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tv   Eyewitness News 530  ABC  February 8, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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>> we have covered problems with missed trash pickups for weeks in orange county neighborhoods after they transmissioned to those automated once a week pickups. >> now some in orlando are transitioning to problems of their own. janine is in baldwin park and you were the first to tell the neighbors there about the changes. >> and let me tell you, bob, those neighbors were not happy after watching all of those problems happen in neighbors in orange county. they are concerned the empty bins they have now could soon become a thing of the past. >> reporter: for weeks we have covered trash piling up in orange county neighbors. we only saw results when we came to cover the troubles. we were still responding to calls friday. now susan harmon is bracing for the same. >> not looking forward to it. >> we were the first to tell her show will be part of
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>> i haven't heard anything. >> reporter: the city just announced a plan today mailers will go out along with community meetings to explain. harmon does not recycle now because she has never seen neighbors place maroon recycle bins out for pickup. she is not sure she will start now. >> odds are now i will put my trash in the crashe trash can and my husband will haul the trash can to the road. >> increased recycling is the goal of this program. now. mayor is hoping to see that percentage to go up by 10% by increasing recycle routes, but harmon is worried what happened in orange county could now be the reality in her neighborhood. >> my husband assured me it didn't affect us, we were out of that area. that's great. thank you. and now we are going to be part
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>> reporter: and unlike the county who outsources that service to different haulers, the city will remain using their own staff, although some of their routes will change with this new pilot program. also the county never did try a smaller scale pilot program like this one before initiating theirs, so i guess we will see in the necks few weeks -- next few week eggs if the city's plan runs seamlessly. channel 9, eyewitness news. developing tonight, investigators are still searching for a gunman who killed a 20-year-old man at a publix. we were following this when it was breaking news at eyewitness news at 11:00, that night. it happened in the east town center plaza on state road 50. we are there now and police told you they are having trouble tracking down a suspect. >> reporter: well, police say whoever gunned down that victim behind me in this parking lot is
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they say they received tips through social media, but still don't have a lot to go on. this was the scene friday night in this publix parking lot in clermont shortly after an unknown gunman opened fire and shot 21-year-old andrew jones. >> we found the victim lying down in the parking lot. >> the victim was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. we were looking for a white volkswagen with n 913qi that looks a lot like this one. police believe the suspect could have use the car to get away. they also got report that is a car matching that crashed into a miles from here. so far police don't have a lot to go on, no surveillance video and so farther trying to look at the events leading up to the shooting. so they are asking for the community for help.
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about what went down, we are asking them to contact us. >> court records show he has been arrested twice for drug charges. so far we don't know if this was a targeted or random shooting, but publix customers say it is shocking this happened here. >> i'm not worried about that, but it is scary it's going on over here because it's a really quiet area. >> reporter: now, police again are urging anybody that knows anything to contact them. they say there is a crime reward being offered for anything leading to the arrest. we are life, channel 9 eyewitness news. and orlando police need your help to find another gunman who killed a 19-year-old and wounded another man. the survivor helped detectives come up with this sketch. last year 19-year-old jacob was shot to death at apartments off con roy road.
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they believe the suspect's vehicle, a late model dodge caravan. presidential hopeful have only moments to drum up support. and hitting the campaign trail to win over republicans. trump is ahead with double digits. bernie sanders is holding a substantial lead. but hillary clinton is battling back. >> sanders took dollars from wall street. despite the blizzard hitting, they are expecting great turnouts. and oops moment, questions over donors the final 36 hours of new hampshire have them fighting to the finish. republican candidates have spent almost $80 million just in new hampshire.
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money, when you say that. this shows rubio giving his take on good morning america. the morning, others are focusing on saturday evening when this happened. rubio repeating his talking points and seemed flustered when asked to go off script. we have these fighting for first and second. >> there it is, the memorized 25 second speech. >> it started with chris christy calling out marco rubio for retreating to the same lines. >> that's what washington, d.c. does, the drive by shot at the beginning. >> now rubio's former mentor jeb bush is seizing on the mope. the add by bush's pack is using a toy robot to skew him as robotic. >> it was an unforced error on the part of rubio. >> dr. rick says while christy
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jeb and other candidates who were making the most out of it, driving home the fact that rubio is not ready, countering bush and christy, this add currently airing in new hampshire looking ahead to november. >> this election is about defeating hillary clinton. >> while they fight over attitude and attributes. >> i'm donald trump and i aprove this message. >> i want immigration reform to pass. >> hammering cruz over immigration, looking to knock out the man who bested him last week in iowa. and of course on the democrat side bernie sanders is expecting to have a big night. while hillary clinton gained ground, he still leads by double digits. all right. we will be watching. presidential candidate ben carson made a stop in florida today. he held a private fundraiser at ocala at noon. this is dr. carson's second
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and a suspect has finally been named in a hit and run. the victim was hit outside his work truck and died days later. channel 9 tim barber live in castle bury where that happened. and troopers, why it took so long to get this case. >> they didn't have any witnesses out here on the street, and the evidence that tied this guy to the case just came back from the laboratory. now, i want to exactly show you what happened here. the guy was getting into his work truck and that car came by and the side mirror hit that man and flew him down onto the pavement. after he was hit and left to die, his family begged for answers. >> just need to know who did this.
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interview they name a suspect, mark manus. >> i don't want to talk about it. >> they found him in his honda civic after they got an anonymous tip. >> after we had to go through attorneys they did invite us into his home. >> he told the troopers he didn't know he hit someone. he even gave them the car. >> who was the hold up? >> these cases are thousands of man-hours, not just the time of the patrol, but the hours in processing. >> he faces up to 15 years behind bars. >> he got out on $15,000 bond. i checked his driving record and he only had a careless driving citation back in 2004. reporting live in castle bury, eyewitness news. florida lawmakers are
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stop from giving permanent alimony. they are getting alimony for decades for a wedding that didn't last long. >> so now i'm 71-year-old and i'm working three part-time jobs to supplement mys is and my alimony. >> if it becomes law, it would not be retroactive, so it would only affect new cases. the bill has passed through two committees and heading to the full house for consideration. a decision is expected tonight whether the school board will sell a piece of land. last month we told you they cancelled dabney elsement rig stood. they changed their minds when a buyer asked for more time to come up with the money. >> eyewitness news first broke the news that orlando firefighterers were exposed to
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and ahead at 5:00, congress in answerly passed a bill to create id cards for veterans. it hasn't happened yet. they say it needs until 2017 to submit them. anchor goes inside an islamic school to see if isis propaganda is targeting florida kids. >> do you believe this is a very real and serious threat? >> next, what's being done to keep children and our community safe. bob, busy week of weather
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tonight 9 investigates the
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and teenagers from extremist propaganda online. >> the ain't con told nancy they convened where attempts were made to radical ize a local person. >> as a mother of two teenagers, she shares the same worries as all parents, but for her there is an added layer of concern. >> unfortunately our kids are being targeted. >> as the media technology director for this school. for their protection and hers we are not showing their faces. >> they are my kids, so obviously i want to protect them. >> safe from this, propaganda videos create bid isis with the -- created by isis with the aim of getting young people.
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the real fight begin, a school that uses social media, it is not allowed. they are set on devices and she is working on installing software that will monitor the activity of students online. the other battle is at home. >> no parent can police their children 24/7. >> they might be physically in their room, but on their computer they might be somewhere else in the world. >> he is especially concerned with the high quality of the videos. >> they affect young impressional mind of teenagers more than they do adults who can discern right from wrong. >> that is why he wants them to be free to ask questions and urging them to talk about it. he reminds his youngest followerers that this is not islam. >> it is really distorting the
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community. >> today the fbi joined me at the islamic center and an agent told me they are especially concerned with terrorists trolling violent gaming sites who are already exposed to violence. the agent gave us exclusive look at a new program to deal with this problem. i'm working on that story now, and i will show you that at 11:00. >> talked extensively to the mom. you can find out what every parent should know by going to and going to the tab to listen that that interview. >> and under a microscope, a new unit called student aid enforcement. it will look at higher educational institutions who fired for bankruptcy amid fraud allegations and left thousands of students with debt and no
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palm bay police will start training at the facility and they are showing off its renovated facility, a shoot house and a training simulator. the police chief says it will help them train at a higher level and improve public safety response. and a soccer club is set to host a series of events leading up to their season openers. >> the lions are having an open practice tomorrow evening at 6:30. the season opener is march 6. orlando's city kick off week starts march 1. >> i could see me trying to dodge that first one and this knee goes out, hit the ground. hey, i would make it through one. i think you would go a little farther. >> you know, the cold fronts are stacked up. one, two, three cold fronts. beautiful shot around downtown orlando. 64 degrees and temperatures are
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obviously depending on where you are from, it's still down right warm or too cold for you. but that's where we are. 60 degrees for highs and low to mid 60s and continue to see fair skies. the reason the temperatures are so uniform is the strong wind. it's the same consistency all through the area here with gusty winds. here comes our cold front, a lot of shower activity approaching jacksonville. it will give us a chance for a sprinkle, a passing shower or two by 10:00 when i join you on our sister station at 10:00. web remember if you are not around a tv, you can tune into our app. tomorrow the first of three cold fronts, a shower for orlando. there you see temperatures back in the mid 40s through the early morning, so it's going to be cool starting out the day
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the morning, 41 ocala, 40 over palm coast, and thanks to all the people that came out and braved not the best weather for the past weekend. temperatures there will be in the mid 50s by 2:00 tomorrow, deland, you will be at 56 at 4 p.m. so most of us spending the day in the 50s tomorrow. the wind will make it feel just a bit cooler and again, as i said, this is only the first of three cold fronts. the first one moves by tonight and second tomorrow night and that will give us very cold temperatures for both wednesday and thursday morning and then our third front will be here saturday evening. and freeze watch for tomorrow night and probably extend into thursday as well, so it will get colder before we warm up again. 45 tonight, that stray late evening shower giving way to a pretty nice day, but certain cooler tomorrow. the weekend always in view, lots of 30s, in fact, the coldest
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you take a look at the entire that will be on friday. and then our third front of the weekend. and i'm having much more on the 6:00. >> wind chills, all right. see you at 6:00. police officers. and plus we found out hundreds of orlando firefighters may have been exposed to asbestos on the job. >> the most important is our firefighter safety. >> new at 6:00, the action they are taking now to make sure it doesn't happen again and weekend shootings at a mall, grocery store and a nightclub. new at 6:00 why it's so hard to
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id cards for the nation's ved rans, right now justin gray found out those ids won't be available to veterans anytime soon. >> yeah, the florida congressman who drafted this didn't think it would be complicated or take that long, now, i have learned these could be another year or more before they get in veterans' hands. >> a simple solution to a common problem. some states have that id cards active duty have id cards, but no card available to all veterans, for now they have to carry their discharge papers for
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hard to find and easy to lose and personal information that identity thieves love. they have created a new id card last year, but one problem is no id card. >> by the time they get these done, it is not acceptable. he wrote the law creating the id cards. now sending this letter to the va demanding to know what is the holdup. >> i asked the va what the timeline is. they told me the rule making process will take at least 12 months. the va estimates the cards will not be available until 2017. the reason why, quote, this is a lengthy process that requires time for a public comment period, as well as approval from the office of management and budget. he tells me it shouldn't take that long. >> we are pushing them to get it done this year in the next six month ideally.
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the va secretary and pushing the va to move faster. . a florida congressman is pushing for the state to take control of the va hospital. jon will speak out tomorrow about a bill that will reopen the unit to provide extra care to veterans in need. it is expected to pass. for the past year the lake baldwin has been for staging for the lake winona hospital. >> she is named this year's top principal and she was honored at a group. new for eyewitness news at 6:00, the previous allegations for misconduct we uncovered
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served fresh from florida. a dispatcher's mistake sent two ocoee police officers to the wrong house, but what they did once they got there has them under investigation, new at 6:00, the history of alleged misconduct we uncovered against those cops. and tonight those two ocoee officers are on paid leave. >> they showed up, failed to announce themselves and fired nine times into that house.
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started with a call toll 911,
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