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tv   Eyewitness News Noon  ABC  February 5, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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. it's hurry up and wait for thousands of ucf students and staff whose personal information could be in the hands of hackers and now people cannot get to the university call center to see if their identities were stolen. >> some people have waited hours on the phone and some hang up without getting an answer. >> reporter: and would he found out that takes anywhere from 20 minutes to two hours to get through to the call center set up for potential victims of the ucf's data breach. you can only imagine how many people are trying to call in to see if they are one of the 63,000 people at risk.
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call center yesterday when it announced a massive data breach. and some of the students and staffers' time dates back to the 1980s and some are student athletes or employees or students in the work program. and some of the victims accident know -- some of the people system don't know if they are victims because they cannot get best the wait times sister. and this man said that he used to work on campus. >> i didn't have time to wait for two hours. so i'll have to call again today i'm sure. >> reporter: you don't know if you got hacked? >> i don't know. >> reporter: and i tried to call to the university is if the call volume has let up 24 hours after they announced the data breach. so we're going to speak with them now and see what they have
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coming up on good morning indiana at 4:00. a brevard county tina accused in the death of his 21- month-old sister will be charged as an adult. >> the prosecutor filed the case today. and he said going forward with him as an adult we can push for a sentence that allows us in greater latitude it protect our community. the new bill will allow prosecutors to get blend sentence and that will allow juvenile sentence and adult probationary sentences. officials said that a sick person is a male student and the parents were told about a phone message from the school. and the kids that came in contact with the infected student were giving a letter to come home.
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and symptoms include fever, vomiting and coughing with a high pitched whoop. the temperatures will linger into the 50s and 60s today. amazing difference we hit the 80s yesterday. but a windy day and the winds gusting 25 miles an hour. and some gusts other than 30. a look at the numbers now just into the 50s. 55 in orlando and 56 in kissimmee and harmony and melbourne and june park. and look at this because this one tells the story. this is the 24 hour temperature
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30 degrees cooler now. and quite the dropoff. eventually we'll get a few high clouds and a couple low clouds along the coast later today. but we'll see mostly sunny skies and staying windy you'll factor. 60 at 4:00 and we'll drop off to 56. 54 palm coast for a high and 60 in tightsville. and look at the winds, north 15 to 25. and we'll have higher gusts bull we'll be dry today behind the front and we'll see what part of the weekend we could developing. >> you can track the cooler temperatures for yourself at gusty wind did not stop a
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cape canaveral air force base this morning. >> and we have liftoff. >> it is carrying a military satellite. this is the final satellite to be carried into space by the ula rocket. we're getting a new look how the seminole county deputies help the orlando police make an arrest. the helicopter flew over the car being chased by opd. >> alert to may fair circle. >> the car was followed to sanford where four people bailed and ran under power lines at an apartment complex and the police did catch up and arrested the people. the weather caused a scare on people living on the water
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an 81-year-old woman and 76- year-old woman had to be rescued through a window. they were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. the democrat thick candidates for president faced off in a heated debate and tomorrow will be the republicans' turn. all the candidates are campaigning around the clock with four days left. >> reporter: back on the trail after a fiery night on the debate stage. >> let's talk about the issues that divide us. >> reporter: the democratic presidential candidates facing off for the last time before the new hampshire primary and hillary clinton trying to overcome bernie sanders 15 point lead in the poll and another poll showing sanders chosing in on clinton rapidly. >> bernie sanders is the only person that i would character
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first woman president as complex fewing the establishment. >> reporter: and marco rubio on the rice in second place between donald trump. >> do you think donald trump is ready to be president? >> i don't think being president is the same as a real estate developer. >> reporter: donald trump still holds a commanding lead and ready to take his place on the stage tomorrow night. and donald trump is looking to the next big event. he canceled the event today because of all the snow. but he's holding a rally tonight in south carolina. be sure to watch the next republican debate that is tomorrow night at 8:00 right here on channel 9 and that will be immediately followed by good morning indiana at by i --
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at 11. employers added 151,000 jobs in january but that was enough for the unemployment rate to fall from 5% to 4.9%. a former employee is suing universal orlando saying that he was unfairly fired because he had a gun in his car. he said that universal fired him after someone broke into his car and stole the gun. >> the florida law said they have a right it keep firearms prisons. but theme parks said in the past they are exempt because they run programs for schools. the man the police say was the sole suspect has pledded guilty to manslaughter. lonzi barton was reported missing last july. investigators said that he was the main suspect.
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the human remains believed to be lonzi and today he pled guilty and sentenced to 20 years preston sentence. they looked the toddler in a room and he drowned in a bathtub. we'll have more later this afternoon starting on good morning indiana at 4:00. community donations and more than $100,000 are helping to improve a chronic homeless issue in daytona beach. a growing homeless campp sat outside the volucia administration building. and the money was donated wednesday night with the ceo of business alliance. it will pay for a temporary shelter still the city and county can work out a permanent solution. concerns over the zika virus. and investigators believe the gaping hole in this jet could be the work of isis.
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we have colder weather than this in the forecast and we'll track two fronts on the way and
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the first case of the zika virus contracted through sex was confirmed in brazil. cases have reached 50 nationwide. >> reporter: this morning florida feeling the zika virus anxiety declaring a public health emergency in five counties and reporting 12 case. >> all the cases in florida are travel related, the mosquito that causes the virus is common in florida. >> reporter: the state has 20 million residents and 100 million tourists a year. but they have less than a thousand zika virus test kits and the governor requesting thousands more. >> one in five individuals actually show any signs or symptoms.
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fever, rash, joint pain. and this woman battling of those still after catching the zika virus. she believed it happened in gall mall guatemala. >> reporter: in dallas, the virus was transmitted sexually. of concern. they confirmed the first intech transfusion. and the first try midwest certify the riskiest. and the cdc is working brazil to answer that question and more. and the main concern is the suspected link to birth defects in babies of infelony of the
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-- of infected mothers. firefighter are trying to figure out what caused a crane to fall and two people in a car crush were killed. near buildings were not structurally damaged. a shootout in florida's panhandle had a bonnie and collide run from the law. they were wanted on kidnapping and armed robbery charges from missouri but believed this be involved in cases in four other states. people in tightsville neighborhood are not surprised that a 11-year-old boy was hit by a truck near his home. they wish something would be drivers. >> i knew a kid would get hit here.
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>> yes. >> he was hit on north carpenter road. the driver did stop and they will be filed. we showed you this hole nice. today she sent us this picture of a busted pipe inside the hole that caused to open. it happened on piney point circle. magic will have some special guests at their game this weekend. >> they invite me and all of you guys to a magic game. [ cheering ] >> a gangville police officer broke the news to the nine kids. they were fairly excited. they made headlines after viral video posted on the internet. you remember the officer went
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complained about the noise. he ended up playing ball with the kids and he brought out former orlando star shaquille o'neal. story. >> i do too. >> that is so fun and so neat. >> nuts. >> can you imagine the surprise and noise about shaquille o'neal. >> nobody is going to say anything to him about making too much noise. >> notice we're all wearing red. what a day. what a good looking day. a little cold by my standards. we're at 56 in orlando and winds out of the north at 10:00.
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factor today and the sun up at 7:11 and sunsets at 6:08. and you see the numbers in the 50s and the 60s and we're barely at 50 at palm coast and 55 in the village and there are the winds coming out of the north. it is breezy and the winds will stay with us through the day and take a look at the gusts. 35-mile-an-hour gusts and lake wind advisories are up for sure. we're looking gorgeous and all the clouds swept away and the clearing skies temporarily in play and tomorrow a better chance of cloud cover. so sanford, plenty of sunshine and 58 by 4:00 and we'll stay cool and future track we're high and dry today. later today, a couple more clouds along the coastline. tomorrow, more of that onshore flow with us kind of clouding up in the morning and we'll see a few spotty showers dotting the map. a 40% chance of spotty showers later on our saturday.
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but the seas up there behind the front, six to nine feet. a strong risk of rip currents and windy and cool but plenty of sunshine in the forecast for today. there are the 50s in the northern tier and just about 06 in the southern zones. and that is all we'll manage today and the winds out of the north ten to 20 and 40s on the 50s on the way tonight so it is going to be ole chilly night across central florida and a chilly start to the saturday. and here are the changes on the way. the five-day forecast with the weekend always in view, there's the chance of the showers developing late saturday. we'll see a system nudge in. so we get to 66 tomorrow and then we're back to 60 on sunday with clearing skies and we're going to stay cool over the next five days even monday, when we bounce to 66 again after that cold sort and then another front, front number three over the last five, six days will roll in on tuesday.
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coldest day and we'll have the temperatures in the 50s with a 20% chance of a shower. today the winds are an issue to the temperatures. we'll go county by county with what we can expect for the rest of today and we'll fine town that storm system for part of the week. there was an attempt the robbery at a florida grocery store with an unlikely suspect. the police have an eight-year- old boy in custody. and we investigate allegations against a local officer accused of protecting a dangerous street game and how
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the palm by city council decided not to accept a new ordinance.
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ordinance that would prohibit description based on sexual orientation or gender identity. and they had that there was a lack of discrimination towards the lgbt community as reasons for the decision. a seminole county man is getting the half of a lottery payout. he said that he was entitled because of the half of wins that he had with lynn that they would split the winnings if they were together. and he felt browning should be awarded $291,000. >> it was a blessing. it was about the lottery and the commitment and the promise that we were going to share the ticket. >> he testified that the two were not together at the time
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she came across browning in the convenience store that she was actually engaged to someone else. the lake county daycare director seen on video striking a four-year-old child will remain locked up. we showed you this video this week. a coworker recorded kimberly reed for striking and throwing the child down. and orange county judge ordered her to be held without bond for violating probation. orlando police are working to find a gunman that shot a man outside a condo building and left homes and buildings riddled with bullets that is just after 8:30 last night. and we're working to get an update on the condition. we'll hearing from the mother of a seminole county third grade they're brought
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four letter words from the school library. >> we told you about this yesterday. the woman complained and the school district agreed this should not have been in three elementary schools and she's glad that the district plans to review the book screening process. >> we need to have some kind of protocol. i'm the one who decides when my child is ready to have that conversation, what they're ready to hear. the school is not supposed to do that. >> and and districted pulling the books and trying to find out how they ended up in the schools. a dispute between lovers turned into a deadly shooting. paul neff is now charged with first-degree murder. he is now charged with first- degree murder of his lover. text messages said that he threatened for days to shoot davis. he said that the fired the gun
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held without bond. volusia county deputies are trying to track down and he is escaped inmate that is believed to be with his girlfriend and his child. they stay he's on the run with natasha quickly and her three- year-old son. an eight-year-old florida boy entered a grocery store wednesday night with a loaded gun. >> and he pointed the gun at the cashier and wanted money. and the witnesses were not sure if the gun was real or not real and another employee jumped into action and grabbed the gun out of the child's hand. the gun belonged to the mother. >> i first thing i hope jayden doesn't have my gun. >> investigators said that the boy was evaluated for mental health issues after he made
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if you plan to take the 408, you you may have noticed more drivers on the highway. they saw more than 850,000 additional transactions on the tolls than in 2014 they believe the increase in traffic has to do with a decrease in gas prices. they think that construction on i-4 is pushing more people towards toll roads right now. and gas prices could be on the way back up. and new clues about the plane that was almost blown out of the sky over africa and why
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here's a live look over downtown orlando this afternoon. the temperatures will stay in -- the 50s and 60s. it is beautiful and wound i didn't this afternoon. sweeping changes with front time. we're tracking rain and 80s around right now and sunny skies and much cooler. the chill in the air. and that is going really stay the same way the next few days. bouncing up and down a little bit. forecast. waterford lakes and orlando. look at the flags flying in daytona beach. water. and we'll see a few more clouds building along the coast. 52 now in daytona beach and winds out of the north at 15. we've had gusts up to 35 miles an hour in tightsville and the 2:00.
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north and still breezy and 15 to 25-mile-an-hour and they don't settle yet with the storm system offshore and we'll have a winds coming down to 26 in sanford. so the breeze is with us tonight and we have a couple mormon any system as it will keep the col pattern around. and we track some of the highs today and 60 in celebration and 61 in kissimmee and winter today. that is it. and seminole county around 60, longwood 60. and interior sections of volusia county will be in the 50s for today. tonight chilly and 48. we'll still have some breeze coming up, we'll track a couple fronts on the way and cooler weather in the forecast. we have new information
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blown out of the sky in after -- over africa. >> reporter: more suggestions that the gaping hole leading to deoxkey deox gas station was a bum. >> reporter: they believe that one person may have been sucked out of the jetliner. they found residue that we believe are traces of explosives and it's been revealed that 70 of the 74 74
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were originally today spoke supposed to be in a turkish flight. turkey is in a war are with isis. and the airline has suspended flights while the investigation continues. gas prices could be on the rise too. president obama is expected to propose a new tax on the oil n week to reduce carbon emissions and money can be used for self- driving vehicles and mass transit investments. and consumers will likely pay for the new tax that is 33 cents more. the number of player of concussions has increased. the league is constantly increasing player safety.
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and all sports safer and the military safer. >> when it comes to super bowl 50, the switch to 50 was done specifically for the milestone and temporarily and the super bowl title will go back to roman numerals next year. a new recommendation by the cdc for women all over the country. what the cdc says about alcohol
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one in six people overweight had block markers that did not relate to heart disease and people at normal weight had one or two blood abnormalities. diediet and exercise are important to reduce the risk of heart disease no matter what your weight s. doctors say that the disease is preventable 80% of the time.
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and he explained how system symptoms are often different in men than women. >> they may get systems in the jaw, in the back down the arm and they may have a general feeling of uneasy. >> 44-year-old kim strong who was fit and fabulous suffered a heart attack four years ago. i'll have her story later today on 9 family connections facebook page. a recent warning from the cdc is causing outrage among some women. the cdc warmed that women that have planned and unplanned pregnancies about drinking alcohol. they say it lowers i am bigs and making it more likely to engaged in unprotect sex.
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panthers are getting ready for super bowl 50. and they're not immune to the jitters. >> they experience anxiety like everyone else do. but thing they do for the days leading up to the game is to stay relax and stay in the smoke us instead of what could happen during the game. that is true for all of us. the one question that scientist cannot answer about what will has been when it asteroid passes by in a matter of weeks. a big difference a day makes.
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a year after the claims we don't know if these allegations are true and nobody seems to answer why. >> reporter: this is brad trasher, a former police lieutenant in the middle of the mess. two police officers had two different infer manslaughter that appreciator was being bought by money and drugs. the two officers were on the west orange narcotics task force and told their boss what's they heard. >> what did the task force do with the information, as far as you know? >> we didn't investigates or do a lot with it. >> reporter: this interviews with the police officer happened after they were questioned about who is really looking into the agencies.
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police department came to speak with them. >> we're not looking into this anymore. it is over and done. don't talk about this anymore. >> reporter: and the sheriff's office showed this investigation to prove they never covered it up. they all seem to be that the fbi was handling the allegationsen steady. but the chief decided not to talk to channel 9. but the department did talk to us that the lieutenant was never under an investigation. but nobody was able to offer us an investigation as to why. >> the community has to feel that the police department is truth worthy and not going to cover up allegations against their police officers. >> reporter: if they did not believe the allegations from
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investigated? >> appreciator who recently retired after -- dresser who recently retired from the police department after 25 interview. sciences said that an asteroid the size of a basketball court will make a close pass by earth next month. it is not clear how close the 100-foot asteroid will be when it zooms past us. that is less than 5 percent of the distance to the monday. >> when was that again. i'll keep an eye on that, the size of a basketball court. >> duck and cover. >> we have some rather dramatic
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>> it is sunny outside now but it is cold. it is chilly outside t is sunny and beautiful. 55, and beautiful when you look at this from inside. the winds out of the north at 15 miles an hour. and temperatures in the 50s and 60s. some of us closer to the 40s. and we're at 50 at palm coast and a lot of 50s around and most spots about 20 to 30 degrees colder and there are the winds coming out of the north. and the winds gusting to 35. so the chill with us for sure. and the front blew by yesterday and some spots had two inches of rain. plenty of sunshine and 54 once we hit 6:00. a few scattered clouds along the coast and mainly on the clear side and tomorrow clouds
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our saturday and then then and onshore wind. feet. so windy and cool, plenty of sunshine in the forecast. 59 the villages, 56 in deland and the average high this time of the year low 70s. and the winds 15 to 25 with some of the higher gusts. 40s and 50s around. you see the numbers. 41 in ocala. and there will be a touch of a windchill. and good enough for the windchill in the 30s. so if you happen to be up early on your saturday morning, it will be on the cold side. and 56 in melbourne and 57 and a touch milder and less cool as we get towards cocoa beach. the five-day forecast with the weekend in view, saturday,
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clouds coming in with a few spotty showers and a little system clips us saturday night. 66 tomorrow but behind the next system back down 60 on sunday. and 66 on monday. but when we start to climb, and then we fall again and tuesday another front comes in and the daytime highs on tuesday running in the 50s. we have two brothers that are currently living in foster care. >> and they are hoping to find a family that will adopt them together. >> i'm chris and i'm 12. >> reporter: tell me about you. >> when i grow up, i want to be a football player. >> reporter: what did you think about the game and the players. talk a little bit about that.
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i met superheros. >> he's born athletics and he likes sports and camping and things like that. >> reporter: what would a great day for you be? >> getting a new horse. >> chris is up before me and catching cartoon and gives me a hug when i go off to work. >> reporter: for the brothers, they seems like great kids and they have that brotherly bond. tell me about them. >> typical brothers. they fight and wrestle and love and hug. >> i love my brother. >> they're great together. they should stay together. >> he's a great kid. he deserves a good, loving family and a forever home. >> and to learn more about dropping him or his little brother go to it was a vital test
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a school sent a child home after being tested for testing positive for whopping cough. . whether you like to admit it or not, we have all used the five
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other if we dropped food on the floor. >> julia child did that. some researchers say it is safe to see the that food give or take a second. and nasa said that small amounts of bacteria jumps on to the food as soon as it hits the floor. but they say that e. coli and listeria sticks to wet foods. if art festival and chili
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if you're looking for something to do this week, how about an art festival are chili cookoff or mardi gras event? >> best bets are abound. and festivals take place this weekend. the 41st annual mount dora arts festival is for art lovers. you'll see fine art and showcasing oil paintings and acrylics and plenty of food and live music.
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times and great food at the 7th annual orlando chilly cook chili cookoff. it offers samples of 100 types of chilly and live music all day and paparazzi zone. and there will be a world chilly eating challenge that has been demeanor natured by joey chestnut. he set the record by downing a mind boggling two pounds of chilly in six minutes. and university of the orlando kicks off its mardi gras celebration on saturday. visit the french quarter courtyard where you can feast on cuisine like jumbalaya. and musics from new orleans performs life and concert by hunter haze. keeping in with the country
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tumble singer/songwriter beenly -- gilbert is bringing his music. he got the new male artist award in 2013. that is charlesthat i see florida doing. the temperatures near 6 for -- 60s for the high this week. i hope you have have i wonderful weekend. i'll see you monday morning. thank you for watching eyewitness news at noon. >> chew is next.
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