almost all of a florida public school teachers aren't solid evaluations for the 2014-15 school year. according to the florida department of education annual
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percent of the states teachers aren't effective or highly effective ratings. nearly 38 percent of teachers earned the highest readings, less than 1 percent receiving the lowest ratings. comedian bill cosby was back in court today. >> had a poor why his lawyers say the comedian should never have been charged even though he admitted in a death -- women. a local veterans advocate himself. >> just compromising my health for money . >> now he says the healthcare he is getting from the va is not cutting it daytona beach police chief says his hands were tied for more than one month while the homeless camped out at a county office building and it got bigger and bigger. next, the serious crimes he now
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for 44 days the homeless camped out at these volusia county
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tried to get answers from county and city leaders and even police. >> have you heard of any kind of specific plans at all? >> it came to an end last friday. new this hour, we are finally learning about all of the crime undercover officers say is happening at the camp in plain sight. out there reporting to be homeless and made a buck out of it. >> daytona beach police chief mike chitwood says his officer spotted everything from drug sales, prostitution. >> it came to an end last friday when we showed you these images behind the of police hauling away some of the homeless in handcuffs. steve barrett spoke with chief chitwood and he says there was a lot going on at this camp that many did not know about. >> reporter: i also talked to those undercover officers who were can't out here for days and they told me they did not want to talk on camera for obvious reasons but only a lot of folks that were cleared out
4:26 pm
appeared to be the -- the. >> if you refuse to leave you will be arrested under the camping ordinance. >> reporter: by the time they cleared, to undercover officers embedded with the group said it had descended into a den of and extortion. police chief might chitwood spoke on behalf of his officers blown. >> during the daytime when the media was there, we had this woe is me, we need to help the homeless. and when the news of man that stands pulled away and internet pastor when at home, it became a nefarious activity going on. you heard about prostitution and drug dealing and beat downs and shakedowns. >> officers tell me that by night, they were beatings, prostitutes offered up in the backseat of cars and that most of those sleeping on sidewalks actually had plenty of money for booze and drugs. >> people are not homeless that when out there purporting to be
4:27 pm
>> a regular practice was for gang numbers to offer free drugs only to demand money later and beat down those who did not want to pay up according to the undercover officers, most of the people at plenty of money. >> that money to pay. a lot of the folks collect in the building and collect social security and a lot of them are panhandling making hundreds and hundreds of dollars per day. >> those officers who were sleeping here on the sidewalk with the supposedly homeless folks actually said they saw a lot of times -- crimes being committed but they were not a lot of arrested coming up in one hour i will explain why some of those crimes even though they witnessed them those cases. and daytona beach, steve news. sbi agents have now joined the investigation into the lead contaminated water that threaten to poison the city of flint, michigan. this is video from today showing the first businesses
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private donors are helping to provide up to 10 cases per day for restaurants and bars. and 2014, the city switched water sources to save money but the river water was not being treated properly. investigators have not set a criminal or even civil charges could be filed in flint, michigan. for months, comedian bill cosby has been denying accusations that he sexually assaulted any women and today his lawyers try to get the charges against him dismissed. >> the former district attorney who chose not to prosecute cosby more than one decade ago was a key witness for the defense today. martie salt has been following the story. martie, cosby's lawyers hope the former da would get the meter off the. >> they did. bill cosby did not -- former district attorney who took the stand for the defense wasted no time confirming that he cut a deal with cosby because he saw some problems that could have severely hurt the case in court the former district attorney bruce castor was the one on the witness than today.
4:29 pm
there was a strong criminal case against the comedian and 2004. castor cited red flags in the case including the fact that the accuser first contacted police one year after the alleged assault. pastor confirmed an oral agreement made that said cosby would not be charged if he testified in a civil suit. but the current fda maintains because the deal was not in writing or approved by a judge, it is not binding. attorney gloria allred in court to california for another civil case involving cosby called the defense's arguments nonsense yes i find it a littlbe ironic that mr. cosby is -- would seek to exclude evidence that he in fact gave quaaludes to women when that was his testimony because he want -- does he want to exclude the truth? >> days before the statute of limitations set to expire, the embattled comedian was charged
4:30 pm
assaulting former temple university employee andrea constand at his pennsylvania home. the prosecutor says the charges stem from cosby's own deposition, cosby admitted he had a number of affairs and got quaaludes to get women he wanted to have sex with and he gave constand benadryl at his home. he said was for her allergies. of the dozens of woman accusing cosby of sexual assaults, this is the only criminal case filed against him and cosby has denied all of the allegations. vanessa? of new bill moving through the florida senate can help keep rape victims from having to face their accused attackers again. they will allow the gibson testified via closed-circuit television are behind a 2 way mirror. the bill was unanimously approved by the senate criminal justice committee yesterday. a 2nd bill that will place additional regulations on abortion clinics it just past the house panel. we are told the proposal will also address issues related to public funding of women's healthcare and the sale or donation of fetal tissue. supporters say the bills ultimate goal is to look out
4:31 pm
opponents argue florida has bigger healthcare problems. lawmakers should be taking care of instead. a.t.f. agents say they foiled a possible terror attack be implanted in a tampa area home. >> the feds began investigating 24-year-old michael raymo's this weekend and discovered he had made antigovernment remarks in the past agents got a search warrant for his home and yesterday they found 7 pipe bomb along with an ak-47, 45 caliber pistol, and bomb making materials. >> he lived in a duplex. anybody within a 50 foot radius would have been either severely injured or killed if it went off. >> ramos is scheduled to be back in court tomorrow. possession of explosive devices. to this hour from brevard county, local veterans advocate says he is the one who is now looking for help. >> the founder of the national veterans homeless support group says he is not getting the care that he needs from the va outpatient clinic in the era. melanie holt spoke with george
4:32 pm
spokeswoman tells you someone will reach out to taylor. >> privacy issues prevent the va from talking to me about taylor but i was told today that someone will be contacting him directly. >> reporter: as the founder of the national veterans homeless support group, george taylor is used to advocating for others but now the disabled vietnam veteran says he's being forced to fight for himself the >> i have asked for 8 or 9 months for a referral because by cancer is back, knows. -- back on my face. i thought endlessly to get dental and i have partials i'm carrying around in my truck. >> reporter: he tells me he is also dealing with breathing and foot problems not to mention ptsd. taylor says he was getting excellent care at the beer outpatient clinic but that changed roughly one year ago when he was placed under the care of a new patient group it after that, he says his health declined along with his treatment options. >> my concern is what are we doing to the veteran who fought
4:33 pm
he has a disability and he cannot get treated. >> and reached out to the orlando va medical center this afternoon and while privacy reasons prevent the orlando va from commenting on taylor's case, i was told any veteran who has questions or concerns about his or her care can always contact their health care provider directly or reach out to one of their patient advocates and lake nona, or other outpatient clinic including the vierra outplacement -- outpatient clinic. >> it was easier to walk point in vietnam with a machete and m 16 than it is to walk with a system. >> reporter: yolanda bl -- v8 program allowing veterans to meet criteria to seek treatment for local -- from providers including vets cannot be seen within 30 days of the time there va physician says they can be seen. live in vierra, melanie holt, channel 9 eyewitness news. now that combat jobs are open to women in the military,
4:34 pm
to register for the draft as well. last summer, these 2 women made history. they graduated from the army's elite ranger school. today the top army and marine corps general says women should be included and the requirement to register for the selective service at age 18. but the navy secretary and acting army secretary both said it should be discussed further. this month several big companies in central florida will work closely with local veterans to help them land a job as part of the free 10 week veterans business initiative program. florida hospital, ucf, universal orlando are among the companies participated it back come program which has a career placement rate of nearly 50 percent begins february 16 at the national a chipper center in orlando. cocoa police say they are taking the first major step to improve the community. they are getting a from local faith leaders these pictures were posted on the department facebook page this morning you people, gather to share ideas and resources about positive programs available to residents.
4:35 pm
new writer program arrived in downtown orlando. i was out for my morning jog and saw this. i took video and photos of the first zipcar. it will be driving the streets around lake eola as soon as tomorrow. customers can reserve a car and picked it up and drop it off at a designated location. you pay by the hour or by the day. the launch officially of the zipcar is set for tomorrow morning. and historic billion-dollar power jackpot likely help the lottery see record sales. officials say at $760 million in tickets were sold last month, 213 million of that will be put in the education enhancement trust fund. lotto officials say the world's largest powerball jackpot was not the only recordbreaker in january. scratch-off ticket ale's also totaled a record $333 million. >> i did my part putting it in but not any out. >> united nations asking for virus. >> the other diseases already
4:36 pm
researchers to a zika factory. severe weather hitting the south and i'm updating when we will have a chance was heavy rain we may get. engineers say these baseball fields are not strong enough to hold a new k-8 school but crews were already
4:37 pm
(baseball on tv with heart failure, danger is always on the rise. symptoms worsen because your heart isn't pumping well. (water filling room) of people die within 5 years of getting diagnosed. but there's something you can do. talk to your doctor about heart failure treatment options. more likely you are...v
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to keep it pumping. the new fall of crude oil prices welcome to early for the gas pump but look what is done dragging stocks down in wall street dow plummeting 296 points the nasdaq dropped more than 103 points s&p 500 also fell more than 36 points. sprint plans for a k-8 school
4:39 pm
major snag that could end up costing you big money. engineers working at the site of the all audubon park elementary school discovered the ground sits on a layer of month that could cause the new building to crack and think channel nines karla ray asked whether problem was only demolition and construction were set to begin. >> reporter: we found out the problem is not with the old building sits. tse crews are working there now and demolition set to start in the next few weeks. instead, it is here on these empty baseball diamonds underneath this dirt. >> crews are clearing the way for the new $43 million audubon k-8 school but in the shadow of the sign privacy the project by 2017, i empty fields will push the date back. >> you would think they would be more aware of the -- whether the property is structurally sound gas 40 people know -- below the service mark can cause buildings to think the discovery came months after initial test and follow-up inspections done due to a known sinkhole elsewhere on the site.
4:40 pm
possibilities of sinkholes to be able to build on it. >> the unsafe soil could force the district to cause deep foundations or relocate structures altogether. >> it sound like it is going to cost a lot of money. >> is could. we do not know yet. at this point, the only thing we have committed to is additional geotechnical studies. >> the delay will mean an additional eat year of dust and noise. >> we should be sure before we spend that much money building the building. >> reporter: leaders hope to have a game plan in place to fix the issues by may and they hope to start construction on the new building by the end of the year or january by the end of the year or january 2017. we will keep you posted. and audubon park, orange county, karla ray, channel 9 eyewitness news. the only students that will be impacted by the delay are limited to 10 into -- children and fern creek elementary which is closing and they will be put into a swing school but the location of that
4:41 pm
read more about the story and share it with your friends by going to slash wftv. this afternoon we are hearing from the mother of the 13-year-old girl whose death is being blamed on 2 virginia tech students. >> she was seen alive one week ago it. authorities say david eisenhower accused of killing her met her using the app kick. today her mother could not hold back tears while addressing the media. >> nicole touched many people throughout her short life the --. >> investigators say natalie keepers help eisenhower get rid of the body and their field held without bond. hard to watch her. officials way for potential vaccines and hope education is enough to stem the spread of the zika virus. unicef as for $9 million in north and south america to educate people on how to avoid being bitten by infected
4:42 pm
potential breeding grounds. also a drug company is working to develop a vaccine using existing drugs from similar vices like dengue fever and the west nile virus. you have a live camera showing us hd of daytona beach. >> what a day. >> i thought i would take us to a happy spot >> and you did. >> here's a beautiful shot over daytona beach, gorgeous, high definition, new camera picked a beautiful shot what a beach day it has been temperatures climbed to near 80 degrees earlier on and we are 76 right now. look at the bicycles drifting. 81 degrees now orlando, a heat index today the low to mid 80s factoring in humidity and it will be another warm day tomorrow, warmer than today. the east breeze will keep things relatively warm all night for most of us but we will set the stage for fog especially across the northern interior. winds will be lighter otherwise low clouds for clermont and tower.
4:43 pm
and holding during the early morning hours. low clouds and fog for late one of its a, downtown committee, st. cloud, temperatures in the mid-60s for orlando, same for apopka. mid-sixties also altamonte springs, severed and into oviedo. morning, we are in the 60s widespread but a rapid warming trend by 3:00 already back in the 80s. 82 degrees by 3:00, we will hit 84 for a high tomorrow in orlando. you will see what a nice day tomorrow will hold for us. that we have challenges down the road. another storm system back here severe storms and tornado outbreaks possible across the deep south and we talked a lot about this last few days. especially social media. great resource find us on twitter and sign up for us because we also update weather going on around the country not just locally. you can see 2:00 in the afternoon, for tomorrow, we had an outside chance for a late sea breeze shower but generally quiet. the head of our next storm system in north florida through
4:44 pm
then we bring in moisture ahead of the front on thursday morning and the jury is out on whether we will have severe threats or just heavy thunderstorms. it away, expect strong winds, gusty thunderstorms and good rainfall rates as the system cups by right of the middle of the afternoon on thursday. the next potential for heavy rain possibly heavy thunderstorms thursday quickly moving it out of the way and we get more heavy rain fall saturday night. something else we will talk about as we have a big weekend plans for the super bowl but we for we get there, tomorrow into thursday, rain chances increase from thursday late day we could get another couple of inches. he much each time we've had the set of the last few weeks, we have had several totals well over 1-2 inches that can easily five-day forecast, where the weekend is always in view, from the 80s we drop into the 60s by friday. courtesy of the storm system moving our way and then yet
4:45 pm
mexico, greg, a close watch for saturday night and early super bowl somebody. -- super bowl sunday. >> see you at 5. >> you cannot mixed -- miss the next story. coming up one a man will have to prove if he thinks he deserves part of a prize $400 million renovation already debuted at daytona international speedway this weekend but at 5, i found out what part of the project still needs to be tweaked. and having trouble juggling
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clocktower helps action 9 with resources and information. new information coming out about the dangers fire that destroyed a mobile home in deland. >> why deputies have been to this home 12 times before. marion county deputies say they are not any closer to finding out who murdered a woman in her home. the tactic they are using to try to catch the killer and. >> 2 middle schoolers say a
4:51 pm
this is channel 9 eyewitness news at 5:00. coverage you can count on. police say two middle school students lied about being attacked by a homeless man. and that tall tale ended with the school warning every family to be on the lookout for strangers.
4:52 pm
what charges those kids could now face. investigators say the boys made up a story that the homeless man had initiated the cell phones. >> police say that's not what morning. channel 9's tim barber spent the last hour working to get answer from the police. they tell you it's too early to tell what's next for the kids. >>reporter: the detectives are investigating a battery and this false report, because these kids made the school up. the school is behind this fence. the attack happened down this street, on their way to school. this morning, aufls officers searched the fog for a violent homeless thief. they figured out they might already have the people they were looking for, two middle schoolers. >> these are middle schoolers, they're not babies. they know. >>reporter: orlando police say
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