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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning 6am  ABC  February 4, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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started yelling to the guy in the car that, let me see your hand. >> right now on eyewitness news this morning, a gun battle in marion county, the suspect in a deputy are in the hospital and a car riddled with bullet holes. what when is a happened before bullets started flying. a change of plans for a group that says some forms of rape should be legal. overnight why that group canceled its meeting in orlando. we are tracking a storm storm system headed for central florida when the rough weather will arrive. 6 am, thursday, february 4. >> we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. , traversing watching your commute. let's get started with certified meteorologist brian shields hit pay attention today. >> warm this morning and later chance of rain. stronger storms are a possibility and then colder weather back behind the front.
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primarily for the afternoon and through the evening drive. showers northwest of meaning county, we have clearing skies. we will see some sun and that will heat as a. this morning we are very warm. 60s, 70s on our way to 80s for many. 68 deland samsula port orange ponce inlet covering volusia county. seminole, orange also in the upper 60s. winter park, toward conway, winter garden, clermont, 68, kissimmee or osceola county, 69. brevard county, sharpes, satellite beach, 70, 70 and the villages and 60s in marion county. here is a planner, metrowest elementary, orange county, the clouds build this morning. afternoon, that's offer dry weather but 2:00, schoolbus pickup, thinking about that. through the evening drive, we will see the rain and storms pushing in . going over rain
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show you how much colder we will get by the time i see you tomorrow morning. 6:01 am. it was busy last hour let's see how we are now with deneige. >> i-4 has come down we had an issue but not anymore pulling up the camera, i-4, fairbanks. looking good in both directions at that point but we have a crash. they have been able to clear out at bates rd., goldenrod road but because of the crash, intersection. if you approach the intersection, treat it as a four-way stop while they are trying to get it fixed. developing this morning, marion county a deputy shot during a gunfight with the hospital. >> we brought you the shooting last night as breaking news from the marathon kangaroo gas deputies opened fire on a suspect. eyewitness news this morning janai norman arrived overnight. just out of the phone try to find out the condition of the
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>> reporter: in the last 30 minutes we may cost the sheriff's office and fdle asking about the gunfight in this parking lot last night. the low tell it, also we spoke with were not able to get any updates only say at last check the suspect was still in critical condition. we watched a tow truck haul a silver car away from the marathon kangaroo gas station where deputy say they were forced to shoot an armed suspect. >> we saw him point a gun to his head and there were deputies around the corner of the store, putting their guns at him. >> reporter: we have been in touch with deputies who say around 7:00 wednesday, they were called to the gas station and saw the suspect armed with number 2 handguns. they say he put one of the guns to his head, threatening to kill himself. deputies try to negotiate with him making commands for the man to put down his weapon and when he turned one of the guns on deputies. >> they tried to talk him out of using the gun, put down the gun for several minutes and
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started, they started -- we heard one shot and the officers returned fire. that's when they return shots. >> daniel tramel shot in the leg he and the suspect were both taken to the hospital. the suspect is in critical condition. this morning we will continue checking in with fdle and the sheriff's office to find out who the suspect is weather deputies have had run ends with him before of whether he is still recovering this morning i will go into the gas station back opened to see if any employees were here last night and can tell us about what they saw and at 6:30 hear more from eyewitnesses who recall what they saw leading up to the gunshots. live in the marion county, janai norman, eyewitness news this morning. leaders of volusia county are taking the next step to keep a homeless camp from forming again in daytona beach. >> this is the first time they will meet since police shut
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county administration's building after 44 days. eyewitness news this morning kimberly eiten is looking at what it will take to come up with a permanent solution. kimberly, this could be a long process parts of the process started last night with a to the beach city leaders and now it is the counties turned to meet. we learned both will have to work together key the homeless off the streets -- sidewalks up to 100 people days ago are anti- this morning. it is up to city, county >> sometimes governments do not move as expediently as the business community last night daytona beach city leaders excepted more than $110,000 in donations from local businesses. we asked where that money will go. >> the money will essentially go to help us to address the immediate situation. >> reporter: now it is volusia county's turn to take on the problem. tonight commissioners will meet for the first time since police shut down the camp last week. officers say ending 44 days of
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outside the county administration building. many of the homeless campers are now at the salvation army which will serve as a shelter for at least 3 months. daytona beach police are preventing the camp from coming back until there is a permanent solution. >> i do not want to do this but if i have to enforce the law, en force no camping ordinance we will make an arrest. >> reporter: later this morning leaders will vote to hold a joint meeting with the city to discuss a permanent shelter. we will let you know what they decide on eyewitness news at noon. now that the homeless camp is gone, business owners say they will be on the lookout for aggressive panhandlers. they say they have witnessed panhandlers corner tours, demanding money. now they are creating a business neighborhood watch to protect customers and other police when there is trouble. covering seminole county, closing arguments are expected to begin this morning and the fight between a woman and lottery jackpot. howard browning claims he paid for that $20 ticket and he and
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agreement they would split the winnings as long as they were together. porier says they were not together. yesterday she testified that she alone bought the ticket in 2007. >> no,, never under any condition, anyplace, anywhere did i ever say i was going to split any tickets or winnings browning. >> porier claims she was engaged to a different man when she bought the ticket. browning testified he lived in a home for your old until she evicted him in 2008 after she hit the jackpot. we will let you know what is said in court at noon. this morning 2 people in the hospital after a shooting at a brevard county tax office. >> deputies are still try to figure out exactly what led up to this. the shooting happened at the clearlake road unincorporated cocoa yesterday afternoon. a 3rd person was grazed by a stray bullet at a business next- door . when deputies arrived they found one of the victims critically wounded.
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released names but they told us they are not looking for anyone else in connection to the shooting. according to new poll numbers, from orlando police chief found that means is doing well in the race for florida's 10th congressional district. 20 point lead in a new poll commissioned by her campaign. it is conducted by third-party. senator geraldine thompson was 2nd, democratic fundraiser bob poe is in 3rd dennings ran for office in 2012 and lost to republican daniel webster. there is one less gop candidate in the race for the white house and more support for u.s. senator marco rubio a florida. rick santorum says he is ending his campaign and supporting rubio. he came in last in iowa, coming in at 1 percent. he is the 3rd republican candidate to drop out since the caucus. mike huckabee ended his campaign that night. intently dawson county -- rand paul dropped out yesterday next month our needs a new city manager now that the current one resign.
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after fighting to get rid of the position. both are leaving for pastors last day is march for. a bill allowing gun owners to carry guns is one step closer to becoming law. the past -- the bill passed yesterday allowing concealed weapons license holders to openly carry firearms in public places and this is his. critics say the measure could jeopardize your safety but supporters say it will allow you to better protect yourself. the bill must be approved by the senate. 6:10 am. we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. , certified meteorologist brian shields, severe weather center 9 we will have to grind gears. >> we are dry now but later today, have some of the rain gear with you before heading out for the afternoon rain and storms that will work in. some could be heavy but we are looking good right now and that means we will heat up here next, later today, rain totals, showers and a broken line with the front.
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rain but some spots if you get heavy downpour, or a thunderstorm we could get spots with about 1 inch. today up to 81, afternoon rain and storms and tonight we will get down in the 40s. when i see you tomorrow morning, a big chill moving in. be sure to have our weather app go to stay on top of changes with us. it is free. ahead in main weather, 6:17. ou storms and how front 2 -- i will show you how front number 2 will impact the weekend. deneige. >> winter park, you have bates road you have bates rd., goldenrod road a light out from an earlier crash. crews are on scene try to get the light back up and working in case you come to the intersection, treat that as a four-way stop you treat that as a four-way stop you colonial dr., semoran boulevard, working to clear a crash have been able to get it to the side and volusia county, i-95 northbound after state road for 4, a spot
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a capsule making space florida. the work on the orion to get it space. called seminole county's messiest neighbor. a collection of junk at this man's house that got the attention of deputies. >> a book not appropriate for elementary students. >> outrage from local parents after they took a look at a book their children brought
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jamie holmes, 6:14 am. green moving across the panhandle coming our way we will have severe weather this afternoon bringing strong storms and changes in temperatures brian shields is
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seminole county third- grader brought home a book filled with sex and 4 letter words from the school library. mom complained and the district book by mariko tamaki should schools. the district pulled the books and is trying to figure out how it ended up in the schools. collection usually they are well screened and they only check out age-appropriate books for students. >> the book which is a new york times the seller described as a graphic teen novel. a lot of people are weighing in on a story on facebook. join the conversation at facebook join the slash wftv. sunrail says it could be another 4 years before safety systems are put in place. >> federal government requiring the changes after a series of deadly train accidents across the country.
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trains and prevent them from crashing. the initial deadline for the changes is 2002 -- 22. sunrail says it is going to need more time to get funding and coordinate with other companies. osceola county, drivers are being warned to check credit and debit card statements after skimming devices have shown up at him fill of gas stations. deputy devices have been found at 3 711 locations and kissimmee. a skimmer pulled from a location on championsgate bovard. that device was inside the pump so customers were never that would number know anything was wrong. city leaders will vote on a major incentive monday to bring a ucf campus to downtown orlando. the city will hand over 15 acres of land in a building at the creative village. the overall deal is valued at $75 million and the project still needs money from the state and approval from the board of governors. buddy dyer was to see commissioners asked -- act before the board meets next month. was orlando commissioners are expected to talk about a controversial industrial park
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residents of challenge plans for john young parkway, wg judge dry. concerned about traffic, property values, and the impact of the will khiva river basin. a hearing officer recommended the appeal be denied saying the neighbors did not present enough evidence. seminole county leaders are going to see fencing needed along i 4 to keep bears from crossing the interstate the commission is concerned there's could move into new neighborhoods now that a new ordinance will make it harder cans. the fence guard part of i 4 volusia county already. you will see more good news if you stop for gas. the price of gas continues to drop around central florida. right now the average price for a gallon of on leaded gasoline is $1.73. down $.03 from last week. the downward trend is expected to continue in some states yes is now under $1.50 per gallon. a storm system bringing tornadoes to parts of the south is moving closer to central
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>> it is in the water tyrone. >> it's a monster. >> one of at least 6 twisters that hit parts of mississippi tuesday. the storms rolled through parts of alabama, small committee of saps was the hardest hit 40 miles west of tuscaloosa. dozens of homes were damaged leaving many homeless but despite all of this, no one was hurt. incredible. a great morning. >> some of the remnants is what we was see. >> a weaker system. we will watch for chance of stronger storms this afternoon. we will get wet at times with front number one moving in. the 2nd front arrives this weekend and we will break that down for you as well. a lot of changes and winter is point to make a comeback. not yet this morning we are warm. seeing the sun as it comes up ahead of the front, 60s, 70s around.
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70 in the villages toward anthony. 70, melbourne and palm bay. wind out of the south keeping us warm before the front moves in. tomorrow, a big northwesterly wind. orange county, winter garden clouds building and 2:00 onward, a good chance of rain and storms moving in. 10 am, we could have a couple zones. moving through it slowly. if you work outdoors, get an early. by 1:00, action west of i 4 but it feels in when you see tom terry today at 4 on channel 9, he will be busy tracking the rain and storms through the evening drive and again the chance for gusty winds all the way through 7. lingering showers after that but midnight we clear out and when i see you tomorrow morning, we will turn moving in. watching out for pockets of heavy rain couple spots could
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winds over 40 in some storms. front number 2, storm system to the south, saturday evening, that will start to work in saturday night and wrap up early sunday and another chill moving in. afternoon rainstorm, 81, may see 70s and 80s. the warmth. we get rain that will be arriving. tonight, 40s on the way. tomorrow morning a chill is working in, 40 night tonight orlando, 41 in ocala, look at friday. five-day forecast, where the weekend is always in view, 59 for a high tomorrow. it is going to be cool, breezy and late saturday, saturday night, clipped by a system. a fast mover bringing a chance for a couple showers. another cool down on sunday. 64 a high on sunday. we will see a couple more fronts by next week. coming up in the next half- hour, i will update the
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storm system. 6:20 am. a light issue with deneige. >> lights are out at an earlier crash. they drove, goldenrod road treat that as a four-way stop. colonial dr., simran boulevard, crash. side. good to go. move over for them. simran to the 408, traffic heading toward downtown orlando, looking good both directions 408. more vehicles with potentially dangerous airbags have been put on a recall list. the car owners that will need to make an appointment at the repair shop. >> a shootout marion county between deputies and a man in a car coming up we spoke with eyewitnesses about what they saw and heard before the shooting started.
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remember, delicious is always served fresh from florida. 624 hardware failure at the irs temporally stopping people from filing returns. >> it began yesterday defended
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electronic tax returns. officials say website with still up and running but the where is my refund tab, other services were not working. it is unclear what caused the problem we logged onto the website and found it is since been fixed and everything is now up and running. -- tax season is here and with it comes a string of phone scammers claiming to be with the irs. this time the scammers were in marion county and the sheriff's office says several residents have already reported getting phony phone calls. the scammers claim to be with the irs and demand immediate payment for back taxes. deputies want to remind everybody that the irs does not contact you over the phone. 6:25 am. a man some people call the junkman a seminole county is out of jail this morning. allen davis posted a $3000 bond late last night after he was arrested for felony littering. this past september, the county called 31 tons of trash away from his home -- hold 31 tons of trash away from his home. he's been fighting over the
6:23 am
in his yard for over 13 years. backing up $2 million in fines. this is the 2nd time he has been arrested for felony littering he was -- -- a pilot says last-minute advice and a text message helped to survive an emergency landing and the space coast regional airport. the pilot says the landing gear would not extend yesterday. you can see he circled the airport, burning off the fuel and texted a friend he asked if he should try to land on the water. the friend says the plane will quickly fill up with water so as you see, the pilot headed for the runway and the plane skidded to a stop on its belly. the pilot and passenger were not injured. orange county neighborhood on edge this morning after a woman attacked by a stranger on her own front porch. >> the help the woman got in the nick of time to escape her attacker. on top of a gun battle at
6:24 am
sent a deputy to the hospital. 6:30, how an attempt to save his life turned into shootout the i will show you one rain and storms start. 66 a.m. -- our time 6:26 am look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what but, uh. the yogurt made from
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the time is 6:30 am. a live look of the marion county gas station ocala, a she -- scene of a shootout where deputy was shot in the leg the latest with janai norman on the scene and what investigators are looking for this morning. we check weather and traffic every ten minutes. weather department. deneige broom is watching the roads. >> beginning with brian. >> el nio pattern, we will see fronts moving in today through the weekend into next week. afternoon and evening, rain and very warm today the cold weather is not here yet. 81 today and we will see the rain. back to the northwest that is sweeping in by the time we hit this afternoon.
6:28 am
in the western zones we will watch a marion sumter county. a lot will wake up to sunshine and that means temperatures are going to jump. 60s, 70s, a mild start. 60 degrees waterford lakes orlando eye lompoc audubon park sanford lake mary heathrow castleberry temperatures around 69. deland, 68 toward ponce inlet, volusia county. brevard, 70 and upper 60s lake county into osceola county. through the day, union park elementary, orange county. again, clouds building this morning. it is once we hit 2:00 the timeframe where we see more rain and storms and through the evening drive. a couple for 2:00. heads up in the western zones. for the most part, that is the critical time rain and storms arriving through the drive. i put together a map of all the computer models we use to show you how much rain we will see and i will show you how much
6:29 am
morning. 6:37 am. 6:31 am and volume building. >> we don't have any major crashes to deal with on i-4 with the volume building. i-4, 436 seminole county, good morning altamonte springs. no issues just typical delays. not seeing many delays yet. we have something for people driving through winter park, bates rd., goldenrod road, a crash earlier this morning and that has caused the lights to be out at the intersection. while work crews try to get that running, treat the intersection as a four-way stop a deputy is recovering after being shot in the leg during a shoot out in marion county ask deputy say started kill himself. we brought you this as breaking news at 11:00 as deputies swarm the kangaroo marathon gas station on baseline road ocala. janai norman is live with amanda turned -- the man turned a gun and deputies and they --
6:30 am
>> reporter: nancy, the gun battle happened in this parking lot what witnesses say they heard as many as gunshots -- 30 gunshots. i went in to talk with the clerk who with your last night but she could not say much or tell me anything about the suspect. flashing lights at the gas station when we showed up early this morning. we saw fdle agents investigating near a silver car later towed away. it was in the gas station eyewitnesses tell us they saw a man put a gun to his head last him down. >> the first officer pulled in, draw his gun and went to the corner of the store. he started yelling to the guy your hand. >> reporter: we found often deputies the man was threatening to kill himself. they tried to save his life. he then turned the gun on them putting deputies and a life or
6:31 am
taunting him, hiding behind the car reaching into his pocket several times. after the first 2 minutes we were talking with my brother that he wanted to get killed. >> reporter: in the last hour, we made calls to fdle and the sheriff's office to ask who that suspect is and whether he is still recovering this morning. they were not able to give us any updates only thing at last check that suspect still in critical condition. as we learn more about him, we will keep you updated here on the air and our wftv mobile app. live in marion county, janai norman, eyewitness news this morning. residents in windemere on high alert after a woman was attacked by a stranger while she was on her own front porch. >> it happened at the vineyards community when she went out for a smoke. the victim who did not want to show her face says she thinks the man may have been on drugs.
6:32 am
her phone and when she said no, he pushed her inside, ripped off her shirt, and started hitting her. >> i close my eyes for a 2nd because i knew it was going to be a pretty bad blow to the head. >> the woman says her dog barked and started to attack the man which startled him and she was able to kick him out and get him out of the door. the man has not been caught. a big change from overnight for a proposed raleigh for a controversial website that promotes elite -- legalizing rape. the fans of the website return of the kings said to have a meetup day and lake eola part. the rally has since been canceled after channel 9 brought the attention -- meeting to the attention of the public. the creator known to be a pickup artist book and inflammatory comments that break should be legal in a private home. >> no is no. it is not find. it is not okay. stop it >> orlando police tell us the group has the right to meet on the first amendment but there would have been officers watching. we talked with several
6:33 am
the group and his message and listen to what they had a at wftv /videos. leaders a maitland modal working to prevent violence after -- middle working to prevent violence. patrols were stepped up on campus. there have been several fights and threats of the shooting posted on social media. they are concerned because they were told -- not told details. students involved have been suspended and no actual crimes committed. after an unexpected win for senator ted cruz and i will, donald trump is accusing the senator of stealing the caucus. he says he wants another vote or for the results to be nullified. accusations came after cruz allegedly's bread were the day the caucus the gop candidate doctor ben carson may be dropping out of the race. cruz, his campaign sent an email sagging press reports that carson is taking time off after iowa and making a big announcement next week. the email also says please
6:34 am
that this news and urged them to caucus for ted cruz. >> he insulted ben carson by doing what he did to ben carson. that was a disgrace. >> what he did is unthinkable. he said the man has left the race and said it during the caucus. >> cruz apologize to carson but standing by his campaign tactics. clinton and sanders will face off in new hampshire tonight less than one week before the state's primary. clinton barely beat the senator and i will winning by a fraction. republican candidates will also debate in new hampshire before the primary. they will face off saturday night in the 3rd debate of the year. catch that here on channel 9 at 8:00. keep up with developments in the election by downloading our free wftv news app. local lawmakers encouraging the state to fight against so-called sanctuary cities. state representative larry
6:35 am
county sponsoring the bill. it calls for investigations and penalties for any city, county or sheriff's office that does not cooperate with federal immigration authorities. this comes after woman in california was killed by a mexican immigrant last year. released despite request to detain him. the house voted in favor of the bill yesterday. in the petition going around to get ridesharing companies like uber more freedom in florida. the florida house has passed legislation related to uber. the new petition from a group called speak up for uber calls for lawmakers to pass the bill to keep uber from being regulated like taxi companies. they have gotten 3000 signatures so far. 9 investigates found a be with a worldwide pharmaceutical company is ripping off people looking for jobs in central florida. alexander griffin told her she posted a resume on job hunting website someone claiming to be a recruiter with celgene a giant in cancer research offered her a job she says they gave her fake checks and put her at risk
6:36 am
>> once i left the bank, my bank called me and said i deposited a fraudulent check into my account and now my account will be frozen. >> we reached out to celgene to find out if it will take action against the person neighbors and so far we have not gotten a response. 6:38 am. we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. , there's a lot going on. >> a change is coming your way. here is certified meteorologist brian shields. >> tracking the front moving in for today. especially this afternoon. a line of rain and storms is here. in a week state -- weak state. strong for the 2nd half bad timing later tom will be here at 4 on channel 9 tracking rain and storms. these are computer models we use, american, european, canadian models spitting out one quarter to half inch of rain. that is a good bet for today.
6:37 am
81 today ahead of the front, rain and storms and look what happens when i see you tomorrow morning, 49 degrees. much colder weather moving in. today is a weather day. have our weather app go. live radar get it for free debt -- just search wftv . we update it throughout the day. coming up at 6:47 am. showing you rain and storms and future track in the weakened track. 6:40 am. >> skywitness 9 a crash earlier this morning, bates rd., goldenrod road, this intersection had the lights out for one hour. looks like they got them up and
6:38 am
keep that in mind. i-4 eastbound, kissimmee before 192, one lane is blocked. looks not to be causing delays. bernie madoff will spend the rest of his life behind bars coming up on good morning america, and inside look of the new life of the con man. >> emotional plea aimed at lawmakers as they decide whether officers should where body cameras. >> reporter: health emergency in florida, zika virus spread
6:39 am
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time now 6:44 am. an international problem in florida leading the charge to take preventative action. rick scott will talk about how the state is preparing to fight the zika virus. when we told you yesterday the
6:41 am
health emergency for 4 counties. kimberly eiten is asking what it will take to keep the virus out of central florida. >> reporter: governor scott virus from's spreading throughout the state but with all the cases in florida, tieback to international travel, we are asking if the virus can be kept out of the dangerous mosquitoes. now preventative action is underway to suppress the insect in 4 counties. governor rick scott attempt to stop the spread of the zika virus after 9 cases have been reported in the state it is most dangerous for pregnant women who unborn children to be born with the form it is. prompting doctors to issue warnings nationwide. >> pregnant woman should avoid travel to any place where it is being spread and those who returned with symptoms should see doctors. >> reporter: none of the florida cases involve pregnant women and all were contracted during international travel. today as scott talks prevention and measures like treating for
6:42 am
this will be affected. with all the florida cases so far linked to dangerous mosquitoes outside the rest for now, miami-dade, lee, hillsboro, and santa rosa counties are on high alert. the state health department is monitoring any further spread of the virus. with orlando drawing so many tours, we will ask of central florida will be a priority and as governor scott talks convention this afternoon. jamie, nancy. look at this first-person video that lets you really step into the shoes of a volusia county firefighter. this incredible video from one fireman's helmet can let you see how dangerous their everyday job can be . . >> fire officials say the small explosion happened one month ago at a home near one month ago at a home near hand avenue,
6:43 am
for a while before it was finally contain. they say everyone made it out and no one hurt. the cause of the fire is being investigated. imagine that they consider that a small fire. a family from boynton beach whose son was killed in a deadly shooting was in tallahassee yesterday fighting for a bill to regulate the use of body cameras. 31-year-old corey jones was fatally shot last year by a plainclothes palm beach gardens officer when jones his car broke down on i-95. jones his family is looking for answers about their son's death. they believe the -- had the they would have closure. the bill they are pushing will require police agencies with body cameras to establish policies to use them properly. new report from has orlando in the top spot on a list of most cost-effective wedding locations yet the website surveyed the 150 biggest cities across the country on things like total average cost of a wedding in those cities. spaces. florida is the only state to have 2 cities in the top 5 list
6:44 am
tampa number 4. spent 1 hour ago you pointed out that deneige broom is not married so she should pay attention to the story. >> she has not been talking to your. >> one hour later she is still mad at me but thank you for bringing it up again. >> rain and storms later today, changes on the way. another storm system for the weekend. front number one arriving today. we will look out for rain and then colder weather is sliding in as soon as tonight. ahead of it dry. nice start to the day. warm, 60s and 70s around. the kids could dress with shorts. bring your umbrella for later today. 69 white slanting sanford, 60 degrees avalon park orlando, 70 grant-valkaria, melbourne, palm bay. joon park also near 70. winds out of the south hill
6:45 am
scoot out of the northwest bringing changes. sanford may see some sun, clouds build and especially after 2:00 that is when we was see the rain and storms working in. follow your timeframe if you work outdoors, get it in early. playground time, okay in the morning. late morning, showers western zones and 1:00, west of i-4, 4:00, tom will be here on channel 9 at 4 and track rain and storms for the drive all the way through 7:00. you can see the rain and storms lingering into early tonight and late tonight clearing out. after that, we will turn sharply colder and that will hold for tomorrow. pockets of heavy rain today and winds gusting over 40. front number 2 arriving late saturday, saturday night, quick moving moving out sunday. weather sunday. afternoon rain and storms, temperatures around 81 and a today.
6:46 am
rain by the afternoon. tonight, take a look at that, showers eventually coming to an end and 40s on the way. 50s and brevard county, palm coast, 42. de leon springs, dylan lake helen debary and the 40s for tonight. clermont groveland, mineola, mid 40s when i see you tomorrow. five-day forecast, tran 11 -- where the weekend is always in view, son tomorrow chilly, windy, 59 on friday. again, the weekend, fast-moving system late saturday early sunday reinforcing cooler weather on sunday highs around 60 back to 65 on monday. tuesday, another front will be moving in and that active el nio pattern with us for sure. 6:50 am. flashing lights i believe this is i-4 here is deneige. >> i-4 eastbound before 192. crash off to the side but slowing things down. keep that in mind.
6:47 am
delays but you will have to move over. live traffic tracker, winter park, goldenrod road, bates wrote, earlier crash knocking out some light at the intersection so because of that you will still feel work crews blocking a lane on bates. next with the orange county sheriff's office will hold a gun buyback event to get dangerous weapons off the streets. next friday, anyone turning in a gun will get a $50 card no questions asked deputies say you do not need an id to turn in a gun. the drop off will start at 7 am friday at the orange blossom trail development board and last until 7 pm. facebook users get ready, you will see changes to your page later. the big surprise the social media giant is planning this morning. >> gunbattle in the middle of this marion county gas station parking lot. we are finding out how deputies tried to save a man's life
6:48 am
charges have been dropped against a man accused of intentionally setting a fire that killed his stepson and badly injured another child. 7 am, central florida's tv 27,
6:49 am
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a bun railroad gunfight send a deputy to the hospital. deputies were trying to save the man's life when he turned the gun on them. we are live at that gas station that is back open now. you're making calls to find out how that deputy and the suspect are doing this morning. >> reporter: yeah. right now we know that deputy was shot in the leg during the shoot out in this gas station parking lot. he is expected to be okay. we are still working to find out where the suspect was shot and whether he is still in critical condition this morning. around 7:00 this morning deputies were called to this kangaroo gas station and found the man armed with two handguns. he put one to his head threatening to kill himself. he turned the gun on them in fire forcing deputies to shoot back.
6:51 am
morning but so far a lieutenant officer have been unable to give us any updates only saying that suspect was still in critical condition. we'll update you here on air and on our mobile app. reporting live in marion county, eyewitness news this morning. new this morning terrifying moments on a flight from orlando. they anone of the 159 passengers on board were hurt. the plane which was scheduled to fly back while me can kicks work to figure out what went wrong. working to figure out what caused a midair explosion that ripped this gaping hole. they say one passenger was sucked out and his body was later found on the ground. officials say it happened a few
6:52 am
forced an immediate landing. they confirmed traces of explosive residue on the plane. authorities investigating whether it was terror related. officials say they are taken steps to boost security screenings by 600 percent. that increase in security comes after a former delta employee allegedly used his badge to smuggle more than 100 bags. they say it gives an immediate alert if any airline worker is arrested or charged with a crime. new testing being done far possible diabetes cure. they are speeding up development of the first stem cell development. if it works this well in patients it would amount to a cure ending the need for
6:53 am
the huge recall of faulty air bags. they say more recent air bags are also at risk of exploding. than do preparing to for models newer than 2008. it could send out metal shrapnel. president obama wants more money spent on job training programs. about $2 billion would encourage company to hire more apprentices. on monday google's parent company alphabet moved into the number one spot. share of apple rose 2% giving it a market value of more than $530 billion. shares of alphabet dropped down to 515 billion. facebook is turning 12.
6:54 am
facebook is putting together friendship collages to the 1.6 billion users all from photos. they won't be public unless you choose to share them. this morning. this morning nasa is one step closer to mars. >> workers have started adding heat shields. it is designed to take them deeper into pace. it will go 30,000-miles past the moon and the first flight carrying astronauts is slated for 2023. we check weather and traffic every ten minutes. we want to check weather now. >> yes. afternoon evening drive a few could be heavy, about 81 and much colder when i see it tomorrow morning. we'll be down in the 40s. we'll have the latest on the front move in coming up at the
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