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tv   Eyewitness News 4  ABC  February 3, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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>> we were on clearlake road unincorporated cocoa, minutes after shots rang out at the campus ctr., plaza. deidra williams and her mother had just left th tax office in the shopping center. >> i am concerned because it could have been kids around and like me i could have been in there, and he should've -- could have shot me in my mother because we just left a couple minutes ago. was bystanders tell us one individual inside the tax office was seriously injured. to misha told us she has worked with the victim for 5 years and tells us she did not know why anyone would try to hurt him. >> i don't know why that would do him like that he's real emotional right now. >> reporter: we had a camera rolling as a coworker and victim airlifted from a school. there have been reports of another possible injury but sheriffs deputies are still working on those details. >> i am praying for him and i hope he pulls through. that's it. >> reporter: we are still working with the sheriff's
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figure out exactly what happened including what may have prompted the shooting. we will update you on that later but as you might imagine, this is a fluid situation. live in unincorporated cocoa, melanie holt, channel 9 eyewitness news. we will check back in with melanie throughout the afternoon. meantime, break in within the last hour, governor rick scott declared a health emergency and 4 florida counties rated to the zika virus transmitter by mosquitoes it's important to note all of the florida patients will likely infected countries. reading through the governor's declaration and we will have more on that and the latest on zika and 30 minutes on channel 9. the fight over the winning lottery ticket is stretched to its 3rd day in court and seminole county. howard browning claims he and lynn porier were in a half-million dollar winning ticket together. porier says she bought the ticket alone and should not have to split any of that money with anyone. roy raymo's was in court today. not only did browning say that
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living in one of porier's homes. >> reporter: at the time this was going on, browning says he owned. she says she was forced to either tim but browning says that show they were in a relationship and that he is entitled to half of her laundry -- lottery winnings. condition, anyplace anywhere did i ever say i was going to split any tickets or winnings or anything. >> reporter: she made it clear as she testified on the stand that there was never an agreement to split the winnings between her and howard browning. she claimed she purchased her millionaire raffle ticket with their own money that night in 2007 and happened to run into browning at the convenience store. browning said not only were they together, he paid for the ticket. >> he's not trying to say it is 100 percent mine he just wants the benefit of the deal they had which is half the money.
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browning, they made a verbal agreement as long as they were together they would split the winnings in court today porier testified the romantic relationship was over 4 years before she hit the jackpot. >> wended that relationship stop being? >> around the end of 2002. >> reporter: brownies attorneys said the relationship went on after that time and porier special associate with browning. she had a relationship with his grandchildren but she could not be with him at the time she allegedly bought the ticket because she says she was engaged to another man while we were in the courtroom, we also heard how browning previously won a raffle while they were still together right now we are working to find out how those winnings were split between the 2. coming up on eyewitness news at 5:00 outside seminole county courthouse, roy ramos, channel 9 eyewitness news. we now know in orlando police officer has been suspended for 32 hours without
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he believed have been throwing banana peels on his front lawn. investigators say officer carlos rosa chait -- chased down an employee and arrested him along 528. officer rosa fought -- thought someone was talking him with his work -- for his work any of the wrong man pictures office later found the culprit and he told investigators he never realize he was crossing -- tossing his banana into a police officers your. in matlen, more police officers patrolling the school. we broke the news there were fights and a threat of shooting at maitland middle school. we had a crew listening last night when parents voiced concerns at a pta meeting. school leaders now same they are forming a committee to address parents concerns school officials say the students involved have been suspended and no actual crimes were committed. this afternoon orlando police a try to figure out if to shootings that happened across the street from each other are connected. >> residents at savano apartments and summer gate condos off conroy road told us they heard gunshots last night.
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and generalized kathi belich just got an update from investigators it they now identified the victims here. >> reporter: police say it was 19-year-old jacob almond of oviedo was shot and killed here last night it does not appear he has been in trouble. an eyewitness who says he tried to help almond here at the apartments says the victim was shot in the chest and the eyewitness believes the getaway driver knew enough about the community to leave from a back exit instead of the front entrance to avoid the security camera. it happened last night just after 10:00, outside the savano apartments in orlando. shots fired at 2 men, both hit 19-year-old jacob almond of oviedo is dead. >> it was boom, boom and then boom, boom, boom, 6 shots it
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>> reporter: scott says he was in bed in his condo across the street and when he heard the shots he feared he would hear screaming. another eyewitness who lives in the savano and did not want to be identified tells us he heard screaming after he heard the shots. >> the guy was yelling help me, help me. what can you do? you do what you have to do. you never think what can happen to you. >> reporter: eyewitness and almond appeared to be near death he and another never try to help until the orlando police got here. he said the officers also frantically worked to keep almond alive. the other shooting victim who was not yet identified apparently ran across cypress woods drive to the summer gate condominium to get away from the danger and to get help the today, 2 opd detectives came here looking for more clues to find almonds killer. >> he was at the wrong place at the wrong time i guess is people did not want witnesses. >> reporter: police will not tell us what they believe the motive was. they are asking anyone with information about the shooting last night to call crime line 5
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asked opd how often they been called to the communities here and we have information and analyzing and we will report at 5:00 about what we found. live in orlando, kathi belich, channel 9 eyewitness news. neither -- new this hour lake county, investigators now say the remains found behind home in paisley are that of the homes owner who had been missing. we first reported the story last month when deputies began searching the man's property. myrt price is in paisley now. investigators are not saying how he died. >> reporter: at this hour they say they are try to figure out what happened at this home and how the victim ended up in a shallow grave in the backyard. they say the body was examined and so far they have not seen any signs of trauma. >> dental records show it was a homeowner. >> reporter: deputy say they suspected from the beginning that the human remains found here in the backyard of his home on pennsylvania street in paisley were that of the homeowner dennis jones officials say they showed up here on january 18 to see if he was okay after getting calls from neighbors.
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they'd had not seen a neighbor for quite a while. >> reporter: when deputies arrived they discovered the remains in a shallow grave and they brought in cadaver dogs. they believe the remains could have been there since thanksgiving. right now investigators are talking to neighbors and the woman who was living there with the victim to try to figure out exactly what happened. they say they are following up on leads but so far, they do not have any suspects. the victim had a couple brushes with the law and was arrested on drunk driving charges and domestic violence. however the domestic violence charges were later dropped. deputies are urging anyone who knows anything to contact them. the woman who was living with the victim was also seen driving his truck. we asked investigators it she is a person of interest or suspect and they would only tell us years of someone that they are talking to. as you can see, there is a $5000 reward from any information leading to an arrest in this case. we will keep following it and as soon as we get information we will get it to you. live in lake county, myrt price, channel 9 eyewitness news.
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32 years behind bars for carjacking and kidnapping a federal agent. 18-year-old gregory mcdonald, dante askins pleaded guilty to the crime. we told you in august as the men and number 2 minus accused of dumping a border patrol agent while vacationing with his family. they admit to pistol whipping, tying up the victim before taking him on a number 2 hour ride. volusia county deputy had the smarts of his life when he pulled over a driver who happened to be a 12-year-old girl . it happened this morning and poinciana drive n. woman blvd., deland. the deputy says he stopped the car because the driver kept the switching lanes. the 12-year-old girl told investigators she was bored and decided to take her grandfather's car. no one was hurt and no charges are pending against her. fire investigators say the fire that destroyed a deland mobile home was not suspicious but the damage was so bad they could not tell what caused it. yesterday we showed you this cellphone video of the flames
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everyone inside the home made it out safely but a dog did not make it neighbors say they were suspicious over what was going on at the property with a tent behind the home and a lot of people coming and going. we just got credible helmet video showing how dangerous it can get more volusia county firefighters while they are in the field and working hard to keep a safe. that small explosion was close. we are told it happen late last month in hand and about -- ormond beach, firefighters had to fight the fire for a while before it was finally contained. we are told everyone made it out safely and the cause of the fire is being investigated. >> up close and personal. windemere woman says she was ambushed and attacked outside of her home home. >> -- her own home. >> i reach for that handle to open the door and he grabbed me by the back of my hair. >> how she says her pets
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like the capsule that took us to the moon, this one will take us to mars. the final touches that need to be finished on o'ryan before the first flight. have some county business owners considering taking matters in their own hands to prevent another downtown homeless camp. tomorrow we will track rain from a storm system.
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fertilizer, at lowe's. for the first time since police swooped in to put a stop to the homeless crisis in downtown daytona beach, leaders will meet publicly to discuss how to move forward. this afternoon channel nines steve barrett learns business owners are considering stepping up on their own. what are they planning to do?
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happy to see is what beach street looks like now. clear and a nice place to walk as opposed to last week when they had an encampment of homeless people. for years they say before that people, tours, residents walking down only to have someone jump out of an alley were something like this did not so much as for money but demanded from people. frightened. most in tears. one lady was in tears. >> businessman tom meyer says for years he has watched panhandling that looks more like assault or robbery than a plea for help. he demonstrated on one of his yogurt shop. trapped. if they have you trapped, they know you will be much give them one dollar to get rid of them. alleyways. >> in these areas here where people can walk from the rear parking lot when people come this way, they know how to set up and be prepared for them so
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they put fear in people. they really do. imac between a few people taking. >> between 2 people and one guy pulled a knife on me and told me it was none of my business to go on. >> reporter: now that the homeless issue has boiled over. >> if you refuse to go then i have no other alternative than to make an arrest works and then simmered, business owners say they are banding together to take back the beach street district pittsburgh organizing a type of small business neighborhood watch. >> we will have volunteers that will be called and we will, up to where the problem is and stay with a person until the police arrived. >> reporter: business owners say they are in a better position that police to monitor alleyways and there are several here. they say they will watch and hope word gets out that they are watching. and daytona beach, steve barrett, channel 9 eyewitness news. daytona city leaders will meet in 2 hours leaders have one month to decide whether to sign an agreement with volusia
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back on track will require the county to commit $4 million to build a facility while the city pays to operate it kennedy space center in brevard county one step closer to sending astronauts to mars just without a look of the overlying cool -- crew module and a milestone test light. o'ryan designed to take crews deep into space. it will launch a rocket and before ready to go it will get heat shielding avionics and other systems. >> it will take is 18 months from what you see behind me to assemble the vehicle and we will have several months of testing after that here in florida and sandusky, ohio. we will bring the state -- space craft here. >> the test light expected to launch in 2018. look at the capsule. that is where the men and women who go to mars. >> sandusky, ohio. interesting >> auto-parts, right? >> right. >> a nice day. >> bragging rights for everybody.
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>> 83 degrees now, the record today is 86 and we did not get there but it was close. winds out of the south 15-20 miles an hour, breezy and temperatures, 80 degrees along daytona, new smyrna, 75, 78 melbourne, 86 and the villages. it was warm for early february. this to me feels like one of our colder months even though officially it is not but we get fronts in february. winds out of the south meaning it is warmer than average the next system heavy is whether to the north and the storm system will slowly -- bumping into high pressure air is slowing down and then it will get extra push to move rain in our direction tomorrow especially tomorrow. looking good tonight. isolated showers between 8 and 10 pm i will show that on future track in a moment. temperatures are very mild otherwise. 15 degrees above average across all severe it tonight an isolated shower mania long the sea breeze collision which
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you can see at 6:00, clouds line north to south, that is the isolated shower through 9:00 tonight. otherwise, quiet and low clouds and fog especially in the western zones tonight. as you start tomorrow morning, mainly just clouds and quiet but watching the rain to the north and west and the closer we get to the lunch hour and into the afternoon, that is when it becomes more active. severe threat is low for tomorrow. not zero but low. monitoring for gusty thunderstorms and heavy downpours is the major issues with this but 4:00, giver take, it will be wet across the i-4 corridor we will watch for the evening commute issue for you. late day tomorrow and moving offshore by 6 pm boat it may take into early in the morning friday before we finally crank the cold front through and bring cooler and breezy weather and more sunshine during the afternoon friday. the forecast we take a look at several from the noaa models,
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everybody involved to see what the consensus is and you can see orlando only showing between half inch to maybe over 1 inch of rain. nothing too heavy this time but a wet, late day for you tomorrow. five-day forecast, where the weekend is always in view, 70- 80 percent coverage tomorrow favoring the latter half of the day as the what is part of the day windy friday and another storm system late saturday. ahead at 4:30 i will expand future track looking at the 2nd storm impacting your super bowl weekend. vanessa? eyewitness news learned a man suspected nate hit-and-run crash facing disturbing new allegations what he's accused of doing to the eyewitness who can send him to prison. tsa the security is much tire -- titer at oia and airports around the country. what they changed and why congressman of central florida says it's not enough.
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says she found the perfect job with a pharmaceutical company and instead she says she was ripped off.
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some of the biggest threats to security at the nation's airports could carry an employee badge 50 is a unveiled what are called dramatic changes in how they screen airport and airline employees following several major security breaches. justin gray review changes in washington not everyone was impressed by the agencies turnaround. >> reporter: tsa officials touting huge improvements in the past year and how they screen employees across the country. central florida congressman john mica says it is not nearly enough. >> it's a disney carparks with his thumb print biometric security john mica says a disney world past has more security features than 8 u.s. pilot's license. it does not have a photo id. >> we don't even have a mickey mouse or minnie mouse pads capability. >> reporter: it is one of the security concerns centered around the nations airline and airport employees. december 2014 atlanta hartsfield jackson
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cameras showed a former delta employee allegedly using his id badge to smuggle more than 100 guns aboard flights from atlanta to york. at this hearing, tsa's say the failure was a catalyst for change. >> tsa said since the gun smuggling ring was uncovered in atlanta's airport 2014, they have increased the number of airport and airline employees nationwide by more than 600 percent. >> 2,000,002 nearly 13,000,000, ( indiscernible ). >> reporter: there are concerns specifically with how tsa performs background checks on airport workers. >> it is a disaster. >> reporter: tsa announced within one month it will roll out a new pilot program to improve employee vetting. it will provide immediate notification is an airport or airline worker is arrested or charged with a crime. has airport across the country
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screen employees orlando is leading the way. orlando international airport one of only 3 airports in the entire country with 100 percent employee security screening. live in on washington, justin gray, channel 9 eyewitness news governor rick scott side emergency orders for 4 florida counties because of the zika virus. >> ahead what the declarations mean for those counties and the people living there. last-minute text to make sure 2 people survive lighting a plane on the ground. >> definitely do not land in the water. >> reporter: -- >> why trying to land in the water would have been much more dangerous. the next story is disturbing for anyone, deputies were to find a man who forced his way into a woman's home and windemere and attacked her. >> he pinned me to the ground and was just hitting me.
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everything seemed find and then i stepped out on the front porch. >>windemere woman says she was outside for a smoke break when she was ambushed by a stranger. >> he grabbed me by the back of the -- my hair and punched me in the face. >> new this hour, she says her pet actually saved her from the attacker . >> this attack happened before 6:00 this morning yet the suspect is on the run and she told jeff deal she had just stepped out of her home in the vineyards community when a man pushed her inside the home. she has no idea who he is. >> reporter: she has never seen him before. she thinks he may have been on drugs. look back here and you can see most of the homes have front porches and he sure -- showed up on a front porch and wanted to use her phone and when she refused that apparently set him off. >> inside vineyards a new community windemere a woman is shaken after she was attacked in home early this morning she
4:27 pm
yakked we were in the master and the dog started barking. >> with the dogs barking her husband looked out the windows and did not see anything she stepped outside to smoke a cigarette on the front porch when she turned to go back inside a man was standing in front of her. >> he asked me if he could use the phone but he was very jumpy and jittery >> she says she told him no and reached for the door and that is when he grabbed her hair. >> when i spot around -- spohn he punched me in the face and that is when it went inside. >> reporter: the victim says she was screaming and the man jumped on top of her, ripped off her shirt and started hitting her husband who has a broken leg try to make it downstairs. her dog charged, barking and started to attack the suspect. lucy startled him enough, the victim was able to kick him and forced him out the door and then lock it appeared deputies swarmed the neighborhood and we
4:28 pm
up a sent leaving -- . up his mail leading to the road. >> i melted into a puddle on locked >> she does not know what the motive was the he did not steal anything says he's a white man in his early 20s with short dark hair. governor rick scott has declared a health emergency. for 4 florida counties because of the gun . this means the commissioner of agriculture can take action suppressing mosquitoes and those affected areas in residential areas and puts the state health department on alert to monitor anything new that dubose. governor scott son emergency order this afternoon for miami- dade, lee, hillsboro, santa rosa county's. in total the state has reported 9 cases to the cdc. it is important to note all of the patients were infected while traveling and other countries.
4:29 pm
even west nile which has been in florida for some time. none of the florida cases involves pregnant women whose babies face severe birth defects is infected gets pregnant women should avoid -- avoid travel where it is being spread and those who return would victims -- symptoms should see doctors. >> and taxes doctors are monitoring a patient who appears to have contracted the go through sexual contact with someone who visited venezuela. the virus ken lemon of blood of an infected person for up to one week and the red cross is now asking donors to wait 20 days after the zika infected countries before giving but. a pilot brevard county says he survived landing a seaplane on the ground at the space coast regional airport because of a last-minute text message. we were there as this plane circled the airport to burn fuel and then made the difficult, hard landing on the pavement. the pilot told us he texted a friend to find out if he should land on land or in the water
4:30 pm
modeled after world war ii seaplane, a water landing was out of the question. >> it would take water and blow water into the cockpit and the plane. we did not want him to die this morning. >> i would nothing so the pilot said the landing gear got stuck, bloke he and another person on board survived without injury. >> a good friend. >> what a story. today was a big day for hundreds of high school athletes across central florida as they made their college choices today. >> it is national signing day and a handful of those local athletes are going to be staying close to home. sports anchor christian bruey was watching the decisions closely. cristian, new ucf head coach scott frost a make sure to recruit in his own backyard. >> yes, when he was hired a couple months ago, frost made it a point to keep the best athletes in central florida in central florida. today 3 local kids to help round out the ucf class which search through 2nd best in the
4:31 pm
first frost recruiting class xx glacial, a drink owns may be the fastest of the bunch accounting for 1100 all-purpose yards as a senior and won estate title and pick he will be joined at ucf by seminole high school brandon maurer and doctor phillips offensive start all of them were included by high profile schools but all of them said scott frost is the reason they are staying home. >> it be recruited hard in hometown and that's how they were able to do so, everybody came down together. it will be easy for us. >> we will have more on the impressive class tonight at 6:30 on tv 27th it national signing day special including live interviews with scott frost and new athletic director danny white this afternoon in tallahassee, governor rick scott was all smiles at a rally in support of the proposed
4:32 pm
>> governor scott pled -- played a game at the capitol rotunda before house committee said to discuss his proposal. scott claims the tax cuts plus a $250 million for economic development incentives he's asking for will take florida to the next level. >> if we cut $1 billion in taxes, we will see revenues go up and we was see more families with forget house and senate have included parts of scott's tax cut proposal in their initial budgets. on the national stage president obama made his first presidential visit to a u.s. mosque in an effort to quell fears over islam. the president spoke to thousands of attendees at the islamic society of baltimore. he said many muslim americans help keep the country safe while working as firefighters and at the department of homeland security. the president says the uss no room for discrimination. recently we have heard inexcusable political rhetoric against muslim americans.
4:33 pm
>> the president has visited mosques outside of the country before. today's visit came after muslim groups asked him to join them in their fight against discrimination. a hearing is going on to figure out the next step in the water crisis of flint, michigan. >> experts believe the amount of lead seating and the water supply likely poisoned some families. george estevez was watching today's hearing and 2 key people were not there to testify. >> reporter: no, they were not talking about the governor of michigan who approved the water supply switch to the flint river and also the former manager of flint water system the move sparked outrage as officials miss not try to figure out how to help thousands of people. >> the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. >> reporter: cameras were rolling as frustration boiled over in dc. >> this is not a third world country. >> it is absolutely fundamentally and totally wrong. >> reporter: not just inside the congressional hearing, but also outside. >> we want a new water system. >> reporter: done of flint
4:34 pm
the first to raise concerns in flint. >> my home is known as ground zero. >> reporter: she is pleading for help from congress. >> my home is to be a place of comfort and safety for my family. that was taken from us. >> reporter: in 2014, flint switched its water source to river water to save money . but the move contaminated the water supply with toxic levels of lead leaving thousands of residents exposed. state and federal environmental officials linked each other number 3 class-action lawsuits have been filed. f.b.i. investigations even launched and yesterday, the mayor proposed replacing all of the cities lead pipes leading to residents home >> >> you cannot get the government -- governor of michigan is a shame. >> reporter: rick snyder a no- show, he claimed he was never invited to testify while the former flint emergency managers snyder appointed outright ignored a subpoena from congress. the governor would not at the hearing but he held a news conference elsewhere announcing he wants to spend $30 million
4:35 pm
and paper water bills. a move critics consider too little too late greg? man county sheriff's office must warn you of an irs a phone scheme, scam investigators say several residents have reported getting calls from some claim to be from the internal revenue service and demanding immediate payment for back taxes. deputies want to remind everyone that you will never get a call directly from the irs. a newly decorated suv is the latest addition to flagler county's share of outreach program. resource deputies say they made this pool -- explore cold front drvers making officers seem less scary and helps officers better connect with the community. dog owners will be allowed to dine with pets and oviedo. the city council approved an ordinance early this week to allow dogs and the outdoor seating areas. state department of health generally prohibits dogs from dining with owners for health reasons. local governments can decide otherwise. arrest warrants must apply for a permit and dogs are still not
4:36 pm
a 2nd car sharing service wants to make a go of it around central florida. today a car company announced the service orlando winter park zipcar allows drivers to read cars and the prices start as low as $9 per hour. because the car complement transportation. >> when you sign up or zipcar you have car insurance provided any comes with gas. >> seminole county a monolith officials spent years trying to revive lake apopka and they say they're starting to see results act the big change that will attract more visitors to the lake as early as this weekend. how will the weather be? >> speaking of the weather, greg, not watching one but here's the 2nd storm system on the way. big changes as you plan your
4:37 pm
so hay,o i amazg gh ner ulhavepeed would vehoht atnye ulfi tt do tha make tt o othr y r . right enrit er i codn bie i he waso lpl i kn is ch smalthg litt tng simplehi but me sle madee pp made mda share urto.
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green on the board for you stocks rebounding this afternoon pushing higher by a rally and energy company shares. dow dumping 183 point nasdaq slipped more than 12 and the s&p 500 had a 9.5 point increase. hit-and-run drivers accused of threatening the eye with who could send them to prison. last july, troopers tell us the suspect suddenly stopped on lake underhill road and back into a stranded driver. killing him. tim barber is live where the crash happened and the witness was in the suspect vehicle because he used to be one of the suspects closest friends. >> reporter: the witness says they spent all day together before they were part of that deadly wreck that happened in front of a long lake underhill road and he said after he rely
4:39 pm
law enforcement. bruce cooper hit by a hit-and- run driver in front of his wife. troopers believe jonathan march was behind the wheel. they also say marshes brian was in the passenger seat and that that friend told investigators marsh was driving. the 17-year-old suspect is accused of threatening the witness. both of them went to bishop moore high school and prosecutors say someone at the school told the witness that marsh wants to harm him. the threat was made after the interview released of the witness explaining the deadly crash. >> we are getting close and i with 2 seconds way and i said stop, stop, stop troopers believe marsh stopped and back into cooper who was standing behind the car. it is not clear why marsh backed up despite the alleged threats, prosecutors may have a hard time charging marsh with another crime. >> unless the state can show that the defendant made this threat through a third-party, they cannot prosecute this case.
4:40 pm
facing 30 years for hit -- vehicular homicide and leaving the scene of a crash with death. the notice says somebody talked the defendant out of harming the witness but it is unclear who that is we reached out to the prosecutors and the development team in this case but so far we are still waiting to hear back. live in orlando, orange county, tim barber, channel 9 eyewitness news. a new international report shows central florida has some of the best hotels in the state u.s. news & world report annual list of best hotels in florida including 3 local hotels, to disney resorts, 4 seasons number 2 and bell is a grand cypress ranked 9th with the winter park coming in a fit to see the list log on to /weather links. a storm system sparking tornadoes in the south is on the move and will impact central florida soon. >> it's in the water tower.
4:41 pm
>> that was one of the at least of mississippi last night everyone has a cell phone so will we see video. the storms rolled through parts of alabama, small community hate 40 miles west of tuscaloosa. dozens of homes were damaged leaving many families homeless. >> i didn't know what happened until i came out the closet and i saw everything around. >> she to cover. hurt. they had advance warning. >> absolutely. yesterday. >> not as active here. we will get rain and maybe a few storms and we do not have the same severe threat as we head to the north but here is day, tweeted and facebook this, period. 80 degrees daytona, onshore breeze and a fantastic february day. gusty winds out of the south and no doubt of it breezy for your plans outdoors today. still having heat index in the mid-80s but we are going to be
4:42 pm
starting friday. and progressively we will get more fronts about every 3 days for the next week also so it will be back to february weather again. high pressure is on for the east coast, slowing losing energy a lot of the jet stream power will be to the north so we will get some showers and maybe a rumble of thunder, during the latter half of the day tomorrow thursday, storm system number one we will track that in a moment. friday, a knife state cooling down windy and 60s and saturday yet another storm system and this will affect us again later in the day through saturday night. for orlando, temperatures with mostly cloudy skies in the mid- 70s by 8 pm. 10:00, temperature 72, that is the average high temperature which occurs around 3:00. that is how far above average rapid temperatures back in the mid to upper 70s, near 80 degrees in orlando. 80 percent rain chance between midnight and midnight. we will push it back toward the
4:43 pm
complete washout thursday. 11:00, cloud cover is rolling in from the south and west and we will watch showers to the north and a couple of gusty thunderstorms moving closer between 2 and between 2 and 5 pm. when i'm standing here tomorrow we will track some active weather as it moves to the east coast tomorrow night, we start to finally get behind the storm system but maybe early friday before we finally push the last of the rain on through central florida. that storm one. friday quiet, saturday, mostly overcast skies, pleasant day overall. shower start moving in late in the day and we will watch for another storm system in the gulf of mexico. probably far south the that is when i think the best chance for rain will be late in the day saturday so i kept a 40-50 percent rain coverage favoring the coast to the south but we will watch weather system moves through and super multi, f of the day, sunshine back late in
4:44 pm
feeling more like winter again. you can download our free severe weather center 9 weather and go with lots of videos and the latest forecast and will also sent out an alert to your phone that johnson makes noise and talks to and says severe thunderstorm warning for example. great to have with you in addition to your weather radio. five-day forecast, where the weekend is always in view, the first part of the day looks pretty quiet. latter half of the day will have rain and a little of interruption for evening commute windy, cooler friday and first part of saturday quiet upper 60s late in the day rain, sunday morning and look at the 60s and 40s, definitely cooling back down more on how much rain we could get out of this greg, coming up in the next half-hour. >> residents say they are concerned a group of men advocating rape and hate plan to meet at lake eola this weekend. we asked orlando police what they are doing to make sure the valley stays peaceful. all new at 5, thieves broke into a winter park carly dealership and drove a vehicle off the lot.
4:45 pm
restoring lake apopka,
4:46 pm
seminole county officials have been trying to breathe new life into lake apopka. now they say they have made major progress janai norman went out into the water with officials say give us a close up look at how things are going so far and ask how much wider wildlife officials have to go. >> reporter: 2 days out from this, and airboat on lake apopka which commissioner fred brummer says was one of the best fishing makes in the country. >> it was a combination of the wastewater coming from winter garden, the farms, all of those issues, fish population. >> reporter: the commissioner says wildlife officials have made a big difference during
4:47 pm
to bring the lake back to life. >> that is what we like to highlight. we are moving in the right direction. >> reporter: we set out to see how they are working to restore the lake and ended up among the 400 acres of spattered ducks, while at officials start aplenty in 2011. those plants serve as habitat for fish and other organisms. >> in any lake you have, the habitat is the key in keeping the lake clean and healthy. >> reporter: mosquito creek outdoors says a quarter billion dollar investment by the state is already working. >> so far, 239 species of birds have been cited. >> reporter: with wildlife returning to the lee, officials are now aiming for people and hope bird palooza brings out crowds. people think of this as a polluted lake and they do not understand the restoration and how far it has come. vegetation is coming back in my life. >> reporter: orange county, janai norman, channel 9 eyewitness news. and wildlife officials say
4:48 pm
boat on the lake and fish. commissioner says getting the lake back to where it once was could take one generation. for more information on bird palooza had to our website >> it's been a long process. >> it really has been state lawmakers considering a big change to florida's gun laws. >> we are asking whether a bill that lets concealed weapons permit holders openly carry their guns had the chance of passing this time around. >> to stories you have not seen yet, why some sun will writers went to wait years for better
4:49 pm
right now the state house is pushing a bill that would allow people to carry guns on their hips like the old west. while critics say it could jeopardize your safety. >> there's no value on human
4:50 pm
>> supporters say this will allow you to better protect yourself. >> right now gun owners are not allowed to openly carry firearms in officer. >> the state house is working to change that. christopher heath is live. chris, this would allow anyone with a concealed carry permit to carry their weapon in the open. >> reporter: florida is just one of a half dozen states that does not allow for open carry. it was brought up last year but failed to pass. this year it's set to clear the house of representatives any time now. >> expanding gun rights has been a priority for the nra for years now. >> this is about allowing our citizens to protect themselves not only from the right to bare
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