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tv   Eyewitness News 4  ABC  February 9, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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stirred up all of the air and we're within a degree or two of each other. temperatures over head, look at the wind gusts. that's the big difference. we had wind gusts up to 40 miles per hour last year at new smyrna beach. wind chills will be dropping in the 20s 30s tonight. a freeze warning to the north, mainly northern sections of marion county. temperatures fall in the upper 30s in altamonte springs. you see 34 as you start your day tomorrow. it's going to feel colder. in orlando, a light freeze we'll be talking about. and i'm tracking another cold front hours away. a 13-year-old boy was shot by a gun that shouldn't have been in the house in the first place. >> this afternoon, a tragic turn of event as we found out the teen died.
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visiting family at the home. investigators say this happened because one of the teens the victim was with lost his balance on a hoverboard. >> reporter: no up answered the door when we knocked. but we know tonight investigators are trying to piece together how this deadly shooting happened. he said he lost his balance and the gun went off. one fatal shot hit him in the back of the head. the moments leading up to the shot including fisher and he is cousin playing video games in the house. brandon fibber said he found a gun and was balances on a hoverboard but lost his balance and the gun went off. it faired a bullet in his cousin's head. they tack the teen to the hospital but he -- took the teen to the hospital. but he died yesterday. no one is charged for pulling
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the investigation is ongoing. they arrested his uncle who lives in the home. they determined the gun belongses to him and he is a convicted front. he pled guilty to battery on a law enforcement officer back if 2006. investigators have stressed the fact that he was not in the home when the shooting happened, but he's being handgun because he is a felony. we don't know if deputies will file charges on the 19-year-old for pulling the trigger or telling deputies a different story when they first arrived to the skeeb. coming up at -- the scene. coming up at 5:00 i'm going through the report now and i'll tell you how deputies were searching for a made up man when they first responded. following breaking news out of orange county where a high school has been put on lock down. you can see student there fail back in. we did catch two of them fighting.
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of a parent were called. parent were called and e-mailed about the lock down. we're asking officials what forced them to lock down the school. we'll update you when we learn new information. the gunmen who killed two people in a crowded nightclub are on the lose. police say the accident was they don't tell random, but -- was not random. we spoke to a man who was at the club. he described it lake a terrorist attack. we'll have that at 5:00. we're waiting for the department of education to release grades. some officials say it doesn't matter. the grades are meant to determine individual progress. teacher performance. but the standards have been questioned because of technical issues. orange county public school officials don't think the grades mean much. they sent out a tweet that said
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for school districts. we received simulated grades last month but still waiting on final results. the orange county property appraiser sent money on things lake meals, travel and what he called outreach. >> the controller launched the audit by a series of reports which raise questions about spending in that office. darlene jones has been reading through the audit. darlene, what did you find? >> reporter: this is a copy of the 21 page audit i've been reading through. this audit faced on the appraiser cards, it's lake a credit card he can use at its discretion. he found nothing illegal but the auditors criticize how much was spent and on what. they reviewed bank statements provided by out office. many of which we reviewed over the last several movshts.
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they foe auditor -- auditors found the office spends money on a wide array of items of the but what concerned them the most was announcement on meals, out of county and out of state travel and something the property appraiser referred to as outreach. it could have been things lake pencils, pepsied other -- like paren sills, pence and oh things. in one instance, he traveled out of a state for conference and went several days ahead schedule. in the auditor's opinion, sometimes he paid too much for travel and meals. it's important to point out there are no policies in place that restrict what can be spent. that's part of what the auditors recommend in this audit, that they come up with a better policy on that. >> things we couldn't expect to see in government and i think they'll make chances there and
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policy that will have them not pay those expenses going forward. >> we reached out to the office for comment for the last several hours and they have not returned the calls. we're reviewing the audit in addition to e-mails we found that show he wasn't cooperative during the initial stages of this audit. we'll have that part at 5:00. a 17-year-old was stand three teams when he tried to break up a gang fight. last night, we told you about the fight between student from atlantic hall. we spoke with police today. offices said this gang was already on their radar. >> reporter: they have been one teen who went to juvenile detention if the past. this so called gang problem has reach add new level with one tiny in the hospital -- reached a new level with one teen in the hospital.
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times by another in what investigators said could have been turf warsaw. >> what are we talking about when we say these kids are in a gang? >> i don't think it's an organized gang. >> reporter: they believe dallas was trying to break up a fight when darius major pulled out a nave and stabbed dallas. he went to the hospital in industrial condition. police tracked down and arrested major and another teen also accused in the stabbing. police are keeping an eye on other children. >> several of those kids including the witnesses are on our radar as far as entail is concern. >> reporter: major and wheeler are charged with felony aggravated battery. but it's too earlier to tell if they'll be treated add adults. i read to reach out to their
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they've notified school resources of their acts. police tell me dal slas in stable condition. i -- dallas is in stable condition the school district does not comment on anything, but if they're convicted of a felony, they can be expelled from school. a county wide commission could be created to fix the homelessness problem. this comes of a we showed you police removing dozens of homeless people. right now, waiting on the poles to close in the first primary of the year. the new hampshire primary is expected to help the field of candidates on the republican side. >> what makes this election different than iowa?
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new hampshire is lake florida where it uses the traditional method. unlike florida, it allows independents to vote on either side and that could mean a shake-up on the republican side. >> i was not sure who i was going to vote for up to the very minute. >> reporter: chris christie has been on the ground here nor a month and a half. he needs to finish strong. the oh republicans searching for -- other republicans searching for last minute support. donald trump entered today as the front-runner in the poles. john kasich won the first vote of the day. the small first prebe sinct and count ball lats at midnight. this election, all coming down to the undecided. and independent voters. >> so who was it? >> bernie sanders. the democratic side and
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clear choice. >> reporter: on the democrat side, bernie sanders is expected to win tonight. >> it's a large voter turn out, we'll do just fine. >> reporter: as for clinton, she may has but the upcoming states will fill the bid. most of the poles in the state will close at 7:00. about 20 locations will stay up until 8:00. coming up, what candidates are doing today and why a poor showing may make it difficult to for -- for jeb bush to make it. >> we'll bring you a live analysis of the primary tonight of a the poles close. join us on facebook lye at 9:00 p.m. and tune in for channel 9 at 11:00. should be fun. >> that's always interesting. officials say the number of flu cases have spiked.
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down one school. >> this video shows the crazy weather passengers had to deal with on a craws ship. the investigation a u.s. senator from florida is calling for. >> kissimmee police are searching every gas pump in the city. why it's getting easier for they'ves to rep you off. >> chilly and breezy now. here comes front number two.
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you're watching "channel 9 eyewitness news" at 4:00 with greg warmoth, ven he can't and meteorologist -- vanessa and tom terry. thieves are hitting gas stations trying to rip you off. that's why police opened every gas pump in the city to look for devices that empty your
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mike road along with investigators this afternoon. you were there when they found evidence of tampering in some of those punchers. >> reporter: yeah, they say someone went inside and messed with some of the kaebls in at least -- cables in at least a couple of the gas pumps. the thieves come up and open the box with a key you can get anywhere. they put on a skimming device. you come along, swipe your credit card, you push your gas. you didn't notice anything until you look at your bank account and see your money is gone or worse, your identity -- your identity. pump by pump, they search for devices that are meant to rip you off. within minutes, they found signs of tampering. that tells investigators... >> they could be trying to fabricate their up skimmer. >> reporter: they look like the
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puffins last week. police tell us it's -- pumps last week. police tell us test getting easier for thieves to get in and weep you clean. -- wipe you clean. these generic clean make it easy for inspectors to open the push but you can buy them online and so can thieves. you can bay these skimming devices and -- and with second you can buy them. police detective says there are things you can do to protect yourself. he said look for a blue sticker. if you see this on a puncher, you're probably receive because you need a -- you're probably safe because you need a pass i checked with kissimmee police. at the they will me they did
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in the city today but this is not the last time they'll go out checking. they want to continue doing this because they know the thieves are out there. >> you can get a closer look at what the in informants look for at of -- investigations look for at every pump going to the web site. senator bill nelson wants to know why the ship left the port. we showed you video during the 12-hour storm. the senator wants the national transportation board would set sail when a storm was in the forecast days earlier. passengers want answers, too. >> i'm concerned about the captain's judgment in this subdivision. i recent the fact he put six thou people's lives -- 6,000
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>> four passengers were injured but expected to be okay. >> you would hope a captain would have more common sense than that, but obviously he did not. >> i had a friend flying down today, two -- 200-mile-per-hour wind in the jet stream. it's afternoonly fade. here's what's going on now. downtown orlando, we've had nice sunshine near lately with clearing skies at daytona beach. i'm watching the folks deal with the gusty winds. even had a few sand swirls where it spence up and whirls across the sand. been watching that today. it's windy out here. another front to come later tonight reenforcing the air we have that's cool tonight. temperatures steady in the upper 50s across central florida. we're cooler than yesterday and will continue to stay on the
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and 39. so it has been gusty to windy today and that's going to make for a cool fight with the wind- chill factor. once we're below 50, we calculate the wind-chill factor. dryer to the north. there's a sharp drop-off in the dew point. that's the secondary front coming through tonight. the first front we've feeling it now. the second front moves by this evening. the third front still scheduled for saturday. but i have an extended period of drawier weather for us through the upcoming weekend. wind chill advisory are out for central florida tonight. a freeze warning, a light freeze in the far months counters. marion, flagler, the colder pockets up there. palm bay today, 48 degrees midnight. wind chill 35 in the morning. that's what you need to think about tonight for the kids at the bus stop. it's going to be a bit on the brisk side.
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40 for orlando. but 30 for marion county, flagler counterpart oflake county. we've had a colder night temperature ways. it's going to feel cold. breezy and cool for daytona tomorrow. 54 at 5:00. it's pretty nice but we'll stay cool the next few days. 70 on saturday before our next cold front gets her saturday night. cold shelters across central florida will open their doors because of weather. in seminole county, the outreach mission in sanford and salvation army on west 24th street will open up. in brevard county, his place ministries. and central brevard sharing center on aurora street will open their doors along with our say your on north at plannic
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and quiet. some residents want to take an approach to keep it that way. coming up. >> u.s. leaders met today to discuss national security from threats around the world what they're calling the biggest threat to the u.s. >> all new at 5:00, we spoke to a man inside of a club when multiple gunmen opened fire. >> people were walking out with
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once a year, officials give conk a poor tritt -- congress a portrait of what's facing the united states. bob joins us live. one official called this a lit nu of doom. >> it's a long scary list and finals say homegrown extremist are among the greatest threats to the u.s. law enforcement arrested 60 would be terrorist, many of them inspired by isis. recent threat from north korea are also cause for concern. >> the most diversion array of challenges and threats that i can recall. >> reporter: isis tops the
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the group is concerned the preeminent terror threat predicted to only get stronger this year. >> isis leaders are determined to strike the u.s. homeland. the u.s. is in much harder target than europe. >> reporter: officials say north korea probably bluffed about detonating a bomb but it remains dangerous with kim jun jung's power. the u.s. is developing a new rocket enjoin to replace a rus built one that powers -- -- powers rockets into orbit. fer watching china -- they're also watching thigh that and iran. -- china and iran. they're increasing cyber
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he wants to create a federal official to coordinate security over agencies and work with military county parts. >> it's sobering to hear at that level. a driver is in custody of a deputies say he took them on a high speed chase. >> how the suspect was caught. >> then, this four legislated deputy is back on the -- legged job is back on the job of a being shot. >> i'm with my familiar. >> the award he received for his bravery. >> and a lake county school had to close its doorors of a too
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health officials say the number of flu cases in lake
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and it's gotten so bad at one school, it was shut down. we asked whether student throughout the district should be on alert. st. paul's catholic school has 200 student but after so many got the flu, they decided to cancel class and sanitize the school. >> we spoke to health finals about t. and they're saying they're seeing dozens of flu cases each week. >> reporter: as for the school today, the gates and doors were closed and locked. that's because so many people got sick here. it's not just here, officials have seen a spike in cases all over lake county. >> my center had the flu, co- workers had the flu. >> reporter: the number of cases have spiked. >> we've seen an increase over the last couple of weeks. >> reporter: officials with the department of health were seeing two or three people a day testing positive for the
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over the last couple weeks, they're seeing 50 casey as week. the catholic school had so many staff members and teachers get the flu, administrators decided to close to give everyone a chance to recover and disinfect the school. >> you get a grab of people together who don't have immunity up, once it gets a foothold in that facility, it will take off. >> reporter: her kids don't attend saint paul but she knows it's a challenge keeping her family from getting sick. she felt bad about staff and student. >> that's terrible. that's terrible they're not feeling well. people have to be able to work and i know that's tough. >> reporter: we checked with the lake county school district. so far, they haven't had any problems. health officials say if you have the shot, you should be okay.
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if you need them. the school -- dozes are still available if you need them. the school will open tomorrow. we found out that a high school has been put on lock down because a student brought a gun on campus. we flew over the school this and, this is a look of the pictures from above. a 17-year-old had the weapon in a backpack and was arrested. officials say a tip led to this discovery. no one was hurt and lock down has been lifted. the teen has not been publicly identified. we are continuing to follow developments on the fight against the zika virus. this has lots of folks concerned for various reasons. >> today, president obama will ask congress for $2 billion in stop ing in itfrom spreading. president obama said americans should take it seriously but not panic. there are 16 cases in florida. there's a new plan of attack for stops the spread of
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states including florida. they're telling car dealers in the panhandle to get rid of old tires n. georgia, they're destroying mosquito breeding spots and the specie that is spread the virus are tough to fight because they stay near homes where it's hard to reach with spray. the government officials could face involtaire manslaughter charges. the city of flint switched water sources but the water wasn't treated properly and -- and led was found in the water supply. there may be a link between the switch and the outbreak in which some people died. they are replacing pipes today to fix the problem as soon as possible. a controversial abortion law that was blocked last year by state court.
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hours before they get an abortion was put on hold. a judge ruled it was un unconstitutional. they say women don't need to wait to make smart choices. >> women in florida are capable of making informed decisions of their healthcare without being subjective to a man tory government imposed time out. >> there's not an estimated time for the court of appeals to rule. we'll update when they do. more people have health coverage including florida because of the affordable healthcare act. florida is one of the eight states that saw residents without healthcare plumb mitt. under subsied private insurance. a sheriff's k-9 who survived a gun shot wound to the neck is back on the job
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>> endo received a purple heart . last november, the dog was shot in the neck while answer as domestic disturb bans call. that department stop endo from pecking his fellow deputies. >> when i turned the light on, i saw plaid. obviously a neck wound up isn't a leg, soy took it a little more -- so i took it more serious. >> he's the most decorated dog in the city's history. check it out after that, the award was passed out and he was back in action helping catch this suspect that led investigators on a chase. he was driving dangerously and changing lanes. when they tried to stop him, he ended up crashing. that's when endo said, watch this, and did his thing.
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to that action. thousands of soccer fans will be at the sis rut bowl to watch -- citrus bowl to watch practice. >> joe joins us with fans. >> reporter: this is a live look there now. they're setting up food trucks if you're hungry. they'll get started soon and fan wills get to see their teams for the first time since october. they'll be wearing their 2016 road kicks. we've been showing sneak peeks the last 24 hours. the crest on the chest will be one of the biggest differences. the big question, how will the team look in the jersey this area? the coach hopes the fans see what he's been seeing at practice. >> i've been pleased with their fitness levels. i said last week we're two or
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were last year. >> the open practice starts at 6:30. it's free but you have to print a ticket to get in. we're your home when it comes to anything involving soccer. go to our web site and click on the sports tab. board members are having second thoughts about a uniform policy. they added den anymore to the policy but -- denim but they want to go back to the original plan. they're expected to vote to remove blue jeans from the uniform policy. the next hour, beveried officials will move banning the policy regarding lbgt student. they'll make sure no student is discriminated against for their sexual orientation.
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tonight at 5:00 po -- 5:30. according to a study down by a research group, the costs of textbook has jumped 73% in ten years. undergrad student shell out billions of dollars a year for books. because they're using financial aid, it takes away from the money they use for tuition and housing. >> it's crazy student are spending $200 or $300 on a textbook. the best solution is to make textbooks available to student online. deputy say a tracking number on a stolen gift card helped catch two particulars. robert connor and tyler johnson broke into six cards stealing several items. officers were able to track them down thanksness -- thanks to a tracking down on a stolen gift card. one suspect was caught on veins
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using card. today, a committee approved a bill that would prevent the release of personal information that would get a hunting it will keep data such as names, addresses of hunters the goal is to protect gun owners. >> when you publish the people who might have evil deeds in mind to come out and say, we're going to raid that house or that house. >> the proposal is a way to protect famous who -- people when their names became public during last year's bear hunt. commissioners are concerned that bears could move into new neighbors now that bear proof trash cans are being placed in the area. 2015 was a record breaking year for shark bites. a new report said they were 98
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of them in florida. scientists say the previous record of 88 was set in 2,000. counters are expected to rise as human populations grow and shark populations recover. this afternoon, a group of whales is back in the ocean after they were spotted in the indian river. wild life officials say the whales were having a hard time getting out of the river. boaters should maintain a 500- yard distance from the whales. being close to them gives them more stress. they're already kind of freaked out. a 24-year-old man is in jail accused of throwing a gator through a wendy's drive through window. a stupid prank he did that's turning into this. >> the serious charges he's facing for the so called prank. >> i thought i heard it all until that story. tonight, plunging wind chills
4:37 pm
crime. how some residents in the town of celebration want to use
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stocks were able to rally from larger losses in the day. the dow dips 13 points. the s&p fell a little more than one point. could have been worse. new this hour, residents in the town of celebration are pushing to have a special camera setup in the community. as jaime holmes reports, the camera would read license plate to scene who comes in and out of the neighborhood. >> reporter: sell celebration used to being scene the front porch community around the
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>> it's very calm. >> reporter: some here want the neighborhood to keep an eye on who is coming and going. a petition is circulated online to install lanes plate reading cameras. the goal, to prevent crime. >> it's a wonderful idea. anything to cut down crime and every car coming in gettin recognized is a good thing. >> reporter: on the web site, many complain about the break- ins and car theft es. according to the sheriff's office, the crime stats are down in celebration. there were 34 burglars in 2013 and 27 last year. the residents we spoke with are more than happy to use their own homeowners fees to pay for the cameras. >> to cut down on the crime, i don't mind paying for that. >> reporter: the community development board ha runs the -- that runs the neighborhood shot it down last year.
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image safe and sound. >> i'm from europe where as he went liberal, i like the conservative ways. i like people are taken care of. >> the town of celebration employees a time sheriff's deputy and concerning bringing on another. the sheriff's office have no opinion on the cameras and how successful they would be on cutting down crime. they would utilize the technology if it's installed. so would you want the lines plate readners your neighborhood? you can -- license plate readners your neighborhood? if you have nothing to hide, why worry? a plan is facings assault about a deadly weapon by throwing a gator into a drive through window. >> josh james through this gator in a wendy's last october. after an investigation.
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but her mother said her son new one of the employees that worked there and was playing a >> they said will he cooperate? i said absolutely. i said he's not a bad kid, he's a stupid kid who did a stupid prank. >> they checked him down with credit cards receipts. he's charged with unlawful transportation of -- a gator. the gator was release entitled a canal. national news and shine the light on florida. >> the fact we have a law unlawful possession and transportation. someone had to make this stuff up for this guy. here's what's going on today. winds were gusting over 30. there's a live view. you see mostly cloudy skies in -- mostly clear skies in downtown.
4:42 pm
practice. 35 over in daytona. tonight, second cold front on the way. muff through late tonight. you won't -- move through late tonight. keeping wind chills upper 30s in the morning. a slating chance for freeze in the months -- a slight chance for freeze in the months counters. it's going to be cold. the wind-chill factor will be the major thing we'll be feeling. future track, notice the dry air. you see the color ration. that's the dry air behind the secondary front at midnight today. dew point has dropped. it's going to be cold. here's the example for you. daytona beach, skies clearing out. wind chills in the 30s. right at 30 on the wind chill, earlier on as you take your stroll on the beach on your early wednesday horning. claire mont by the citrus tower. temperatures in the lower 40s.
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it's a light trees with temperatures barely getting down to near 32 for an hour or so near daybreak. 34 degrees of rest of us and lower 40s including orlando and st. cloud and kissimmee. for tomorrow heading towards the coast, how about 54 degrees at 4:00? merritt island windy and 59 degrees. 59 degrees. new smyrna, you had a peak wind of 40 today. you'll rival that tomorrow with daytona hitting 56 degrees for die time highs tomorrow -- day time highs tomorrow. we have gail warnings for tomorrow. if you're experienced boater it's not a good time to be out there. high risk for rip currents. tomorrow, mid to upper 50s. we'll warm-up towards friday. our third cold front of the week arrives on saturday but the forecast model is not
4:44 pm
air behind it. it's going to reenforce some of the dryer weather. it's cool but it will be nice. the weekend always in have you, we'll be in the mid-30s, that will the tomorrow night. talk about that coming up at 5:00:00. we'll have a more widespread sprees. 70s in the workweek, just about perfect. we're following an operation out of an orange county store described as illegal sports gambling. we have the latest on the bust. >> you can't put a price on saving a life. the cost associated with ems can add up. we're explain what is brevard county faces to get the costs covered. >> they decided to ban fracking even they they say it could lead to a boom.
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this afternoon, seminole county leaders made it clear they're against fracking. channel 9 jeff deal was there when commissioners voted to ban the practice. >> reporter: seminole county builds its as florida's gnash ral choice. it's -- natural choice it's the late place some people want to see fracking and injecting water, sand or chemicals in the ground to release oil or natural gas. >> once the high pressure pockets of aisle are opened up, it can get out through cracks. >> reporter: a small group of people smoke out against fracking as commissioners were considered an ordinance that would ban the practice. >> the other counters did a resolution against it. we're back paining t. there's a difference. >> reporter: they point out some of the chemicals used are cancer causing chemicals that
4:47 pm
some believe facting caused earthquakes in texas. it taps into otherwise unused energy sources and can bring -- an economic boom. no one spoke out and they approved it. they want to get it on the books before legislation goes through that would lead fracks in the state's hands. different fracking in the state's hands. >> the new ordinance will go into effect as soon as they file the paperwork. tonight at 5:00, we'll tell you about a boy shot in orange county. >> we found out where the gun came from and what caused the gun fire. >> the changes auditors want to see at the orange count
4:48 pm
announcer: this is channel 9 eyewitness at five, coverage you can count on. brand-new at 5:00. this new video is taking us inside the chaotic moments surrounding a deadly shooting spree inside an orange county nightclub, and tonight, we're hearing from an eye witness there when the bullets flew. >> it was multiple guns going off at the same time. it was like a shootout. we've been working to get answers since that deadly violence at the glitz nightclub early sunday morning. two people were killed, nearly a dozen hurt. >> and tonight, orlando police still are not released any information about the victims or the three suspected gunmen. channel 9's kathi belich spoke to one woman who compared to this terrorism. >> reporter: i asked if there was any body cam video and if there were, it wouldn't be released. we have eyewitness cell video and one of the victims got in
4:49 pm
that's when he heard the shots ring out. he said it felt like a terrorist attack, chaos inside and outside the glitz. [ screaming ] >> this eyewitness recorded with his cell phone these chaotic moments at the glitz ultra lounge early sunday. he ask the us not to identify him by name. >> one guy got shot in the back and he was fine, like he was walking and talking, and everyone was like screaming and crying. >> he recorded one of the victims being taken to an ambulance on a stretcher. we are not going to show you-all of this recording inside the club, but he also witnessed and recorded someone trying to revive one of the victims with cpr. frantically performing chest compressions over, and over, and over as the victim lay motionless and quiet. he told us it felt like he was experiencing the aftermath of a
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