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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning 530am  ABC  February 9, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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there is a live look outside for you, it is chilly and it will stay that way, in fact it is going to get colder. that cold front coming in pretty much as we speak. is a possible the call and cold and not go to work? >> let us know how that works out. they will never know. >> board today, staying in the 50s. 58 degrees the high. winds gusting 25 winds gusting 25 miles per hour or better.
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again, as we go through the day we will be on the dry side with 40s and 50s around to get you out of the door. 52 degrees and water for legs and union park. that brief not helping a whole lot, here is a look and volusia county. daytona beach 10:00, in the 40s i noon and the mid-50s this afternoon. coming up i want to show you how unusual some of this cold weather is. we still have construction out there on the roadways. this is approaching downtown orlando. off to the left you still see one lane is blocked off for road work. i4 westbound inc. is it me, there is a crash and it looks like troopers are able to get this one off to the side.
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a good idea of why gottman open fire, but they are not ready to reveal all the details. >>reporter: from february of last year throughout sunday i found out police were called so many times it equals out to more than once a week. with the latest deadly shooting we are asking a city commissioner what needs to be done. record show police were called out 54 times in 365 days. the calls include multiple fights and disturbances. >> it is a tragic situation. >>reporter: so far officers have not made any arrests. they say it wasn't random, we
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club's owner, we didn't get an answer and found out from relatives he is out of town. >> i have not spoken to the club owners and yes i have heard of instruments before.>>reporter: the nightclub suits and samuel ings district. he told me he is not reached out to a club's owner and wouldn't say if more needs to be done. we are still working to know about the victims and the people recovering. we will keep you up-to-date on
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within the past hour we found out a daytona teenager is in critical condition since police say he was staffed loss try to stop by. one of the suspects say it was all over gang turf. police say deandre willard was fighting with another student when d'andrea's major try to jump in. we spoke to a mother whose son was also there. >> i am so concerned about my son right now and about the young man at the hospital. this little boy could've lost his life over foolishness. >> witnesses told police that majors staffed dallas, but when questioned major blamed wheeler. both teenagers were arrested on felony charges. the person who killed two people outside of the florida mall is still on the broad. we have been following this story since friday.
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in the parking lot. investigators haven't told us much about what happened, but they did say this was not random. a nonprofit was started put your guns down in your hands up after her brother was killed. now, she says she needs help from the community but it has not been easy. >> our children are dying and i think it is ridiculous. >> jones is planning a rally against gun violence outside of orlando city hall later in the month. the first presidential primary ballots have already been cast in new hampshire.
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punches last night. some candidates are already moving on to the next primary.>>reporter: donald trump and bernie sanders are scheduled to state center stage in new hampshire, but all the candidates took the campaign stage last night. >> i need your vote. >>reporter: hours before new hampshire's primary, the presidential contenders made closing arguments. some again on the attack and aiming their words at donald trump. >> i think being a progressive means you want to make real progress. the last thing we need is promises that cannot be met.>>reporter: in historic
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vote did not end in his favor. with john casey taking the lead in on the democratic side, sanders beat hillary clinton for 20. many votes to calm as candidates way for the post- close tonight and open next in south carolina. south carolina's primary is just two weeks out. coming up we keep a close eye on social media as polling sites open the doors in new hampshire and we will show you how people are reacting as more votes command. this next story happened while many were sleeping, at least eight people are dead and 150 more are heard following a
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just outside of munich, germany. we are told emergency crews are still working to get people out of the wreckage. we will monitor the story and bring you updates as soon as they come in. next week orange county commissioners will meet to discuss controversial plans for two new charter schools. protesters told us one of their concerns is traffic. meantime, leesburg police are cracking down on crime. we told you last year about a series of shootings. says a new initiative police of may 100 arrest in the carver heights area. they have also arrested people for curfew violations and carjacking. later today babar county commissioners may decide to write off $7 million in unpaid
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the county says they make five attempts to collect the money and if a patient still doesn't pay the money is considered uncollectible. we now have a better explanation of how ? police opened fire at the wrong house. we found out is started with a dispatcher sending officers to the wrong address. the homeowner says the officers banged on his door in the middle of his -- the night and then shot nine times. no one was hurt. casey anthony is going into the photography business, launching her own business last month in west palm beach. she hasn't said what type of photography this would be. we followed her for years as detective investigated her daughters murder. your time right now, 5:39 am and we
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traffic every 10 minutes. >> we are counting the minutes >> it is moving in right now. high. below average for the day ahead. you can see the numbers all in the bed to upper 50s. tonight it gives even colder, freeze warnings will be right near the freezing point for tonight. coming up i am going to show you how much colder tickets. in the last 10 minutes we had in other crash pop up involving a patrol car. i am getting word this is causing a partial roadblock and
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next seven minutes. local muslim family say they fear their children are being recruited for terrorism. coming up i went inside a local school to see what is being done to protect your children from isis propaganda on the
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trump and bernie sanders are predicted to win the state. both have been consistent leaders in new hampshire's. -- new hampshire. the balance started to drop right at midnight with just nine voters. some of the polls were open in about 15 minutes and we will be keeping a close eye on how the country reacts on social media. governor rick scott says he is making sure to keep floridians safe from the zika virus. so far there are 16 cases in florida that includes one in osceola county. luckily, no pregnant women have been affected. the secretary of health and human services will be in
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lawmakers on the zika virus. >> again, repeating what the doctor just that, she said the mosquito is very active during the day and not just at don and dust. we will be keeping you updated in the weeks ahead. we have created a special section on with more. just go to the new staff. mount dora city leaders have hit another setback. city leaders were supposed to be interviewing for new candidates, but yesterday they
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the manager will have to stay on as interim city manager for now. city leaders have not said why they canceled the interviews. a graphic teenage novel taken off the shelves has now been found in other districts. the county pull the book after a third grader brought it home to be. yesterday we found the book still ready to be checked out in several brevard and lake county schools. there are no plans to pull it from those schools. tonight parents and teachers in volusia county will get a chance to come together. the two groups met for the first town hall meeting last night import orange and talked about several concerns including funding, teacher shortages, and the new curriculum. there will be another meeting tonight in case you missed out. you can now get a look at
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department's new state-of-the- art facility. the chief says the facility will help officers trained at a higher level and will roll out -- allow them to better respond to public safety. a cold front moving by right now and tomorrow the way. >> you are going to run out of bullets. >> i am, i have to go shopping. >> problem solved. lake yolo, here we are this morning with a little cloud coverage. we get a look at temperatures in the 40s and the pit these. if you are in the 50s now we're actually going to stay in the 50s throughout the day, that is
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there are winds coming out of the northwest now, pretty breezy. they are ushering in the chill and it is going to be a cold week ahead. a mix of sun and cloud coverage today. windy and cooler with a few patches of clouds. here is winter garden, 53 degrees by noon. future track taking you through the day. otherwise we're looking good in on the dry side. temperatures will be the story. you see the numbers running in the 50s. that is all the way through the evening. midshipman to upper 50s with us and then tonight turning chile by early tomorrow morning. 30s and 40s with a wind chill tomorrow morning and the 30 for
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winds gusting over 25 miles per hour. as they get through samper temperatures around 57 and again in the 50s in the land. tonight 30s and 40s in our northern zones. still pretty breezy, but if you are in some of our northwest zones protect your plants and be mindful of a light freeze for the next few nights. your five day forecast, 57 degrees tomorrow. we warm up by the end of the week, but we get another front. on sunday highs will be running in the 50s once again. we have a patrol car crash in samper near the intersection of lake mary boulevard and
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one lane at least is blocked. i will let you know if they end up shutting down any more lanes. in kissimmee you also have a crash and right here at i4 approaching the 408 you have one lane blocked for construction. still no arrest in a mass shooting at an orlando nightclub. coming up at 6 am what the police chief said.
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your time now 5:53 am. this morning channel 9 investigates a new tool the fbi's using to prevent terrorist attacks across the country. i got an inside look at a new tool federal agents are using to prevent terrorist propaganda from reaching children. it works like a videogame, different levels. about extremism. i also spoke with leaders about the threat of this propaganda reaching children. this man says there is a real parents.
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asking us how do i do this or that? you have to remember many parents do not have technical skills. >> investigators say they are paying close attention to violent gaming sites where they say terrorist groups can easily find young people already prone to violence. to emphasize, the fbi says it has already intervened nationwide and multiple cases. you can see my full report on your cell phone right now. a 13-year-old boy is recovering this morning after another teenager accidentally shot in. investigators say the boy was shot on sunday when another 18- year-old boy was playing with a gun. the man who owned the gun was not home at the time, but has since been arrested.
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in a double murder in metrowest. investigators found antonio jones and another man shot dead. right now it is unclear why the shooting happened or if there are possible suspects. the fbi is now reporting new details on gun sales here in florida. with now more than 120,000 people in florida have background checks last month in order to purchase guns. the number was just 80,000 this time last year. nationwide, there is an increase of background checks in about 47%. if you drive a fiat chrysler you may be in danger of a crash because of the gear shift. the issue has caused more than 100 crashes, but there is no formal recall.
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and scroll down to the yellow web links box. wildlife officials are now asking your help to figure out who owns a 9 foot anaconda. back in september it was found slithering along the banks of the st. johns river. the snake did not have a tack which is required. officials are now looking for its owner to find out if someone is breeding these giant snakes illegally. meanwhile, state wildlife officials have another anaconda with no owner. we checked state records to see who owns one of the snakes, the florida institute of technology is the only permit holder in melbourne. the institute says they haven't had one of those snakes in a very long time. a bit of a mystery. we told you when at least
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training. the new training happening
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